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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the challenges still facing boat owners after last month's tsunami in santa cruz harbor. and the critim of war and how much it cost. >> take a breath, you still have time to file your taxes. the reason the deadline is delayed this year. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> hello again everyone, i'm
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heather holmes. >> tomorrow marks one month since a monstrous earthquake and tsunami hit japan, triggering a tsunami surge along the coverage california coast. >> reporter: the empty spot where a dock once floated in the north santa cruz harbor is more prominent today. only pilings are left after the rest of the dock was demolished and removed over the weekend all from the daniel of the mare 11th tsunami. >> we thought oh, there go our home because we saw our boats literally flying out of the water. >> reporter: we talked to boat owners on the neighboring v- dock. >> my boat turned and went boom. >> reporter: sal milidello showed us the tie ons that broke off the dock and left his boat flailing. >> this dock was in a v, like
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this. >> reporter: someone spray- painted "ouch," and this bow took a beating. >> i crashed into the front of the dock. can you see the smashed dock in front of me. >> reporter: but it's what he can't see that has become concerned. >> there is some visible daniel, some obvious things that were caused by the day. but the real uncertainties is what happened underwater. >> reporter: he is on a wait list to have his boat hauled out and checked. for the first time in weeks, they were able to get some cleaning down because the utilities are running. >> it seems like electricity is on now. it wasn't up until about oh, maybe a week or so ago? where i'm standing on v-dock, this section went underwater and there is an entire piece missing and there is no estimate on when this harbor will be entirely back to normal. in santa cruz, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. the red cross is still providing crossing for people
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affected. the agency originally helped 32 people from the harbor. tomorrow four more owners ever boats that sank will receive assistance. the red cross says they were out of town last no during the surge and are just now returning home. it is now monday morning in japan, where one month ago the devastating magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami struck that country's northern coast. japanese authorities now say 27,700 people are either dead or mission. the government is stepping up efforts to get the tens of thousands who remain homeless into permanent housing. meantime, engineers at the crippled fukushima nuclear power plant continue to try to remove radioactive water, some of which was pumped into the pacific ocean a small group of us soldiers continues to work with 22,000 japanese soldiers, searching the rubble for bodies. one additional concern in japan is what to do with as many as 1,000 bodies found near the
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leaking power plant that may be contam nateed with radiation, making them potentially dangerous to handle or move. >> the backlash against nuclear power is gaining support in japan. in tokyo, 5,000 people took part in two separate protests against nuclear power there. some carried banners calling for the country to shut down all of its nuclear reactor. tokyo electric company promises to improve safety at its nuclear plants. japan has undergone rolling energy blackout because of the loss of power from the fukushima pointer. for more information on the japan quake, including how victims are taking steps towards normal circumstance go to alameda police and the sheriff's deputies are investigating a crash involving an out of control ac transit bus. that bus drove across several lanes around 2:30 this afternoon and careened down an
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embankment. it then truck a eucalyptus tree and came to a stop on at playground at bayview fellowship church, injuring the driver. there is no word on her condition. no one was on the bus at the time and the playground was empty at the time of the accident. a san francisco man is under arrest tonight in connection with the attempted hijacking of an amtrak bus. at a terminal in redding, police say 43-year-old robert fender said he was taking over that vehicle last night and tried to stab the bus driver with a knife. there were no passengers on board at the time. the driver was able b though to get off the bus and shut its engineer down. fender allegedly ran from the terminal and was arrested nearby. he is held on $100,000 bail. the police are trying to find a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian in daly city. it happened before 5:45:00 a.m. in the southbound lanes. the highway patrol says the man was hit by a toyota corolla. the driver got out of car and
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ran from the scene. southbound 280 was shut down for two and a half hours during the investigation. investigators have not released the victims a identity. in a story we told you first on the 10:00 news last night, 41-year-old consondra stewart turned herself in last night and allegedly took the two children 30 hours earlier, sparking a statewide manhunt. stewart remains in custody. her husband says his wife is mentally unstable, but refused to seek treatment. and antiwar protesters gathered in san francisco today to demand an end to us military action overseas. a few hundred rallied in dolores park. it was part of a nationwide demonstration by the united national antiwar committee. one protester says it is time the troops came home and that
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the funds supporting the war be used for peaceful goals. >> that someone should instead be put into schools and jobs here in the country. and to actually helping give reparation to the countries that we bombed. >> demonstrations expressing solidarity against the war on terror were staged in london and pakistan. if you are still struggling to finish your taxes we have some good news for you, because of a quirk in the federal calendar, you will have a few extra days to file your taxes this year. ktvu's paul chambers is in oakland. >> reporter: ken, it's that time of year when people feel the tax-date crunch looming into the air. the sign behind me shows there are eight days left to file your taxes burb in all reality, that is three more days than years past. >> for more than two decades, robin swarn has pepped people file their taxes and knows firsthand the stress that this time of year causes. >> there are times that we have been here 24 hours to make
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sure their returns are done. >> reporter: the tax code states the deadline is not allowed to fall on a weekend or holiday and this year a little known holiday, "emancipation day" will be observed on the 5th, meaning the filing deadline is april 18th swarn says she is not complaining. the extra time gives her a chance to prepare for a last- minute rush, but with the high unemployment rates and competition from online and tax software, business is slow however, there are still many people like middle raw chaisson who need their help. >> i kept procrastinating on my taxes and i started to get panicky and thought i had three extra day and that may help. >> reporter: swarn says it may hurt than help. >> what if you owe? you need to know that you owe in time to make arrangements to pay it, right?
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>> reporter: swarn says her offices will extend their hours and says you need to file your tax as soon as you can. live in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> just did mine the other day. >> the price of oil stands at $112 a barrel and that means you will be paying more at the gas puchwell-triple-as is the price of gas in the bay area rose ann average of $0.08 a gallon and that is just in the last week. san francisco regular is now selling for an average of $4.20 a gallon and in oakland, it's $4.15 and in san josi, it's a penny more at $4.16. industry analysts say gas could break all-time records this summer possibly hit $5 a gallon in california. a lot of sunshine out there. a little warmer today. ktvu meteorologist mark tamov has our first check of the weather. >> ken, it has been a fairly nice weekend with more sunshine out there, but to the north and west there is a fairly weak
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system that will impact forecast for your monday. by 8:00, partly cloudy, low to mid-50s from 50 to-55 and some scattered high clouds on the increase. here is a look at the projected lows first thing tomorrow morning. coolest locations in the lower 40s. san francisco will go up to 50 degrees and fremont 46 and you can see the five-day forecast with party will mostly cloudy skies and those is skies will be increasing. at 10:00 this evening, i will show you the area that has the highest chance of picking up a few sprinkle for your monday forecast. coming up next a live report from stanford where police are investigating an attack on campus. also, deliberations resume against tomorrow in the barry bonds perjury trial. why legal experts tell ktvu that they expect a verdict very soon. the coast guard has called off the search for a man who disappeared after the boat he
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was on capsized.. dozens of people rally outside a church in oakland. their demands and the response from church officials.
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we have developing news now from stanford university. stanford police are searching tonight for a man who they say asalted woman in the school's graduate schoolhousing. ktvu's patti lee sat stanford with the latest on what shaping there. >> reporter: we're live on comstock circle and this area is known as the graduate housing. esq. condudo village, where graduate students, their significant others and families live. about ten minutes ago we obtained an email from stanford police and emailed that out around 11:30 last night to the stanford community and headed "sexual assault." one resident says a woman woke up when a man entered her apartment and alleges there was
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possibly some sort of activity. she screamed and left. they don't have a lot of details. the oo mail is also vague and gives a description of a suspect. a man, dark-extend, 5-foot 4" to 5-foot 6", to 30-yards wearing bluejeans. we have talked to the residents of escondido village, they they are not sure what to think, because they say these doors actually lock automatically behind them. so they say they would need to know exactly what happened before they could make any decisions on whether or not they feel they should stake more precautions. we're waiting to talk to stanford police about how this suspect entered the victim's apartment and when we have that information we'll bring it to you immediately. reporting live in palo alto, patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. after taking the weekend off, deliberations will begin
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tomorrow morning in the barry bonds perjury trial. >> reporter: no verdict yet. after three weeks of testimony, 25 witnesses and a full day of deliberations the jury in the barry bonds perjury trial is still mulling it over. >> it tells me there is at least two groups pretty dug into their predict pos position. reporter: bond's personal shopper testified that had he saw bond's trainer, greg anderson, inject him in the stomach. >> steve hoskins made a secret tape of greg anderson saying on that tape, greg anderson says on the tape, i shoot barry up and shot him all over his body, so he didn't develop cysts. that coupled with kathy
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hoskin's testimony may lead to a guilty verdict on that one count. >> reporter: ants expect a decision soon, but don't expect a hung jury. >> in the media trial there is a huge pressure to reach a verdict, because these folks have to go back to their community, who all know they were serving on the barry bonds trial and have to explain what happened. they don't want to go back empty handed. >> reporter: the question is what will they come back with? legal experts say we could be looking at a partial victory for the prosecution. >> they could win count, but it will be an ugly win for them. >> reporter: the jury heads back to court in the morning. in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. for the latest on the barry bonds trial go to and click on the "bonds trial" tab. >> cross-examination is set to begin tomorrow when another high-profile case begins in the bay area. the man who admitted to
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shooting and killing the oakland journalist devaughndre broussard is to take the stand tomorrow. because of the negative story bailey was working on about the former your black muslim bakery in oakland. the second defendant on trial, it anteddion anteddion mackey. the man from ensell moe disappeared after a 4-feet trawler took on water. witnesses say he was able to climb to a raft, but was thrown off when the raft was hit by a wave. another ban on the boat with him was pulled from the water and treated for hypothermia and shock. police say they found a lifejacket at ocean beach marking thescription of the with one of the missing man was wearing. the coast guard called off the search because he could not
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survive in the cold water. the boys who were both 1- year-olds were diving with 17 other people. the group noticed the boys were missing, so rescue divers begin to be search for them. the reno gazette journey reports that the boys were football players at carson high school and both were taking an ocean graphy class. >> the second phase of a widening project on highway 4 in contra costa county is new underway. the project will widen the highway to eight line lanes from summerville road interchange to the contra loma boulevard interchallenge. the highway will have three regular traffic lanes one carpool lane in each direction. the second of five phrases is expected to be completed in 2013. the cost of the entire project is $585 million. well, you couldn't find any cars along the great highway. they were replaced by walkers, joggers and bicyclists. it was for sonar's second
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sunday streets event of the year. this month's car-free block party happened along the great highway from the san francisco zoo to lincoln way and along john f. kennnedy drive and golden gate park. sunday streets are held each month until october. the next one is may 8th in the cities a mission district. some of the fruits of the festivities will linger longer. there is what several volunteers in san francisco's mural artist franklin twick aquino created today. this is a project sponsored by the department public works. the idea is to bring families, neighbors and people of all ages together to create art with one another. an east bay lawmaker wants to tighten california's restrictions on smoking in the workplace. the new bill by concord senator mark de saulnier would ban smoking in hotel lobbies and owner-run businesses. he says it closes loopholes in california's current law that
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exposes millions of workers to secondhand smoke. some of the businesses affected include bars and tobacco shops as well as family day-care centers, regardless of when they are open. the senate's labor committee will hold a hearing on sb 575 on wednesday. doctors and dentists are providing once again some free care in oakland to people who don't have health insurance. thousands are receiving medical, dental and vision care at the oakland coliseum. the four-day health clinic organized by remote area medical will continue until tuesday. all of the medical professionals are volunteers and the supplies are donated. we spoke to organizers today and they say volunteers are still needed. if you would like to registers a volunteer bob, to our website, and click on the bay area news tab on the homepage. a group of 60 people gathered outside the catholic diocese in oakland and tea not the first time they staged a protest there. as ktvu's allie rasmus explains the protesters are asking the church for big changes. >> reporter: of.
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>> i think we're all here for justice in the church. >> reporter: the man leading this protest outside the cathedral in downtown oakland used to be a priest. >> i went to the bishop of oakland and told him after a lot of prayer and discernment that i didn't think i could tup another parish assignment. >> reporter: the reason he left is because of the same concerns that were expressed today. >> i thought women should be allowed in the priesthood and that priests should be allowed to marry and gay people should be treated with the dignity that they deserve. >> reporter: people who came for sunday service watched the protesters from the balcony above and one onlooker says he disagreed with the protest. we tried to talk to him, but security guards wouldn't let us you up the stairs. >> i really feel bad that our bishop is just not even wanting to listen to us. you would think he would come out and say, hey, i'm happy to see you here and let's talk about it and let's meet. >> reporter: he says the bishop might be open to that. >> i don't think he would not
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consider it, but i think if the purpose were to begin to lobby for changes in the status of the priesthood, that doesn't happen at the local level. it's proper for people to protest on a sidewalk, but not proper to think that anything very seriously inlectual will come from it. >> reporter: people like virginia thompson says it's important to hear their concerns. >> i want this to be an inclusive church. i love this church. truly love it. >> reporter: she believes her church must change to survive. oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. vallejo city officials will be back in bankruptcy court. city leaders will meet with the judge toward and on april 5th. the goal is to reach an agreement it exit bankruptcy. it has since laid off police and other city workers. the city is asking to reduce
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pension payouts to retired city workers and pay unsecured creditors far less than they are owed. they will weigh the pros and cons of channeling the name of the san josi airport. mayor chuck reed wants to change the name to include silicon valley. the committee is set up by the mayor will meet next month to look at marketing research. fighting rages on in libya and why rebel fighters say nato forces are helping them gain momentum. the list is out. find out who made the cut for this month's royal wedding in england. >> a federal budget deal passed on friday, but the budget wrangling continues. what both sides are saying today. which
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the fighting between forces loyal to moammar gaddafi and rebels in the east continues tonight. conor powell reports that the rebels seem to be gaining new momentum perfect help from nato airstrikes. >> reporter: after days of criticizing the nato efforts they are now control the eastern part of the ajdabiya after days of being beat back by gaddafi forces. they say nato airstrikes have been instrumental in helping
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push gaddafi's forces out of the eastern part of that city. nato is saying that they destroyed a total of eleven tanks in and around ajdabiya. your fox news crew was down there earlier and heard the nato planes flying above and heard heavy gunfire and artillery coming from the city. we heard that gaddafi's forces are painting the walls and doors of suspected rebel buildings red, trying to mark where rebels are and who might actually be rebels in that city. we're also hearing that gaddafi forces have been trying to find journalists inside ajdabiya and anyone who might be reporting in that area. the rebels by no means control ajdabiya, but appear to have some success in pushing back gaddafi forces.
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in oakland today activists, political refugees and relithous people gathered to call for an end to genocide. gathering at lake merrist, scores of people took part in the bay area's first walk against genocide. the event comes a year arch the state legislature declared april as genocide awareness and prevention month. today one sudanese activist says the walk is a reminder that the work for peace is never finished and spoke about the current instability and violence in his native sudan, where the south is scheduled to separate from the north in july. >> there is no peace in darfur. >> that conflict in the western region of darfur has driven 2 million people from their homes and killed more than 200,000. in news of the world tonight in yemen, protests
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continue today as the sixth nation gulf cooperation council called for president abdullah saleh to step down. saudi leaders and others are treeing to broker a deal in which the yemen president would esign in change store immunity from prosecution. and in israel, the israeli military has is deployed a system of missile interceptors to stop rocket attacks from gaza. the political arm of hamas in gaza has called for a ceasefire, but not able to impose the ceasefire on the militants. the israeli military continues to launch counterstrikes that killed at least 20 people, including civilians. in paris a ban on clothing that completely covers the face went into effect an hour and a half ago in france. many are calling the law the burqa ban, because it will outlaw the wearing of the full body suit that is worn by some arab women. supporters of the new law say it's necessary for security,
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because it's impossible to identify anyone wearing a mask. opponents claim it targets muslim women. british tabloids are leaking details about the world's hottest guest list, those invited to prince william and kate middleton's royal wedding. the palace says the list is still secret, but soccer star david beckham will attend the royal wedding with his wife victoria, the former spice girl. others include elton john and his partner and the butcher from middleton's hometown. some famous faces not on the list are president obama and first lady michelle barak obama and in a royal snub, prince andrew's ex, sarah ferguson is reportedly not invited to the wedding. still ahead on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 a budge deal was reached on friday, but the work is still far from over. what washington lawmakers must do by this thursday. and runners laced up their shoes and hit the streets of
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one bay area town. the ambitious goal of the race. and why dog loafers are rallying tomorrow at san francisco's city hall.
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. now that congress has avoided a government shut down, there is still many budget battles left to fight. tomorrow, lawmakers get to work on the rest of this year's budget. on wednesday, president obama will address the nation about the federal deficit and the 2012 election-year budget will trigger new rounds of debates. steve centanni from washington. >> reporter: this week president obama lays out his deficit-reduction plan for the
5:34 pm
next several years without giving specifics:00 senior's advisor david plouffe indicate mrs. obama will try to end bush- era tax cuts for wealthy americans and seek medicare and medicaid cuts. >> as he said, you can take a machete to the budget or take a scalpel and make smart decisions to make sure we preserve the ability to invest. while still reducing the deficit. >> reporter: obama's address comes as the debate in washington shifts from this year raze budget to next year and bound a. the top of the week, congressional aides will finalize the down-to-the-wire spending deal struck friday night. >> this agreement on behalf of all-americans is on a budget that invests in our future, while making the largest annual spending cut in our history. >> next up is the fight over the election-year 2012 budget. congress must also decide whether to raise the debt ceiling, which left undone, would put the us government
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into default. many gop lawmakers are either against doing so or have signaled concessions on core issues will be necessary to raise the debt ceiling. >> thredon't want to raise taxes. they don't want spending to continue to spiral out of control and those are the kind of things and mechanisms, whether it's spending caps, entitlement reforms, budget process reforms, these ared kind of things we'll have to have to go along with the debt limit increase. >> reporter: the question is now will congress be able to agree ion multitrillion dollar plan to trim the deficit if they found it sought hard to agree on a few billion dollars to kept a government running. the disagreement is already brewing with senators sparing on the airwaves about the upcoming budget. >> the budget that the president already submitted a few weeks ago is the most irresponsible budget ever submitted to the american people. we're in a financial crisis. it did nothing to change the
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trag trag tectory we're on. >> using that as sort of leverage to get things that we wanted and fortunately we didn't go along with a lot of them. >> new york senator charles schumer says if they play "games" with the debt ceiling, it could lead to another recession. runners took to the haves of benicia to reduce budget cuts to neighborhood schools. they ran and walked in the fourth annual benicia run for education. last year it raised more than $400,000 for the benicia unified school district and this year's goal is $50,000 of the the school district is facing a deutsche of up to $3.5 million. the school district may have to rely more on private fundraisers. >> we cannot let kids suffer, because every year we go back and cut programs it takes years
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to get back where we are. >> the school board approved layoff notices for district of? district employees. dog advocates head to san francisco's city hall to oppose new restrictions on where their pets can be off their leashs. san francisco park officials want to limit off-leash park access at 21 locations. they say it's part of an effort to protect the environment. tomorrow's rally is scheduled for noon. well, tomorrow the giants will dick off their flee-game series against the dodgers and that first game will be dedicated to bryan stow. is he the giant's fan attacked at the season-opener in los angeles. stow remains in the hospital, recovering from a skull fracture. in response the giants have increased security around at&t park and the same has been done at george stadium. marin county is awarded a ml dollars contract to improve
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communications for emergency- responders. mostolea will install equipment for better communication among agencies. most of the money will come from federal grants. the equipment will function on a new radio frequency spectrum set aside for public safety. the new york stock exchange has rebuffed a takeover bid involving nasdaq. the parent company of the new york stock exchange announced its rejection today of the bid by the tech-oriented nasdaq and another rival, the intercontinental exchange. a takeover would have split the new york stock exchange in two. major indexes are merge to provide faster service for large customers. afflu study by cambridge university says tennessee is the happiest state in the union. that is based on the positive words showing up in twitter feeds belonging to people who
5:39 pm
live in tennessee. positive words likely to show up include "thank thanks" "love" and "birthday ," and another common word in it is is "music," the tweet-lappiest nation in the world is said to be german where i. when ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 continues, wildfires in texas have destroyed dozens of homes. and a chance of sprinkles for parteds of the bay area tomorrow. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is tracking the potential rain.
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. more manpower was brought in today to fight raging wildfires in texas. more than a dozen fires are burning across west texas and officials say putting them out could get more difficult because of dry, windy
5:42 pm
conditions of the biggest wildfire has grown to 7 san joaquin acres and punishing across three counties. another has spread to more than 60,000 acres and has already destroyed about 20 homes southeast of al poose. people in a small iowa town spent most of the day surveying damage and cleaning up after a tornado ripped through the town of mapleton, drying homes and buildings. officials estimate that 20% of the town was flattened. no serious injuries have been reported. serial other twisters also rumbled through the state yesterday. iowa's governor immediately declared a state of emergency. nothing like that happening around here. let's check in with mark tamayo. >> that is right, we warmed up nicely this weekend with temperatures back into the upper 50s to low to mid-60s. >> the overall western washington pattern is going to be a couple of shower chances we're tracking even as we head into your monday. right now on the maps i can
5:43 pm
show you on live stormtracker 2, the boundary pushing through, mendicino county on track to move into sonoma county and to the south of this we have an increase in the wind speeds tax it's been breezy all afternoon and in the bay right now, winds gusting to 24 miles per hour. tomorrow will be cooler and we bring in the chance of a few sprinkles. the extended forecast, sun- cloud mix, and best chance of picking up rain or light showerses this week. that will be on wednesday. this was the setup for today with high pressure returning. mostly sunny skies. a benefit a breeze out. there as we take this timeline into your monday, you can see what happens. the approach of the system will weaken quite a bit as it moves into northern california, but there been strong enough to send in more clouds and the chance of a few sprinkles. the highest chance will be up in the north bay, especially for sonoma county and into
5:44 pm
mendocino county. our forecast model showing you clear skies out there. we'll put this into motion and at the 10:00 hour we should have more cloud cover out there. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy skies at 8:00 and a chance a few pop up sprinkles in the north bay. maybe some drizzle south of that point. same deal at 10:00 and 11:00. you might need the umbrella a little bit. by 1:00, the system basically falling apart over the bay area. by this time tomorrow, partly cloudy skies and that will set the stage for a very nice tuesday. tomorrow morning at 7:00, mostly cloudy skies, 45-50 degrees. by 12:00, scattered clouds,55 to 60 and by 3:00, partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the upper 50s to the low to mid- 60s. in most neighborhoods tomorrow, cooling off tomorrow 3-6 degrees cooler, san josi, 68 and san mateo, 59. santa cruz, 61. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast.
5:45 pm
more sunshine for tuesday. the best chance of picking up scattered showers will be wednesday and thursday and friday, partly cloudy skies. and heather and ken b for next weekend you want more sunshine and warm temperatures or cold numbers and rain clouds? >> we'll go with the warm. [ laughter ] >> absolutely, if given a choice. >> you can see scattered high clouds saturday and sunday, but no rain expected. >> can we do this every weekend, just pick a forecast? >> laurent. >> thank you, mark. today was a record-making day for some skating enthusiasts in san francisco according to david miles of the california outdoor rolling sports association, you are looking at the world's longest skating serpentine. 88 inline skaters also made history as they skated 400- meters in a chain. miles says he just needs to send the form into the guinness
5:46 pm
record folks and the deal will be sealed for the record books. music lovers, get ready the line up for this year's festival is set to be announced tomorrow. there is some action from last year. the three-day event is held august 12-4th in san francisco as golden gate park. ticket information will be announced on monday, tomorrow. it's the fourth year of the feast of the in years past, well-known pacts, such as radio head, and dave mahoganyuse band have been all headliners. >> the giants go for the series sweep against the cardinals. >> and tiger woods surges to the top of the leader board at masters, but would he hang on and get his first win in years? we'll have the answer with sportswrap next.
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. we have been saying for some time that the new, young group of golfers never more present than in today's final round of the masters. you are forgiven in the name charl schwartzel doesn't immediately come to mind of the the south african gave notice that we better pay attention. he began four strokes off the lead. 21-year-old rory mcilroy of northern ireland was the guy who took that big lead into today's proceedings and started with a bogey and just like that, the lead down to 2 and the lead is gone schwartzel
5:50 pm
with a share of the lead with the eagle. and don't forget about tiger woods, beginning the day 7 strokes back and made this eagle putt and at one point tiger was in a five-way tie fortune top spot, but it didn't last long for him e. tiger ended up with a 67. but that was only good enough to get him within four strokes when it was all over. mcilroy played no. 10 and took a triple bogey and collapsed with an 70 that left him 10 strokes back. a couple of aussie playing together had their respective moment. adam scot had a one-stroke lead as he teed off on the par-3 take the birdie, but others around him were also making big shots. 23-year-old jason day, a childhood friend of scott as
5:51 pm
was playing with him. day at 17 for birdie. he shot a 68. at this point, he was within 1. but despite all of that, there was no slowing schwartzel. he put himself in front of the group at 1 and needed only to par 18 to wrap up his first major championship, but why not finish in style? schwartzel finishes with a round of 66 and becomes the newest golf iryou may never have heard of to make his mark. here is how it looked when it all said and done, schwartzel by two strokes over scott and day, woods in a three-way tie for 4th with luke donald and geoff ogilvy. the spents were giant spent as they wrapped up their three- game series against the cardinals. celebrations about the 2010 season toned. buster posey receiving his rookie of the year award, but not in the line up. giants putting the first run on
5:52 pm
the board against loesch. barry zitta make it's a 1-0 lead, but it didn't last long. after allen craig doubled, a single to left and giants then threw the ball around a bit. craig will score. the runner goes to second. no error charged as frye of he did not advance hond2nd base. giants 1-1 and it cost them a pair of runs offer the glove of aaron rowland. zito was gone of a 5 .33. the cardinals added go more and no 9th inning come back for the giants. st. louis avoids a sweep with
5:53 pm
the 6-1 win of the dodgers in town for the first of three tomorrow night. the a's got a game in minnesota that went a little more like the blueprint that they tried to devies devise in the off-season. homer no. 1 for matsui in an oakland uniform. he had a pair hits and scored twic brandon mccarthy backdoors it end the threat. nice effort by mccarthy, who gave up two runs. big inning for the a's was the 6th, whether josh willingham with a towering run to left. solo homeruns for two of oakland's key off-season acquisitions and the as gets four in the inning, nor a 5-0 lead. and they hang on to win 5-3 and take two out of three from minnesota. now it's onto 4-3 in chicago to
5:54 pm
wrap up the road-trip. the sharks know their first- round stanley cup playoff future. we'll tell you about what when sportswrap continues flood watch and close quarters in the indy race.
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. >> there were issues to be decide later, but early on today the san josi sharks found out who they would be playing in the fir round of the stanley cup playoffs. no. 2 in the west the sharks open up against the 8th-seeded los angeles kings. the defending stanley cup champions the blackhawks trying to nail detroit at home. datsyuk with the puck.ed to burtusei sets him up for the goal. they are not 3 in the west and despite the loss, the blackhawks still slip in as the 8th-seed after dallas lost in
5:57 pm
minnesota. well winning wire-to-wire in an indycar race hasn't happened since 2009 at sonoma. that is what will power did in today's second race of the season, the grand prime prix of alabama. the leader from start to finish in all 90 was power. power had the fastest car in practice and won the pole and never trailed. power the series leader after two races with dario franchitti second. warriors hosting the kings tonight and we'll see you tonight at 10:00 for the late edition of sportswrap. coming up on the 10:00 news we're learning more about yesterday's boating accident off of ocean beach. our crew is talking with the us coast guard right now as
5:58 pm
officials shed more light on one of the victims and the circumstances surrounding yesterday's deadly accident. that is our report. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes and for everyone here at ktvu, thanks for joining us. our next newscast is the 10:00 news. we'll see you back here tonight. goodbye.
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