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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 24, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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. the airport is open again, but there is still a lot of cleaning up to do, like people in the st. louis are thankful on this easter sunday. >> another double-digit jump in two weeks and how much gas prices have gone up and where some drivers point the blame. >> why memorial church in san francisco opened its doors to thousands on this easter, and how those at the church got some unique, spiritual nourishment. complete bay area news coverage starts right now this is the ktvu channel 2 news at
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5:00. evening, i'm ken wayne. >> good evening, i'm maureen naylor and heather holmes is off foyt. in easterevening,, people continue to pick up the pieces from the storm. rick reichmuth with the government's plans. >> clean-up efforts are underway in the midwest after severe storms leave behind a path of destruction. 750 homes having damaged, pelted with wind, rain and hail. lambert international airport, which was severely damaged in the storm is back up and running. one airplane passenger sit aboard a plane whether the tornado hits recounts his experience. >> at first everything seemed normal and 35-40 minutes later the plane began to rock from side to side, and my first thought was, we're not really supposed to have turbulence on
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the ground. >> reporter: powerful storms leveling some of the airport near cairo, illinois and high winds damaging the hangar and a number of planes. >> we were out, getting ready to watch the storms and within minuteses we just heard a call on the radio that they thought they had a tornado heading this direction, it happened that quick. >> reporter: missouri governor nixon says the trail of destruction left by the wild weather was the longest he has ever seen (this is mile after mile after mile of complete devastation for people's personal lives. i have never in my 20 years of being around this stuff seen a debris field and damage field as long as this one. it's almost like this storm picked up power as it came across the region. >> reporter: five people were injured at lambert april, but none seriously. president obama has pledged federal support for disaster victims and airport repairs. bridgeton, missouri, fox news. ominous skies for the start of the easter holiday.
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here was the scene in san josi. gray clouds throughout the bay area eventually gave way do sunshine. what is next? sun, clouds, even rain? and meteorologist mark tamayo joins us. happy easter. >> happy easter as well. more rain clouds moving in through monday. right now on live stormtracker 2, a few showers to our east ashes round the sierra and north and west around cape mendicino, approve, humboldt county. winds 25 15á-25 miles per hour. at 6:00, partly cloudy skies, 52-5 and by 10:00, the clouds will be on the increase and we could be talking about raindrops fraling from the clouds. overnight lows tomorrow morning, coolest locations in the upper 40s for napa and santa rosa, san francisco around 53 degrees and san josi forecasted low of 50. here is a satellite, not a lot
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of cloud coverage to show you, but the next system develop, to our north and west and this will be the key factor in your forecast for tomorrow. coming up we'll take a look at this updated forecast model and highlighted showers and chances for your morning commute and if you have been wait for a warming trend we have that coming up in the five-day forecast. police are searching for a hit-and-run drive who seriously injured a cyclist yesterday afternoon of the the cyclist was taken to the hospital, and is in critical condition. police say there is no description of the driver. this just into the cuev newsroom, oakland police right now are investigating a stabbing that happened in just the last hour. police say a woman was stabbed at about 4:15 in west oakland and it's not clear at this time what her condition is. police have been called in control the crowd and we'll have more on this stabbing coming up on the 10:00 news.
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officials tonight say there is no much chance that an 11- year-old boy missing in kings canyon national park is still alive. the new jersey boy disappeared on friday after hiking with his family. yesterday, search teams spect part of the day along a creek in the park. crews believe the 11-year-old boy fell in a the water and rescuers say they have recovered some of his clothing and now how difficult this is for the boy's family. if the child did fall into the icy water, officials say his chances are survival are extremely small. pg&e has reportedly agreed to a rule that would ban spiking pressure. according to the san francisco chronicle, the utility supports a state rule banning spikes if the rule allows certain exceptions. previously pg&e had argued that federal regulations required spike in order to test pipelines and that the practice was safe. among the lines that the company spiked was the one
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running under san bruno. the ntsb continues to investigation the explosion that killed eight people. $0.12 in two weeks is how much gas has goon up across the country and as always the bay area is feeling the pinch more than anybody else. john sasaki is live in the city with what drivers are all talking about right now. high gas prices. john. >> reporter: ken, this is van ness avenue, one of the busiest streets in san francisco and when drivers gas up in this city, they pay the highest prices in the state, prices like in the rest of the country that have shot up in the past two weeks. $4.29 for regular and that is what drivers are to pay at chevron on van ness and pine in san francisco. >> it's insane, it's costing me lots of money to get to work. >> reporter: lundberg survey reports that prices jumped $0.12 if two weeks. the national average is $3.88 and san francisco's average is
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$4.22 and taxi drivers feel the pinch everyday. >> it's hard everyday. but i hope that the gas is not higher than that. at least not too much. >> reporter: in just the past seven months prices have risen $1.19 and in the past nine weeks, $0.70. recently middle east unrester has taken the blame, but some drivers we met don't blame world event and point to the oil companies. >> i know how things work and they have the highest profits ever, but yet they are saying they are not making any money. >> monsters. [ laughter ] you know, they are the ones who are clocking the dollars on us and we have no choice. >> reporter: the taxi driver we met suspects that someone is gaining the oil market. >> people try to make money on the gas that they buy oil and not for use, but just for speculation. >> reporter: president obama acknowledged last week that pack spec laters are helping to drive prices up as they did in 200. analysts add a bad hurricane season this year would supply problems could send prices
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through the roof to yes, $6 a gallon. live in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. as gas prices continue to climb, some are turning to natural resources found within america as fartherlands. coming up at 5:30, why the process has drawn heated protest despite the fact that the uses had one of the largest natural gas reserves in the world. thousands of needy people tonight have already had nireaster dinner thanks to workers and volunteers at san franciscos a glide memorial church. allie ras us in msu explains why the nourishment goes far beyond a hot meal. >> reporter: sunday easter service was about renewal. and on that theme, reverend cecil williams had people who received services from glide stand before the congregation and tell their story. >> they would say what has happened to them and what is
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happening to them to the community. i could use the term "resurrection." >> he knows that concept firsthand. >> i know the neighborhood. >> reporter: he started to volunteer and he did it so often and so well, they offered him full-time. >> well, just walk around this neighborhood and can you tell how much it's needed. it's not homeless people, it's everybody. you know what i mean? it's everybody. most of our clients i would say have a place to live, at least 90%. >> reporter: people started to line up as early as 6:00 in the morning and as the day went on, the lines kept growing. people here they say they appreciate the meal. >> a lot, because by the time you pay rent doesn't leave you much money for grocery. >> reporter: it means extra work in the kitchen. >> it i wouldn't have it any
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other way because this job changed my life. >> reporter: allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> how a cross-country trek helped students plan their future. the final chapter for a castro landmark is looming and when the notable bookstore is set to close for good and the reason why. fines are tough for a lot of people and what big brothers/big sisters is doing for the first time to help drum up money and volunteers.
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. dozens of young people are back home this easter sunday after a whirlwind trip around the country. paul chambers is in our newsroom. >> reporter: ken, 37 bay area students go a chance of a lifetime. they were given abopportunity to go on a historic tour of colleges at the same time a firsthand lesson of their heritage.
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proud parents and family members held balloons and signs, welcome, back these high school juniors and seniors and today they land added sfo after the trip that took them across eleven states in 16 days. >> we flew to houston and drove to the different college and we caught our bus in cincinnati. >> reporter: this year the students went on a tour of 17 historically-black colleges. the mission of young scholars program is to take the students from underserved and underrepresented communities and give them the ability to game eligible for colleague degrees. after meeting with colleague leaders they received multiple offers and partial or full-ride scholarships. >> i was accepted to about 15. i received five scholarships. i started high school not knowing what i was going to do. i wasn't even thinking about a four-year college. >> reporter: the students also visited many historical sites along the tour. >> they will find their purpose. could i be a rosa parks? could i be a dr. king? they have to decide their
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purpose. >> i learned about myself and a lot about the colleagues and the black history, which i did not get to learn at my school. >> reporter: the trip cost more than $250, including airfare, transportation and most meals and although that sounds steep during these tough economic times, parents say it was worth every dime. >> this gives her the opportunity to see sox colleges and universities that we wouldn't have been able have had the opportunity to afford to take her or even the time to take her. >> reporter: since the program started 12 years ago, every student involved in it has graduated high school and 85% of them graduate college within four to five years. in the newsroom, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. for more information about this program, visit and click on "web links." >>. a contra costa supervisor is suggesting five school districts may want to join forces and the idea is to join a single, unified agency that supporters say would be more efficient and save taxpayers
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money. the school districts are k--8 and here is the list, brentwood, byron, oak lye, and liberty union districts and county supervisor mary piephoez says they should consider the idea. toid the bay area's irish community honored the uprising of 1916 and more recent sacrifices for ireland's independence. fife and drum band led a march in colma and carried signs ever strikers who died in the quest for independence from britain. >> well, they are trying to win seats in parliament, so that it can be furthered and maybe unite ireland.
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people having rights, freedoms, equality. that is the thing. >> in a strong sign of increasing political power, 14 members of sinn fein, the political arm of the irs politicalarly were elected to the parliament in february. the final chapter is being written in the story that castro district landmark, a different element bookstore is going out of business at the end of the month. it's one of the last, if not the last lgbt bookstores in california. a different light opened in 1985, and served as a cultural center for the castro gay community with events, exhibits and panel discussions. like other bookstores its fortunes dimmed as online sellers cornered the book with discount selling. one of the cable car lines will be a shortened leash the powell-hyde line will only complete half of its routes. the reminder of the line is being shutout for maintenance. this partial closure last monday through friday. cable cars run from market street up to powell to nob
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hill, but only as far as jackson. shuttle buss will complete the run from jackson to fisherman's wharf. there is some good news, the one-way fare is $2 and that is for all cable car lines, transphers, included. big bothers and big sisters of san francisco need help and now they are doing something they have never done before, casey stegall disciplines. when joe egender came into this teenager's live six years ago. >> he was having trouble both in school and at home. >> reporter: bill's father had probables with drugs and he now lives with his grandmother. without joe i don't know where i would be at. >> reporter: the two were paired up through the big brothers/big sisters program when bill was just 8 years old. >> i got very lucky because i got bill, who has been just an amazing little brother. >> reporter: big brothers/big
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sisters has been mentoring america's youth. >> we bring volunteer ments into their lives. >> reporter: but the recession hit them hard. for the first time since the organization began, it's rolling out ad campaigns not only asking for volunteers, but financial assistance as well. >> our donations have gone down, nationally. and our need has gone up. >> reporter: up by about 35% to be exact, meaning that more than 38,000 kids are on waiting lists around the country. >> there are more families who are holding down two jobs, kids who are only have a single parent, a parent who is incarcerated. >> reporter: studies tow show when kids have a positive role- model in their lives they are 50% more likely to stay in schools, off the streets and off drugs joe and bill will textbook examples of that. bill is now out of trouble and
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on the road to college. >> i know i can do it. i can go to school and pass my classes. >> reporter: in los angeles, casey stegall, fox news. big sur hotels say business is still hurting even though highway 1 is open again of the landslide that closed the highway prompted people to cancel reservations at hotels and campsites. organizers of next weekend big sur marathon say most people booked hotels further north because of the uncertainty. the operator of big sur campground and cabins says business is about 20% of what it should be effect. an idaho miner trapped is presumed dead. larry marek worked for the lucky friday mine. officials say he was most likely buried beneath a section of silver mine that collapsed april 15th. it's still not clear what
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caused the portion to cave in. take a look at this. a house is leveled today on long island. reason suspected behind this late morning explosion. prince william and kate middleton are expect to exchange vows and coming up, the one thing you won't find on the menu and the reason why. ants representative gabby giffords was finally able to do on her own.
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. this is all that remains tonight of a house in long island, new york of the the structure was leveled there after a blast there this morning. official say the house was empty at the time of the explosion. several nearby houses were damaged and officials say a rupturedded gas line is most likely to blame. 20 people were sent to the hospital. >> a california man is behind bars, accused of shooting at a los angeles police helicopter and forcing it to make an emergency landing. this afternoon police fired tear-gas into a van nuys apartment building. the incident began earlier today when the lapd chopper was responding to reports of a man with an assault rifle. they say the round of shots hit the fuel tank. the two officer as board were not injured. police arrested a 20-year-old man who they said had an
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assault rival. racial slurs have been found at calabasas high school, saying graffiti targeting several ethnic group was found. sheriff's deputies located swastikas, a picture of hitler and the words "whites only," and "gas chamber," the names ever who teachers were also found spray-painted on the walls of the the school offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a massive search will begin tomorrow in japan for the bodies of those killed in last month's quake and tsunami. japan will send almost 25,000 soldiers on a land and sea mission to try to recover the bodies. a team of veterinarians will be sent into the evacuation zone around a stricken nuclear plant to be check on thousands of abandoned pets. this will be the third intensive military search for bodies since last month's disaster. the death toll continued to
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climb in syria, where troops opened fire on mourners at a funeral. more than 120 people have died in clashes since friday. there are accountsoff pro- forces firing. in other news of the world in egypt the top government prosecutor ordered former president hosni mubarak moved to a military hospital. mubarak is currently hospitalized in the resort city of sharm al sheikh and want hedge in investigation ranging from corruption to the violent suppression of protesters. mubarak developed heart problems arch ordered into custody. in libay the battle for the remember-held city of misrata continues.
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doctors there set a shelling barrage from forces loyal to colonel gadhafi killed 32 people and wounded dozens of others. misrata is a city of 300,000 people and has been under siege for two months. both sides claim to win the fight for the rebel-stronghold. in the vatican, pope benedict xvi prayed for diplomacyia to win out over warfare in libya and for people in the middle east to build a new society based on respect and asked europeans to be more welcoming to refugees from north africa. the pope end his two-hour appearance by reading aloud holiday greetings in 65 languages. it furns out guests at the royal we had will be treated to a limited drink menu. according to a british magazine, prince william and kate middleton have band their
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guests from drinking beer. plus the prince and his fiancie are not big bear-drivenners and instead of the 650 gertrude will be served champagne and wine. for you royal-watchers there is plent for to see on you will find pictures and a breakdown of the guest list. and you can get an upfront seat for the royal we had here on ktvu beginning at 2:00 a.m., friday morning. and encouraging congresswoman giffords. >> friends say she uses her left side perfectly and learning to use her right. she uses single word and simple declarative statements when she speaks. this week a public memorial service is to be held for a well-known bay area wine-maker who died last week.
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a service for kendall-jackson founder, jess jackson is set for this thursday morning at the wells fork center for the arts in santa rosa. jackson died last thursday. jess jackson was 81-year-old. it's a different energy alternative and available in the us, but despite the state gas prices why not everyone thinks fossil fuel is a safe option? easter cuteness on display in san francisco. an appearance that left some youngsters speechless. and a new top cop and who made the lift of finalists for the san francisco police chief?
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. the us has the second largest reserves of natural gas in the world. and with concerns about oil prices sweeping the country, there is a call to tap into those resources, but not everyone is on board. john roberts takes a look at whether this is another energy solution. >> reporter: right now we're at about 6500 feet. >> reporter: on farmland across appalachia, hundreds of drilling rigs are working 24/7 to fan a vast new resource. crack it open the right way b and this prehistoric seabed become and important source of natural gas, probably the second largest reserve in the world. >> everybody thought we were running out of natural gas. today we think we have got somewhere between 100 and 200 years' of natural gas. >> reporter: it sounds like a great idea, decades of cheap gases to heat homes and even power fleets of vehicles. but the process to extract the
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gas, hydraulic fracturing has drawn heated protests. water wells have been contaminated with methane and then, there is what happened to don and carol johnson. in may of last year a huge pond built by the resources leaked into their pasture, forcing their entire herd to be quarantined. would you be comfortable eating the meat from these cows? >> no. >> not really. >> reporter: no? >> i wouldn't want to take the chance. >> pennsylvania's new governor, an avid supportedder says there are bound to be mistakes in an industry as new and rapidly grow as shale gas. despite criticism is he in the possibilities of gas developers, he invisits that think can coexist. >> did we make mistakes in the beginning? question, we did. we with have to do everything that we cannot to make those
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mistakes now and that is what we're trying to do. >> reporter: on jackets, fox news. >> one lawmaker ising cag caul fog calling for of a grand jury indication. he praised the president for form a task force aimed to look into possible fraud or manipulation in the oil and gas markets, but said stronger actions are needed. if estimated with gas prices in the $4 per gallon, the average american will pay $750 more for gas this year than last year. san francisco's union street spring celebration drew thousands of people out today, to enjoy the day. channel 2 cameras arrived this morning before the crowds did. some ladies tried on new easter bonnets and check this out. while others were speechless when they met easter bunny and everyone agreed thatet question of "where" wasn't as important as "who?" >> as long as you have family,
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that is all that matters. >> lots of bunny ears. [ laughter ] >> lots and lots of bunny ears. >> happy easter! >> nice glasses. later in the day, the parade wound along union street and when the sun finally broke through, the booths and musicians get everyone entertained the rest of the day. president obama and his family spent their easter sunday morning at shiloh church, started in 1860s a sanctuary for freed slaves the minister told the first family that parishioners are praying for them and another used the pulpit a. attorney general a bay area 3rd-grader will be part of the annual easter-egg roll at the white house.9-year-old jalyn robinson won an online lottery that send her to washington, d.c. with her mother, grandmother and brother. palo alto police and fire department will host a bone
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marey driver of the the event will be held wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in front of city hall and anyone over 1 and in good health is encouraged to pornograph. the police and fire departments are hoping to add 100 new potential between marrow donors to the national registry. san francisco's mayor is promising to name a new police chief any day now. the police commission submitted three names. we have been told two are insiders. captain greg suhr and commander mahoney and the third candidate is unnamed and from outside of the department. last wednesday mayor lee said he will announce his choice in a week's time. most san francisco police officers and firefighters don't live in the city. the san francisco chronicle published the numbers. 25% of police officers live in the city and only one in three firefighters are san francisco residents. the rest are scattered around the bay area and region. why does that matter? san francisco's pension reform
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and the police and firefighter union said members can't afford larger contributions and argument that they can't afford the high cost of living. people in san mateo county will be soon able to take part in the first redistricting effort in a decade. lines for the new districts are being drawn based on changing populations in some of the county's largest cities. officials are working to schedule community forums in may and june. that is when residents will be allowed to weigh in on the configuration of the five- county districts. >> county supervisors will mid- atlantic the final decisions. golden gate transit is raising fares and not just once, but for five years in a row. bus and ferry riders can look forward to paying an additional 5% each year between now and 2015. the districts board of directors hopes that the revenue will reduce its operating deficit. the board quietly approved the series of hikes on friday.
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the first increase is july 1st. the board also moved to eliminate four jobs at its customer service center. what ktvu channel 2 news at 50 of 5:00s, the california city hosting what it called the largest easter service ever and meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now with when you can expect rain and warmer temperatures this week.
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. it looks like a rock concert, but this is actually easter sunday in sacramento. we're told it's the largest easter service ever in the sacramento region. it was held at arco arena to acol date the 20,000 people.
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experts say a happy holiday through the all too often has a sad answering when parents put real bunnies in easter baskets and claudine wong with why rabbit adoptions are banned at least one bay area shelter. >> reporter: every year people find it hard to resist, put a real bun why i in the easter basket. when the candy is gone and the bunny is sty there and then comes buyers remorse. >> we find after easter, rabbits are abandoned at the local shelters and a lot of them don't make it because we get so many in. >> reporter: at any given time 30 or so rabbits are here, all looking for homes. the shelter manager says most rabbits purchased at easter won't live to see their first easter, so they ban adoptions from april 12th to 3911 and experts say if you are
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determined to buy, remember this. a rabbit is like a dog or cat, it needs a long-term commitment. they often live for more than ten years. they also come in the same kind of vet bill and need to be spayed and neutered and need regular trips to the vet and if you were hoping that the rabbit could be a friend for your little one, make sure your little one is not too little. >> kids tend to be high energy, high noise and rabbits are bothered by a lot of noise ands and busyness go ogn of the best advice to go a chocolate bunny and give those sweet little guys a little more through the before taking one home. claudine wong, ktvu, channel 2 news. we have clouds and light showers this morning. right now increasing sunshine. always seem like i have a rain cloud to talk about and we have one more in the short-term forecast.
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you can see looking out towards san francisco bay, and i can show you on live stormtracker 2 scattered clouds. weather story for tonight is this, we do have at least partly cloudy skies, a bit of a breeze out there. tomorrow, we're talking about some more rainshowers out there, mostly on the light side. extended forecast, corroborate days of dry weathers and temperatures warming up. one more system that you can see here, light showers returning to the bay area. the bulk of activity will be for the morning commute that will actually scale back on probabilities and the coverage as we head into monday afternoon. look at what happens when this
5:43 pm
move through for tuesday and wednesday, high pressure returns and that means temperatures warming back up. in fact, by tuesday we're talking about some low to mid- 70s and looks like wednesday will be the warmest day of the week. no significant storms in the five-day forecast. the forecast model did a nice job on showing you some of the clouds at 5:00. more cloud coverage pushes into the region and first thing tomorrow morning, the 8:00 to 8:00, scats scattered rain showers out there. and into the earlier portion of the afternoon we'll hold on to the chance. scattered clouds phasing out of our forecast. tomorrow morning, showers likely, 48-53 degrees. by lunchtime a chance of showers by, but 3:00, the eventual temperature range with
5:44 pm
the readings upper 50s to the low 60s. san francisco 59 degrees and santa cruz around 60. will you notice that the one and cloud for your monday and most of activity will be for the morning hours and this is something that i have not had the pleasure to say much this year. look at that dry weather with temperatures warming back up for tuesday and wednesday. if you are making plans for next weekend, it looks like a nice, dry weather pattern as well. we deserve this nice award with these storms and cold temperatures it will be nice to get out there and he joy the sunshine. thank you, mark. a few sprinkles did not deter children from the region from making their appointed rounds. what is easter without an easter-egg hunt? look at them all dressed up out there. it's one of many of the easter- egg hunts held around the bay area. we spoke to one of the kids and
5:45 pm
here is the plan he told us he searched for all the egg and then traded things that he found for candy. smart one. big wheels are not just for kids anymore, apparently and if anyone had doubt, they needed to spend a few minutes in san francisco tonight. this is the annual bring your own big wheel races and it took place this afternoon. some of the several hundred of riders opted for costume get ups. while no prize money is on the line, winners get plenty of bragging rights and a lot fun. well the world champion giants trying to avoid a sweep at home against the a's. sportswrap is next
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. good evening and welcome to this early edition of sport wrap and the world championship giants have to figure out a way to keep from beat themselves. be it easter or beach blanket babylon. the atlanta braves leading 2-1 until buster posey to the plate. 2-2 until the giants turned it over to the bullpen. 3-run shot makes it 5-2 braves, but the giants answered back
5:49 pm
with four runs in their half of the 8th and final two runs driven in by aaron rowand. cody ross and miguel tejada both come home, 6-5 gibes burb not for long. sergio romo hung one to uggla and both with five homeruns. tied at 6 and wilson came close, but not good enough. 3-2 pitch and that scores go and the braves got one more in the inning. all three runs charged to wilson, who loses for the first time this year and sees hi e.r.a. stay in double figures. the braves finished with the 9- 1 win. a telling stat, giant hitters collected two. at top of the nl west there will be no mention of this
5:50 pm
person's name, no matter what ballpark he decided to attend. two on and two out, the 3-run shot to give the marlins, 6-1 win and means that the giants don't lose ground to the division-leading rockies. not so at wrigley field. this rbi single one of three hits and the dodgers scored five runs in the 911 and beat the cubs, 7-3. the result, bringing about a bit of change among those friendly rivals. l.a. now a game up on the giants, and in second place in the nl west. the oakland a's again saw signs that their dormant bats may be coming alive after dropping two games in the seattle, the a's bounced back with a pair of wins. easter-egg hunt in the emerald city had to be held with the roof closed. muggleolivoo coco crisp with
5:51 pm
the shot. crisp had it going at plate. three hits produced three runs scored. josh willingham with the two out rope and that scores crisp from 3rd and when milton bradey wrestles the ball, connor jackson comes around and the a's in front, 3-1. mariners made it 3-2. willingham with a liner in front ever bradley and scores daric barton. they get a slit in the series before they play in los angeles tomorrow night. anderson 2-1 and they get eight split in the series and play the first of three tomorrow. hard to figure that easter sunday significance of that inflatable animal in arlington, texas. adrian beltre teed off. rangers with a 6-run 5th and hang on for the win. the rakers continue to lead the al west. the meantime heat today
5:52 pm
were within a minute and a half of wrapping you their first- round nba series with a sweep over the philadelphia 76ers. many circles it was felt that the big three, lebron james, dwayne wade and chris bosh were supposed to sweep. miami up 4 with less than a minute to play, but 82-81. this three by lou williams them in front. the sixers would add a pair of free-throws and miami still leads that series 3 games to 1. >> the deal that landed carmelo anthony in new york. the celtics were a little more playoff-tested. paul pierce finding rajon rondo under the basket of the kevin
5:53 pm
garnett led boston by 26. boston sweeps the series with the 101-89 win and ending new york's first playoff appearance in seven years. extra holes needed to determine the winner on the golf tour today with the world's no. 1 ranking han hanging in the balance. and we'll tell you who will be in goal for the sharks as they try again to wrap up their series with the kings tomorrow night. we'll be right back.
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. there was a lot of stake at golf's heritage tournament at hilton head, south carolina. in addition, to winning the event, the no. 1 ramping in the world was up for grabs. significance of the day observed by those in the gallery. brandt snedeker with this birdie at 1, wrapping up his round and snedeker six shots behind luke donald when the day began. when donald birdied 13 had he
5:56 pm
were teed for the lead. donald finished with a 70, which meant they headed into playoffs. first extra hole, this how you become no. 1? it is unless your opponent also has a chance at birdie. snedeker answers and the playoff continues. only the third extra hole, ned ker making par and that meant donald had to make this shot to keep the playoff goes. he hits the back of the cup, but the ball won't drop. >> the tom spot in the world belongs to lee westwood, who won the indonesian tournament this weekend. san josi where a chance to wrap things up last night in game 5 at hp arena. but the kings putting three 1st goals often the board in a stretch of five minute and needed four shots to get the
5:57 pm
three goals. . >> of course, you are hope that is not going to happen. sometime it's tough. >> nobody plays a perfect game and that is just hockey. they just prey on those things. the turnovers are going to happen and the guys have to fill the mistakes that others make for them. upside is that we played well in l.a. for games 3 and 4 and now we have to win down there. >> playoff hockey, the canucks lead the blackhawks nashville moves on with a win that eliminated the duck. flyers beat boston in overtime 5,-4 and that series will be decided by a seventh game as they are evening at 3 each.
5:58 pm
that is it for this early edition of sportswrap. see you again tonight at 10:00. >> thank you, joe. tonight on the 10:00 news, more evidence of an ongoing problem at opd and the latest radio breakdown that hindered a police investigation that. story tonight on the 10:00 news. that is our report. i'm maureen naylor. >> i'm ken wayne and for everyone here at ktvu, thanks for joining us. our next newscast is the 10:00 news and we're online all the time at good night. >> good night. atst fwa.ean ougog t bk. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte,hise a de. ougog t bk. wi cke sp rwd yr arho,
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