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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  April 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the reason why san francisco police are keeping an eye on golden gate park coming up. a man found dead inside a san jose care facility. the person being held in connection with the crime. san francisco has a new police chief this morning. we'll tell you what took so long to pick him and why he doesn't come with a little scandal. also checking in on the recovery of san bruno. the very important official who will be on hand for today's town hall meeting. the morning news continues. good morning, to you. welcome to the middle of the week wednesday, april 27th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson. i was raising my hand i liked yesterday. >> me too. a little cool in the morning. a little breezy as well. temperatures are inching upward in the afternoon highs.
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mainly inland. high clouds will move in later today. especially north bay. 60s mid 60s and a few upper 60s. a couple low 70s. here is sal. good morning, westbound interstate 80 traffic moving along nicely. it will be a nice day so far on the roads. weather looks good as well. also the traffic is moving well on highway 4 here in bay point. already getting slow in antioch. complete traffic and weather minutes ahead. we are hearing that san francisco mayor ed lee will swear in his choice for police chief this morning. tara moriarty is live in san francisco with more on the candidate and his rocky road to the department top spot . >> reporter: the minute that george gascon stepped down as chief the next man we spoke about was -- now the 30 year veteran of the force is credited with helping to reduce
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crime by half in the bay view district since he took over there in 2009. he does come with a little bit of baggage. seven years ago he was linked to the fajita gate affair when three off duty officers beat up a man over a bag of fajitas. he was cleared we have video for you this is from one of the court proceedings. then in 2005 former chief heather fong after a protest in the mission district turned into a riot nearly killing one officer. he was assigned to head security for the public utilities commission then. four years later he demoted suhr from deputy chief to captain. after he reportedly did not report a violence attack. some say lee approached it gingerly because of the controversies tied to suhr. lee will tell you he has been
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busy. coming up we will tell you why lee said he chose suhr. a 24-year-old man was found dead inside a care facility in east san jose last night. the care facility is located inside a home on st. andrews place. the coroner removed the victims body at midnight. we don't know his name but some visibly distraught family members showed up there at the home. police tell us they were called at 7:30 last night. they say the victim had some sort of confrontation earlier in the day with the suspect a 28-year-old rouse dent from the care facility. they are not saying how he died yesterday. a new attack is raising safety concerns. jade hernandez is live at golden gate park to tell us what happened and how the police are responding to this. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning.
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just a half hour ago we watched a san francisco police officer drive by our location right here in golden gate park. he had his spotlight on and patrolling slow through this area. golden gate park through the day is safe. at night they have seen the work of vandals and violent attacks. last friday inside golden gate park police say four people pistol whipped a homeless man and burned down his tent. then on monday, a passer by discovered an unconscious man beaten so badly the 33-year-old could not remember the attack. the police are also finding vandalism. a police captain showed us yesterday where they destroyed park benches and hacked down redwood trees. they say they need the publics assistance in order to. there seems to be an influx of wonder. >> what is our concern this
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time of year as it warms up we are getting an inany objection of homeless tour. and these folks that are living out here becomes victims of those folks for robberies and aadults. -- >> reporting live jade hernandez. time now is 6:05. suspected serial killer joseph naso is due back in court. he's expected to enter a plea in the case that is getting national attention. that's koa -- naso killed four women in california. he may also be responsible for several unsolved homicide cases involving prostitutes around the country. today prosecutors will decide whether to retry a
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former hillsdale high school student that carried out a pipe bomb attack. the jury found youshock guilty. if he is found legally insane, he would be held in a state mental hospital. complaints in antioch about the complaint department. right now because of staff cut backs that department is limited in the number of responses. the code enforcement department oversees inspections and neighborhood improvement projects. the issue goes before antioch city council. pg&e issued a new pipeline report. this one probably will raise safety concerns. pg&e says there are roughly 34
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miles of pipelines under northern california cities that could be considered high risk. pg&e also admits its earlier records failed to point out this possible safety problem. poor recordkeeping is a major focus of the continuing federal investigation into last septembers pipeline disaster in san bruno. pg&e has been ordered by state regulators to show proof that customers will not pay for the $35 million retirement package for the outgoing ceo. first they said customers would have to pay peter darbee's $10 million pension. but after loud public protests, pg&e said it would pay darbee's pension out of its own profits. they tole pg&e no set up a special account to pay for his pension. >> today they will join jackie
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spear. pg&e is scheduled to give residents an update on the utilities action since the explosion. the mayor of san bruno will also attend the meeting. the price tag may top $1 million for the forced resignation of dorothy dugger as barts general manager. she finally stepped down after two months of negotiations with barts board of directors. she reportedly received a $950,000 severance package. a third of that was to make sure she didn't sue bart. and bart trains may start running later on weekends. bart is considering a six-month test run this fall to keep trains running until 1:00 a.m.. it could become permanent.
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bart rider complained stopping the train at midnight is too early for people who work late. all right we do have breaking news to report this morning the white house has apparently released president obama's birth certificate. >> there has been a controversy about whether the president was born an american or born in some other part of the country. the white house is releasing the documents what is called the long form documents from hawaii. that show he was born there and this may put to rest the whole issue of whether the birther controversy. the white house and president obama will be addressing it by releasing his long form birth certificate showing exactly where he was born and we'll find out if that will finally put it to rest. >> hopefully. it is now two days until the royal wedding in london.
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this doesn't look like a wedding presession. it's all necessary. they held a full dress rehearsal along the route. coming up at 6:25 we will go live to london on how it will be the first broadcast on the internet. >> wow. time now 6:09. i'm working into the procession of cars in our commute. sal, howl is it going? >> nicely played, dave. it's doing well. we are doing very nice. the commute is doing very well i would say. this looks like a chamber of commerce photo. traffic moving well. the weather is not an issue for drivers. an entire marin county commute still looking good. there are no majors this morning westbound bay bridge. westbound traffic looks good with a small delay at the toll plaza. and this mornings commute on northbound 101 coming into san francisco that looks good.
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today's weather let's go to steve. thank you, sir. it does look good. we ha a very nice tuesday. we will still have a nice wednesday. the breeze is still in place. it's not really sunny and warmer. it's just sunny and nice. but cooler pattern takes over thursday and windy on friday. what is the good news? by the weekend we will turn this around. tomorrow we love get clouds in here and a weather blustery day on friday as the system digs in. today we start off sunshine. the clouds start to drift in later on today. not until early afternoon. most of those will be in the north bay. west, southwest at 14 at fairfield. west 14 at sfo. a few locations staying calm. 40 in napa. santa rosa 42. you lose that breeze and the temperature gets down chilly. if you can combine the breeze it could be darn cold for awhile. by the late morning to afternoon hours we will be in
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the upper 60s. this system will dip over us tomorrow. that big low up in there will dig in toward northern nevada. today though the jet stream everything stays to the north. it will be sunny for awhile. breezy at times. clouds start to drift in later on. breezy at times. lots of sunshine for awhile. 3:s to -- 60s to low 70s. not much of a spread. pleasanton at 70 degrees. hayward 66. morgan hill at 70. redwood city in there as. upper 60s to low 70s on the coast. all signs part toward sunny side. a shakeup for a new job. and why a ub berkeley graduate is asking asked to
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return to ryan.
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your time 6:15. we have developing news. what you are looking at on your screen about ten minutes ago the white house released president obama's birth certificate. this is considered the long form birth certificate that has been the topic of controversy the president's critics say he was not born officially in
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america and they wanted proof he was born in america. this morning hawaii where the president says i was born released the long form birth certificate. there was the official release. this may or may not enall of the -- may not end all of the controversy. the white house just released it ten minutes ago. in a half hour from now at 6:45 president obama himself is expected to talk about it. we will bring all of that to you right here on ktvu morning news. we are following other developing news out of washington as well this morning where president obama is about to announce a major shakeup of his national security team. ktvu alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with the big changes in the lineup. >> reporter: the president will formerly make the announcements tomorrow. here is what we learning today. at the pentagon lee john
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panetta will take over as defense secretary. general david petraeus will reportedly be dominated for cia director. john allen will replace petraeus and ryan crocker will be named u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. robert gates who started the job under george w. bush wanted to retire. he has been on a farewell tour. but this is not going to be without controversy. i spoked to a former top military intelligence officer who says panetta does not have the military experience for the job and has done a questionable job as cia director. he will have to be confirmed by the senate. we are also following developing news from afghanis thunderstorm warning. an afghan military pilot killed
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eight nato troops and a contractor during a meeting. cnn is reporting at least six of the troops are americans. reportedly the afghan pilot opened fire after an argument. a uc berkeley graduate is wanted back in iran now. the iranian foreign ministry issued a subpoena for sarah shourd. she was arrested along with shane bower and josh fattal during a hike in 2009. both bower and fattal remain in jail. funding for some after school programs in san francisco will be reduced because of declining attendance rates. the examiner reports marin that medical will lose $150,000 the most in the district. fairmont will lose $23,000.
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it will not effect the students that use the after school services. time now 6:18. sal, how is the traffic flow right now? >> it's doing pretty well. traffic is moving along very nicely around the bay but it's getting a crowded -- a lot more crowded as you can see. if you leave your house you almost encounter slow traffic on 80 it evens out by berkeley. when you get to the toll plaza of the bay bridge there is a little bit of a backup there. also this morning we are looking at the commute on the nimitz freeway heading south. if you are driving across the bay over to the peninsula, traffic looks good on 101. 6:19 let's go to steve. all right thank you. a beautiful day. not as cold as yesterday but it's close. especially north bay. skies are clear. they will stay that way until early afternoon hours. an awesome day top get out there and do something if you
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will. it will warm up but not a lot. 40 in napa. 45 fairfield. and 42 santa rosa. a little cool for some. not bad for others. that system coming in would spin in higher clouds later but not before we have a sunny weather. a little chill in the morning air. but by late morning early afternoon it will be nice. highs today will be in the low 60s, mid 60s & a few low 70s. clouds cooler an thursday. windy on friday. just for you i do it just for you sunny and warmer as we go into the weekend. pam and dave. star bucks is in third place. star bucks drills behind mcdonalds and subway for decades. now neither star bucks nor subway sell either of those. they will report earnings today after the closing bell. americaning are driving
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less but we are paying more at the gas pump. it rose a penny to hit $3.87 a gallon. energy analysts say prices will continue to go up over the next three to four weeks but prices are expected to be pushed down in june as people drive less and cut back on spending. don't forget you can find the lowest gas prices on our channel 2 website. you can have all of the headlines sent straight to your phone by signing up at mobile >> that is good stuff. time now 6:21. a teenager needing help fast. how this guy ended up stuck on a rock in the middle of a raining creek. hundreds of british troops were out on the streets in london. they are practicing their moves for the royal wedding presession. one thing is missing from the
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so you get the savings. you know, the smartest fashionistas-- are really maxxinistas! t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. good morning, right now traffic looks good here at the toll plaza with a little bit of
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backup developing. i would say that's a five minute delay. you can still get in before it becomes really big. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. we want to take you to ohio. take a look at this a teenager was stuck and abandoned on a rock along a fast moving creek. look at the water. he had to be rescued by emergency crews. he apparently chased a basketball into the creek and swept up in the current. for some reason he did have on a life jacket and didn't appear to be hurt. time now 6:25. hundreds of british troops marched through the streets of london this was a dress rehearsal for the procession on friday. what you are looking at is new video in london. the troops are in full uniform. they marched the exact root they will be taking on friday. the only thing missing was the
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band. that's because the walk through started just before dawn and most people in london were still asleep. >> the excitement is still growing. don is live in london. >> reporter: absolutely. to be honest it's a bit more than a wedding of a year it's a wedding of the century. we are all very, very much looking forward to it. you are right. this will be broadcast online around 400 million people around the world are expected to watch this as they watch prince william and kate middleton say i do and princess kathryn as she will become by friday lunchtime. birmingham palace has over the years a little stuffy and a little bit out of touch. this is a fantastic opportunity for them to really connect with
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the masses. we have the combination of the digital era and a youthful vibrant beautiful princess and they are able to make the connection with you tube, the royal channel on you tube and using facebook and twitter to communicate with the rest of the world. >> i can't imagine how many people are already there and have their phones ready to go to take pictures. have you met some of the people? >> reporter: yeah the people around here are getting very, very excited. the weather is good as well. no sign of any rain just yet. but as you say, everybody is ready with phones, with cameras, people that are here cannot wait. we now of course less than two days to go. >> all right thank you don. of course you can watch the royal wedding right here. our coverage starts on channel 2 at 2:00 a.m.
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this friday. putting the birther debate to rest. a look at the very important document about president obama it was released by the white house just in the last 30 minutes.
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there it is the opening bell. getting ready to ring that travel zoo at the nasdaq. they are celebrating. stag industrial. i just want to let you know in this morning apple has responded to the allegations of tracking our location. apple says the idea ofiphone store is based on a misunderstanding of how the phones help to determine where they are. the data file last week is a log of the phones location but they are saying it's not as bad as we have been thinking that
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it is. apples response we'll have more of that coming up on business. we will continue to watch the numbers this morning. all right we will go ahead and smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news the middle of the week i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. >> just about a half hour ago the white house released president obama's original birth certificate. now the release this is the long form of the birth certificate that everybody is talking about. the president's critics have been talking nonstop about this. here it is you're looking at it. this comes in response to all of the questions about whether the president was really born in the united states. you've been hearing donald trump among many others that questioned the authenticity of the president. he's taking credit for the white house releasing the birth
6:32 am
certificate you are looking at this morning. we'll have much more coming up a little bit later. back here at home police found ha young -- found a young man dead in east san jose last night. claudine wong is at the head quarters now where a very active investigation is under way. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. a new shift is coming on at the police department at this hour. investigators have been here all night and morning long. they have been inside the police department conducting an interview with the 28-year-old suspect. police are still trying to piece together what lead up to the deadly assault. both the 28-year-old suspect and 24-year-old victim lived at an inhome residential care facility on the 1800 block of st. andrews place. for what i have been able to determine the facility is called the capri home and just an assisted living care facility. at 7:30 last night a worker
6:33 am
called police. when police got to the home and paramedics arrived they pronounced the man dead. we don't know what type of care they were getting or how many people lived there. we don't know if any weapons were involved. investigators are still trying to piece all of that together. >> when i spoke to the officers at the scene outside of the investigation, i was told there were no obvious signs of any trauma. i don't know if there were any weapons. it's definitely something we can't rule out. >> reporter: police have told us there was some kind of dispute between the suspect and the victim earlier in the day but they haven't been able to give us details about exactly what that disput was about. clearly however they are looking into that. at this point we are still awaiting the identities of the victims or the victim and the suspect hoping that will be released some time soon. we know the coroner has taken possession of the victims body.
6:34 am
as far as what is happening with this interview, we are trying to get an update from police right now because we are hoping that will also give us some more information about what exactly lead up to this last night. live here in san jose claudine wong. san francisco police are increasing patrols following the latest violence and vandalism at golden gate park. ktvu jade hernandez has been talking with people in the park this morning and has more on recent crimes that are raising security concerns. jade. >> that is right. one of the attacks happened within a hidden homeless camp. what do others that use this park for recreation think about recent happenings? we spoke to one jogger a few moments ago. >> i come from a school of nothing is going to stop me. i will do what i do. if we stop, then what is the park for? >> reporter: san francisco police have stepped up patrols. about an hour ago a police officer drove by our location this morning. he had a spotlight on and was
6:35 am
patrolling slow through this area. police say golden gate park through the day is safe but at night officers responded to violent attacks and vandalism. last friday four people pistol whipped a 50-year-old homeless man and burned down his camp. then on monday a passer by discovered an unconscious man beaten so badly. then san francisco police captain showed us yesterday where someone destroyed park pensions by sawing them in half and hacked down six redwood trees. they want the publics help in order to end suspicious activity. homeless tourists pour into the city and become victims of an unfamiliar area. as for the vandalism cases san francisco police see a pattern but don't want to release too many details for fear they would jeopardize the case. no arrests have been made. reporting live jade hernandez. time now 6:35.
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we are hearing san francisco mayor ed lee will announce the cities new police chief this morning. coming up for you at 6:45 we will bring you a live report on why the mayors choice could be very controversial. this week hundreds of san jose city employees are getting pink slips. as many as 600 employees will be laid off to close a $115 million budget deficit. notices are going out while many unions are still negotiating contracts with the cities. the layoffs would take effect july 1st. >> i don't know how i would tell my family or explain to them after july how am i going to pay more mortgage? how are we going to have food on the table? >> some jobs could be saved if more city unions follow the leads of firefighters and agree to a voluntary 10% pay cut. san mateo authorities are conducting an unusual investigation into the discovery of a woman's body and
6:37 am
possibly hazardous materials. officers made the discovery during a welfare check on the woman. her body was found inside the apartment along with an unidentified substance that may have caused her death. authorities evacwaited nearby -- evacuated nearby apartments. hazmat was called in. they don't suspect foul play. today stanford university will consider bringing back its rotc military program. rotc was banished from the stanford campus during the vietnam war. however a committee recently recommended bringing back rotc. ac transit will hold a public hearing in downtown oakland on proposed fair changes. the proposal sets up a rate hike schedule for the next ten years. ac transit calls it a plan for
6:38 am
predictable fair increases. it also includes the creation of a seven-day bus pass and possible changes to the transfer policy. for adults it would go from $2 to $2.50. time now 6:37. sal will help you get where you need to go this morning. >> that is right the commute is not all that bad. so far we have a nice looking drive and we keep showing you this picture the golden gate bridge. what a nice shot that is. i want to let you know the bay bridge we are not showing it to you now. it's blasted by the sun but it is backed up far ten minute delay. we don't want to hurt your eyes this early. i want to tell you it's backed up to the 880 over crossing. north and southbound 880 the traffic is moving well here add the oakland coliseum no major problems heading south. this mornings commute is okay on the nimitz freeway if you are driving from livermore to
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castro valley it's a nice drive on westbound interstate 580. we are getting slow traffic on the al monday pass. let's go to steve. thank you. lots of sunshine in the morning. a little cool breezy at times. that will not go away yet. next week is looking much warmer. this week even though we get the sun we don't warm up that much. it will be a sunny morning. a little breezy at times and slightly warmer today. that high is going to get kicked out of here by a very weak system tomorrow. the higher clouds work their way in. sunshine here for awhile. it was a nice day yesterday. it will be nice again today. but breezy. then we will see a cool down as we head into thursday and friday. much cooler on thursday. very windy an friday as the system digs into the north of us. the good news by the weekend it's out of here and high pressure builds back in for a warmer weekend weather pattern. west, southwest fairfield west. so the breeze is in place the
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sea breeze and the delta breeze as well. 40 at napa airport. 42 santa rosa. and that means temperatures a little cool. upper 40s to low 250 -- to low 50s. the jet streams to the north though but a southern edge will drift across us tomorrow. mostly sunny today and turning partly cloudy and cooler tomorrow. can't lose that wind. even though it's sunny and nice for awhile. we'll have high clouds coming in. low 60s coast. mid 60s. 65 san leandro. 66 hayward. same for fremont. santa clara at 68. mountain view is in there. upper 50s low to 60s daly city, pacifica, san bruno at 62. cooler clouds on thursday. windy on friday.
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we calm things down. sunny on saturday. and much warmer on sunday. all right we continue to follow developing news out of washington less than an hour after releasing his birth certificate the president will address the nationwide. we will take you there. san francisco has a new police chief. find out who he is and what officers are saying about him this morning. good morning, right now northbound 280 traffic moves well getting up to highway 17. another look at traffic and weather straight ahead.
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good morning, to you. women come back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:43. 45 minutes ago the white house released this. you are looking at president obama's birth certificate the long form that his critics have been asking to see what the president says here it is. this is all in response to critics questions about whether or not the president was really born in the united states. suspected serial killer joseph naso is due back in the courtroom this morning. the 77-year-old photographer from reno is expected to enter a plea in a case involving crimes dating back to the 1970s that is getting national attention. we are hearing that san francisco mayor ed lee will swear in his choice for police chief this morning. ktvu tara moriarty is in san francisco this morning where she has been talking with
6:45 am
police officers this morning about the candidate who is selected. what are they saying? >> reporter: police are not saying much. mayor ed lee has chosen captain greg suhr as new chief. now suhr is a 30 year veteran of the force and credited for reducing crime by half in the bay view district since he took over in 2009. now most officers that we talked to said they were happy that the mayor chose someone whod a experience on san francisco streets. did you hear about suhr? are you guys excited? are you excited it's within the department? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you think this is good news today? >> i think so. >> reporter: three off duty officers allegedly beat up a
6:46 am
man because of fajitas. suhr was cleared. a protest in the mission district turned into a riot nearly killing one officer. four years later fong demoted suhr from deputy chief to captain. now insiders say mayor ed lee picked suhr because of his ability to work with the unions. we will be facing a battle this year with looming budget cuts. >> time is 6:46. we are keeping an eye on the white house in washington right now. developing news. there is the podium at the white house. the president of the united states will be coming out momentarily. there is a lot to talk about this morning. >> yes, there is. the white house just released the birth certificate. president obama we've been
6:47 am
talking about the birther controversy the issues surrounding getting the official birth certificate out. we have been showing that on our screen. >> think just released that long form critics have been saying we need to see it to prove that the president was really born in the united states and the president says all right finally here it is. take a look at it. it's from hawaii. it's signed by his mother, grandmother, and shows the doctor that delivered the president and all of these things. the president will be coming out to talk about that we assume and the president made a new appointment. moved around members of its cabinet today. >> he will be talking about that as well. we'll keep watching that as soon as we let us know he is keeping an eye on that in the newsroom. right now let's check in with sal. hopefully no big problems for the commute, sal. >> by the way i do have a screen here.
6:48 am
so if we see the president walk up i will toss it right back. let's take a look at the commute. traffic is moving along pretty well. as you get out to highway 237. it will be a little bit slow. nothing major so far as you drive across to the valley. pardon me as you are driving on interstate 880 near the coliseum the traffic is moving well in both directions. this mornings drive westbound bay bridge that is backed up for about a ten minute delay at the toll plaza. we will go to steve. of course steve will be aware of the president. >> i'm standing by to stand by. that is correct. sunshine i'm sorry say again? back to the desk. >> all right we are looking live at president obama. let's listen in. i was back there listening to chuck. he said it's amazing he will not be talking about national security. i would not have the networks breaking in if i was talking about that and you know it.
6:49 am
[ laughter ] as many of you have been briefed, we provided additional information today about the site of my birth. now this issue has been going on for 2-2.5 years now. it started during the campaign. over the last 2.5 years i have watched with amusement, i have been puzzled at the degree to which this thing kept ongoing. we've had every official in hawaii democrat and republican every news outlet that has investigated this confirmed that yes, in fact, i was born in hawaii august 4th, 1961. we have posted the
6:50 am
certification that is given by the state of hawaii on the internet for everybody to see. people have provided avids that -- affidavits that we have seen it. normally i would not comment on this because there is a lot of stuff swirling in the press and i have other things to do. but two weeks ago when the republican house had put forward a budget that will have huge consequences potentially to the country and when i gave a speech about my budget and how i felt that we needed to invest in education and infrastructure and making sure we had a strong safety net for our seniors even as we were closing the deficit during that
6:51 am
entire week, the dominant news story wasn't about the huge monumental choices we had to make it was about my birth certificate. that was true on most of the news outlets represented here. and so i just want to make a larger point here. we've got some enormous challenges out there. there are a lot of folks out there that are still looking for work. everybody is still suffering under high gas prices. we will have to make a series of very difficult decisions about how we invest in our future but also get ahold of our deficit and our debt. how do we do that in a balanced way? and this is going to generate huge and serious debates. important debates. and there will be fierce disagreements and that is good. that is how democracy is
6:52 am
supposed to work. i'm confident that the american people and america's political leaders can come together in a bipartisan way and solve these problems. we always have. but we are not going to be able to do it if we are distracted. we are not going to be able to do it if we spend time vell fewing each other, we will not be able to do it if we just make stuff up and pretend that facts are not facts. we will not be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by side shows and carnival parkers. we live in a serious time right now and we have the potential to deal with the issues that we confront in a way that will make our kids and grand kids and great grand kids proud.
6:53 am
and i have every confidence that america in the 21st century will be able to come out on top like we always have. we will have to get serious to do it. i know there will be a segment of people for which no matter what we put out this issue will not be put to rest. but i'm speaking to the vast majority of the american people as well as to the press. we do not have time for this kind of silliness. we have better stuff to do. i've got better stuff to do. we have big problems to solve and i'm confident we can solve them. we will have to focus on them. not on this. thanks very much everybody. >> republican leaders -- >> you have been looking and listening live to president obama live at the white house addressing the issue of the white house just released his
6:54 am
birth certificate showing he was born in hawaii. he said several things. he said it's time to get serious about the problems facing the people of the united states time to come together solve the problems. and he said not be distracted by side shows and carnival barkers. >> we do not have time for this silliness. we have more on what is coming out of the white house this morning and what apple has to say about the iphone stay with us.
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let's quickly check the weather. here's steve. >> we do have sunshine today. a little breezy, but highs, 60s, upper 60s and low 70s it
6:58 am
will be cooler tomorrow and nice except for the wind. all right, steve. coming up on "mornings on 2," you watched it live, president obama trying to end a nagging controversy once and for all. more coming up from washington, d.c. live. an overnight bonfire killed eight horses. a spray-painted message has police calling this a hate cry. stay right here with us.
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