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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  November 24, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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california wildfire ever. (announcer) next time on hell's kitchen. candles are lit in memory of a bay area father gunned down as he walked with his daughter to buy ice cream. i'm julie haener. and i'm frank somerville. police say they know who did it but they need someone to step forward. lloyd lacuesta covered the story when the shooting happened one year ago. and he is live in hayward with
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the story. >> reporter: it was one year ago tonight at about this time that someone shot thomas cunningham at this spot near b and vermont streets in hayward. there is a memorial here now and friends of the victim say he is not forgotten. >> we come together to join in celebrate tom's life. >> reporter: a small group came together to hold candidates and remember the school custodian that children called mr. tom. he was walking his two dogs and his daughter to get ice cream. police say one of the dogs sniffed the leg of a man walking by and the man got upset and pulled a gun and shot cunningham several times in the chest. his daughter saw it all. and because the killer is still out there we are not showing their faces. >> i don't know how someone
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could kill someone over something so stupid and small. and i just don't know what the world is coming to any more. and we miss him so much. >> reporter: it has been a trying year for the cunninghams. two months ago his mother committed suicide. >> it has been really hard on us and on my daughter. but, you know, we're trying to move forward. but, we're -- we can't move forward unless this person is caught. >> reporter: there is a $27,000 reward for information leading to a conviction. gail steel lives in the neighborhood. >> we need to get someone to come in and say who did this. someone is protecting this person. >> reporter: hayward police have a suspect but need a witness to come forward. >> we are close and, yeah, i believe he is still in the
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area. >> reporter: police believe that several people knowingly or unknowingly assisted the suspect. those are the people that police need to talk to. live in hayward, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland mare-elect jean sauk hit her first bump in the road following her upset win in the election. she issued a statement after news of unpaid parking tickets and the boot put on her car outside city hall. the car is registered to quan's husband and has 12 unpaid parking tickets totaling $1,400. she declined to speak on camera but said she was busy with her campaign this past year and her husband was handling the family's bills. when she found out about the tickets she paid them immediately. on this night before thanksgiving, holiday travel is in full swing. aaa estimates that 4.7
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californians will take to the roads this holiday. highways were crowded this evening. this is i-280 in san jose. the highway patrol is warning drivers not to get behind the wheel if they have been drinking. heather holmes is live in daly city with more. >> reporter: cracking down on drunk drivers is what is happening here on geneva avenue. this is one of several dui check point where is officers are hoping to prevent tragedy. a toast on this thanksgiving eve at san francisco's 21st amendment and at homes across the bay area tomorrow, the celebrating will continue with many people saying happy thanks with a drink. >> wine. >> reporter: but thanksgiving was a deadly holiday on california road last year. >> there was more than 1400 people arrested for dui and 37 people killed. >> reporter: through sunday the highway patrol and local police
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departments will be stepping up enforcement. >> those that show signs of impairment will be screened just ahead of our bus over here. and we'll field sobriety test will be administered. >> reporter: and a higher number of drivers on the road. but the looks of 880, a lot of people started their trip early. >> i started at 2:00 in san francisco and we were already in line. getting backed up and i have to get back on the 80 and i'm scared. >> auburn areas, final call. >> reporter: stephanie and her grandson avoided the lines and headed to sacramento on a train. >> it is the most comfortable and you are not going to be stuck in traffic. >> reporter: this man was hoping for a seat on the train. >> do you have any tickets left? >> no. >> reporter: he will be driving to fresno with a lot of company. back out here live, this dui
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check point got underway an hour ago and we have seen four people be arrested and their cars towed. reporting live in daly city i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. much talked about protest of airport security full body scanners never materialized today and operations went smoothly at the three major airports. but new concerns are raised about radiation from the scanners. the full body scanners may exceed proposed federal radiation standards. and a group of doctors sent a letter to the white house asking for an independent review. and the tsa says the machines are safe. ktvu news got a look behind the scenes at a communication center at the san francisco international airport. it is the only one of its kind throughout the world. the security centers monitor
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the ares inside and outside sfo. they are tracking cars before they leave the freeway, keeping an eye out for suspicious vehicles. the last undecided congressional contest in california is all but over tonight. jerry mcinerney won his reelection bid against david harmer. the late and the associated press reports fewer than 1900 ballots left to be counted. and the secretary of state is not expected to certify the results until tuesday. if mcinerney is the winner that means no california congressional seat changed party hands in the election this month. the san francisco district attorney is the belated winner in the california attorney general's race. steve cooley conceded today. harris has a 58,000 vote lead. about twice that number of
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ballots need to be tallied. but there is not enough votes left to overcome that lead. harris won't comment until the final results are released. but her victory sets off a chain of events at san francisco city hall. >> reporter: after a tight race for attorney general, steve cooley appears to have sealed the win for harris. >> they had a brief and cordial conversation in the last half hour and he congratulated her. >> reporter: but the win throws a curveball into the growing confusion over who will fill the city top offices. the mayor is responsible for appointing harris' successor but newsom will be california's -- go attorney general and he
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appoint a new da. and choosing a replacement will be difficult. and the board of supervisors agreed on a voting period after hours of contentious debate. >> members can nominate one individual and we will then vote on the individuals who have been nominated. >> reporter: but getting a simple majority may not be simple. the board is set to change on january 8th with four new members and if newsom leaves without a successor's david chew will be the mayor until the vote is complete. if that happened chew is not sure if he would appoint a da or vie for the job itself. >> i want to assure an orderly transition of leadership. >> reporter: the mayor will not likely weigh in on his intentions until next week. reporting from san francisco,
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ktvu channel 2 news. harris will become the first female attorney general in california history and the first minority to hold the post. it gives democrats a sweep of the statewide offices in this month's elections. across the nation that trend favored relationship candidates. baby it's cold outside. on broadway in downtown oakland our cameras saw a lot of folks bundled up in this weather. some say it is the coldest they have felt in a long time. a freeze watch is in effect until friday morning. and a freeze warning for the colder inland valleys. santa clara county has called a state of emergency tonight. shelters were rushed to open early to provide warm thanksgiving meals. san jose is setting up 125 emergency shelter beds. beds will be awarded on a lottery basis. the national guard
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armories in gilroy and sunnyvale are opening in this cold weather operating from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. every day through the end of march. the armory is at 8940 wren avenue and sunnyvale at 620 east mott avenue. it is colder tonight than last night at this time. a freeze warning in specific a frost advisory for the rest of us. i will tell you how cold it will get tonight. many bay area supermarkets are still open to help last- minute shoppers. a u.s. aircraft carrier is headed to the yellow sea.
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north korea is talking tough tonight and warning there will be retaliation if the south carries out reckless military provocations. this comes one day after the north launched artillery shells on the south killing four people. and a u.s. aircraft carrier is on its way to that part of the world. rita williams reports. >> reporter: bruce kim's chest is full of metal. >> almost die. >> the purple heart. >> reporter: but this 82-year- old man's heart is full of pain. >> i'm very angry. those are my people.
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>> reporter: he is angry about the two south korean civilians and two marine killed by north korean artillery. it is one of the gravest incidents since the korean war that ended in 1953. the latest was on a tiny south korean island seven miles from north korean shores. >> i think i'm alive because i did not turn around. >> reporter: the university of san francisco professor patrick hatcher say there is a lot going on behind the scenes to keep the koreas from overreacting. >> there >> pressure from washington and tokyo. to try and keep the level of hostilities within bounds. >> reporter: bruce kim was one of veterans calling for a
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peaceful resolution. >> north korea should apologize and take responsibility right now. >> reporter: the response was very different in north korea. >> the south korean puppets should know well the way the people's army works is to respond to fire with fire. >> reporter: the carrier heading to korean waters to participate in long-planned join military exercises with south korea. more than 28,000 u.s. troops are stationed in south korea. president obama offered his condolences today and said the united states will stand shoulder to shoulder with south korea. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. madison winn has been tapped as the new vice mayor. she will succeed judy cher ko is completing her final term on the city council.
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typically the vice mayor runs council meetings and represents the city when the mayor is not available. the council is expected to approve her on the 25th. black friday is the traditional start to the holiday shopping season. but frantic and hectic is describing the last-minute shopping at grocery stores. and amber lee has the report. >> reporter: we are in nob hill foods and there are still customers in line. the day before thanksgiving is one of the busiest of the year. >> this the turkey. hopefully it will defrost in time. >> reporter: the frantic last minute search for the ingredients for the thanksgiving meal makes today one of the busiest days of the year in supermarkets. for some the down to the wire grocery shopping is part of the tradition. >> are you always a last-minute
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person? >> yeah usually. >> reporter: are you having difficulty finding what you need? >> no. >> reporter: this shopper told us the last-minute rush is tempered by what this holiday means, giving thanks. >> i was laid off and then hired back to work. so i was hired back to the company i am grateful to have my job and to be working. >> it is $117. >> reporter: in a nearby city, this store was packed with people. shoppers are more conscious about what they are spending. the american farm bureau federation says that the average meal costs $0.56 more than last year. most shopperses say their financial situation has not improved but they are thankful. >> we have our health and we have people in our lives that make it worthwhile. you realize what is important. >> we made less money and less
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came in but i am thankful. we are in much better shape than i know a lot of friends and family members. >> out there is really hard right now. happy to -- to have this job. >> you are all set. happy thanksgiving. thank you. >> reporter: workers are restocking the shelves. and for the first time this chain will be open on thanksgiving day, tomorrow. but they will be closing early at 3:00 p.m. reporting live in walnut creek, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. is it a holiday tradition that unfortunately seems to be needed every year, feeding those who are less fortunate. at st. anthony's foundation in the tenderloin people dropped off turkeys and other donations today. st. anthony's is seeing an increase in the homeless and working poor. so far it has been able to help. >> st. anthony's is always there and people are there for
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us. and people are showing even when they are feeling the pinch they know others are feeling it more. >> reporter: at the salvation army, a friendly competition got the work of carving turkeys accomplished. the winners are the recipients of the meals. this friday ktvu kicks off the coat drive called one warm coat. ktvu personalities will be out at four locations to take your donations, the ferry building, bay street, and santana row in san jose and broadway plaza. we hope you stop by with a warm coat. and the freeze warning for the second night in a row is in effect. a frost advisory for the rest of bay area. just because you are not covered in this freeze warning, listen it is will freezing at your house. and some of us especially in
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the southern livermore valley you can get freezing and a hard phrase with temperatures below freezing for a couple hours. clear and cool tomorrow with a chance of a shower as we head into saturday. in napa it is 36 degrees and 34 in napa. you know it will be cold tonight. san jose, 40 degrees right now. the overnight lows forecast to, with as cool as last night at least. when i come back we will pinpoint the forecast highs tomorrow and i have rain to talk about in the weekend. i'll show you the models. retailers and consumers are gearing up for black friday. outside best buy, derrick love of oakland is already camping out. he is waiting for a sale that starts at 5:00 friday morning. not tomorrow morning, friday morning. he plans to buy a $600 laptop on sale for $350. as of 9:00 tonight he was still
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the only person waiting outside that store. some retailers are for the first time open on thanksgiving day. sears will be open from 7:00 a.m. to noon. and k-mart from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. wal-mart says only the 24 hours stores will be open tomorrow. and toys-r-us will be open at 10:00 p.m. raw nerves and an explosion that is unsolved. the possibility that is raising concerns. you might be temped to come to the woods for your holiday meal mushroom. you want to watch this story. it could save your life.
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in los angeles, firefighters have knocked down a fire that ripped through a commercial building. the fire engulfed the structure and caused the roof to collapse. flames and thick clouds of
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smoke filled the air as 150 firefighters tackled the fire. one was sent to the hospital for possible heat exhaustion. falling temperatures raise the demand nor natural gas and pg&e are thinking of increasing pressure in pipelines parallel to the one that exploded in san bruno. does that mean more risk in some people who live near the pipelines are worried. >> reporter: this couple has little concern about cooking their thanksgiving meal but big worries about what is its a short distance from their kitchen. >> the pipe is 15 feet east of our rear property line and i don't know that i am safe. >> reporter: jerry hill took us behind the home to show us where line 101 runs. >> right through here. goes right up to that other
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part. >> reporter: it is four feet underground and one of three natural gas transmission lines that serve 1 million customers on the peninsula. and now pg&e is considering raising the pressure in two lines to meet demand and it may do so before the final word on what caused september's explosion. >> ignorance is dangerous in this case. >> reporter: the danger is for another explosion like this one. >> it is important to me that they be responsible in this and not increase that pressure. there are other ways and alternatives i believe that can meet the needs of the gas customers over the next month or so. >> reporter: hill favors conservation. pg&e is running gas at 20% below the max pressure allowed. >> we are in a process of an assessment and we will not raise the pressure on any of the pipelines serving the
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peninsula until the assessments are complete. >> reporter: that brings some comfort to -- to this resident. >> i don't want it to raise until they can tell us that it is safe to do so. >> reporter: pg&e has no time line for when the assessment will be completed but says soon. a report is expected by the end of the year. pleasonton police say people there need to be careful as a mountain lion may be venturing into the eastern part of the city. a dead deer was found yesterday. the deer was killed by a mountain lion. people should avoid running or jogging alone in rural areas especially during darkness. i took a chance that what i remembered was correct. and i lost. >> a warning tonight about dangerous and deadly mushrooms and the treatment that is offering hope to those who make
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a mistake. and a follow up to our special report on synthetic marijuana. how the dda is taking action.
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[trumpet playing "reveille" throughou let's support the small business owners getting our economy booming with the first ever small business saturday. on november 27th, shop small. it's going to be huge. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence
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is it an annual occurrence and comes with a promise of help for those who pick and eat the wrong kinds of mushroom. now a new treatment is being tested at a santa cruz hospital. health and science editor john fowler has tonight's special report. >> reporter: recent rains have the woods busy. with people chasing that unmistakable wild taste possibly for tomorrow's big meal. >> it is that time of year when you start to hunt them and we have choice mushrooms. because you are excited about
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finding them you have to be careful. >> reporter: tim was not careful. >> woke up six hours later with severe diarrhea and vomiting. which was the beginning of the poisoning. >> reporter: he had eaten this nicknamed the death cap. mistaking it for a common edible variety. a neighbor who saw a sample said something he can never forget. >> you are either going to die or you will need a transplant. you must go right now to the hospital. >> reporter: he nearly did die. against all odds he got a liver transplant in time but now he has to take expensive medicines for life. >> i took a chance that what i remembered was correct and i lost. >> reporter: mushroom expert lee says it happens every year. >> they go on a foray like this and they gather mushrooms.
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>> reporter: he says inexperienced pickers don't check with an expert. this mushroom is good. so is this one. these will make you very sick. >> there is enough look alikes that makes it difficult sometimes to identify the edible ones. >> reporter: and bay area forests this time of year there could be three or four thousand different kinds of mushrooms. some are edible like this ones but others which may look similar could kill you. >> these patients tend to deteriorate, get very sick and can die very, very quickly. >> reporter: some mushrooms company a toxin that destroys liver and kidney cells at breathtaking speed. vomiting and diarrhea concentrate the poison. a misdiagnosis of food poisoning delays help. there is no agreed upon
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treatment and severe i will poisoned people die. dr. mitchell hopes to change that. >> we think it is life saving. >> reporter: spin can hospital in santa cruz is the center for a new study on this drug from europe that somehow blocks the toxin. along with forced iv fluids and draining bile, mitchell says it has saved a dozen lives in the last three years. >> it is something that can be -- that is applicable to any community hospital setting. >> reporter: dominican's pharmacy has a stockpile available in hours to any u.s. hospital requesting it buzz it does not mean that mushroom hunters can relax. >> it is not a do it yourself home hobby. >> if it is a toxic one you can
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get sick. >> reporter: experienced mushroomers have a saying, if in doubt throw it out. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. tonight just two weeks after ktvu's special report on synthetic marijuana products, the dea is making it illegal to possess the products. the synthetic pot is made by spraying plants with chemicals that mimic fhc. the ban is scheduled to remain in effect for at least one year as the feds try to determine if the chemicals should be banned. the food and drug administration said today energy drinks containing alcohol will be off the shelves by mid december. the fda issued warning letters to four companies this month. the combination of caffeine and alcohol can lead to car accidents, alcohol poisoning and assault. at least four states have
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banned those drinks. tom delay once one of the most powerful republicans in congress has been convicted of money laundering in texas. the former house majority leader was found guilty of funneling corporate money to candidates in texas in 2002. he is expected to be sentenced on december 20th and faces life in prison. the man convicts of torturing a teenager in tracy tonight insists he is innocent anthony waiters talked about the charge of hitting the boy with a bat. >> a 300-pound man swinging a bat that many times, he is going to be [ inaudible ] dna is going to be left on the -- that bat. there wareporter: he says he do hate the teen. he was found guilty on nine
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counts and faces a possible life sentence. he is the only one of four defendants to stand trial. social networking giant facebook is closer to trademarking face for online communities. the u.s. patent office is giving them a notice of allowance. that gives facebook six months to prove it uses the trademark. at this point there have been no objections. if granted the trademark only applies to telecommunication services such as chat rooms and bulletin boards. the u.s. government has decided what fuel economy to put on the chevy volt. it will get three ratings. one is 37 miles to the gallon on gas alone. 60-miles a gallon when it uses gas and electricity. and finally there is a 93-mile
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per hour -- gallon figure for using the batteries alone. that is the equivalent of getting 93 miles on a gallon of gas. a batch of positive economic reports sent stocks up today. americans are earning and spending more, raisings hopes at the start of the holiday shopping season. the dow jumped 150 points. the nasdaq gained 48. a light earthquake in the south bay. we'll have details after the break. >> and we are tracking the cold temperatures. a freeze warning in effect. i will show you which days will be the coldest and talking about rain for the weekend. two young marines are thankful to be back in the bay area tonight. one earned two purple hearts in one day in afghanistan. we'll have the live report.
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some developing news tonight. south bay residents are calling to report an earthquake. and we checked with the u.s. geographical survey with -- and they are saying it was a 3.2. i was centered east southeast of the allen rock area. we have been in contact with
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officials. no word of damage and it is unlikely that a quake that small would produce in damage. police have arrested four men in connection with robberies at bart stations. a 23-year-old was arrested on saturday at the montgomery street bart station in san francisco. james was wanted in a series of robberies at that station and has been charged with four counts of robbery. three other men were arrested on monday after they threatened to beat up a man. investigator says the victim got away and told authorities. those three suspects are facing attempted robbery charges. an attempt by peta is meeting resistance. they want to show a scan of a scantily clad woman with a message that says be proud of
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your body go vegan. the mendocino county sheriff says the body of a missing kayaker has been found. donnie foster was reported missing after going kayaking in the bay. his body was found near big river. the 56-year-old man was in mendocino with his wife for thanksgiving. an autopsy is needed to determine the exact cause of death. in news of the world tonight, in london british students staged protests that led to confrontations with police. they are angry about plans to triple tuition fees to $14,000 a year as part of measures to reduce the country's deficits. demonstrations were held in university cities in addition to london. in cambodia there were tributes left at the scene of a deadly sam speed on monday. the death toll is 347. not all of the bodies have been
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identified. relatives have to check photos. investigator say as many as 8,000 people were on the bridge and panicked when it started to sway. in mexico, police paraded a gang leader before cameras today. he had taken over a car -- tell after its leader was arrested three months ago. and the mexican government announced it will send more troops to the boarder with the u.s. in response to a surge in drug violence. what we were up against was pretty much guerrilla warfare. >> they survived a punishing attack overseas. a heroes' homecoming for two marines. and bill martin have -- will have your forecast and tell us how cold it will get in your neighborhood coming up.
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two young marines have special reason to be thankful this thanksgiving. they just arrived home from the battlefield in afghanistan with remarkable stories of survival. they shared what this holiday means to them with ken wayne and he joins us live with a report. >> reporter: the pride is evident here. the party wrapped up within the hour in this home for two young marines just back from the war zone in afghanistan. [applause ]. >> reporter: it was a heroes' welcome for thomas brook and jake henry. they got warm embraces and their own escort from patriot guards. 56 harley-davidsons escorted the men to walnut creek. and a warm reception from friends and neighbors glad to
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see the two men home and out of harm's way. it is a bit of culture shock for the marines. >> 20 days ago i was in afghanistan. and now i am thrown back into america. i will have my friends and family around and that will help. >> reporter: the men told us about their experience in southern afghanistan. >> what we were up against was pretty much guerrilla warfare. >> reporter: jake was wounded twice on the same day. >> i was shot in the leg while on a patrol. >> reporter: on the way back to base they were hit with an ied. a fellow marine was killed and three wounded. two of jake's things were severed. and he walks with a cane. >> got a little banged up and trying to get back on the move. >> reporter: jake is from wyoming but spending thanksgiving with his buddy's family. they have become his second
10:48 pm
family. >> you we met in the marine corps. >> he lived and worked with me every day in those three and a half years and he is my brother as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: a thanksgiving to be truly thankful. >> i can't imagine anything more special. is it unreal. >> reporter: thomas and jake are finished with their active duty and tomorrow i will that be joined by four more marines for thanksgiving dinner. 16 marines in all who can appreciate what the meaning of tomorrow is all about. ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. and during to -- the procession two motorcycles collided and our camera caught the other cycles stopping to help. one suffered a broken leg and caller bone and is being held overnight in hospital. and the other biker was treated at the scene. this happened on northbound 680
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tonight. the thanksgiving weekend and plenty of fresh snow in the sierra made for a long and slow drive up to the mountains. drivers headed up to the sierra were able to read a book or take a cat nap on eastbound i- 80. one trucker said it took an hour to go one mile to blue canyon. >> we have been here for about an hour stopped. >> oh, man. and for those who made it up to the slopes there is a ton of fresh snow for skiing and snowboarding. it the biggest november storm in years is making a great start to this season. it is cold out there. santa rosa, 34 degrees. there was a small earthquake down in the santa clara valley. don't be concerned with the speed of the waves coming off
10:50 pm
it. but a 3.2 is pretty small. and that is about where it was epicenterred. a small one. the forecast in the jr. cold. the overnight lows in the 20s in the cold spots. 30 in fairfield. a freeze warning for the second night in a row and temperatures on the cool side into friday morning. it started with this low pressure center that came in and wet for a wet last weekend. showers and snow in the mountains and the cold air stuck around. it sticks around tomorrow and friday morning. it would stick around longer but there is rain out there. and when the rain gets here it will warm up and the wind will scour out the cool air. the daytime highs in the 50s. warmer tomorrow than today. the temperatures will be cold. the daytime highs tomorrow, san jose in the low to mid-50s. a computer model spits out the numbers. a cool day.
10:51 pm
you will be wearing jackets most of the day. the frost advisory extends to san jose. there were cities today and maybe in your backyard where temperatures didn't get out of the mid-40s. that is, you know, a week ago that was an overnight low. the highs in the 40s. here's the rain i'm talking about. not on thursday, not on friday. but on friday night it shows up. the winds start to go southerly and we get sprinkles saturday morning and afternoon and then it is gone. it is a nonevent. it will be here a short amount of time. forecast highs like this. 53 in concord. warmer than they were today. you are out of the 40s. it is about four degrees warm than today. the five-day forecast with a lot of snow in the mountains and cold air out there right now. and sunshine for your thanksgiving day. the weather will be outstanding
10:52 pm
and beautiful. friday is beautiful. clouds and showers on saturday. and snow in the mountains. and sunday is a coming home travel day and the weather eat. >> the showers on saturday look like an all day thing? >> a morning or 1:00 and 2:00 and the rapid clearing in the afternoon and breezy after that. >> thanks, bill. sports is next.
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time for sports. mark's here. and i know there is a long season left but the warriors are sinking fast. >> ouch. talk about sinking. if the new ownership group would like to make a big splash now might be a good time to do something because the only time sinking is the new purchase. is it too soon for buyer's remorse. yao ming injured for houston on the sidelines. montae ellis steal and seal the deal but 18 from him. curry on the boards and he will go the distance. 21 points for him. but houston had it handled. no size for the warriors with lee out of there. scola doing the dirty work for the rockets. 24 points and 12 rebounds.
10:56 pm
boy it had the look of one of those nightmare games we have seen from the sharks. a two-goal lead and they let it get away, not to be tonight. they fly right late doing something they couldn't do in the finals in the spring, beat the blackhawks. 30 saves against his old team. danny heatley in front scoring for the sharks. his eighth goal and they are out of -- to a 1-0 lead against the champs. a power play situation. and that is joe with a up with- timer. 3-1 sharks but chicago cut it to 3-2. but marlowe open ice here he says not this evening number you don't. his ninth of the year right there. 5-2, your final. the only thing worse than bad is boring. and the 49ers manage to hit the daily double on that account
10:57 pm
last sunday against tampa. for those who thought that troy smith would drop in out of a nfl netherworld and be joe montana the second, forget that notion. nobody more aware of a pro quarterback's learning curve is smith himself. >> the position of quarterback is every involvement. it is going to be games to where you have the ability to break contain and make plays and then there will be games you have to work in tight quarters. obviously tampa bay did some different things and point well taken that the teams are going to do different things. we take it overseas. soccer fans renowned for their passion. fans of any sport can relate to this incident. that the messy booting it home against the team from greece. as you watch the replay of things we will spotlight messy and a fan comes out of the
10:58 pm
stands and lets him know i didn't appreciate you scoring against my team and he is hauled off. >> he got far out there on the field. >> and a happy thanksgiving to you. >> good night, everyone.
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