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tv   Channel 2 News 630PM  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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that's what debbie was." her niece recited the words of a country music song... words that she felt embodied the way debbie chose to live her life each and every day. "hold the door, say please, say thank you, don't steal, don't cheat and don't lie, i know you've got mountains to climb but always stay humble and kind." and her son ian and daughter erin..asked the room of crowded people to take the love that they had for debbie...and to now share it with debbie's husband greg...saying he needs it now more than ever. "my mom spent the last year fighting this disgusting disease and my dad was there every moment, he would not leave her alone for a moment and he loved her and he took care of her and he's heroic."
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smith's name to the dr. marnie rose foundation, which supports brain tumor research. you can find that link by visiting our website k-t-v-n dot com covering the story live in the studio, ryan canaday channel two news. it's mild outside with temperatures in the mid 60's and
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skies. winds are light sustained anywhere between five to fifteen. not like yesterday. we're seeing cloud cover move in from the west with some breaks in the clouds too. we have quite a bit of dry air in place right now so upper 20's in higher elevations. burn code is green. we have an update now on the search for a second canoeist believed to have drowned at donner lake. officials say they have recovered both bodies. two men were reported missing at around 5 p-m friday.. at the northeastern corner of donner lake. friends of the men - who were all vacationing in the area - saw the canoe had capsized and called police. yesterday, police recovered the body of 33-year-old joshua
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at around noon today, the body of 34-year-old lucas johnson, of auburn, california, was receoverd. authorities say the men were not believed to have been wearing life jackets at the time. more than a dozen states and territories will hold primaries on super tuesday -- the biggest contest so far in the 2016 election season. steve nannes reports. with a major victory in south carolina, hillary clinton is hoping to keep that momentum across multiple southern states ahead of super tuesday. sunday - clinton traveled to tennessee where she spoke to a congregation in memphis while attending a church service. presidential candidate "i will need your help on tuesday. the primary here in tennessee is very important." butt sot "i hope you will come out and vote and of course i would be honored to earn your vote on tuesday." as part of his super tuesday strategy.. senator sanders skipped the palmetto state on primary day -- and moved on to texas than
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candidate "i am gonna be asking for your votes on tuesday, but i need more than that from you. i need your help the day after the general election because i can't do it alone." donald trump - who won three of the first four gop races - is confident he'll sweep the super tuesday states. and john kasich agrees-- but the ohio governor believes a strong showing in his home state next month will provide the boost he needs. presidential candidate "i think trump's probably going to win probably all of them. but you keep holding your own." butt sot "our campaign plan was ultimately to hold our own in some of these places, and we will." butt sot "what changes this race is my ability to win in ohio. senator ted cruz, however, believes trump can be beat. presidential candidate "our campaign is the only one in a position to beat donald trump on super tuesday, and if you want to stop this trump train, the only way to do so is to beat him on super tuesday." i'm steve nannes reporting.
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hillary clinton is far ahead of bernie sanders in three key states holding primaries on super tuesday. the nbc news-wall street journal-marist poll that came out today...showing clinton leading by about two-to-one margins in texas, georgia and tennessee. clinton is going into the contest with two back-to-back victories behind her....winning here in nevada before south carolina yesterday. meanwhile, g-o-p frontrunner donald trump continues to be a polarizing, even controversial figure in the race. yesterday, he responded to two mexican presidents who condemned his plan for a wall on the border. today, he defended a tweet that he sent out, which quoted italian dictator benito mussolini. "it's a very good quote, it's a very interesting quote, and i saw it. i know who said it. but what difference does it make whether it's mussolini or somebody else, it's certainly a very interesting quote. host chuck todd then asked if
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with fascists. trump's response was that -quote- "i want to be associated with interesting quotes and people." -end quote- marco rubio continues his assault on trump at a rally in virginia. he talked about trump being endorsed by david duke, a former leader of the k-k-k. "he knows exactly who david duke is. he was asked this morning two times, will you repudiate and condemn the ku klux klan and he refused to do that as well. we cannot be a party that nominates someone who refuses to condemn white supremacists and the ku klux klan." following rubio's comment, trump did disavow david duke after a reporter asked him at a press conference in fort worth texas. the wide open spaces of northern nevada inspire poets and artists. we'll meet a "potter" who finds inspiration for his sculptures in the desert. that's
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nevada's wide open spaces provide an inspiring view. just the stimulus the potter joe winter needs for his crockery creations. jack sutton has his story in tonight's nevada backroads. in the land of the red rock you see the country on a big scale. in this place the potter joe winter finds inspiration for the scale of his work. "i find it
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larger forms. its a scale i enjoy working with. with the bigger work i think about form and sculptural aspects and the variations i can get." the creation of any pottery, large or small, takes the same steps, but making larger than life art requires special skills. "this is part of the big ones you see outside. i started throwing a long time ago. its a skill i wanted to develop. for me, out here in the wide open landscape, i draw inspiration from that. i enjoy living here and being able to see a great distance. that's
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reporting in the red rock, jack sutton, channel two news. meteorologist angela schilling will have a look at your forecast
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it's mild outside with temperatures in the mid 60's and mostly cloudy skies. winds are light sustained anywhere between five to fifteen. not like yesterday. we're seeing cloud cover move in from the west with some breaks in the clouds too. we have quite a bit of dry air in place right now so no rain is in the immediate forecast. high
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builds on monday. temperatures monday morning will be in the mid 30's for the reno area and upper 20's in higher elevations. burn code is green. futurecast brings in periods of cloudiness over
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next few days with warm air moving in from the southwest as well. winds will be light on monday before picking up tuesday afternoon and wednesday. seven day shows highs around seventy degrees until thursday when a weak low moves in. cooler air moves in over the weekend with a change in pattern by next weekend. coming up in sports, the nevada wolf pack and colorado state
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the nevada wolf pack was looking to avenge a loss to colorado state earlier this month as they hosted the rams at lawlor this afternoon... but also on the line a first round bye in the mountain west tournament... as the wolf pack is one win away from clinching at least the five seed in the tournament... and the wolf pack had to do it today with out leading scorer marqueze coleman who was out with a sprained ankle. but his friends stepped up in his
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half... elijah foster taps the ball away... scooped up by lindsey drew... who passes to tyron criswell... he has the alley cameron oliver the oop...he had another double double... 16 points 14 rebounds. and he wasn't done... moments later off the inbounds pass... space camm take flight... the thunderous jam gives nevada a 4 point lead.... but second half nevada playing catch up... pack down 3... 9 minutes to go... tyron criswell not normally known for his 3 point shooting but this time... he is... drills the three game tied at 49. then lindsey drew a bit of an unsung hero in this one... gets the loose ball and he will go coast to coast and lay it in... that gives nevada a 1 point lead he had 8 points 9 rebounds and 8 assists. now nevada has a 1 point lead in the final secons tyron criswell at the line... he makes the first one... but would miss the second... and with .4 seconds left they would call a foul on eric cooper jr... joe deciman would make both free throws and we go to overtime... where it was all nevada... up
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low and he gets the layup nevada up 3... then moments later drew feeds foster... who makes the acrobatic shot in the paint... foster finished with 10 points... then with about a minute left... drew to a wide open dj fenner under basket... fenner lays it in... down the stretch nevada would make their free throws and go on to win it... 87-80... nevada grabs win number 18 on the year... d.j fenner led nevada with 24 points... while tyron criswell had 23 points but them along with cameron oliver fouled out. the win also clinches at least the 5 seed for nevada in the mountain west tournament and a first round bye. here is a very happy nevada wolf pack after the game.. "it is a special group to go from nine wins to 18 currently with 2 to play, this has been the best season i have ever had so far. so and it is because of their effort and energy every
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handed in practice i give them credit for how they mentally come ready... this is my favorite team i ever coached." "i am ecstatic as tired as i am i am so happy right now. just going out there and fighting with my brothers and getting the win... in overtime. can't feel any better." "it feels good, like my teammate and coach said it is a big win we got it tonight so i am very proud of my team." so lets take a quick look at the mountain west standings with just one week left... san diego state has already clinched first place... but there is a log jam from 2nd to 5th... fresno state currently in second... while nevada and boise state are tied in third.. new mexico is 5th and unlv in 6th. here is a look at the bottom half of the standings... colorado state... utah state... wyoming... air force... and san jose state. speaking of the tie between the wolf pack and the broncos... they will settle it on wednesday in boise... the pack lost to
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one tips off at 6pm northern nevada time and you can stream the game on campus insiders. the nevada softball team has been on a roll lately... coming into sundays game with santa clara they were riding a 10 game win streak... and now make it 11 wolf pack fans... as they steam roll the broncos 10-1 this afternoon in 5 innings... chase redington almost pitched a no hitter... allowed two hits in the final inning but didn't allow any earned runs.. while megan sweet went 3 for 4 with an rbi and 2 runs. the nevada baseball team was looking to avoid a sweep at the hands of uc irvine this afternoon. however the wolf pack really strggling right now... they lose to uc irvine 6-0... they will play their home opener on tuesday against santa clara. after the break...... we'll show you the new ball retrievers at
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and we do mean "retrievers." that's next. then angela will have a final look at our weather. you're
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yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. four shelter dogs rescued from slums and abandoned lots around sao paulo were trained as "ball dogs" for the "brazil open" tennis tournament. their job? to retrieve balls that went out of bounds at an exhibition match thursday.. and then give them back to the players. they didn't like the "giving back" part as much as the "getting the ball" part. a local shelter hope to raise awareness with its "ball-dog" initiative.
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at your day shows highs around seventy degrees until thursday when a weak low moves in. cooler air
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> tonight on 60 minutes presents, preserving the past. >> the $540 million national museum of african-american history and culture is rising on the national mall. its complexion rendered in shades of bronze, a building of color against history's white marble. >> this is not the museum of tragedy. it is not the museum of
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it is the museum that says here is a balanced history of america that allows us to cry and smile. >> italy is home to two-thirds of the world's cultural treasures, trouble is the country is too broke to keep its historic rooms, churches and monuments from crumbling to dust. >> but now, some of this most treasured and endangered landmarks are being saved not by a government but by a more respected institution: the fashion business. >> what is possible for us to do for the country, we need to do now. >> when pope benedict xvi came


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