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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 6, 2010 9:00pm-9:45pm PST

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. two young men found dead near a vehicle in broad daylight on the streets of west oakland. now the search is on for their killer. good evening. i'm ken wayne. why and hello again everyone i'm heather holmes. the gun fight erupted on the streets of a very busy neighborhood. minutes after the shooting the two victim's families made direct pleas to witnesses. but so far tonight no arrests have been made. mike mibach is back with the very latest for us. mike? >> reporter: a busy 24 hours
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for the oakland police department heather. that massive protest that began on broadway 150 plus arrested. then an overnight homicide. they are investigating a double homicide that began at 3:30 this afternoon. the crime scene was just in front of west oakland's acorn tower, known to some residents as the high-riseer. >> if you jump it, one jump and you can believe you are going to have kicked, stomped, everywhere, you won't even know where they will be coming from. >> a rough spot where some residents say violence can ignite with one wrong glair. at 3:30 folks nearby heard gunfire. >> right now we have two males that are dead. we don't have much more right now because it is very early in the investigation. we don't have any suspects in custody at this point. >> reporter: oakland police taped off the crime scene and began looking for clues and dusting for prints. at the same time, the family and friends of the victims believed to be in their late
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teens, early 20s arrived on the scene shaking with grief. >> i would never live here, never. i would never live here. >> reporter: this lady who did not want her name revealed arrived on the scene and said that she discovered one of the victims was her nephew, the other her godson. >> we just got to put our hands together and pray. god will take care of whoever did it. >> reporter: on a saturday afternoon below the highriser they are asking for a little help. they need a witness. >> we think that someone saw something. >> in broad daylight 100,000 windows facing each way. somebody seen something. >> reporter: isn't that the problem that nobody rats somebody out. >> that's what it is, ain't nobody going to say nothing, nobody. >> reporter: oakland police have not released the description of the gunman or gunmen. they have not said if the shooter was on foot or in a vehicle. it is under investigation. reporting live here at the oakland police department mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news.
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meantime oakland police responded to two separate overnight shootings. the first happened just before 11 a.m. police say shots were fired at a party. one man was taken too highland the hospital where he died. another man and a woman were injured but are expected to arrive -- survive. police also found a man shot in the hand on 86th avenue. that man may have been responsible for the shooting. a second shooting was reported just after 11 p.m. at 73rd avenue. officers found an suv riddled with bullet holes. the unidentified victim was found in a nearby house and taken to the hospital with treatment of gunshot wounds to the arms and legs. so far no arrests have been made in either shooting. >> oakland police today released new information in those arrests following the sentencing of former bart police officer mehserle. he was sentenced to two years in prison for the death of unarmed passenger oscar grant. police say in all 152 people
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were arrested. 145 of those were adults. seven were minors. now, 56 of those arrested live outside of oakland, including in san francisco, berkeley and santa cruz. most were arrested for unlawful assembly. investigators are reviewing the video to see if additional charges will be filed. the majority of those arrests came when a splinter group from a peaceful demonstration outside city hall started causing trouble. it was a downtown oakland but in east oakland neighborhood that the protestors took their anger out on. near 6th and 7th avenues near 17th streetcar windows were smashed. so were the windows of an ac transit bus. police say the officers there were attacked. that area was cleared out and declared a crime scene. ktvu's jade hernandez caught up with some of the people arrested for crossing the line. >> reporter: hours after police arrested 152 protestors, the streets were quiet again. the only visible damage was the
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downed fence near the 12th street project. the same fence demonstrators tore down as they marched from downtown oakland in several neighborhoods. >> they told us that they were going to start to downsize because they wanted to stay within the law. they didn't want to violent the permit until 6:00. it made me very happy they were being cooperative. i don't know if it was the promoters of this event that had the control but the crowd went the opposite direction of what we had agreed to. >> reporter: they questioned the marchers to not head into the agreed upon park in west oakland. >> why didn't they stay downtown? why were they in a residential area? >> reporter: police say after an officer had his holster and gun ripped from him, the department declared the rally over just before 8:00. oakland police reported some of those marching threw multiple rocks, bottles and missiles at officers. all total seven locations were damaged. demonstrators arrested tell us today they never saw the crowd get out of control. >> the protestors did not get out of hand.
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we were marching, just like is guaranteed in the constitution. >> we were out there protest. the cops surrounded us and said disperse. two seconds later you are all under arrest. >> overwhelmingly it was peaceful. and anyone that i saw that looked like they were out to cause trouble, there were so few of them that even looked at that way that i just wondered who they are. >> reporter: those demonstrators arrested last night may be out today but they do face charges, unlawful assembly, vandalism and disturbing the peace. >> it could have been 1,000 times worse but it wasn't and i'm thankful for that. >> reporter: that coming from an autobody shop owner who boarded his business and had anticipated even more destruction. in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu, channel 2 news. the mehserle case has given some officers around the bay area second thoughts about how and when they deploy their tasers. ktvu's patty lee has more on the lasting impact of the bart shooting case.
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record brian geiger prepares for a day of patrol. taking care to put his taser on the front seat in reach, but not in his holster. >> in light of what's happened with former officer mehserle, i have decided to no longer carry it on my person. it's no longer a primary tool for me. >> reporter: he says that was a personal decision. but the fatal shooting of oscar grant led to changes in taser policies for his police department and others. requiring that the tasers be holstered opposite from the gun and requiring a higher level of threat before firing. but the more lasting legacy may be a shift in how officers are trained and how they approach critical situations. >> you think about the ramifications of what they are doing. you have to think about, you know, how it's going to affect other people. they are making these decisions in a matter of second.
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>> reporter: former san francisco police chief tony ramirez says the tragedy has led to a push towards value- based training which requires law enforcement to think big picture. others are worried about the long-term impact of cross -- pressing criminal charges against officers who act in the line of duty. >> i think that it will cause officers to hesitate during critical periods when they need to react quickly. that in the back of their mind they may be thinking, will i be criminally prosecute if i make a mistake in good faith? >> reporter: criminal justice experts say if there is something positive to come out of the mehserle trial, it is this focus on preparation and the acknowledgment that if the officers are properly trained it can help eliminate second guessing and recriminations. in oakland patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have posted on our website an interactive map from last night's protest that shows some of the damage done at various locations. you can find it by going to
10:09 pm and clicking on the mehserle case tab near the top. >> the city of sanbruno will leave a natural crater from the natural gas explosion as it is for now. it killed two people and created a 72.80-foot crater. the hole at glenview and earl avenue will stay intact while insurance investigators finish their work. the disaster area has been secured with fences and guards. glenview drive will stay close near the site but most other streets in that area could open as soon as it is safe. >> investigators are looking into what caused a small plane to crash just after takeoff in sonoma county this afternoon. the damage was extensive. the sheriff investigators say it seems the plane crashed nose first. the wreckage was found between two warehouse buildings on shellville road at about 1:15 p.m. that's just about a half a mile from the sonoma sky park
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airport. emergency crews pulled the pilot and the sole passenger from the wreckage. the latest word tonight is both men are expected to survive. >> the condition of the pilot was good, other than some lacerations around his face and head. he is in good condition and in good spirits. >> reporter: an airport manager says the plane is not locally registered. the witness reportedly said the plane sounded like it was having engine trouble. the new commander of u.s. marine corp has cautioned today that now is the wrong time to overturn don't ask, don't tell. general james amos says that keeping homosexuality a secret is a matter of combat effectiveness and that a sudden change would be bad for marines in afghanistan. amos is reviewing pentagon surveys on the policy and would make recommendations to it will defense secretary robert gates later this month. >> u.s. officials denied crediting a saudi intelligence tip foray voiding the explosions aboard the jet
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liners. the tip was received three weeks before the people managed to smuggle two bombs on cargo planes from yemen. al qaeda claimed speedometer for those attacks. while the saudi tip did not mention cargo planes it did give the officials enough of a warning to know what to look for. orange plus black equals green. how much winning the world series could be worth to the giants franchise. >> a change at the venue. what daly city wants to do to cut down at the number of incidents at the cal palace that send people to the hospital and the hurdles daly city faces. >> and also giving back to those who serve. see how the bay area is taking care of its veterans. the bay area news continues in 90 seconds.
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. the giants world series win means big bucks. they predict the championship victory are mean at least an additional $35 million in revenue for the giants. the world series games played at at&t drew fans to city hotels, bars and restaurants. the city's convention and visitors bureau said there were millions of dollars in direct spending plus massive exposure for the city of san francisco. there is growing frustration tonight over some of the events booked at the cal palace. the in door arena is located in
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daly city but the city has little say over what takes place there and often has to deal with the problems left behind. ktvu's ken prichard explains. >> reporter: it was packed for the san francisco bike expo but not the only event. outside the gate a small group gathered demanding change in light of recent controversy at the cal palace. >> it gives us local control. again you are bringing the power back to the community and the residents. >> reporter: daly city councilman is pushing for news legislation in the wake of spook fest, a concert last friday night at the cal palace that resulted in 17 people being hospitalized some with science of drug overdose. five months prior kids died at the cal palace. >> you are 16 and can you go to a rave and a spook fest. there is something just not right with that. >> he says the cal palace permits should be approved by the police chief and that promoters should be held responsible for the local police and the fire costs.
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>> why should this particular community and these taxpayers bear the cost of a promoter? the cow palace is state owned and the state legislature would have the final say. some communicate leaders say it is long overdue. others want more drastic change. >> the raves where 16-year-old young kids are coming, it's just disturbing. >> it doesn't make sense. it just doesn't make sense. so my feeling is just tear the building down and bring some much needed resources to this community. >> the proposal would increase the safety by giving the police chief the power to deny the permits. but could events such as the marijuana expo or an adult themed event be rejected on moral rather than safety grounds? he says that's not the intent. >> is this promoter reputable? has this promoter met certain requirements? >> this proposal will be introduced to the city tomorrow so it's early and far from becoming law. we tried to reach cow palace administration by phone but were unsuccessful. and we were denied access to the property. in daly city, ken prichard,
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ktvu, channel 2 news. a first of its kind study from san jose state university reveals patterns in the suicide along cal train tracks. a professor and two students just released this 76 page report. now, they examined wh and where suicides occurred between august 1992 to december of 2000. and the report shows that 83% of the 200 suicides that occurred during that period happened in the same 25-mile stretch. also deaths on the tracks have gone up slightly over the years. there was an average of 5/8 per year compared to an average of 9 suicides in the last five years. san jose police are trying to figure out why a man was kidnapped and then held for $1 million ran some. police won't name the victim but say they have arrested all five of these men on kidnapping and robbery charges. investigators say the victim disappeared thursday night.
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and last night officers arrested the men who were holding the victim inside a home on far gate circle. they say the victim was found after he jumped out of a second story window. he was injured in that fall and the police say he was also tasered by his captors. the investigators found drugs in the victim's home and are trying to determine if that has something to do with the kidnapping. >> it was a cause for celebration. a brand new veteran's center opened its doors today in concord. [ music ] an air force band played as part of the celebration for the new center on willow pass road. military vehicles and aircraft along with classic cars, plenty of food and a lot of camaraderie. the new center will provide critical services such as mental health counselling. >> a lot of the guys coming home now really need a lot of -- a lot of help with post traumatic stress disorder which my era of vets didn't really
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get. >> inside the center is almost museum-like with military memorabilia and artifacts from american military campaigns. >> tonight grace cathedral celebrated the installation of its first female dean. >> bravo. [ applause ] >> the very heavy rand dr. jane shaw says she is thrilled to assume the post and committed to furthering the cathedral's work towards social justice and thoughts of faithful worship. >> it is a great opportunity and i hope i can serve it and the city of san francisco and the bay area faithfully. >> shaw joins grace cathedral after searching at the university of oxford in england. though she is familiar with the bay area, having earned her ph.d. in history at uc berkeley. >> the first openly gay bishop announced he is retiring. new hampshire bishop jean robinson said he would step down in 2013. he says the move is partly
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because of the stress on him and his family from worldwide backlash. the bishop says essay nounsing the retirement early to help with the smooth transition. he will be 65-year-old when he steps down. >> the line wrapped around the block today as thousands of south bay families sought to get some help this holiday season. sacred heart community service today registered families for its holiday program. last year 5500 families registered and the organization expects at least 1,000 more this year. sacred heart's executive director says the need has continued to grow as the economy has remained stagnant. >> that is really a stunning testament to what is happening in our community. and parents are really striving to make sure that they have enough food on the table and toys underneath the tree this holiday season. >> sacred heart is santa clara county's largest food pantry. but it also is in need. you will find information about how to donate on our website at ktvu, >> the new numbers tonight show
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democrat jerry mcnerney may win representing the 11th congressional district in the east bay. he leads the race by just 421 votes over republican challenger david harmer. he has 37.7% of the vote while harmer has 47.4%. the district remains one of nine house races nationwide too close to call. >> there is still no declared winner tonight in the race for state attorney general. the latest la county district attorney steve coolly has taken a slim lead in this very tight contest. state elections officials say coolly now leads san francisco district attorney kamala harris by almost 23,000 votes. this race may remain too close to call for several more weeks as they finish counting mail- in, provisional and damaged ballots. >> meanwhile, oakland residents will have to wait a few more days before learning the outcome of the mayor's race. alameda county election officials say they are still counting provisional ballots and don't expect to release the
10:21 pm
final tally until monday. now, the newest numbers released yesterday afternoon put jean kwan in the lead. she has grabbed 51% of the vote while don perada has 49%. this election was the first election in oakland in which voters used rank choice voting. >> the president begins the swing through asia. the deals he announced in india and what it could mean for job creation here in the u.s. >> the colourful celebration of a mexican holiday. how bay area community marks the holiday. >> and a storm system is racing towards the bay area. coming up the timing of the heaviest rain bands. also highlights the areas that could amount to one inch.
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. >> president obama called mexico's president today to express condolences for the deaths of two mexican security forces and a mexican journalist killed during a shootout yesterday that led to the death
10:24 pm
of a reputed drug lord. the u.s. had offered a $5 million reward for the arrest and capture of cardenas. romo has more now on the gun battle. >> reporter: just before dusk a hail of bullets rattled the mexican city across the border from brownsville, texas. (gunshots) . >> reporter: the shoot-out sent residents ruing for cover while the special forces with the mexican marines stormed an area believed to be a hideout for a powerful drug lord. authorities say after a two- hour long gun battle mexican forces killed this man, 48-year- old antonio, believed to be the leader of a powerful cartel. >> this was another significant step towards dismantling criminal bands that have done so much damage to the people of our country. >> reporter: authorities accused him also known as tony the storm of being responsible
10:25 pm
for a wave of violence in northern mexico that included shootings, assassinations and beheadings. the u.s. state department had offered a $5 million reward for information leading to his capture. mexico offered an additional $2 million. (gunshots). >> reporter: in a fears shoot- out back in 2003 his brother guillen, who was then the leader of the gulf cartel was captured and extradited to the united states in 2007 and is currently serving a 25 year sentence for drug trafficking and other charges. it was a busy week for both the mexico and the united states in their war against drug cartels. in clayton county, georgia, authorities seized drugs and arrested 45 alleged members of the mexican drug cartel known as la familyfamily ia: >> earlier in the week a 600- yard drug tunnel was discovered in san diego, a link to
10:26 pm
tijuana. the 74th tunnel found in four years. >> in news of the world on his first official visit to india today president barack obama announced more than $10 million in trade deals. mr. obama says he expects the deals to generate more than 50,000 jobs in the u.s. the president spent the night at the taj mahal palace where dozens of people were killed in a 2008 mumbai terrorist attack. he says india and the united states stand united in the fight against terrorism. >> haiti dodged a direct hit from tomas but the storm claimed the life of three people. the floodwaters also raised concerns about increased spread of alcohol are a, an outbreak has already claimed the lives of 500 people in recent weeks. the estimated 1.3 million haitians remain in tents and temporary shelters following january's devastating earthquake. in poland the mayor says
10:27 pm
the town just finished recollecting a statue of jesus calling it the talls statue of christ in the world. the construction crews say the gigantic white statue, including its crown stands 167 feet tall. by comparison, rio de janero the redeemer is 125 feet tall. some in the town of 22,000 have called the statue tacky others hope it brings tourist dollars to the historic town. >> this weekend people in marin county mark the day of the dead. a lively procession traveled from pickleweed park in san raphael down canal street. the mexican holiday is a time to reflect on loved ones who have passed. this event also brings the entire community together. >> i'm glad to see people from different ethnic groups present here today honoring their, you know, their relatives or members who have passed away but also sharing a culture.
10:28 pm
you know, living in a cultural world and creating a sense of community. >> reporter: the celebration also featured altar viewing, craft making and story telling. [ music ] years in the making, we will take you up close to a bridge that bears the name of a fallen local hero. the distinction it can claim. also a new allegation against a former ceo of hewlet packard. what else he is accused of besides sexual harassment. . >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini's sleepworld.
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. in afghanistan nato officials are investigating reports that an afghan soldier killed two american servicemen on a military base in hellman province before seeking protection from the taliban. the shooting happened early yesterday morning. in august, an afghan policeman
10:31 pm
killed two spanish police officers and an interpreter. and in july, an afghan soldier shot and killed three british soldiers. the taliban said both afghans were taliban agents. a bridge named for san jose native pat tillman opened this week at the hoover dam. it honors tillman, the nfl player killed while serving in afghanistan along with a nevada governor. the new hoover dam bypass is a feat of modern engineering. casey stegall reports. >> reporter: it has been under construction now for five years. a massive undertaking building a bridge some 900 feet above the colorado river. >> the bridge is 1900 feet long. the arch is 1060 feet long. that makes it the longest concrete arch in the western hemisphere. >> reporter: three and a half million cubic yards of rock had to be carved out to make room
10:32 pm
for the 16,000 pounds of steel used to build it. >> in 1999 when i signed on to the job there was nothing here. we had to hike over the hill. >> reporter: this sing is a true engineering marvel already attracting tourists from around the world. it even has a pedestrian foot path so folks can walk across and get breathtaking views of another engineering marvel, its neighbor the hoover dam. in 2004 congress passed a law naming it after o' callaghan and tillman the former nfl player who joined the military after 9/11 and killed by friendly fire in afghanistan. >> governor mike and pat were strong in their personal lives as they were powerful in their professional lives. they were loyal to their state, their country, their families, their teammates. >> reporter: the total price tag of this project is $240 million. u.s. 93 is now a safer and more direct route between arizona
10:33 pm
and nevada, carrying more than 20,000 vehicles every single day. at the hoover dam, casey stegall, fox news. the two uc berkeley graduates accused of spying in iran did not appear in court today but just about everyone else was there. the trial of josh and shane were set to begin in tehran today but it had been delayed. however, the judge, prosecutor and the defense attorney did show up because they said they did not receive an official notification that the hearing has been cancelled. the three were hiking along the iraq, iran border when captured last year. one official said the trial was delayed because the authorities are waiting for shord to be summoned. she was released on bail in september. homeowners in the east bay got excellent information about foreclosures and how to avoid them. the cities sponsored a workshop this morning explaining financial options when owners are underwater or can't meet
10:34 pm
their mortgages. housing professionals say don't get taken in by scams. go to a hud approved agency to get help. >> we look through your financial information. we assess it. we can tell you what you are going to qualify for. and then you can make the decision. you as a homeowner can make the decision about what you are going to do and what's the best for your family to do. >> homeowners may be able to avoid foreclosure with a short sale, loan modification or refinancing. hud sponsored services are free. retailers are hiring for the holiday season. a new labor department report says 28,000 retailing jobs were added in october across the u.s. that's a sharp difference from the past two years when stores dropped thousands of positions ahead of the season. among the major stores who say they are hiring this year macy's coles, toys r us and even block buster which has filed for bankruptcy. >> the woman at the center of hewlet packard's ouster of ceo mark herd reportedly has accused him of leaking insider
10:35 pm
information. the wall street journal cites an unnamed z source who says the same letter in which jody fisher accused herd of sexual harassment also said he told her about an upcoming merger. fisher said herd told her about hp's plans to buy electronic data systems more than a month before the $14 billion deal was announced. a spokesman though says herd denies the allegations. herd resigned in august and became co-president of oracle. >> you could call it the giant effects. what wednesday's victory parade did to public transportation. also we could start sunday with some rain. our meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us just how much you can expect and which places should expect the most when we come back. . coverage of the news where you live. frank somerville, julie haener, week nights on ktvu, channel 2 news at 6.
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. >> it is that time of year again. time to fall back one hour and resume standard time. daylight savings time ends at 2 a.m. tomorrow morning. fire officials always recommend though while you are setting your clocks back one hour to check the batteries in your smoke detectors. daylight savings time resumes march 13th. [ music ] and with that time change, sunset tomorrow will be at 5:05. between now and then quite a bit of rain moving into parts of the bay area. can you see right now on live storm tracker two the coverage. reports of some heavy rain up towards crescent city. back here in the bay area the clouds have been on the increase. not all of this really reaching the ground just yet. we could have a few light showers moving into parts of sonoma county but the rainfall rates will pick up over the next few hours. as far as today though we have the clouds in place with partly
10:39 pm
cloudy skies. with more clouds though expected overnight. rain returns for your sunday. the extended forecast a little bit of a bump in the numbers, especially by wednesday and also into thursday. as far as rainfall projections, you can see the amounts really the heaviest for the coastal hills of the north bay and also the santa cruz mountains. right around the central portions of the bay a half an inch to an inch. not just trace amounts. it will produce some rainfall. noticeable rainfall as we do head into sunday. here is a look at the cold front on saturday. see all of the activity right now approaching. that rain line will be on the move for tomorrow. the eventual track, there is the cold front at least for tomorrow. rain begins early sunday morning. the heaviest cell set to move in tomorrow morning from 6:00 right on through 11:00. and then as we do head into the afternoon hours we will gradually scale back on the coverage and also the intensity. but it will be a gradual process. so some of the highlights with this system, can you see the rainfall amounts once again. winds around 20-30 miles per
10:40 pm
hour. and this will be a snow producer for the sierra, especially up about 7,000 to 8,000 feet. could be talking about 10 to 20 inches. snow levels starting out at 7,000 feet. dropping though quickly by late sunday and also into monday. here is the forecast model showing you the rainfall increasing. the red corresponding to heavier downpours tomorrow morning at 7:00. look what happens into the afternoon hours. by 4:00 the bulk of the action is down in the south bay. and at least the system by tomorrow night will gradually move out of time. all reflected in the forecast for tomorrow. temperatures starting out the day. 55 to right around 60. by 4:00 partly cloudy skies. still a chance of some lingering showers, especially in the south bay by late tomorrow afternoon. here we go with the numbers, san francisco 61 degrees. antioch is 62. san jose is 64. remember just a few days ago talking about 70s and even a few 80s. not the case for tomorrow. a bit cool for monday but no rain clouds. a slight chance of a light
10:41 pm
shower in the north bay. primarily late tuesday afternoon and tuesday night. scattered clouds for wednesday and then partly cloudy skies for thursday. heather and ken today was the day for all of the outdoor activities. tomorrow you will definitely need your umbrella across the bay area. >> we have been warned. >> thanks, mark. >> as anyone who was near bart orimune any last wednesday can attest, the giants parade was a big boon for transit systems. puny said ridership jumped by 240,000 on parade day. transportation officials say those numbers were last seen during the 1988 and 1989 san francisco 49ers superbowl festivities. cal train ridership wednesday was almost twice the weekday average of 40,000. bart had more than half a million additional riders. >> lots and lots of people there. up next, cal tries to snap their six game road losing streak as they visit the washington state cougars. >> and stanford with a key matchup against arizona. can the cardinals keep their rose bowl hopes alive.
10:42 pm
sports wrap is up next. the black widow spider's severe bite
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[ music ] >> good evening, everyone. welcome this saturday night edition of sports wrap. this evening's game between stanford and arizona was billed as a pac10 showdown with major bowl inspirations. one of those teams lived up to the rose bowl team featured a hysman trophy winner by the name of puckit. the 46 scarred he had nine catches for 165 yards. the stanford


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