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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 25, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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news. good morning. it's thursday november 25th. happy thanksgiving. i'm tori campbell. >> and good morning. i'm kraig debro. pam cook and dave clark have the day off today. quick look at the weather and traffic. happy thanksgiving, steve. thank you. clear skies. cold morning. lots of 30s. still a breeze for some and upper 20s. highs not much change from yesterday. days are very short angled. sun getting lower and lower. sunshine but temperatures below average. here's a look at your east shore freeway with not too many folks on the roadways this morning. probably due to the holiday. and near 880 everything looking good so far. 5:00 on the nose. tori, kraig. thank you, tara. we see it every year. but the event highlights the family that is have fallen through the cracks and the people that sacrifice to serve
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them on thanksgiving. jade hernandez is live at the salvation army this morning in san francisco with a live report on a local tradition. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. and happy thanksgiving to you. nearly 5,000 meals will be delivered today. we're here where they're doing some final preps. you can see right here this is a vat of gravy. it smells so good in here this morning. the salvation army continues once again its tradition in sponsoring the thanksgiving meal delivery program. there's a lot of food which goes into making so many meals. more than 150 turkeys, stuffing, green beans, potatoes and cranberry sauce. you can only imagine what it smells like in here this morning. kelly from the salvation army joins us. thank you, major, for coming out and talking with us. we were here yesterday for the annual turkey carve off. there's a lot of action. >> fabulous. fabulous. see a good several dozen turkeys on the table being cut at any one time with the support of the police department and fire department and other folks that came out
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and helped us get the turkeys ready for today. super. >> reporter: it's very important to have as many volunteers and as many people donate as they do every year. talk about this year. how's it been for the salvation army? >> the salvation army is able to pull off this event today with about 500 volunteer who is come out and help with a number of different things. it's an important opportunity for the residents in this facility. this is a drug and alcohol facility. they're very active as part of the prep with the packages and then we've got volunteer who is come in especially to help us drive and deliver out these meals. it's one on one delivery to get these meals out this morning. >> reporter: talk about those deliveries. we were talking about nearly 5,000 meals that go out. how do you do it all? >> they've got detailed route list. we've got great young man in charge of putting that together. he's really broken it down specifically. they've got quite a routine. folks go out with a package might be 12 or 20 or 25 meals and individually take those
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into each of those rooms where the residents are living. >> reporter: thank you so much. we're live at the harper lights center. this is inside the kitchen this morning. they're finishing their final preps. and those deliveries will be made later this morning. more on this coming up. live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. some homeless shelters in the south bay are opening early because of the cold weather. santa clara county declared a state of emergency because of freezing temperatures. the reception center in san jose set up 125 emergency shelter beds and opening early this year. the shelter usually opens on the monday after thanksgiving. beds will be awarded on a lottery basis. >> when everybody's out there sleeping we're out there riding a 22 in the cold. >> 22 being a bus liner. >> right. i'm not the only one that does it. the whole bus is full of homeless people trying to get in and out of the cold. so with this opening up today, that's a big help. >> an estimated 7,000 homeless
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people live in santa clara county. the national guard armories in gill roy and sunny vale also opening their doors. opening from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day through the end of march. located at the 8940 ren avenue. this morning big stores getting a head start on black friday on this thanksgiving day. for the first time sears will be open today from 7:00 a.m. until noon. k mart will be open from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. wal-mart says only its 24 hour stores will be open today. and toys r us will be open at 10:00 tonight. ktvu's claudine wong joins us live from outside a best buy in emeryville which opens tomorrow. good morning, claudine, happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you too, kraig. good morning on this thanksgiving day there are a couple stores open. best buy is not one of them. but that hasn't stopped people from coming and camping out
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across the bay area. we have been keeping an eye on this guy who is in this tent asleep. we're going to let him sleep because it's freezing out here. we've been watching him for the past two days because he has the coveted spot of being first in line although he's the only one in line. inside that tent is a man named derek love. he's from oakland. he's got his eye on a computer. and he is willing to sleep literally overnight for four nights to get it. >> $600 laptop. i'm getting it for like $350. really good deal. >> reporter: it's a good deal. you're looking at video now now from another best buy. we know the crowds are coming. they come every year. and when the doors open there's a huge push to get inside because there's a limited number of computers and tvs.
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derek will get his computer at his $350 price. over the four days he's only saving about $60 a day. that's dedication if you are looking for a great deal. now as we said, there are stores open this morning. you don't have to wait overnight. you can go this morning. k mart is one of them. it opens in about an hour. we're going to head over there and tell you what we find there coming up on the morning news. live in emeryville, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 5:05. tomorrow is the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. but many local grocery stores were packed with shoppers yesterday on black wednesday. they say the day before thanksgiving is one of their busiest of the year. there were many shoppers out, they say they are watching how much they spend. the american farm bureau federation says the price of a classic thanksgiving meal costs 56 cents more than last year. most shoppers say even though the financial situation has not improved, there's still plenty to be thankful for.
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>> we made less money and therefore less came in. but i feel very thankful. we're in much better shape than i know a lot of friends, family members. >> for the first time knob hill food stores will be open today. but they'll close early at 3:00 p.m. triple a estimates 4.7 million californians will hit the highway during this long holiday weekend. that's an 11% increase over last year. the four day thanksgiving weekend is a maximum enforcement weekend for the chp. officers will be out watching for anyone who gets behind the wheel after having too much to drink. chp will team up with many local police departments and setting up drunk driving check points. >> show signs of impairment will be screened just ahead of our bus over here. and field sobriety tests will be administered there. >> the maximum enforcement weekend will continue right up until late sunday night. didn't see any police officers on the road this morning coming to work.
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didn't see a lot of people at all actually as a matter of fact. let's check in with tara right now. probably a little early but we may see some people out and about in a little bit heading to grandma's house. >> that's a popular destination today. everything looking good right now on the roadways. that is the great news. pretty good. take a look right now at one of our cameras here. this is the east shore freeway. traffic on the right hand side northbound towards berkeley and on the left no problems to report. at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see not too many folks out there either. that's great. and 280 near san jose traffic on the right northbound as you make your way toward highway 17 no problems to report. 5:08. here's steve. thank you, tara. >> you're welcome, steve. >> any time. clear, cold, still a hint of a breeze. temperatures actually for a few are running slightly warmer. mainly north bay than they were yesterday. relatively speaking. it's still cold. but there are a few that have dipped into the upper 20s. everything continues to drop out of the north. the system right there will
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give us rain. not showers, rain. but it's a cold morning. cold then sunny and cool. highs it's tough to warm up this time of year. it really is. the days are so short. 29 concord and livermore. the city's at 45. san francisco needs to get to 42 to tie a record low. i think that goes back to 1892. oakland airport that's a record 34. the old record was 36. palo alto, san jose, i don't think they'll get there. still cold. speaking of cold, 8 below in tahoe. 8 below. reno at 10. for those who say thank you for mentioning el co. 29 sacramento. that's very cold for them. and 37 all the way down to santa maria and santa barbara. that's cold. you can see everything just the flow goes from north to south. so that has ushered in some of that cool, cool air and that system coming in right there looking better with time. that's going to give us good rain by the weekend and maybe a
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couple other feet of snow in the sierra. staying cool. sunny and breezy. freeze warning out until 8:00. 50s on the highs. not much change from yesterday. and we'll have another cold morning. then mostly fair on friday. then cloudy in the morning. and then rain comes in. pretty good rain now looking like on saturday. it will clear out sunday morning. then monday and tuesday look good. then another rain system next week. okay. thank you very much, steve. 5:10. the verdict is in for an ex- member of congress. find out how much time behind bars a former republican leader known as the hammer could receive from a judge. and many people don't even know it exists. the one of a kind security command center at sfo and how it's being used to stop trouble before it starts. the controversy about the tough new security screening at the airport has renewed interests in a trusted traveler program. i'll show you what it is and why some say it just won't work coming up. traffic along the san mateo
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bridge looking good at this hour. more on your thanksgiving day commute coming up.
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we've been warning about the growing frustration over security at the airports. now members of congress are calling for a more dignified approach to security. allison burns reports it could be more screening before
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passengers even get to the airport. >> reporter: these days everyone who tries to get on a plane at major airports gets treated like a potential terrorist. that means virtual strip search or aggressive pat down and a lot of passengers are not happy about it. >> i don't think it's necessary. i think it's intrusive. it may change my mind about flying altogether. >> reporter: what if you could skip the scanning and groping and go through a background check instead? the security backlash has some business travel groups and members of congress calling for a trusted traveler program. it would give passengers who pass a background check a biometric id card to bypass the more hands on security screening. >> that way get through the airport a little faster and save some time. that's what it's about. >> reporter: this is not a new idea. the tsa tried a trusted traveler program a few years ago, but in the end officials didn't trust it would keep terrorists off planes. >> trusted traveler program is based on the idea that we can figure out who good guys are
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and who bad guys are. >> reporter: he's an adviser to the department of homeland security and says it's just too difficult to id a potential threat. >> what kind of biography does it take to figure out who's good and who's bad and what if someone switches from good to bad after the time you sign them up for your program? >> reporter: questions taking on new urgency as the feds face increasing passenger to stop treating everyone like a high risk. reporting from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. it's 5:14. body scanners and pat down searches are a controversial subject this holiday season. but there's a lot more to airport security than meets the eye. ktvu news got an inside look at sfo's communication center. it is the only center of its kind in the entire world. 1500 cameras give security workers a close look at what's happening inside and outside the airport. and those cameras can track cars even before they arrive at
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sfo. >> before they're off the freeway we're tracking their cars in because we have to look for any suspicious vehicles coming into the airport. anything in the perimeter of the airport, inside the airport, being monitored at all times. >> sfo's communication center has been in place for more than three years. many veteran air travelers don't even know it exists. tom delay could spend the rest of his life behind bars. yesterday a jury in texas convicted him on charges he illegally funneled corporate money to political candidates in 2002. prosecutors say the money laundering conviction proves no one is above the law. he says he's innocent and plans to appeal. the former republican leader once the most powerful and feared members of congress. congressional contest is all but over. appears mcnerney has won his re- election bid against republican challenger. latest numbers show mcnerney with 2400 more votes than harmer and the associated press reports there are fewer than
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1900 ballots left to be counted. even so, harmer has not conceded and the secretary of state not expected to confirm until tuesday. if mcnerney was the winner that means no california congressional seat changed party hands in the election earlier this month. a holiday tradition continues in san jose this morning. it's the annual silicon valley turkey trot which begins at san jose's guadeloupe river park. nearly 15,000 people are expected to participate in this year's event which benefits three local charities. the silicon valley technology company applied materials is the sponsor. there will be both 5k and 10k runs featuring world class athletes as well as celebrity ceos and government officials in the chilly weather. tomorrow ktvu kicks off annual holiday coat drive. it's called one warm coat. ktvu personalities will be at four bay area locations to take your donations. san francisco's ferry building,
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broadway plaza in walnut creek, bay street in emeryville and san anna row in san jose. they'll be out until 6:00 p.m. hope you stop by with a warm coat. let's -- 5:17 now. tara in for sal. highway 4, highway 24, usually busy. maybe not this early, but usually busy later on. how are they this morning, tara? >> looking good. but we want to mention off the chp website they're letting us know about a high wind advisory for the bay bridge. campers and trailers not advised to use it. and chain requirements in the tahoe area. that's good news. right now take a look at the east bay. highway 4 through bay point. we want to mention the eastbound connector to highway 4 in hercules is closed until 6:00 this morning because of construction. highway 24 through lafayette traffic on the right hand side there is westbound as you make your way toward the scald cot tunnel. 280 at the 880 interchange pretty dark out there.
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not a lot of folks out there. everybody still sleeping. here's steve. thank you very much. right out of the north we continue to get this cold air funneling in. still a little puff of a breeze for many that's preventing us from dropping even any colder. if we had very still calm conditions we'd see lower 20s. that's not the case. mainly upper 20s and 30s. system here coming in saturday looking better and better. not only rain for us but more snow in the sierra made it a couple feet. more on that tomorrow. cold morning and sunny and cool 50s. that's it. one of those patterns where it's warmer by the coast than inland because inland temperatures drop so far. things rather crazy across the good old u.s. of a. snow starting to work its way in to the pacific northwest. a little in seattle. still cold but not as brutally cold as it was a couple days ago. snow in the northern plains from bismarck to minneapolis. that pink is freezing rain. that's starting to develop around oklahoma city in that pink there. which is where i was born.
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tanker air force base. that's what my father tells me. you and the dog both cost $25. that's his favorite joke. rain makes it up to the northeast and then some of that rain is turning to freezing precipitation then snow. the deep south you're all right. 33 san raphael and napa. 35 wind tail off down to 31. bouncing around low 30s. our observer in west santa rosa at 30. they need to dip to about 25. that's not going to happen i don't think. the oakland airport has set a record low 34. palo alto now 32. livermore 29 and then breeze kicked in. they went up a degree. not much. sacramento 29. that is cold for sacramento. lake tahoe 8 below. reno 10. and 33 down in las vegas with monterey at 37. monterey set a record low yesterday at 34. everything's fine today except cold. very cold. and then we'll have sunshine. this system though look at that. it's really going to sweep in
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and give us some good rain on saturday. looks like it will be a fast mover. but if you are heading to the mountains today or tomorrow get up there because this will be a pretty good snow maker as well. staying on the cool side after a cold morning with the freeze warning. then 50s on the highs. 53 vallejo. 52 to 53, 54 should cover it for everybody. cold again friday morning. increasing clouds late. cloudy saturday morning. mountain bikers might want to go friday because it will be too muddy by saturday. get up there. dried out with the wind and cold. clearing on sunday. and then sunny on monday. european markets opened the day with gains following the lead of most major asian benchmarks. japan's closed up half a percent with taiwan, singapore showing fractional increases. world markets have shaken off most of the concerns building tension of north and south korea. investors seem to focus on mostly positive economic
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reports out yesterday on unemployment, consumer confidence and personal income. and that certainly helped u.s. markets have a strong day yesterday. when the markets closed dow up 150. nasdaq up 48. s&p 500 up 17. all the u.s. markets are closed today for thanksgiving. the new york stock exchange and nasdaq will hold short sessions tomorrow. this morning ford motor opened 40 new dealerships in china and will open another 26 before the end of the year. that will bring the total to 340 ford dealerships across china. like other car makers ford is looking to emerging markets for growth lost in the u.s., canada and europe. the automaker is forecasting record sales in china this year and expects 70% of its growth to come from asia and africa in the next decade. the fda announced energy drinks containing alcohol must be off store shelves by the middle of next month.
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the fda sent out warning letters to the companies that make them. the agency says those drinks are unsafe and could lead to car accidents, alcohol poisoning and assaults. at least four states have already banned those drinks. it is 5:22. many skiers and snow borders heading to the snow country on this thanksgiving day. we just checked on road conditions. and the main highways linking bay area to the lake tahoe area. we'll tell you what they're like right now. and two marines just back here from afghanistan have an extra reason to be especially thankful today. a look at 101 through san francisco. traffic looking good at this hour. more on your thursday morning commute coming up.
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good morning. it's cold out there. we have freeze warning out. temperatures though mainly in the 30s. there are a few 20s. 24 up in boulder creek. end up with sunshine today. highs of very low to maybe few mid-50s. thanks, steve. 5:26. skiers and snow boarders already headed up to the sierra on this thanksgiving day. when they do they can expect a slow drive to the lake tahoe area. right now no chain requirements on interstate 80 or highway 50. but heavy snow has been falling for the past several days and traffic on the mountain highways has been very slow. we talked to one frustrated truck driver near blue canyon yesterday. >> it's been like this all day
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long. >> we've been here for about an hour stopped. >> those who make it up to the snow can enjoy great skiing and snow boarding. resort owners say the biggest november storm in years has created a great start to the season. 5:26. two young marines have a special reason to be thankful this thanksgiving. it was a hero's welcome for corporal and his buddy lance corporal jake henry who are just back from the war zone in afghanistan. their warm reception at the oakland airport followed by an escort to walnut creek behind 56 harley davidsons. party soon followed which seemed to be a culture shock for the marines. >> 20 days ago i was in afghanistan and i've been thrown back into america. it's different adapting to everything. but i'll have my friends and family around me. that will help a lot. >> i can't imagine anything more special. it's unreal. >> jake who is wounded is from wyoming but is spending this
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thanksgiving with his buddy's family who have now become his second family. they'll be joined by four more marines later today for thanksgiving dinner. special thanksgiving message from president obama. what he's calling on americans to do this holiday season. freeze warnings issued in the bay area this morning. how some shelters are trying to make sure everyone has a warm place to spend thanksgiving. plus the unsolved case of the hayward father gunned down in front of his teenage daughter. how he's being remembered a year later and what police are saying about the investigation. no delays on the golden gate bridge but we have an accident on the east shore freeway to tell you about coming up in traffic.
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welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's november 25th. i'm kraig debro. >> and i'm tori campbell. dave and pam have the morning off. we're looking at a lot of low 30s and some 20s. but there's a hint of a breeze keeping temperatures up a little. a lot of low maybe few mid-50s. all right. thanks, steve. this is a look at the 880 near the oakland coliseum. traffic looking good in both directions. we do have an injury accident at emeryville that we want to mention here. this is on eastbound 80 at
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university avenue. a two car crash. one lane is blocked. there is a lot of debris on the roadway. a tow truck is on the scene removing the cars. definitely want to mention that take it slowly through that area. 5:31. back to the desk. 5:31. once again volunteers across the bay area are helping to feed the needy on this thanksgiving day. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us with this live report from salvation army headquarters in san francisco. good morning again, jade. happy thanksgiving to you. >> reporter: good morning and happy thanksgiving to you as well. who takes care of dinner for those who can't leave their homes or don't have family nearby? we can tell you the salvation army does. they take care of those people. and nearly 5,000 dinners are delivered this morning. i want you to take a look at something pretty amazing. look at all this classic corn bread stuffing mix. this is what goes into making all of those meals. this is a very calculated operation. nearly 5,000 meals are delivered in about an hour and
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a half later this morning. we're live as the salvation army continues once again its tradition of fostering what's called the thanksgiving meal delivery program. there's a lot of food which goes into so many meals. more than 150 turkeys. you're taking a look at the gravy right there. stuffing, green beans, potatoes and cranberry sauce. those meals are delivered to those who can't leave their homes. hundreds of volunteers gather to deliver every year those meals. as special as it is for the volunteers to be part of this, it may be more special for those here at the harbor lights center. the center provides substance abuse services. every year the meals are prepared right here at the harbor lights kitchen. it's pretty amazing. yesterday the salvation army held what's called a turkey carve off. it looked like friendly competition between police, fire, coast guard and navy personnel. all of those who participated yesterday sliced up the more than 100 turkeys used today. as i mention this is a very calculated operation. when i say that i really mean
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it because the delivery takes place between 8:00 and 9:30 this morning. if you can imagine nearly 5,000 meals being distributed within an hour and a half. now there is one little issue this morning. there is a shortage of drivers. so if you have a couple of hours or an hour of your time you can spare this morning show up here at ninth and harrison or call the volunteer coordinator this morning. 415-238-5405. or as i mentioned show up here at ninth and harrison at 8:00 a.m. this morning. that's when they'll be heading out. now at this time of year there's always the need for some extra donations. coming up at 6:00 we're going to have more from the salvation army's executive director. he's going to explain how you can help. and you can help from home. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the cold snap caused some homeless shelters open early this year. not everybody who shows up is actually going to get a bed.
5:35 am
we're in san jose to tell you why. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the need for a warm bed and shelters like this one is great. and there just aren't enough beds to go around. so santa clara county health officials say they'll issue bed space on a lottery basis. right now you're looking at the dining room of the reception center shelter in san jose. and if we pan over to the kitchen here you can see there are about 30 volunteers busy preparing a thanksgiving morning breakfast for the 180 people who spent the night in this emergency shelter. this shelter and another one like it at the gill roy armory opened five days early precisely because of the bitter cold outside. according to census data there are about 7,000 homeless people in santa clara county. and at any given time just 1,000 emergency shelter beds available. >> it's an emergency. it's like a gnash real disaster. when people on the streets and it's 25 degrees i don't see how they're going to survive and a lot of them do die over time
5:36 am
due to that exposure. >> when everybody else is sleeping we're out there riding the 22 in the cold. >> reporter: 22 being a bus liner. >> right. and i'm not the only one that does it. the whole bus is full of homeless people trying to get in and out of the cold. so with this opening up today it was a big help. >> reporter: when you talk about a state of emergency, that's exactly what santa clara county officials had to do. they had to declare a state of emergency because of the cold weather in order to get the shelters open five days ahead of schedule. now another armory shelter in sunny vale is scheduled to open later on today. and, again, starting at 6:30 this morning some of the people in this shelter actually all 180 people in this shelter will start coming into the dining room for breakfast. again, there are about 30 volunteer who is have dedicated their entire morning. they've been here for the past several hours cooking and preparing the meals for some of the shelter recipients. we'll check back with you at 6:30 when people start coming in and having thanksgiving
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breakfast. live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. 5:36. this thanksgiving president obama's calling on americans to help tomorrow -- to help make tomorrow better. >> this is not the hardest thanksgiving america's ever faced, but as long as many members of our american family are hurting, we've got to look out for one another. >> in his weekly address, the president says we need to support those serving overseas and keep the economy moving forward. on tuesday the president will meet with congressional leaders from both parties. he says the two parties need to work together to make progress on the issues. 5:37. san francisco district attorney harris appears to have won the race for california attorney general, but she won't declare victory just yet. her rival, republican, conceded but final results won't be released until next tuesday. harris wants to wait until every vote is counted. the latest count shows harris with a 58,000 vote lead. the coolly campaign says there's just not enough votes
5:38 am
left to win. harris' victory though throws another curve ball into who will fill san francisco's top offices. mayor is responsible for appointing her successor but also heading to sacramento to become california's lieutenant governor on january 3rd. if he leaves without a successor, board president will become interim mayor. he says he's not sure if he'd appoint a d.a. or vie for the job himself. >> on ensuring an orderly transition of leadership. >> the board of supervisors has the authority to appoint an interim mayor until a permanent one is elected next november, but the board itself is set to change on january 8th with four new members. it's been one year since a hayward father was shot and killed while taking his daughter to get ice cream. police know who did it but they
5:39 am
need someone to step forward to help them make their case. a candle light vigil was held last night. he was killed near b street. cunningham was walking his two dogs with his 13-year-old daughter when one of the dogs sniffed the leg of a man walking nearby. the man got upset and pull add gun and shot him in the chest. his daughter saw the whole thing. because the killer's still out there we're not showing her face. >> i don't know how someone could kill someone over something so stupid and small. i just don't know what the world's coming to anymore. i miss him so much. >> hayward police say they need witnesses to come forward to solidify their case. they also need to talk to several people they believe knowingly or unknowingly assisted the suspect. there's a $27,000 reward for information leading to a conviction. 5:39. a magnitude 3.2 earthquake struck santa clara county late
5:40 am
last night. it hit just before 10:30 and centered ability 12 miles east- southeast of san jose city hall. the u.s. gs reports a 2.2 aftershock struck the area about an hour later. so far no reports of any damage or injuries. it is 5:39. still have an accident emeryville right now that tara's keeping an eye on. tara. according to witnesses this is a pretty bad accident. an ambulance is on the scene. if we take a live look at 80 this is in emeryville on the right hand side there you can see the emergency lights. we had a two car crash here. one lane, the slow lane, blocked there. a lot of debris in the roadway being picked up by cal trans right now and tow trucks have removed both of the cars involved in this accident. san francisco take a look at 101. traffic in both directions looking pretty good although it's a bit windy out there and there is a high wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge this morning. finally a look at another bridge. the san mateo. traffic flowing well in both directions if you're headed to foster city or any other
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direction on the left hand side there toward hayward. 5:40. here's steve. tara, thank you very much. clear, cold to start off with. although there's enough of a little breeze so temperatures really aren't critical. there's still a few 20s but a lot of 30s compared to yesterday. the coldest either people e- mailing me or i've seen boulder creek santa cruz mountains 24. marin county department of public works 26. kenwood 28. they were colder yesterday. there were both 25. so they're running a little warmer. little wind is way. lafayette 29. saratoga's 30. we're close, but actually some locations are actually slightly warmer than yesterday. cold then crisp and clear. the flow comes right down out of the north if you are traveling today little bit of snow moving into the pacific northwest. it's okay in portland right now but another cold day there. northern plains the same.
5:42 am
that white turns to pink turns to green the pink is freezing rain. that can be really tough. that's what's happening in the northeast and the lakes. looks like cold rain and freezing rain towards the southern plains back into oklahoma. for us sunny and cool after a cold morning. freeze warning goes until 8:00. some of the temperatures right now san raphael, any breeze it's being held up. concord livermore 30. 32 officially from palo alto. a lot of upper 20s there. san jose at 34. some of the records now what gets my attention here is look how far back some of these go. san jose 26 is the record in 1895. san francisco 42. they're 45 now in 1892. so it tells you we don't usually get cold temperatures like this very often. santa rosa 27. 1952. they're 30. i don't think they'll get it. oakland airport have set a record low. 34. the record was 36. there you go. record at oakland airport 30 in 1931. it's close.
5:43 am
around 32 and 31. it's close. napa 28 in 1993. there's enough of a breeze so far that it's preventing them from getting colder. it's really cold in tahoe and truck ee. 9 below. reno at 10. very cold air for them this time of year. any time of year but especially now. that's a strong system. that will be in here on saturday. for rain for us and also more snow in the mountains. this could be a good snow producer but we have two days to deal with it. sunny and breezy. staying on the cool side with 50s. temperatures it's too hard to warm up this time of year. don't look for temperatures to be much warmer than yesterday. cold tomorrow morning and then fair. few high clouds later. cloudy saturday and rain develops clear and breezy on sunday and clear and sunny on monday. 5:43. a thanksgiving tradition in new york gets underway in about half hour from now. crowds were already gathering last night for the 84th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. 24 giant balloons pumped up including spiderman on
5:44 am
manhattan's west side. this year kung fu panda will make a debut. and wimp by kid. >> that was a cool sight. some live entertainment there this year including kanye west and gladys knight. two different extremes for different generations to enjoy. she hasn't taken office but oakland mayor-elect explaning to voters her reason for not paying quite a few parking tickets. this is the scene of an accident in emeryville eastbound 80. we'll tell you when the lane will be open again coming up in traffic.
5:45 am
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5:47 am
good morning. cold. 20s, 30s out there give way to sunshine. it will be a nice day once it gets going but high in the 40s to low 50s. south korea's defense minister has resigned two days after north korea launched artillery shells at the south killing four people. it comes as the u.s. air carrier george washington heads to korean waters to participate in what the white house says were long planned joint military exercises with south korea. more than 28,000 u.s. troops are currently stationed there. south korea's defense minister is resigning over criticism his military's response was too slow. his replacement is expected to be announced some time tomorrow. just two weeks after ktvu special report on synthetic marijuana products, the federal government is now making it illegal to possess those items. as we told you synthetic pot is made by spring herbs with
5:48 am
chemicals that mimic the active ingredient in marijuana. the items are then sold as incense but people smoke the products to get high. the drug enforcement agency's new rules are scheduled to take effect at the end of december and remain in place for at least a year. this is the time of year that many people get sick or possibly even worse when they mistake a poisonous mushroom for an edible one. a new treatment is being tested at a santa cruz hospital. anyone can hospital in santa cruz is the western center for a new u.s. study. they are testing a european drug that has already saved more than a dozen lives in the last three years. >> aggressive hydration in the medication is something that is applicable to any community hospital setting. >> the pharmacy has a stockpile of the drug which is available in hours to any hospital in the u.s. but experts say mushroom hunters still need to be careful because the poison works so quickly. experienced mushroomers say if
5:49 am
you're in doubt, throw it out. 5:48. oakland mayor-elect quan says she has paid off all her parking tickets after having her car booted outside city hall. quan had to pay about $1,000 to get the boot off her car yesterday. she had accumulated more than 10 parking tickets. quan says she may have overlooked the tickets during her busy campaign for mayor. >> her contribution to the oakland. [ indiscernible ] >> exactly. 5:45. go to tara again. following the accident on 80 in emeryville. >> we have good news. that's been cleared now. live look at 80 along the east shore freeway traffic on the right hand side near university avenue we had an accident blocking one of those lanes but literally crews just cleared the scene moments ago. that's good news. at the bay bridge not a lot of folks on the roadways. looking good as you make your way into san francisco. and up in the north bay in marin county 101 at the 580
5:50 am
split. traffic also very light for your thanksgiving holiday. 5:49. here's steve. thank you, tara. >> you're welcome. >> boulder creek 24 the coldest so far. kenwood 28. but that's three degrees warmer than yesterday. there seems to be enough stirring in the atmosphere to keep us from getting really, really cold. i know it's cold but i mean like teens or low 20s. lafayette 29. saratoga 30. cold canadian air continues to work its way down. depending on the wind if you have a breeze you have a little windchill but also keepinged temperature probably low 30s. if not upper 20s. temperatures today very close to what we had yesterday. low 50s. probably warmer by the coast. it will be a push. 45 san francisco. they need to get to 42 to tie a record. napa 31. hint of a breeze there. that's the only thing holding the temperature up. concord, livermore, 32. livermore dropped to 29. little breeze kicked in.
5:51 am
palo alto 29. san jose at 34. 9 below in tahoe. record low yesterday of 8 below. i'll bet that's a record low. eureka 30. that's probably a record as well. and redding 39. they were 27 yesterday. sacramento 29. and 37 monterey to santa maria. that's cold. you see how that canadian air just spills down but the system coming in right here for saturday looking better and better. we'll get some rain out of that but not until saturday. that will give more snow up in the mountains. we stay cool although sunny and breezy. freeze warning until 8:00 a.m. 50s for temperatures today. coast, bay, inland, north bay, east bay, south bay, me fence will, won't matter. increasing high clouds. saturday morning looks okay. north bay it will start in the morning by evening rain will make it to the south bay. clearing, breezy on sunday. monday clear again but another cool day. thank you, steve. nine minutes before 6:00.
5:52 am
spirit airlines says all its operations are back to normal today. that's after the florida based airline's ticketing computer system crashed yesterday leaving thousands of passengers delayed at airports around the country. that meant passengers could not check in online or at airport kiosks. and boarding passes had to be written by hand on one of the busiest travel days of the year. spirit says several flights had to be delayed but there were no cancellations. interest rates on fixed mortgages inched up this week moving further away from the lowest levels in decades. freddie mac reports the average wait for a 30 year fixed mortgage hit 4.4%. the rate on a 15 year loan is also up to 3.77%. those rates are two tenths of a point higher than just two weeks ago. and customer which is now watch high def tv on their apple i pad. the foster city based company now selling its sling player mobile at the i tunes app store
5:53 am
for $30. users though will have to have the sling box pro hd which costs $200 to make the app work. the box lets viewers access tv when they're not at home. so you can watch ktvu anywhere right? yes. or anything else. 5:52 now. it might be one of your favorite things to do on a thanksgiving weekend. why air quality watchers are warning people not to use the fireplace.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
no. you're looking for a way to burn off some of those extra calories before you sit down to your thanksgiving feast, you can also help a good cause this morning at the same time. the hayward plunge holding its annual turkey swim starting at 8:00 this morning and runs until 11:00 a.m. minimum $4 donation requested to participate in this morning's lap swimming. all the money raised goes to a scholarship. karen gordon was an intern here at ktvu killed by a drunk driver on her is theth 19th birthday. it's now known as cal state east bay. >> she was a wonderful young lady. 5:56. may seem like a nice idea to light a fire this thanksgiving, but air quality officials are asking you not to do that. they're hoping you'll voluntarily refrain from wood burning today to prevent the
5:57 am
need for a winter spare the air alert tomorrow that's because tomorrow's forecast indicates there may be conditions that trap smoke near the ground which could result in unhealthy breathing. after the last slice of pie eaten tonight and the black friday strategy all laid out, there's another holiday tradition many east bay residents take part in. >> oh, wow. look at this. >> love that jacket. 81-year-old bruce flips the switch on his annual holiday spectacular. he's known as mr. christmas in his concord neighborhood because of his year round project that results in this amazing display of lights and music. the display's up every night between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. from thanksgiving through january 2nd. i don't want to ask. >> have you seen that? >> i haven't. we have some neighborhoods in san ramon we usually check out on christmas eve. >> yeah. let's go to tara now.
5:58 am
one accident cleared. other things cooking out there, tara? >> good news that we have is if you're headed up to the lake tahoe area for thanksgiving, right now the roadways are looking really clear. no chain requirements on interstate 80 or highway 50. that is the good news although more snow is expected. right now here's a live look at 280 at the 880 split. traffic is flowing nicely in all directions. and 680 at the grade traffic on the right hand side headed towards fremont. no delays to report. finally 880 near the oakland coliseum there is a bit of wind out there. but the wind advisory we had for the bay bridge has been lifted. so at least that area you won't be experiencing any wind. 5:58. let's head back to the desk. all right. thank you, tara. it is a tradition that defines one san francisco church. why the need to feed the needy is going up. tomorrow's black friday some retailers calling today black thursday as well as thanksgiving. clear and cold out there. but temperatures will they recover a little bit today?
5:59 am
or will they stay continued cool?


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