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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 26, 2011 6:00pm-6:28pm PST

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earlier this morning, you can see the numbers here from napa, san rafael, sfo, oakland and also the oakland airport. these are the old records and the record lows from today, you can can see with -- you can see with napa down to 23, s an rafael, 32. oakland, 34. we're talking about the cold numbers down tonight the you can see a freeze warning. this kicks in tomorrow. 1:00 for the north bay valleys. temperatures ranging from 25 to 30 degrees, so a good idea to protect the plants and the animals with the temperatures freezing down into the subfreezing categories. >> thank you, mark. the freezing temperatures brought snow to some parts of the bay area. as allie rasmus explains tonight, the cold weather also prompted some cities to provide extra resources. push >> reporter: a light dusting of snow may be enough to stun a
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toddler speechless, but his parents who drove up to the santa cruz mountains this morning were disappointed. >> i was hoping to see the ground covered more. it's a real dry snow. you can't even make a snowball. >> reporter: a sprinkling of snow blanketed trees and covered roofs and in the palo alto hills, there was a dusting of snow on some of the hills. it doesn't look cold but it was frigid. this shelter was slightly over capacity last night. they have 250 beds. 260 people showed up. >> if you can withstand this weather, more power to you. but for me, personally, myself, having a place like this is a refuge. >> reporter: the community center in san jose was one of ten spots the city set up as a designated warming center. >> some people are not fortunate to have a warm place right now, so it's great we're
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opening up the public to -- opening up to the public. >> we're not sure what we're expecting. this is the first time the city has done this. >> reporter: by late morning this community center and the nine others in san jose we called said they didn't know of anyone who came in just to get out of the cold. but workers said they did get positive feedback and several neighbors came in to thank them for being opened early. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. here is a list of the warning centers in san jose that are scheduled to be open tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. we were all waiting for it. some very light snow flurries could be seen last night in parts of san francisco. our camera on twin peaks caught the first snowflakes as they started to fall just before 11:00 last night. a lot of it looked like rain. it's the first snow seen in san francisco since 1976. parts of monterey county saw a rare dusting of late february
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snow. this is video shot at 3:15 this afternoon in va -- in salinas. snow fell on the highway and created slippery conditions. well, the cold weather made for some dangerous driving conditions here 349 blair -- yarr -- here in the bay area. the vehicle spun out here and landed on its side. a caltrans crew showed up and put sand on the road. nearby, crews responded to highway 37 near the napa bridge in vallejo. things are getting better for drivers headed to the sierra. this was the scene around 3:00 a.m. near truckee. the roads were plow and traffic was moving freely. there's no rain require minutes on 80or highway 50. but boy, yesterday, it was a different story. 80s was should down for a time because of dangerous
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conditions. at this time last night cars were driving through but the roadses were covered in snow -- roads were covered in snow. kelly moran sent us this picture of the sun peering through a tree in cob near clearlake. that community is under snow. in potter valley, in, the snow has -- the snow has covered the vineyards there. if you would like to see our photos go to and if you would like to submit photos go to it appears experience paid off for a pilot today when his plane lost engine power and coshed -- and crashed in the dumbarton bridge. authorities say the pilot was alone in his cessna-140, when it lost power after taking off from the airport in palo alto at 1:00 this afternoon.
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well, he was trying to return around -- turn around and didn't quite make it and instead crashed in the mud south of the bridge. >> unfortunately, the pilot is -- fortunately the pilot is uninjured. >> the pilot is working with the u.s. fish and game and the coast guard to handle fuel that leaked. the fire chief says there was about 21 gallons of fuel and five gallons of oil on that plane when it crashed. both the faa and ntsb are investigating. union members marched through madison, wisconsin again today to protest the state assembly's passage of a bill that would strip public workers of most of their collective bargaining rights. the bill heads to the senate now. the union says it's a bill to bust up unions. the governor says the workers need to contribute more to their pension to help close the
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ballot. there were rallies in the bay area where people marched in solidarity. ken pritchett is live with more. ken? >> reporter: well, as you can see, the rally here at san francisco city hall is over. but many of those who were here today suspect they will be back as they fight for what is, in their opinion, the life of the labor union. >> people! >> power! >> reporter: the steps at city hall is politically a different climate for labor. >> we are part of ten those of thousands who are -- we are part of tens of thousands who are standing with those in wisconsin! >> reporter: this is one of many rallies across the nation, echoing two weeks of protests in wisconsin. >> i think it's under threat. i think we all have to realize that we need to a -- that we need a weekend off, that we need a vacation, that we need pension and that we need to keep them. >> reporter: wisconsin's's governor, scott walker, wants
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to strip the collective bargaining right to help balance the budget. >> it has a cost, with pension and healthcare. it has a cost with how our governments operate. we have to change that relationship. >> reporter: there's no real threat of the same thing happening here in california but protesters want to see this die in wisconsin. >> do i think that bill is gonna pass? >> no. >> reporter: frank burton with -- >> i believe this will be a -- a drop in the bucket compared to the number of people that will be on the streets in america if that bill passes and gets signed. >> a lawmaker in sacramento introduced similar legislation that would strip unions of their bargaining power but it was symbolic. it has no chance of passing. at san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. abortion rights advocates marched around lake merritt
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today as part of a nationwide campaign in support of women's rights. the nonprofit group observed this group along with events in santa cruz and several southern california cities. the group is protesting a proposal to eliminate more than $300 million of federal funding for planned parenthood. the leading provider of women's reproductive services. >> it's important to allow women to have the option of choice and make sure it's their decision and not somebody else's. i think what's going on, the gop wants to control what happens to my body. >> reporter: planned parenthood does not use this. it's being considered in the senate. bay area leaders have a week to apply for backpay.
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blue star moms were up helping with a workshop to help those apply for retroactive pay. it's estimated 70,000 members and the beneficiary are owed money for inactive duty between september 11th, 2001 and september 30th, 2009. the average check amounts to about $3700. the stop-loss policy keeps troops in combat longer to prevent a unit from being broken up. family and friends gathered to mourn the loss of galvin pow, one of the teens killed in that rafting accident. classmates from his high school held a candlelight vigil for him and his friend last week. they were going rafting and their bodies with crewed the next day. b.a.r.t. is trying to figure out why an
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electrical system failed today, causing delays up to 37 minutes. this happened near the embarcadero station in san francisco. it shut down service from the transbay tube. some passengers were forced to switch trains to get across the bay. trains were back on schedule around noon. from libya to san francisco. protesters show their support of the uprising in libya, what they say the international community should be doing to help liberate that country. to carry or not to carry. that's a debate -- debate at a time when new legislation makes its way to sacramento.
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in libya rebels remain in control of about half of that
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country. they also capture a brigadier general when the army tried to retake an air base near tripoli. professional media outlets have pictures of today's action, very few. this you shows a huge flag -- this image shows a huge flag of the country. president obama says moammar gadhafi has lost his legitimacy to rule and must step down immediately. scores of demonstrators turned out in san francisco to support the uprising in libya. the group said they were anxious about what's happening with friends and family in libya. >> we haven't been able to get in touch with my family members in tripoli. so, you know, this is really the least that we can do in terms of coming out here and
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showing solidarity with our libyan people. >> organizers said it was time governments around the world stopped supporting gadhafi and took a stand against oppression and violence. in iraq, arms saboteurs attacked the world's largest oil regainry. it's closed for repairs. it accounts for about a quarter of iraq's entire capacity all that goes for gasoline and fuel for power stations. iraqis are already suffering through electricity shortages and long lines at the gas pump. and in new zealand, the death toll has risen to 135 after the earthquake. 200 people are still missing. they are dealing with water, sewer and sanitation problems. people are concerned about the safety of their homes in the aftershocks and some are sleeping in their cars or
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tents. crews are wrapping you the -- wrapping up the search in golden gate park for kenneth chen. they are concerned because he left his nearby facility on thursday without his medication. workers at the home care in the outer richmond alerted police when chen didn't come home. chen was last seen wearing a jacket, long sleeve blue den him shirt, jeans. a young man in the myth district was shot and killed over the weekend -- over -- in the mission district was shot and killed over the -- overnight, excuse me. the memorial identifies him as "trigger." investigators say he was shot before mission and 17th street just before 2:00 this morning. he died at the hospital. a black suv was reported being seen after the shooting. the gang task is investigating. and in oakland, authorities are trying to figure out why
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someone opened fire in a home inning two people inside. it happened at the house on parker avenue at garfield avenue. both women were taken to the hospital and tonight are in stable condition. there's no word on a suspect and motive and no arrests have been made. the state legislature is expected to debate a bill that would make it a crime to openly carry a gun in public. both sides of the debate squared off in pleasant hill. here's mike mibach. >> reporter: a crisp, cool morning in pleasant hill, packed with coffee and a colt. >> it's not so much about gubs. it's about empowerment being able to take care of themselves. >> not once has an open carrier committed a crime. >> reporter: on the other side, the members of the brady campaign. >> the shooter in tucson was a law-abiding citizen up until he
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shot 19 people. >> reporter: from coffee to guns, an assemblyman out of california has authored a bill targeting the right to carry a gun. >> i believe in the right to protect myself. i believe that violent criminals are out there. >> it's a little bit of a kick you in the gut to know that we have legislators in the state, we are a gonna try year after year and time after time until they get something done. we're definitely fighting an uphill battle but we're gonna get it done. >> we're hoping that the bill ab-44 passes and that would ban the open carry. >> reporter: but she says the brady campaign is not waiting to find out so it's launched what it calls -- >> they have the right to set this. they can establish a gun-free
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policy. >> reporter: mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. hundreds of brave swimmers including some familiar ktvu places -- faces took the plunge in the chilly waters in san francisco bay. it looks cold just watching it. the annual polar plunge at crissy field got underway this morning. it's to raise money for the special olympics of northern california. an estimated 600 people jumped in, including john sasaki, mark tamayo and our sports director. the water degree was 51 degrees. that exchange the -- dark explains the chattering noise. >> i always think you are crazy when you do this. but this year i definitely think so. >> it's always a great event. it's the third time i've been out there. it's a great event. the chill is still with us for
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tonight. right now -- on the maps, i can show you this on live stormtracker2, we're tracking some rain and some snowshowers closer to gilroy, also around the big sur area, reports of snow in gill ray. as you can see, not allowed to see you -- there it is. santarosa down to 46. eventually back down the 20s first thing in the morning. for to the, we do have this -- clear skies, cold numbers, the possibility, in fact, a fairly good bet of record show -- record lows tomorrow. for sunday, mostly sunny skies, a fairly nice afternoon. but the extended we bring in more rain chances. we're talking about more 20s for santa rosa, napa and fair field. the record is likely -- fairfield, the record is likely out towards san francisco, oakland and napa. high pressure returns for tomorrow. so after that cold start in the
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20s and 30s we'll have plenty of sunshine in the afternoon with the readings in the 50s. and then we'll take this into monday. it will be strong enough to send in more clouds and the chance of a -- of more clouds. these are warmer systems. more clouds and possibility of rain showers and possibly a significant amount of rainfall showing up in thed if first- degree -- five-day forecast. tomorrow, 28 to 38 in the morning. by 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, mostly sunny skies. we're actually warming up out of the 40s. we're talking about 50s in the afternoon. hayward, 54. brentwood, 53. and san jose tops out 56. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. for monday we bring in more clouds and the chances for a few showers. some sprinkles out there or
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some drizzle. there is a slight chance for a shower on tuesday. we'll have to keep up the chance. and then we bump things up. if you don't like the cold temperatures they are associated with warmer air. so at least temperatures warping up -- warming up. >> the guys at the dolphin club like to wear speedos. those are the real men. were you wearing yours? >> i'm still waiting for my -- for my custom designed. a little critter at the san francisco do zoo. the stay is only temporary.
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the san francisco zoo has a a new friend. he's miles, a 6-month-old alligator who was rescued in east new orleans. a gardner found the baby -- gardener found the baby. the san francisco zoo is fostering him until he can be prepared to be released in the wild. joe fonzi now, college
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basketball. >> we're about to flip the corner to another month. wins still important for the cal bears to hope to play basketball next season even if it isn't in the ncaa tournament. bails trade by 14 before mounting a come -- bears trailed by 14 before mounting a comeback. allen crab for 2 of his 26 points. gutierrez earned himself a second chance at that breakaway lay-up. he does it all. the bears win 87-76. they are 16-13 for the season, 9-8 for the season. kareem abdul jabbar at the polly pavilion. brew-- poly pavilion. reeves nelsen there for the putback, plus the foul. that was part of a career high 27 for nelson and the 22-2 for
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the bruins. wildcats never recovered. that was jones to smith. the two teams now tied to top the pac-10. byu at san diego state. raz decks, gets the shot -- aztecs gets the shot. brandon davies benefits as the cougars make it a regular season sweep of san diego state, the only two season so far, 890-67, the final. there's not much for the pessimistic giant fans to get about, brian wilson had a sore back and was held back out of drills. on the field, the giants liked what they saw from pablo sandoval, 2-3 on the cactus win over the dodgers. it's just the preseason. but then again, it is the
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dodgers. luke donald, matt kujar, martin keimer, and bubba watson, playing the golf championship in arizona. i'll have more at 10:00 on "sports wrap." thank you for joining us. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne, bundle up. for everyone here at ktvu, thank you for joining us. our next newscast is the 10:00. news. we'll see you tonight. good night.
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