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tv   Channel 2 News 5PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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heaps...and heap.... of metals. they say the number of copper thefts in the area seems to be dropping off. and part of the reason could be the swing in prices. teri:"people are disappointed with what the prices are." teri: they come in thinking they'll get this much because a year ago it was great so much." to put that into perspective...copp er now goes for about a dollar-40 a pound. a year ago it was over $3 a pound. it takes a lot of pounds to make it worth bringing in. and you can't just walk in here with it anymore. teri hill: "they have to have a vehicle and a valid driver's license. then we take a picture of everything they have and of that vehicle." grrrr---- but wait...there's more.... teri:"we use what's called scrapright so when someone comes and sells metal we have to get their id ...signature...we an index fingerprint and take a the info goes to a database that's
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they move tons of metal through here a month... but they still keep an eye on what comes in and what goes out. ----nats---- teri:"if someone calls and says they have you seen this...its been stolen....we say have you filed a police report? then if we see it we call police and let them know and we also have the police report number." and businesseses who use a lot of metal are paying closer attention too. nv-energy has tighter security and cameras on their sites....and loads only as much copper as they need for each job as a deterent. western nevada supply have is another busines that has kicked up security since they store a lot of their metal in their yard. and some developers are changing copper because that's not anything anyone has any reason to steal.
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in crime beat... a deputy is recovering from a gunshot wound to the hand after being shot by a suspect at a silver springs casino. the deputy returned fire and the suspect was killed... another was injured and two others are in custody. sparks police say the suspects first stole a red chevy cruz at gunpoint at the 1000 block of el rancho drive... near paradise park around 8:30 last night. a lyon county deputy found the vehicle parked at the nugget casino and one of the suspects opened fire on the deputy. the deputy returned fire - and one of the suspects... identified as 19-year-old tristan conti of reno... was killed. another... a minor... was hospitalized. two other suspects in the car - who are also jueveniles- were arrested. the deputy involved will be placed on paid administrative lead pending an investigation from the nevada division of investigations. tonight we have an update on the murder trial of a silver springs man. today a jury found cody wallace not guilty of murder and
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the death of his girlfriend's two- year-old son- thomas o'connell the fourth. however he was convicted of child abuse. a bail hearing from wallace has been set for next week. also in crime beat... a manhunt is on in the bay area...for two more suspects wanted in the murder of a man in south lake tahoe last month. it happened at the beverly lodge in tahoe in the parking lot.. after police say a marijuana deal went bad. now, they are looking for these two... 24 year old domenic seanlee randolph, and 26 year old dion jermaine randolph vaccaro. the two men are considered armed and dangerous. if you happen to see either.. call 9-1-1 immediately. the washoe county sheriff"s office has arrested two bartenders from incline village who are accused of selling narcotics. after undercover operations about a month ago... investigators arrested juan lepe and nicholas webber earlier this
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successfully bought cocaine at their bars. they also seized just under 10 grams of the drug. and a south lake tahoe gas station has had its liquor license suspended for 20 days after an undercover operation. south lake tahoe police say american gas on south lake tahoe boulevard lost its license after an undercover operation in november. investigators say the business owner... stefka dimitrova was arrested after selling a glass pipe used to smoke methamphetamine. "now here's mike alger's first look at the pinpoint 2 forecast" while we will see variable amou8nts of cloudiness over the weened, it's unlikely they will produce any rain, at least down here in the valley. a weak cold front will drop saturday high temperatures a few degrees, but we should still see
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the 60s through the weekend. the while we will see variable amou8nts of cloudiness over the weened, it's unlikely they will produce any rain, at least down here in the valley. a weak cold front will drop saturday high temperatures a few degrees, but we should still see daytime highs in the 60s through the weekend. the next chance for showers comes midway through next week. turning to campaign 2016...
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endorsement from a former rival - new jersey governor chris christie. gov. chris christie: "who is the best person to keep hillary clinton from every getting in the white house again? this is the best person to do that." the republicans have their sights set on super tuesday... and today marco rubio continued attacking trump. sen. marco rubio/ presidential candidate: "he inherited $200 million. i said it last night, if he had not he inherited $200 million right now he would be selling watches in times square." crowd reacts but the democratic candidates have to get through the south carolina primary first. hillary clinton is expected to easily win the palmetto state on saturday. and she's already campaigning in georgia, where early voting for tuesday has begun. hillary clinton/ presidential candidate: "super tuesday, the primary here in georgia will be so consequential." rival bernie sanders met with tribal leaders in minnesota..
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carolina. and while the presidential campaign has dominated most of the headlines... it's not the only big race nevadans will be voting on this november. arianna bennett joins us now live with a look into the race for harry reid's senate seat. ari? for face the state this week-- i sat down with two political scientists to hash out recent developments in this election year. one of the biggest-- for nevadans at least-- is harry reid's retirement. whether you love him or hate him... he's been a strong voice for nevada... with a lot of political influence. so i asked my experts what the post-harry-reid nevada will look like. lokken: "i don't think people fully understand what it's like not to have that level of influence in washington, but we are going to find out the very hard way, come 2017." both political scientists say-- they expect some changes regardless of who wins reid's seat. and one of those-- may be the loss of nevada's "first in the west" caucuses. eric herzik says-- it's likely nevada will revert back to its
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but that's after what they expect to be a hard-fought campaign between former attorney general catherine cortez-masto and congressman joe heck. lokken: "this is the race. this will be watched very closely nationally. harry reid's pride is on the line. that man will do everything he can to make sure it stays a democratic seat. and the republicans will do everything they can to grab it from him." to see the full interview-- tune in or set your dvr for face the state this weekend. it's airing tomorrow at 4:30 am and 3:30 pm. and on sunday at 6:30 am and 3:30 pm. covering the story live, arianna bennett, channel 2 news. thanks arianna. and please stay with channel 2 news... on the air... online and on facebook and twitter... for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 coverage... through november. paul: doors are open for reno's newest affordable housing units, and veterans get first priority. i"m paul nelson, i'll take you for a tour, coming up at 5:30."
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offering your dog unique training. find out more about what k9 games reno is all about...coming up. angela: "the national weather service launches weather balloons twice a day. i'm meteorologist angela schilling, i'll give you an inside look at how they do it coming up." plus... the washoe county school district's implementation of social and emotional learning in all of their schools could have long term effects on nevada's workforce. that story is next. "you're watching channel 2 news... with kristen remington, landon miller, and mike alger's
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... earlier this week, we told you about how social and emotional learning is being tought throughout the washoe county school system and include teaching things such as responsible dicision making, dealing with adversity, and relationship skills. the school district started implementing this curriculum in 2012 and has slowly grown to every washoe school by this fall.. so has the program been effective? ky sisson reports. maybe you've heard a high schooler say... ariana- "you're not actually preparing us for life, there are so many things we need to know that we can't get in math class." ariana mcconnell is a junior at damonte ranch high school. she says that the social and emotional learning program is teaching her skills she will use in college and more importantly in the work force. ariana- "we got to talk about how to build that repour with her and making sure that we felt
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having a repour with your teacher instead of it just being he's the data guy... his team measured sel competincies in the 2013 and 14 school year through a student survey. ben hayes- "what we really wanted to start studying do sel compitencies mitigate that risk and that is what we've been finding they do." here is some of the data the school district has found... in school suspensions rates are 8.8% with low sel competincies and 3% with high. attendence. high sel missed 9 days, those with low missed 8. graduation rates. low sel 73 percent those with high 89 percent. as the data shows students
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trouble less, business owner and former president of the education alliance of washoe county, jim pfrommer says instilling relationship and management skills in students will have an impact on the future of nevada's work force. jim- "i think as our economy shifts a lot from what it has been. it's always been a service industry..." jim- "caring those skills onto the technical areas that we see with the new economy are just as important if not more so important." covering school watch, ky sisson, channel 2 news. and mike alger will have a look at your forecast, coming up next. still to come on channel 2 news... if treasure hunting is your are in luck. the
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welcome back. this weekend is a great one for remembering john lennon...celebrati ng the academy awards in an international way and treasure hunting. erin breen has our list of things 2 do this weekend. ---music---"mercy sakes alive it looks like we got ourselves a yard sale.....--- looking for a deal this weekend? the doctor's wives have a their 65th annual rummage sale. laney:"valuable g designer handbags . we have expensive shoes...original artwork...original artwork...crystal kitchen collectibles."
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have pretty much anything you can think off. this is the second oldest fundraiser in the area...after the rodeo. the money raised goes to nursing scholarships at unr and at to fund local nonprofits. it's from 8-4 at the livestock events center's 3 bucks to get in....and parking is free. ---band nats----"imagine there's no's easy if you try.." imagine this.....a tribute to john lennon. the plastic fauxno all-star band is all about john lennon. their show at the mont blue both tonight and tomorrow night is called "love is the answer' and it's all about john lennon and his music. shows start at 8 both nights. ---rolling out the red carpet----- and roll out the red carpet...the academy awards are sunday and this year there are a number of irish nominees up for
5:17 pm local pub ceol is celebrating with an irish pot luck watch party. bring what you can to share...and watch to see who takes the oscars home. with a few things 2 do this weekend erin breen channel 2 news. and of course you can find details on all those events and more on our website at "channel 2 news continues with chief meteorologist mike alger's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american meteorological society!" while we will see variable amou8nts of cloudiness over the weened, it's unlikely they will produce any rain, at least down here in the valley. a weak cold front will drop saturday high temperatures a few degrees, but we should still see
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the 60s through the weekend. the next chance for showers while we will see variable amou8nts of cloudiness over the weened, it's unlikely they will produce any rain, at least down here in the valley. a weak cold front will drop saturday high temperatures a few degrees, but we should still see
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the 60s through the weekend. the next chance for showers while we will see variable amou8nts of cloudiness over the weened, it's unlikely they will produce any rain, at least down here in the valley. a weak cold front will drop saturday high temperatures a few
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daytime highs in the 60s through the weekend. the next chance for showers comes midway through next week. let's check in on the roads with our traffic reporter chaison dean in the alice 96 point 5 traffic center. watch out for some heavy traffic in and around the spaghetti bowl and on 580 by the gsr and luckily there are no accidents or incidents to report so please continue to drive safely. i'm chaison dean and that's your traffic. amanda: coming up next, find out
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with a dog! i'll tell you about
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we've heard about athletic clubs for people...but what about your four legged furry friend? k9 games reno is fairly new to the area, offering exercises and training services for dogs. amanda ketchledge is live on a dog treadmill at k-9 games on summit ridge drive to show us a look at the facility. amanda, what are you doing? i am taking a stroll with hercules on the treadmill so he can get some exercise. this is just one of the features offered for dogs so they can get a balanced and healthy lifestyle with the help from trainers. it's a story you'll see only on 2. this is kona. her goal is to lose weight. teeter toter hercules is working on his anxiety.
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and cocoa is building her confidence. "good girl" vicki rhode, president k9 games reno: "everybody comes and have a little bit of issues. there's things where their foundation wasn't built right and that's our goal. we sit down and look at the dog and we can say, are they reacting out of fear, do they react out of dominance? we work on them individually." bosely is one of those examples simple walks around the park are impossible for him if he spots anything on wheels. so aubrey the trainer put a pair of roller blades on to help his reactive behavior. aubrey block, trainer: "he gets excited and becomes aggressive about it. we're just trying to desensitize him and get him to not want to attack." and this 6 foot wide, 18 foot long treadmill goes up to 28 miles per hour... treadmill to help exercise dogs together. vicki rhode, president k9 games reno: "the purpose of that is the dogs can bond on a pack walk. and if it's snowing outside or 110 degrees, we can walk those dogs. we can walk 3 or 4 dogs and 3 or 4 people at a time." bridges, tunnels and mazes are also set up for little
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vicki rhode, president k9 games reno: "it's to challenge the dog in a very safe environment and get them to try things they haven't tried before." chrysann crollatos is not only a local veternarian, but a new client of k9 games reno. she brings her two rescue dogs. chrysann crollatos, veterinarian and client: "for these dogs who had never been in a house, never been socialized, never been around people, it's been a great experience because they come here all day long, and by the end of the day, they're more confident, they're tired in a good way, and they're ready to do more then next day." vicki rhode, president k9 games reno: "it's not like anything that they're getting in our area here in reno. we just want to be different. reno is a growing town and we just want to grow with it and grow with our community." more construction is underway throughout the next year at k9 games reno...including two large swimming pools outdoors for dogs who need to learn how to swim or want to learn how to dock
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you can make a reservation to rent time at the facilty or stop on by. we have a link to their website at k-t-v-n dot com. covering the story, amanda ketchledge, channel 2 news. paul "these apartments were built in 1964 and officials say they were about ten years from being condemned. well, after a facelift, they're the newest affordable housing units in town. i'm paul nelson,
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"this is channel 2 news, coverage you can count on" matthew "we're trying to reach that population that is lifting themselves up out of poverty." a run-down apartment complex near the university of nevada has been remodeled -- and now offers affordable housing for low income residents. that is tonight's channel 2 news big story at 5:30 the village at north gives preference to our community's veteran population. good evening, i'm landon miller. and i'm kristen remington -- thank you for staying with us tonight. the renovated building provides a place for people to live -- who otherwise might not have anywhere to go. paul nelson shows us why northern nevada community housing made it happen. matthew "welcome to village at north" this 25-unit apartment building is officially open for business. only low-income residents, making about 20-thousand dollars or less per year will live here. matthew "to be able to do a project like this and help those most in need in our community is the best honor i can imagine."


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