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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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of the 53 delegates in south carolina, clinton won 39, bringing her total to 90. bernie sanders won 14 to get to 65. note that these numbers do not include superdelegates. clinton now has momentum going into super tuesday.but bernie sanders isn't throwing in the towel yet. craig boswell has the latest from washington, dc. hillary clinton ran away with the south carolina presidential primary. cbs news projects clinton beat vermont senator bernie sanders by a wide margin. clinton "thank you, south carolina." "hillary, hillary, hillary" exit polls showed 84 percent of black voters went with clinton. she also dominated among women. by nearly 50 percent. anne bolton hopes americans give clinton a chance to be president anne bolton/clinton supporter "the main thing on her mind is to see that americans have what they need to have."
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for grabs next tuesday..sanders looked past south carolina saturday and over the next three days is focusing specifically on vermont, massachusetts, minnesota, oklahoma and colorado." sanders ended his day with supporters in rochester, minnesota. sen. bernie sanders/presidential candidate "minnesota can play a profound role in moving this country forward toward a political revolution." clinton campaigned in alabama before returning to south carolina for her victory celebration. hillary clinton/presidential candidate "we are going to fight for every vote. we will take nothing for granted." political experience was important to them.and analysts say that helped clinton pick up a decisive win in south carolina. craig boswell, cbs news, washington, d.c. on the g-o-p side, the
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frontrunner donald trump is responding to criticisms from two former mexican presidents. felipe calderon and vincente fox have both denounced trump in the past week, due to trump's insistance that our southern neighbors will pay for a wall. "he was angry because they are used to getting their way. mexico is used to getting its way and so is every other country. so they're angry because how dare this person come in and say they can't have something." "they will pay for the wall, no doubt about it, we'll build the wall and they will pay for it." meanwhile, ted cruz lashed out at both trump and marco rubio and trump for their performance at thursday night's debate. "i don't think it's a good thing to see presidential candidates just behaving like school children bickering. i think differences should be on substance." cruz also said that donald trump's record is not that of a conservative-- pointing out that trump has agreed with hillary clinton, and even president
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and on the heels of former presidential candidate mitt romney calling for trump to release tax records, ted cruz and marco rubio released their records publicly today. cruz released four years of tax returns, in addition to five years that were already public. he called on trump to follow suit, saying he owes it to the american people as a candidate. but trump said he'll keep his returns under wraps until his i- r-s audits are done. the i-r-s says trump is free to release the information if he wants to. and please stay with channel 2 news... on the air... online and on facebook and twitter... for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 coverage... through november. clouds are a little bit thicker now and the temperature has droppped since earlier today.
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before the front moved through. it is now mostly cloudy with temperatures in the mid 40's. dewpoints are rather low, into the teens. so very dry air. winds right now are coming out of the west, gusting up to fifteen. tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the low to mid 30's with mostly cloudy
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truckee police and fire have recovered one body in a search for two men who went missing donner lake. it happened around 5 p-m yesterday.. at the northeastern corner of donner lake. friends of the men - who were all vacationing in the area - police. police say the men are not truckee residents, and were not believed to have been wearing life jackets at the time. the search has been called off for the night, due to darkness..
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looking to our community... tonight was the 36-th annual jack t. riviglio cioppino feed and auction. the signature event for the boys and girls club of truckee meadows raises nearly fifteen percent of the club's annual operating budget. ryan canaday was there and has the latest. a sold out crowd of sixteen hundred people were at the boys and girls club tonight for a fundraising event that many recognize as one of the biggest in reno. "it happens once a year and everyone tries to be here." "in terms of sectors you have been involved for a long time so we have that legacy element." many of those families who come from right here in reno donate items for tonights fact, nearly 600 items were raffled and auctioned off at tonight's fundraiser... "so many people that are reno people that give of themselves and give so much here that night."
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ciopinno dinner is a hit for guests as well.. "let that simmer for a little while" the man who made tonight's italian fish stew, is the same cook that's been doing it since the fundraiser began 36 years ago... "pot" "we've been going ever since the first year we bought every bit of seafood we could find around town." but it isn't the hundreds of pounds of seafood that guests come for. and it isn't all of the items up for bid. but perhaps what stands out the most from this feed and the impact made on the lives of yound boys and girls in our community. "they're able to get toutoring, they're able to get a mentor and get that little adcantage taht's going to save their life and so what happens is people understand that and they show up tonight to make a difference and to give back." last year the club raised just over 1 million dollars for the boys and girls club of truckee meadows, and organizers expect to reach that same amount tonight. covering the story,
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an annual tradition took place today at the livestock events center. for the 65-th year, the docter's wives' rummage sale took place today in north reno. it started back in 19-51, to provide a scholarship to help with a nurses' shortage. as the event grew, it expanded to help many other medically- related, non-profit organizations in washoe county. publicity chair rene rores said years. "i just felt this was an important thing to be doing. i'm married to a physician, knowing that you do need the nurses to help the physicians." the event draws more than two thousand people. many of them started lining up at 3:30 a-m, five hours before the doors opened. and dental hygiene students provided free dental care for many kids this morning. the annual 'give kids a smile' event at t-m-c-c treated 24 children through the college's
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receive x-rays, exam, cleaning, sealents, a flouride treatment, and free supplies to keep their teeth healthy. professor julie stage-rosenberg said oral health is important for children. "starting young, get dental habits established well in the first year of their life. we hope to have every child be seen by age one." the t-m-c-c dental hygiene clinic is open to the public on monday through thursday, but today was the only day where services were offered free of charge. still to come on channel two news at 6:30- we'll talk to one of the victims who survived a work-place shooting in kansas that killed four people, including the shooter. but first... a rookie police officer was shot and killed in virginia, while responding to a
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looking around the nation... a virginia police officer was killed when she responded to a call about a domestic-related shooting saturday. the prince william county police department identified the fallen officer as ashley guindon. she had just been sworn-in to the department friday. authorities say when the officers arrived at the scene, they found a woman killed in connection to the incident. two other officers were shot and wounded. violence broke out in california when ku klux klan demonstrators and counter-protesters fought in anaheim. a group of kkk members announced they would be holding a rally at pearson park, but a larger group of anti-klan counter protesters showed up first. it's not clear who attacked
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protesters punching and rushing the hate group. authorities say five people were injured and 13 arrested saturday. the town of hesston, kansas is in shock, following a shooting thursday that left four people dead, including the shooter. "renee benjamin, 30 year old female, joshua higby, 31 year old male. brian sadowski, 44 year old male." the names of the victims were confirmed by the harvey county sheriff yesterday. they were killed by a gunman at excel industries, a lawn care company in hesston. adam miller was one nearly 20 victims who survived the shooting. he was helping to evacaute his team, when he came face-to-face with the gunman. "i saw him come around the corner and he looked kind of confused so i told him to run, there's a fire. he still looked
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and he said i know then shot me." a police officer shot and killed the gunman, identified as 38- year-old cedric ford. the number of people caught up in the theft of tax-payer data last year is seven times larger than originally thought. officals believed that cyber criminals used the i-r-s website to steal the tax forms of 104- thousand people. friday, the irs said the number is now closer to 720-thousand. starting next week, the agency will warn affected taxpayers about potential identity theft. they will be offered free credit protection, and receive an extra pin number to protect future tax filings. three middle school students in florida are facing felony charges of poisoning... they're accused of putting red pepper flakes into their teacher's soda. one of the 12-year-old girls may have been upset about being disciplined by the teacher earlier in the week.
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distracted the teacher, another grabbed the soda, and a third dumped the pepper in. sheriff's deputies say the teacher began to choke and experienced shortness of breath. the girls were arrested friday and taken to a juvenile detention center. angela will have a look at your weather forecast but first-- one blockbuster movie is helping the economy of one small england town. we'll tell you about the impact of "star wars" being felt
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welcome back... with five oscar nominations, the latest "star wars" film could clean up at this sunday's show. thanks to the blockbuster movie -- the force is with a quiet corner in the west of england -- where part of star wars was filmed. the forest of dean is a small, ancient woodland in the west of england. it has been the stunning back drop to a string of tv and film productions. with recent filming for the newest installment in the star wars franchise, the woodland is seeing more visitors, who are bringing more revenue to the area. "the film and tv crews are
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eating in restaurants and they're going out and about and they're also talking about us." tourists aren't the only ones creating blockbuster figures. the creative industries in the u-k are worth 117-billion dollars...about five-point-two economy clouds are a little bit thicker now and the temperature has droppped since earlier today. our high was met around 1pm before the front moved through. it is now mostly cloudy with temperatures in the lower to mid 40's. dewpoints are rather low, into the teens. so very dry air. winds right now are coming out of the west, gusting up to fifteen. tomorrow morning temperatures will be in
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cloudy skies. futurecast shows a mix of sun and clouds on sunday with storms staying north of reno. could be a little bit breezy sunday evening as a result. looking at a dry forecast though. on monday high pressure starts to build reaching its peak on tuesday. seven day shows a warming trend with highs in the sixties. lows will be in the thirties. next system moves through thursday, but not a lot of power with it. not everyone will get wet. clouds are a little bit thicker now and the temperature has
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earlier today. our high was met around 1pm before the front moved through. it is now mostly cloudy with temperatures in the lower to mid 40's. dewpoints are rather low, into the teens. so very dry air. winds right now are coming out of the west, gusting up to fifteen. tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the low to mid 30's with mostly cloudy skies. futurecast shows a mix of sun and clouds on sunday with storms staying north of reno. could be a little bit breezy sunday evening as a result. looking at a dry forecast though. on monday high pressure starts to build
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seven day shows a warming trend with highs in the sixties. lows will be in the thirties. next system moves through thursday, but not a lot of power with it. not everyone will get wet. coming up next, the smaller division schools took to the court at lawlor events center... and
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the high school basketball season in nevada wraps up today... with the lower division state championships... for the division 3 ranks the yerington lions boys basketball team was looking to add to their state championships this school year after winning one in football. so lets head to lawlor where in the 4th quarter they were playing catch-up... down 20 points... daniel sciarani spots up from straight away 3... and he knocks down the jumper... and that starts brief run... moments later off the missed 3... chris brown gets the
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in... that cuts their deficit to 15... but the lions just had too far to go... and the meadows mustangs go on to win state... 56-38. division 4 boys just wrapped up and it was word of life christian academy against whittell from up at the lake... 4th quarter... warriors holding on to a small lead... off the inbounds... and dismas womack... calls glass and banks in the jumper... that gives whittell a 51-46 lead... with a minute left... now less than 30 to go... palmer chaplin on the drive... he will kick it out to colin buchholz and his short jumper is the dagger... the whittell warriors are state champions... after they defeat word of life... 53-46.... this is whittell's second state title in the last 3 seasons. how about the division 3 girls game between white pine and incline... this was a close one... second quarter... and the highlanders create some space for taylor redfern and she knocks down a three pointer... and little bit of game time later more from their freshman guard... the back door pass... and redfern lays it in... i said this was a close one...
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they came up 1 points short... 44- 43. white pine wins the division 3 girls state title. lets check in on the division 4 girls action... two northern teams. mcdermitt and owyhee... early action... off the owyhee miss kaira egan gathers the loose ball.. and she'll put it in the basket... braves with an early lead... then off an inbounds pass... mcdermitt's kristan long will fight off the defenders and get the two points... in the end it is owhyee winning state... 61-54. as for the division 1-a games those were all southern school affairs... for the boys... clark would beat desert pines 43- 39... while in girls actions... faith lutheran topped spring valley 50- 47. if you haven't noticed the reno bighorns are really good this year... the sacramento kings affiliate has the second best record in all of the nba d-league and lead the western conference with about a month left in the regular season... tonight they hosted warriors affiliate santa cruz. now bighorn sheep and wolves don't usually hangout... normally bad things happen but
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can't we all just get along... anyways to the game.. the often called up and sent down doo-yay dukan gets basket and 1... but the bighorns trail by 2... later david stockton like his hall of fame dad in a giving move flips it to the newly aquired gani lawal who throws it down with two hands and reno gets another win 133-124. to the nba... for the warriors and thunder... and steph curry set some records in this one.. pick it up in overtime.. warriors down 3... and its steph curry givis himself some space with the fadeway and curr-splash... that breaks the nba single season 3 point record.. his record by the way... and now tied at 118 time winding down russel westbrook looks for the go ahead basket and its no good warriors get the ball to curry who is within range when he steps int he building from 35 feet away no doubt about... that proved to be the game winner... and his 12th three of the game which ties a record for most in a game... just hand him the mvp award... warriors win 121-118. coming up..... the nevada wolf pack has a big game tomorrow
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i'll have a preview after we pay
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well with all the high school basketball games going on at lawlor... the wolf pack's game against colorado state will actually be played tomorrow... this is the second meeting between the two schools this
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collins nevada led most of the game until the rams took the lead with about 6 minutes to go and would go on to top the silver and blue 76-67... with three games left in the regular season nevada is fighting for a top 5 finish in the mountain west to get a first round by in mountain west tournament... so what is it going to take for the wolf pack to beat the rams... "they are really unique, they can shoot the three, dribble drive and they get to the free throw line. they have been one of the most difficult teams for us to play this year and they pound the offensive backboards. the biggest thing is one game at a time, and for us to understand that only the way we are going to win is for us to play for great effort for 40 minutes, you can't have any 4 or 5 minute slip ups against a team like colorado state." so it will be the wolf pack and the rams tomorrow afternoon at lawlor events center tip off set for 2 pm... nevada's leading
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for tomorrows game is still unknown after he suffered a badly sprained ankle during wednesdays win over utah state... coach musselman said he has not made much progress. meanwhile the wolf pack womens basketball team had a tough task with number 25 colorado state today... also with out reed grad nyasha lesure who was out with a concussion. early on nevada down a point... halie bergman gathers in the loose ball and gets the transition layup to give nevada a one point lead... but a bad third quarter ruined nevada's chances at an upset win as they lose 74-56. meanwhile the wolf pack baseball team was leading 7-4 entering the bottom of the ninth but wind up losing in extra's to the uc irvine anteaters 8-7... the loss drops nevada to 3-4 on the year... they will look to avoid a sweep tomorrow afternoon when they will play game 3 with the anteaters... first pitch set for 1pm. the wolf pack softball now has a 10 game winning streak and is 12-2 on the year after topping uconn and illinois chicago today... 3-2... and 2-0 respectively.
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grad jennifer purcell was 2 for 3 with an rbi and a run scored. while mckenna isenberg pitched all 8 innings and had 8 strikeouts while allowing only 1 earned run.. in game two galena grad raquel martinez had one of th etwo wolf pack rbi's while brooke bollinger pitched all 7 innings and also struck out 8...
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coming up...a beloved video game franchise is celebrating today. we'll tell you which franchise, and how long players have been "catching them all"....after the break. then angela will have a final look at our weather. you're watching channel 2 news -
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happy birthday to "pikachu!" the beloved "pokemon" entertainment franchise turns 20 today. in honor of the milestone, the pokemon company released a new video celebrating the last two decades. since its release in 19-96, pokemon has grown into a multi-billion- dollar empire of video games, trading card games, movies, toys, and t-v series. the anniversary video also announces two new video games: pokemon sun and pokemon moon, coming this fall. also ahead is the "pokemon go" app for mobile phones, expected later this year. angela's here with a last look at our day shows a warming trend with highs in the sixties. lows will be in the thirties. next system
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