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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 28, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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as she entered the guilty plea. the only emotion of the day. a stone faced phillip garrito pled guilty of sexual assault. garrido kidnapped dugard and kept her captive for 18 years. he fathered dugard's two daughters. >> our goal for both of these is to see that they are incarcerated for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: in a statement nancy garrido says, i'm relieved that phillip and nancy have pled guilty. >> from the get go she said, do the best you can because i don't want to put jaycee and
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the children through the trial. >> i am relieved that that, this means that that will not happen. and i think it's fair to say she's also very relieved in that regard. >> reporter: it'll be interesting to see if jaycee dugard attends that final hearing. the district attorney says he asked about her attendance and she had no answer for him. this is a case the entire nation have been watching. but those who lived by the garrido are watching with extra interest. mike mibach has their reaction. >> reporter: in contra costa county the reaction has been filtering in. take a look behind me, the former garrido home. boarded up window, over grown grass and that is just the front yard. today we also got a close up look at the backyard.
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it is where investigators say garrido confined jaycee dugard and their two daughters. all that is nowhere to be seen just more overgrown grass and weeds. no sign or evidence that this is where authorities say a decade plus long sexual enslavement took place. folks living here say life has moved on since the garrido arrest back in 2009. we asked them and others about the garrido guilty plea. some say they were happy the couple admitted fault. one neighbor boyer said that in her eyes, the two pled guilty so that the girl they kidnapped would not have to testify. >> i think they did it for jaycee, i think they loved her. i think nancy -- i never saw any abuse or anything like that. no hollering at the kids when they were out in the yard or
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anything. no. >> but they are guilty? >> they are guilty. they are guilty. >> i'm very much happy that they pled guilty and got it over with because everybody pretty much knew. it would have been interesting to see a trial but it was pretty much knew so you might as well just pled guilty and get it over with. >> going to trial really didn't matter. pleading guilty, i mean he did wrong. 31 years to life he will never see the streets again. so yeah i guess it's good enough for me. >> reporter: the next door neighbor who also says he tipped deputies says he spoke to nancy, hear his comments. in june of 1991, then 11- year-old jaycee dugard was kidnapped from a school bus
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stop. on the tenth anniversary of jaycee's abduction friend and neighbors held a commemorative march. one year later what appeared to be a promising lead in the case. police searched the tahoe area vacation home of a fremont priest that was accused of molestation but the search turned out nothing. then in 2009, jaycee dugard and her two daughters showed up at the berkeley campus with the man who is now accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard. and the body of lee was found may of last year in a remote area between fairfield and napa. she had disappeared 12 days earlier. the last day somebody said they saw her was at the barnes and
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noble bookstore. police say they have processed 100 pieces of evidence and followed up on 300 tips but have not yet identified a suspect. it turns out a man from santa rosa was one of nine americans killed yesterday when an afghan pilot opened fire at a military base in kabul. james mclauphland jr. was a retired officer who had worked for the past five years training helicopter pilots. the eight other americans killed were military personnel. afghan authorities say the pilot fired on a meeting room full of people after an argument. james mclaughland leaves behind a wife and three small children. -- governor brown said he couldn't justify spending the money at a time when the state is cutting funds for the children to disabled and
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seniors. reports of a vehicle in the water send -- viewers watched this story unfold today on mornings on two. our news chopper 2 was live on the scene. the water was very murky. crews got on to the top of the vehicle and said it was empty. they say the vehicle was stolen then dumped. high pressure water tests are the only acceptable way to be sure that hundreds of miles of natural gas lines are safe. pg & e says it cannot produce complete safety documentation on 700 miles of pipeline. it also says it could take five years to conduct water tests. but an official of the public utilities commission says assumptions are not good enough here that pg & e must conduct those water tests. exxonmobil today reported its second best quarterly earnings ever. the profit was $8.65 billion in the first three months of this
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year. that -pl comes at a time when prices come close to $5 a gallon. the dow jones industrial average rose 72 points. nasdaq added two points. safeway reported better than expected earnings. the chain earned $25.5 billion. even so safeway stock prices dropped a little over 2.5% on investor concerns over rising food and prices. the red lion hotel in concord has suddenly closed with virtually no notice. employees at the 189 room hotel were abruptly dismissed last night. today the doors are closed and
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guests don't have a place to stay. a spokesperson for red lion says someone else was operating the hotel as a franchise using the red lion name and that she has not heard from them. firefighters arrived at the house on 68th avenue just after 2:00 this morning. investigators say the fire started in the kitchen then spread to the roof. firefighters say it took 40 minutes to put out the fire because they had to dismantle the roof of the older home to get away from the flames. a cluster of tornadoes that ripped through -- >> i knew i was in deep trouble when i saw the building coming across the highway here. i didn't realize anything until then. i told the wife, i have to go. she says why, i said tornado. >> well, what he's talking about there is a cluster of tornadoes that ripped through six southern states and have left hundreds dead and entire towns devastated. the man you just heard from was
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behind the wheel of a water delivery truck when he saw the tornado heading right toward him. the big rig flipped over in the storm. fortunately the driver was able to get out safely. new amateur video of the on sloth of the tornadoes is beginning to surface. the camera caught a powerful tornado. the twister just missed the university there. but it devastated much of the city of tuscaloosa. 3,000 people died in that city and the mayor says he doesn't know how anyone was able to survive. as frightening as those tornadoes were, the damage it left behind could be more frightening. >> reporter: good afternoon gasia, i'm standing in one of the hardest hit areas. and i just want you to take a look at what's behind me. those used to be homes, houses
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that have been completely destroyed. a state of emergency was declared here in alabama and three other states. president obama calls the loss of life surrounding the deadly tornado outbreak heartbreaking. >> i want every american who has been affected by this disaster to know that the federal government will do everything we can to help you recover. >> reporter: this is what several parts of the region look like from above. the system devastated ringold. >> it's just collapsed and caved in. >> reporter: people are scouring the debris for belongings that may have been blown miles away and for loved ones. >> there's several residential areas, homes that are nothing but foundations left. and we are searching in that area for additional victims. hopefully it'll be a rescue situation. >> reporter: based on the number of dead, alabama was the
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hardest hit state. the campus was largely untouched, but the storm left an indeadable indelible mark on one student. >> to see the damage left by storms like katrina as it moved through. it looked similar to how the cars were tossed around here. but the damage here is a lot worse. >> reporter: the town's mayor says it could take months to recover. and president obama is expected to tour the devastated here in alabama tomorrow. reporting live in tuscaloosa, alabama. ines frey. what we learned about surf conditions and what they might mean for an upcoming competition here. it's been breezy out here. you saw from those live pictures. how windy is it going to get tomorrow and how warm is it
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going to be this weekend? we'll have the forecast for you.
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you think he would be the last person to have trouble in the water. tonight there are so many questions about the death of a surfing instructor at san francisco's ocean beach. ktvu's david stevenson live now at ocean beach where people are out in the water right now. >> reporter: gasia that's right. the exact cause is under investigation. but tonight experienced surfers are asking what led to the death of a surf instructor right here at ocean beach. a day after 44-year-old jonathan loon of san jose was found floating in the water still tied to his surfboard, surfers brave the waters. loon was later pronounced dead at the hospital. sean scanlan was surprised to learn that loon co-owned and thought a surf school. >> i could see that you would
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just want to get out there regardless of the wave conditions. but the wave conditions were pretty poor. >> reporter: loon's partner tells us that he had recently gotten engaged and was well experienced. >> john was very fearless in large ways. >> it's pretty heavy. it's constant. it's just short intervals, just keeps pounding you. >> reporter: the deadly conditions here will be highlighted this fall when world class surfers arrive for a november competition. >> number one is probably the coldest water that they are going to be surfing in. a lot of these guys are really used to warmer conditions. and another thing is that we've got some pretty powerful waves here in that time period. >> park officials tell us the last surfer death here was about two years ago but they say they average between 20 and 30 surf related injuries a year. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news.
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a third health insurance company in the state has agreed to reduce rate hikes. etna announced that it will reduce the upcoming july 1st rate hikes to 12%. dave jones wants the state to pass a law allowing him to regulate health insurance in the same way he's allowed to regulate car insurance rates. red cross and blue shield agreed to reduce their plan rate hikes. children could see fewer ads for food. food marketed to kids between two and 17 like these cartoon tv commercials would be limited to products containing fruits, vegetables and whole grains. some companies such as mcdonalds, general mills and pepsi have already limited their advertising to kids but under less strict standards than those proposed by the government. a suicide bomber set off an explosion that killed at least
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14 people today at a cafe in marrakech. this attack has been the worse attack since 2008. forces loyal to gadhafi killed 10 people as both sides fought over the rebel foothold city in western libya. a ferry containing 1,000 refugees were escorted to benghazi. evacuees sustaining injuries were taken to hospital by ambulances waiting at the part of benghazi. the man who shot and killed senator robert kennedy nearly 43 years ago is now telling yet another story about what happened. sur han is seen here at a hearing in which he was denied
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parol last month. in new legal papers, surhan says he was under the mind control of a seductive woman. and that his bullets did not kill robert kennedy following the presidential primary. surhan says the actual killer was another gunman and that he was a diversion. given the choice would you like to spend some time with exchicago governor rod blagojevich or oprah winfrey. a juror gave her excuse for getting out of jury duty saying she had tickets to the oprah winfrey show. >> there's a little bit more
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wind headed their way. here are showers showing up north and east of here. you have both radars going. just to show you that we're still in the spring months. come in close and we'll take a look at the cooler temperatures. it was cooler today. 60 over at the oakland airport. 57 san francisco. temperatures were cooler as we mentioned. and as we forecast now. tomorrow they're going to warm up and they're going to keep warming up as they roll into the bay area weekend. it's going to be cool tonight. that's your indication that yeah there is cold air around us. upper 30s, that's cool. as we head into the weekend. warmer still. so a warming trend continues tomorrow. overnight lows start off cool. 38 in santa rosa. you know this too, i'm sure that you can get frost at 35 degrees. you don't need freezing temperatures to get frost formation. it has to do with the surface
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of a car windshield cools faster. it will reach freezing temperatures. 40degrees will get you frost, 41 in concord. mostly clear and chilly tomorrow morning. cooler tomorrow morning as you head off toward work. san jose is mostly sunny and it's chilly already. plenty of sunshine. good air quality and a bit of a breeze. kicking up in the next 34 to 36 hours. when we come back we're going to take a look at the computer model ensee how warm it's going to get in your -- look at the computer model and see how warm it's going to get in your area. a lawsuit to stop high
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fructose corn syrup have prompted growers to try to rebrand the sugar, while others are trying to ban it. playing the waiting game, the new tech item that has people standing outside a store early this morning. we just don't know really what happened. >> his friends told us what's making the search for answers so difficult. then, the rotc debate. howard crews on campus to bring the program back on campus. plus, how the garrido's
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pled to kidnapping jaycee dugard tonight at 6:00.
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. sony announced today that it believes the credit card
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information of 77 million members of the play station network are in fact, safe. the company's gaming computer network was hacked into on april 1st. sony says personal information including names and addresses were accessible to the hackers but there are no indications that the hackers had access to incription keys that would allow them to get into users credit card information. and mayor quan has launched a new program called get connected oakland. the goal is to offer broad band internet to as many people as possible. >> i think in this economy it has to be a right. you can't even get a job if you're not on the internet anymore. >> reporter: mayor quan hopes to put more computers in senior
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center, recreation centers, schools and low income housing complex. apple released a new version of iphones today. apple says the white iphone was delayed because the color confuses the phone's camera. the company hopes the white iphone will drive sales until the iphone five comes out this fall. palo alto based hewlett packered to a new contract. a space shuttle endeavor is just 19 hours from launching in cape canaveral florida and a very special guest will be on hand to watch that launch. congresswoman giffords will be there to see her husband mark kelly lead the next to last
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mission. she will watch the launch from inside a building at the launch center. if the shuttle does lift off as planned, you can watch it live right here on channel 2 at 12:45 tomorrow. a doctor who's treated students at uc berkeley for over 20 years is charged with sexually assaulting his patients. we'll tell you what happened in court today and if he is still practicing. and a woman shoots at a homeless man she says attacked him. we just learned of the news that the man got that may have set him off.
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family members of a man shot and killed by a sheriff
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deputy revealed he got troubling news just hours before the deadly confrontation. but tonight they don't know if that set him off causing him to attack the deputy. the sheriff's department says the deputy fired at him out of fear for her own life. the shooting happened on plaza road in dublin. rob roth live there now to explain exactly what happened, rob. >> reporter: the confrontation began here in the parking lot of this furniture store and it ended minutes later across the street at that auto dealership with one man shot to death and a sheriff's deputy badly injured. it happened about 1:30 this morning, the alameda sheriff's department says a veteran female deputy was on routine patrol when she approached a suspicious person. before back up arrived, authorities say the suspicious person later identified as 53- year-old daryl ponpony attacked her. >> during the struggle, the suspect was trying to smash her head into the cement.
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and by the looks of her injuries, that is very apparent. >> reporter: details are still unclear. but the altercation ended when the deputy freed herself and shot and killed the suspect. >> she's a 20 year veteran. she's been on patrol probably 15 years of that. she's a very qualified. she's one of our training sergeants, she absolutely knows what she's doing. >> reporter: ponpony is homeless and has been in and out of jail for several years. we spoke to his brother on phone and said the family tried to get him off the street. and he told us that the day before he had seen him in the street and told him their
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mother died. everybody around the area where the shooting happened seemed to know him. they say he lived behind a dumpster. >> this is where he used to keep his personal stuff and sleep. i had no problem with him. he didn't bother anybody. >> he didn't look like a very happy individual. he had a very mean look to him. >> reporter: the sheriff's department and district attorney are investigating the injured deputy was releaseed from the hospital this afternoon. reporting live in dublin, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a school teacher from atherton who's angry tirade prompted a call to 911 will return to class in the fall. haynes has undergone anger management and will return to
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class but not at that school. and we have new information ability newark's first killing of the year. police released the name of a woman found stabbed to death. the victim is 25-year-old evangeline contillo. the father of her two children, monroe has now been charged with her murder. he is being held without bail and is due to be arranged tomorrow. he was supposed to be someone students trusted. but authorities say a doctor at uc berkeley's university held services abused his position and sexually abused students. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us now from the courthouse where that doctor made an appearance this afternoon. >> reporter: dr. robert kevis entered a plea of not guilty this afternoon. this is the formal complaint which lists 19 charges which are sexual in nature. police say that kevis assaulted six male victims while he was a
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doctor on uc berkeley's campus. dr.kevis stayed silent as he walked down the aisle with his attorney. >> we really want to understand how this happened. there were no record of formal patient complaints in the physicians report. >> reporter: kevis passed his last review in 2010 which was an extensive check to recredit him. >> i am actually a patient of his, or i was seen him before. and you know, didn't suspect anything like that. >> reporter: defense attorney robert bellis says dr. kevis is openly gay and the school used
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to refer young gay students because he was sensitive to their case. some of the students may have been sexually active and may have required tests. the incidents occurred between 2006 and 2007. kevis license has been temporarily suspended. there are more victims out there and they would like them to come forward as well as anyone else who has information. reporting live from oakland, janine de la vega, ktvu news. a sacramento teenager who says she might be bisexual has been expelled from school. alexandria elia says a teacher told her to leave after discovering her comments on facebook. alias says she is bisexual. >> i am not accepted here. my teacher said, take your books and leave. i've always been curious about it but i've never really had a girl friend. >> reporter: her mother says
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the school called her and asked if her daughter or anyone else she knew were gay. the u.s. military has released the latest set of training material to prepare troops for the end of the don't ask don't tell materials. among the new materials, is how soldiers may react if they see a servicemen off campus with a couple of the same-sex. and nominating leon peneta to serve as -- if the senate confirms him, paneta will replace gates. some members of congress
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want to change the law to prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns. the fdi says 247 people in the u.s. terror watch list bought guns last year. the 450,000 people on that list can be prevented from flying, but the list is not used as part of the gun purchase background check. under this proposed legislation, the attorney general would have the power to prevent people on that list from buying guns. the nra opposes the plan saying it could deny a law-abiding person the right to bear arms. a jarring new look at the tsunami in japan. we'll show you this video that was taken to the closest area of the epicenter. and there's been a slight change of planned to the troubled actor's show.
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-- and there's been a slight change of plans to a troubled actor's show.
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this new video has just been released at this march 11 11 tsunami as it slammed into -- we'll get to that in just a moment. but the terminal was far enough above the tarmac to prevent it from being carried away. 14,000 people have been known to die in this tsunami and quake. but another 11,000 are still missing and presumed dead. doctors in los angeles have
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again begun the slow process of removing a badly beaten giant's fan from a medically induced coma. bryan stow has been in a coma since giants fans beat him after a game. the family says doctors started the current effort tuesday night and that it could take as long as five days. charlie sheen plans to step up to the plate to help bryan stow. sheen's publicist announced that when sheen brings his tour to san francisco on saturday he will donate process from merchandise sales to help with stow's medical cost. that show is set for 8:00 on saturday night. starting tomorrow morning the nfl is back in business at least for the time being. the league said today it will resume most of its normal football operations tomorrow morning. this comes after a federal
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judge ruled its lock out to be illegal. the nfl has taken its case to the eighth circuit court of appeals. if it fails there, the lock out could be put back in place. and we have a crew at 49ers headquarters and we'll have a live report on the team's first pick coming up at 6:00. the raiders don't pick until the second round unless they make some kind of last minute trade. we will update their draft as well. researchers in spain have determined that a morning heart attack is likely to be deadlier than at any any other time in the day. a heart attack before noon is more harmful to the heart. they suggest that morning heart attacks should be treated more aggressively. virginia has awarded a man $212 million after he claims he was left disabled by the drug
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botox. the award against the company is unlikely to stand. virginia caps damages at $350,000. the man claims that botox treatments for cramps in his hand led to brain damage. and things are warming up around here when i come back i will show you which cities are going to get near 80s as we move into the bay area weekend. a local father and musician mysteriously vanished nearly a year ago. >> it's been tough because we just don't know really what happened. >> reporter: his friends toll us what's making the search for answers so difficult. >> then, the rotc debate. crews at stanford making the decision to bring the rotc back
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on campus. and the garrido's finally pled guilty to kidnapping jaycee dugard. we'll have more tonight at six clock. -- tonight at six clock. -- tonight at 6:00.
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one day before her royal wedding kate middleton was treated as a rock star around london today. kate and her family will be spending this night at that hotel before heading to abbey tomorrow. >> as for the prince he held his own reception on this last night of bachelor hood. the prince met well wishers. despite the fact that the wedding is going to happen in the middle of night, here in the united states people still plan on celebrating the royal wedding. some business found a new marketing strategy. >> reporter: just a few hours from now, this british pub will
5:46 pm
turn into a royal wedding watch party. before you laugh it out, tickets just sold out and none of those are cashing in. at least those tea treasures, this little one ordered the princess passion meal. and the royal passion tea is the tea of the month. >> this is in honor of the couple. >> reporter: this and other royal teas have been a boost for business. >> we have more ladies coming in, one lady was trying to put together a pajama party. >> reporter: all because this lady is getting married tomorrow. >> and we're torn between being a monarchist and being an independent. >> i kind of feel like it's so overblown now. i'm like i already know everything because everybody has been talking about it so
5:47 pm
much. but i just want to see what she wears and how her hair looks. >> reporter: starting at 2:00 in the morning, the pub will replace spirits with tea and tiaras. >> we charged $10.99 for the breakfast which is our normal price. i have to bring all my staff in at the middle of night. >> reporter: photos of prince charles and princess diana are out. and new wedding memorabilia. if it'll be standing room only at the bar. and because alcohol can't be served between 2:00 and 6:00, instead of a champane toast they'll be serving apple cider. other than kate middleton's dress, the other most guarded secret is the cost for the event. it cost less than $6 million,
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that's all they're saying. that's less than princess diana and prince charles wedding. you can watch the royal wedding live on channel 2. our coverage begins at 2:00. we will also stream it live on our website. and first lady michelle obama hosted children at the white house. >> what is your favorite football team? >> my favorite football team, the bears. we have much more news coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. julie haener is in the newsroom with a look at other stories we're working on.
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>> we have new information involving the jaycee dugard case. the neighbor who once tipped off authorities is speaking out. what he says about the guilty plea. and we learned the controversial decision about whether the rotc program will return to the campus at stanford university. plus he vanished without a trace. now one year later, friends of this bay area musician are still anxious for answers. what his band members are saying tonight that they've never said before. also the bay area based airline that's cutting back dramatically and what's driving the change. we'll see you at at 6:00. >> we'll see you then. >> a little cooler than it was yesterday, bill. >> a couple of degrees cooler bill. now is the main mechanism for the cooling. a little less wind tomorrow but it'll still be breezy. this shot comes from the marin head lands. you're looking toward san francisco and that's the south tower of the bay bridge that
5:50 pm
you're looking at. the wind, surfers are loving this. a nice windy day, your friday. this weather system is responsible for the wind. we come back and you see it slide through. it's creating a difference between pressures. so this low goes through and a high jumps in right behind it. when that high jumps in, it starts to blow and that's where we're going to get the winds. it's going to start to plow a little north and northeast as we head into the early part of in next week. that could elevate temperatures into the mid-80s. track stays to the north. classic spring pattern. the trend is for increasing temperatures. not today, because this is where we were today, but not tomorrow. and look at saturday and sunday. saturday and sunday you're looking at upper 80s. a warming trend under way. a few showers showing up this evening in the north part of the state. and that's it. high pressure is in charge. you actually see the charge
5:51 pm
start to come this way. you can look at these satellite patterns whether the rotation of the clouds are. 65 at fairfield, 72 in napa. these are our normal daytime highs that we saw today. they will be eclipsed by saturday's highs and further eclipsed sunday. by sunday's highs with some low 80s there. just nice time. it's been one of the heaviest rainfalls we've had. now we're going to get a little bit of a break. i want you to enjoy it, breezy on the bay. tree pollens are starting to trend high. the weeds and grasses were there. trees are crazy right now so next couple of days when you warm up you will notice the tree pollens and there's your saturday, sunday weekend. i need to take that sunday temperature and take it up to 80. >> go for it. >> see you at 6:00, it should be on there.
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so what was all the ruckus about on a san francisco skyscraper. still ahead, the rite of passage these little chicks endured.
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breaking news now coming to us from the governor's office of emergency services. it involves a 16-year-old girl who's been kidnapped in oakland. we're just now learning that
5:55 pm
the girl, her name is sierra thornton was kidnapped this morning at 10:00 a.m. we've received information that her abductor is named richard ashley and that he is from oakland. the two are believed to be in a blue hyundai four door with this license plate. 5hxf433. we are told she was kidnapped at 10:00 in the morning. the kidnapper suspected kidnapper in this case richard ashley is described as 57 years old, 6'1" tall, black hair, black eyes. again this is an active amber alert. it's here in the bay area and it runs statewide. if you see a vehicle with this license plate, you're asked to
5:56 pm
call the oakland pd or any police department. it has become an annual rite of passage. today a biologist examined and banded the baby chicks. one has contact information in case someone can finds the falcons, the other can be seen from a distance. and we have new information as we get it as well as more of the day's news. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. a key decision is in to whether rotc will return to a bay area campus. we'll tell you what happened and who is disappointed.
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nancy garrido quietly cries as she makes a plea that could put her away for life. but her husband, phillip garrido is unemotional. and tonight jaycee dugard reacts to the plea. first we have breaking news. an amber alert has just been issued here in the bay area. here's what we know. we have just received information that clara thornton was abducted by richard ashley in oakland california. clara thornton is black, 16 years old, weighs 140 pounds with black airs and brown eyes. the suspect richard ashley is a 57-year-old black man. 6'1", 270 pounds. the car that he is driving


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