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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 28, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. are they photos or not? tonight a ktvu exclusive as we blow the cover off this controversy. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. he bought them and said they are ansel adams originals worth tens of billions of dollars. but a bay area woman says not so fast her uncle took the photos and a gallery expert we
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contacted agrees. ken wayne with a story you are see only on 2? >> the photos by ansel adams may not be by him at all. they were taken by her uncle mill. she says when she saw a picture of the famous jeffrey pine on ktvu, channel 2 news last night she immediately recognized it as one taken by her uncle early brooks back in 1923. >> i thought oh, my good that's exactly the same picture. >> her uncle lived in the area must of his life and often took pictures there. rick also of fresno said he bought these pictures at a garage sale for $45 and claims they are ansel adams originals, worth as much as $200 million. but the photo taken by uncle earl looks nearly identical to the one claimed to be from ansel adams? >> so what's your gut feeling on fresno with these pictures? >> not a thing. expected i think thinking that
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perhaps that box of negatives belonged to uncle earl. >> reporter: scott nicholls of the nicholls gallery has been studying adams for 30 years. we called him and he visited walton. took measurement, studied the lighting and angles. the similarities are striking. only the clouds are different but that could mean uncle earl's photos from another negative taken moments later during the same shoot. >> what i find very interesting is the shadow detail down in here, the shadows and the sunlight over here and over here are almost identical. >> reporter: so in his opinion has her long last uncle duped the long lost discovery. >> to duplicate the shadow sit in the exact same place by two different photographers is virtually impossible. >> so you think what? >> reporter: nicholls has taken the four pictures from the uncle earl in for further study. he says he would like to compare them with ansel adam's
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originals and those found in fresno to tell with certainty whether those new pictures are ansel adams or uncle early. ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge saw a defining moment today. crews began installing the first section of the span's 525- foot tower. the so-called tower leg is 165 feet tall and weighs 1200 tonnes. a total of four legs will be hoisted into place using a floating crane. the legs will serve as a base for the bridge tower which is the centerpiece of the new eastern span. >> this is a world class structure. there is nothing like it in the united states of america. one could argue there is no tower like this anywhere in the world. this is something for generations that we are going to be very, very proud of. >> bridge officials say it will take two weeks to install the first tower leg. the eastern span is expected to be completed by late 2013.
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>> firefighters working in kern county report progress in their battle to control a destructive 1400-acre wildfire. the fire started yesterday afternoon destroying two dozen buildings. some aer residents returned today to find their homes burned to the ground. it is not clear how many of the 25 structures that were destroyed were houses. the fire is now about 25 percent contained. another fire about 50 miles north of there has burned almost 16,000-acres since monday destroying eight homes. firefighters say they believe human actions caused that fire. a federal judge in phoenix today block the most controversial parts of arizona's new immigration law. that law will go into effect tomorrow but without key provisions that angered supporters of immigration rights. the judge requirements that immigrants carry identity papers and that police check the immigration status of criminal suspects. police also cannot arrest suspected illegal immigrants without a warrant.
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and undocumented workers cannot be arrested for seeking work in public places. arizona governor january jan brewer called it a temporary bump in the role. they will appeal. it has stirred strong feelings here in the bay area leading to a protest today in san francisco that led to more than a dozen arrests. ktvu, channel 2 news amber lee is live in the city with the details. amber? >> reporter: frank, the protests took place here in front of the federal building. it was loud, passionate and contained some street theater. [ music ] >> reporter: at 5:00 this evening, a group of religious leaders from various denominations orchestrated an act of civil disobedience. dozens of demonstrators chanted their support from the sidewalk as the group blocked traffic on 7th street between mission and market. >> everyone has to have compassion for all immigrant families that are in america
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doing all kind of work. >> reporter: organizers applaud the federal judge's decision today to block key parts of the controversial arizona law. but they say it is not enough. they are calling on nancy pilosi and president obama to pass federal immigration reform. >> the inaction in washington is causing the suffering in our communities. >> reporter: this 17-year-old high school student from indonesia lives in fear that she and her grandmother will be deported after living here for six years. >> all i want to do is go to college and get a job so i can support her. i don't know what is criminal about that. >> those who enter the wrong way and fail to yield the right of way to traffic will be arrested. >> after 15 minutes of allowing the protestors to lock the roadway officers moved in. one by one they arrested 19 demonstrators that were cited and were released. >> i hope we will raise some awareness and cause people to ask questions about the issue.
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>> reporter: protestors are also urging lawmakers to come up with measures to stop local police from cooperating with federal immigration officials and to enact legislation that will provide legal status for immigrant students who attend college or join the military. >> we are hoping that the politicians will stop playing politics and really start working on some practical solutions. >> reporter: organizers have planned three rallies for tomorrow when the arizona law takes effect. two in san francisco and one in oakland. reporting live here in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. now to the gulf of mexico. today mark the 100th day since the deep water horizon explosion triggered one of the largest oil spills in u.s. history. bp says it is preparing to permanently seal the blown out well by pumping mud and cement into a relief well that has been drilled. officials hope to complete the operation called static kill by monday. federal officials stressed to that the response is far from
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over. national commander admiral allan is in louisiana meeting with parish presidents to address their concerns about the cleanup, fisheries restoration and financial restitution. a new poll released just an hour ago release californians have reeked strongly to that massive oil spill in the gulf of mexico. only 36% of those surveyed by the public institute said they support more drilling off the california coast. 59% are opposed to new drilling. that opposition has jumped 16% since the bp oil disaster. on a separate energy issue, the ppic poll found the majority of californians do not support construction of new nuclear power plants. 44% support the building of new plants. 49% oppose them. the issue is partisan. most republicans support nuclear power while most democrats opposing it. we have also been looking over new polls in the race for governor and u.s. senate. those close races for you
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coming up at about 10:30. governor schwarzenegger reinstated his friday furloughs for tens of thousands of state workers. starting next month most state employees will have to take off three days a month without pay until the state budget is passed. >> reporter: waiting in line to register a car or renew a license at the dmv can take hours. with more state worker furlough days on the way some customers here expect the wait times to get even length yes. >> i certainly understand the logic behind it since there is such a big budget deficit. but as i sit at the back of 21st in line it doesn't necessarily seem like a great idea. >> i mean, i came here around, like, 1:30. and it is almost like 3. >> reporter: but a spokesman from the governor's office says there is no other solution. >> because the legislature has failed to produce a budget and because the controller had said that we are going to issue ious in august, we are facing a crash crisis. and the governor has to do
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whatever he can do in his power to avert that crash crisis. >> governor schwarzenegger's furlough order requires state employees to take three under paid days off a month beginning in august. it represents more than 13,000 state engineers who the furlough order will affect, including some of the engineers working on the new bay bridge. those state employees were also part of a furlough program that the governor ordered last year. >> our people have been taking 15% pay cuts for 18 months now. >> reporter: austin says the furloughs are a political tactic to force state employees to accept steep cuts in their upcoming labor contracts. >> it is nothing more than a cheap bargaining trick to try and put pressure on them to agree to a contract that is inn equitable. >> the governor's spokesman said the furlough order will remain in effect until a new budget is reached. in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. not all state employees will have to take those furloughs. workers at agencies that deal with taxes and revenue are exempt. some unions are also exempt
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including cal fire, chp, psychiatric techs, social workers, and trade and maintenance workers and doctors and dentists at state buildings. >> if you are one of the hundreds of people who take ac transit on the weekend you may just need to find another ride. details in this story are straight ahead. >> one day after police killed a pregnant cow at the state fair there is a new incident to tell you about involving five calves. and i will be back here in about five minutes with tomorrow's forecast. it does include some warming as we head towards the weekend.
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. >> it's been debated for decades but today the metropolitan transportation commission gave the okay to spend $5 million to design a suicide barrier for the golden gate bridge. the barrier would be a steel net suspended below the net to camp jumpers. the $5 million in design money is coming from the federal government. golden gate bridge directors are going to september meeting at therapy meeting on august 18th. the angry dispute between ac transit and the drivers may end all weekend service if they don't come to a decision soon. mike mibach with the report. >> reporter: frank, ac transit says they need to cut $15 million so if it can't take it out of the pockets of the bus drivers it just may have to ax
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the weekend routes. tonight at the trans bay terminal signs of frustration were evident. ac transit bus runs were cancelled, passenger lines appeared never-ending. >> standing room only sometimes. >> very ever had to stand? no. this was the first time, yeah. >> a bit of a distance to go from here to richmond. it takes about 45 minutes so you can imagine standing on a small cramped bus for 45 minutes. >> reporter: ac transit says it faces a projected two-year $56 million budget deficit. last month contract talks stalled between ac transit and the amalgamated transit union representing 1800 bus drivers. the district's board decided to impose new contract terms on its employees, tweaking employee contributions to healthcare plans and revising shift hours. tonight the board got an earful. >> never, ever in my life very seen a catastrophe like this, you know, taking place at ac transit. you know, an imposition of a
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contract. >> you say it's a money deficit but you hire outside spokesmen by the name of sam finger. >> sam singer says he was hired by ac transit and he also says ending weekend service is not a threat, it's a strong possibility. >> the riders have paid more fares. the district has cut service already. the only people who won't compromise are the atu leadership. >> reporter: since the contract was imposed ac transit says hundreds of bus drivers have called in sick forcing the transit agency to cut dozens of bus runs each day. >> are the bus drivers really sick? >> first of all bus drivers are coming to work. >> reporter: claudia hudson is the union's chief negotiator and tonight she says the union wants to go back to the negotiating table but the district refuses to open its doors. >> we are a union and by law we have a right to negotiate our benefits, working conditions. >> reporter: a a superior court judge is expected to decide on
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friday whether the prior contract should be put back in place or to keep that imposed one. reporting live tonight here in oakland, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. authorities today released the name of a 6-year-old boy who drowned monday afternoon at castro valley high school's swim center. investigators say paul sniffin of castro valley was at the swim center as part of the daycare and his parents were not present. a lifeguard spotted the boy at the bottom of the crowded pool. lifeguards performed c.p.r. but were unable to revive him. six people injured in a deadly bus crash last week in fresno are suing the greyhound bus line. almost two dozen people were hurt and six people were killed when a greyhound bus slammed into an overturned suv last thursday morning. the suit allegation alleges the bus driver did not do his duty to transport the riders safely. the crash remains under investigation. greyhound has not commented on
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the lawsuit. an oakland man who police say shot and killed can a virginia visitor here for a job interview was charged today with murder and special circumstances. police say 24-year-old george hutchins and his girlfriend shot and killed kang on july 18th during a robbery attempt. houseley was charged yesterday with murder and robbery. police arrested hugins on monday. investigators say the pair also robbed a couple in oakland in june, shooting and wounding one of them. if convicted hug it ins could get the death penalty. >> authorities in san jose county are investigating the discovery of five dead cats. they discovered it in a wooded area outside the city limits. authorities say they spotted the dead animals from the area following complaints from nearby residents about a lingering smell. investigators say the calves have nooses around their necks and may have been there for weeks.
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animal control was called then to remove the carcasses. >> the shooting of an escaped and panicked cow yesterday at a state fair is racing new questions tonight about how handlers deal with stressed out animals. as ktvu's rita williams reports, the cow killing and a similar situation last spring in oakland have animal welfare officials across the state rewriting the rules. >> reporter: at the california state fair today protestors carried signs saying shooting pregnant cows is not fair. they were upset that yesterday police shot this 1400-pound pregnant dairy cow. the cow and her full-term fetus was died. >> i was totally shocked. >> fair officials say the stressed cow bolted while being transferred to a birthing area, that attempts to tranquilize her didn't work and they feared people could be harmed. >> we stayed with it for an hour along with the vets from uc davis. it was very agitated.
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>> reporter: understandably agitated, say protestors, uc davis vets had brought the cow there to give birth in front of fair goers. >> you know the mayhem of a midway walking by one of those creatures how are you to gain a real sense of this animal. >> reporter: on youtube we found home video at cows and other animals birthing at state fairs across the country. they would not re-think the live bits again. >> it's a girl. >> reporter: but would review their procedures on dealing with stressed animals. that's what oakland has done since last may when housing authority police pursued a wild deer into a backyard. oakland police shot it six times, killing it. as a result, oakland animal control officers now are carrying these tranquilizer syringe poles for sick or hurt animals. >> at the end is a syringe. >> reporter: the animal
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services director used it for the first time yesterday on a trapped raccoon. she is writing new rules. >> if they are up and moving and not laying down and unable to walk, we want to just leave those animals alone. >> reporter: oakland police wouldn't talk to us today. but we have learned the department has recommended disciplinary action against some of the police officers and animal control officers involved in the deer shooting incident in may. all the way from reprimands to demotions. in oakland, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] >> your day-time high temperatures did warm up a bit today. some areas as much as 56 degrees. these were the official highs today. still below average isn't it? 78 in livermore. that is cool for this time of year. the fog is moving back to the coast right now. it is moving into the golden gate park area. the avenues of san francisco. the fog is here in the morning. the extended forecast is for a warmup but not a big warmup.
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it's a subtle warmup. tomorrow morning, fog and low clouds as far in land as concord and pinola and up into pittsburgh and the livermore valley as well. the forecast highs for some cities where you live a little bit warmer, right? into the mid-80s in antioch. the long range forecast in just a bit. a payroll scam worked. coming up the surprising way it was un covered. >> one man's trash is another man's fortune. illustrate fight being waged over trash and where it ends up. [trumpet playing "reveille" throughou
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reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence
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. a passenger jet slammed into a hillside near the cap tall of pakistan today killing all 152 people onboard. the cause of the crash is not clear. the hunt is on now for the aircraft's black box flight recorder. the accident happened during monsoon rains and heavy fog.
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the air bus a-321 was operated by pakistan based air blue airline and flying from karachi to islamabad. two u.s. victims were among the passengers. >> the new rules in response to a deadly commuter plane crash in western new york in 2009. the new measures would require the minimum flight experience for first officers be raised from 250 hours to 1500 hours, the same level as a captain. the faa would also have to update its rules about how many hours a pilot can fly before he or she is required to take a break. the new rules are part of a broader aviation package in the works for several years. governor schwarzenegger today signed legislation honoring late president and california governor ronald reagan. former first lady nancy was on hand at the ceremonial in seamy
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valley. the governor officially signed the two bills last week. the law designates february 6th as ronald reagan day in california. >> this will be a day in which our schools can teach our students of his love and the country that he loved so much. >> february 6th of next year would have been his 100th birthday. they will create a commission to plan centennial events. a jury in chicago is getting ready for its first full day of fundamental deliberations in rod blagojevich. the jury received the case today and began their deliberations. rod blagojevich is accused of trying to sell barack obama's illinois senate seat which mr. obama vacated after being elected president. two employees of an international software company in san francisco are accused tonight of writing themselves more than $2 million in extra payroll checks. they worked for autonomy
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incorporated. the women were financial analysts and a payroll clerk. the pair operated the scam for four years cutting themselves at least $2.6 miin bonus checks. >> they essentially ended up being foxes that were guarding the hen house. >> investigators say that the scam was discovered only after she was fired for an unrelated reason, filed for unemployment and listed her annual salary as almost $450,000 instead of her $63,000 base pay. >> investigators probing the death of michael jackson have decided not to bring charges against seven doctors who treated the late pop star. attorney general jerry brown had launched an investigation to determine whether any of the doctors him properly prescribed medicine to jackson. one of the doctors has been referred to the california medical board for prescribing drugs to a jackson alias.
10:27 pm
the singer's personal doctor conrad murray has pleaded not guilty to felony voluntary manslaughter in jackson's death. >> and where it goes is the big question. up next ktvu uncovers a multimillion dollars battle over san francisco's trash. >> and the end of an era. what's next for this cold war era hold-over that's closing in the south bay?
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[ music ] >> late july in antioch i would expect the temperature tomorrow to be in the mid-90sment the forecast tomorrow is 84 degrees for downtown antioch at 3:30, 4:00 in the afternoon. temperatures are coming up tomorrow by a few degrees but not going to be a hot spell. i will have the five day
10:30 pm
forecast back here in just about 15 minutes. >> in a few weeks san francisco will likely be asked to make a huge smelly decision that will affect every person and every business in the city. what to do with san francisco's garbage? the trash is actually very valuable and the fight over who will get it is like so many things in san francisco, bitter, emotional and political. ktvu's david stevenson has our special report. >> reporter: san franciscoans create a little more than 1,000 tons of garbage every day that isn't recycled. and they have no designated place in their 49 square miles to put it. so they pay san francisco based recology $49 million a year to truck it to a remote canyon just past livermore, the ultimate landfill. houston based waste management
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which owns and operates the dump gets an additional $10 million for its trouble. now they want to stop sharing the money and waste management is fighting back. instead, recology proposing to haul san francisco's trash by truck and rail to a farm town of some 2300 people called wheatland. >> garbage has to go somewhere. >> reporter: people such as retired physician richard pastowits say they don't mind having a landfill outside their town. but they do have one big objection, what's in the garbage? >> it's actually the new term is garbage and groceries out. and what we fear is that the -- there will be contaminated food that we will send back to san francisco. >> waste management, the nation's biggest garbage company wants to keep the trash coming to its facility which is restricted from taking any
10:32 pm
refuse from anywhere but alameda county and the city and county of san francisco. >> recology has the monopoly of the collection and the processing of the material. >> reporter: david tucker is a spokes for waste management giving what is now the recology the sole power to collect the city's garbage. on the other hand he boasts about his company's part of the deal. >> we have been taking in san francisco's waste for 20 plus years. we believe when it gets here we are doing some great things with it. >> reporter: such as turning gases produced by the waste into fuel. both sides argue that renewing a current contract expected to expire in a few years is largely about san francisco's valley view devotion to he recycling. the folks who manage the dump near wheatland say they will use rail from most of the journey to the bay area a relatively clean and safe and efficient way to go. >> it is a lot of garbage but
10:33 pm
it is being managed properly. >> reporter: bill graham is the boss at the landfill. he says objections that it might contaminate the water basin and subsequently food grown on the land and shipped back to the city is unfounded. >> i am confident we have put all of the protections in place possible. it's the strictest landfill standards in the nation. >> reporter: but waste management counters that the gases it captures at the landfill are used to power many of its trucks which should make san franciscoans happy. >> the differentiate tore was cost. >> reporter: adam alberti is spokesman for recology. >> we have a cost savings to the ratepayers of san francisco. >> reporter: they have concluded the environmental benefits from competing plans are about even the cost bids are secret until unsealed by the board of supervisors probably next month. however, ktvu has learned recology's bid is 40% cheaper.
10:34 pm
that doesn't expect any reduction in their $27 a month residential garbage bill but can expect fewer price hikes during the ten years after a new contract kicks in probably in about 2016. david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. a new study finds san francisco's controversial compost is safe for residents to use. the city's public utilities commission released the results of the $25 study. it found the bio solids compost offered by the city is not toxic and meets state and federal safety standards. officials say the compost is the safest product sold in garden supplies stores. some critics have claimed the free compost is polluted with toxins. >> ipod users are suing apple claiming the new ipad gets overheated and it shuts itself off after remain not guilty direct sunlight too long and therefore is useless as an ebook reeder. it charges apple with fraud and
10:35 pm
negligent misrepresentation and deceptive advertising practices. the plaintiffs are asking for an injunction against apple's "false promises" and for punitive damages. a security consultant has collected as details on 100 million facebook users and published the information online. it contains each user's facebook address and id. he published the date too high light privacy with facebook but facebook says the information is already public and no private data was compromised. >> a new poll indicates voters are closely divided between the two candidates. the public policy institute of california survey shows 37% of likely voters support democratic candidate jerry brown. republican candidate meg whitman is not far behind with 34%. 23 percent are undecided. in the race for the senate likely voters also appear closely split on which
10:36 pm
candidate they support. 39% of those surveyed said they support democratic senator barbara boxer. 34% said they would vote for carly fiorina. 22% are undecided in that race. just how far oakland is when it comes to fixing the streets. also some pricey policing. how much dualing police work costs. >> and a big fine over footwear. the strange thing that giants pitcher brian wilson had to do today to his shoes. [ music ]
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. we have an update tonight on a fire that damaged three homes in daly city this evening. 11 people were displaced by the three alarm fire that started at about 5:30 p.m. it started in the 100 block of santa cruz avenue. one resident was taken to the hospital with a burned hand and respiratory problems. the red cross says it is helping the nine adults and two children who have been displaced. the cause of the fire is being investigated. a county judge is permanently out loud the notorious street gang. the ruling bars gang members from gathering within a four square mile area at the center of town. judge william c harrison had
10:40 pm
issued a temporary injunction last july. yesterday he made that injunction permanent. the gang members are also under a cure few from 10:00 at night to 5 in the morning. it names alleged gang members covered by the ban including two who have denied belonging to the gang. the contra costa times is reporting that handle the mehserle protest and the counter-protest that went with it are expected to cost a total of $60,000. they will share the cost for policing the dualing protest outside the superior court building. $50,000 will go towards labor and overtime costs. law enforcement agencies said they are not planning to bill the protest organizers. >> there is word tonight oakland is seriously behind when it comes to fixing the pavement and potholes. the san francisco business times reports oakland has a backlog of more than $400 million in pavement repairs. oakland's public works department says it is currently
10:41 pm
on an eight year paving cycle which compares to a cycle of 35 years. bad roads cost bay area drivers an average of $700 each year in extra operating expenses. it was a rough road for investors today on wall street as key economic indicators pointed to an economic slow down. the dow fell 39 points while the nasdaq lost 23. a drop in durable goods orders, slow aircraft sales and a drop in the euro all convinced investors to sell. in news of the world tonight, in baghdad a car bomb exploded outside a state-run bank where retirees were waiting in line to cash their pension checks. authorities say six people were killed. the blast occurred at an emotionally i am above ridged shiite slum. elsewhere a military helicopter protecting pilgrims crashed in a sand storm killing all five onboard. in china a huge gas explosion at an abandoned plastics factory killed ten people today and injured
10:42 pm
hundreds of others. the workers dismantling factor buildings hit and ruptured a gas pipe and a nearby driver then started his engine. hundreds of firefighters battled the flames which destroyed houses 300 yards away. one nearby resident said she thought the blast was an earthquake. and in spain, catalonia became the country's first province to ban bullfighting. regional lawmakers in barcelona passed the ban with help from separatists parties that want autonomy from spain. they pushed for the ban and called bullfighting barbaric. the blood sport still enjoys strong support in many parts of spain where it is a centuries- old tradition. the serious military landmark of the south bay has closed up shop. what's next for the blue cube? >> and chief meteorologist bill martin will be back with the five day forecast for the area where you live.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
. ktvu, channel 2 news weather brought -- report is brought to you by
10:45 pm
. >> today was the end of the line for a piece of bay area history. talking about a windowless building in sunnyvale known by many as the blue cube. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live in sunnyvale with our report. lloyd? >> reporter: frank, behind me is the 50--year-old mysterious blue cube which thousands of commuters say every day as they travel through sunnyvale at highways 101 and 237. the air force station is a top secret base that closed today. >> throughout its history has run below the radar and a lot of its mission is related to national security in ways that it is better to not really advertise what all we did. >> reporter: former workers there gathered tonight at a remembrance dinner. what they did was monitor and control spy satellite and just about everything the u.s. launched into outer space. making it a prime military
10:46 pm
target during the cold war. it was america's first seoul satellite tracking station and supported every space shuttle mission. >> those activities were in many ways the eyes and ears of the nation which let us do things to help keep america safe. so know what other people were doing around the world. >> the work was done inside a nine storey tall windowless building. it actually only has four floors and miles and miles of cables and wires connected to computers. at one time 5,000 people worked in this facility. >> this is a passing of the birth of space because this is where the birth of operational space was. it was the only place that was the birth of operational space. it is the end of a really significant era. >> reporter: it started out as the sunnyvale air force station. but it was then changed to an astronaut who was killed.
10:47 pm
it brought about the demise of this facility but there are good remedies. >> you went home every night with the sense of feeling that you were doing something for your country, the men and women that were in harm's way. you were giving them the latest information so that they could be safe in the field. >> reporter: operations along with the name onatzuka may allow auto dealers to occupy the property. live in sunny vale, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. major league baseball has fined san francisco giants pitcher brian wilson $1,000 for violating the league's dress code. wilson wore a pair of orange shoes yesterday during the giant's win over the florida marlins. he wore the same shoes during the all star game without a be are. but marlins manager rodriguez complained last night and the league issued the fines saying the shoes must be at least 50% of the team's primary colors.
10:48 pm
he partially colored shows shoes with a black magic marker pen. >> and fog is making its way back to the coast. we are going to see fog and low clouds tomorrow morning in your neighbor. so temperatures will start off cool and end up a little warmer than they were today. take you outside right now to show you where the fog is. just showing up along the beaches. it will get kind of about here. i think it will get out to danville and correspond cord as well. not quite the push it did last night or the night before. but it will be there when you wake up and burn off more quickly. the coastal weather pattern for thursday going to be warmer but despite the warmup still below average temperatures. this has been a cool summer, a wet spring and a wet winter. an unusual year for sure. the extended period is a warmer period. a warmup, but still below average numbers. it will warm up into the upper 80s, low 90s. forecast overnight lows in the 50s. you would expect that.
10:49 pm
plenty of fog and low clouds. thursday as we go through the day most of us in the mid-70s. patchy fog and sunny and warm. that's your thursday. friday a little bit warmer. the pattern is this, the low pressure stays around. the fire danger stays down. the air quality stays good. and i guess that is the upside. i've got to believe a lot of our water usage bills or a lot of water bills are down because it is just not as hot as you would expect for this time of year. the micro climates patchy fog, clearing in the afternoon. out towards treasurer island and berkeley and out towards albany hill low 70s. out towards walnut creek and pittsburgh you will find temperatures touching on 80 degrees. 79 out here towards walnut creek. clayton up into 80. boom over the hill and there is the low 80s. and if you keep driving east, you will find 90s out in the central valley out in extreme sacramento and down towards stockton. spot forecast at lunch time 78. napa for the daytime high.
10:50 pm
83 in clear lake. 83 in fairfield. some more cities where you live or near where you live these temperatures boy, i tell you what, i don't expect gillroy or morgan hill in the low 80s. mid 70s along the peninsula. fog in and out at the coast. but for two days now you have some clearing out at half moon bay. so good news there. the fog and low clouds will be a player the next few days. and just a little warmer into the weekend. but if you look the warmest temperatures still just upper 80s and low 90s. >> nice and comfortable. >> i like it, actually. >> i do, too. >> thank you, bill. >> governor schwarzenegger today vetoed a bill that would have given california farm workers overtime pay after working eight hours a day or 40 hours in a week. the governor governor said increased overtime would make california less competitive with other states. they get overtime only after working ten hours in a day or more than 60 hours in a week.
10:51 pm
supporters of the bill said it isn't fair for farm workers to work turned different standards for the people who eat the food the farm workers pick. the unusually cool weather is causing some concern among bay area wine growers. temperatures in wine country are 10 degrees cooler than normal and grapes are not developing as they should. growers tell ktvu, channel 2 news some grapes normally would be red by now are still green. but the growers say they are trying to remain positive and are hoping for a warmup. >> another challenge. but that's what, you know, farming and, you know, mother nature is our boss. so we will deal with what she brings us. >> crews are now spinning the vines to enable the vines to get more sun. warm weather in the next few weeks is critical for the early harvest. >> coming up the cash for appliances list is expanding. what items the state now says are eligible for rebates. [ music ] will change how you do movies.
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ktvu, channel 2 news sports report is brought to you by verizon. the way you see them will never be the same. introducing the new droid x. pre-loaded with blockbuster. the next generation of does. . >> the california energy commission today announced it is expanding the cash for appliances rebate program starting tomorrow, californians can get rebates on models of dishwashers, freezers, heating
10:55 pm
and ventilating systems. that's in addition the rebates already offered on fridges enclose wash i washers and airconditioners. the state has $19 million left to spend. for more information go to our website ktvu, channel 2 news. okay. mark is off tonight. joe is filling in. boy, what a game for the gain. how about that buster posey? >> the game tonight for the giants close to being a disaster before it turned into another spirited win. after a four run 1st inning the giants padded their drive with the drive over uribe gets a two run triple. he had three hits and four rbis. poesies extended his hitting streak to 21 games. then in the 6th it look like torres found the waters of the cove a two run shot. the marlins got five in the 7th and 2 in the 9th that meant the giants needed this bases loaded drive by torres in the
10:56 pm
10th. a walk-off ground room single. torres gets pummeled by his teammates. that's what happens. 10-9 san francisco in ten innings. another solid pitching performance for the as tonight as they try to get in the al west race. trevor cay hill and kobe lewis hit a scoreless tie when kurt suzuki lined one to left off lewis. homerun number one for suzuki. they added a pair for insurance in the 8th. one already in and jack cust singled to right. suzuki is happy to stay at third until nelson cruz boots the ball. the as win a-1. the as are seven and a half games back of texas. the raiders first bay area team to open camp. tomorrow these fields in napa will be full of grunting and sweating players. one bit of news today was the fact that coach john cable said
10:57 pm
jason campbell will open the training camp. they are to make sure their troubles will be a thing of the past. >> we will go after the west. they have picked somebody already. it is too bad. it doesn't work like that. you got to play the games. this team will be ready to do that. >> the basketball team that will represent the united states in the upcoming world championships has been trimmed to 15 finalists for 12 roster spots. among the 15 is the warriors self currie. world championships begin in turkey. >> he may be in turkey helping usa win gold. >> that's it. at the bank of the west classic chava was a winner over crumb. >> thank you very much, joe. that is our report for wednesday night. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville.
10:58 pm
our coverage conditions at have a great night, everyone.
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