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tv   Channel 2 Morning News  CBS  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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let's check in with meteorologist jeff martinez for
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weather. good morning, jeff! good monday morning to you! mostly sunny skies today with highs in the mid to upper 50s. a
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thanks jeff. what did you think of the big game? the denver broncos were the underdogs going in. but came
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as jamie yuccas reports from as jamie yuccas reports from santa clara, super bowl 50 came down to defense. peyton manning and the denver broncos defeated the carolina panthers to win their third super bowl. linebacker von miller was named mvp. it was coach phillips, it was peyton, d-ware and all of my teammates of course. peyton manning is the first starting quarterback to win with two different teams. but he wouldn't say if this really was his last rodeo. i wanna go hug my family and i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight. the broncos offense exploded early. while fumbles plagued the panthers. while fumbles plagued the panthers. bridge: the ticket was a golden one - going for
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say it was worth it. the crowd enjoyed some of the biggest names in pop music. lady 70 thousand fans celebrating super bowl 50. jamie yuccas, cbs news, santa clara. and it all came with big-time food, shopping, and parties all over the country. here in town... the fans, food and drinks were out in full force yesterday. . they filled up bars and casinos downtown, in grocery stores and restaurants. pizza boxes were flying off the shelves at pizza plus...they served thousands of orders. the silver legacy big game party packed the reno ballroom. denver supporters we spoke to said they were happy to see their famous quarterback and the team go out with a win... while also enjoying the victory for themselves.
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california: "peyton go out on a good note, this will be the end for him we think so we're just going to go back to the casino and have some fun and do some gambling." thanks jeff. turning to the crime beat... reno police are investigating a burglary at a liquor store. it happened at the total wine on south virginia street yesterday morning. officials say two suspects took a large amount of alcohol. they are looking for two black men seen driving a white pickup truck. if you have any information that can help the investigation, call secret witness at 3-2-2 49-hundred or text your tip to 8-4-7 4-1-1. the second body... of the two fishermen who went missing on new year's day...has been recovered from pyramid lake. the body of 38-year-old ryan osberg of millebrae california was brought out of the water yesterday. 31-year-old robert anthony glennon of san francisco, was recovered saturday. they went missing when the weather turned bad... while they
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were not wearing life jackets. turning to school watch. we have an update from a story we brought you last week. a reno school won the state science bowl competition in las vegas this weekend. the team from davidson academy won the event, defeating clark high school from las vegas in high school from las vegas in the championship match. the entire competition took over 11 hours to find a winner from 32 schools. davidson academy won five- thousand dollars for the school's math and science departments. they will also represent nevada in the national competition in april. coming up on channel 2 news this morning... what did you think of this
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fans weighed in on one of the most anticipated parts of the big game. each candidate is hoping to secure a win in the new hampshire primaries...while some fight to stay in the lead...others try to boost their momentum. we have the latest after this... "you're watching channel 2 news this morning with john potter,
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in campaign 20-16... just one day before the new hampshire primary...donald trump is hoping to stay ahead of his rivals...and secure a win tomorrow.. following a less than stellar debate performance over the weekend... marco rubio remains locked in fierce battle for second place in the granite state... between ted cruz, jeb bush and john kasich. "we're going to win new hampshire in the general election and we are going to turn this country back around" hillary clinton steadily closes the gap with bernie sanders... her husband, former president bill clinton, took sanders to task for so called sexist and inaccurate remarks against his wife. "when you're making a revolution you can't be too careful with the facts," voters in new hampshire are known for making a decision at the very last minute. with so many still undecided...
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in the nation primary remains unclear. snow is expected in new hampshire on primary day, but it's effect on voter turnout is expected to be minimal. still to come on channel 2 news this morning... the united states is meeting with international leaders to discuss how to address north korea's latest long-range missle launch. that story is next. meteorologist jeff martinez will have your pinpoint 2 forecast
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welcome back. the first votes are in for this
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commercials seen by millions around the world. at the top of the list... hyundai's first date spot starring comedian kevin hart...voted most popular on usa today's ad meter. it was followed by a heinz commercial with weiner dogs galloping toward mustard and ketchup to the tune of a sappy 1970's love song... and then, an ultrasound baby who can't wait to get his hands on some doritos. a 30 second super bowl spot this who can't wait to get his hands on some doritos. a 30 second super bowl spot this year fetched up to five million dollars... the average cost of an ad over the last ten years has increased by 75- percent. this year, advertising execs played it safe... shying away from the outrageous or controversial. usa today's results ended a three year winning streak for
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but they did receive free advertising when peyton manning said he would be drinking a few budweiser's after the game. "channel 2 news continues with meteorologist jeff martinez's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american meteorological society!" good monday morning to you! mostly sunny skies today with
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thanks jeff. looking around the world now... haiti is without a president... after michel martelly stepped down yesterday. he leaves office after five years without an elected successor. a first-round election was marred by fraud allegations,
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violent unrest. parliament is expected to choose a temporary president in the next few days. april 24th. the u-s ambassador to seoul met the south korean defense minister yesterday, after north korea's launch of its long-range rocket. south korea says it was "an unacceptable act"... adding that they want to "apply more pressure on north korea through a strong security council and sanctions." the u.n. security council also condemned the launch... pledging to quickly adopt a new resolution with "significant" new sanctions. the u.n. and others call the launch a cover, for a banned test of technology for a missile. the rocket was fired from north korea's west coast. and a man and a woman were pulled out alive this morning... from a toppled high-rise building in taiwan... two days after a powerful quake killed at least 37 there. rescuers say the man lived on building. the woman was found shielded under the body of her husband.
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magnitude 6-point-4 quake struck during the most important family holiday in the chinese calendar... the lunar new year. looking around the nation now... police are investigating the shooting at yesterday's mardi gras parade in mississippi that left two people dead and four injured. the shooting happened 20 minutes after the last parade float left the parade route. no arrests have been made. the parade in the town of pass christian, is known as one of the rowdiest on the gulf coast. and mark zuckerberg and wife, priscilla chan, revealed their daughter max's new name to mark the chinese new year. the facebook c-e-o announced the name, chen mingyu, in a video message posted on the social media site saturday. taking turns cradling their child and speaking in mandarin, the couple explain the symbolism of the second name. chen is after her mother's family name.
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means universe. the girl's english name... maxima, or max for short... was chosen for members of zuckerberg's family. the year of the monkey lasts until january 27, 2017. coming up next on channel 2 news this morning... if you're thinking of eating at chipotle may want to think again...why chipotle is
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if chipotle is your usual go-to lunch designation... get ready to go somewhere else. chipotle will close every one of its locations for four hours today for their food safety meeting. the move comes after the e-coli outbreak last year. about 5-hundred people got sick... including several basketball players at boston college. at the meeting, employees will go over the updated food safety program implemented by the chain in january. all chipotle restaurants will be closed from
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afternoon. good news for those of you with banged up i-phones. for the first time - apple is accepting damaged phones as a trade in from people wanting to upgrade. apple used to credit iphone owners only if the device had an intact screen and working buttons. although this new policy applies only to iphone-5's and the later models-- apple hopes that by giving more leeway, people will be encouraged to upgrade to new iphones - instead of just replacing a damaged screen. the credit per phone - depending on the model - will range from 50 dollars to 2-hundred-and-50 dollars. bridgestone-firestone is recalling more than 36 thousand heavy truck tires after reports the tread can separate from the body. the recall covers 22 point 5- inch firestone fs-561 tires made from january 2015 to january
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the voluntary recall comes after more returns for tread separation and-or detachment on tires. those can lead to a vehicle crash. but the company says it has no reports of injuries. millions tuned in to watch super bowl 50... but for some, it's as much about the parties as it is the big game. analysts expect that millenials spent the most on game day. the national retail federation predicted...people ages 25 to 34 shelled out about 140-dollars for the super bowl this year-- that's compared with an overall average spent of 82-dollars. millenials they say, spent most on food and new t-v's.
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morning... super bowl 50 was a nail biter...and the denver broncos came out on top...what did it take for the broncos to score the win...we have the latest after the break. "this is channel 2 news,
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a man is in the hospital this morning... after a being hit by a car on the freeway south of bowers mansion. what a day for peyton manning and the denver broncos! we have a recap of the big game as well as the flashy celebrity performances in santa clara. and we'll take a look at how local restaurants and casinos hosted fans for the last football game of the season... and what spectators had to say about the outcome of the game. these stories top your news
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good morning, i'm john potter. and i'm andi guevara. thanks for starting your day with channel 2 news this morning. let's start with a quick look at let's start with a quick look at the forecast with meteorologist jeff martinez. this week, with sunny skies and highs in the low 60s. a dry weather pattern takes us through this weekend as well. have a great day! 60s. a dry weather pattern takes us through this weekend as well. have a great day! just after 1 am a pedestrian was
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