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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  April 27, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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yes, in fact, i was born in hawaii, august 4th, 1961. >> it happened just moments ago, president obama is trying to end a nagging controversy, once and for all. >> reporter: a young man is dead. a suspect is in custody after an altercation at his in-home care facility. why police say trouble may have been brewing in the hours before. and who will become san francisco's new police chief? >> reporter: and san francisco police are stepping up patrols in golden gate park. the reason -- straight ahead. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell.
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it's wednesday, april 27th. we are following developing news out of washington, d.c. this morning, where just ten minutes ago, president obama made a statement following the release of his official long- version birth certificate at the white house this morning. we'll have a live report from washington coming up at 7:15 with the reason why the president chose now to release this particular document. 7:01. san jose police questioning a suspect in connection with the death of a young man at an in- home care facility. it happened on st. andrews place last night. college is at san jose's police -- claudine wong is at san jose's police headquarters with what we know about the suspect and the victim. good morning, claw dine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we're still trying to get ahold of the police to get an update. they've been inside here all morning interviewing the suspect. we want to know if that's giving them a better idea of what happened.
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this is a case that's almost 12 hours old. it was 7:30 last night that the 24-year-old victim was pronounced dead at an assisted living care facility. the 24-year-old victim was arrest and so was the 2-year- old suspect. we don't know how the -- the 22- year-old suspect. we don't know how the victim died but we know trouble was brewing. >> preliminarily results suggest there might have been an exchange of words or dispute earlier in the day. i'm not sure i would call that an actual fight. >> reporter: when we last talked to police this morning, they said there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body, so they are looking to the autopsy. we're waiting to hear back about the coroner about when those results will be released
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-- released. and we're waiting for the interview to be complete and if that's yielded any information. when we get updated, we'll keep you updated. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. it is 7:02. we're hearing that san francisco mayor ed lee will swear in his choice for a new police chief this morning. according to several media reports, the mayor has selected captain greg suhr, a 30-year veteran within the department. he's credited with reducing the crime rate where he served. but suhr has had his share of problems in the department as well. he was linked to the fajita gate incident eight years ago and was also depotted by heather fong. 7:03. a morning for women joggers and walkers in livermore. police say a man has been sneaking up on women from behind and pulling down their
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pants before running away. six incidents have been reported on patterson and holmes street. most of the women were listening to music at the time. they were caught offguard. now, police right now don't have a description of the suspect. women in the area you are being urged to avoid jogging and walking alone. san francisco police are increasing patrols following the latest violence and vandalism at golden gate park. jade hernandez has been talking to people in the park this morning and joins us live with more on the recent crimes that are raising security concerns there. jade? >> reporter: police say golden gate park is safe during the day, but it's at night they are seeing the work of vand as right here -- vandals right here inside of golden gate park. ktvu spent some time inside of the park yesterday. a police captain showed us where someone destroyed park benches and hacked down young
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redwood trees. captain described how the vandal chopped down six trees all together. police have stepped up patrols but they need the public's assistance. >> here, when you get off the beaten track and you are living in the park, i don't think it's so safe. the perk is also a place of safety and that's why an incident in the park catches people's attention so much and that's why we respond so serious to it. >> reporter: another reason parkgoers should report anything conspicuous is a parkgoer found a individual beaten. we understand that san francisco police see a pattern in the way of vandalism is taking place but the department does not want to release details for fear it would
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jeopardize the case. we also check in and report no new incidents happen overnight. reporting live in san francisco at golden gate park, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> already, jade. thank you. -- all right, jade. thank you. in about two hours, joseph naso is due back into a coop. he's expected to enter a plea in the case that's getting nationwide attention. prosecutors say naso killed four women in northern california. the crimes date back to the 1970s. investigators say he may also be responsible for several unsolved homicide cases involving prostitutes around the country. a suspected peeping tom has been arrested at uc berkeley. two women they say noticed a teenager poking his head out of a stall while they were taking showers at beverly cleary hall last week. one of them call the police. this is the fifth peeping tom case since february. police are still investigating
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to see if there may be another suspect. today, pg&e will join congresswoman jackie speier for a town hall meeting in san bruno to discuss long-term recovery efforts from the gas pipeline explosion. pg&e is scheduled to give residents an updaten 0 the utility's actions since the explosion. the mayor of san bruno and city council members will also attend the meeting. it's scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. at the san bruno senior center. marin county is getting ready to unveil a new emergency aid station. it's located in tiburon. the station is equipment -- is equipped with $25,000 with medical supplies. it will be staffed by nearly 100 volunteers during emergencies. station will host an open house on saturday. 7:07, several bay area counties are getting an "f" for
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their air quality. each county had diesel fuel and smokestacks. the american lung association gave napa county, a c, san francisco, marin, received a. san francisco got a c for the particulate spikes. it's 7:07. let's take take a look and see how traffic is moving along. hopefully not causing too much pollution. >> no. right now we're getting busier. it's a little slow. here on the going bridge it looks good. let's go to the bay bridge by contrast. it's gonna be slow there westbound as you come up to toll plaza. you are gonna see a little bit of slow traffic here. it's backed up for about a ten- minute delay. this this morning on northbound 280. as we look at our chp list, we don't have a lot going on. we've had an accident southbound at the mon nag
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expressway -- monague expressway. there were minor injuries. but one person did have to be taken to the hospital for those minor injuries. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. clear skies. it will be cool, sunny and then clouds come in later in the afternoon. today, temperatures top out for a couple of days and then we see a warmup as we go into the weekend. probably more noticeable. today after the morning sunshine. the breeze is still there. it's a westerly breeze. tomorrow, more clouds, cooler and breezy, maybe even windy as we head toward friday. but sunshine and warmer weather will take us into the weekend. next week is looking subny and warmer as well away from the coast. we still have the weak systems inching closer. we have sunshine. we'll see the crowds -- clouds thicken up. nice and breezy, same as yesterday, where temperatures settled in the mid-60s and upper 60s.
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it will be a cool day. we're not expecting any rain. just a cooldown. now the breeze is still out of the west right through sfo and then the golden gate over san pablo way. many locations, oakland, also, napa have gone from a breeze to calm conditions. that's allowed temperatures to settle in the low 40s. fairfield yesterday was 37. in it weren't for the breeze, they would be color than 45. livermore with a slight puff of a breeze, 46. 46 also redwood city, upper 40s, low firsts or the rest. pretty strong low off seattle. everything stays to the north as far as any rain is concerned. a lot of sunshine today. just that wind showing itself o lation -- occasionally with includes coming in. mostly cloudy. also in the north bay, more so than say the south bay but not before low 60s, coast and mid- 60s and upper os.
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pittsburg, concord, walnut creek, san ramon, pleasanton, 64 alameda and berkeley. 65 for for hayward. 66 at castro valley. 66 san jose to low 70s. sunnyvale, 67. menlo park, redwood city in there as well. a breeze for half moon. clouds cooler on thursday, windy on friday, the system digs into the north and east. it's out of here saturday. warmer as we go into sunday. 7:11. ohio authorities are investigating a fire at a barn with eight horses inside as a hate crime. brent whitehouse says he looked outside in horror as an orange glow rose from his barn on easter night. he ran to the barn but the doors would not open. the barns and the otherses -- horses inside were destroyed in five minutes. he lives in a town to the east of columbus. authorities are calling it a
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hate crime because whitehouse is gay. anti-gay messages were sprayed on the barn wall. within the last hour, president obama released the long - -- long-form version of his birth certificate. what he said a short time ago and will it put this long controversy to rest. there's word the president is planning a big shakeup involving leon panetta. what his new job will be. and also -- we'll take you live to long done. final preparations are underway for the royal wedding.
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good morning. skies are clear. it's a little school -- cool. some mid-40s. we'll end up with sunshine. some higher clouds will come in
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late but not before we see 60s and 70s inland. developing news in washington, d.c., within hour, the white house released president obama's longs form birth certificate. allison -- long form birth certificate. alison burns is live in washington, d.c. with why this president took this step now. >> reporter: the president says he doesn't have time for this silliness but he's clearly tired of the issue becoming a distraction. this is the document that the white house released this morning, a two-page copy of the original birth certificate that shows the president was born in hawaii in 1961. the president sent his lawyers to hawaii to get it. it's being posted on the white house website. the president didn't mention donald trump by name but the contender has been fueling controversy for weeks. president obama fought back this morning saying he has more important things to deal with. we're not gonna be able to
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solve our problems if beget distracted by -- we get distracted by sideshow. i know there will be a segment of people that no matter what we put out this issue will not be put to rest. but i'm speaking to the vast majority of the american people. >> reporter: polls show some americans believe the president was not born in the united states. we'll see if that changes after the release of the birth certificate. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. as alison mentioned, donald trump had been among those questioning president obama's u.s. citizenship. just minutes after the white house released the president's long form birth certificate this morning, trump took credit for that. >> today, i'm very proud of myself because i've accomplished something that nobody else has been able to
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accomplish. >> trump added he still wants to see the certificate to make sure it's legitimate. the short version of the birth certificate that the president had released three years ago is actually hawaii's official version of their birth certificate. 7:16. well, this morning, big changes at the top of pentagon. "the associated press" reports that leon panetta will become the new secretary of defense. he's a former congressman from monterey. "the associated press" is also reporting that david a tray just will replace panetta as the head of the cia. we're getting developing news from afghanistan. an afghan pilot killed eight contractors and a -- and a pilot. reportedly that pilot opened
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fire after an argument. a uc berkeley graduate who was freed from iran last year is wanted back for court. the iranian authorities have issued a warrant for sarah shourd. she was arrested near josh fattal and shane bauer during a hike in 2009. the two men remain in jail. back here at home, funding for after-school programs in san francisco will be reloosed -- reduced. "the examiner" reports that marina mid school will lose almost $150,000. fairmont elementarytry will lose $23,000 -- leamry will lose -- elementary will lose $23,000. district plans to review how each program is operating. and layoff notices will
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soon be handed out to some would work in the santa cruz schools. the board will consider cutting 14 positions and reducing the hours of seven positions. it's all in an effort to save money. the layoff proposal is mostly for part-time classified jobs. 7:18. just two days now to the royal wedding on friday. we're live where the wedding, clearly the event of the century, for brits as eyes are on a commoner who is about to become a princess and potentially a queen. can you tell us a little bit more about kate middleton? >> reporter: yeah. she's the girl of the moment, isn't she? we've all grown up knowing all about prince. with. he's lived his entire life in the public eye. we're just getting to know kate. she went to the university with william. that's where she met. she's the daughter of an air stewardess. both her parents worked in the
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airline industry and became millionaires through a mail order party federal. that allowed her to have a very good education. she's known to be the only person she has confided in -- she's known to be the only person that william has confided in about his mother. >> the way he protects her, you can see he's making sure that they learn lessons from charles and diana. he's there to protect her. but behind closed doors, he doesn't leave his socks in the bathroom anymore. she's made sure of that. >> reporter: yes, as we would say here, she wears the trousers at hoe. translated -- at home. translated at home, she wears the pants in the family.
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she's been known as waity katie because she's had to wait so long before he popped the question. but the wait was worth it, i suppose. >> and is the westminster abbey closed down today for tourists? >> reporter: i would imagine so. they are certainly addressing it on the inside and getting it ready for the big day. westminster abbey is a massive venue. there will be a congregation of some 1900 people. the abbey has had royal connections for some 1100 years. there have been many royal weddings that have taken place there. i understand it's a first this year, that there will be trees inside. hopefully we're able to show you a few pictures of that -- of those. there will be eight trees, 20 feet each, 0 feet tall and kate middleton is really into the symbolism and the language. so she's chosen these for
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symbolic reasons. there will be six maples which symbolize humility and reserve. and parts of the abbey will resemble a garden on friday. it will be fabulous. >> it certainly will. of course, you can watch the royal wedding here live, see what it look like -- what it looks like. we'll also be streaming it at a lot people waiting to see what her dress looks like. we have gotten hint that she's gonna wear the tee aura that the -- tiara that the queen wore, with diamonds. coming up -- how more and more people will be able to enjoy the magic of movies. and good morning. if you are driving on 237 westbound. that traffic is moving along
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nicely. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather just minutes ahead.
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new reports show that one in four children in the united states is being raised by a single parent. the u.k. was second, followed by new england. 7:25. the movier chain sinny mark agreed to add closed captioning devices to its theaters. it's all part of a lawsuit filed by a hearing-impaired disability group. they will add the closed captioning to all of the theaters by 2012. the group claimed that cinemark was the only one out of the movie chains not offering that special equipment. we want to check in with
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sal. so sal, has the sun risen enough that we can take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. indeed, it has. we're gonna look at the toll plaza for you. it's backed up for about a ten- minute delay. it's not all -- all that bad. once you get into san francisco, it moves well. coming up in our next update, we'll show you more. let's go to steve. it will be a little breezy. slightly warmer inland, not so much on the coast. some low 40s, middle 40s. if it wasn't for the breeze, we would be even cooler. the clouds will start to stream into the north bay. but not before we have a mostly sunny day. breezy at times. higher clouds, late. temperatures are inching up. inland will have upper os, lower 70s. up -- 60s, lower 70s. clouds and windy and sunshine around warmer weather for the weekend.
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all right, steve. thank you. a mysterious death on the peninsula and this one is died -- this one is tied to an emergency call to hazmat teams. san francisco gets a new chief of police and we'll tell you who he is and why he comes with a bit of controversy. and b.a.r.t. has good news for both partygoers and late-night workers.
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welcome back. we're hearing that san francisco mayor ed lee will swear in the new police chief. tara moriarty is live with more. i know you've been talking with police officers this morning. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, the police will not confirm that ed hee has made a decision regarding this issue, but the world around here in the hall of justice is pretty strong that captain greg suhr will become the new chief of chief. he's a 30-year veteran of the department and has been credited with reducing crime by 50% in the bayview district since he took over in 2009. officers we spoke to said they were happy.
7:31 am
are you excited? think this is good news? >> yeah. >> reporter: in 2005, former chief eth heather fong stripped his -- hector fong stripped his -- heather fong stripped his title. he was demoted amid allegations that he failed to report a domestic violence incident on a female friend in a timely matter. now, he will take over for jeff go down. no word on what godown's future will be. we're still trying to get the details on that ceremonying-in temperature -- swearing-in ceremony that's coming up. back to you. >> thank you,. we could learn today if a high-tech company in sonoma county will reopen after a chemical explosion. the industrial accident force the evacuation of agilent
7:32 am
technologies in santa rosa yesterday morning. about 100 employees were inside when the explosion happened. one employee, patrick col bus, receive -- patrick colbus, received burns. he was taken to the hospital. agilent executives say the accident happened when they were cleaning. and they believe kep cass used -- came cals used during the cleaning may have caused the explosion. san mateo authorities are checking into the date of a woman after her body was found inside of an apartment with potentially hazardous materials. the discovery was made on the
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53-year-old in a welfare check. the hazmat team came out there. they don't suspect foul play but are investigating. authorities are calling that huge fire in watsonville an accident. the fire started last wednesday. damage, almost $250,000. it took about -- a good $250,000 to put this out. investigators are estimating it took about $10 million in damage. the vallage -- the salvage operation was supposed to save up to $2 million. the cause may be known later this week. pg&e has issue a new pipeline report. it's likely to increase safety concerns. pg&e says there are roughly 34 miles of pipeline under northern california cities that could be considered high risk. the utility also admits its
7:34 am
earlier records failed to point out this problem. pg&e has been ordered by sit regulators to show proof that customers will not pay for any retirement packages by the outgoing ceo. at first they were told they would have to pay for peter darby's pension. but then it was determined that the agency would pay it out of its own profits. stanford university will consider bringing back the rotc
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program. the move would require approval from the faculty senate as well as the pentagon. today, a bay area congresswoman will announce a new bill to crack down on rave parties. it's in response to at least three deaths in california last year. two of the deaths were right here. this bill would establish a set of guidelines that have to be followed prior to hosting a large event on state-owned party. rave type events have already been banned from the cow palace. this week, hundreds of san jose city employees are getting pink slips. the city may have to lay off as many as 600 workers to help close $115 million deficit. >> i don't know how i'm gonna tell my family or how i'm gonna explain to them after july, how am i gonna pay my mortgage and have food on the tabe? >> the city says some jobs could be saved if more unions follow the lead of the firefighters and agree to a
7:36 am
voluntary 10% pay cut. it is 7:35. a severe storm in michigan caused part of a barn housing turkeys to be thrown half a mile. >> i rolled to be on top my daughter and my wife to protect them. i thought the rest of the building was gonna blow away. storm left debris scattered in all directions. many people left diving for cover. once storm passed, workers spent hours trying to round up all of the turkeys that survived. a huge tornado swept through parts of the dallas/fort worth area. it was all caught on tape. storm chasers captured these images yesterday. the fun clouds was generated by fast-moving storms in the area. the tornadoes were spotted in other areas of other parts of texas causing damage to at least 100 homes and severe storms and flooding is causing major concern over the midwest.
7:37 am
the governor of kentucky has declared a state emergency. coming up at 7:45, we'll have a live report from one of the hardest-hit areas. back here at home, the price tag may top $1 million for the forced resignation of dorothy duggar. she finally stepped down last week after two montes of gonnaations with the board of directors. she reportedly received a $950,000 severence package. a third of that was to make sure she didn't sue b.a.r.t. also, b.a.r.t. trains may soon stop run -- start running later on the weekend. b.a.r.t. is considering a six-month test run this fall to keep the trains running until 1:00 a.m. the test program could then become permanent. a lot of b.a.r.t. riders are complaining for a long time that stopping the trains at midnight are too early for people who like to stay out late and party and also for late-night workers.
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but the tradeoff is they wouldn't start running -- running an hour later. you main an hour at night and lose an hour in the morning. let's check in with -- check in with sal. >> let's go outside and take a lack. tori asked how the -- take a look. tori asked how the commute is doing. very typical, about 20-minute delay getting into san francisco with no crashes or stalls report on the upper deck of the bay bridge. traffic is gonna be okay on 237 until you reach 0 and then it slows down to highway 101. most of it is slow heading west out to sunnyvale. 280 is slow. look at this. northbound 280 traffic getting -- getting up to highway 17. the traffic is gonna be slow. we've had a couple of
7:39 am
accidents. the most significant one is northbound 238 right at the castro valley "y." there is an accident involving two big rigs they are being moved to the shoulder right now. let's go to steve. many locations which had a breeze a cup of hours ago now say calm it will be sunny for a while. in advance of a system that will cool us down tomorrow. high pressure is -- it's not that big but it gave us a decent day yesterday. it's a sunny morning and then breezy at times. slightly warmer today. it won't hold its ground too much longer. tomorrow it will get knocked down. by this system coming into the north, there's enough to bump it out of the way. we'll start off sunny and get higher clouds later. but more of these will start to move in tomorrow. nice yesterday, it will be nice today. that breeze, though, still out
7:40 am
of the west-southwest. haven't lost the sea breeze. we're looking for a nice day on wednesday but then thursday we bring in the cooling tre -- cooling trend. napa, oakland -- vacaville, all had a breeze a couple of hours ago. 46 livermore, 45 fairfield. low 40s. 44 san rafael. upper 40s to many, 50 degrees for others. there's not much left of that system but what is there is that low moving in around seat. that's going to knock things down ale little bit for tomorrow. but storm track jet stream stays to the north. it will be sunny. a few high clouds. upper 60s, lower 60s away from the coast.
7:41 am
temperature very, about 10 degrees. coast, bay to inland. martinez 67. castro valley, 67. same for milpitas. low 70s. morgan hill, san martin, gilroy. saratoga is in there. upper 50s, low 60s 0 the coast even though there's sunshine. 7:41. the fate of the sacramento kings is now in the hands of the nba. mayor kevin johnson says he's raised an estimated $10 million in his last-ditch campaign to keep the franchise from moving out of town. most of that money comes from corporate sponsorship and season ticket sales. the mayor says the nba is in the court. the installation of some
7:42 am
not-so-delicate flowers in san francisco is expected to be complete today. a pair of 20-foot tall flower structures made of are going up along market street near u.n. plaza. the artist is from oakland and she says the balloon symbolizes strength, hope and encourage. the visit was paid with -- was paid for by a grant. it will be on display until november. it used to be the top three restaurant trains -- top three burger chains were always the burger and fries. not anymore. and more airlines posted heavy first-quarter losses because of surging fuel prices.
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7:45 am
taking a live look at the big board on wall street. stocks are mixed ahead of ben bernanke's assessment on the u.s. economy. he's expected to talk about the results from the policymakerring meeting. starbucks is nipping at the heels of mcdonald's and subway. it's in third position for top restaurants in decades. mcdonald's and wendy's he held on the spot. starbucks will report earning today after the closing bell. america's big airlines are reporting big first quarter losses. that's due mostly to the
7:46 am
soaring cost of fuel and the big winter storms. it appears air travelers will be paying the price. delta airlines has reportedly sent out a memo saying it will make up for the losses with higher ticket prices and other big airlines are expected to do the same. americans are driving less but prices at the got pump continue to climb. national average rose a penny to hit 3.87 a gallon yesterday. bay area gas prices are roughly 35 cents higher. analysts say prices will continue to go up. prices are expected to be cut back in june as people drive less and cut back on spending. throughout the midwest, people are bracing for more floods and storms. the weather has caused a lot of damage. our reporter mike tobin is standing by in metropolis, illinois. mike -- wow.
7:47 am
you are surrounded by water. what's going on, mike? >> reporter: well, what's going on, have you so much water coming down the mississippi which is about 30 miles downstream from milocation and so much weather -- from milocation and there's -- my location and there's so much water. this is the intersection of second and market in metropolis, illinois. you can see the river boat casino. that's okay because it floats on the water. but the parking area, the entrance is all flooded. the hotel itself is empty and closed down. some of the staff has been coming and go. and they come and go commuting by fishing boat. the good news is worst of the teams missed this area last night. so you have the mayor of metropolis saying the crest about -- will be about two feet over their fear. they aretying people at the
7:48 am
lower elevations that there's no point in trying to fight the river when it rides. the water is gonna get in your house. it's time to get your belongings and move to higher ground. some of the people who live near the edgewater mark, you still have a few people still trying to drive through the standing waters. that's what you -- when you end up with the swift waters. 7:48. a national gas pipeline blew up today in egypt. look at these pictures. we just got these pictures in. this is a pipeline that sends natural gas from egypt to
7:49 am
israel and jordan. so far, no injuries have been reported. the cause of the explosion is not known yet. another natural gas pipeline blew up in february. that one was determined to be a suspected terrorist attack. people in ecuador are being told to leave their houses because this volcano blew up and is spewing ash into the air. the ashes have been reining down on a nearby town covering everything in sight. this particular volcano has been active since last week. 7:49. it's now just two days until the royal wedding in london. very early in morning, british troops held a full dress rehearsal along the route of the wedding precession, and the route that the couple will take
7:50 am
along westminster abbey, were closed after the amped forces took part in a full-scale practice. the only participants not taking part in this rehearsal are the bands. they didn't want to wake everybody up. coming up at 8:15. we'll have a live report from london about how this royal wedding will be the first broadcast on the internet. >> millions and billions. >> i think about 2 billion are expected to watch. there is an expanded travel warning to tell you about this morning what -- this morning. what the u.s. state department is selling you about -- telling you about being in mexico. the oakland coliseum could soon have a new name on how much -- and how much money the naming rights could bring the as and the raiders.
7:51 am
bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
7:52 am
7:53. this is a live picture out houston, texas. this is the private plane that will take congresswoman gabriel
7:53 am
giffords to watch -- gab briele giffords to watch the launch on friday. only days ago, giffords's doctors said she was well enough to travel. she was shot in the head in tup back in january again, these are live pictures -- in tuson back in january. again, these are live pictures that will take give orders to bought the launch. launch -- to watch the launch. americans are being warned to avoid travel in state of mishikan, right in between acapulco. carjacking and robbings are a
7:54 am
serious problem. americans are being urged to avoid driving at night. a pilot program would allow pilots in the courtroom. u.s. judicial committee approved this project and it would allow videorecording of a trial -- of a trial if both party agree. now, the district's chief judge says the purpose is to allow -- to allow public access to real court proceedings as opposed to the -- the report ranks marin county the richest in the state and the fourth in the country. the per capita for marin was more than $89,000. san mateo ranked number two here in california, with a per capita income of more than
7:55 am
$69,000. some new limits on roosters is ruffling some feathers in solano county. board of supervisors approved the if you rules. it limits the numbers of roosters to number four. a permit is required for more than roosters. there are some exemptions for clubs like the 40 club. 7:55. a meet something scheduled for later this morning to talk about renaming the home of the oakland as and oakland raiders. under a deal announced yesterday with an on-line retailer, the oakland coliseum will be called overstock has agreed to pay $1 point million per year for the naming rights for the next six years. half of that money will go to the raidersers. the other half to the stadium authority. 7:55. let's check in with sal, see how the commute's going. >> a lot of raider fans not
7:56 am
happy about that. >> it doesn't really roll off the tongue. >> you have to practice that. >> you can always contact me on twitter or at let's -- most people tell me about the traffic, more than anything he. we haven't had any major problems on the south bay commute. i did get a tweet from someone who said the east shore freeway was getting slow. i don't see for person who did tweet me about that, i don't see anything in the way of accidents or stalled vehicles from 80 down to the with bridge. san francisco northbound 101 looks okay. today's weather, here's steve. a lot snipe. if you want to get out, work in the garden, golf action, tennis. a little cool in the morning but the wind has tailed off for
7:57 am
many. it will puck up later on. some higher clouds are inching up -- they will be in here but not before we have morning sunshine. we are looking for warmer weather today. that system i know there's not much left of it will give us clouds and cooler temperatures torn. today, high clouds, breezy. low 60s near the beaches. mid-60s around the bay. we back off a little bit on thursday. windy on friday. but then sunny side up and warmer as we go into the weekend. tori and dave? >> thank you, steve. you watched watched it live right here on ktvu about one hour ago. i've been puzzled as -- with the degree of how this thing just kept on going. president obama tries to put an end of all of the questions about where he was born. we have new information at this hour as police went to -- police continue to investigate
7:58 am
the death of a 24-year-old man. what police are saying about the suspect.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's wednesday, april 27th. well, new this morning, president obama held a live, nationwide conference here this morning, which we showed you live, about the release of the long version of his official birth certificate. you can see the president right there at the white house white house podium. we'll bring you a live report and show you why he finally gave into all of the critics to release -- and released that document. firefighters are on the scene of uc berkeley trying to clean up flooding damage following a fire. right now, the building is closed. you are look at new video we just got into the newsroom of the cleanup. a fire was errorred at the school about two hours -- reported at the school about two
8:01 am
hours ago. a young man is found dead at a care facility on st. andrews place. claudine wong joins us live from san jose police headquarters where she just talked to police and has some new information. claudine? >> reporter: well, tori, we've been watching the police department all moving long because we know there's been interviews ongoing. right now inside the department there are still interviews going on with potential witnesses. but the interview with the 28- year-old suspect in this case is over and he's just been booked into the jail for homicide. a 24-year-old man was found dead on the 1800 block of st. andrews place. that's a room and board care facility. a 4-year-old man was also taken
8:02 am
into custody. that man also a resident at that same home. it appears that trouble had been brewing between the two of them. we're looking into the possibility -- the preliminary investigation shows they might have -- we're not sure about a confrontation. >> reporter: how the victim die, they are not sure. they don't believe a gun was involved. still unclear when an autopsy will be scheduled. >> i just got off the phone with the coroner's office. they've identified the victim. how far, they are pending official notification. next of kin has been notify. but they are not reesing -- release the name until they do a full assessment on the victim. >> reporter: police say we are still very early in you a of this and there's still quite a pew -- quite a few pieces to
8:03 am
put together. claudine wong, kut channel 2 news. we just received an updated schedule for san francisco mayor ed lee. it says the mayor will swear in the new police chief at 10:00 it morning. there are several reports that the captain has elected captain greg surf -- suhr. he has a lot of support among fellow officers. but surh has also had problems within the police department. he was connected to the so- called fajitagate incident eight years ago and was demoted by former police chief, heather fong. a warning for female joggers and walkers in livermore. police say a man has been approaching women from behind and pulling down their pants before running away. six incidents have been reported on patterson road and on hole. street. the locations are about five
8:04 am
miles away -- apart. most of the women were listening to music and were caught offguard. police don't have a description of the suspect. women are urged to avoid jogging and walk alone. san francisco police are considering increasing their patrols after the latest incident of vandalism at a park. jade hernandez has more on this. >> reporter: good morning. there's been vandalism and attacks on the homeless within a week's time here at golden gate park. what do others who use this park and recreation think about the recent happenings? over the past couple of hours, we gauged some of their reaction reactions. >> of all of the things to destroy, why would you do the park? >> reporter: san francisco
8:05 am
police have stepped up patrols. before the sun came up, a police officer drove by our location. he had a spotlight on it and was patrol -- patrolling the area. last friday inside of the park, police say four people pit- whiched a 50-year-old -- pistol- whipped a 50-year-old man. on monday, a passerby discovered a man beaten so badly, the 33-year-old couldn't remember the attack. and someone destroyed park benches by sewing them in half and hacking down six redwood trees. police say homeless tourists pour into the city and become victims of an unfaunal area. as for the vandalism case, san francisco police see a pattern but don't want to release too many details for fear of jeopardize -- jeopardizing the case. reporting live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news.
8:06 am
>> thank you, jade. five minutes after 8:00. in about one hour, suspected serial killer joseph naso is due back in a marin county courtroom. the 77-year-old photographer from reno is expected to enter a plea in a case that's getting national attention. prosecutors say naso killed four women in northern california in crimes dating back to the 1970s. investigators say he may also be responsible for several unsolved homicide days -- unsolved homicide cases across the country. a suspected peeping tom has been arrested at uc berkeley. two women say they noticed a teenager poking his head out from a stall while taking showers at beverly cleary hall last week. one of the women called campus police. a 17-year-old boy was arrested. it's the fifth peeping tom case reported since february. but police are still investigating to see if there's another suspect involved. 8:06. new this morning, apple responding for the first time
8:07 am
about reports of privacy concerns about its iphones and ipads. now, apple says the devices don't actually have the ability to track the tact location of its users -- track the exact location of its users, instead they show cell tower towers nearby. apple also says a software bug causes the phones to be deeping the -- keeping the data longer than expected. we want to neck in with sal sal -- we want to check in with sal. >> if you are trying to drive from oakland to san francisco, the backup is 15 to 20 minutes at the toll plaza. it's not as bad as it was yesterday and just to give you some perspective, the traffic is doing well.
8:08 am
this morning's commute on oakland's freeway right near the coliseum, whatever they are gonna call it now, the traffic is moving well. northbound 8 0, there is a new crash. no injuries, know -- though. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. sunshine, some patchy low clouds around but overall, it will be very nice. then we have clouds coming in later this afternoon. today, slightly warmer away from the coast. high pressure not that strong but it's there. we'll drift over us today and then get bumped out here tomorrow. breeze is still out of the west. it was up a little bit. i expect that to clear up. slightly warm he, not a lot. upper 50, very low 70s. the clouds associated with a
8:09 am
dying system. you see them coming in like this. there's not much there but they are taking aim at us for later. oakland had a west wind at 10. now they are calm. west at 14 at sfo. fairfield west-southwest 12. napa had a west wind now they are calm and there is a little westerly breeze at the livermore airport. that's about it. still a couple of 40s, napa, santa rosa and san rafael. and a lot of low 50s. livermore at 50. redwood city, 50. san jose at 52. it's really not this. that 0 will give us the clouds later -- that will give us the clouds later. it will dig into the north and east of us. that will also pic up the wind for friday. today a lot of sunshine. looks good. maybe a little cool with breeze. but temperatures will warm up today. we'll top out and see that cooldown kick in tomorrow. high clouds in the afternoon. the breeze is still out of the
8:10 am
west-southwest. we do expect that to pick up as the clouds get closer but not before we see upper 60s, low 70s. clouds cooler on thursday, windy on friday, then a lot of sunshine and warmer weather especially on sunday and into next week. >> all right. thank you. 8:10. authorities in ohio investigating a possible hate crime where eight horses were killed when a barn caught fire. the owner says he was horrified by this barn fire. it happened easter night. he said he ran out there but could not open the doors of the barn. that barn was destroyed and all of those horses were destroyed
8:11 am
and it took just five minutes. now, the man lives in the town just outside of columbus, ohio. authorities are calling calling this a possible hate crime because the owner is gay and anti-gay messages were spray- painted on the walls of that former barn. it's ten minutes after 8:00. live coverage of the white house. president obama is trying to end a nagging controversy -- end a controversy once and for all. the drastic new population control program involves a country with 1.3 billion peep.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
good morning. a lot of sunshine. lows in the 40s. a sunny day will give way to higher clouds. a few low 70s inland. president obama hopes to put the questions and controversy about before -- about where he was born behind him. the white house finally released the lodge form copy of the president's birth certificate this morning. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with what the president had to say. >> reporter: president obama ridiculed idea that he was not born in the united states and he said the nation could no longer be distract by side
8:15 am
deshows an carnival barkers. this is the document released. the this -- this is document that shows the president was born in the united states. the president's lawyers had to get a special waiver and go to hawaii to get this one. the president expressed frustrated this morning that news coverage has been more focused on the controversy than what he calls real issues. >> we don't have time for this kind of silliness. we have better stuff to do. i've got better stuff to do. we have big problems to solve. i'm confident we can solve them. but we have to focus on them, not on this. >> reporter: adding pressure for the white house to release this document, recent poms show four in ten republicans believe the president was not born in
8:16 am
the united states. >> donald trump had been among those raising questions about the citizenship. minutes after releasing the document, donald trump took credit for it. >> today i'm very proud of myself because i've accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish. >> now, donald trump added he still wants to actually see the certificate to make sure it's legitimate. now, by the way, the president's birth certificate has been posted on chan 2 website. it's at you can take a look at it when you would like. it is 8:16. we have an update now to overnight news out of afghanistan. a u.s. defense official now says all eight military troops and the contractor kill by an afghan pilot this morning were americans. now, it's not certain what
8:17 am
branch of the military the troops were in. reportedly, the afghan pilot opened fire during a eating -- meeting after an argument in a meeting room a kabul airport. there's word of big changes at the top of the pentagon. "the associated press" reports leon panetta will become the new u.s. secretary of defense when robert gates steps down. panetta is a former congress. david a tray yes would replace -- petraeus would re-- would replace panetta, it's reported. the iranian foreign ministry issued a subpoena for share raw -- sarah shourd. she was released from an iranian jail last september. she was arraigned with shane bauer and josh fattal in 2009.
8:18 am
both men remain in jail. well, the president of china says china will maintain the one-child policy to keep the birth rate low. president hu jintao says very district birth limits to be continued to ensure economic growth in china. he made the comments before new census figures are release -- are released tomorrow. china has a population mow than 1.3 billion people. the one-child policy has been in place since 197. 8:18. funding for some afterschool programs in san francisco will be reloosed -- reduced because of declining attendance rates. the examiner reports that marina middle school will lose almost -- >> school district tells the paper that grant funding cuts had not affect students who use afterschool services but the district plans to review how each program is operate. layoff notices may soon be
8:19 am
handed out to some employees who work in santa cruz schools. tonight, the board will consider cut -- you canning the positions and reducing the hours of seven positions. the layoff proposal is for mostly classified positions. more and more people are getting food stamps. in january, more than 1 a 9,000 people in alameda county were getting food stamps with the growing number of people out of work, that number is expected to go higher. a lot of them are getting help from the alameda county community food bank. a little bit of food will then them today but we want to make sure they have enough food next week and next month. average benefit in california is about $147 a month per person. number of people getting help in california is up 14% from just a year ago. 8:19. just two days now to the royal
8:20 am
wedding in london. memorabilia is always a huge business when it comes too the royal family. we're live outside of buckingham palace. don, what are some of the mere unusual items people are buying? >> reporter: to be honest, i think most of them are unusual. it seems to me the general rule of thumb here is if you can tell it and it has a flat surface you can put a picture of the couple on it and do -- do what you want with it. we've done a little bit shopping and you get a bag like this, unlike the traditional bag. my favorite in all of this, is this -- it's a royal mug. this is the sort of thing that people buy and they keep forejeff. prince william tea bag as you can see. why you -- can you see? we've got kate middletop and
8:21 am
the name here is william -- >> that look like harry. >> yeah. >> reporter: no wonder he looks -- he doesn't look like harry. it is harry. look at these. finally, because not everybody is a fan of the royal wedding you can even buy your own royal wedding sick bag if you have had enough and the brand "throne up." get it. [ laughter ] >> are people just snapping these things up? is there a whole range of things available? >> yeah, i think you can pretty much get whatever you like. some of the things have sold out. tea towels are always very
8:22 am
popular. they've sold out. we haven't find any of those. and it's been aren'ted that prince william's colleagues will do that this year with the tea to us. so even the prince can have a laugh about this. >> any worded on the location for the -- any word on the location for the honey? >> reporter: i've heard australia has been message. there was a record in the newspapers mention that william would take his new republican sense around the great barrier reef. that's like the dress, you won't know anything about it until it's shown. prince william is a very, very private man. he saw how the media hounded his mother, the late princess diana. i would be very surprised if the venues of the honeymoon are leaked to the press. we're not -- it's not that we're not -- it's no that we're not trying to find out.
8:23 am
>> okay. thank you -- thank you. you can watch the wedding live here. we mention earlier, the royals are known for being a little behind the times but they are actually having a lot of coverage online. there is an frill website and there will be a lot of coverage -- >> you can imagine any photographer that gets near honeymoon pictures, what they would sell those pictures for? well, he was homes -- moments away from being free. the very strategic way that an inmate suddenly attacked an inmate as he was being released from jail. good morning. bay bridge traffic getting a little bit better now getting into san francisco. we'll tell you some other areas that are not improve yet.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
an arizona inmate remains behind bars this morning after attacking a detention officer just moments before he was supposed to be released. this is surveillance video of the assault. you can see the guard walking by, when the inmate just all of the sudden attacks him. staff members quickly helped the worker and handcuff thed man -- happened cuffed the man. he said this was so he could stay in jail. he's afraid a mexican cartel drug dealer that will come after him. so he feels safer in jay. >> wow.
8:27 am
>> yeah. let's check in with sal. >> i was gonna check in with bay area bridges. the toll plaza is backed up for about an eight manufacture minute -- eight-minute delay. we've seen some improvement. richmond bridge, westbound 580, there was a minor accident, minor injuries heading out to toward -- out towards san rafael. lower deck that bridge not affect. san jose bridge looks good and so does the golden gate. let's go to steve. sunshine, we have a few clouds coming in later. it will nice. a little breezy. those clouds are inching closer. it's just a weak system. they will start to spread cloudiness. upper 40s, low 50s and temperatures will bump up a little bit. the lows are rubbing slightly warmer than yesterday. really it's the low off seattle that has to dig in and that will i give -- and that will
8:28 am
give us a cooling trend. mostly sunny today, breezy at times. 60s close to the coast. mid os around the midday. tomorrow clouds come in with a cooler pattern. windy on friday. there we go. it looks like summery weather. a mysterious death on the peninsula. this one's tied to calling the hazmat team. >> reporter: san francisco has a new police chief. we'll tell you who he is and what we've just learned about his swearing-in ceremony. b.a.r.t. has good news for people who enjoy the bay area's nightlife.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
just an hour and a half from right now, san francisco's mayor ed lee is scheduled to swear in the city anew police chief. tara moriarty is live now with who the new chief will be and about details about the swearing in. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. supposedly, this will take place at 10:00 at city hall on the mayor's balcony, the swearing-in ceremony. we're here at hall of just physical where police have been learning -- justice where police have been learning who the new police chief will be. the mayor chose greg suhr. did you hear about suhr? >> are you excited? you think this is good news today? but suhr has had his share of
8:32 am
scandals. seven years ago he was linked to the naker to just fajitagate affair but he was cleared of any wrongdoing. and then heather fong stripped his title as head of patrol after a protest in the mission district turn violent nearly killing one officer. four years later, fong demoted suhr amid accusations he failed to report a domestic violence attack of -- attack of a female friend in a timely matter. right now we're headed over to city hall and we'll bring you an update on the news at noon. >> thank you. 8:32. we could find out today if a high-tech company in sonoma county will reopen after a chemical explosion there. it forced the evacuation of agilent technologies in santa rosa yesterday morning. about 100 employees were inside when that explosion ecured. one em -- occurred.
8:33 am
one -- occurred. one employee, patrick colbur, was rushed to the hospital. >> the company will be putting steps in place to prevent this from happening. >> executives withagegy tent say -- with aglent say this happened while they were cleaning. san mateo authorities are investigating death of a woman found in an apartment with potentially -- with potentially hazardous materials. officers may the discovery during a welfare check on the 54-year-old. they found her body and an unidentified substance that may have resulted in a deadly exposure. authorities evacuated nearby apartments and the hazmat team
8:34 am
investigated the substance. they don't suspect foul play but they are investigating. san francisco general hospital is asking for help in identifying a mystery patient. hospital workers sent us a photo of the man yesterday. they say he was admitted two weeks ago and is unable to tell them his name. he didn't mention his illinois but it appears he suffered a neck injury. he was found in bernal heights. 5'4", 150 pound. if you know who he is, you are asked to call san francisco jen. pg&e says there's 150 feet of pipeline that is at risk. poor recordkeeping is a -- is the focus of the continuing
8:35 am
federal investigation into last year's pipeline disaster in san bruno. they've been ordered to show proof that they will not have employees pay peter darby's $10 million pension. but after a lou protest, pg&e said they would pay his pension out of their own profits. yesterday, the public utility's commission was told to set up an account for this. stanfordford will consider bringing back its rotc military program. the move would require approval from the faculty senate and then the pentagon. today, a bay area congresswoman will announce a new bill to crack down on rave
8:36 am
theres -- parties. this is in response to three deaths at rave parties last year. two of the deaths were here last year. rave type events have already been banned from the cow palace. this week hundreds of san jose city workers are getting pink slips. the city says it may have toy laugh off -- to lay off as many as 600 workers to help bridge a $115 million deficit. >> i don't know how i'm gonna tell my family or hue i'm gonna explain to them, after july, how am i gonna pay my mortgage? how are we gonna have food on the table? city officials say some jobs could be saved if more unions followed the lead of firefighters and agreed to a voluntary 10% pay cut. the price tag pay top $00
8:37 am
million for dorothy dugar's resignation. she stepped down. she reportedly received a $950,000 seven rinse package. a third of that -- severance package. a third of that was to ensure that she would not sue b.a.r.t. mean type b.a.r.t. trains may start to run later on weekends. b.a.r.t. is considering a test program that could become permanent. a lot of b.a.r.t. riders didn't have a b.a.r.t. train available to them if they were out late or worked late. we want to check in with sal. >> we have some slow spots. we're going to look first at
8:38 am
the toll plaza which is still slow for an eight-minute delay. the good news is tear are no collisions or stall vehicles reported on the stand in -- on the stand getting into texas. we're looking at the commute on interstate -- getting into san francisco. we're looking at the commute the instate. let's move to the maps here because the richmond bridge is a problem westbound. we had a crash that's clearing you. now we have a car on fire. just on the other side of the bridge in san rafael. 8:38. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we have sunshine. a little cool this morning, breezy, not as bad as yesterday. that breeze was with us most of the day. it will still be breezy. windy on the coast. sun for a while and then higher clouds will come in. it's weak high pressure. it will be back stronger and
8:39 am
better than ever. the next couple of days it will barely give us a warmup. sunny warm -- sunny morning. still slightly warmer. inland. the coast not much. too much of a westerly breeze. there's a stronger one to the north and that will drop this to south. the leading edge of the cooldown will begin to show itself. nice yesterday, we'll carry that into ta. it's 0 sea breeze. we're looking for a cooling trend as we head into tomorrow. today looks good to go. slightly warmer but then the good news is we start -- it looks like we turn this around. had some low 40s. now we are seeing some 40s and a lot of low 50s. so everyone is really close on temperatures. the system will continue to work its way into the north and then drop in later. as that system digs it will
8:40 am
head into eastern oregon and that will be the wind tro dueser on friday. today, sunshine in the morning, and clouds in the afternoon. that breeze will continue to show itself. partly sunny and breezy. sunny. a few high clouds overjaw. but 60s low, by beaches. mid-60s around the bay. 64 alameda. 70 morgan hill. 68 santa clara, san jose, cupertino, with 67 menlo park, redwood city, san bruno, half moon bay, very low 60s. same for the city. temperatures there, too much with the the onshore wind. we look for sunshine and a little warmer weather on saturday and even warmer still on sunday. thousands of layoffs are planned by a well-known cell phone company how smart thinking may turn things around.
8:41 am
sacramento's final shot at saving the kings. the ball is now in the nba's court.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
this morning president obama held a white house news conference. he says he hopes releasing his original long form birth circumstance will put to rest the controversy about whether he was born in the united states. at 10:00 this morning, san francisco mayor ed lee is scheduled to swear in the city's new police chief. several sources say the new chief will be captain greg suhr, a 30-year veteran of the san francisco police force. police say a 4-year-old man was killed at a home health care facility. in the last hour, police finished questioning a 28-year- old man who also live at that facility. he's been booked into jail on homicide charges. it's not clear how the unidentified victim was killed. a natural gas pipeline blew up in egypt today.
8:45 am
this is new video of the flaming pipeline. it sends natural gas from egypt to syria, israel and jordan. no reports -- no injuries were reported. the cause of the explosion is not yet known but this pipeline has been targeted in the past and another pipeline back in february was determined to be a suspected terror attack. people in ecuador are being told -- are being bold -- are being told to leave their home because of ash in the air. scientists say damages to crops and some people are already active. having's been act infor the last week -- the volcano's been active for the last week. pg&e is scheduled to give residents an up date on what they are doing since the
8:46 am
explosion. the mayor of san bruno and city council members will also be there. that town hall meet something set 0 set -- is set to begin at 6:30 this evening at the san bruno senior center. marin county is getting ready to reveal a new station that's equipmented with $25,000 worth of medical supplies. it will be staffed by almost 100 volunteers during emergencies. the station will be hosting an openhouse on saturday. 8:46. throughout the midwest, people are bracing for more storms and flooding. the weather has already caused damage -- has caused damage across many states. have you seen a difference in the water level since you've been on the seep, mike? >> reporter: we've seen it come up with a -- come up about a foot in the last hour and a half that we've been here. the real sears -- since the
8:47 am
water is coming down from mississippi, that the when you have all of this coming down the river, you have banks. you can look at the casino behind me. the casino itself is a river boat. that's dry because it stays on top of the water. all parking and entranceways are flooded. the casino is shut down. all of those people are out of work while the water is high. we do see some of the keen cleaning -- cleaning crew coming and going. they are doing that with help of fishing boats. the good news, the mayor said the storm that came through overnight, didn't dump a bunch of water here and upstream. so the high water mark they feared will be about two feet lower which they feared, which in terms of flooding is a big deal. the water is on way. there's still rain in the forecast. they have some pretty physical kateed elevation maps and they
8:48 am
are telling people -- sophisticated elevation maps and they are telling people they won't be able to fight the waters. all they can do is get their valuables and head out the good news now -- although there have been a few swift-water rescues because a few people tried to drive through the standing water -- there are no major injuries and no deaths to report at this stage in the grame. thank you. 8:48. the air quality and several bay area counties gets a grade of an "f." a report by american sung alotion says three -- american lung association says the three
8:49 am
county --s received this grade. starting next fall students in los angeles may notice something missing from their lunch rooms. the superintendent wants to remove all chocolate and strawberry-flavored milk as part of a plan to fight childhood obesity. the concern is over sugars and unhealthy additives. the school is -- they plan to make this known this summer. the finnish company is still the world's largest hand- sismaker. but market share sunk to 24% last year, compared to 39% a year ago. can -- the company is planning to launch a new phone this fall. your time now 8:49. a big night in san francisco. san francisco's community housing partnership will hold its annual talent show tonight. show is called a night with
8:50 am
stars. it will feature performances by extremely homeless performers. this town has really grown over the years. this year it be -- it will be held in the herb show theater. i have the pleasure of being the master of ceremonies. >> all right. >> by, the -- by the way, the community manages 11 buildings with more than 780 rooms for the homeless. there are some really great people involved in this project. >> it's such an important part for people to get back on their feet. it is ten minutes before 9:00. a travel warning for mexico. what the u.s. government says.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
the school of business ong the uc berkeley campus is closed right now. firefighters are cleaning up flooding damage following a fire there. here's the video we got into the newsroom about an hour ago. look around there. the fire was reported about 6:00 a.m. it seems a paper shredder
8:54 am
caught fire and that triggered the sprinklers to go off. those sprinklers flooded several floors. they are hoping to have the building reopened in a few hours. the u.s. state department has broadened its travel warning from mexico because of ongoing, drug-related violence. americans are being urged to avoid mishikan, right between puerto vallarta and acapulco. the state says highway robbings and carjackings are a serious problem. americans are being,ed not to drive at night. the budget cuts may have forced the chp to end the academy program until further notice. the highway patrol is scheduled to graduate a class of 68 officers this fry. but the next class of cadets. it's been put on hold indefinitely. the chp says the shortage of
8:55 am
cadets should not affect safety on the roads. some bay area federal judges hope to play apart in a pilot program, one that would allow cameras in the courtrooms u.s. judicial committee approved the project in september for a limited number of judges. it would allow videorecording of a trial if both parties in the case agree. the video would be posted on internet at a later date. now, the district's chief judge says the purpose is to allow public access to real court proceedings as oop posed to the hollywood version. a meeting is scheduled for later this morning to -- to talk about renaming the oakland as and raiders. in a deal announced yesterday, the oakland coliseum will be called coliseum. they've agreed to pay $1.2 million for the naming rights for the next six years. half of the money goes to the raiders, the other half goes to
8:56 am
the oakland alameda stadium authority. today chili's restaurant will hold a fun raid ace -- fund-raiser. today all of the chile's -- chili's restaurants will donate 15% of the profits to brian stow. stow remains in a coma in a southern california hospital. his attackers have not been cau. the coast guard is changing weight restrictions on commercial boats. for the first time in 50 years. they say it's because the american people are getting hefier. some new numbers showed a typical passenger weighs 185 pounds. that's 25 pounds more than 50 years ago. this new rule would take effect in december. ac transit will hold a public meeting in downtown oakland this afternoon but a -- about a fair hike proposal. ac transit calls it a plan for
8:57 am
predictable fair heights. it also includes the creation for the seven-day bus pass. now, for adult, the proposed cash fare would go from $2 to $2.50. from kids it would go from $1 to $1.50 for the same period. let's check in with sal one more time on this -- this wednesday morning. >> it is wednesday morning, hump day. westbound 237. as you are driving across 880, still some slow traffic. it has improved a little bit. unfortunately, we have some slow traffic, though, and other parts still not that improved on 8 -- on 880 northbound. at the toll plaza, it had improve. it's busy again. you can check it out. we have a big backup as people are crowding in. that's about a 15, 20-minute delay. let's go to steve.
8:58 am
>> some clouded will come in today but not before we see os inland and near the coast. tomorrow will be a cooldown, windy on friday, but then everything shows signs of rebounding to warmer weather as we head into the weekend and probably next week, you two. >> really? >> yeah. >> okay. >> i got no complaints. >> you kind of took us by surprise there. we're not used to this cold, damp weather. it's unusual. >> it will be may -- >> it had be may, that's right. all right. that will do it for us, everyone. thanks for watching. >> bye now.
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