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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  November 29, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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custody. now, earlier today ainsworth was brought here to nearby dominican hospital for an mri session but afterwards the neighborhood went up into an uproar because ainsworth turned on the deputy, attacking her and escaping into a house. >> the deputy was putting shackles on the inmate and he punched her and then fought with her within the facility. she chased him outside onto the hospital grounds where they fought again. he took her taser, tased her, then took her handgun, 40 caliber semiauto handgun. he then fired a round at a female bisustained, then -- by bystander and then fled into the neighboring area. >> what was your reaction when you heard about it? >> i assumed that the guy that was running was up in the mountains like through the golf course or i figured he went through the woods and there are so many different trails over
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there. i figured that's where he was. i also saw the hostages run out of the house so i'm glad that they are safe and everybody is safe and they caught the guy. >> reporter: that guy, 24-year- old maurice ainsworth, has been taken into custody. we understand that he is being questioned right now. we don't know how long he'll be here. two schools nearby were in lockdown as well as a number of people who were evacuated in the neighborhood. they have all been told they can go home so looks as though as this situation is clearing up right now. we will have more details a little bit later. live in santa cruz, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. it is not the news federal workers want to hear. president obama today proposed a two-year freeze of their pay and said more cuts could be in the future. ktvu's alabama spoke with -- allie rasmus spoke with people who would be affected here. she is live in san francisco with more. >> reporter: we are outside the federal building in san francisco and this is where members of the federal government employees union in
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san francisco typically meet. union members have one of their regularly scheduled meetings here tomorrow night and there's little doubt that president obama's proposal will be a topic of discussion. >> today i am proposing a two- year pay freeze for all civilian federal workers. this would save $2 billion over the rest of this fiscal year and $28 billion in cumulative savings over the next five years. >> reporter: if that proposal goes into effect, union representatives say many bay area workers would be impacted. >> if we are talking about in the san francisco bay area, i would say you know, easily 20,000. >> reporter: from civilian workers at travis air force base to tsa screeners at the airport. >> every community has a social security office, i think there's 8va clinics and hospitals sprinkled throughout the bay area. >> reporter: some of those veterans affairs employees work at this federal building in downtown oakland. james wilson says his office was buzzing with talk this morning about the pay freeze. >> people are concerned because you know, today's economy and
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how things are. we understand yeah we do have to tighten our belts but federal employees always have to tighten their belts quicker than anybody else. >> reporter: the president says the freeze is needed to get a handle on the nation's budget deficit and some federal workers we talked to agree. >> i think it's necessary. it doesn't seem fair to anybody but necessary, yeah. >> reporter: john elwood is a professor of public policy at uc berkeley but used to work in the congressional budget office in washington, d.c. he says the president's proposal is political. >> this is a symbolic way of saying i'm going to get control over government and we are going to reduce the size of government and we are going to do that by cutting pay. >> reporter: but he says when it comes to the pay freeze making a dent in the nation's budget deficit. >> it's small potatoes, very small potatoes. the trillion dollar deficit is there because of a dramatic decline in revenues primarily and that's due to the recession. >> reporter: the federal workers who work at lawrence livermore lab, people who work
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for the national park system, as well as employees with immigration and customs enforcement would also be impact by this pay freeze. military personnel however would not. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. hundreds of thousands of jobless californians stand to lose their unemployment benefits this week because of a political stalemate. tomorrow is the deadline for congress to pass an extension of the jobless benefits. about 2 million unemployed americans including about 450,000 californians could see those checks cut off in december. an emergency bill to extend benefits until march failed a vote earlier this month. on wall street, stocks were down nearly 200 points today but came back most of the way before the closing bell. the dow ended up falling 40 points closing at 11,052. the nasdaq dropped nine points, closing at 2525. the ninth circuit court of appeals today announced the three judge panel that will hear the case involving proposition 8, california's ban
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on same sex marriage. they are steven reinhardt, a liberal appointed by president carter, michael daly hawkins, a moderate appointed by president clinton and and randy smith. they are scheduled to begin hearing arguments a week from today. coming up at 6:00, ktvu reporter john sasaki will have reaction from both sides, the issues involved and what happens next. certainly embarrassing, potentially damaging and some say dangerous, even deadly. the latest massive posting by wikileaks of a quarter million classified state department documents is causing quite a stir in washington. lawmakers say it undermines u.s. credibility and puts national security at risk. secretary of state hillary clinton has strong words today for those behind the release of stolen classified documents on the wikileaks website. >> there is nothing brave about sabotaging the peaceful relations between nations on which our common security
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depends. >> reporter: the latest wikileaks massive online dump includes candid sometimes unflattering diplomatic exchanges and alleges u.s. diplomats were urged together intelligence on other countries' foreign diplomats. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. refuted those claims of espionage. >> our diplomats are doing what diplomats do around the world every day, which is fill relationships, negotiate, advance our interests and work to find common solutions to complex problems. >> reporter: another explosive revelation in the cables, the compromise of certain pentagon programs including a secret predator drone program against al-qaeda in yemen, the yemeni president telling general david petraeus quote we will continue saying the bombs are ours, not yours. the secret memos also reveal saudi king of dulla urged the u.s. to attack iran's nuclear program. secretary clinton says the embarrassing comments about foreign leaders are far less important. >> in my conversations at least
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one of my counterparts said to me, well, don't worry about it. you should see what we say about you. so i think that this is well understood in the diplomatic community as part of the give and take. >> reporter: one republican lawmaker says he wants wikileaks to be declared a terrorist organization. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are arranging -- urging strong legal action tonight. some saying labeling wikileaks a foreign terrorist organization would allow the u.s. to seize its assets and stop others from cooperating with the website. police in belmont say thieves broke into carl mont high school over the thanksgiving day weekend and took dozens of computers. investigators say sometime between the evening of wednesday, november 24th, and this morning thieves broke into a classroom and stole 25 apple mac books and 30 apple ipod touches. the loss is estimated in excess of $50,000. anyone with information is asked to call the belmont police department. berkeley police are also investigating a break-in over the weekend. this one at la conteh
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elementary school. school officials say someone broke in the back door and then went to the school library where they took four laptop computers. those computers were in a locked container. >> my priority is my children. as long as my children are okay and we can repair, you know, we can get other computers. it's unfortunate, taking money away from our budget but we will get through this. >> this isn't the first time the school has been robbed. last year someone broke into the elementary school and stole several cameras. the chp says it caught more people drinking and driving this thanksgiving holiday compared to last year when the agency's maximum enforcement program ended at midnight, officers had made 1400 dui arrests, 249 of those were in the bay area, compared to 207 in the bay area last year. on a positive note, there were no alcohol-related deaths on bay area freeways and highways that the chp patrols. thanks to the bay area's generosity in which people donated more than 4000 coats over the weekend, ktvu's one warm coat program began handing out these apparel today.
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the st. anthony's foundation in san francisco added some of those coats to its clothing giveaway this very morning. ktvu partnered with one warm coat last friday at collection points all around the bay area. you can still donate coats through the end of december. there will be collection barrels at the ferry building in san francisco, emeryville at broadway plaza in emory creek. deep discounts and no lines, cyber monday is upon us. >> these have become such a threat to brick and mortar retailers, they say why fight them? let's join them. cyber monday still ahead. cold out there right now. freezing in many locations tomorrow. a frost area in the north bay. we will talk about that and talk about some rain in your future. i'll be back here in just a minute.
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hot off black friday we are right in the middle of cyber
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monday. this weekend shoppers spent $41 billion kicking off a much hoped for sales rich holiday shopping season. now it's the internet version of a spending spree. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar joins us from what appears to be a fortress in oakland. tom. >> reporter: it's called a server farm and because of devices -- at retailers' cash registers this weekend it was cha-chingle bells all the way. he says compared to last year, the grinch did not steal black friday weekend. >> it went up to five or 6% increase, really good result and it seems increase by over 6% so it has been a really good weekend. >> reporter: today is the day e- tailers offer big bargains to get you to buy online. >> shopping online, saves a lot of time when you're shopping and then you can find pretty good breaks as well. >> sometimes they are a lot more reasonable in price than they are at the stores and i will do the shopping ahead of
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time and, you know, compare prices. >> reporter: richard founder of the sharper image now does business strictly on the internet as richard >> i can look as big as anybody on the internet if i spend the money on advertising. >> reporter: most often he offers all manner of high tech and innovative products in airline shopping magazines, and he says unique products at a discount price are essential for cyber monday success. >> i think we have made it important because the merchants now make offers on cyber monday that are very promotional. >> reporter: he says cyber shopping has now bounded over its one biggest hurdle. >> nowadays people i think trust the internet to be secure for their credit cards, which was a big change from years ago. >> reporter: but no one, including this gadget guru thinks that store shopping is passing away. >> i would say internet transactions are a good supplement to shopping but not more than, you know, talking to a person and getting that feel. >> a little more personal contact with what i'm getting
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so that whoever i get it for would appreciate it more. >> reporter: you'd rather go to a story? >> absolutely. >> reporter: nonetheless, that's why some of the nation's biggest building based retailers have become amongst the biggest e-tailers on the internet. it's all about not losing customers. i'm consumer editor, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. and now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, san francisco police are taking new steps to keep both shoppers and merchants safe from crime. the police have beefed up foot and horse patrols, placed more plain clothes officers on duty and stepping up traffic enforcement. police also cautioned shoppers that criminals target people who are distracted by cell phones and mp3 players or who are carrying lots of packages and shopping bags. we saw that beautiful picture of the sunset a moment ago. it's spectacular out there but boy, the weather word tonight seems to be cold. >> it is and right now in the napa area upper 40s, 47 degrees in napa right now.
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most of us in the bay area today didn't get out of the low 50s. those are overnight lows typically as you get into october, or back in october so a very cool weather pattern and it continues that way. what will change that and what will warm us up are these clouds. we draw them in here for you. there's a weather system to the north so you see it up here. and that's a front. of course it's going to rain up here. everything north of about del norte county. what we are going to see down here will be increasing clouds. these clouds as they filter in are going to warm us up so overnight lows will still be very cold tomorrow but next few mornings we are going to see more and more of those clouds and those clouds will get us back into the -- instead of in the upper 20s and low 30s, back into the mid-30s. still pretty cold, though. tonight clear and cold again, temperatures will be in the coldest spots in the upper 20s, that's in the santa rosa area up north. the rest of us in the mid-30s and low 40s. extended forecast, rain back into the forecast and that comes towards the end of the week. so tomorrow morning, you know, you had frost this morning, no
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frost advisory, no freeze advisory but you're going to have frost, you're going to have frost in were napa and santa rosa, going to have frost in concord, going to have frost in those inland bay valleys. you won't see much of it around the bay but there's very cold temperatures in the offering so when you wake up -- offing, so when you wake up tomorrow morning what you had this morning is what you're going to get. warmer as we go into wednesday morning and thursday morning. why? the clouds start to move in. tomorrow clear and cool, starts off cold, daytime highs get back, the computer model throws up low 50s. i think the warmest part of the day in the mid and even upper 50s but you get the picture. gradual warming but not because it's getting sunny but because more clouds coming in. more specifics, i'll talk about the rain, i'll get more specific too with which cities will see the most warming in the next couple of days. i'll be back here in a little bit. >> thank you, bill. if friday kicked off the holiday shopping season, today kicked off the holiday shipping season. this morning in washington, the u.s. postal service officially kicked off the holiday shipping
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season. between now and christmas eve, letter carriers will deliver nearly 16 billion cards, letters and packages. postal officials say mail them early if you want to make sure they arrive on time. >> december 20th is our busiest day so try to beat that rush. but we will deliver right up to christmas day with express mail packages on christmas day. >> the post office says to avoid crowds, you can use its website to print shipping labels, pay for the postage and request free package pickup. four people under arrest accused of robbing a high end walnut creek store. a witness reported seeing three men go into the burberry store in the broadway plaza shopping center yesterday evening. they stole several handbags and wallets worth about $9000. a woman was seen driving a getaway car. officers were able to find the car and arrest the suspect thanks to witness descriptions. the four suspects are from the sacramento area. the teenager at the center of a portland bomb plot appears in court. also ahead the united
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nations is getting involved now after tensions continue to rise in north and south korea. congress is back in washington. we will give you the list of hot button issues now set for debate. new at 6:00, chickens hanged at an east bay elementary school. we will tell you what happened to the animals. >> they took a shoe lace and tied the chickens up. prop 8 could rest in their hands. we are learning more about the judges who have just been assigned to the case. plus a medical break- through. we are going to show you the new technology developed right here in the bay area that can tell if a tumor is present and how aggressive it is. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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attorney general eric holder said today that federal agents acted properly in the case of a somali american man accused of plotting a terrorist attack in
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oregon. 19-year-old mohammad osman mohamed osman mohamud was in court today. he drove a van packed with explosives to an annual tree lighting event in portland last friday. there were actually fake explosives in that van planted by undercover fbi investigations. the sting operation was set up after the fbi received a tip. a hostage situation is unfolding right now at a wisconsin high school. police in marionette, wisconsin which is near green bay say 23 students and one teacher are being held by an armed student. officials on the scene say the student burst into a classroom and took the other students hostage. so far there are no reports of any injuries. detentions -- tensions between north and south korea have protest protesters to the -- have brought protesters to the streets of san francisco at this hour. the antiwar group answer organized this protest. it's being held at powell and market street at the bart station and it appears there are a couple of dozen people
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marching and carrying signs. so far it does appear to be peaceful. the group accuses the united states and south korea provoking the north in an effort to bring about other regime change. the united nations security council is talking about how to respond to the attack last week. the attack killed two screen marines -- south korean civilians. >> we continue to call on north korea to cease its irresponsible actions against its neighbors, to fully abide by the terms of the arms and to adhere to its international obligations. >> the united states and south korea are currently holding military exercises off south korea's coast. the exercises have drawn sharp criticism from the north which calls them a pretext for war. south korea's president says advertise country will respond firmly to further provocations from north korea.
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a border police officer opened fire on people during a training mission. it happened in the eastern part of the country on the border with pakistan. the incident was the latest in a series of shootouts in which afghan security forces have turned on their nato partners. the taliban claimed responsibility for the attacks saying the gunman joined the border police in order to kill foreign soldiers. the gunman was also killed in that exchange of gun fire. governor schwarzenegger today issued a statement on the death of a san jose marine who was killed in afghanistan last week. the governor said quote "the death of lance corporal arden joseph is a tragedy for our state, nation and armed forces. this brave marine gave his life in service of our country and his sacrifice will always be remembered. lance corporal graduated from piedmont hills high school in san jose. he died in combat last wednesday in helmand province, only 19 y old/?txu. they did not make it home for thanksgiving but 2uc berkeley graduates jailed in
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iran were able to phone home. today the families of josh fattal and shane bauer said the two each allowed a five minute phone call on saturday. fattal and bauer have been held in an iranian prison for more than a year now. sarah shourd was released in september. cindy hickey spoke to us today by phone about the call. >> we asked right away how we were and how his sisters were and it was real obvious thathe had no idea what was going on in his case. he was very frustrated with no news about their case, totally isolated from that. >> bauer and fattal are set to stand trial in february on espionage charges but their families say they are still hopeful that iran will release the two by ch humanitarian grounds. congress returned from the thanksgiving holiday today to face a full plate of work before christmas. during this lame duck session lawmakers are due to take on a number of hot button issues including whether to extend the
5:25 pm
bush era tax cuts. >> nobody is talking about tax cuts. we have had the rates in existence now for 10 years. all republicans are saying is keep them in place. don't raise taxes on anyone. >> but i think it is ridiculous with the deficit looming that we could actually be held hostage, the middle class could be held hostage by trying to give tax cuts to families frankly like mine. >> congress also may tackle the controversial "don't ask, don't tell" policy governing gays in the military, a policy president obama wants to eliminate but he faces tough opposition from the g.o.p. >> i don't believe there's anywhere near the votes to repeal "don't ask, don't tell" on the republican side, i think we will be united in the lame duck and the study that i would be looking for is asking military members should it be repealed, not how to implement it once you as a politician decide to repeal it. >> and as we reported earlier, the clock is ticking on unemployment benefits for 2 million jobless americans.
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those benefits will expire in less -- unless congress passes an extension by tomorrow. and finally lawmakers must approve a spending bill to keep the government running past december 4th. in addition to those lawmakers, the capitol christmas tree also arrived in washington, d.c. today. this year's tree has traveled more than 4600 miles beginning in wyoming on november 10th. and in what must be a first for christmas trees, the capitol tree has its own twitter account and facebook page. the tree lighting ceremony is set for december 7th. questions are swirling tonight around an officer- involved shooting that happened just yesterday. we will have new details about what happened in a live report. ktvu has obtained the taped police interviews of the victims of the san francisco's tiger mauling of a couple years ago. find out the key questions police were asking the victims about what happened before the attack.
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. heard a scream, which i believe was him from the taser and then i heard the pop. >> that's a witness describing what he saw during a deadly officer-involved shooting up in the north bay. now, he and others want to know if the confrontation had to end the way it did. tonight as napa police are investigating the shooting, ktvu's rob roth is live in napa with what's happening there. >> reporter: friends and neighbors here in napa have left flowers and remembrances for richard poncia and today some witnesses are questioning publicly whether police were justified in shooting him. napa police say they were called to this home on meek avenue yesterday afternoon by the wife of 60-year-old richard ponchia who they described as possibly suicidal. one neighbor said he seemed
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compliant with the officers. >> i watched him come out of the house and do as he was commanded. >> reporter: witnesses say police walked him out into the street, one nehbor who didn't wish to appear on camera says his mother saw several officers with assault style weapons and that one officer shot ponchia with a taser and another with a rifle. >> she thinks that the tasing and shooting were simultaneous. there was one shot in my estimation because i saw the body immediately after the shooting and the blood coming from the head that it was a head shot. >> i heard a scream which i believe was him from the taser and then i heard the pop right away, loud, loud pop. it sounded like an m80 going off. >> reporter: some witnesses told us when they saw ponchia's body he was handcuffed. police won't say what prompted the shooting. the napa county sheriff's department is investigating and officials say the inquirery will be fair and i am partial even -- impartial even though they are investigating with fellow law enforcement officers. >> i don't want those people
5:31 pm
around so i don't see it as really a stick belief that we would do that, cover up anything. >> reporter: one witness says moments after the shooting he saw the face of the officer who pulled the trigger. >> he was not disturbed by what looked to me what just happened, no shock in his face. >> reporter: late this afternoon, we saw investigators coming out of the house. at one point they are carrying brown bags possibly filled with evidence. richard ponchia was a nurse who was currently on disability. friends told the napa valley register he had been derespondent lately -- despondent lately. a firefighter is among two people injured in an overnight fire in san rafael. it started shortly after midnight at an apartment house on lincoln avenue. crews had the fire under control in just 15 minutes. investigators say the woman living in the destroyed apartment unit suffered burns and smoke inhalation and one firefighter suffered injuries
5:32 pm
to his face during the cleanup. >> they were picking up hose afterwards and piece of equipment slammed down and hit him in the facial area. >> investigators believe it was a cigarette that set off the fire and they credit an alert neighbor for spigot the flames -- spotting the flames and then calling the fire department. in the south bay no more bike registration in san jose. the city is joining a list of those abandoning the practice. the program doesn't make enough in fees to maintain the cost of the database. meanwhile the man charged in the hit-and-run death of a bicyclist in san francisco is due back in court tomorrow morning. police say that joshua calledder had been drinking heavily and that he hit mill link from behind on masonic avenue near turk street in august. calledder allegedly fled the scene and arrested a few miles away. new details tonight about that deadly tiger attack at the san francisco zoo three years
5:33 pm
ago. we now have an audio recording of the two brothers who survived the attack talking about what happened in the moments before and the moments after the tiger jumped out of its enclosure. ktvu's david stevenson is live in the city tonight with our report. david. >> reporter: san francisco police released this cd to us late this afternoon. it contains interviews with the two brothers who say they did nothing to provoke the tiger attack that also killed their friend. on a quiet christmas evening three years ago, 240-pound siberian tiger tatiana escape her san francisco zoo enclosure attacking three young men and killing one of them before police shot the animal to death. >> i felt like i was going to die. >> reporter: today the san francisco police department released taped super views with the two survivors. the brothers paul and dalaiwall conducted in the hospital a few hours after the attack.
5:34 pm
>> police saw to discover whether the young men taunted the animal or even threw nonresponsiveos into the -- nachos into the tiger's pen prior to the attack. >> reporter: publicist sam singer represented the zoo in the aftermath of the attack. he insists the three men killed by tatiana did something to provoke it. >> those young men behaved badly toward tatiana the tiger, enraged her and she got out of the cage and took someone's life and it cost the tiger her life as well. >> reporter: the sousa family attorney says the tapes prove the young men did nothing wrong. >> the young man died because tatiana the tiger got out of that enclosure. people -- some people seem to care more about tatiana the tiger than they do young carlos sosa, jr. >> reporter: on the tapes paul dhaliwal describes how the tiger got out of its mound and the moments -- its compound and
5:35 pm
the moments leading up to the attack. >> reporter: the san francisco zoo redesigned the tiger enclosure and the dhaliwal and sosa families received financial settlements in the aftermath of that christmas attack. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the owners of a bay area flight school say they plan to fight a big fine from the federal government. the faa today announced a $222,000 fine against the flying vikings school which is located at hayward executive airport. the agency alleges that in 2008 the school's instructors did not complete required training and that the school did not keep adequate training records in 2007. the school says the charges are unwarranted and plans to appeal. california's department of managed care today announced fines against the state's seven largest health insurance companies. the seven accused of not paying doctors or hospitals in a timely fashion or paying them less than what they were owed. fines range from 300,000 to
5:36 pm
$900,000 and are aimed at anthem blue cross, blue shield, united pacific care, health net, kaiser foundation health plan, cigna and aetna. the u.s. supreme court set to hear argue aments tomorrow about a -- arguments tomorrow about a federal court order that requires california to release inmates from its overcrowded prisons. it grew out of a lawsuit over medical care in the state prisons. 18 other states have joined california. they view it as a conflict between state's rights and the power of the federal court. we learned today the two people who will be hosting the upcoming academy awards show not only are they young it's possible they both may be nominated for an oscar as well. also congress today makes a crucial but temporary decision that could impact millions of people. and just in time for the holidays, a new boozey whipped cream is on store shelves. it may sound festive but it's going to cost you.
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congress granted medicare doctors a short reprieve today, freeing to a one month delay in payment cuts. today's vote postpones a 23% cut in doctors' medicare pay which was set to take effect on wednesday. a lot of doctors had threatened to stop taking new medicare patients if those cuts took effect. the delay gives congress a month to come up with a long- term plan to overhaul the
5:40 pm
medicare system. the environmental world tonight is mourning the san francisco philanthropist who created the prestigious goldman environmental prize. richard goldman died this morning at his home of natural causes. he started the goldman environmental prize in 1989. it awards $150,000 to each of six people who quote chose to take great personal risks to safeguard the environment. richard goldman was 90 years old. the tributes continue to pour in for movie fans all over the world after news of leslie nielsen's death. >> captain, how soon can you land? >> cat. >> you can tell me, i'm a doctor. >> no. >> the comedian was best known for playing a happenless -- happless doctor in the movie "airplane" and in the "naked gun" comedies. he died yesterday at a hospital in santa ana, florida -- ft.
5:41 pm
lauderdale, florida. anne hathaway and james franco are hosting the 83rd academy awards this february. they chose the pair because they had broad comedic and musical talent. it's possible the two actors will also be oscar nominees, hathaway for her role in love and other drugs and franco "127 hours." they placed a hollywood actor on a watch list. mark ruffalo starred in a movie. but it was his effort to raise awareness about the efforts of natural gas drilling. he arranged showings of the documentary gasland and voiced his concerns about the effects of drilling on america's water supplies. a bay area based airline scored the highest marks of any u.s. airline in the newest survey. virgin america earned the highest scores for both coach and premium classes. travelers were asked to rate how well airlines delivered on comfort, service and food. southwest airlines named the
5:42 pm
best value and best for on time flight estimates. singapore airlines topped the list for international flights. new figures show airlines are cautiously optimistic about the number of passengers in the upcoming year. in the last year nine of the 10 largest airlines increased the number of flights or moved to bigger planes. jetblue gained more than 7 1/2 % more seats with delta adding 5%. industry analysts say more seats are being added on international flights than domestic because that's where business travel is increasing the fastest. first there were click jell- o treats, then came alcoholic energy drinks. now in time for your holiday cup of egg nothing, alcohol infused help cream. we found a couple brands selling online for eight to $10 a can. the flavors, depending on e brand, they contain 15 to 18% alcohol by volume which makes one container equivalent to about three bottles of beer. there are going to be changes for the next mavericks
5:43 pm
competition, changes that will affect people who want to watch that contest in person. also ahead. >> for those of you worried about my lip, i should be okay. >> what president obama is saying about his recent basketball injury. and it's cold out there now. it's going to be cold tomorrow morning and behind me you can see a little bit of rain on the stormtracker 2. i'll let you know when those showers will get here. new at 6:00, chickens hanged at an east elementary school. we will reveal what happened to the helpless animals. >> they took a shoe lace and they tied the chickens up. also prop 8 could rest in their hands. we are learning more about the judges who have just been assigned to the case. plus a medical break- through. we are going to show you the new technology developed right here in the bay area that can tell if a tumor is present and how aggressive it is. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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president obama today says his bust lip isn't going to keep him off the basketball court. he needed 12 stitches after being elbowed in the face during a pickup game on friday with family and friends. he spoke about what happened at a news conference this morning. >> for those of you who are worried about my lip, i should be okay. doctor has given me a clean bill of health and i will continue to be playing basketball whenever i get a chance. in fact, played yesterday with sasha and malia and they took it easy on me. >> the white house says the president took his two daughters to the gym in the interior department yesterday for an early morning game. coming up at 6:00, how former president george w. bush made history today here in the bay area. what he did that no other president has done before. julie haener in the newsroom with a look at other stories. >> continuing coverage and late details on that breaking news involving the capture on that inmate who took a deputy's gun, fired a shot and then escaped. plus how do you explain this to second graders who
5:47 pm
raised them. the horrible discovery at a bay area school where two chickens were hanged. plus we learned today the names of the three federal court appeals judges who will be deciding the proposition 8 case involving gay marriage. where they fall when it comes to being liberal or conservative and the reaction from both sides. we will see you at 6:00. >> thank you. union city is about to join the growing number of communities that have banned smoking at public events in outdoor restaurant areas. starting december 23rd, the new ordinance will take effect. it also strengthens penalties for selling tobacco to minors and ultimately outlaw smoking in all apartments. the apartment provision will take effect 14 months from now. the city council passed the new ordinance last week. changes ahead for the next mavericks surf competition. at the next contest spectators will not be allowed to watch from the beach. back in february a rogue wave swept over a break water and hit spectators on the beach. 13 people were seriously hurt. the waiting period for the next
5:48 pm
contest runs from wednesday through february 28th, surfers come on 24 hours' notice once those big waves hit a peak. pretty cold all around the bay area today but our chief meteorologist bill martin says some parts may actually be freezing tomorrow morning. >> more freezing tomorrow in the inland valleys as they have this morning, that means more forecast as well. zoom in right now on nap were pa and out -- napa and out there towards -- oakland 34 degrees. it's 49 in concord, 47 in livermore. think about that for a minute, right? it's already in the 40s. it is cold outside. we are going to see increasing clouds over not tomorrow so much but into wednesday and thursday. these clouds are actually going to warm us up and then back there that looks like some rain as we get into thursday night. your forecast and tomorrow still cool, dry. as we get into wednesday night, more clouds, thursday night, friday we got rain in the forecast and that rain will mean snow in the mountains. nice little deal. kind of like -- like saturday's
5:49 pm
event but a quick mover and it could drop a quarter inch of rain some places, maybe 1/2 inch in others. the forecast highs tomorrow we will get you 50s. those are greens. still 40s, though, for daytime highs as you go up into lake county, humboldt county, mild day, plenty of sunshine tomorrow. that's your tuesday. wednesday mostly sunny, partly sunny and a little warmer and that is that instance where it's so cold that when you bring in the clouds it's going to warm us up a little bit. san jose tomorrow morning, 42 degrees at 7:00 a.m., lunchtime 55, daytime high in san jose, 59 degrees and thereabouts. you may see a low 60 down there. just depends on where you are. micro climates vary from place to place but a little warmer than it was today by a good 5 degrees. monday at 3:00, couple hours ago, we roll through time, you can see the rain trying to get in here. interesting, that system hangs up on the north coast. at 9:00 a.m. on wednesday, not raining for us, maybe drizzle for santa
5:50 pm
rosa that's 9:00 wednesday morning. thursday morning still hanging out there, doing this thing where it's shooting its energy north. we are kind of south of it and then as we get into thursday evening, there's your showers. i think everybody gets showers thursday evening. looks like it's after the commute. thursday overnight into friday morning, wet morning commute and then friday things should start to clear out. so kind of right now looks like a thursday night into friday morning deal. your forecast highs tomorrow, then warmer than they were today, still cool, though, and then lots of 50s. no 60s in here but there will be a 60 somewhere. santa cruz will get a 60. the five-day forecast forecast and very wintry -- not winter yet but a very wintry pattern pattern in that it is cold. overnight lows on the cold side and we will see frost. you'll be scraping the windshields tomorrow morning. the other morning i got up and didn't have the right thing to scrape the windshield, you ever do that? credit card. prepare to scrape tomorrow morning in the inland valleys.
5:51 pm
>> i see a lot of my neighbors putting old bed sheets on the plants. >> i would do that in the inland valleys for sure, tender plants, freezing, absolutely. >> see you at 6:00. a new program in oakland is helping keep kids off the streets. >> the oakland police chief says its kaiser permanente putting its money where its mouth is? the details from oakland coming up. the ktvu channel 2 news stock report brought to you by kaiser permanente.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
transportation officials in alameda county say drivers are starting to get the hang of the new toll lane on interstate 680. that's the 14-mile express lane that runs between milpitas and sunol. drivers pay fees to ride in the expressway lane depending on the traffic congestion. officials say about 7500 vehicles travel on the toll lane every week and travel anywhere from five to 10 miles an hour faster than those in the other lanes. the oakland police department is just -- has just received a huge gift, not to put more officers on the streets but take more young people off the streets and keep them out of trouble. ktvu's jade hernandez has details. >> he was there every time i needed him. >> reporter: castle mont silence junior melvin heinz is considering college. a few years ago the thought wouldn't have crossed his mind. >> they started congratulating me on good stuff that i did and making me want to strive for better and more. >> when we see what was going on, across the country with the young african-american males it
5:55 pm
struck a cord in my heart. >> reporter: officer williams changed his mind about police officers. he's the same officer oakland chief anthony batts saw reach young men within the department r kids or okay program which zeros in on at risk youth. >> when i went out to this program i saw two police officers, officer williams and french standing there in front of kids on a saturday morning at 11:00 looking them in the eye and saying i love you and i care about you. >> reporter: today kaiser permanente announced a gift to the community, 10 1/2 million dollars to sustain and expand programs offered within the district and the police department. kaiser permanente calls it an investment in the future. the oakland police chief says he calls it like he sees it, kaiser putting its money where its mouth is. the money will not only foster relationships which have already formed but will educate $2 million of the money will be set aside for monument depicting humanitarians and a park to be unveiled next year.
5:56 pm
>> this is real important money at a really important time. obviously with the state of california underfunding, educations and services to children. >> reporter: it takes anywhere between half a million and $1 million to keep a clinic like this one at oakland technical high school's campus operational. the grant money awarded today will also help fund this clinic and expand clinic services on other high school campuses. in oakland, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. and there is much more news just ahead, including late word on that man hunt and capture of a prisoner in santa cruz who allegedly took a deputy's gun and escaped. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. were. kids aaan elementary school returned to campus to find out disturbing news, someone broke in and killed the school's pets. we will have the story coming up in 90 seconds. for complete bay area news coverage, stay with ktvu channel 2 news and,
5:57 pm
news and weather available anytime you need it. ♪ keurig is the way to brew fresh,
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delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. [ female announcer so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. ♪ because it is. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. air daring getaway short --
5:59 pm
a daring getaway short lived tonight after a prisoner overpowers a deputy taking her gun and firing. late details on how the inmate was finally captured. going to have to make it fort knox for chickens. >> a plan to protect tonight after someone breaks into a chicken soup at ab east -- an east bay elementary school and does the unthinkable. >> complete bay areas news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening, everyone, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we have more now on that developing news in santa cruz county where a search for an escaped inmate is now over. a short time ago authorities announced maurice ainsworth who was considered armed and dangerous is now back in police custody. the trouble started this afternoon when ainsworth was being treated at dominican hospital in santa cruz. authorities say he took a deputy's taser and gun, then started firing shots. ktvu's robert handa joins you now with more. robert. >> reporter: w


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