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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:40pm PST

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trump: "we're winning, winning, winning the country'" the votes are still filtering in tonight.. but nevada republicans have spoken... donald trump wins the nevada g.o.p caucus. it's another victory for the g-o-p presidential frontrunner. yes, donald trump is the choice for the first in the west republican presidential caucuses-- collecting his third victory this primary season tonight. entrance polls show that trump did well among those who prefer a political outsider. he also picked up support from republicans who selected immigration and the economy as the top issues. so far... as the count continues to come in-- trump has a whopping 46 percent of the votes. in second right now, is florida senator marco rubio.. with 24 percent of the votes. senator ted cruz is in third.. with 20 percent. then it's doctor ben carson with 5 percent of the votes.. and ohio governor john kasich with 4 percent. nevada has 30 delegates
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national convention, and they're distributed proportionally based on the results of tuesday's primary. donald trump- "so tonight, folks, this was a great evening. i love this place, i love this state.' sen. ted cruz- "they're still counting the ballots, so we don't know the exact results, but i want to congratulate donald trump on a strong evening tonight." ben carson also gave a speech tonight. despite finishing second to last, told a crowd tonight that he's still in the race for the forseeable future. marco rubio nor john kasich spoke tonight. nevada is still relatively new to this whole caucusing thing.. since we just made the switch from primaries in 2008. and we have coverage of how they went... from different caucus locations all around northern nevada today. so let's check in and see how it went... ...with team coverage of campaign 2016... ryan canaday got a chance to speak with caucus-goers in carson city. and erin breen spent the day at a caucus precinct at hug high. erin lets start with you... how did things go where you were
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well...the good news is that the turn out was much higher than even the top republicans here expected. the bad news is the sheer number of people made for some problems. the lines formed around 4 this afternoon with doors set to open at 5. the problem at hug high school was there were a lot more people than they expected.... one volunteer told me they anticipated about 400.....they got more than a thousand. and these lines weren't just long...they were frustrating. frank:" no organization no anything else... i've been a republican for a long time but this is a cluster!" ---the registration table---- john:" there was a little bit of a bottleneck a the beginning." a little bit.... spencer: there's no handicapped line all! and there's a lot fo handicapped people here too." john: " we went out an grabbed the handicapped because it wasn't obvious that they could come forward so we went and
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donna: "they didn't even check my id or my paperwork they said they didn't need it they just wanted my name. and i'm kinda upset because basically what's the point of having all the id if they don't makse sure people are registered voters?" john: they have to show registration and i d or they turn them away." jodie yocum: we've had like no instruction don't know where to go ro what to do do we need a delegate or a commettee person and there's no one to tell us what to do." john:"i'm sure these are last minute volunteers and could use more organization ...well... at first is was a big rough." jodie yocum:"apparently i'm the chairmwoman but i don't know what to do. i got here first so they made me the chairmwoman." in the end most of the problems were ironed out.... spencer:" i did cast my ballot but only after i found the fourth room they told me to go to!" not all of the sites had problems like fact this was one of the bigger ones with 20 precincts caucusing. but volunteers saw the good that overshadowed all the problems. john:"it is a great turn out though you have to say that's
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and here's what frustrated voters were saying.....when can we go back to a primary instead of caucuses. well...that's an issue for the legislature. covering campaign 2016 erin breen channel 2 news. thanks erin. let's check in with ryan now. ryan you were at the nugget in carson city tonight... what was it like down there? well ari much like what erin said..caucus organizers were surprised to see the amount of people who came out to participate in the caucus tonight. but unlike some of the locations here in reno..the whole process went pretty well in carson city. the scene was calm inside the nugget casino in carson city tonight as the republican caucus drew close to an end. "fill out your delegate form, give it to the precinct captain and he has his delegate." but it didn't always look that way.. when organizers opened their doors early to voters at 4p-m, the carson city caucus saw an onslaught of people for the first few hours. "i'm amazed at how many people are here, it's a great turnout."
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organizers expect that they saw close to 1500 people came out to participate tonight.. they knew with that much foot traffic rolling in at once...organization could get a little out of hand. "once everybody is checked in and the big rush is over, i think it'll be a lot easier, it'll flow better." and as time went on.. it did move more smoothly... but not without organizers also being open to a few suggestions from voters. "they moved the alphabet up on the wall so people could see which line to get into, i thought that was really good." "probably ten minutes, fifteen minutes in line, got a ballot and marked it and put it in the box." for some first timers, the quickness was probably the strangest part of the whole thing. they said the process didn't really feel like a caucus at all. "i was expecting oh you have to sit around for a couple hours, not at all." "i was under the impression you had to listen to a lot of stuff first then go stand in a corner or something like the other states, but this was much more of a vote than it really was a
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but no matter what the crowd was like, or how they chose to participate..many were just glad to be involved. "now i want to become active, politically active, i want to become a delegate and i would goes on." the nevada caucuses may be officially over, but the candidates have a lot still ahead of them.. as they move on to prepare for super tuesday next week. covering campaign canaday channel two news. despite long lines and a little confusion at some locations, chairman of the washoe county republican party adam khan says he is pleased with how things turned out at caucus precincts throughout the county. khan: "it's gone very well--much better than in 2012. we've been getting feedback from most of the sites that they've had no issues at all. and that things are going seamless. "of course there's some distatste with the idea of a caucus in general. but so far we've had a lot of good response. we've had great turnout." khan says during the last republican caucus in 2012.. only
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30 thousand people caucused in the entire state.. and it took three days to get the results. tonight turnout was much higher.. and winners were projected in as early as 20 to 30 minutes after the caucused wrapped tonight at 9-oclock. while the republican candidates were wrapped up in our caucuses tonight -- democrats were busy focusing on south carolina. bernie sanders aimed to dent hillary clinton's support in the palmetto state-- as he faces pressure to change the dynamics of a presidential race that is starting to trend against him. sanders also accused donald trump and others of forming a "racist effort" to delegitimize the president. presidential candidate: "my dad came from poland. i'm running for president. guess what? no one's asked for my birth certificate. maybe it's the color of my skin." sanders is under pressure to improve his standing among minorities before south carolina's primary-- which could tilt the momentum of the democratic white house race toward clinton. but polls suggest voters struggle with clinton's trustworthiness.
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over her handling of the benghazi attack and her private email server scandal. clinton says if elected -- she will not lie. presidential candidate: "the facts are that every single time somebody has hurled these charges against me, which they have done, it has proved to be nothing." and the campaigning is far from over. so please stay with channel 2 news and "cbs news" for campaign 2016 continuing coverage.. all the way through november. "now here's mike alger's first look at the pinpoint 2 forecast" once again the weather will remain dry through the rest of the week thanks to a healthy ridge of high pressure built up across the west coast. temperatures will warm into the mid to upper 60s through friday before easing back to the low 60s over the weekend. skies will range from sunny to occasional
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once again the weather will remain dry through the rest of the week thanks to a healthy ridge of high pressure built up across the west coast. temperatures will warm into the mid to upper 60s through friday before easing back to the low 60s over the weekend. skies will range from sunny to occasional high cloudiness. turning to the crime beat now.. the carson city sheriffs office is asking for your help identifying suspects in a burglary on february 11th. deputies say it happened at the carson treasure thrift store at 49-49 highway 50 east in carson
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suspects broke into the thrift store the night of february 11th and stole an undisclosed amount of money. the suspect vehicle appears to be an oldsmobile alero 4 door sedan with a rear spoiler.. between the years of 19-99 to 2004. if you know anything you're asked to contact deputy jarrod adams at 775 283-7854. the group volunteers of america tells us an apparent copper theft has forced them to temporarily close the overflow homeless shelter in reno. pat cashell, regional director, volunteers of america northern nevada: "the building was flooding. upon further investigation they realized someone had come in and stripped all the copper from the buildilng. the location of this shelter is kept secret, so we cannot show you video of the damage... but-- cashell says that the overflow building does not have power or water at this time, forcing them to close. that affects close to 120 people.
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everything they can to find another building as quickly as possible. they are asking for the public's help as they search for a new or temporary building. 322-7143. coming up - president obama announced his plan to fulfill a campaign promise. the latest on the closure of guantanamo bay...
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looking around the world.. officials say a small plane with 21 people on board went missing while flying in a mountainous area in nepal today. the plane was reportedly on an 18-minute flight.. but lost contact after takeoff from a resort town just west of kathmandu-- on its way to jomsom-- which is the starting point for mountain trekkers. an airport official says there were no landing strips between the two airports the plane was flying between. the twin otter aircraft was operated by tara airlines in nepal. a little closer to home... today
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proposal to fulfill a campaign promise and close the detention facility at guantanamo bay, cuba. "it's counterproductive to our fight against terrorists because they use it as propaganda in their efforts to recruit." there are 91 detainees left at guantanamo. with a third cleared for transfers to other countries, 56 would be moved to the continental us... including accused 9-11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed. the white house says moving the prisoners to america will save as much as 85-million dollars per year. but it will take a one-time cost of as much as 475-million to implement the plan. which means getting an approval from congress.somet hing that appears unlikely. sen. mitch mcconnell/ majority leader: "it would be illegal under current law to transfer foreign terrorists from guantanamo into the united states." the white house is urging congress to act before president obama leaves office. a tough day is turning into a rough night in much of the deep
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tornadoes were reported today , including a waterspout near new orleans. at least two deaths were reported at an r-v park in louisiana... and another 30 people were injured there. seven of them remain in critical condition. emergency officials say another person was killed in mississippi. as many as ten million people in five states will be under tornado watches in the next 24 hours. still to come on channel 2 news at 11 - this boulder that fell on highway 50 was cleared off the road, but hear why drivers could still expect delays when traveling that stretch of roadway. mike will have a look at your forecast after the break.... but first - what type of natural disaster do you think our area is most in danger of? coming up, we'll tell you what washoe county officials think... and what's being done to prevent the worst.
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northern nevada's number one newscast, with arianna bennett, landon miller, sports with garrett dearborn and mike
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washoe county emergency management is in the process of pushing through an update to our region's plans... in case of natural disasters. every five years... fema requires local jurisdictions to put together an updated plan for mitigating hazards. according to washoe county emergency manager aaron kenneston-- the three biggest hazards threatening our region are-- earthquakes, wildland fires... and floods. and having an updated plan in place to mitigate those threats-- makes our community eligible for federal funding just in case disaster happens. aaron: "if we did have a major flooding event, and we had damage, the first thing fema asks us is, 'did you go through this type of community planning process?" the plan has already been approved by fema... washoe county... and the city of sparks. now it goes to tribal leadership
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"channel 2 news continues with chief meteorologist mike alger's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american meteorological society!" once again the weather will remain dry through the rest of the week thanks to a healthy
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of high pressure built up across the west coast. temperatures will warm into the mid to upper 60s through friday before easing back to the low 60s over the weekend. skies will range from sunny to occasional once again the weather will remain dry through the rest of the week thanks to a healthy
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of high pressure built up across the west coast. temperatures will warm into the mid to upper 60s through friday before easing back to the low 60s over the weekend. skies will range from sunny to occasional high cloudiness.
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after the break - there's no denying the fact that drones can do a lot... but what about making changes in the weather?
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transportation started removing a boulder that fell on u-s 50 near lake tahoe over the weekend. drilling the boulder it is expected to be fully removed before tomorrow morning, but sections of roadway damaged by the rockfall will need to be repaved. through the end of the week the roadway in the glenbrook area will remain open in both directions-- but lanes will be reduced and minor travel delays are to be expected as the road is repaved.
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scientists at the desert research institute has successfully flight tested an autonomous vehicle to seed clouds. the drone is the result of a partnership between d-r-i... drone america and avisight. it was tested late last month at an f-a-a drone testing site. the drone's eight-rotor design allows for it to carry large payloads, while the advanced software and gps guidance provide the aircraft with self-stabilizing capability and multi-waypoint navigation. the next phase of the project will be to conduct flight planning and test airborne flare deployment. the wolf pack softball team has a conference player of the week, and held media day today...we'll hear from them
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"now, here's sports director garrett dearborn, with channel 2 sports"
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softball team had a pretty good weekend....the senior led nevada to a perfect 5-0 record at the demarini desert classic.... with that, the senior's been named the mountain west conference player of the week for her efforts. the 2-time all-conference pick was on fire at the plate last week hitting 500 with 3-homers and 9- rbi....she also posted 9assists and no errors at shortstop....she's the first pack player to get the honor since 2014. and that 5-0 weekend put the wolf pack softball teams win streak at 6-straight games....meaning they sit at 8-2 in the early season. the pack was out at practice for media day today and talked to us about how exciting it is to be off to such a great start. yeah its amazing but you cant just sit there...and look back you gotta look forward to the next day, we have more games that we can go out and attack, you cant be um you can't settle there's alot of strengths. i think that defensively we're getting out of alot of inning
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like 15 home runs this weekend our pitching is doing really well i think that collectively we all have strenghts that is making us really good. yeah i think that you know 8-2 is maybe just a little bit of a stretch i think we have a quality club we knew we had a club taht was going to give us a chance to be in every game and in that situation sometimes you loose but to win as many close ones we nice surprise for sure." next up the pack heads over to game tournament beginning friday. and the wolf pack baseball team is on a win streak as well, the pack knocked off arizona state tonight for a 3rd straight win....they'll look for a 4th at uc irvin friday. -the reno bighorns were looking to keep their 11-game home win streak alive this afternoon hosting the erie bayhawks...3rd quarter action thehorns looking outside to mark tyndale...he hits the 3-ball he had 11-points
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-later more horns and check out the ball handling by the guy just back from playing with the jazz...erick green fouled but gets the continuation....he had 22=poiints, 5- rebounds, and 5-assists...horns up 16 -the horns were real good outside today, they shot 55-percent from 3.....this is david stockton outside and hitting one....he went for 14-points, 5steals and 4-assists. the top team in the western conference wins a 12th straight
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once again the weather will remain dry through the rest of the week thanks to a healthy ridge of high pressure built up across the west coast. temperatures will warm into the mid to upper 60s through friday before easing back to the low 60s over the weekend. skies will range from sunny to occasional high cloudiness. your next newscast is tomorrow
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with john potter, andi guevara >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: thank you so much, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! welcome to can the to "the late show,"" everybody. thank you, that's lovely. thank you so much for joining us. a little out of whack there. thank you so much. welcome to "the late show."
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welcome to "the late show,"" everybody. i'm stephen colbert. the 2016 election is shaping up to be a real circus. the circus. and the big news out of the big top is, starting may 1, ringling brothers circus will no longer include elephants. listen, i'll miss them, but i'm all for this. creatures should be forced to walk around in a confined space for our amusement. ( cheers and applause ) i prefer the zoo. that's right, that's right! that's right! i prefer the zoo, where they're forced to walk around in a confined space for our education. ( laughter ) ( applause ) now, getting rid of elephants ends a tradition that goes back a 150 years. here's chapped. there were a lot of surplus elephants after the civil war. general lee, of course, famously used them to cross the smoky mountains and surprised mcclellan at the
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check your history books, and then write in what i just said. they are not just going to cut them free in the streets of manhattan. the elephants will be sent to a sanctuary in florida where they'll be free to roam in the sun, play with other elephants, and, like all florida retirees, remain gray and wrinkled. ( laughter ) i, for one, am happy to see these beautiful creatures get a brighter future. but why retire to florida when you could live out your golden years here at the ed sullivan theater in "the late show" elephant retirement home? hi, there! hey, there! ( cheers and applause ) hey, gladys. hi! oh, you're going to love it here, gladys. do you like this? does this feel good? no, it doesn't feel good. now, gladitz, i know that you're afraid of mice. but don't worry. there are no mice anywhere in the studio because they've been eaten by the aggressive rats. ( laughter ) shhh! shhh! shhh!
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do you want some peanuts? there, here you go, have some peanuts? do you want some? how about that? feel good? do you like that? do you like that? are you doing okay, over there? you doing all right? >> yeah, yeah. i'm good. i'm good. >> stephen: want some peanuts? you want some peanuts. >> no! >> stephen: i'm sorry, are you allergic. >> no, i'm not allergic. >> stephen: not allergic to peanuts. >> elephants don't even like them. did you know that? >> stephen: i did not. this is meredith, everybody. say hi. are you serious? >> yeah. >> stephen: they don't like peanuts? how do you know this? >> i read it on the internet. >> stephen: you read it on the internet. >> di, i did. >> stephen: today? >> today, for research. ( laughter ) >> stephen: you were doing background-- you were getting a back story for the elephants. >> di, i did. >> stephen: that's how dedicated you were? >> this is a northeastern pachyderm. ( laughter ). >> stephen: uh-huh. >> not real. >> stephen: no. i hope not because it's only the
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( laughter ) well, i think we should probably get going, meredith. thanks so much for being here. >> yeah. >> stephen: miss meredith, everybody. say good-bye. would you mind-- would you mind-- >> stephen: and whether or not you're an elephant, you will never forget tonight's show. my first guest is the star of "the mysteries of laura," debra messing. then i'll sit down with star of stage and screen, zachary quinto, ladies and gentlemen. ( cheers and applause ) then we'll have a performance by none other than the legendary violent femmes. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) that right there is jon batiste and stay human.
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( cheers and applause ) they're about to get in it to win it. before they do, one more thing: a new book reveals that adolf hitler had a micro-penis. wow. if he knew people found out, he'd be rolling over in his grave, which would be easy considering that tiny penis. ( laughter ) >> tonight, stephen welcomes debra messing. zachary quinto. >> and a musical performance by violent femmes. featuring jon batiste and stay


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