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tv   Channel 2 Morning News  CBS  February 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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high school...and injured an elderly man. we have a description of their car. police believe the men are armed and dangerous. and in an effort to fill the empty supreme court seat... president obama may be looking to our very own governor brian sandoval. why a source believes the governor is being vetted... and what senator harry reid has to say about the possible appointment. and yesterday, we showed you the social and emotional learning programs in washoe county schools. today, reporter ky sisson shows us how they not only benefit our students... but also all the faculty and staff. these stories top your news right now at 4:30 a-m. today is thursday, february 25, 20-16. good morning, i'm john potter. and i'm andi guevara. thanks for
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news this morning. let's start with a quick look at the forecast with meteorologist jeff martinez. partly sunny and mild today with highs in the mid to upper 60s and light winds. look for 71 on thanks jeff. this morning in crime beat... reno police are looking for two men involved in a home invasion near reno high school. police say around 5 o'clock yesterday... they responded to the 1400 block of foster drive, on a report of a possible burglary in progress. there they found an elderly man injured inside a home. he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. reno police, along with washoe county deputies... searched the area for the two men... who they believe are armed and dangerous. they were unable to locate them. police are now looking for this car... an older, white 2-door
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stripe on the driver's side, a sunroof, and a spoiler on the rear trunk... to see if it's related to the case. l the suspects were also described as possibly being light-skinned black or hispanic men. one is approximately 6 feet tall with a thin build...the other is described at 5-foot-8 with a heavy build and a tattoo on one arm. police believe they are connected to other burglaries in the area. officer tim broadway, rpd: "we have had residential burglaries in this area as well as the entire truckee meadows area. we do have that suspect vehicle that may be related to other residential burglaries in south reno." if you have any information that can help police, contact them or secret witness at 3-2-2-4900 sparks police are looking for the two theives who stole an s-u-v yesterday. the theft happened at the corner of greg street and spice islands drive at around 4-30 p-m.
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hit from behind by another vehicle. she got out to check the damage, and when she turned around... a man was in her car. after demanding money from her... he took off in her s-u-v. the man is white, in his 30s, with a bald head and tattoos near his left ear and on both arms. the driver of the other vehicle, who also fled the scene... is a white woman in her 30s with blond hair. she was driving a dark green color g-m-c or chevy yukon... early 90s... with a u-n-r sticker on the back window. the stolen vehicle is also described as a grey 2000 g-m-c yukon. if you know anything about it that can help police... call sparks detectives at 3-5-3 22-25 let's check in with meteorologist jeff martinez for
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partly sunny and mild today with highs in the mid to upper 60s and light winds. look for 71 on
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thanks jeff. president obama is moving ahead with appointing a supreme court justice... and nevada governor brian sandoval may be on the short list. c-b-s news has confirmed through a source close to the process, that the white house is vetting governor sandoval... to replace justice antonin scalia. the white house and the governor's office both declined to confirm the story... and sandoval's office released this statement... saying quote: "neither governor sandoval nor his staff has been contacted by or talked to the obama administration regarding any potential vetting for the vacancy on the u.s. supreme court." but... we do know that the governor met with senator harry reid in washington on monday. senator reid says...
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progressive nominee, he would support a sandoval nomination. reid: "he's a good person. he has a great record, and he's been a tremendously good governor in spite of having to deal with some very big problems there." you may also recall that governor sandoval served as a judge for the u-s district court before he was elected governor. as we told you yesterday, washoe county schools are being nationally recognized for their social and emotional learning program. and today we're talking about how this curriculum doesn't just effect students, but the entire school community. ky sisson joins us now in the studio, good morning ky! good morning andi, john! from custodian, to secretary, to principal, social and emotional learning has become an integral
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the school district requires both online and in-person sel training for all 8,000 staff members. and they say having everybody, not just teachers, on board with knowledge of how to help students build social and emotional skills, is vital. rader- "some of these people, these custodial staff and secretarys these are the people that our students develop the strongest relationships with." and that is the case at lemmon valley elementary school where head facilities manager and soccer coach, juan velasquez says the training he has done includes how to deal with certain ways students express feelings and what vocabulary to use, has helped him as a person and a mentor. velasquez- "how to approach, not just come, what's going on, no you go through those steps that they show you, its been helping me a lot all this training they've been giving me." with all of these resources being poured into total integration of sel
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it all being paid for? the district tells me that they have been able to secure at least $250 thousand dollars in grant money every year to keep this program running. and it's proven sustainable. much of the training that they do is internal. covering school watch, ky sisson, channel 2 news. coming up on channel 2 news this morning... senator harry reid offers a key endorsement in this presidential election...and it looks like he's team hillary...we have a campaign update after the break. "you're watching channel 2 news this morning with john potter, andi guevara and meteorologist
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welcome back. in campaign 2016... the dust is settling after donald trump's big win in nevada... but dis-organization with both the nevada democratic and republican caucuses has some voters wanting to go
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what's the difference? well a primary is run and paid for by the state. it's simple... all you have to do is cast a vote... and it's what we did up until 2008. but nevada's primary election was in june... which gave us little say in selecting the presidential nominee. so senator harry reid lobbied the democratic party on our behalf... and republicans followed suit. herzik:"reid got nevada on the list of early states in the nominating process. with him gone.. there's nobody in the state with that kind of clout to keep us there if the parties decide to move away from it." going back to a presidential primary in february would take a referendum, and support of the legislature. it would also cost us the candidate visits we've seen this cycle... and push us back to june to vote. and while the republican candidates look past nevada to
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democrats are still focused on south carolina... helping her campaign... hillary clinton picked up a key endorsement yesterday... from nevada senator harry reid. sen. reid: "i think the middle class would be better served by hillary. i think my work with her over the years is something i've looked upon with awe. meanwhile... senator bernie sanders spoke in columbia, and criticized clinton for supporting the welfare reform bill that her husband signed in 19-96. sen. bernie sanders/ presidential candidate:"i spoke out against so-called welfare reform because i thought it was scapegoating people who were helpless, people who were very, very vulnerable. secretary clinton at that time had a very different position on welfare reform, strongly supported it." sanders says his campaign has closed the gap with clinton in the palmetto state and they are
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still to come on channel 2 news still to come on channel 2 news this morning... deadly tornadoes are sweeping the gulf coast and the number of deaths keep rising...when the deadly storm is expected to end...after the break. meteorologist jeff martinez will have your pinpoint 2 forecast
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welcome back. 8 people now have been killed by that powerful, fast moving, storm that's swept from the gulf coast into the northeast. four people died in virginia... and dozens of buildings were
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several reported tornadoes also touched down pennsylvania and in the carolinas. the storm brought heavy rains and strong winds to other parts of the east coast... including new york. rain quickly accumulated on roads and throughout the d-c area... even submerging cars. "when the water gets this high, it's scary because your cars are here and you don't know what's going to happen" powerful winds also caused thousands of power outages in the northeast. those windy conditions are expected to stick around through today... before the system moves out to sea. "channel 2 news continues with meteorologist jeff martinez's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american meteorological society!" partly sunny and mild today with highs in the mid to upper 60s
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thanks jeff. looking around the nation now... a fishing boat ran aground off a beach in queens, and a coast guard vessel sent to rescue them, also overturned. the 74-foot fishing vessel ran
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between five to seven crew members needed to be rescued from the boat. it was not known why the ship ran aground. a 25-foot coast guard vessel sent to assist the ship also ended up overturning. five coast guard members were able to get to the beach uninjured and they are being treated. they were wearing protective gear at the time their vessel overturned. and the new york times is reporting that apple engineers are working on new security measure that will make it impossible for the government to break into a locked i-phone. security and privacy are at the center of apple's battle with the f- b-i over unlocking that one phone used by one of the san bernardino terrorists. ceo tim cook says he's prepared to take this, to the supreme court. don champion reports. amid its legal battle with the federal government --- apple feels like it winning in the court of public opinion. "if we allow this to happen, then everything from now on will
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government in the world" a federal judge ruled last week apple had to help the fbi unlock the iphone of syed farook. he's one of two terror suspects who killed 14 people during a shooting spree in san bernardino, california in december. "we need to stand tall and stand tall on principle" in his first interview since the judge's ruling, apple ceo tim cook told abc news wednesday the farook case isn't about a phone, but the future. "what is at stake here is can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world, including the us" in its appeal, sources tell cbs news apple plans to argue, in part, the american people through congress should decide on the issue. before a house committee wednesday, attorney general loretta lynch maintained the government isn't overstepping its boundaries. "it's a long-standing principle
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independent judge finds reason to believe that a certain item contains evidence of a crime, then that judge can authorize the government to conduct a limited search for that evidence" apple has until tomorrow to appeal the judge's ruling. don champion, cbs news, new york. even though apple is protesting the judge's decision last week, they have cooperated with the f-b-i by providing data from the dead suspect's i-cloud account. coming up next on channel 2 news
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the happiest and healthiest cities in the u-s. healthways says naples, florida,
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the country....and has the lowest levels of stress and depression. it also says naples has the most people who eat healthy. salinas, california, ranks second on the list...and sarasota florida ranked number three. the report measured well- being on whether people liked where they lived and where they worked ... and whether they felt financially secure. it's a question you've probably never pondered...but how much would it cost to buy one of everything offered on amazon? the answer - nearly 12-point-86 billion dollars. that's according to a computer scientist in zurich who says he does brain-related research. kynan eng first determined there were 479 million different items available on amazon's website in 2015. then he determined the average price of an item was 26-86. there's been no public response from amazon so far on whether
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facebook's "like button" has some new competition... they expanded your ability to your news feeds. facebook used to only have a thumbs up button... if you wanted to "like" something. what you do now is hover your mouse arrow over the thumbs up button... and you can chose angry. you can do it now...the new emojis are already available world-wide... whether you're at a desktop, or using your smartphone. there's a new line of action figures -- and it's all girl superheroes. supergirl and her super friends will have a new life -- in target stores.. it's part of the d-c super-hero girls line - featuring action figures and clothes. fans will be able to see
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-- batgirl -- and wonder woman. the focus on women comes after the new star wars action figure line -- famously did not feature any females...even though the main character of the force awakens is a woman. the super-hero girls line is expected to be in stores next month. coming up on channel 2 news this
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reno high school... and injured an elderly man. police have a description of their car... and believe the men are armed and dangerous. and to fill the empty supreme court seat...president obama may be looking to our very own governor sandoval. why he's being looked over... and what senator harry reid says about the possible appointment. and yesterday, we talked about
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today, reporter ky sisson talks to us about how the initiative not only benefits students... but the 8-thousand faculty and staff who have been trained on it. these stories top your news right now at 5:00 a-m. today is thursday, february 25, 20-16. good morning, i'm john potter. and i'm andi guevara. thanks for starting your day with channel 2 news this morning. let's start with a quick look at the forecast with meteorologist friday with a breezy afternoon and highs in the low to mid 60s for this weekend with partly cloudy skies. have a great thursday! this morning in crime beat... two men are on the loose, after leading a home invasion near reno high school. at around 5 p-m yesterday... police were called out to the 1400 block of foster drive on a report of a burglary in


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