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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 29, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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the search for a missing 4- year-old boy continues this morning after a car connected to the case is pulled out of the canal. and a truck slams into a local bar injuring several people. the death toll is rising, and the tanks rolling in as
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people continue to protest the president in egypt, ktvu starts right now. good morning, i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm mike mibach. a nice quiet day outside but things are about to change. let's check in with the stephanie orosco. >> a colder weekend in store, low clouds will be replaced by h high and mid-clouds later today. our highs today sitting only in the 50s. low to mid-upper 50s. big changes on the way. we're talking rain and more on that coming up in a few minutes. we begin with overnight news from pacifica. suspected drunk driver slammed into a bar injurying several people. it happened this morning at francisco's tavern.
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one victim was pinned under the car. the woman left at about 3:00 and she slammed into the bar. ktvu's allie rasmus joining us live to tell us what happened today. >> reporter: we're in front of the cardenas home, in the driveway there's a red cross van and a red cross tent set up. the red cross has been here providing food and other resources for the family, including some of the emergency crews have been out here. on the doors of the cardenas door there is a note, that note is asking the media and the public for privacy. the family is praying and
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maintaining their hope that 4- year-old juliani cardenas will be found alive even as authorities pulled out a car last night. jose rodriguez is the accused abductor, . when authorities pulled out the car yesterday, there were no bodies in the vehicle. the sheriff noted at least two of the vehicle's windows were down. meanwhile juliani's mother says she is still holding out hope that he's alive. >> i still believe he's out there some where. >> reporter: tabitla cardenas was at a vigil organized for
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her and her family in last night. stanislaus authorities were not hopeful last night. >> based on everything we know and the time that has gone by, the chances of that happening are diminishing expenentially. one thing they want to find out is if the seat belts were buckled. if you see out here live, there are several candles placed outside of the cardenas family home. coming up in the live report, weaver going to hear from a few people who were out here last night at the canal watching the vehicle come out and were very moved by it.
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>> and stay with ktvu, allie rasmus will be at the canal all morning to bring up the latest information. overnight we learned that in all, 45 people have died and thousands injured during anti government protests in egypt. protesters are calling for the ousting of the president. they've taken over streets, the unrest comes hours after the president fired his cabinet. the army has currently sealed the road leading to parliament and cabinet buildings. right now popular tourists sites like the pyramids are also closed off. we're also getting word of looting in cairo. these are pictures of people carrying out large boxes. we are learning that security
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forces have been sent to a museum to protect artifacts. we're told that people were breaking into the museum, but so far there's no word on its condition. the president also talked with the israeli president on the phone. in a speech, the president did not say he would step down but he did promise to install a new government. president obama urged the leader to follow through on his
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word. egypt is also our most important arab ally and that country protects the an important shipping rout. >> last night more than a thousand egyptian families gathered at a church in hayward to pray for peace. many of them say they are shaken by the sights of tanks and troops going into their homes in tanks. >> we have never seen it like this before. this is very, very different. >> every egyptian in the bay area is much like myself today, paralyzed. >> a rally and support of the egyptian people will be held in
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fran. it is expect too start at noon. more than a thousand people have signed up online in hopes that more will attend. russian investigators confirmed that the man is a -- 35 people were killed in monday's blast and 180 others were injured. federal agents raided two homes in connecticut in connection with a cyber hacking case. university of connecticut students lived in both of those homes. investigators were led to the first house after they traced the ip address linked to several cyber attacks. >> felt that the neighbors were
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sharing internet access were part of a website hacking. >> officials won't say what websites were targeted expect that they are major business. no one was arrested at either home. today a parolee is in trouble again, this time for threatening a retired congresswoman. nelson was arrested last night accused of calling diane watson and threatening to kill her. police searched his apartment and found several stolen items but no weapons. he was on parol for a prior terrorist conviction. and a san francisco woman received an anti aircraft projectile in the mail. several apartments near by had to be evacuated by police say the projectile wound up being
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harmless. the woman ordered a cooking package on ebay when the projectile was sent instead. caltrain will be holding a meeting to keep service intact and boost ridership. the caltrain board is expected to declare a fiscal emergency for the third straight year. the that meeting is open to the public and suggestions are open. giving you a live look here at san francisco. low clouds hanging over head, about a quarter mile off the ground and that's why it's easy to see down below and into the city this morning. we are going to see changes, take a look at the satellite and radar here. we will watch mid- and high level clouds move through. that is the storm that will bring us the rain as early as tonight and into tomorrow morning. let's bring you through the
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clouds and rainfall. notice the bit of clouds. we got a little bit of fog and concord, east bay and valley area. and there it is again. that fog hanging dense in some areas along the valley. by this evening we're watching the rain moving through. and even across the bay, while we sleep it's going to roll on through. some of the heaviest rain expected to fall by tomorrow morning. so we may wake up with some of this. even thunderstorms a possibility through the morning hours, then by sunday afternoon, here we are, 3:00, 4:00 already beginning to clear out. it'll be a clear hitter. in any case we may expect to see a half inch to a quarter of an inch. maybe a little bit more for the hills and the mountains. outside our doors this morning. low clouds hanging in. your day planner for you here, we have low clouds out there, high clouds will begin to move in as we move through the morning hour, we'll be sitting
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in the 40s, low 50s by 9:00. mostly gray and sitting in the low mid-50s. by the afternoon again widespread low mid-upper 50s expected in the afternoon. your highs around the region look like this. 53 for concord and 57 in fremont. we will be again mostly cloudy for today. your five day forecast here, while we do we may remain gray, we remain dry for most of today. late afternoon early evening, north bay may start with a few sprinkles rolling on by. clearing out by monday, so we'll be drying out in time for the first half of next week. temperatures falling below normal for your sunday and rebounding for your monday. now if your plans for the weekends are maybe to hit the slopes in the sierra we ha an advisory to talk about in a moment. free tax in the sierra, where it's been offered and who is qualified. a big announcement for former president george w. bush
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about his future in politics. let's give you a live look outside in marin county, san rafael, everything looking clear on this saturday morning.
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welcome back and good morning to you. nights on shore breeze, very light, 6 miles per hour. all right time now is 7:15, former president george w. bush has made it official he is through with politics and not just as a candidate. the president says he won't be constantly raising money for the republican party and mr. bush says he won't be giving his opinion on current
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politics. the former president adds that he has found his life away from politics very rewarding. and tickets for palin's appearance are sold out. the former alaska president has been asked to deliver the keynote. palin will call on young people to continue the reagan revolution. reagan died at the age of 84 in 2003. and the military is consideration how to phase out don't ask don't tell policy. military chaplains, lawyers and civilian workers will go first. followed by commander officers. the rank in file troops are scheduled to wrap up training by february of last year.
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robert gates says the training will emphasize that all personnel be treated with respect. u.s. secret service is on the trail of whoever looted the welfare account of hundreds of californians. someone went to automatic tellers to withdraw welfare payments. the crime caused untold hardship on hundreds of families left without food and other necessities. the thieves hit welfare recipients in at least three bay area counties. >> the first time we saw that, we thought strange. we started noticing a pattern. >> the thefts left some families with small children without benefits for the month. the benefits have since been reinstated. the government is trying to cut the state budget and this time he's focused on state
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owned cars. governor brown has stopped the purchase of any new cars. he says the cut the state fleet from 11,000 vehicle to less than 6,000 and that could save $15 million a year. that move does not affect safety and high patrol. expect the budget to be part of the governor's state of the state address this week. he's going to touch on some positives about the golden state in his speech in the assembly ambers. you can watch that address right here on channel 2 adds channel 2 news at 5:00. the volunteer income tax assistance program opens its center in the city of richmond at 10:00 this morning. the center says it provides a service that many people might other wise may hundreds of dollars for. it helps people who qualify for the earned income tax credit receive as much as $5,600 from the federal government.
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every year californians fail to claim more than a billion dollars from that credit, the center is located at 1535 third street again in the city of richmond. time now is 7:18 and the kung fu panda is shrinking down. we're going to show you his transformation. and hospital staff are calling for the a cut down on violence.
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and we want to take you back to patterson right now. this is a live look outside the home of 4-year-old missing boy juliani cardenas. it was yesterday that authorities removed the toyota
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carolla linked to the abduction. that car was empty when divers pulled it out of the canal. two windows were down so the search at the canal will continue today starts at 9:00. protesters staged a demonstration yesterday saying there are too many unanswered questions in the death of guy jerome jr. >> we want answers from the police that were there. we would like statements from them. we would like statements from the paramedics that were on the scene. we want to know why he was taken to concord hospital instead of the two hospitals that were in vallejo.
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>> guy moved to california from louisiana. he was the trial of a systemed gang member accused of killing a father and his two sons is scheduled to begin in june. police say 24-year-old edwin ramos fired a gun from a car killing tony balonia. ramos has argued that another man fired the fatal shots. workers are stepping up their call for more protection from violent patients. those pleas for change came during a town hall meeting in napa yesterday. it was the latest response to the violence of the bay area's largest mental hospital. police say a patient killed a
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psychiatric technician on hospital grounds last year. another worker had his skull fractured. patient violence is a part of their routine. >> a group of patients who have had four more assaults a month for six months in a row who are still here. >> the hospital workers have the support of two state lawmakers. they are supporting a bill that will bring them more security. the state is offering free vaccinations against whooping cough. the whooping cough shot is for anyone 7 years old and up. and that pneumonia vaccine is for people 65 and older or at high risk. this morning the city of oakland will hold a grand opening for its brand new state
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of the art library. it is located on 81st avenue. the library is the city's second largest with 30,000 books, dvds and other material. there's also a computer room with 30 terminalless. the new library will be a tremendous help for students from this low income neighborhood. there is actually rain in the forecast. it's hard to believe but rosemary is watching the weather. what is going to look like today. >> the rain will hold off until late afternoon, early evening for the north bay then all of us expected to be wet tomorrow morning. giving you a look at alcatraz tomorrow morning where the sun is already up but we're not going to see much of the sunshine today. the low clouds hanging pretty good. a little bit of fog but nothing like we had seen in recent days. the fog is very minimal the this morning. if by chance you're getting up
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this morning and headed to the sierra that will be starting later tonight lasting through tomorrow afternoon. four to 7-inches expected all the way down to 4,000 feet. perhaps 4,500 feet. we're looking at a foot of snow at the highest elevation. to that to be aware of if you're going to be out there. make sure you carry around those chains and be prepared for a slow drive. your five day forecast for you here today. we will be a lot cooler than we've been in the last few days. for your sunday, a little bit below average and it's going to be soggy so definitely going to be a chill there. by monday we are rebounding as late as sunday night we'll be able to dry out and we'll be dry for the first of the next week. some people are calling it operation panda two. it's the weight loss effort by pablo sandoval and he's officially doing well. let me show you this picture
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that he placed on twitter. reports that he has lost 20 pounds may be true. so far his teammates say he looks great, and he is taking his weight loss very seriously. the golden state warriors have gotten another win. they go to over time. jackson puts the nail in the coffin. the bob cats win. and the items recovered from a burning home. there's no sign of a missing 4-year-old inside a
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vehicle pulled from the canal. where the search for juliani cardenas goes from here.
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several people are hurt this morning after police say a woman drove her truck straight into a local bar. good morning and welcome back to mornings on two. i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm mike mibach.
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police say a suspected drunk driver slammed into a bar injurying several people. it happened on francisco boulevard right near highway 1. one victim was pinned under the truck. witnesses say the woman left the bar about closing time when she got into her truck and drove it into the bar. it is still not clear what exactly led up to that crash. in just a few hours search teams will return to a canal near patterson. late yesterday drivers removed a car from the water but there's no signs of the missing boy or his suspected kidnapping. allie rasmus joins us now from the family home. >> reporter: you can see there's a sheriff deputy vehicle along with a red cross tent. some people have set up a fire out here because it is quite cold. the red cross and law enforcement personnel have had a presence out here in front of the family home for the past
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week when this search really started intensifying. if we step over. i don't know if you can see from where we're standing. if we zoom into the front door of the cardenas family home there is a note on the door asking everyone for privacy. the cardenas family is praying and maintaining their hope that 4-year-old juliani cardenas will be found alive. even as authorities pull a toyota carolla from the delta kanal yesterday. this is video we first showed you on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00, the car you're looking at is the vehicle juliani's alleged abductor was driving when he took off with the 4- year-old 11 days ago. jose rodriguez is the alleged abductor. he the sheriff noted at least two of the car's windows were down. divers are expected to resume a
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search of the canal at 10:00 a.m. today. meanwhile juliani's mother says she is still holding out hope her son is okay and well. >> i still believe he's out there some where jr. tabitha cardenas was at a vigil held for her son. the stanislaus appeared to be less optimistic. meanwhile people here in patterson, some of who had never met the cardenas family are extending their thoughts and prayers for them. >> we were just hoping and praying that no one is in the car and you know i couldn't imagine what the mother, grandmother is going through right now. >> i just want to say i'm
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praying for the family. >> reporter: now dozens of neighbors watched as authorities pulled that vehicle out of the canal as you saw. many people were moved. some were brought to tears. again the bodies of juliani cardenas and rodriguez no bodies were found inside of the car that was pulled out of the canal. the authorities plan to do more extensive tests. dive crews are going back into the water at 10:00 today to continue their search. live in patterson, allie rasmus. the investigation is under way into two early morning hours. they were just a few blocks apart. one fire was on the 1100 block in geary the other was on van nuys. both started around 3:30 a.m. investigators do not think they are related. the fires caused minor damage and no one was hurt. in danville police say that a large house fire may have been
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sparked by an indoor marijuana growing operation. ktvu was the first to break the news yesterday. police found pot growing equipment in the home. police in milpedas is asking for your help in the search for a man who may be preying on children. he's suspected of trying to kidnap two children. the first incident happened near rancho middle school. the second occurred 30 minutes later near milpedas high school. in both cases a man in a chevy tried to lure the children. a los angeles school police officer will be fired after a shooting hoax that touched off one of the largest man hunts in the city's recent history. authorities say the officer was
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lying when he said a gunman shot him in the chest as he patrolled near a high school last week. a source says the officer was actually mishandling a firearm when he was shot. nine schools were locked down for hours and thousands of students were kept inside classrooms without access to food or bathrooms. well he hasn't even been officially named san jose's new police chief but some people are already protesting the city manager's position to approve moore. >> i was very disappointed because the community clearly spoke in its surveys that they wanted someone from outside of the community. >> give the man an opportunity to do his job but now he's hopefully going to be selected for. judging on that as an individual. >> some people feel anthony bats would have been a far
7:37 am
better choice. but bats told ktvu news he did not get the job. a city council will meet tuesday. some activists are calling for that meeting to be open to the public. residents are angry and scared after two pit bulls attacked a tiny dog. the dogs never realized the danger as those bigger dogs approached him. >> he probably was like, i didn't do anything. i was holding on to the leash and i was afraid they were going to pull me over. >> a neighbor says the pit bulls owner has apologized for the attack as other residents are concerned that the dogs could attack again and many fear the next victim will be a child. ktvu called the dog's owner but he did not want to talk about the attack or what could happen to his dog. 33 dogs were found in a
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home in oakland living in horrid conditions. oakland animal services say that while some of the dogs had to be put down others were saved and now all but three have new homes. the toll takers at the iconic golden gate bridge will soon become history. the bridge's district board of directors voted to approve a plan that eliminates the 32 toll takers. by cutting the jobs, the district will save $19.2 million. the goal is to collect all tolls electronically by the end of next year. >> we give direction, we have helped save people from jumping off the bridge. we have helped people in medical emergencies. >> it's going to be a ghost town because there will be no human toucagain on this bridge. >> the last day of the toll takers could be as early as september of next year. this weekend crews are
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going to focus on two southbound freeway off ramps on hayward. the off ramp for west tennison avenue will remain closed until 09 clock tomorrow morning. we want to take a live look right now, there's kingsville. if you are heading outside, there appears to be some rain on the roadway. the season's second snow survey took place yesterday at the sierra nevada. the snow pack remains above average. this year officials predict they will be able to deliver 60% of the requested water to agencies. last year they were only able to deliver 50%. good morning to you, are you going to be out shopping
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later today? we are off to a quiet start and giving you a live view. not dealing with that pesky new fog this morning but we do have the low clouds out there and they will be replaced with mid- and high level clouds as again we are looking at this storm returning by late tonight and tomorrow morning. i will mention again, we do have a winter weather advisory for the sierra. as we look ahead into monday and tuesday, we will be dry once again with partly cloudy skies. let's take a look at that storm. the center will roll right over the fort brag area by early tomorrow morning. and this is what will bring us the rain. moving through tomorrow morning, the possibility of even thunderstormsings. the as we move through this evening, take a look already seeing some light rain along the coast. santa rosa, north bay will get it first. tomorrow morning we may see some of the heavier rain roll through by the afternoon we're already drying out. so it's going to be a fairly quick system. here we are monday morning and
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again already looking at some clearing over the sierra could linger. again if you're traveling that way, be prepared for that. this morning with low clouds out there not too bad. take a look at this. sitting in the low 50s for areas around oakland and hayward. and 49 as we slide down south here through san francisco as well as redwood city. a little bit of fog in areas like concord this morning, i mentioned napa and santa rosa as well. your overnight high, a light jacket will do you some good. 54 for vallejo this morning, mid-50s expected in san francisco. low 50s for san rafael. and 56 san mateo. here we go with the five day forecast. we're going to be dry. mostly dry we will say for today. by tonight, north bay will begin to see the light rain fist and as we sleep it will begin to roll through.
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clearing up by the second half of the day sunday and we're dry by monday. temperatures will be falling to below average for tomorrow but we rebound by monday. it may not be long before cars will be able to tell if you are too drunk to driver. the technology could become available in the next decade. how here's how it works or could work. before you can start your car there would be one of two ways to determine if you are over the legal limit. a touch sensor or a breathizer. the driver alcohol detection system for safety or dadss for short is aimed at reducing alcohol related fatalities on the road. >> we always call it the seat belt of our generation. this is the single best opportunity to save lives. >> according to the transportation department, 32% of all deadly accidents in the
7:43 am
united states were from drink driving accidents. sarah shourd joins us live next to find out what's happening today in the bay area to help two berkeley students regain their freedom. and we're looking live outside right now.
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how are you this morning. giving you a nice look there. the port of oakland. also again a mild start with gray skies in the forecast. enjoy your day. all right time now 7:45. it has been 577 days since
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three american hikers were first retained in iran. 32-year-old sarah shourd was set free in september of last year on humanitarian ground after spending more than 100 days in solitary confinement. she join us live in the studio to talk about her continued effort to get them released. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> how have you been doing. you've been dedicated to this effort to get shane and josh free. >> their strength is always with me. >> lets start for this upcoming trial. do you know and have you had any communication about it and do you know what your plans are. >> you know i don't have much information about it. we were hoping and continue to hold out hope for a compassionate release before a trial. but if they run in authorities and judicial system deem it necessary to have a trial, i
7:47 am
feel confident that my friend and fiancee will be found innocent. they've done absolutely nothing wrong. >> you said, you just told me you don't know if you will go back. because there's fear if you went back. >> i haven't finalized my condition. it's a hard choice to make. >> has there been any communication to now how they're doing here. certainly there was limited communication when you were there. have you heard anything? >> shane and josh are extremely isolated. i know the two of them are in a cell together. they only leave 40 minutes a day to go to the outside courtyard. we had two hours when i was there. their time outside has been decreased. we know they are receiving our letters so that's great. but they are not allowed to write back. >> how are they doing. >> they said it's harder.
7:48 am
their world is 1/3 smaller, they said it was harder to be there without me winston cup -- without me, but they say they are determined to stay strong. >> you have artists coming together for this effort. tell me about that. >> it's a special tribute to my fiancee's art work. it's called to free all three. you know we're only 1/3 free. so many people around the world feel this way. and it's just an incredible show of support so that those of us in the families and on their front lines of this tragedy really need financial help to continue with this struggle. so there's going to be food and music and it's really going to be incredible. i'm looking forward to seeing everyone. >> sarah shourd, thank you for joining us. our thoughts are certainly with you. i want to give you more information on tonight's rally. this will start at 7:00 tonight
7:49 am
at the soma arts cultural center. that's on brandon street. as you mentioned it includes live art auction, exhibition, live music and more. it is being held in san francisco tonight. we have learned that the intelligence chief has been named vice president. this as political unrest continues this morning. >> the death toll in egypt has now reached 48. thousands of other people have been injured. protesters are back in cairo central square demanding the president be ousted. the egyptian government has ordered nearly all communication including the internet and cell phone service to be blacked out. the army has now stepped in for added security measures. meantime president obama is
7:50 am
calling for a peaceful reform. president obama called for the president to extend rightsed in the arab nation and refrain from violence against the protesters. a the egyptian community here in the bay area is hoping stability will be found soon. while many have been watching the news from their televisions, others gathered in their church from hayward. families came together to pray for peace and they have never seen anything like this before in egypt. >> every egyptian in the bay area is much like myself. paralyzed today. >> of course you wish you were there. i wish i was there so that i could do something or could be out on the street with the others. >> families say they are outraged the government shut down the internet impacting their ability to connect with their loved ones from egypt.
7:51 am
if you want to appear in a star studded hollywood movie. there maybe an opening for you. details on a casting call. plus one woman's search for her long lost father. the clues that brought her to the bay area. cool cloudy and wet, when we expect the rain to arrive and how much we're likely going to get, coming up.
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7:53 am
japan's mount samoa volcano continues to send ash and smoke nearly 1,000 feet into the sky. many are wearing masks to protect themselves from the volcano fall out. all flights at the near by airport have been cancelled. a south dakota hospital has what is likely to be their
7:54 am
oldest ever patient in for tests this week. doctors at rapid city regional hospital performed a cat scan on a 33 million-year-old saber tooth tiger skull. researchers want to learn more about how the animal died. they hope that cat scan is going to help them learn more about this rare natural artifact. >> also it is very unique because of the incredible preservation of the skull. we just have so much detail preserved. the skull was found last summer by a 7-year-old girl visiting badland's national park. she was at the hospital yesterday to watch the whole procedure. a central valley woman will be in the bay area to look for her long lost father. her father marty christianson
7:55 am
lived in san francisco for several years. sf weekly profiled him in an article of people looking for a place to live after that terminal was demolished. >> he's a very intelligent guy. he read the papers daily, he was very well versed and could you know, he was very self- reflective of how he had gotten into this situation. >> i at least want to see him and actually want to say i met my dad at least once when he's alive and i'm alive. >> reporter: christianson told the paper he was a heavy drinker and assumed his family did not want to see him. his daughter's visit this week proved his wrong. and charlie sheen has admitted himself to rehab. there are reports sheen was intoxicated and complaining of chest and abdominal pain. if you are interested in making some extra cash while
7:56 am
appearing in a hollywood block buster you may want to hear this. producers are looking for extras for an action thriller set to be shot in san francisco next month. the film star's matt damon, kate winslet and skwraoud law. there are two casters this weekend. first today in san francisco. the second is tomorrow at the embarcadero ymca. all applicants must bring a pen and a photograph of themselves. the people i know rosemary who ski are complaining they need new snow. could they get it? >> they are going to get a fresh doze but they are going to be with the blowing snow as well. we do have that winter weather advisory starting later today. giving you a live look at bay point where rise and shine. we can actually see a little bit of cloud and sunshine mix there this morning. again low clouds as we start the day and some of the east and north bay valley locations dealing with just a little bit
7:57 am
of fog. but not as pesky as what we've seen in recent days. by tonight into early tomorrow morning. the rain begins to move in. it'll start right above the north bay and slide its way south. how much are we expecting? any where from a quarter to an inch. and up to an inch in high of the higher elevations. that's what we can expect for your sunday morning. some of the heaviest rain expected to move through sunday morning. by the afternoon we are already drying up. temperatures will be below average, it is going to be a chilly day sunday. we will be mostly dry for today. but by tonight expect those sprinkles. it's a big morning for oakland a fans. season tickets go on sale at 9:00 a.m. tickets can be bought at the a's website or by going to the ticket center. the a's have several promotions including free hot dog thursdays. 100,000 fans are expected to fill dallas cowboys stadium
7:58 am
to see the steelers battle the packers. the going price of a ticket is between $2,100 and $8,000. one fan paid $70,000 for a suite. but you can also just watch the super bowl for free right here on ktvu. and officials are continuing their search for a missing 4-year-old boy. also overnight news from pacifica. trouble at closing time at a local bar.
7:59 am
8:00 am
tens of thousands continue to protest their government, how president obama is now getting involved. plus take a look at these pictures, a suspected drunk driver plowed her truck into a bar. and good morning, welcome to mornings on two, i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm mike mibach. showers are indeed back in your forecast for your weekend.
8:01 am
lets check in now with rosemary orosco. >> this morning nestled under low clouds and because of that we are actually warmer this morning. we will be with the cooler weekend, the low clouds will be replaced but replaced with mostly cloudy as well as rain starting a little bit later today. that will keep our forecast highs a lot chillier than where we've been, even below average in some cases. we are tracking that storm, we'll show you when we expect it to arrive and what we expect out of it coming up in just a moment. all right, we begin with overnight news from pacifica. police say a suspected drunk driver smashed into a bar injurying several people. it happened around 2:00 a.m. at the winters tavern on francisco boulevard right near highway 1. six people were hurt including the driver. one victim was pinned under the truck. witnesses say the woman was actually in the bar before the accident but she left around closing time. got into her truck and drove it into the tavern.
8:02 am
threevictims were taken to the hospital. it is not known what led to that crash. in a few hours, crews will continue their search. allie rasmus joins us live. >> reporter: the cardenas family has asked for their privacy, in fact, there's a note on their door. the red cross have been providing food and meals for the family all week long. the coordinator told us she spent the night in that red cross van just so she could be here 24/7. the cardenas family is praying and maintaining their hope that 4-year-old juliani cardenas will be found alive even as authorities pulled the toyota out of the canal. this is video we showed you
8:03 am
yesterday, the car you're looking at coming out of the water. jose rodriguez is the alleged abductor, . when authorities pulled the car out of the canal yesterday there were no bodies in the vehicle. but the sheriff noted at least two of the cars windows were down. the emergency services coordinator out here says she spoke to the cardenas family last night and she says they are still optimistic. >> very hopeful. good strong faith that they are going to nd him and bring him home safely. >> so the news of the vehicle being pulled out of the canal didn't dampen their spirits at all. >> no. >> they still hold faith and spirits are good. >> reporter: now juliani cardenas mother attended a vigil last night organized in
8:04 am
honor of her missing son. it was held in carmichael. yesterday the man leading the investigation to find the child appeared to be less hopeful. >> we wanted to find little juliani alive. the reality is that is simply not going to happen right now based on everything we know and the time that's gone by, the chances of that happening are diminishing expenentially. >> you can see about a dozen candles placed outside the cardenas family. coming up a few hours from now, divers are expected to return to the canal today and we're told by the stanislaus county sheriff that their mission will be to try to find the bodies of juliani cardenas and jose esteban rodriguez. police believe that is where they are in the canal. allie rasmus.
8:05 am
we have been covering this story since juliani disappeared 11 days ago, stay with ktvu for continued coverage. for more information look on our cardenas tab on in the last 30 minutes we've learned that egyptian president has named a vice president for the first time since coming to power 30 years ago. this as tens of thousands of protesters are back on the streets of cairo calling for him to step down. >> this morning the government said at least 48 people have died and thousands more are injured. just a few hours ago, members of president cabinet say they plan to resign in a drastic event to reform the government. popular sites like the pyramids have been closed. >> the people of egypt have rights that are universal. that includes the right to peaceful assembly and association, the right to free
8:06 am
speech and the ability to determine their own destiny. >> in response to that civil unrest, president obama is calling on egypt to restore all access to internet and social networking sites. the president also spoke with the president on the phone shortly after he made a speech where he did promise to install a new government. president obama urged the egyptian leader to deliver on that promise. egypt does matter to the u.s. for several reasons. it is the second largest recipient of foreign aid getting one hadn't $5 billion last year. the white house now says that's under review. egypt is also our most important arab ally and that country controls a key shipping rout. people in the u.s. are joined together with the egyptian people. rallied are planned throughout the city. coming in 10 minutes we're going to go live to new york where a large protest gets under way later this morning. we're getting new information on a large house fire in danville. this fire may have been caused
8:07 am
by an indoor marijuana growing operation. the story unfolded live yesterday during ktvu morning news. investigators recovered glow lights and filtration units from the rubble. the cause has not been determined by fire investigators. officials say one firefighter was taken to the hospital after he was hit falling debris. he is back home this morning. a san francisco neighborhood is back to normal after a woman got what authorities feared was an explosive package. it happened last night in the hayes valley neighborhood. a woman ordered a cooking mold on ebay. when her package arrived it contained an anti mortar projectile. that device was found not to be a threat but several people were evacuated. a spokeswoman for the district says that by cutting
8:08 am
toll jobs the district will save $19.2 million. the goal is to collect all tolls electronically by the end of next year. >> we give directions, we have helped save people from jumping off the bridge. we have helped people in medical emergencies. >> it's going to be like a ghost town because there would be no human touch again at this bridge. the toll takers last day could be at early as september of next year. 8:07. you could see fewer stake cars because of the government's latest cost cutting measures. governor brown has ordered all government agencies to stop purchasing new vehicles. the orders however do not affect public safety agencies which include the highway patrol. solutions are expected to be a key part of governor brown's state of the state
8:09 am
address. california is facing a $25 billion shortfall, but it might not all be bad news. brown hinted earlier this week that he's going to touch on some positives on golden state. you can watch that on monday on channel 2. it's going to be a part of ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. good morning to you, starting out with some widespread gray. look at that, even some haze out there. we are looking at just a little bit of fog out there. it's not as yucky as it's been in the recent days. the rain that will come with this line right here a little later today. the center of circulation right around the curb before sliding east in time for sunday. we got to totally fall back. we have a little bit of the coastal fog comeing in from this direction. the rest of us plenty of gray with low clouds. but the fog just not too bad. perhaps on the east side of the valley concord maybe dealing
8:10 am
with a little bit of haze this morning. the low clouds met by the high clouds that move ahead with this storm here. by tonight, santa rosa 9:00 or more. seeing the sprinkles already. while we sleep they're going to roll in. the ones that bring us the much needed rain as we sleep. tomorrow morning we're still dealing with some of this. perhaps the heavier cells. then we have it by sunday drying out and we're going to be dry in time for the evening hours as well as your back to work monday. temperatures this morning because of gray skies out there, warmer. 50 in san francisco, and 50 for redwood city. the cooler spots mid- and up every 40s. for the afternoon here you go, widespread 50s for today. right about average. some of us even a little cooler. 66 for santa rosa. mid-50s in areas around san francisco. we're not going to warm much, five, 6 degrees, maybe seven throughout the afternoon.
8:11 am
here we go with the five day forecast. a little bit of low cloud cover out there. partly and mostly cloudy skies for your saturday. more widespread by tomorrow morning and then by sunday night into monday we are clearing out. it's going to be damp, it's going to be cool. we're going to go below average for your sunday. but our temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 50s by next week. if you're going to use your weekend for some play in the sierra. we have an advisory for you coming up in just a few moments. numerous violations were found during inspection at the contempo marin mobile park. homeowners were sent eviction letters requiring them to make immediate repairs. if loans range from 5,000 to $20,000. applications will be available at the mobile home park at the
8:12 am
park's main park beginning on tuesday. a fight breaks out at a high school basketball game but not between the players. what prompted a parent to attack a school resource officer. and we take a live look outside. everything is dry and clear on the roads as folks make their way to san francisco.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
welcome back to you, giving you a live look across the bay there as we start the morning with gray sky, a little bit of haze out there. enjoy your morning. people across the united states are joining the the egyptians in protest today. rallies are planned all across the country. julie band era s joining us from new york city where one rally is expected to get under way this morning. hi julie. >> hi there mike. it is a part of the national protests. the country and canada, much larger protests scheduled for today. in large cities dozens of cities across the country here. one is expected to take place at about noon this afternoon in san francisco and los angeles. out where you guys are, a lot of protests happening there. chicago, washington, d.c. there
8:16 am
were two protests there. one yesterday, one today. yesterday's was in front of the white house. today thousands of people committed to join millions worldwide demanding a change in power. people gathering demanding an end to the brutality by the egyptian national police. dozens have been killed. over 40 people killed, at least two dozen hurt. more than 1,000 detained at this point. the afternoon we actually heard of three people shot in the crowd and if you watched the dramatic emotional video of protesters carrying dead victims up above their heads trying to send a message to the government of egypt. they want 30 years in power to end. their president dictatorship if you will, the torture. and sensorship that they're suffering with right now. certainly a cry across the world to put it to an end. at this point, the protests are
8:17 am
sort of trying to be silenced by the egyptian government there. they have shut down social media websites such as facebook and twitter and so, while the locals cannot turn on to hear the crowds. if you live any where these protests you hear the bloodshed with police armed in tear gas and rubber bullets taking out their frustrations on these angry protesters demanding change. and that demand continues worldwide and nationwide adds we watch the protests here from the un this afternoon. >> >> okay, julie bandera s reporting live for us. and nelson was arrested last night after police searched his home. nelson is being held without bail because he was on parol for a prior terror threat conviction. next month they will start training that will end the
8:18 am
don't ask don't tell policy on gays serving in the military. it will take about a year until everyone understands the policy. the training will focus on reminding troops to treat each other with respect that harassment is prohibited. republicans have chosen sarah palin to speak at ronald reagan's birthday celebration. the late president would have turned 100 years old next week end. palin is going to give the keynote address next sunday. the sponsoring foundations say palin will call on young people to continue to reagan revolution. reagan died in 2004 at the age of 93. the government says it will cap a program that provides airports to place government tsa workers with private contractors. right now 16 airports around the country including sfo use private contractors and they will be allowed to continue with that. now some lawmakers say the private institution program is
8:19 am
good because it requires airport officials to be more responsive to public desires. but the union that represents tsa workers says that airport security should not be left to the company that submits the lowest contract bid for the job. and several people have been arrested this morning in connection with a prostitution and human trafficking ring. the alameda county district attorney's office tells us, two suspects have pled not guilty and seven are scheduled to be arranged next week. one suspect who tried to cut her wrist while in custody will be arraigned next month. work will continue this year to retrofit the -- dam. san francisco city officials approved the replacement plan earlier this week.
8:20 am
the warriors have lost their fourth straight gain. jackson returned to face his old team. curry drills the three to extend the warriors lead. he had 27 points but with seconds left, steven jackson gets the rebound from a missed three and ties the game right there with a three of his own. we go to overtime. the bob cats have the lead and jackson put it is nail in the coffin with a three. the bob cats win. a ball game turned violent after a fight broke out between a parent and a resource officer. the fight apparently started after the resource officer asked the man's daughter to move back to her school's side of the gym. no one was seriously hurt but the father was arrested. giants third basement pablo sandoval is slimming down. he posted this picture on twitter. there are reports that the panda has lost 15 to 20 pounds. the san francisco giants want him to show more discipline at the plate next season as they
8:21 am
try to defend their world championship. time now 8:20 this morning. china is trying to stop a drought. but in new jersey is too snow causing problems. why cities are having to ask for permission to clear their roads. and we're leaving you with a live look at oakland, we're mostly gray out there and mild.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
we're following breaking news. right now crews are on the scene of a two alarm fire in san jose. it started just a few minutes ago at a home on fox worthy avenue. flames can be spotted from a long distance away. we do not know if there are any injuries or the extend of the damage. people are literally digging themselves out of the snow in the northeast. in new jersey there seems to be no place to put all the powder. mounds of snow are now approaching 12 feet high and raw way where the latest storm dumped 19.5 inches. towns are asking for emergency permission to dump snow in the rivers. a practice that has long been in violation of public works rules. but those rules are now being losened. >> the community in the area have the same problem as us. >> with storage. >> with storage. >> they will consider letting towns dump snow into the river on a case by case basis.
8:25 am
and people in the east coast might have had enough of the snow, but in china they've been waiting for it. if it doesn't snow this year, that will be the sixth decade of the drought crisis. and it's been dry for a long time, but that's changing. >> it's our first time to get significant rainfall in the sierra. before you grab those skis and head out. we have an advisory. a little bit of haze out there. the fog not dense, at least not in most cases. let's talk about that winter weather advisory starting tonight. lasting through tomorrow afternoon. four to 7-inches expectedded at the lower level, snow level down to about 4,000 feet. could see a foot of fresh snow. in addition to that we have blowing know at times which is
8:26 am
always a good idea to check because if the winds become too gusty. some of those ski resort. >> maria: shut down. upper 50s expected for the afternoon. we are expecting mostly gray skies but we may be lucky with a little peak of sunshine now and again. by tomorrow we're damp, cool, rebounding into monday. back to you. the lombardy trophy given to the super bowl winner is now in dallas. the trophy is named after vince lombardy to commemorate his victories in the first two super bowls. lombardy's team on their way to dallas to face the steelers next sunday. and pittsburgh fans helped pump up the steelers as they prepare to head down to dallas. fans brave the snow and cold to
8:27 am
give the team a big send off at heinz field. the team scheduled also to head to dallas tomorrow. san jose city manager has made her decision. but the search for a new police chief may not be over yet. new information on the moscow airport bombing that killed 35 people earlier this week. who authorities believe was behind it.
8:28 am
8:29 am
a suspected drunk driver smashed into a bar in pacifica injuring several people. it happened on francisco boulevard right near highway 1. six people were hurt including the driver. one victim was pinned under the
8:30 am
car. the woman left the bar around closing time, that's when she got into her truck and drove it into the tavern. three people were taken to the hospital. their condition is still not known. it is still not clear what led up to the accident. egypt is in a state of crisis this morning as protests fire and looting continue. we want to show you some video seen in cairo. the cabinet did resign today after the president made an early announcement that he was going to fire them. protests have killed at least 48 people. now at noon today there is going to be a show of support for the people of egypt with a rally in downtown. last night more than 1,000 egyptian families gathered at a church in hayward to pray for peace. many of them say they are shaken by tanks going against demonstratorred in a family they call home. >> we want to pray for them.
8:31 am
>> of course you wish you were there. you know i wish i was there so that i can do something or can be out in the street with the others. some people feel they feel especially cut off with family and friends because the egyptian government shut down internet and cell phone service. now they are looking for any news any where they can get it. that rally is planned today in support of the egyptian people in downtown san francisco. it's scheduled to start at noon at the corner of market and montgomery street. overnight the national government broke its silence into the investigation of a deadly bombing in moscow earlier this week. they confirmed that the suspect is a 20-year-old man from an area of the country considered to be volatile and entrenched
8:32 am
with separatist insurgeonty. police in milpedas are asking for your help in their search for a man suspected on preying on children. he's suspected on trying to kidnap students near two schools on monday afternoon. the first incident occurred near rancho middle school. the second at north park near milpedas high school. in both cases a man in a red door chevy blazer tried to lure the students into his vehicle: he's being described as an asian man, 30 to 35 years old. camilla hill was walking her small dog when she looked up two larger dogs were mauling a pet who meant so much to her. >> i couldn't believe this was happening. the dogs lose on mountain boulevard. >> i think that people are a
8:33 am
little concerned this might happen again. and are kind of worried about their safety. because there's also a lot of kids in the neighborhood. >> the owner of pit bulls has apologized to hill. but when ktvu called them he did not want to talk about the attack or the fate of his dogs. most of the dogs in an animal abuse cases we first told you about last week are finding new homes. three some of the dogs had to be put down. others were saved. the owner has been charged with felony animal cruelty. right now we are following the search for 4-year-old juliani cardenas. search teams will go back into that canal out in patterson in just about an hour and a half
8:34 am
from now. ktvu's allie rasmus has been live in patterson all morning, she joins us now with more. >> reporter: in order for dive teams to return to the delta mendota canal, authority. >> maria: have to lower the water level again. this water moves at a rate of 4 feet per second. so that it can be very dangerous for people to come into the water. if we pan to the right, you can see that underneath that overpass there's a large understand water pipe it's called a siphon. that's where authorities yesterday found the toyota carolla connected to this kidnapping case. we first showed you that story yesterday. the car you're looking at in that vehicle is the vehicle, juliani's abductor was driving when he took off with the 4- year-old 11 days ago. the day juliani was kidnapped he saw a to where ta dive into the canal with a man and child
8:35 am
inside the car -- saw a toyota dive into the canal with a man and child inside the car. sheriff noted at least two of the car's windows were down. the emergency services coordinator who is in patterson keeping watch in front of the cardenas home and she says she spoke to the family last night and that they still remain hopeful. >> very hopeful that they're still going to find him safely. >> so the news that the car was found in the canal -- >> no, they still remain faithful. >> we wanted to find little
8:36 am
juliani alive. the reality is that's simply not going to happen right now based on everything we know and the time that's gone by. the chances of that happening are diminishing. >> that is why dive teams are expected to return here to this canal today. the sheriff says he believes that the bodies of juliani cardenas and jose esteban rodriguez are in this water. that's what dive teams will be looking for. they are preparing to search the waters, the first dive teams are expected to go into the water around 10:00 this morning. allie rasmus, ktvu. the family of ilene mishelon will honor her memory. ilene was 13 years old when she disappeared while walking from school to her ice skating
8:37 am
lesson. the vigil is being held. police speculated the family was mistaken for rival gang members. ramos has said another man fired the shot. some community groups are already protesting the city managers's decision to promote acting chief chris moore. those critics feel an outsider is needed to lead a police force that has been accused of racial profiling and excessive use of force. >> i was very disappointed because the community clearly spoke in surveys that they wanted someone from outside of the community. >> give the man an opportunity to do his job that now he's hopefully going to be selected for. but judge him on that as an individual. some people feel oakland police chief bats would have been a better choice. but bats told ktvu he did not
8:38 am
get offered the job. the board will meet tuesday, some activists are asking for that meeting to be open to the public. single game tickets for the upcoming 2011 season will go on sale today. you can go on their website, call them by phone or go to the ticket box. tickets for the world series champions giants go on sale a week from today and that is when the team holds their 18th annual fan fest. you are taking a look at pictures from last year's fan fest. a limited number of tickets went on sale last month but beginning next week, all games will be available. tickets go on sale at 9:00. the event is from 7:00 to 3:00. several players are expected to be there including lincecum,
8:39 am
huff, buster posey and more. the department of water resources took the season's second snow survey yesterday. they say the state is at 78% of average snow pack for april 1st. this year authorities believe they will be able to deliver 60% of water. last year they were only able to deliver 50%. right now lets go live along interstate 80 at king vale. no snowfalling right now but things are expected to change. good morning to you and that change means wet weather. showing you what we can expect as we roll through our weekend. starting out partly and mostly cloudy this morning. we are dealing with some of that fog stretching into east portions of the bay. but we are not looking at any dense fog. the thickest we're seeing right around santa rosa, napa visibility. a little bit of haze and
8:40 am
coastal cloud cover and that's really about it. we will start with high clouds this morning and then we'll have mid- and low level clouds as those storms start to approach. this will roll in tonight, we're looking at the north bay starting to receive some light rain as early as this evening. as it moves through by sunday, up to .75 of an inch. let's show you what's going on. so again we have the gray out there this morning. we will see just peaks of sunshine for today. that's really going to be about it. by this evening, there it is. santa rosa to san francisco at the coast. while we sleep it moves on through. some of the heavier rain is expected to fall into the morning hours. but by sunday, look at that. zips right through and we are drawing out by the late part of the afternoon and early evening hours. we are warm in some areas.
8:41 am
san francisco 50, 51 in oakland. upper 40s redwood. it's a chilly start 45 for santa rosa. 47 in areas right around napa. could be worse, we've seen upper 30s. partly, mostly sunny skies. 56degrees for your lunch hour. if we're going to be out and about, today is the day to do it at 3:00 in the afternoon. widespread 50s for your afternoon. napa 56 for hayward and 57 degrees expected in redwood city. off to the coast where pacifica is looking at 54 for the afternoon. your five day forecast here, zoning in on the weekend. so we've got the clouds out there. we're mild this morning, afternoon highs right about average. the rain begins late tonight starts and will not start until the second half of sunday. scattered showers by the afternoon. and clearing out by the evening hours, monday, tuesday, wednesday looking dry and our temperatures back to a seasonal norm for this time of year. we'll take a look at a winter
8:42 am
weather advisory for the sierra just in case you're headed to the mountains this weekend, that coming up. solano county is offering free vaccinations against seasonal flu, whooping cough and knew monowhat. the clinic starts at noon today and runs until 4:00 in vacaville. flu vaccines are recommended for anyone six months of age and older. and the pneumonia vaccine is for people 65 and older or at high risk. there is new focus this morning on those two uc berkeley grads still inprisoned in iraq. the event being held today to help them regain their freedom. and here's a live look, wow it's gotten a little foggy out there. but if you look through all that haze.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back, a live look at bay point there where you can see not much in the way of dense fog. we do have low clouds, even a little bit of sunshine poking through this morning. a 13-year-old boy, look at this video. this rescue under way. he's safe after this dramatic rescue in a lake.
8:46 am
that 13-year-old boy fell through the ice while chasing ducks. so that fire fiters thetered a rope and pulled the boy out of the water. federal officials issued 40 search warrants after tracking one ip address used in the attacks to those addresses. university of connecticut students live in both those houses. one of the students says he is part of a group that sports wikileak founder julian asange. protesters staged a demonstration outside the
8:47 am
solano county police department yesterday. >> we want answers from the police, we want a statement from the paramedics that responded. >> nelson was making an anti police video when police shot and killed him. someone, somehow stole the numbers and the pass codes of electronic benefit transfer or ebt cards then went to automatic tellers to withdraw cash welfare payments. solano officials say the crime caused hardship to families that depend on the assistance. >> at first we thought, that's strange. we started noticing a pattern.
8:48 am
>> the thefts left families with small children without benefits. those benefits have since been reinstated. >> that's what companies like orion are doing and that's how america will win the future. by out insating, out educating and outbuilding our competitors. building the future by being the best place to do business. the u.s. must become more competitive in the marketplace on all levels, says president obama. as of last count, more than 7,000 people have joined state
8:49 am
senator leland yee's petition. lee and several law groups are asking limbaugh to apologize. the petition also asks limbaugh's sponsors to pull their support of limbaugh. last hour, sarah shourd joined us to talk about the event that includes an art auction. >> a lot of artists have donated their works to help this auction, it's called free all three. it will start at seven clock tonight as we mentioned it includes a live art auction, exhibition, live music and much
8:50 am
more. it is being he'll at the soma arts center. on sunday, people will celebrate the first fred koramatsu day. at the fred koramatsu school, they learned about his court fight. in 1983 a federal court overturned his conviction. koramatsu died in 2005. in effort to help caltrans ships. a local group is hold ago meeting to keep service intact and boost ridership. organizers hope to come up with
8:51 am
ideas to cut costs. you need work? a local amusic park is hiring this morning. six flags discovery kingdom is hold ago job fair at 10:00 a.m. and they are looking to hire about 40 people. if you're heading out, there's the location there. business center drive suite b and that's in fairfield. we're going to take another look at the search for a missing child after what authorities say was a grim discovery. what led a daughter to look for a father she has not seen in 20 years. >> tell me why you were scared? >> because i was burned. a 3-year-old takes action, what the child did that may have saved his father's life. after more than two weeks, we are tracking our first winter storm weather. this new storm is likely to fill our january deficit. more on that coming up.
8:52 am
8:53 am
the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. i can't believe that guy made it home. nobody drives drunk anymore. [ ring hold on, i got another call coming in. [ ring
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[ tires screech while drunk driving rates have dropped greatly, negligent driving and speeding fatalities have skyrocketed. someone dies every 13 minutes from negligent driving, so keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and your phone put away. all right, here is a live look outside at the delta mendota canal in patterson this morning. divers are expected to search it in just over an hour from now. yesterday afternoon they pulled a silver toyota carolla accused of kidnapping cardenas out of that water. while family members are holding out hope that the child is still alive. the police believe the body of the child and the suspect are still in the water. stay with ktvu news and today for the latest updates. just moments ago pacifica
8:55 am
police released new information on this morning's accident at a neighborhood bar. a suspected drunk driver crashed into the winter's tavern. police have now identified that driver as 49-year-old carla andres of redwood city. she and another person is still in the hospital. a central valley woman will be in the bay area this weekend to look for her long lost father. it was an online article that gave her the first lead on his where abouts in 20 years. her father lived on the streets of san francisco for years. the now demolished trans bay terminal. >> he's a very intelligent guy. he read the papers daily. he was very well versed and could you know, he was very
8:56 am
self-reflective on how he had gotten into the situation. >> i at least want to see him and actually be able to say i met my dad at least once while he's alive and i'm alive. >> christianson told the paper he was a heavy drinker and assumed his family did not want to see him. his daughter's visit this week has proved him wrong. >> help, help, daddy fell. >> and a 3-year-old called 911 after his father cut an artery while using a saw. >> i'm super proud, i couldn't be more proud. i could be not here doing an interview right now.
8:57 am
>> hayes was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. a phoenix's sun performer ended up danking himself. he improvised and slipped right through the hoop along with the ball. there's another look at it. corales has been a competitive gymist for two years. so he said it wasn't a part of his stunt. but says he does not plan to make it part of his routine. >> where did i put that umbrella. it has been so long but you will need it. if you're getting out, especially the evening hours. grab that umbrella, it could become handy. for tomorrow the second half of the day you're going to need it. four to 7-inches of snow expected the fall down to about
8:58 am
4,500 feet. with the level down to 4,000 feet. and some of the higher elevations expected to pick up a foot of new powder. we're going to be wet and cool for tomorrow. if you're going to be splashing around out there in the puddles make sure you bring a jacket. but we're clearing out by monday morning. >> thank you, rosemary. that's going to do it for us on sunday morning news. we thank you for joining us this morning. >> and don't forget, we're going to keep you updated for the search of 4-year-old juliani cardenas. q
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