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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 28, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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a danville home destroys a home. growing political tour mile in the middle east. the biggest challenge yet.
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will oakland's top cop stay on the job? we'll tell you what oakland's mayor is saying. poor visibility may have led to 10 drivers pulling over this morning with flat tires. what happened? we'll explain. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's friday, january 28th. we are on the scene of developing news in danville. crews are at a major fire just east of highway 680. this fire has injured one firefighter. jade hernandez was the first reporter to arrive on the scene. jade, is the fire still going on? >> reporter: they have the fire contained. it's a two alarm fire. one firefighter was injured.
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we don't note extent of the injuries. we do know this fire started about 5:30 after someone on the freeway noticed it and called for help. part of the controlling collapsed. the fire chief told me it appears someone may have been staying here at least part-time but was not home when flames sparked this morning. it's at 923 elton tado. they believe it's new construction or might be under construction. they found furniture inside of the home but didn't look like the home was completely furnished. there's a hillside behind it so fire crews are not as concerned about nearby homes. let's listen. >> the crews have searched the first floor of the house, but there was too much fire on the second floor of the house, so we have not completed a search of
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the second story. we took our crews out once there was strawrl collapse. we're now using a ladder pipe. then we'll get back inside. >> reporter: ktvu was the first on the scene. we learned this two alarm fire sund control. they got it under control about 40 minutes ago. you can see how close we are to the freeway this morning. want to wrap around. i want to show you how close this home is to fountain head montessori. the fire chief is not concerned. as for cause, the fire chief said it's too early to tell but investigators are expected to be out here. at this point we still don't have a cause. we do know that flames this morning had destroyed this home. reporting live from danville,
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jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. we're following delving news -- developing news. we have learned that mohammed al bardei is under arrest. that's after he joined into the protests. the egyptian government has cut all internet access and cell phone service. the only video we're able to bring you out of egypt is by satellite from egyptian sources. that's because the police are seizing cameras from international news crews. we'll bring you a live report from washington, d.c. on why those protests in egypt are making american officials very nervous. a full investigation is
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being launched into raid yes problems at the oakland police department at the same time that the future of police chief anthony batts is being questioned. what oakland's new mayor is saying about the situation. >> reporter: we're at the oakland police department because a lot of residents are focused on what's going on inside this building. still isn't clear the system could be fixed, still isn't clear if oakland's top cop will stick around. the radio problem is the issue. the union is talking about lawsuits over this. the chief said radios are a huge problem. so are reliable cars in the district. he did not get the san jose job he applied for but he has not shut the door on leaving, so will we. we asked the mayor that very question and this is what he is had to say about the chief and
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his future. >> i've been talking to him almost every day. we've been working hard to keeping him engaged. >> reporter: remember wayne tucker? he was talked out of row signing several times. there was a lot of time at that time with tucker, a no vote, confidence vote, but there were similar teams about budget priorities and whether this job is the right fit. this is what tucker said the day he announced his resignation. >> i love this city. i think there are great people here. i just think at this time i'm not going to be the guy to do this. >> reporter: so how are the relationships? leaders had put on a united front but that is changing. coming up, we'll tell you what one council member says about
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those relationships and what he says has to save. live in oak cland -- oakland, claudine wong. police are investigating a suspicious container found outside a home not far from terra nav pasmed high school. hazmat teams from several cities were called in. they later determined that liquid was not dangerous. >> possibly a fertilizer. it was neutral but it shouldn't be where it was. we've tested it, done a number of different tests and will remove the material and dispose of it. >> both hazmat teams were there until early this morning. investigators say it may take several days to determine the exact contents of that mystery
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liquid. we have breaking news we want to tell you about right now from texas. the arlington police s.w.a.t. team is at the -- at the cowboys stadium. a member of the bomb squad was peering into what appeared to be a manhole in a traffic island. law enforcement agents from deafen agencies are on the scene. super bowl preparations are going on as usual and no one has been evacuated, but, again extreme precaution with the super bowl coming up a week from sunday. >> and with all the international attention, it's a prime terrorist target. sal is watching our commute this morning and particularly the effect of fog and flat tires this morning.
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what happened, dave and tori, there was wood debray on interstate 380 nor the 23 -- near the 280 interchange. several cars ran over it. in clear weather maybe cars would have avoided it. it was such poor visibility that several cars pull -- ran over it. now 10 cars have flat tires. i want to thank one of our twitters. it kind of tipped me off. this person saw all those vehicles pulled over to the side street all canging tires at once. that must be terrible. so be careful. heavy fog on the peninsula, parts of the east bay. westbound bay bridge backed up for about a five-minute delay.
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moving to the south bay, traffic from fremont on to san jose, that looks good. we're not fog for many, some, coast, peninsula south bay did not have fog. many locations do. the fog is soupy thick. it's not going anywhere. dense fog advisory until 10. there's also local drizzle. the visibility is worse than i've seen it in a long timing. it's also pushed in that coastal fog, the system right there. looks like a one-shot deal. 30s and 40s for many. 34 santa rosa. 39 san rafael. another cold foggy day. 34 in livermore.
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39 redwood city. san rafael had only 54. 39, 48, 54. low clouds and that east wind coming back, north, northeast. coming in from concord, valerio makes for a cold pattern. one system falls apart. it will open the door for the next system which will be here saturday with clouds and sunday with rain. the dense fog is the thing. the cooling begins. as we get the fog on the coast and inland, it's there today. clouds increase saturday. rain on sunday. hazy sunshine but cooler across the board. instead of 70s, we're seeing 60s. 40s and 50s for those who can't break from the fog. gilroy was 75 for a record high, not today.
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64 san jose. santa cruz two days ago 67. fog on the increase. tonight into saturday. then clouds, rain on sunday. sunny but clear on tuesday. good news for hundreds of thousands of californians. find out why their health insurance rates will not be going up, at least not for long. >> what's being blamed for a significant blood shortage. some changes are coming to the girl scout cookies. find out which ones will no longer be available this year. i'a n ! e ysexdo llev wt emo?
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good morning. traffic is moving along okay. you can tell it's foggy.
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i can tell. you may not be able to tell what this is. just be careful. we'll have another traffic update. clashes between protesters and the police in egypt intensifying by the minute the country put the whole country on lockdown. all access to the internet and social media has been cut. >> reporter: in the last hour we understand that there are reports that a protester was shot in the street and that television news crews are being roughed up by police as they try to cover the battles between police and the massives of protesters but this video is getting out. we've been bringing it in by satellite all morning. it's an unprecedented uprising in modern day egypt. they want to end the 30-year rule of hosni mubarak. the u.s. gives egypt a billion dollars a year.
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it's a close ally in the fight against terrorism. president obama called on mubarak's government to show restraint towards the protesters. >> my main hope right now is that violence is not the answer in solving these problems. >> reporter: now the demonstrators have been coordinating online now access to the internet and cell phone service has been shut off in much of the country. president obama is being briefed on this crisis as we speak. reporting for ktvu channel 2 news. this morning tim geithner said americans have increasing confidence in the american economy. he quoted economists who have
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forecast growth of 3% to 4% this year and next. the latest report on the u.s. economy shows it continues to expand but not as much as expected. the gross domestic product grew in the last quarter of 2010. gdp is the total value of all finished goods and services in the country. today the pentagon will announce a plan expected to give military leaders about three months to train their forces about the new law allowing gays to serve openly in the military. it will outline the regulations that have to be changed. under the schedule full implementation of the law could start later this summer. three of california's biggest health shorn's companies are postponing rate increases for 60 days.
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anthem blue cross, pacific will delay hikes. that gives the companies time to review the proposals. blue shield of california is the only one that says it will go ahead with its rate hike. the red cross is blaming this week's snowstorm back east with a critical drop in the national blood supply. they say the storms have forced the cancellations of blood drives. with more winter storms on the way, the agency is urging people to give blood as soon as possible. speaking of snow, today we'll find out how much snow has fallen so far. they will measure it at phillips station. they first surveyed the snow last month. they said there was twice as much water mass normal for that time of the year. california gets up to 60% of the water from that snow pack.
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the girl scouts are going back to basics. they're discontinuing some of the cookies. don't worry. iconic cookies like thin mints and shortbread are not going anywhere. there you go. you still get the basic ones. >> we're checking up on former south africa president nelson mandela, what those close to him are saying about his health. she was a beloved elephant in life. now in death, she will provide another important contribution to science. good morning. stop and go traffic this morning as you cross 880 and continue out to highway 101. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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nelson mandela left a johannesburg hospital. doctors say he will continue his treatment at home. he is suffering from a respiratory infection. the 92-year-old was checked into the hospital wednesday for a weekend checkup but his extended stay created worldwide concern. those close to mandela say he is not in danger and is in good spirit. an art auction is being held to honor the two uc berkeley students still imprisoned in iran. sarah shourd was the only one of the three to be released. she is expected to attend the event which starts at 7:00 at the soma cultural arts center.
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it will include artwork done by shane bauer. a troubling story in mon tar ray county. another puppy is recovering from a botched surgery by a man who posed as a licensed veterinarian. the humane society received a call. the owner said the puppy was given a faulty ear and tail cropping. he is accused of disfiguring three other puppies. a $3500 reward is being offered for information leading to his arrest no last week's death of an elephant at six flags will be the focus of a new provide project. the elephant named taj lived years beyond the life exspan tan
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sigh. they're saying she's giving a rare opportunity to study an elderly el fafnlt among their questions, whether elephants can develop alzheimer's disease. >> but she was a very talented artist. want to check in with sal and see what's happening on this friday morning. how's the toll plaza. toll plaza is good. newark, new jersey airport is experiencing three and a half hours of delays. if you're taking a plight there -- flight there, you should check with your carrier. san jose, it says their general departure and arrival times 15 minutes or less. the toll plaza is slow. it's backed up for a 10 to
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15-minute delay. in some areas visibility is poor. that's one area on the pen nine sue larks a couple of drivers ran over debris. about 10 people pulled over with flat tires after running over blanks near by. let's go to steve. inland fog. fog advisory, visibility for some, zero. theres also local drizzle. didn't get a couple reports, but the fog seems to be lifting. it's not as bad as a couple days ago. fog in san jose. you saw it in oakland and coming in from the west. the fog can be really tough here for awhile, 30s and 40s. 30s and 40s everywhere else. low fog into san jose. they have not had that.
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a system in the middle of the screen will spread rain. fog then sun, hazy sun, higher clouds. cooler today for everybody. 40s, 50s, low to mid-60s out of those upper 60s and 70s. clouds move in on saturday. rain on sunday, clearing breezy on monday. sunny and cool on monday. >> we're still following developing news from danville. two hours ago this house fire destroyed a house and sent a firefighter to the hospital. how will -- it will affect a preschool and neighbors. you can buy a newspaper and coffee at bart stations but how about buying a pair of glasses. plus a gorilla in britain. what makes him different from
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his counter parts.
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we want to update you on a developing situation in the east bai. a fast moving fire in danville that injured a firefighter.
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the nearby fountain head montessori school is closed. crews just got flames under control. jade hernandez was first on the scene and is live with an update from firefighters. >> reporter: we can tell you about fountain head mon it sorry. this school is next to the house that caught fire. fire police and the director have all agreed it's best to shut it down today, mainly because of the lingering ash and smoke that's sitting above the montessori school. about 80 students go here. they started arrive -- they start arriving around 9:00. i can show you that this fire is very near 680 north, the entrance onto the freeway. a passer by this morning noticed the flames and called for help. my photo journalist will whip
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around. that passerby saw the fire. it's at 923 el pen tado road. this is a two-alarm fire and flames destroyed this home this morning. the fire chief told us earlier that a firefighter was injured. that firefighter was injured when part of the ceiling collapsed on him and pushed him down the stairs. he was hit with heavy debris. he was taken to the hospital and suffered minor injuries. he's going to be all right this morning. the firefighter said it's a compression injury to his neck. i was able to speak to the owner of the home who was able to tell me he didn't feel comfortable going on camera this morning. he told firefighters that a friend of his was living inside
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the home from time to time. it was not under construction as first thought. the fire chief said he thousand dollars it was new construction or under construction. not the case. the owner said he had a friend living inside. it doesn't appear the friend was inside this morning. when we'll rifed 30 minutes after the fire broke out, flames engulfed the home. one of the reasons firefighters aren't concerned about nearby homes is because there's a hillside behind the home, so no other homes were in harm's way. again, one firefighter hurt and taken to the hospital. he's going to be all right. we don't have a damage estimate nor a cause. we're waiting for investigators to get on the scene. we'll update you in half an
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hour. >> thank you. well, police divers are going back into a canal in patterson this morning. they're searching for clues in the kidnapping of juliani cardenas. they said water flow will be reduced. the area is close to where a witness told authorities he saw a car, similar to the one belonging to the alleged kidnap are drive into the water. >> as of right now they aren't satisfied weave done -- we've done a thorough enough job. >> the family released these photos. they show juliani playing video game and smiling with jose hernandez, the one accused of kidnapping him. police tell us no formal searches are planned to find debra schmitt.
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police went to san francisco's golden gate bridge showing the photo to homeless people trying to get information that may help find ms. schmitt. she vanished last wednesday. the family said she's been going through a divorce. a bay hear man who alluded less for more than seven years has been captured. marco vargas-ortiz will be in court about an hour from now in redwood city. on wednesday police found him living in a menlo park backyard. he was given a three-year suspend sentence for a prore charge. he never served that sentence. a 28-year-old morgan hill man faces charges of sexually molesting a 13-year-old girl. police said michael evans had
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been living with the girl's family and had sexual encounters with her over the past month. evans told police he did not want to go back to jail and ran. he was hit by a van on highway 101 but kept running. police captured him and took him to jail. the man selected to be the new police chief in san jose is said to be acting police chief chris moore whos had been a police officer for 27 years. >> i'm bringing the best candidate for san jose for all the issues we're facing. >> the san jose police department has been criticized by members of the community for agreasesive policing and also accused of racial profiling. some community leaders are disappointed with the choice of what they call an insider. tuesday the city council will vote on whether to confirm chris
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mooreals the new police chief. meanwhile, oakland police chief anthony batts had been in the running to become san jose's police chief. the question is whether batts will remain in oakland. he told ktvu he's still make up his mind. claudine wong is in oakland this morning. claudine will tell us more about chief batt's concerns. at 10:00 this morning a final vote is expected on plan to replace human toll workers on the golden gate bridge with an eel tron yike one -- electronic one. if approved, 32 people will lose their job. cameras would snap photos of license pleats and drivers would get a bill. kiosks will be set up. it will save the district about $16 million over the next 10
7:37 am
years. if you ride bart you may be able to do some shopping while waiting for your train. >> reporter: we're at the station where a train just went out a short time ago. there were dozens of people coming out of the turnstiles. now it's slower. one san francisco-based company sees these commuters as potential shoppers. the company wants to bring different types of stores and businesses to bart stations. yesterday the board of directors voted 8-1 to start discussing with transmart. we're talking about convenience
7:38 am
stores, local farmers markets. bow -- beauty stores along with health and wealthness centers, a place to buy vitamins and even get eye care. some commuters say they like the idea. others say they're not sure this is the place they would want to do their shopping. >> i wouldn't because this isn't the kind of environment to hang around. >> usually when i come to bart, i'm busy and not a place that i linger. >> reporter: some of the people said food retailers seem to be a popular idea but this could be a problem for bart. bart passengers aren't allowed to eat or drink while on the train. it's a concern that at least one bart director expressed. how do you promote the sale of foods and at the same time remind people not to eat or drink on the train. a few minutes before the live
7:39 am
shot we overheard the pa system telling people it's a $250 fine if you're caught eating or drinking on the train. the next step in the process is to study some of the passenger flow at eight to 10 of the busiest bart systems. live in san francisco, reporting for ktvu channel 2 news. >> that is a really good question. >> which ones would draw the most business. >> sal is watching our commute but he's also hearing from a lot of people from what they would like to see. >> this story has bart commuters talking. kate said she opened a cart with muffins and brown nice, but then they have to work out the whole eating thing, right? bart is on time. if you don't want to drive in the fog, bart is an option.
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880 is foggy. bart is your way into the city. they don't have major delays reported. this is a look at the toll plaza. all of a sudden we have a bigger than usual delay for a friday. earlier we did have a crash on the bridge, but that was cleared. they did a good job getting it out of the way. i see a stalled vehicle in san francisco but i don't see anything that would be causing a slowdown on the bridge. this is a look at the 280 freeway. several cars with flat tires near west burrow. 101, fog near the airport. we're also following the san francisco airport. they are expecting fog delays later as the plains come in. they will be late coming in and going back out. let's go to steve. changes start today. tweeters have been funny.
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joe in napa, dude, where's my car. can't see. lori. i'm sick of this fog. i know. coastal fog and the inland fog together. san jose has fog. the peninsula was clear, southbound clear. that's not the case today. now for some it's lifted a little bit. for others you can't see your hand in front of your face. foggy but cooler today. the weekend, clouds will be on the increase. it will be cooler for everyone. rain on sunday. rain on sunday. how about that tori. we haven't said that until the 13th. then next woke back to -- week back to quiet. that takes us into february 7th. dense fog advisory until 10 a.m. visibility is awful. cold if you're in that fog.
7:42 am
also there's local drizzle, antioch. other locations have drizzles. that system is coming. the first system comes in and nudges the high and falls apart. the one right there, showing every sign of holding together for clouds, late saturday and rain on sunday. 30s and 40s. had some upper 30s on the peninsula. looks like the cloud cover comes. 39 san rafael. foggy and cold for san rafael. if the fog lifts, it mighting warmer. it's been a tough pattern for the delta and over san pablo bay. you can go not that far away and it can be five, 10 degrees warmer if you're in the sun. today we have to deal with the
7:43 am
fog. the front gets closer. so very foggy. combination of low fog and high fog. mostly sunny. 48 fairfield. 52 antioch. 62 berkeley. 62 nevado. yesterday gilroy hit 75 degrees for a record high, not today. fog and low clouds and increasing clouds on saturday. clear, cool on monday. then sunny but not that warm on tuesday. thanks for the lawsuit. why taco bell is running new ads thanking a california woman for suing them. talk about going green, find out how plants could play an important role at airport security checkpoints. plus, a local glee star is making an aprps in the bay area and how you can meet her.
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the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud.
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stocks are down today after a report shows the u.s. economy isn't growing as quickly as economist exsecond. ford motor company down 10%. down 7 1/2% and sara lee is down. right now the dow is currently down 51 at 11,93356789 nasdaq down 35. s&p down about 8. the prftional networking -- professional networking site linked in announced a public
7:47 am
offering. they announced the number of shares to be offered. linked in has an estimated value of more than $2 1/2 billion dollars. taco bell is launching an advertising campaign to fight back against a lawsuit that claims its meat filling is not really beef. a class action lawsuit was filed in california late last week. this claims the chain falsely advertised its product which it calls seasoned beach. the company says it uses meat mixtures of binders and extenders. taco bell is running full page ads thanking the women for the lawsuit and set the record street. 3% is wart. 4% is mexican spices and flavors including salt, chile pepper,
7:48 am
sugar powder and cocoa powder. 5% is oats, citric acid and other ingredients. >> the restaurant's quarterly earnings will be released next week. two state lawmakers from napa will be holding a form about the recent violence. the staffers have protested the beating of a they are a pes -- therapist. they hope to come up with some recommendations from a panel of experts. they're also taking public testimony as well. the forum runs between 3 and 5 at napa valley college. a marin county mom said for the second time in a month she's had problems trying to put her infant in a plane.
7:49 am
she was forced off a plane on sfo over a dispute on re that was too narrow for her daughter's infant seat. an attendant refused to let her use the seat because he couldn't find an faa approved safety sticker. united said miss bradley and her family were removed from the flight for taking photos. miss bradley said she took a picture of the row because an inspector asked her after another fleet if he is had a picture. plants could become the latest new resource in airport security. researchers at colorado state university are modifying plants to respond to small amounts of explosion siffles. the plant's leaves would turn white if explosives are
7:50 am
detected. they're 100 more times sensitive than a going's nose. >> if a bad guy walks by with explosives, our plants can detect that. >> it would also detect liking glass or pow loptants -- pow loptants. google is showing an expanded 3d view of earth. it will create a 3d model of every building in the world. users can tour greater portions of s francisco and san hoe say along with the downtown areas of other cities. a gorilla is the latest star. he lives in a park in the united
7:51 am
kingdom. gorillas walk on their knuckles, bent over. look at the way -- i don't know, tori. tori's not buying it. look at that stand right there. we just checked this morning. they have more than 1.3 million hits on youtube looking at that gorilla but tori's still not buying it. >> looks like it could be photoshopped. you might notice something missing from next sunday's super bowl. who wouldn't be there. also, a rt trough promo for a new project.
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7:54 am
welcome back. one of the stars of the popular show glee will be in the bay area. the new movie is called "i am number four." she is a native of burlington. she will be at the hot topic store tomorrow afternoon. to meet her we put a link on our channel 2 website with all of the information. just click on the web link area of for the first time in super bowl's 45 years, there won't be any cheerleaders. the green bay packers and pittsburgh steelers don't have cheerleaders. they do borrow cheerleaders, but they're not taking them to
7:55 am
dallas. the steelers dropped them in 1970. one of the eccentric stars of the world champion san francisco giants is finding a new way to promote his project. brian wilson appeared on george lopez' tv talk show complete with, yes, a gray died beard and a sailor suit. he's promoting his own video game. it includes a phone call he makes with a retrophone you often see on seinfeld. take a look. >> you think your beard is sweeter than mine. not even the most sweetest hun ni is sweeter than this beard. >> all right. wilson said he decided to wear a sail or suit because help spends a lot -- he spends a lot of time
7:56 am
at sea. it's time to get back to work. spring training for the world champion giants start february 25th, 1:05 against arizona. >> sal, all i can say is -- >> the director brings up a good point. as much as i love brine wilson. if i was a fan for another team, i'd hate him, but i'm a giants fan so i love that guy. let's take a look at what we have. traffic is slow at the toll plaza but it's improving. the fog has been an issue. it's worse than usual. i'll have him tell you about. it's affecting eastern contra costa county. let's take a look at 880 in oakland. traffic is busy but the fog is low. if you're driving on the peninsula, looking good. some of the earlier problems
7:57 am
have cleared up. let's go to steve. it's the coastal variety and the inland. the combination of the two is giving us a gray pattern. weak system coming in but it is a sign of a change and rain is going to arrive on sunday. this will help lift the fog a little bit but not before we have dense fog. visibility is awful. local drizzle. fog again has come to the coast back over span pablo bay in san jose, the peninsula. this whole week it's been north bay and east bay. that's not the case today. the cooling will continue. it spreads clouds in saturday and rain on sunday. dense fog. the cooling has begun for everyone. out of the 70s and 80s. that system will sweep in here. that means temperatures will plunge into the fist fi.
7:58 am
low clouds fog. there are a few high clouds from the first system, which is knocking the high out of here. so 40s, 50s and 60s, but extremely foggy conditions for many. for some it's going to be a great day. tomorrow a lot of clouds and sunday rain. monday clear, tuesday sunny. tz a sad --s it a sad anniversary today for america's space program. everyone old enough to remember knew exactly where they were 25 years ago today. plus, hazardous teams rushed to one quiet neighborhood. why three did it and what they fond.
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8:00 am
an early morning house fire in danville is affecting a nearby preschool. a big question this morning, will their top cop stay. what the council has to say. we're closing watching egypt crack down on protesters. we're now hearing egypt's
8:01 am
president hosni mubarak will be speaking soon. why the area fog could mean trouble for drivers. the second hour of mornings on two starts now. good morning. welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. we're still following developing news in danville. fire crews are still at the scene of a major fire on el pintado road. one firefighter was hurt. now ktvu's jade hernandez has been out there all morning and has the very latest on what may have started the fire. >> reporter: investigators are finally here on the scene. the firefighter that was hurt suffered a compression injury.
8:02 am
the flames engulfed this home around 5:30. the house is located at 923 el pintado. the ceiling collapsed and the firefighter was struck by debris, which knocked him down the stairs. we're told the firefighter will be all right this morning. the owner did not want to speak with us. he told the fire chief he had a friend living inside the home. it appears that friend was home when the fire broke out. joining us is fire chief richard price. thank you for joining us. the owner was able to tell you what was in that storage hear because when we got area, the entire roof was engulfed in flames. >> he told me he used the attic. he said it was full of storage, the entire attic. that's why our crews had so much troubling from the interior trying to get lines in. there was too much debris.
8:03 am
once the fire burned for a period of time, that debris started collapsing into the lower part of the house. >> reporter: he is a contractor, right? >> a general contractor, yes. >> reporter: so he had a lot of flammable material. >> we don't know what he had, just had a difficulty fighting it. >> reporter: i know you weren't concerned about surrounding homes because this home sits -- the hillside is behind. this next door is a montessori. they shut that down. >> because the fire will smolder for a long time. a lot of smoke. the smoke is toxic and not healthy for the children. that was a responsible move. >> reporter: tell me, one of the biggest problems or obstacles you fought. >> i think the difficulty trying to fight the fryer from -- fire
8:04 am
from the inside with the storage and as the building started to collapse we had one firefighter injured and ultimately moved our firefighters out and that's how we extinguished it. >> reporter: the fire investigators are out here right now. >> we have two fire investigators looking into the cause. >> reporter: thank you so much, chief price. i can tell you you can see it's extremely foggy. a passer by, a driver along 680. noticed the flames and called 911. when firefighters arrived, this entire home was engulfed. luckily only one person was injured. we do understand he's going to be all right but he was pretty stiff after he fell down the stairs. as soon as we get more information, we'll pass it along to you. back to you in the studio. more breaking developments
8:05 am
about those antigovernment protests in egypt today. president hosni mubarak is about to speak for the first time since the riots broke out. he's also just imposed a night curfew from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. for cairo and several other city and signaled he was about to send the military out into the streets for the first time to quell this unprecedented challenge. one person was killed and another was placed under house arrest. the egyptian government has cut all internet access and cell phone service. police are also confiscating cameras from international tv crews, tourists, using water guns. coming up in 15 minutes we'll have a live report from washington, d.c. on why the protests are making u.s. officials very nervous. back here at home this morning there are several issues swirling around the oakland police department. a full investigation has just
8:06 am
started into problems with the police radios, and now there are big questions about the future of police chief anthony batts. claudine wong is live with what chief batts is saying. >> reporter: there's lots of uncertainty at the police department from top to bottom. on the streets, police are dealing with the unreliable radios, unreliable calls. the chief is looking at an uncertain future. it appears the decision is his. we told you the chief did not get the job as san jose's top cop. when we asked whether he's still looking, help said he made no -- he said he made no decision on his future. >> i've surpassed all the things i've been asked to do, whether strategic plans, resolutions,
8:07 am
reducing crime. everything i've been asked to do, if kept mi bargain. >> reporter: but a lot has changed sense he walked in the door. there's a new mayor and new makeup and growing budget problems. council president larry reed said he believes changes need to be made. >> i'm not saying who's attempting to micromanage him. i think he knows best how to run the police department. we as a council need to show those men and women of the oakland police department that we do, in fact, care about them. >> reporter: now relationship problems between the chief's office and the city council aren't new. in fact, former oakland police chief tucker and the council had a lot of problems. the mayor said she's trying to keep limb engaged and -- him engaged and keep him going on.
8:08 am
they are trying to fix the current problems and trying to find common grounds so they can move ahead. claudine wong reporting. >> thank you. emergency crews from across san mateo county rushed to a quiet pacific neighborhood arriving shortly after 10 p.m. to investigate a suspicious container on mason drive. there were concerns the mysterious liquid inside the container might be dangerous. hazardous material teams from several cities we called in. >> we found a material that was not dang -- was not dangerous. >> the hazmat crews were at the scene until early this morning. they said it could take several days to determine the content. an unforgettable anniversary today. 25 years ago today the space
8:09 am
shuttle challenger exploded just 73 seconds after liftoff from the kennedy space center. challenger, go with throttle up. those were the final words from the space shuttle crew and you'll never forgot pictures. it carried seven astronauts, including the first teacher in space but she never made it. at a memorial in florida that we showed you live this morning, the widow of the commander said every challenger crew member was a teacher. >> if we didn't somehow continue challenger's mission of education, then our loved ones would have died in vein. >> the family of the challenger crew created a living tribute by reaching to children through the challenger centers. it's a place where children can climb lay board a small scale
8:10 am
space shuttle, see what the astronauts do. so far 4 million children have learned about space and science at those living memorials. >> what made it even harder to comprehend was how much attention this whole shuttle had gotten before hand. so everyone was watching it and paying attention. when this completely blue up. >> i still see the teacher's mother and father. we want to check in with sail. good morning. traffic on the roads is affected by the heavy fog. if you're driving anywhere you're going to notice the fog. it's in the has thick -- not as thick at the toll plaza. it's beginning to get better now. i know it was a much earlier
8:11 am
accident. the san a tai yes looks okay. you'll notice the fog is not allowing us to see much famplet the airplanes coming into san francisco airport could be affected by the fog. they usually don't have delays until after 9:00. the planes get backed up coming in and they're late going out. the traffic seems to be okay but the heavy fog is there. remember highway for, 24, we can usually show you pictures. speaking of the weather, let's go to steve. >> we have a lot of fog today. coast, also inland, combination of the two mean as foggy pattern from sal's traffic shot. dense fog can make it extremely tough driving conditions. visibility near zero, also some local drizzle. if you're in that fog it's cold. 30s and 40s, san francisco. the warmest at 49.
8:12 am
we have a westerly breeze on the coast. that means cooler for everybody. our target forecast 39. 48. we'll go 54 for a high today under that foggy pattern. the first system has come in. that has nudged the eye a little bit. the second one, showing every sign of giving us rain on sunday. rain, haven't had any since the 13th. the fog is there, dense fog advisory. the cooling begins for everybody, those that have been in the 70s not anymore. clouds will be increasing. this morning it's an extremely foggy pattern, low clouds and fog and clouds to the north bay. 40s, 50s and low 60s but cooler on the coast. out of the 70s. 60s for some. the cooling will continue along with the cloud cover on
8:13 am
saturday. rain on sunday. clear and breezy on monday. sunny and cool on tuesday. thank you. a small item caused a big scare at the site of the sole this morning. we've now learned what the item is. some girl scout cookies are on the chopping block.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
we have an update to tell you b in the past few minutes we learned a suspicious package at cowboys stadium turned out to be trash. someone reported seeing someone throw something in a storm drain. nearby roads were shut down. they said they did not find anything besides the garr back. workers continue to prepare for the super bowl. we're still following developing news from egypt. the egyptian government dramatically increasing the response to the mass protests. the situation as american officials very nervous. >> reporter: egypt's president has ordered a military curfew to
8:17 am
take effect this hour in three major cities. protesters must leave the streets or face a military con frontation. let's get right to some video we're bringing in by satellite showing the intense clashes already between police and antigovernment demonstrators. the demonstrators are calling for an end to the 30-year rule of president hosni mubarak. police have been firing rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons in the bomb. leader mohamed el baradei has been put under house arrest. president obama says he has warned president mubarak about the need to make changes in his country. >> making sure they are moving forward on reform, political re form, economic reform, which is
8:18 am
critical. you can see these pentup frustrations. >> reporter: the egyptian government has shut off access to the internet and cell phone service in much of the country in an effort to keep the demonstrators from organizing and communicating. reporting live from washington, d.c. >> thank you. just about 15 minutes ago, president obama made another push for keeping his healthcare row form legislation -- reform legislation. he told a conference that access to affordable health insurance is a fundamental right. >> just as we're a people who believe in the promise of the free market, we're also a people who believe from the time of our founding that we aspire to protect one another from harm and exploitation. >> the president told the crowd that while he is willing to work
8:19 am
with republicans on modifying healthcare reform, he is not willing to entirely scrap the advances already in place. this just in. an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 2.8 struck an unincorporated contra costa county this morning. it struck at 7:43 and had a depth of 8.3 miles. it was about seven miles south of brentwood and seven miles west of byron. three of the largest health insurance companies in california are postponing operate hikes for 60 days. an them blue cross, pacific care and aetna will delay their rate hikes. that will give the company time to go over the proposals. blue shield of california is the
8:20 am
only one that says it's going ahead with its rate hike. the red cross is blaming this week's snowstorms back east for a major drop in the national blood supply. they say the storms have forced the cancellations of blood drives and kept a lot of donors inside at local. with more winter storms on the way, the red cross is urging people give blood as soon as possible to leep get those supplies back up to sufficient levels. today we'll find out how much snow has fallen in california. in a few hours the experts will measure the snow at phillips starks 90 miles east of sacramento station. they surveyed it last month and said there's twice as much water has normal for that time of the year. it's been a really dry month. we haven't seen any precipitation since january 13th. california does get up to 60% of its water from the snow pack.
8:21 am
the girl scouts are going back to basics. they're discontinuing the sale of some of them like thank you berry munch and the sugar free chocolate chip. they're going bye-bye. there are stand byes like thin mints and shortbread. they want things to be more simple. >> with's your favorite. >> i'll go with samoas, the shortbread, in fact all of them. >> his extended stay in a hospital caused widespread concern. we'll check in on nelson mandela's condition. also, some tough pictures to look at. a puppy hurt by a fake veterinarian. it's a warning for other pet owners. good morning. the fog is still an issue and may be an issue for your if you're going to the airport. we'll explain.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
nelson mandela was just discharged from a johannesburg hospital and will continue to get help at home. he's 92 years old. he had a respiratory infection. he checked in to the hospital for a routine exam but the
8:25 am
extended stay triggered worldwide concern. those close to him said mandela is not in danger. back here at home, an art auction will be held in san francisco benefiting the two uc berkeley graduates still being imprisoned in iran. shane bauer -- josh a tal and sarah shourd were there. sarah shourd was the only one released. it will feature the work of 85 artists. to see those pictures go to our channel 2 website, and click hop the web link section. in monterey county another puppy is recovering from a botched surgery from a man posing as a veterinarian.
8:26 am
the own are said the puppy was given a faulty ear and tail cropping from a man accused of disfiguring other puppies. last week's death of an elephant at six flags in vallejo will be the focus of a research project. taj lived years beyond her life expectancy, which is usually 45. they said she provides a rare opportunity to study an elderly elephant. among their questions, whether elephants can develop alzheimer's. >> a lot going on this morning, sal. it's been a tough draff for many people. let's go out to the pictures that we have.
8:27 am
bay bridge, it was recovering. now it seems to be busy again. steve and i are the fog brothers again. today steve has been saying the fog is worse than he's been seeing all week and he's a meteorologist. 880 southbound. look at that traffic getting low. this morning's commute is going to be slow on the peninsula as you head south. there are several cars with flat tires on 280. 827. let's go to steve. i had to drive through it, sal. we have low clouds, fog, fog on the coast. fog for others that have not had any for a wheel. the usual suspects north bay and east bay. there are reports of zero visibility and local drizzle. we have a weak cold front that has a tendency to lift. it fog along the coast.
8:28 am
30s and 40s. did have a 39 at redwood city. you get temperatures that warm up. concorde 39. fairfield 39. napa 30s. speaking of that weak system, there it is. the stronger front, the last rain was the 13th. that system showing signs of giving us ran on sunday. low fog and clouds, sunny, kind of hazy sunshine with higher clouds. cooler today. 40s, 50s and 60s. yes, 45 was the high for fairfield yesterday. five-day, foggy today and more clouds, low and high will give us a messily cloudy saturday -- mostly cloudy saturday, rainy on sunday. it's a story we first brought you live two hours ago.
8:29 am
fire investigators are on the scene of a fire in danville. it's that house right there. the impact it's having on parents of young children. you can already buy newpapers or in some places a cup of coffee at most bart stations. what about coming here to buy vitamins and other things. ♪
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[ female announcer there's only one you. that's why sutter health created, where you can find a doctor based on criteria important to you. and because it's sutter health, you can choose a doctor from some of the most respected medical groups and hospitals in northern california. find your doctor today at sutter health. with you. for life. we've got developing news in the east bay, a fast moving fire that destroyed a large home in danville, injured a firefighter and forced the closing of a
8:32 am
nearby montessori school. firefighters are trying to figure out what caused this. jade hernandez was the first reporter on the scene. she's back with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: within the last our fire sprearls arrived -- investigators arrived the fire chief put the damage estimate at $750,000. fountain head montessori has been closed for the day. 80 students attend school here. the smoke was causing problems and issues. this is the freeway where the house is near. a driver noticed the flames. take a look at the house. it was fully engulfed when we ray rifed around -- arrived around 6. the fire broke out about 5. the drover called 911.
8:33 am
the san a mon valley fire chief -- ramone valley fire chief, it appears a friend was staying there. the owner was a contractor who filled the attic with storage. that may have been one of the reasons that the roof collapsed. a firefighter was hurt. that injury is a compression injury to his neck. when the ceiling collapsed this morning, the firefighter was struck by heavy debris and knocked down the stairs. we do know he will be all right but he was taken to the hospital. as far as we know right now, a causes a still not been determined. fire investigators arrived. they are here. they are looking to see what may have started the initial flames. the neighbors around here did not want to talk to us. they did tell us they knew someone was living inside. we even spoke to one man who
8:34 am
took his son to the montessori school. he noticed the fire trucks and he was surprised he didn't wake up from the noise. only one firefighter was hurt. that firefighter will be okay. it's about $750,000 worth of damage. reporting live, jade hernandez, channel 2 ktvu news. police divers are going back to a canal in patterson searching for the clues of 4-year-old juliani cardenas. they said water flow from the area will be reduced to help divers focus on an area near a siphoned system. that area is close to where a wit flees told authorities he saw a collar similar to the one belonging to the alleged kidnapper drive into the water. >> as of right now the investigators aren't satisfied we have done a thorough enough job. >> juliani's family released
8:35 am
pictures showing him playing video games and smiling with jose rodriguez, who is accused of kidnapping him. ross police told us no formal searches are planned today for debra met, a missing teach -- schmitt, a missing teacher from marin. police showed her picture to homeless people. she vanished last wednesday. the family said show was going through a divorce. a bay area man who alluded the police for more than seven years has been captured. marco vargas-ortiz will be in court in about an hour from right now in redwood city. on wednesday the police found him living in an illegal building in a menlo back
8:36 am
parred-- backyard. he was given a three-year sentence for another cream but never served his sentence. a morgan hill man is facing charges for sexually molesting a 13-year-old girl. he had been living with the girl's family. police asked him to come to the police station for questioning. evans said he didn't want to go back to jail and ran off. he ended up being hit by a van but kept running. police captured evans a short time later and took him to jail. at 10:00 this morning a final vote is expected on a plan to replace human toll workers on the golden gate bridge with electronic ones. once the system is in place, cameras will snap pictures of license plates and drivers will get a bill.
8:37 am
kiosks will also be set up. the plan is expected to save the bridge district about $16 million over the next 10 years. a plan is mrs. in the -- also in the works to bring businesses to bart stations. i'm thinking it will be like an airport terminal. >> reporter: all these commuters you're seeing here, one san francisco-based company sees them as potential shoppers. the company called transmart wants to bring pretail to bart stations. bart's board of directors appear to be on board. they voted 8-1 to start negotiations. this is an examful of the re-- example of the retail -- farmers market, beauty supply stores and
8:38 am
health and wellness stores, eye care services. some bart commuters say it's not a bad idea in concept but three wouldn't do their shopping here. >> usually when i'm coming in to bart i'm pretty busy, so it's not usually a place i linger. it's or to get where i'm going. >> reporter: transmart also talked about a possible concierge service, so commuters could buy something at one station and have it waiting for them when it -- they get off the bart. others say they want to see more businesses but they're specific about the types they would like to see. >> sandwich stores, things like that, fast food. things on the way to work, on the way home, something to get you through the day. >> probably snacks or something so you can take on the go. >> reporter: now more sandwich shops and snack food problems could pose a problem.
8:39 am
right now under current bart rules passenger aren't allowed to eat or drink on the bart trains. if they're caught, they could face a $250 fine. that's one of the problems beaters and transmart will have to work on. the next thing is to study the passenger flow at eight to 10 of the busiest station. the ones in san francisco, oakland and berkeley before they move forward. >> all right. thank you. an interesting concept. speaking of commute, let's check in with sal. is bart running on time? bart's running on time. one of the tweets said bart needs to sell ear plugs. those trains are loud. let's take a look at the commute. by the way, bart, we've been watching it. these are live pictures. our camera man panned over from
8:40 am
the airport terminal to a plane landing, like a continental flight. these planes have trouble coming in. i think that plane is taking off. pardon me. that's a plane taking off on run way right. it's pretty foggy. check with your airplane. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a 10-minute wait. if you're driving on 101, you can see delays later on because of the thick cloud cover. let's go to steve. what doesn't look good are areas of fog. we have a combination of low clouds, fog on the coast and the inland fog. those two have merged over the bay, an east wind and a west wind. it does signal a change for cooler weather for those of you
8:41 am
who have been basking in the sunshine, coast, peninsula, very foggy. there are a few high clouds, cooler, though. the weekend clouds increase low and high. rain on sunday. it will be a one-shot deal. we'll clear it out monday. next week back to quiet. maybe we can get rid of the fog. i think people are tired of it. our system is coming in, not doing much but the fog is there. i've seen a west wind. until 10:00, dense fog advisory, visibility awful. there's also been local drizzle. 30s and 40s. a lot of upper 30s. livermore 34. napa airport 38 and very foggy conditions. a lot of the tweets coming in --
8:42 am
fog, fog, fog. that system, that's your rain. dense fog and the cooling will begin today with the low clouds and fog. after that we'll she that front -- see that front sweep in on sunday and be gone by monday. cooler today, hazy sun. that's going to give a very gray day for many. 40s and 50s, delta or anybody close to around that fog pattern. 60s for some and not the 70s now. 75 by the way in gilroy yesterday was a record high. 60s, include be santa cruz. it will probably be 59 tomorrow. cloudy skies, sunny but cool on monday. dramatic developments in egypt. the egyptian military is moving in as we speak against antigovernment protests and new reports of a business close to
8:43 am
president mubarak set back. taco bell is fighting back. the mystery beowned that pee anna on a flair sand bar has been solved.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories. in the last half hour the egyptian government sent in its military. look at that tank right this. for the first time they're trying to end antigovernment protests in egypt. we're getting new reports that protesters have set fire to the headquarters of hosni mubarak's ruling party. anthony batts said he was not a pick for san jose's police chief. chris moore is being offered the job. next tuesday the san jose council will vote on whether to confirm moore has the new police chief. nasa marked the 25th anniversary of the space shuttle disaster. seven astronauts were killed january 28th, 1986. families gathered at an outdoor
8:47 am
memorial at kennedy's space center. two americans were among eight people killed. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack in kabul. the group was targeting a north carolina-based security contractor. u.s. officials say they're working with afghan security to establish the identities of the american victims and inform their families. today the pentagon will announce a plan that will give military leaders about three months to train their forces on the new law allowing gays to serve openly in the military. the plan to repeal don't ask, don't tell will outline the recruiting and other regulations. under the schedule full implementation of the new law could begin later this summer. taco bell is launching a new advertising campaign aiming to
8:48 am
fight back at the lawsuit that was filed late last week. the lawsuit claims taco bell falsely advertised its product which it labels seasoned beef. the lawsuit said the company uses a meat mixture with binders and extenders that don't meet the beef requirement. tack bow bell is running ads today thanking the woman for the lawsuit and said they want to set the record straight. the city of concord is hoping to persuade customers to spend time and money at the car dealerships. they have agreed to spend $40,000 for the campaign called "buy your next car in concord." concord has more than a dozen car dealerships. they get $3 1/2 million a year in revenue from car sales. plants could become the latest resource in airport
8:49 am
security. researchers at colorado state university are modifying plants to reresponsibility to small amounts of explosion siffles. the plant's leaves would turn white if explosives are detected. researchers said they're 100 times more sensitive than a dog's nose. >> if a bad guy walks through with explosives, our plants could detect that. >> it would also detect liking gas. google is providing an expanded 3d view of the bay area in google earth. they began the project five years ago to create a 3d model of every building in the world. yesterday they updated coverage. team now 8:49.
8:50 am
mystery solved about that baby grand piano on a miami sand bar. 16-year-old nicholas harrington is behind it. he said this moved it there with the help of his dad before christmas and set it on fire. it was for an art project. >> i thought this was a good place to put it. this was the highest point. it's actually a hazard that spot if you're boating. you can run aground there. it wouldn't get in anyone's way. >> harrington and his parents were ordered to remove it. here's another twist. a miami area musician beat them to the punch. the musician plans to take the piano home because his 10-year-old son needs it. one of the eccentric stars of the giant is out promoting a
8:51 am
project. brian wilson appeared an george lopez' show with a newly dyed beard. wilson makes a phone call to himself with a retrophone. take a look. >> you think your beard is sweeter than mine. it's not. nothing is sweeter than this beard, not even the most perfect honey. you think you'll have a better season that i will? we'll see. end. >> it's almost team to get back to work. spring training begins in less than a month. one of the popular stars of glee will be in the bay area. she is promoting her movie. it's a sci-fi movie.
8:52 am
she's a native of burlington. she will be at the store in san bruno tomorrow afternoon. if you want to meet diana, we put a link on our channel 2 website. check on the web link section of the home page of >> it has become a popular show. super bowl sunday just over a week away. crews working around the clock to get cowboys stadium ready. for the first time in history, one thing won't be on the field. we're looking outside live. we've got fog this morning and drivers crossing the golden gate bridge aren't the only ones dealing with it. sal will have much more.
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8:54 am
i can't believe that guy made it home. nobody drives drunk anymore. [ ring hold on, i got another call coming in. [ ring [ tires screech
8:55 am
while drunk driving rates have dropped greatly, negligent driving and speeding fatalities have skyrocketed. someone dies every 13 minutes from negligent driving, so keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your phone put away. actor charlie sheen is out of the hospital and back home. he was rushed to a hospital in los angeles last flight complaining of severe stomach pains. the report says doctors aren't sure what caused the problems, but there are a lot of things swirling around it. on top of his legal troubles, his friends, family members are very worried about him. charlie sheen is expected to be back on the set of his hit tv show on use that. major preparations are underway for super bowl xlv.
8:56 am
about 200 people have been -- 2,000 people have been working every day to get the field ready. some are adding 15,000 seats to the stadium. as we mentioned earlier there was a brief scare due to a suspicious pack college. it turned out to be garbage. for the first time? bowl history there will be no cheerleaders. the green bay packers and the pittsburgh steelers are two teams who stopped using them. the steelers dropped their cheerleading program in 1970. the sound of super cross is raising here in the bay area. that's what i'm talking go. for the first time it will be held at the oakland coliseum. the event kicks off with
8:57 am
qualifying races at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. you can get more by going to there's a different kind of biking event in san francisco tonight and one that you drivers may not like. about 6:00 bicyclists will gather at justin her man plaza for chris cal mass. wherever they end up is usually a traffic backup. we want to remind people you can still s mornings on 2 tomorrow. check in with sal and see how things are going. good morning to you. we have some air delays expected at the san francisco airport today. these are live pictures. you can see photographers near the runway. the planes are coming in. the acceptance rate will be lower because of the fog. that means they have to go out
8:58 am
late. golden gate bridge, fog advisory. westbound bay bridge backed up for a 10-minute delay. let's go to steve. cool. 50s and 60s with clouds increasing. >> all right. that will do this for us. thanks for watching. hope you have a great weekend.
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