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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 23, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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bundle up tonight, a blast of arctic cold prompts a freeze watch all across the area. >> temp which ares are forecast to drop below freezing tonight in parts of the bay area. our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the cold.
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but our coverage begins in the area. we begin with heather holmes. >> reporter: these men just barely made the cut off to come inside from the cold. >> it's freezing. it's freezing. >> reporter: once homeless himself, fred thompson supervising the homeless shelter. he remembers what it was like to being out in the elements. >> reporter: all evening we saw people in the cold. from a man and his son.
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to a woman. >> i have my bonnet, my scarf. >> reporter: it is the first time this season, laura ponegano put on the extra layers. for some tonight is the also the first time they turned on the heat. and it's rodolfo vald era ma to make sure it's working. >> the cold has brought in a lot of people. not only to prepare for what they are facing in the city but also out on vacation. >> reporter: reporting live
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tonight here in a very cold san francisco. i'm heather holmes. san francisco right now at 45 degrees. it's 4 degrees from the record they set in 1906 for the coldest morning. 41degrees, so temperatures are definitely on the cold side tonight. we have a freeze warning in the north bay valley. temperatures in the north bay and east valleys perhaps in the teens. frost advisory for the rest of the area. how do we know it's going to be cold? 49-degree away from the record. 40degrees in livermore. it is really cold out there. and it's not done. we are going to see more temperatures. we'll see how cold it's going to be tomorrow morning.
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and a bit later on the newscast, we'll see how people are taking precaution to protect their perennials and fruit trees that could be in danger. a sacramento man lost his life. the coast guard got a call that a private boat has captized at south beach. ken wayne is live with the story. >> reporter: there were five people aboard that crab boat. one of those were brought here. had it not been for some quick action, we could have been talking about five deaths instead of one. all the warnings were out to stay out of the water.
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gail winds and a as small craftize warning. winds flips the boat sending five people into the 51-degree water. no one was wearing their life jacket. >> it's not a good situation to be put in the water at any time without their life jacket on. four men were pulled from the water after another man came inside. that other boat likely saved the four other lives. >> they were cold, shivering. they looked miserable, they brought them in, got their clothes on. >> reporter: that wasn't the only call at the station at bodefa bay. we watched the coast guard go out to help boats five times. one by one, the crews haul boats back to safety. no other injuries were
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reported. >> i would not go out in these conditions. it's very hazardous. >> reporter: life jackets, all tools for those who know how to use them. >> it would be really easy to get cycled in these waves. really short but really tenacious, they come super quick. this is not a day i would go out. >> reporter: the coast guard has some reminers, filed a boating plan, life jackets only work if you're wearing them. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. and police close part of i4 after a crash. the crash happened at the foot of mission street near gadias. police say the driver of the suv was coming out of a safeway parking lot when the accident
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happened. it's not yet clear what caused the driver to lose control of her vehicle. police say the pe pedestrian was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. several near by buildings were evacuated. nummi bus service in the area was rerouted. and the parents of jordan west say they don't want the 17- year-old driver to be charged with any crime. but the highway patrol said to the driver, a fellow cheer leader would likely face felony dui and vehicle manslaughter chargings. e s . the accident happened last weekend. the driver admitted to drinking before the crash. three passengers were also injured during that accident.
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in oakland tonight, passengers gathered to raise their voices in prayer. the prayer vigil was held outside the temple church where leon wilson was shot and killed one week ago today. a jury in san joaquin county found a man guilty for the torture of a 16-year-old boy. anthony waders was found guilty of all charges against him. waders is a former youth football coach and lived next door to the three people who held the 16-year-old captive. those other three pled guilty to charges. waders sentencing is set for january, he is facing life in prison. police in san leandro today announced the arrest of two
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teenage boys in connection with a homicide. the boys were arrested last month. two 17-year-olds were accused of killing robinson of oakland and quan of livermore. in exchange of artillery fire between north and south korea raised tensions around the world. north korea is home to the military base. two south korean marines were killed, 16 troops and three civilians were wounded. the u.s. stopped short of calling it an act of war. >> i think that everybody involved is stunned by north korea's provocative action.
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i believe that the president referred to it as outrageous. >> the u.s. has some 29,000 troops in south korea. the california journalist held captive in north korea returned -- to sign her new book. >> reporter: we're outside the academy of arts where euna lee had a book signing. she says she is scrimmage over the violence between north and south korea. before he book signing tonight, she spoke about growing up in seoul south korea where most of
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her family still lives. she sames she gained a new perspective after she was arrested when she was working on a story for current tv. >> to me they were bad people. and the government was evil. but when i met them, they were like us. i had a different perspective toward them. >> reporter: lee sayses she hopes that her release with the release of ling would help improve relations between the u.s. and korea. she says the latest developments are disheartening. >> this kind of provocative actions are not going to help to continue the conversation, open conversation. it will close the conversation. >> no one wants to see this escalate. there's no reason why it should. >> reporter: paul lim is with the korean policy institute a think thank that studies relations between korea and the
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u.s. lim says he has family in north korea. >> with the help of china, in getting back to negotiations with them about all the issues we have with them. >> both lee and lim say while the ideologists of both the north and south remain different, there is progress to be made with the united states. the california secretary of state the -- the support central immigration act was the work of the tea party. it would become a crime to hire
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illegal immigrants and the author said the bill avoids the constitutional questions of the arizona law. the san francisco city college nursing student who was detained and held by immigration officials and almost deported made his first public comments today. steve li was held for two months and released last week. li didn't have his legal status since his parents tourist visas had expired. li now says he wants to become an activist for the dream act which would give students an opportunity toward citizenship. li's deportation was stopped at least momentarily by senator feinstein. call it a breakthrough
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against aids as a new promise of prevention stands out. a new drug used for treatment has the powerful potential of preventing hiv. health and science editor john fowler reports. >> reporter: gay men in san francisco were part of this landmark global study to see if a pill can indeed prevent hiv. >> results announced today drew a standing ovation from activists and doctors. >> men who are using this pill are substantially protected from hiv. >> reporter: when confirmed in the drug steam, the dual action medicine prevents first infection of the aids virus in 95% of gay men. the implications for the most vulnerable. >> young, promiscuous, not being safe. >> reporter: and there's still
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in san francisco on average one new hiv infection every day. today for the first time, hope to stop that. >> can we implement this at a public health level? will this actually have an effect on new hiv infections in san francisco and what's the potential to do so? we don't know that yesterday. >> reporter: community activisted today called for quick action of widespread use of this medicine. >> it has a potential for us finally to really have a deep impact on prevention and to slow this epidemic. >> i hope that people still remember to be safe and being safe is the greatest way. but it's definitely something amazing. >> reporter: the study in the new england study of medicine shows participants changed their behavior and took part in
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risky sex less. for decades, the roman catholic church has opposed condoms for birth control even if they stop the spread of hiv. but today, pope benedict xvi pushed the use of condom to stop aids. the church's anti birth control stance does not -- the city will bar the free toys in unless the restaurant meets dietary guidelines for salt and fat con contents and ads fruit and vegetables. silvester weaver hired a
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moving company. when he tried to contact the company he found it was out of busy. after the story aired on ktvu, the owner of the company e- mailed weaver telling him where his belongings were stored. >> i'm so happy. it's like christmas came early. >> reporter: other people were also at the storage recovering their belongings. an internet led campaign calling on airline passengers opting out on full body scans is planned for tomorrow on what is expected to be a very busy travel day. they want people to refuse the scans and opt for pat downs which takes more time and could cause delays. the transportation security administration says it's looking for ways to make pat
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downs less intrusive. after the bomb squad checked out bags, they gave if all clear. a dog had reacted to two duffel bags marked with a nigerian address. the packages seemed to contain betting material and were deemed safe. -- not clear how long that ammunition clip was on the plane. the passengers were researched, the clip was cleared. as you can see in this live camera picture, there is snow on the road. and chain requirements are in effect for both 80 and highway 50. earlier today it was slow going on 80 when it was open as
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ktvu's ken pritchett shows us. >> reporter: this winter storm delivered 5-inches on the sierra in the past two days. what should have been an hour trip to the summit took hours this afternoon. >> i think we're trying to go to nayak. >> you think you'll make it? >> i hope, i hope. i don't know. >> reporter: chain controlling were in effect for most of the day. i80 had been shut down this morning. it reopened only to close again for most of the afternoon. on our trip to the summit, that's when we hit our first traffic jam here on eastbound interstate 80. we're at baxter and as you can see, traffic is moving at a crawl. tow truck operators say there were does dozens of spin outs
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on both sides of the freeway. the result was a long stop and go drive. >> experience by the sullivan family from sacramento. >> the chain control is pretty terrible. pretty slow. >> reporter: they decided to end their day at the navak where they turned their stop into a snow park. in placer county, ken wayne. for tonight it's going to be the coldest night of the season so far. a freeze warning in effect, i already showed you that. and a frost advisory for most of the us in the area. as we get into saturday, maybe some sprinkles, there goes this mornings showers, they are gone. with that cold air and with the
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winds dying down. i revised these numbers downward. if you watched me at 7:00 or 6:00. napa 27, we could see teens in the valley. this is a hard freeze for santa rosa, fairfield, napa and concord: if you're talking about a hard freeze, more than three hours of below freezing temperatures. we're looking at temperatures, daytime highs just in the low 30s. we're going to show you the latest computer models. it's going to show you temperatures and where we can expect rain. there's word tonight that the squall valley resort is going to be sold to a new
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colorado investment firm -- squaw valley. underground on a forbidden journey. at 10:30 we'll take you inside a hidden bunker which is one within dozens fishes don't want you to see. up first, a horrific high speed crash that has left two people dead.
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chp investigators are sifting through the wreckage tonight. the accident happened on highway 138 in los angeles county at about 2:20 this afternoon. the driver of the mini van and one inmate were pronounced dead at the scene. the chp says the force of the collision was so violent, it
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sent prisoners flying from the truck and caused the truck to roll about 150 feet. autopsy results were released late today for a 2- year-old boy who died after falling from a sky box at the staple center in los angeles. the los angeles county coroner's office says the ted her died of multiple traumatic injuries suffered during sunday night's fall. police say their investigation did not necessarily indicate a crime had been committed. the death of any child under the age of 11 in los angeles automatically triggers an investigation. the hard freeze tonight is causings problems for plants not only people. lloyd lacuesta live tonight with our report. >> reporter: i'm at the san jose garden, plants also need protection with temperatures dropping to cold freeze levels.
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>> with the cold weather i'm concerned my plants are going to die and not come back. in san jose, people were coming in to buy floss and plattics to cover and blanket their plants through the night. this woman who was buying plant covers says she is worried about the vegetables in her garden. >> they've slowed town ripening. seems like the last wave they were doing great. now they've slowed down with the cold. >> reporter: workers were also bringing in poinsettias from mexico because the chill outside would harm them. workers were taking similar precautions to protect their citrus trees. >> the citrus is prone to freezing so we'll have to bring them under the eves and cover them to protect them from the cold for the next several nights. >> reporter: the other trick is to water plants, but not the
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leaves or tops of the plant. >> if you water the base, that protects the roots. >> reporter: bodine recommends adding dish water to watering toed add more protection to the plant. if temperatures drop to the 30s that can cause plant damage. temperatures in freezing levels can cause plants that even appear to be safe. they are hidden from plain view and not open to the public. inside a bay area wartime relevant lick that few know how to find. >> new details of the royal wedding beingen planned. tonight we know where it's going to be held and when.
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tonight we're going to take
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you on a forbidden journey. under grown showing you something very people have seen or explored in years -- underground, showing you something people have seen or explored in years. bunkers that very few people now how to explore, and we do. >> reporter: it's a little like gone down a rabbit hole, this one doesn't lead to wonderland, this one leads to bay area history. >> it does get a little tricky to get on the ladder. >> reporter: we can't tell you where we are but we are some where in the 80,000 acres that makes up the golden gate recreational area. under here are thousands of underground bunker. tourists roam the many bunkers that are open to the public,
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but it's the bunkers deemed off limits that have become urban legend. but there are other ways in. hidden to all expect to those who like us searched and found a way inside. >> once you get on, you take hold. you can crawl up here, definitely not like the first one. >> reporter: this trip down into history takes us through muddy tight spaces and down ladders into the dark. >> follow the light down in the the very end. we almost wish we could take a
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historian with us so they can explain what we're seeing down here, like some of the things we are seeing on the wall. >> reporter: if park city historian says if you want to know what you're looking at, tour a bunker that is actually open. >> the closed down bunkers are curiosity to people. we try to take the most used and significant, making them safe, making them clean and providing a little education for people. >> reporter: it is important to note that we did not interview the park service until after we had already gone into the bunker. they don't know where this hidden entrance is located and told us if they find it they will seal it. and if they catch anyone going down they could be in trouble with park officials. that's because down here, you could get hurt there's lead paint, asbestos and unseen hazards. >> we have not seen how far the stretch, but you can imagine
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what this is like when the lights go off. we know people have been down here because of the graffiti, most we cannot show on television. down here there is history, but you can find that in a public tour. down here it's about the journey and at the end of this rabbit hole, those who have made the trip sign their name into its history. >> i don't know if it was the climb or adventure, but i know when you sign your name to this. you definitely want to keep it a secret. claudine wong, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> since our interview with park rangers, we have not returned to that military bunker. to reiterate here, park officials says the unsafe and visitors are not welcomed in
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bunkers not officially open to the publicful for those reasons we are not going to disclose the location of the bunker we went to. we have posted more pictures of our trip though on our website just look for the slide shows tab. b.a.r.t. responded today to a ktvu report that was shown last night. b.a.r.t. today released new figures of crimes that happened on b.a.r.t. since may didn't happen on the trains. only 22% happen on trains while 39% happen at stations and the rest on b.a.r.t. parking lots. in news of the world tonight in new zealand a second
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explosion rocked a coal mine. please say they believe the men are all dead. methane gas kept rescuers from going into the mine. in aruba, authorities said today a bone found on the beach did not belong too missing teenager natalie holloway. holloway's mother was said to be emotionally exhausted waiting for those results. westminster abbie was selected as the sight for the wedding of prince william and kate middleton. westminster abbie has been the sight of many royal weddings and also the funeral of prince william's mother, princess diana. the beatles are headed back
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to where they belong, the top of the charts. apple says it sold 450,000 beatles albums. the beatle box set at $149 a pop is number ten on the top list. the best selling song, here comes the sun. a new cigarette ad campaign is under fire in san francisco. why still officials want the ad pulled for featuring a bay area landmark. and it'll be the coldest morning of the season so far. i'll tell you how cold and how warm it's going to be tomorrow afternoon. and later, new concerns about unsafe toys, how you can find out which ones may be dangerous.
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the vote was unanimous as the city council voted new laws to discourage underage smoking. the american lung association calls the new rules among the toughest in the nation. a new camel cigarette campaign is lighting a new fire. the campaign features ten trendy cities and neighborhoods including the haigh san francisco neighborhood. >> they are all neighborhood that are associated with youth
10:40 pm
counter culture. it's very close to violating the 1998 law. >> the marketing campaign is aimed at adults in what they call us relative and entertaining manner. tonight we have good news when it comes to jobs in california. even though 2 million people here out of work. california added more jobs last month than it did in any months in the past year. rob roth has our report. >> reporter: 27-year-old spencer cubic says he feels lucky today after being out of work for five months, this graduate of uc santa cruz began a new job at the warehouse in san francisco. overqualified, maybe, but he says he hopes it's a start. >> this is quite a relief. it's just stressful waking up and not knowing when your next paycheck is going to come from.
10:41 pm
>> reporter: the u.s. labor department reported today that california added about 39,000 new jobs in october. the largest gain in four years. cubic's boss says he feels comfortable adding workers. federal reserve officials said today they expect the economy will grow by 2.5% next year. >> the improvement in tourism, the improvement in entertainment down south. technology, hopefully you put it all together and people will begin to notice the improvements in job students. >> reporter: but make no mistake unemployment in california is still high, 12.4%, finding a job is tough. anthony nelson says he hasn't worked in a year, he's now homeless in oakland. >> i present myself, if they don't call i just keep ongoing.
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just keep trying >> reporter: many economists are predicting that the job picture will improve next year but slowly and gradually. that the climate of this economic hole still has a long way to go. but it's moving in the right direction. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu news. animal control officials decided that the swan named blanch will remain at the museum of art. he's been a part of ktvu for 32 years now. from silly to serious, randy shandobil's career as a journalist as we say goodbye. but first, chief meteorologist bill martin is following the weather conditions. how cold it will get and how it
10:43 pm
will impact your holiday plans, coming up next.
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an annual report warning of overlook problems for toy safety was released today. it's the 20th of such reports. researchers tested toys for dangerous chemicals such as lead and also found toys for small children that are choking hazards. >> my toy that my son choke on did meet the standard but the standard was clearly not safe. i mean it was a dangerous toy. >> we have posted a link to the full report at just click on the web links section. u.s. treasury fishes say the federal government made $11.7 billion from the general motors initial public offering. when gm went public last week,
10:46 pm
the company sos more than 350 million shares. redwood shores oracle was the big winner against tech rival sap. a judge ordered sap to pay oracle 1.3 billion in damages. the award is one of the largest ever in such a case. this is a bittersweet night for us here at channel 2. after 32 years on the job, randy shandobil is moving on. for years, randy has been known as a top broadcaster in the nation. but that wasn't always the case. the year was 1978, diane feinstein was named san francisco's first female mayor. and a young reporter named
10:47 pm
randy shandobil began his tenure at ktvu. >> dennis, despite that wide margin of victory it wasn't until just a few minutes -- >> reporter: today bay area viewers know him as our political editor. but randy was not always politically correct. he first arrived on the scene as a producer. which covered a number of stories, including a new scent that was supposed to make women swoon. shandobil moved up to more serious stories. which led to death threats on his life. randy is no stranger to being a witness to history. he was one of the first to see the true devastation of the loma prieta earthquake: just
10:48 pm
minutes after the earthquake hit, randy described what he saw from a helicopter. >> this is one of the most frightening sights one can imagine. >> reporter: randy was on the steps of the u.s. supreme court when it made the decision on the presidential race between george w. bush and al gore. >> after an intense day, it's time to wait and see here in washington tonight. >> reporter: as ktvu political editor, randy interviewed presidents and presidential hopefuls, mayors and governors, never shying away from asking the hard hitting questions. >> really wanted to ask you because brown said some harsh things about you. >> come over here and give me a hug. >> he didn't say that. he said that you didn't make appointments and didn't make decisions quick enough. >> reporter: why is randy leaving now while he's still going strong? he says for precisely that
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reason. he's still going strong and after 32 years of deadlines wants to try something new. but for those of us here at ktvu, his departure is bittersweet. we and the viewers will miss his expertise and insightful report of some of the biggest news makes of our time. we wish him well as he signs off from ktvu one last time. >> reporting live from washington, political editor randy shandobil, ktvu channel 2 news. so good as what he does. >> such a great reporter. >> it is randy shandobil's decision to leave but we are real he going to miss him. >> we had a little party earlier where tim mcvay honored shandobil for his achievements.
10:50 pm
>> we have a trophy that says only two and only you. >> we are sure that randy is going to do just fine. and it's going to be a cold night out there tonight. we talked about it. let's take a look at a freeze warning in effect. this is this blue area here up in the north bay, this darker blue. this is most critical up here. you're going to see a hard freeze. most of us will see a frost advisory. it's going to be cold. probably record cold tonight. here's a system that moved through. it brought the cool air. the cool air sits there now. these are the current updated temperatures, down to 39 degrees in santa rosa. that's just 4 degrees away from breaking the record set in 1906 for downtown san francisco for the coldest night. san jose 45 degrees. we could see records tonight. we did get the showers today.
10:51 pm
you probably forgot about them. they were here this morning. then boom they are out of here. high pressure is in. cool is back, and it's not just going to be cold tomorrow morning. we're going to see a freeze warning and frost advisory again on thanksgiving morning as well. because that cool air is going to linger especially in the north bay. 27degrees overnight low and forecast in napa, santa rosa 25. find your city and just know in santa rosa, at 35 degrees you will get frost. you don't have to be freezing to get frost. that's where the frost advisory will come from. we're looking for temperatures tomorrow afternoon to just warm barely into the 50s. some cities into the 40s. a week ago just a little over a week ago we had record heat. just a little over a week ago 40s were our overnight lows not our daytime highs. it's going to be chilly. you're going to be wearing jackets most of the day.
10:52 pm
here's the computer model, thursday, thursday night. then saturday afternoon it's out of here quick. sunday looks like the nicest day on the weekend. so forecast highs tomorrow. these are pretty cool aren't they. overnight lows like i'm telling you. your five day forecast, a cool one. talk to folks up in the mountain. we mentioned this at 5:00 and 6:00. i got a lot of contact that's been there a long time. i've been here a long time. nobody can remember this much snow this early before thanksgiving. nobody can remember. this gives you an indication this is unusual for sure. we'll be back with sports right after this. >> skiers are going to love it up there. let's support the small business owners
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getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence
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king thong is back. the giants first baseman says he would have to be an idiot not to want to come back here. and the feeling is mutual. huff rewarded heavily in a year where he rewarded the team with 36 homers. if you watched the team this year you know he was much more than a guy with nice statistics.
10:56 pm
a true grit gamer. >> it's not going to take much to come back here for me. some other team would have to blow me a way away with like a four year deal. i played nine years of losing baseball for not so winning teams. this is the most fun i've had. this is where i want to be. >> defeat the world series gets nothing away from the sensational season the texas rangers josh hamilton had. hamilton declared as the al mvp. a man who has definitely known tough times. eight trips to rehab for drugs and alcohol dependency but on top of the baseball world
10:57 pm
today. say this about the 49ers as long as they don't get near a football field. they can prove themselves mighty useful on occasion. for instance today, down in san jose many team members spent their day at what's called the worker in san jose. and the worker working to feed homeless families. foster willie caring his weight on this niners team. clearly a team player both on and off the field. >> it's important because we want them to know that we are here for them. just like they support us on sunday. we want them to know that when we're off the field we're just as normal as they are and we want to give back. >> that is the sports life for a tuesday night. and another must win for them no matter what good they are doing out in the community.
10:58 pm
>> at least the cardinals are only 3-7 too. >> thank you. and be sure to join ktvu morning news, they'll have the very latest on the frosty weather brian gripping the bay area. >> have a good evening everyone. >> good night.
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