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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 3, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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you can [bleep] off now. i don't care! . >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. an historic ticker tape parade down san francisco's market street as the bay area section up the reflective glow of the giants world series victory. good evening, everyone, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. hundreds of thousands of people, possibly as many as a million all flooded the streets of san francisco today for a first in a lifetime victory parade. [ applause ] >> some say magic was in the air and the joy was infect outside from the giants players to the owners and coaches and
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of course all of the fans. the parade followed the same route the original san francisco giants took when they first came to town become in 1958. fans waited for hours to see their hometown heroes, their 2010 world series champions. >> orange and black everywhere. people together laugh-and crying and hugging. it is beautiful out here. it is amazing. >> i'm a british born baseball fanatic. i have had baseball tickets for 28 years with my friend mart at that. >> go time. >> it seemed everyone was on cloud 9 cherishing the moment that the bay area waited 52 years to experience. the parade ended near city hall but a massive rally followed. it had to be one of the bigger civic celebration inside bay area history. in fact, it's unclear if there has ever been more people in civic center plaza at one time. a sea of orange and black fanned out from the steps of city hall. and the high point for fans was when they got to hear from
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their heroes. ktvu's ken wayne is live in the city with this report. ken? >> reporter: julie, you can probably hear behind me, they are still cleaning up from the big party here at city hall. the long and sometimes torture outside love affair between the giants and their fans came to an emotional climax here at civic center plaza. [ applause ] ♪ don't stop believing ♪ >> reporter: the players are first to admit their improbable championship run was fuelled by the fans. that's why the team is quick to share its triumph. >> and believe me, this trophy here, it belongs to you, san francisco, as much as it belongs to anybody here. >> reporter: for more than half a century, from seal stadium to wind swept candle stick park to the edge of mccoffeey coffee, fans waited and suffered. >> and brian wilson. >> reporter: now fans can pass on to the next generation not just the heartache of championships lost, but the thrill of a championship won.
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>> keep this love alive. and when you tell the story, tell them we're the giants. we're san francisco. and we're the world champions. [ applause ] >> reporter: san francisco, a city of quirky characters in love with self described misfits, creating a vibe that is in describable. >> i am not sure what it's from. maybe the electricity in the crowd. maybe the smell of proposition 19, i'm not sure. [ applause ] >> reporter: a people and city so utterly different from that dreaded rival down south. >> as you all know, i grew up a dodger fan. (boo boo boo boo boo). >> but right now and forever, it's all about the san francisco giants and the world series, babies. [ applause ] >> from the panda to the beard, to the machine, whatever magic made this happen, fans and
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players want more. >> this is your championship today for tomorrow, maybe even a month. let's get back to work and make another run at it. ♪ let's go giants ♪ let's go giants ♪ >> reporter: so how do you describe the high giants fans and players are experiencing right now? you can't. but if you are a fan, you get it. live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. san francisco mayor gavin newsom presented a special gift to the giants managing general partner bill newcome. >> and we congratulate you with this team representing the championship, world championship, 2010, san francisco giants. [ applause ] >> as if the key to the city wasn't enough, newsom also proclaimed today san francisco giants day. newsom thanked the fans for bringing pride to san francisco. governor schwarzenegger also spoke at the celebration
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telling the crowd that the 2010 giants showed the impossible can be made possible. >> so when you get as many as a million people together, there are bound to be a few problems. and while san francisco police called today's massive civic celebration a successful and festive event, after the rally some trouble makers did cause some problems on market street. ktvu's amber lee has been looking into those problems and is live in the city tonight with our report. amber? >> reporter: frank, we're on market street near the powell street cable car turnaround. take a look. there is still a lot of foot traffic here, even though it is 10:00 on a wednesday night. >> go giants. >> reporter: fan spirit ran high after people left the celebration at civic center plaza. huge crowds flooded market street, bringing traffic to a stand still. some people climbed on top of muni buses, disrupting service, causing un ease among workers in the area. >> there were people hanging out of cars. driving with their cars with the doors open. the other kids were hanging out of their cars.
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i thought these people might be looking for trouble. (sirens). >> reporter: and there was trouble. we saw a number of fights break out tonight. and the police taking people into custody. police tell me there have been some visitors who had their smart phones ripped from their hands. one family told they were concerned for their safety after seeing physical confrontations. >> it's crazy. just craziness out in the street. >> reporter: and what did you do? >> we went to the mall to hideout for a while. >> reporter: shortly before 4:00 this afternoon, police shut down the entrances to the westfield san francisco center for 20 minutes. >> there was some type of fight that had occurred outside. and some of the young men involved in that fight ran inside that mall. that was the issue. so we had suspects inside the mall that we couldn't identify. we wanted to make sure that we could lock it counsel -- down. >> reporter: there were some indications that the suspects were going to loot the stores such as juicy couture.
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police will maintain a long presence here as long as necessary. >> i think they need it because some of these people might be looking for some excitement. >> reporter: the assistant police chief told us he cancelled the officer's days off today to deal with the potential for problems. he says in addition to the market street corridor, officers will blanket other neighborhoods identified as problem areas. but that overall, there has been no major problems so far. reporting live here in downtown san francisco, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. throughout the playoffs to the world series and now today's victory parade, giants fans and ktvu viewers have been sending us their fan photos. joanne crocker sent us this one today from civic center plaza. you will find it and many more at look for the world series tab. [ music ] it's the day after the election and now that he ha won, what is governor elect jerry brown going to do? and how is he going to overcome the bitter partisan ballots and
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crippling deficits that grey davis and arnold schwarzenegger were unable to overcome. our political editor randy shandobil reports. >> reporter: it's back to the future. the man who decades ago was labeled governor moonbeam is now proclaiming himself governor practical. >> it was a really good victory last night. but of course it just paves the way for a lot of very hard work up ahead. >> reporter: meeting with reporters today in his oakland office, the governor elect acknowledged that beating his wealthy opponent meg whitman was the easy part. finding a way to pay for everything californians want and overcome a predicted $12 billion deficit, that's the hard part. >> i'm very aware of the deficit. i am very aware of how long it's been around. it's defied the best efforts of several governors. all i can tell you is i didn't create this mess. i am going to be straight and tell it like it is. i will do everything i can to make it work. >> reporter: some good news for
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the governor elect. last night californians voted to get rid of the two-thirds requirement to pass the budget. that means that the democrats should have an easier time of getting the budgets out on time. but voters also passed three other initiatives that make it much more difficult for the state to raise the revenue necessary to balance the budget. >> voters gave and they also took away. >> reporter: democratic assembly man andre swanson says he is happy brown is now in and the two-thirds threshold is now out, but worries that voters will now think democrats have no excuses if things don't work out. >> the voters want to have a check and balance on the legislature. so we are going to have to go to them to ask can we have more money to spend? >> so on the one hand the people said by a majority, give us a budget. on the other hand they said don't pick my pocket. so this is -- this will take all of the know-how that i said i had and all of the luck of the irish as i go forward.
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>> brown's first step tomorrow, introduce himself to legislative leaders of both parties. political editor, randy shandobil, ktvu, channel 2 news. so what's next now for republican meg whitman? our ktvu camera was in la after her concession speech as meg whitman majored with her supporters about midnight. we caught a glimpse of her getting teary eyed. she made no public appearances and political analysts are speculating whether she has a future in politics. meg whitman as you probably know is a billionaire and spent $142 million of her own money on her campaign. >> some very close races remaining in the bay area and around the state. many won't be determined for days, even weeks because not all of the ballots have been counted. for example, santa clara county has 125,000 provisional and mail-in ballots to count. many of the un counted ballots are vote by mail ballots
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dropped off at polling places yesterday. the race for state attorney general remains undecided tonight. a recount is a distinct possibility. it is just that close. take a look at the latest numbers here. san francisco democrat kamala harris has a very narrow lead over steve coolly, the republican candidate. in fact, only 9,000 votes separate the two. more than 6.5 million ballots were cast. when we ended our election coverage last night it appeared that harris was going to lose. and coolly had already declared victory. he cancelled the victory news conference this morning because of the uncertainty of the outcome now. several other key races remain undecided at this hour, including one bay area congressional district where there is also talk of a recould you want. and the race for the mayor of oakland where no candidate has reached the needed majority. those updates later on in this newscast. plus how the soon to be vacant job of san francisco mayor may be filled. >> chief meteorologist bill
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martin is tracking above average temperatures. will it stay warm tomorrow? bill's forecast is in less than ten minutes. >> an unidentified woman escape inside a cab after abandoning a toddler in this neighborhood. find out what witnesses say happened here this morning. >> i am proud of every moment of this campaign. and senate candidate carly fiorina concedes the race. what barbara boxer is saying about her next term.
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. >> investigators have closed down a busy stretch of road in san jose tonight after a car struck and killed a man. the incident happened around 7:40 this evening on the highway just north of the capital expressway. police say the victim was not in the crosswalk when he was hit. the driver of the vehicle stopped and has not been arrested. however, investigators say another car may have be involved and that car did not stop. the victim has been identified only as a man in his 40s. in san pablo police are searching for a woman who abandoned a young boy on the street. the boy is between 18 months and two and a half-year-old. so far no one has reported him missing. patty lee is live there with a report. >> reporter: julie, witnesses tell us that a woman in her 20s, an african american woman first led and then left a toddler in this yard sometime before 8:00 this morning.
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they say she then around around the corner into a waiting taxi cab. >> well, evidence -- he was a fine little black boy across the street there. >> reporter: wilson says he spotted this little boy in front of his house just after 8:00 this morning. i walked over and picked him up. you know, i gave him a little kiss. >> he then notified the police who started asking neighbors if they recognized him. >> we are going to find out who did this. >> reporter: lieutenant kent bay says the boy does not speak clearly and can't answer questions about his name. the toddler was wearing a dallas cowboys shirt and missing a shoe when he was found. >> obviously if the child only had one shoe on, they were in a hurry to drop him off and get away. >> bay says whoever abandoned him was likely familiar with the neighborhood and picked this semi-secluded yard deliberately. >> that was an opportunity for her to walk the boy down a breezeway around the corner out of sight most likely of the cab driver. and then flee back into the cab
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and then drive off. >> reporter: residents in the immediate area approached by police say they didn't recognize the toddler. >> he went and got the little boy and brought the little boy back? >> i've never seen the little boy before. >> reporter: most say if the child lived in the neighborhood they would know him by face and possibly his family by name. the child is with protective services tonight. and the police say he is reportedly healthy and unfazed by this ordeal which they say is fortunate because it was around 50 degrees this morning. they say this grass was wet. and he was inappropriately dressed for these conditions. they also say they are right now looking for the taxi cab driver. they are calling offices from oakland to valejo trying to identify him and identify this woman who they say may face charges. patty lee reporting live ktvu, channel 2 news. it is unclear tonight whether one incumbent bay area congressman will return to capitol hill in january. his race is too close to call.
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jerry mcnerney leads david harmer by just 121 votes in the east bay's 11th congressional district. he is seeking a third term. tonight harmer's campaign told us they will have representatives at each registrar of voters office where absentee ballots are still being counted. and both sides say they are confident. >> well, i am very upbeat, very confident. i think we will see some good results in the next few weeks. >> we are still in high spirits here, although i knit we are a little tired. we are ready for this to be over. >> state law allows counties 28 days to add up all of the ballots. the campaign requesting a re count would need to pay for it. >> president obama today called his party's losses in last night's election a shellacking where republicans took control of the house with the latest number showing the gop has 239 seats, the democrats 186. and 10 races are still undecided. at a news conference this morning, the president said the results show americans are frustrated about the economy.
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the president says he is ready to work with the republicans. >> i am eager to hear good ideas wherever they come from, whoever proposes them. and that's why i believe it's important to have an honest and civil debate about the choices that we face. >> it is just pretty clear that the obama pilosi agenda is being rejected by the american people. they want, as i said last night, they want the president to change course. and i think it's change course we will. >> house republican leader john baener of ohio is in line to be the next speaker of the house. he said he promised the president he will be honest with him. and the two pledge to work together. >> outgoing speaker of the house nancy pilosi says today she has no regrets. but she also said that watching so many democratic seats fall to republicans was difficult. there has been much speculation that pilosi would step away from her leadership roll if the house fell to republicans. nancy pilosi has not decided what to come next.
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she could seek to be minority leader. pilosi plans to discuss her options with the democratic caucus and her family and then pray over her decision. >> for nancy pilosi and her party the losses are deep and wide. but here in california it's a different story as long-time senator barbara boxer won a fourth term. today her opponents conceded the defeat and made a few remarks while boxer did not appear in court. rita williams has our report. >> reporter: a national turn to the right did not include california's liberal lion, even though she was in the republican cross years. >> we stood up to every special interest in this country and we won. thank you. god bless you. god bless california. and god bless america. [ applause ] >> i love you. thank you. >> reporter: it took her republican opponent carly fiorina a little longer to see the light, until mid-morning today. [ applause ]
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>> this morning the outcome is clear. i have spoken with senator boxer, congratulated here and wished her well. >> reporter: the former hp ceo has said tearful guy byes to her supporters and staff took no questions after her brief remarks. she says the fight is not over. it's just beginning. but did not say what her future role might be. >> thank you everybody. >> reporter: political analysts say voters mistrust big business and the ads of laid off hp workers clashed with her ceo background and her support of the arizona immigration law cost her latino votes, getting less than a third to boxer's two-thirds. >> i am not going to engage in a game of could have, would have, should have. i am proud of every moment of this campaign. >> reporter: boxer who called her reelection to her fourth term in the senate her roughs and toughest didn't sounds as if she will be the one changing in the newly constituted senate. >> in the end, we are all in it
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for the right reasons, to make life better for people. and i say if the new people come in and they want to do that, fine. if they don't, they won't be there long. that's how i look at it. >> reporter: fiorina said in the end she just couldn't overcome the registration advantage democrats have in california. almost two and a half million more. in la, rita williams, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] a beautiful day for a parade in san francisco. these are the high temperatures throughout the bay area. downtown san francisco is near 80 degrees. today fremont is 80 degrees. the temperatures tomorrow slightly cooler. but another warm day with morning lows in the 40s and even upper 30s in the cool spots. the extended forecast, clouds, you've got some showers in the bay area forecast. when you wake up tomorrow morning mid-40s up in the napa valley. low 40s and 30s. a cool start to your thursday. temperatures warm as i showed
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you back into the 70s and low 80s. livermore 82 for the daytime high. when i come back just got in the new computer model. it will show us what time the rain will be here as we roll into the bay area weekend. i will share that with you back here in just a minute. california's plans for a high speed rail system may fall victim to the change in the balance of power in washington. the obama administration had pledged more than $2 billion to california's efforts. but today the man in line to head the house transportation committee said he doesn't agree with all of the projects receiving grants. the florida congressman did not specifically mention california or that his state has its own plans for high speed rail. a new request from the attorney for one of the accused in the jaycee due guards kidnapping case. what the attorney is asking the judge to do with all of the court documents. >> improper cooling and eroding. >> the push to post inspection force at every san francisco
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restaurant and why it is getting some tough resistance. is
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. a spectacular fire tonight gutted a commercial building in the la neighborhood of chatsworth. it started at about 6:15. and although the firefighters quickly had the building surrounded it appeared to be a complete loss. in spite of the towering flames and the plumes of spoke, there are no reports of injuries or anyone trapped inside the building. and there is also no word tonight on what caused that fire. u.s. authorities have uncovered 20 tons of marijuana near a tunnel along the border between california and mexico. immigration and customs enforcement agents announced the discovery today. the authorities say the tunnel ran 600 yards under the border near san diego. they say it had lighting, ventilation, even a rail system for sending drugs into the united states. authorities have found 125 tunnels since they started
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recording them back in the early nineties. a majority in california and arizona. fbi witnesses testified today that they never found hard evidence against the man on trial in the killing of washington, d.c. intern chandra levy. the man is charged with attempted sexual assault and her murder in 2001. the fbi investigator said testing of her clothing failed to find any dna or fingerprints implicating the man. the evidence against him is primarily circumstances shall. in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case the attorney representing one of the accused is asking that court documents remain sealed. nancy garrido's attorney filed that request this week in el dorado county, arguing that releasing the documents could harm her right to a fair trial. nancy and phillip garrido are charged with kidnapping her and holding her captive in the backyard of her home in antioch. nancy garrido has pleaded not guilty to all charges.
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in oakland this evening, former detain' sarah shored and friends held a candlelight vigil for the two being held in iran. they set up a banner as a part of the international banner week. they were all taken into custody while hiking on july 31st, 2009. she was freed on humanitarian ground and said the others should be freed as well. >> they are peace activists and global citizens. and they do not deserve for any reason to be behind bars. they committed no crimes. we committed into crime. the others were supposed to go on trial this week, but the trial was postponed. iranian officials say because she hadn't been formally summoned back to court. >> in the leads by more than ten percentage points but no one is declaring him the winner. it could be days before we find out whether don perada is the new mayor in oakland.
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>> asked for an inspection card or report? >> no, i haven't. >> taking the mystery out of restaurant inspections. the push to post the results in plain view. . >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini's sleepworld best buy. visit ktvu, channel 2 news at 5, complete bay area news coverage.
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. ever wonder how clean the kitchen is in a restaurant. the san francisco health commission thinks diners should be able to find out. so now there is a push to require posted inspection scores. ktvu has the special report tonight. >> reporter: with some 4100 restaurants in san francisco, finding a favorite isn't hard. but finding out how a favorite restaurant rates with the health department can be a different story. it's not like a growing number of cities, including la and new york, where restaurants are required to prominently post the letter grade reflecting the results of the latest health
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inspection. in san francisco, there are no letter grades but numerical score cards. 100 points is perfect. it has to be shown only if a customer asks, which hardly anyone does. have you ever seen these before? >> no. i have not. >> reporter: have you ever asked for an inspection score card or a report? >> no, i haven't. >> food inspector report, no, can't say that i have. >> reporter: the president of the san francisco health commission jim ellig says he thinks that should change. >> i really believe it should be in the front window so that the public walking by, looking at the menu can also look at the score and think, do i want to go in there? >> reporter: kevin westly, the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association says a mandate to post scores in the front window would be unfair. >> is there another industry that has to post its score according to the government? when you walk in a car dealership do they have their safety rating on the front door? >> reporter: mohamed is a senior health specialist with the department of public
10:32 pm
health, a restaurant inspector. and he has seen things. >> cockroaches, rodents, improper cooling, cockroaches inside of food. >> reporter: that would make most people's skin crawl. but diners won't know what he found unless they seek out the information themselves, online through the health department's website or once inside a restaurant. >> i think some people really want to know. and some people prefer to not know and still go dine at the facility. >> reporter: kevin westly says with inspections two or three times a year, the requirement to post a score prominently means seeing a business at a bad time. >> maybe they had a bad time or a machine broke and once they had it fixed it would be back in the graces but they would have to keep that lower score posted for up to six months which we think is unfair. >> reporter: everyone we spoke to cared about cleanliness and food safety but no one knew
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where to find the official word. >> i usually yelp it. >> reporter: they rely on their inch extinction and the look and feel of the place. sometimes the problems are hard to miss. >> i've gone into a facility and been able to smell the cockroaches. >> reporter: you can smell them? >> yes, they put out a scent. >> reporter: but other infractions may go unnoticed. the health commission says not all restaurants are getting the 1-2 a year. the commission is trying to change that by urging the department of public health to fill all vacant inspector positions and improve the food safety section of the city's website so people can more easily find inspection reports and scores for the past three years. but actually requiring restaurants to post an inspection score card prominently would take legislation from the board of supervisors. the health commission said it may take that request to the board in january. in san francisco, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> and we have posted information on how to check the health rating of any restaurant
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in san francisco, even search by neighborhood. it's on ktvu, just look for the ktvu right now section. the oakland police department tells ktvu news they plan to have extra officers on duty when mehserle is sentenced this friday. the department says it does not expect any problems but the officers say they will not tolerate any violence. you will recall 78 people were arrested after riots broke out in july when the former bart police officer was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting of oscar grant. the coalition for justice for oscar grant is planning two events on friday afternoon to honor grant. >> it is still not clear who will be oakland's next mayor. the latest show don perada with 31%. election workers are now sorting and checking the mountains of absentee and
10:35 pm
provisional balance. since this is a of course are ad vote the registrar of voters says he expects to start tabulating the second place votes on friday. here is how the ranked choice voting works. when no candidate receives the majority of first choice votes. the candidate with first choice votes is eliminated, in this case candidate b. and then those who chose and eliminated a candidate will have their vote transferred to their second choice candidate. if those additional votes give the candidate a majority, that candidate wins. if not the process of eliminating candidates and re distributing the votes continues. now that san francisco mayor gavin newsom is headed to sacramento to become lieutenant governor the request is who will replace him? he told ktvu news he is not looking forward to that conversation. newsom's new lieutenant governor begins in january. but his time as mayor remains for another year. >> this is a very, very
10:36 pm
important for the city. there is an opportunity to do some special things but also some opportunity to do some damage. >> a lot of different names are being mentioned including the current board president david chiu. even some former mayors. and president obama touted it as an example of the future. now the tide has changed by time for a bay area solar company. >> and i'm tracking a system out in the pacific. it's going to bring rain to the bay area if we move towards your weekend, i will tell you which days could be good weather. >> and the party is continuing long passed the parade. how people have been using everything from street sweeping brooms to orange shoelaces to show their spirit. [ music ]
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. cal trans has stopped worth on the tunnel after a construction accident this morning. cal trans says a worker was injured when a piece of concrete used to cover exposed rock inside the tunnel fell on him. the worker was taken to the hospital, treated and released. they are investigating what wentwrong. there is no word on when construction may restart. today was a dark day for
10:40 pm
one highly touted green bay area company. announced they are closing one of their factories and plan to lay-off 200 permanent and temporary workers. they received a half a million and have hosted president obama and energy secretary stephen chu. but the company is deeply in debt and facing stiff competition from manufacturers in china. >> this is part of a shake-out that we have been anticipating for a while. there has been a huge amount of investment in the solar industry in the united states. and also in other parts of the world, particularly in china. there is probably more capacity right now than the market can really absorb. the ceo says the changes will make the company more efficient and that it still has a bright fit. on wall street stocks moved higher today after the federal reserve said it plans to buy $600 billion in treasury bonds to try to stimulate the economy and job growth. the dow gained 26 points,
10:41 pm
enough to close at a two year high of 11,215. the nasdaq picked up 63/4 points. tesla announced today that pan sonic has invested money in the company. they use panasonic battery cells and they are working to create a new set of battery cells specifically for these vehicles. >> the death toll in the 13 bombings in iraq rose to 91 today. most of the victims were shiites. also today an al qaeda fax in faction threatened to carry out more attacks on christians following a seeing of a baghdad church. that left 58 people dead most were christians. an earthquake killed at least two people and injured 50 others in bell grade which was badly damaged. the quake measured 12.3 and the
10:42 pm
largest there in 10 years. some were found in coatia, bosnia and spain. >> a 10-year-old girl in spain gave birth a week ago. the girl is a gypsy and her mother said she is delighted to have a new granddaughter. gypsies sometimes marry their daughters off at a very young age. the fans and streets are filled with partyers. up in a moment. >> and bill martin is tracking a change in our weather where clouds will roll in and even a chance for rain.
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. the rally for the world series champion san francisco giants ended hours ago, but the
10:45 pm
party hasn't stopped. in fact, it is still going strong. ktvu's janna katsuyama is live now in union square with the story. >> reporter: julie, it is such a beautiful night. and people are still here kind of honking their horns as they have been driving by, screaming and also just hanging out here and savoring this very sweet taste of victory. >> party because of the giants, baby, yeah. go giants. >> reporter: it was in the air today borne by hundreds of thousands of loyal fans, a feeling they just didn't want to end. >> just enjoying the feeling and having a go ahead time. and number one giants. >> reporter: so they lingered long after the parade and rally ended, buying up more shirts and basicking in the moment. >> just enjoying ourselves and watching the crowd enjoying themselves. >> reporter: for fans it was a rare sunny day in the city. and the only shower was orange con pet at this raining down on
10:46 pm
the streets. city crews doing the cleanup didn't seem to mind a bit. >> it feels great. we don't feel bad cleaning it up. [ laughter ] >> reporter: even their orange brooms fit the day. >> it is a rally broom, let's do it. >> reporter: rally broom? >> that's right, back to work. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the giants buzz continued through the evening as people moved from the streets into bars and restaurants. >> 2002 was the last time we were in the world series. i went to the rally and supported them even though we lost. and this is the win here. >> reporter: from downtown to neighborhood. >> this parade is going all night long. this is not stopping. this is not stopping. [ applause ] >> cheers. cheers. >> reporter: a long awaited feeling for fans. [ applause ] >> reporter: from their ball capped heads to orange laced toes. >> it's like waiting 52 years for somebody to say i love you back. [ laughter ] >> i love you, giants.
10:47 pm
you did it. >> reporter: and what a night this is. downtown buildings are still lit up with orange. and fans are still feeling that giants afterglow seen here in the city by the bay and on top of the world. reporting live in san francisco, janna katsuyama, ktvu, channel 2 news. for many fans, a glimpse of brian wilson and the thrill of victory were not quite enough. they needed something to take home, be it a pennant or a sweat shirt. the cash and credit cards in hand the lines were extraordinarily long outside the dugout store at at&t park all day long. no word on what is the hottest item selling there. but word is that caps and t- shirts are flying out the door. >> the excitement of the giants world series win may have hit a crescendso but building ever since monday's winning game. a ktvu viewer sent us this video that captures all of the excitement coming from the city's mission district right after the giants won game five. take a listen to the steady sounds of shouting, car horns
10:48 pm
and firecrackers. (shouting, car horns and firecrackers ♪ just some of the sounds from that live citywide celebration that broke out after the giants clinched the 2010 world series where the fans took to the streets, filled up bars and got into their cars to drive through the streets to express their excitement with the giants making history. and for more on the san francisco giants, you can watch today's victory parade and see our coverage of the team's world series victory. just go to our website and click on the world series tab. as fans were celebrating the orange and black, the san francisco zen center and the cw glide community house and tenderloin were sell before this timing green. tonight they mark the completion of an edible rooftop garden project. growing in the raised beds are lemon trees, tomatoes and all sorts of groans and herbs. the cw glide community house is home to formerly homeless
10:49 pm
individuals and their families. the garden project was initiated by community members who wanted to learn more about healthy foods and gardening. [ music ] >> and it's warm outside right now. 60s in san francisco out at the airport. so a warm evening with some high clouds overhead. it will be cool overnight tonight into the 40s, the low 40s and even upper 30s. the cold spot, right now san jose is 66. here is the system i'm tracking. it will brthe bay area as we roll towards the ends of the week here. a lot going out in the pacific. it has been an active season certainly for early fall the early surf advisory has been dropped. the surf advisory in response to this string of very strong lows, the low pressure centres near the gulf of alaska. and so as they stay out there, our weather continues as it did last week and the weekend before that to have the potential for some rain and unsettled activities. so tomorrow is not the case. sunny and warm. temperatures just like today. maybe a little bit cooler.
10:50 pm
and the clouds start to filter in. you saw some today. see more tomorrow. and then more on friday, saturday and sunday with a chance of a sprinkle. so forecast highs tomorrow, some 80s and 7s. i suspect most of us will see 70s tomorrow. on the fringe of the day you will find 80s out towards nap at that and brentwood and vacaville. nice day for thursday. 77 in napa. 76 in clear lake. 78 in fairfield. 75 in san raphael. these temperatures above the average. a little cooler each day though as we go into the bay area weekend. and we have a chance of rain in the forecast. the showers will roll in here basically a chance on saturday afternoon, evening and into sunday. you will see that in the five day forecast. the forecast highs tomorrow, another beautiful day. probably the nicest day or the really last night day of this week. deterioration occurs as you roll into friday and saturday with more clouds. see that right here. more clouds are rolling in
10:51 pm
friday. maybe a sprinkle in the north bay. saturday a sprinkle late in the afternoon. i think saturday morning is okay for stuff the first part of the day. saturday i think it's raining saturday night through sunday. probably a good portion of the day on sunday. so wet weather back in the forecast with another good one tomorrow. >> you mentioned that it rained today? >> oh, my god, yes. >> we just have this fantastic day. >> bless we had sunny skies. thanks, bill. >> nasa engineers today gave the go ahead for another try tomorrow to launch the space shuttle discovery. they decided a problem with an electrical switch that delayed the liftoff yesterday wasn't bad enough to keep the shuttle grounded. weather may be an issue, though. rain is expected tomorrow around the kennedy space center. if the shuttle can't fly before next monday, the next flight window doesn't open until december 1st. discovery, by the way, is set to be retired after this flight. he is the giants' cy young winning pitcher. next up in sports tim lincecum on the huge giants celebration and what helped propel the
10:52 pm
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ktvu, channel 2 news in the morning. live drive time traffic. and weather in the area where you live. >> dave clark and pam cook, ktvu, channel 2 news in the morning weekdays starting at 5 a.m.
10:54 pm
ktvu, channel 2 news sports report is brought to you by verizon. . well, sports director mark ibanez is off tonight. joe fonzi filling in. lots of talk about baseball but basketball also. >> other things going on in the bay area with sports. while the bay area's collective attention has been focused on
10:55 pm
the giants the warriors have gotten themselves off to a nice little start. getting a career night from the write who made 17 points. up by 18 in the third quarter. the grizzlies then went on a 16- 3r and the baseline jam for two of his 35. but ellice had 39 for the warriors. golden state by 5 with the shot clock running out. ellice gets to the ball and throws up the shot and gets the lead back to 7 with a minute to go. warriors win 115-109 and have won three of their first games. some certify yes, sir off season getting underway for the giants but today was one more did i to celebrate a world championship. 52 years before the giants paraded down market street and welcomed to san francisco. most weren't even born there and retraced that route as champions. a couple of close calls and years of other frustrations,
10:56 pm
general manager brian sabian was well aware of what this moment meant for giants fans to at least experience a championship. >> i am not overstating the obvious. we deserved this. northern california deserved this. san francisco deserved this. the organization can do it. it is the most interesting life experience that anybody could ever have. >> the spring training from the torture outside august all the way to texas, i mean the sea of black and orange out there was so awsome. so fun, exciting. it made it so much more comfortable for us to play in there. man, all i can say is thank you. and go san francisco. [ applause ] >> this day of celebration for the giants is also the day that former manager clyde king died. he managed the team in 1969 and part of 70. he was 86. some moves by the as who
10:57 pm
exercised options to retain mark ellice and coco crisp. they did not do so for the often injured chavez. the most recent image of guerrero. he was overmatched by giants pitching in the world series. creaky would be a complementary description of guerrero when it came to his play in the outfield. they chose not to exercise the $9 million option that would have kept guerrero in texas for another season. the tennessee titans think they have some sort of ability in the near the vikings possess. that they are very desperate for a receiver. they claimed randy moss off the labor wire. released from minnesota four games after being acquired from new england. moss's third team is 5-3. and they are in a buy week. so are the 49ers who resume a week from sunday against the rams. the raiders this week host the kansas city chiefs. joe, thanks very much. >> certainly. >> and be sure to join the ktvu
10:58 pm
morning news beginning at 5 a.m. tomorrow. the very latest on that search for clues in the case of an abandoned child. and our coverage continues online at thanks so much for joining us. have a great evening, everyone. >> good night.
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