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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 8, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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uc students are mobilizing tonight after learning another tuition hike is in the works. >> the president of the university of california is proposing another hike in tuition saying the school system is about $1 billion short. he's proposing an 8% tuition increase. that's an additional $822 for each undergrad. as for its workers, they're
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looking at raising the retirement age from 60 to 65 for future employees. student leaders are not happy. they say uc needs to do more to obtain state funds. heather holmes is live with the story. >> reporter: julie, not happy, that's putting it mildly. students here are frustrated and furious. take a look at these fliers. they call for students to shut down the' gents meeting next week. it was the same time last year when the board passed a 32% tuition increase. it was said then it was just the beginning. tonight, uc berkeley students are learning about round two. >> it just doesn't all add up. it's like, where is the money going? >> reporter: the proposed fee hike this time, 8%, starting next fall . >> i understand they need to
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get the money from somewhere to keep this thing running. >> reporter: university of california president is urging regents to approve his proposals. he believes his plan will keep the university on course. he also said, "these won't be the last tough decisions the university will face, but they are essential steps upward out of a hole that was a long time in the digging. " >> i feel kind of discouraged, really. it's getting harder for my family. >> reporter: those earning less than $120,000 would not have to pay the increased fee for the first year. >> i don't think it's fair. >> reporter: also unfair, says this employee, are the proposed changes to the pension system, including increasing the retirement age. >> we're expected to work
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longer and so on whereas we're seeing people like the president negotiate a very profitable pension deal for himself. >> reporter: a short time ago, i spoke with the president of the uc student association. she says protests will begin next tuesday at uc mission bay. she says things will escalate on wednesday. that's when the board of regents are scheduled to meet to start talking finances. the cal state system is also considering raising tuition. its trustees meet this wednesday to vote on two proposed increases. unwould boost tuition by $105 for the second half of the current school year. the other would increase by an additional $440 the next school year. about an hour ago, oakland police took into custody a man
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suspected of shooting at officers earlier this evening. police say officers stopped a man and a woman who were walking. at some point, police say the man began running away. they say he then pulled out a gun and started firing at the officers. no one was injured. police say the officers did not fire back. then around 9:00 tonight, officers stopped a car with three people inside. they say the suspected gunman was one of the three. at this hour, officers are looking for a weapon. former san francisco police chief died today in london. he was 60 years old. he recordedly suffered a heart attack while walking his dog. an autopsy is expected to be performed in the coming days. he is perhaps best remembered for surviving the so-called fajita get a scandal.
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the senior was cleared and became chief in 2003. he held the position until 2004. we still don't know who california's next attorney general will be, but these are the updated numbers from the secretary of state. with more than 7 million ballots counted so far, steve cooley's lead is up to 40,000 votes, or one half of 1%. >> reporter: he led it first, then she led it, then he led again, and it could flip-flop some more. the margin between the two is so minuscule, it could take another two or three weeks to determine a winner. state facials say there are perhaps a million more ballots to be counted.
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what's left? lots of vote-by-mail ballots that weren't put in the mail. >> voters requested a vote-by- mail ballot and perhaps they were running late. to make sure it counted, they dropped it off at the polls. it just takes us a long time to research. >> reporter: worried about language-minute shenanigans, volunteers for the campaigns have shown up at registrar of voter's offices to watch the vote count. observers told us so far, everything seems to be own the up and up. >> we're pretty snide with what we've seen. >> having people there, i think, keeps the registrar on their toes. >> reporter: los angeles district attorney steve cooley had no public events, but
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harris did. after a press conference about a homicide case, reporters asked her about the election. >> if any of you out there are watching it closely, grab a bottle of maalox. that's about all i can tell you. >> reporter: given how tight this election is, it wouldn't be surprising if the eventual loser asks for a recount. the loser would have to pay for the recount, and that could cost millions of dollars. incumbent jerry mcnerny is barely holding on. when we checked the secretary of state's website, an updated count is expected on wednesday. ballots are also still being counted in the race for oakland
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mayor. will that race stands tonight, and when we might find out who won coming up in less than ten minutes. one lane on the san mateo bridge is shut down on this hour. the far right lane is closed to inspect recent repair work. tonight's closure will allow them to make adjustments to the repair. they expect to reopen the lane by 4:00 a.m. the emergency fix is said to have cost about $1 million. an engineer's union may are thrown a wrench into the rebuilding. cal tran apparently broke the law when they involved a private service to finish the product. it would cost billions of dollars and take years
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build. tonight, we have learned exclusively of a new feasibility study for an entirely new bridge across the bay. so is it really a possibility? why are some people dead set against it? ken wayne is live in our news room. >> reporter: it comes up the idea every ten years or so. even those floating the idea admit it's a long shot. a so-called southern crossing or mid-bay bridge would be built in between the bay bridge and san mateo bridge. it would link peninsula cities near the airport with the east bay. >> there are a lot of interests out there that think we should put more capacities on the roadway system. >> reporter: the metro poll tan transportation commission will vote tomorrow to spend about $200,000 to study the idea. environmentalists have long opposed another bay bridge. >> the best route for the bridge would go right through
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wetlands where there are endangered species. >> reporter: the mtc says the study would go beyond another bridge and increase ways to use bart and other mass-transit capabilities. it would no doubt cost billions of dollars. money hard to find any time, let alone during this economic slowdown. >> the bay bridge was built during the great depression, as was the golden gate bridge. there are folks who think we need to build more to prepare for the economy of the future. >> ideas have less currency now than they ever have. that's why it's not a good idea to bank on getting something like that done. >> reporter: we found people in the east bay tonight who said another bridge is worth another look. >> i think studying it wouldn't be a bad idea. i always wished there was a bridge from the oakland airport to the san francisco airport.
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>> reporter: if history is any guide, it would be decades before a bridge would be built. the new eastern span of the bay bridge still isn't finished 21 years after the earthquake. that's a bridge just about everyone agreed had to be built. a beautiful sunset this evening. bill martin is tracking changes overnight and into tomorrow. your forecast in ten minutes. a big march through downtown san jose tonight calling attention to the plight of christians in iraq. we'll show you why one candidate for oakland mayor held a party tonight even though there's no official winner yet.
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hundreds of people took to the streets of san jose this evening in hopes of drawing attention to what's going on overseas. they want president obama to take action and prevent the slaughter of more christians in iraq. >> reporter: i'm at one of five christian churches in the south bay. tonight, the congregations came together to express support for their fellow christians in iraq. >> stop the genocide. >> reporter: about 400 people marched in the streets of downtown san jose.
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some carrying pictures of people they said were killed in iraq by muslim terrorists. >> my family, cousins, they went to church on sunday. we heard bad news. they all killed in the church. >> reporter: what has united these christians was an attack on a catholic church in baghdad. it resulted in more than 50 people killed and dozens injured as the gunmens open fire with automatic weapons and set off suicide bombs. an al qaeda group called the islamic state of iraq has taken responsibility. >> all the christians here are in danger right now. they're threatened, you know. they want to harm them for no reason, just because they are christians. >> reporter: at one time, there were an estimated 1.4 million christians living in iraq.
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reportedly, two-thirds have fled the country with e bombings of 66 christian churches over the last seven years. >> we would like president obama to intervene and basically stop the massacre of the christians in the middle east. >> reporter: so far, the administration has not commented and polls show the american public supports a withdrawal of u.s. troops rather than sending more into iraq. >> this whole march, in no way, is any kind of anti-muslim or anti-u.s. government. we're all americans. it's nothing of that nature. it's just an anti-hate movement. >> reporter: tonight's demonstration was called the black march. similar protests were held today in other major american and foreign cities. a senior pg & i manager has admitted using a phony name to
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join an online chat about smart meters. the group called the monitoring espionage and said he was unethical in not disclosing who he works for. he said it was a mistake to use an alias. it's taking longer than first thought to determine a winner in the race for mayor of oakland. the numbers haven't changed since friday. they still show jean quan leading by 2,000 votes with more counting still to be done. >> reporter: here at the elections department, officials won't say when the vote count will be completed. they may know as early as tomorrow, but it could take several more days. in downtown oakland tonight, councilwoman jean quan held a party.
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she's the front runner after friday's tally. she hoped to be celebrating her victory tonight. instead, she used this gathering to thank her supporters and volunteers. >> obviously, not getting much sleep. we were hoping to start hiring our transitional team. >> reporter: the reg star of voters originally planned to announce a winner at 4:00 this afternoon. he says election volunteers are still counting ballots. >> i do think it's a little unfair. if there's a blatant winner, they should be the winner. >> with or without rank-choice voting, you have to get a majority. >> reporter: this council member also ran for oakland mayor. she said she and quan shared a similar campaign strategy.
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jean quan often said to people, i'd like your number one vote, but if you won't do that, please vote for me number gives message. that seems to have worked. >> did you do the same? >> i did do the same. >> reporter: the campaign released a statement tonight. "we remain confident that oakland voters cleaver clear first-choice preference will hold true once every ballot has been set fid and counted." the san francisco board of supervisors plans to ask its staff to come up with a plan tomorrow to place gavin newsome to take over. under state law, newsome is
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scheduled to be sworn in as lieutenant governor on january 3. in washington, d.c., a battle is brewing over who will be the number two democrat in the house of representatives. denny hoyer announced he will run. the race pits two against each other. a usa today gallup poll shows voters are confident democrats and republicans will work together. 64% say they think president obama will make a sincere effort to work with republicans in congress to find solutions acceptable to both parties. the u.s. supreme court has decided no to hear a california case challenging president obama's health care law. the case had previously been dismissed by a judge in san diego. that judge ruled it is
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premature because no one could show they had been harm by the law. it's going to be a cold one tonight. a frost advisory in effect for the north bay. it's going to be a frosty cold one when you wake up. as you head into work, you may want to get the car warmed up. 35 in fairfield. in the north bay, there's going to be plenty of frost. you'll find frost in clayton as well. definitely a cooler morning and a cooler day. clouds are increasing tomorrow. daytime highs are just going to be in the 50s and low 60s. i've got some rain possible. when we come back, the latest computer model for tomorrow afternoon. police say the man they
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arrested for allegedly stealing a dog from an elderly woman is changing his story about what happened to the dog. today, police said christopher perkins told them he abandoned the dog in a stockton park. last week, he told them he sold the dog. they're asking anyone who has seen the dog to contact them. a car plows into a home in the east bay. it's what happened to the driver just before the accident that has police so concerned. miles of pine line in the ground. just how safe the pipelines are and why some fire departments say they wish they knew more about them.
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passengers scrambling from a transit bus today moments before it burst into flames. it happened about 12:30 this
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afternoon. a fire department spokesman said a passing motorist flagged down the bus driver to alert her of smoke coming from the engine come part want. no one was hurt. the fire may have been started by something drags underneath the bus. coast guard crews are coordinating the response to a cruise ship fire off the coast of mexico. it was about 150 miles south of san diego when a fire started in the engine room around 8:00 this morning. the coast guard dispatched three cutters and a c-130 plane. it took crews about an hour to put out the fire. a wounded man was on life support tonight and a gunman is on the loose after crashing a mini van into a home in oakland. police fired at driver of this van. the van then smashed into the side of a house.
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it struck a chimney scattering bricks and sending furniture across the living room. it also ruptured a gas line, forcing people out of the home. >> it could have been worse, you know. when he hit the house, we could have blown up. >> gas has been restored to all of the homes on the block except the one that was damaged. a judge today delayed the murder trial of the two men accused of killing oakland garblist chauncey bailey. the trial was scheduled to start today, but attorneys said the judge pushed it back to clear other items. a sacramento attorney is planning to file a lawsuit against the oakland catholic diocese tomorrow. joseph george told ktvu his client was in the 8th green when she was molested at
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fremont holy church. church employees reported it to the diocese, but the diocese didn't report it to police. the diocese has not returned our calls. counselors spoke with berkeley student high school this week following the death of a 14-year-old boy. he died thursday, five days after being shot when visiting a friend. flammable fuels running in bay area pipelines. we investigate why first responders may not be prepared to deal with an emergency. two armed men rob a store in walnut creek. coming up, how police might think this might be part of a large of bigger crimes.
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the deadly san bruno pipeline has refocused attention on aging infrastructure. utility pipelines aren't the only ones that snake beneath our communities. private companies also own thousands of pipelines that carry flammable substances. ken wayne investigates whether current oversight is sufficient. >> reporter: it's likely you don't see them, think about them, or know they're there until something goes wrong. there are almost 1,000 feet of fuel lines aging. two pipelines carrying jet fuel are buried along side these railroad tracks near interstate 80 in berkeley. it's part of a transmission
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system supplying bay area airports. last week, berkeley first responders met to talk about how they would cope with an accident similar to the san bruno incident. >> we worry about everything from, you know, train derailment along the tracks is something that can happen. we work on multi-casualty incidents. >> reporter: in 1989, a train derailment damaged a buried pipeline. 13 days after the crash, the pipe ruptured, starting a huge fire that killed two people and caused $14 million damage. two years ago, five workers were killed when they struck a
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pipe during a construction project in walnut creek. the company was find by federal investigators. in 2005 after the company had more than 40 spills in one year, federal officials ordered them to inspect and repair all its pipelines in california. local fire departments do not get the results of that work. >> if there's information to share with us, we're willing to accept it. >> reporter: the company did replace about a mile-long section of its jet fuel line near richmond and told us the inspections and repairs in the bay area are now complete. in a statement, they said pipelines are monitored 24/7 and whenever defined operating conditions kirk an alarm warning the operator on duty. >> there is money to rebuild the infrastructure to the current engineering standards. >> reporter: researchers are trying to come up with
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strategies to prevent another disaster. >> we hope it doesn't happen, and hope it's no strategy for success in this one. >> oh, no. >> you didn't know? >> no. >> reporter: susan just learned those jet fuel lines are a block away from condos. >> we should definitely know. >> reporter: there are just two federal inspectors and six state inspectors for 5800 miles of pipeline in california. >> people in general, not just in the united states, trust the government to make decisions. >> reporter: modernizing outdated pipelines is not cheap, but the alternative can be even more expensive. >> you want to blow up a neighborhood and pay for that are or invest a little to prevent it? you can check where pipelines run in your
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neighborhood. we've posted a link to an interactive tool. you'll find it on the special reports tab at the department of homeland security announced today tighter cargo rules. cartridges weighing more than 16 oz. are now prohibited. also, the ban on cargo from yemen has been extended to somalia. the commission investigating the gulf oil disaster said bp did not put profits ahead of safety. the explosion killed 11 people and led to the worst offshore oil disaster in u.s. history. critics have said bp's cost- cutting efforts led to the accident. commanders at travis air
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force base are stepping up their efforts to keep personnel away from a marijuana substitute known as k2. it's a synthetic substance that's legal in california. last month, a campaign was launched against it warning that using it was dangerous and also punishable under the military code. now, commanders at travis has barred personnel from going to the source that sells that marijuana substitute. tomorrow night, we investigate these synthetic drugs. the troubling trend. google announced today it will provide free wi-fi service to travelers own three airlines. travelers on virginia america, airtran, and delta will have
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access. on wall street, investors turn cautious after returning stocks to a two-year high last week. analysts said a stronger dollar was a reason for the changed mood. there's word habit to could strike fear into the hearts of chocolate lovers everywhere. experts are predicting a worldwide chocolate shortage could one day make the treat as expensive as caviar. farmers are now changing to other crops and not replanting cocoa trees when they stop producing. experts say cocoa prices have doubled in the past six years. there is no end in sight as supply falls behind demand. the man accused of killing a russian hill publicist is due in court tomorrow. >> this definitely was a true predator. >> why the murder case offers a lesson for all of us.
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and right now, i'm tracking another weather system sitting offshore right now. it's going to move into the bay area. it could bring showers to your neighborhood. i'll tell to you when and where. first, we have developing news from oakland. we'll have more coming up.
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we have developing news in east oakland to tell you about. there has been an officer- involved shooting. it happened about an hour ago. at 9:39 tonight, an officer reported shots fired and called for an ambulance to transport the shooting victim. the crime scene is on the 5800
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block of traft street near bancroft. we can tell you, no officers were hurt. more on this developing story on ktvu morning news starting at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. meantime, an anonymous call to 911 led police to a homicide victim earlier tonight. they found a man shot in the neck and the back. the man was conscious when officers arrived on the scene but died a short time later. at this hour, there is no word on the victim's identity, and police have not released any information. prosecutors say a 43-year- old parole garry scott holland posed as a
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utility worker. he prayed on fears heightened by the pipeline explosion. >> this defendant was a true predator an put himself out in a position of trust to this victim so she opened that door. >> she hoped this case would serve as a reminder to everyone to check credentials before letting anyone into their home. elizabeth smart was 14 when she was kidnapped at knife point from her home in utah and held for nine months. today in court, she described her ideal. now 23, smart testified she was extremely scared when taken from her bedroom in the middle
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of the night. smart also testified that after weeks of captivity and sexual assault, she felt marked and impure and had nothing to lose if she was killed trying to escape. then she says she thought of her family. "i parents would always love me no matter what he did to me. no matter what it took, i would live. i would survive. " president obama wrapped up his three-day visit to india by endorsing india's bid for a permanent seat on the united nation's security council. the present received extended applause from members of india's parliament. president obama also attend a state dinner hosted by india's president. in chile, two miners were killed in an exexplosion. it happened in the same region where 33 miners were rescued last month. authorities say the two died today when dynamite detonated too soon. it was the first day on the job for one of the miners.
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the government says the mine was illegal and inregistered. and in peru, american lori barrenson was mobbed by reporters after being earlessed from prison. in 1995, she was arrested on charges she helped rebels plan an armed takeover of congress. she must remain in the country for the remaining five years of her sentence. prosecutors say they are planning to appeal her parole. a rash of robberies and no suspects in custody. and plunging temperatures tonight. bill martin shows us what's next in the complete bay area forecast. there were
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authorities say two men are likely responsible for a string of takeover robberies.
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since september, a pair of armed robbers has hit ten stores in walnut creek, pleasant hill, and concord. >> reporter: a denny's restaurant in pleasant hill, business is back to normal, after saturday's scare when two men came in. >> they came inside, two guys, with a gun. they tried to take over. >> reporter: denny's general manager says it happened about 4:30 in the morning. the robbers stole money and left within minutes. >> thank god everybody is safe. >> reporter: that same day at 5 a.m., two men with guns robbed the kelly moore paint store. about ten takeover robberies have occurred in the past few months and might be linked. all seem to have the same suspect descriptions. in each case, the men have had
10:46 pm
masks and dark hoods covering their heads. witnesses say the men seem to be in their 20s. one is about 6 feet tall, 160 pounds. the over is about 5'6" and skinny. >> it was really surprising to me. i was alarmed, of course. >> i think the economy is probably has a lot to do with it. people are out there trying to get money any way they can get it. unfortunately, they're doing it the wrong way. >> reporter: store managerrings and police have advice for others in the community. >> we encourage you not to take action, but to be a good witness. take notes of what's occurring, mental notes, and be able to relate that back to the police department. >> if anything happen, don't play hero. it's not worth it. those people are crazy. >> reporter: police say they hope to release some store surveillance photos later this week and hopefully catch the robbers before they strike
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again. tonight, the palo alto city council is deciding whether or not to change fire alarm rules. the photo electric detectors have a faster response time. the city of albany already has such a requirement. the nation's biggest egg seller is recalling hundreds of thousands of eggs after a test found salmonella at an ohio farm. the eggs from cow maine foods were distributed in eight states including california. they're recalling 288,000 eggs it purchased from ohio fresh eggs. so far, no illnesses have been reported. the recalled eggs said the plant number 1457.
10:48 pm
you can find the list of eggs by going to the commercial crab votes converges in anticipation of a good crab season. crabbers came in with their legal limit today of six crabs. >> beautiful colors. should be a beautiful season this year. >> biologists say the crabs come in abundant cycles. it's going to be cold tonight. as you get up in the morning,
10:49 pm
you'll want to go out with hats and scrape off the windshields and get the car warmed up. up here in the napa valley where that frost advisory is in effect, temperatures could reach freezing. tomorrow, we have some clouds combing in, a chance of an afternoon sprinkle, and warmer, dry pattern into the week. here's the forecast for the frost advisory. it's between tonight and tomorrow morning. you'll see the coolest temperatures right up here in the valley. we're going to see frost for sure. you could see frost in clayton and livermore as well. it's going to be one of those mornings where if you're frost prone, you may want to get out earlier. this is the system i'm tracking. it's a slow mover. it's weak. the main rain bands stay north. we get increasing clouds tomorrow and strip sprinkles in
10:50 pm
the bay area showing up as drips late in the day. here's the latest computer model run. here we are into tuesday afternoon. you see rain starting to show up north. that's 3:00 on tuesday afternoon. now we're at 6, 7:00. you have showers in the north bay. it looks dry everywhere. then light sprinkles at 8, 9:00 tomorrow. this is a non-event. nothing like what we saw on sunday. enough to concern yourself with if you're commuting. this is the kind of thing that will give you fits. it could slow traffic a little bit. the forecast highs for tomorrow. last week, 80s. this week, low 60s. these highs for tuesday will be on the cool side. temperatures will start to warm
10:51 pm
down the road. tomorrow, kind of a mild, cool day. i think what you'll notice is the drizzle. not real rain, but drizzle. so there it is. it will be cold the next few mornings. >> thank you, bill. warriors, raiders, and monday night football. all coming up next.
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he had to check a sheet for the lyrics, but the head of the rapid transit system was humorous today as he paid off a world series bet. he handed out cookies to passengers. thomas, a long-time texas rangers fan, says he's not too pained by the bet, but doesn't plan to wear the giants outfit back in texas. lots of positive signs for the warriors so far. a big road win tonight. that separates the men from the boys. speaking of boys, that's video
10:55 pm
of stephen curry when he was 11 hanging out on this same court in toronto. tonight, he's all growed up. a season-best 34 points and the warriors are on their way. monta ellis had a little something to do with tonight's victory on the road for the warriors. to the bucket. he had 28. however, kind of a sour note, late in the ball game, as you will see monta go down hard. he hit his back, and he will have x-rays. the results of which will be announced tomorrow. warriors do win it though. they were one of the favorites to go to the super bowl. instead, those dallas cowboys are the first all right. first to fire their head coach this year. wade phillips has lost the reigns at 1-7 replaced by former dallas quarterback jason garret. not long a tom cable was on the hot seat himself, but now riding high.
10:56 pm
they closed in on kansas city in the afc west. you best believe he's sticking with jason campbell. >> you're dealing it, and you got the hot hand. things are going in the right direction, why would you make a change? that's what i think right now. he was a star before i made the change with bruce. that's where i'm at. >> there you go. very entertaining monday night football game. steelers and bengals provide value on your entertainment dollar. look at that. a wide receiver, beautifully done. bigger and better touch than big ben. t.o., big night. ten grabs, 141 yards for the bengals including two touchdowns and slams into a security guard there. he's all right. the steelers hold on to win it over those bengals 27-21. every now and then, a little piece of video rolls around you just have to see to believe. it happened in a middle school
10:57 pm
game in texas where football is king. corpus christy is the place. look at the quarterback. he comes to the line of scrimmage, takes the hike, and says i'm going walk away. maybe you guys won't notice. one guy did. he chases him down. a little too late. i want to take a look at that again. the center just kind of handed him the football. he took off with it. look at it again. comes to the line of scrimmage, acts like he's calling an audible. he says, maybe they won't notice if i just take off with the ball. that, he did. >> oh, my gosh. they let him do that? >> that's legal. he took the snap from the center. nobody was offsides. >> somebody is going to try and copy that. >> he was so cool and calm as he came up and did that. >> he nonchalantly did it.
10:58 pm
it worked. >> nice job. >> i love that. that's great. that is our report for the night. what a good way to end. be sure to join the ktvu morning news at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> they'll have the latest on the officer-involved shooting in oakland. our coverage, as always, continues online.
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