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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  November 24, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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in the other hand and that is when the gunman emerged from outside this market. now, police say that the killer is closer to being captured but that the pain he has caused this family will never cease to exist. it was a damp night, november 2009. 38-year-old thomas cunningham was being remembered. >> i see him and i'm not going to see him anymore. >> reporter: it was a year ago today cunningham, his 13-year- old daughter and her dog ranger on their way home from getting ice cream. police say a man pulled out a gun and shot cunningham multiple times after ranger had sniffed the gunman's leg. cunningham's parents traveled from oregon to attend last year's vigil. i spoke with his mother reda who had this message for her son's killer. >> i hope he goes to hell and rots. even if he's not found and convicted, but i hope he rots in hell. >> reporter: two months ago reda cunningham took her own life. >> i know what death does to you. >> reporter: alameda county
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supervisor gail steele put up a $25,000 reward which she announced to the cunninghams at the late november vigil. >> there's not a lot of understanding or discussion about when you lose someone, you really don't go on with life and that you really never get over it. it's always a hole. and it was doubly bad because of the love between the child and father. >> it hit home to the investigators. >> reporter: hayward police lieutenant says the killer is in reach. they just need one witness to come forward and he says he knows there are a few out there. >> we are pretty confident that we know who are suspect were is. we are also pretty confident that there were people who either knowingly or unknowingly assisted him in getting out of the area immediately after the homicide. those are the people that we'd like to talk to. >> reporter: and the hayward community is coming together tonight to honor thomas cunningham. they will be holding a candlelight vigil right here, the place he was shot and killed. that is expected to begin in
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just about one hour. live tonight in hayward, mike mibach. san francisco district attorney kamala harris says she won't discuss the outcome until next week. her opponent, steve cooley conceded the race this morning in a phone call to harris. his spokesman says there are not enough uncounted votes for cooley to pull ahead. in a written statement harris says she wants to wait until all the ballots are counted. she plans to hold a press conference on november 30th, that is the deadline for counties to report the final vote. oakland mayor elect jean quan is responding to an awkward situation tonight after parking control put a boot on her car in front of city hall. police say the car is registered to quan's husband and had 12 unpaid targeting -- parking tickets totaling $1400 in fines when it was booted yesterday. quan paid off the fine and the boot was removed. reaction on oakland streets was mixed. >> can't be responsible in the small details, why would you expect them to be responsible
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about the big details? >> i don't care how much she is busy, the mayor, assistant, doesn't matter. i pay, you pay, everybody pays. >> the soon to be mayor declined an on-camera interview but she issued a statement saying she was busy with her campaign this past year. quote during that time we accumulated several parking tickets. my husband, who has been handling the family's bills for the past year, thought that we were reasonably current. when i learned of the outstanding tickets on tuesday, i, like most oakland citizens, paid them all immediately. despite protests and calls to opt out of the heightened screening procedures at airports across the country, officials say there have been no delays. this's one of the busiest travel days of the year and the attitude of most travelers appears to be get it over with and get there. ktvu's jim vargas joins us now at san francisco international with a look at how it's going. jim. >> reporter: airport officials here at sfo say things are running very smoothly and that is because an awful lot of
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people are now taking an entire week off instead of the usual four day weekend. thus spreading out air travel over several days. as well as the day went at san francisco international, there were steady streams of passengers inside the terminals. >> we were going to do about 122, 123,000 in and out of the gates so still very hectic but things moving fine. >> reporter: the good weather helped too, practically eliminating delays. but there were still the security screening controversy, the we won't flow group called for an opt-out of flying day in protest of the security procedures some passengers are going through. we won't fly says the full body scan is intrusive and the radiation unhealthy and the pat- down is like groping. >> if i choose not to have my naked image posted somewhere, some ran done person can see i'm touched inappropriately. >> reporter: the group was unhappy they were limited to where they could protest. >> not hurting anybody. this is america, public property. >> we do the same thing for basically everybody. >> reporter: airport officials say they haven't been getting
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complaints from passengers about the procedures and people we spoke with didn't object. >> i think it's better protected. >> i think we need to do some things to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: it's too early to tell if the opt-out of flying project succeeded today. it may be too much to expect given the importance of travel to so many people this week. but we won't fly isn't getting up. reporting live from sfo, jim vargas, ktvu channel 2 news. many holiday travelers also are hitting the road at this hour as they head to their thanksgiving destinations. we want to show you a live look now at interstate 880 in san jose. as you can see right now from the slide picture, it is a little bit slow going on this night before thanksgiving. the chp says it will be out in force this holiday weekend, every available officer will be out on patrol from maximum enforcement. officers will be looking for drunk drivers and people not wearing their seat belts. up in the sierra holiday travelers are going to see snow
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all around them. want to show you a live picture now from caltrans camera on interstate 80 at truckee. it is getting busier. it has been getting busier as the afternoon has worn on but still traffic looks like it's moving along just fine. at this hour there are not any chain controls in place but drivers are encouraged to have a set handy just in case. once they reach tahoe, travelers will be welcomed with plenty of snow on the slopes. in fact, from friday through tuesday, the region recorded 9 feet of snow. that is very unusual so early in this ski season. >> mother nature helped us out, let us get open early. we opened on october 29th and then we got this massive storm before the thanksgiving holiday. we really couldn't ask for anybody better. >> several ski resorts opened up early this year because of all that early snowfall. here in the bay area, last night was the coldest night of the season. do you think it's going to be colder tonight? >> some places could be a little colder. for the most part it's a carbon
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copy of what we saw today tomorrow. so it's going to be very cold. we did have a record low in oakland downtown this morning. tomorrow we could see a record broken, overnight low, the cold air has filtered into the area. a couple of records, san francisco and the oakland airport tied records, and then you got the oakland record but look at the san francisco tie. that's 1906. you know you're dealing with very cold weather when you're breaking records set back in '06. a freeze warning in effect for the north bay and east bay, inland bay valleys, hard freeze. frost advisory for the rest of the bay region so what we had last night is what we have again tonight, definitely a cold one. we will have more. i'm going to come back and show you which city is going to be the coldest give you specific temperatures and there's a chance for some sprinkles and showers as we head into the holiday weekend. about two hours ago santa clara county declared a state of emergency tonight because of the freezing weather. that means local agencies will open two shelters early to protect the homeless in the south bay where more than 40 people have died on the streets
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this year. ktvu's robert handa is live now in san jose to show us the emergency response. robert. >> reporter: julie, there are some south bay agencies trying to help out the homeless tonight. we will give you a quick look at one program going on right now. this is a church in east san jose where families are being fed a holiday meal by homeless agency that says the current cold snap should be treated as a life and death situation. >> reporter: it is a little bit of warmth to battle the bitter cold outside. about 200 families are having turkey dinners tonight, being served by channel deliverance ministry and volunteers from the zion church. the pastor says many people are newly homeless because of foreclosure or health care issues and aren't experienced in dealing with the freezing cold weather. >> it's an emergency. it's like a natural disaster. when people on the streets and it's 25 degrees, i don't see how they are going to survive long and a lot of them do die over time due to that kind of exposure. >> reporter: the south bay's largest homeless agency ehc life builders opened its
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reception center shelter early today. it was supposed to open on monday. but santa clara county declared a state of emergency for tonight and the ba cardo center will now set up a total of 250 additional beds. for some homeless it's a welcome option. >> we are out there right on the 22 and the cold. >> reporter: 22 being a bus line? >> right. and i'm not the only one that does it. the whole bus is full of homeless people trying to get in and out of the cold. so with this opening up today, it is a big help. >> we are mindful that the holidays are a difficult time for those that are homeless, are often very disenfranchised, disconnected from family and friends and so tomorrow for thanksgiving we will be providing a thanksgiving meal for 250 people that will be at the shelter. >> reporter: some people getting meals tonight will also be trying to get one of those beds tomorrow. but with 7000 homeless in the south bay, the beds will have to be given out in a lottery
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system. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. residents and local lawmakers tonight are pushing pg&e to keep the pressure down in two natural gas pipelines running through the same san bruno neighborhood where that deadly explosion happened last september. pg&e says plans to raise pressure in the lines to meet winter demand but opponents say that could be dangerous when the cause of the september explosion is still unknown. >> there are other ways and alternatives i believe that can meet the needs of the gas customers over the next few -- month or so until we find out what the cause was. >> pg&e says it won't increase pipeline pressure until a safety assessment is complete. retailers are hoping holiday shoppers are ready to give a little more this year. the day after thanksgiving also known as black friday signals the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. ktvu's christian kaplan is in berkeley where some people are saying going online will help you avoid long lines. christian. >> reporter: that's right, online and not just online, more and more shoppers are
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using their mobile devices to go online and look for bargains. take a look, you can see the top three most popular app on the apple app store, tgi black friday. shoppers are gearing up for those post thanksgiving deals on black friday, derek love is camping out for nearly two days waiting for a sale that starts at 5:00 friday morning. >> $600 laptop and i'm getting it for like 350. really good deal. >> reporter: other shoppers say they will stay inside and turn to their smartphone for tips on where to get the best deals on black friday. >> you know, with the current apps, you select a store you're going to be shopping at and then it will give you all these discounts or savings that you are going to happen to have, yeah, so it's not pad. >> reporter: and it's not just electronics. all around the bay area shoppers flocked into grocery stores today stocking up for tomorrow. >> stuffing fixings,
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cranberries, apple could cobbler stuff, turkey. >> reporter: some took a decidedly high tech approach to prepare for an old-fashioned family get together, some getting their shopping lists e- mailed to them. >> i got the shopping. my wife is at work. >> reporter: others going online looking up thanksgiving recipes and buying ingredients as needed. >> don't have to print anything out. it saves paper. >> reporter: here is that app, tgi black friday. about 2/3 of smartphone users say they will be using their smartphones to help them shop were this holiday season. to give you an idea how popular mobile searches are becoming, google is saying they have seen a 3000%, 3000% increase in the number of people doing mobile shopping searches in the last three years. we are live in berkeley, christian kaplan, ktvu channel 2 news. a holiday to remember, we are going to take you to a very special homecoming today for two bay area soldiers. in just a matter of hours, this room at glide memorial in san francisco will be full of
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volunteers preparing thanksgiving dinner for thousands. hear why the need this year again is great.
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they are there to help those in need and unfortunately there are a lot of people who need their help. dozens of bay area organizations getting ready to serve up lots of thanksgiving meals to the hungry. ktvu's ken pritchett live tonight at glide memorial church in san francisco with examples for us. >> reporter: frank, we are in one of the food preparation rooms here at glide memorial and as you can see essentially the stage here is set. we don't have the volunteers yet. they are here tomorrow morning but they have got the knives laid out to carve the thanksgiving hams. on that table over there at 5:00 we showed you that, there were probably about 50 of them there. now they have moved more out. so more than 100 hams over there ready for the volunteers
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to prepare for tomorrow. that's just a small fraction of the food that will be used to feed thousands of people here tomorrow and glide is just one of many organizations preparing to help on thanksgiving. >> on behalf of those who are poor and suffering and who will be joining us tomorrow for our special meal on thanksgiving day. >> reporter: religious leaders of all faiths blessed a bounty this morning at st. anthony's. the first step in taking turkeys donated at curbside and mass quantities of trimming and turning it all into 4000 meals that will be served to those in need on thanksgiving. >> it's been a life saver for us, it's the time of year when we most need donations and so it's a way for people very generous san franciscans to come out and make a donation. >> reporter: st. anthony's says it has seen a 5% increase in need in its dining room this year. also in san francisco the salvation army held its annual turkey carveoff at the harbor light center. it was a trimming competition
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between police, fire, coast guard and navy personnel to slice up 150 turkeys that will be used for 4500 meals to be delivered tomorrow. and as they were today, volunteers will be at the san francisco food bank on thanksgiving. it is already delivered -- it has already delivered 36,000 meals for this holiday and it reports demand up 32% with donations down. >> our financial donations are off a little and that worries us because we are trying to perform at the highest level that we can. >> reporter: back here at glide, they have the food, they are ready to feed thousands tomorrow but they said they could use more donations of food especially turkeys and they are looking for more volunteers. not necessarily for tomorrow. they have 500 volunteers, but they could use more volunteers in the weeks and months aahead. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. a walnut creek marine is back home tonight sharing a thanksgiving with a war buddy and with his family.
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corporal thomas brook was welcomed with hugs and kisses at his family's home this evening. he and lance corporal jake henry recently returned from iraq. there lance corporal henry earned two purple hearts after he was shot on foot patrol and then hit by an ied. tonight the two marines were met at oakland airport by the patriot guard motorcycle riders who greet returning servicemen and women. >> it was something else, you know, it's -- it means a lot to both of us coming back and having an audience like that, you know, all the support and everything. >> unfortunately, two of the motorcyclists collided during the ride to walnut creek. they were taken to the hospital but their condition is not known at this hour. we have some breaking news right now. we want to take you to southern california where firefighters at this hour are battling a large warehouse fire. here are some live pictures from the scene. you're looking at a commercial structure, it's apparently one story, started about 5:50 this evening.
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this is burning right now in south los angeles. we don't know the cause of this warehouse fire and there is no word on any injuries right now but again, a large warehouse fire burning out of control in south los angeles. we are told that about 150 firefighters are working the scene and we have just gotten word that the roof there has collapsed. so very -- you can see all the emergency vehicles to the right of your screen there, big response right now in south los angeles as firefighters work to get this warehouse fire under control. it's going to be a long evening here for firefighters in southern california. we will continue to follow it and bring you more information as we get it. right now back here in the bay area, a very cold day and temperatures looks like we are going to get even colder. let's check back in with bill martin in the weather center. >> i think tonight will be a carbon copy of last night. i think we will see maybe a couple records get topped or tied. a freeze warning and a frost advisory. so right now the thing to do is check current temperatures and you note that napa at 39
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degrees right now, certainly cooler than it was last night at this time. so it indicates that perhaps napa is going to get down into the mid-20s tonight. we did have mid-20s last night in the cool spots in the north and east bay. most of us tonight will be at freezing but a few folks in the north and east bay communities will have a hard freeze. freeze warning in effect and in effect right through the early morning hours. that means you've got below 32, below freezing for more than a few hours, hard freeze. so if you've got pvc that's exposed, outdoor system or even pipes, you may want to wrap them tonight especially in the inland valleys out towards moraga, up towards the alexander valley. overnight low in santa rosa, napa, fairfield, 30 degrees. frost pretty much everywhere even in the post in pacifica, ocean beach, right up were -- right up there at golden gate park. daytime highs 50s tomorrow, low
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and mid-50s. today we had some cities that never got it out of the 40s. forecast for the weekend, did i mention this next weather system? not a big deal but getting here on saturday. here it comes, right now we are thursday, friday, it's dry. saturday morning, okay, saturday afternoon, gone. it's out of there by saturday and sunday. looks like a good day. your forecast highs tomorrow warmer than today. friday morning, we are going to see -- probably see a frost advisory go into effect again. i don't know, maybe a freeze warning too. be interesting to see how that works. if the wind comes up we won't. tonight we come back at 10:00 and tracking some of those temperatures. i bet we have freezing temperatures at 10:00 in the north bay. >> this is east coast cold. >> it is. >> thanks. >> one big brrr. thanks, bill. we will be right back.
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the ktvu channel 2 news weather report brought to you by lexus. johnson & johnson today pulled 9 million bottles of tylenol cold treatments from store shelves because they don't disclose the medicine's alcohol content on the front label. the company says it hasn't received any reports of anyone becoming ill from the products and the recall is simply because of the labeling issue. the recalled products include tylenol daytime 8-ounce citrus
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burst, tylenol serve 8-ounce cool burst and tylenol nighttime 8-ounce cool burst. mark is here now with sports. at the beginning of the season this looked like it was going to be a good match-up. >> yeah. >> several weeks ago. >> can you imagine living somewhere else around the country and who is the monday night match-up? arizona and the 49ers. click. both of them are 3-7, but around here, we do pay attention to the 49ers, even through all their problems. troy smith i guess not the savior at least for this week that a lot of people thought he was. sacked six times against tampa in a 21-0 tampling, but guys only had four nfl starts, give them a break andtroy smith just starting out on his learning curve. >> the position at quarterback is ever evolving, you know, it's going to be games to where you have the ability to break and making planes and -- making plays and then games working in tight quarters. i don't know exactly how
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arizona is going to play us. obviously tampa bay did different things and that week is in the past now. we are moving forward but point well taken as far as, you know, the teams now are going to do different things and i understand totally. >> and of course kurt warner no longer a problem for the 49ers to deal with and you see what's happened without a quarterback for the arizona cardinals. meanwhile we had a big milestone in the world of college hoop last night. mike sha shows key, the head coach of duke in a tournament last night as blue devils beat kansas state. it was the 800th coaching win for him at duke. he had 73 victories when he coached at west point. he's now got 873 wins and he is closing in on the number 1, that of course bobby knight who has 902 career victories in college basketball as the all time winningest coach. and the warriors are down 10 early against houston. full highlights tonight at
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10:00 as they embark on a road trip. that's the sporting live for right now, however. >> it's early. hopefully they will turn it around. >> thanks. >> thanks. san francisco hasn't seen this much political upheaval in some time. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, today's apparent victory for kamala harrison means two powerful positions must now be filled. a lot of people are wondering what it will take to find both a mayor and a new da. have a good evening, everyone. >> good night.
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