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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  December 31, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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. a random shooting in oakland taking the life of a five-year-old boy. what police and family members say tonight about the tragic death. and a pedestrian hit, two cars hit as well in san francisco, the reason police say two men led officers today on a wild chase. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 action news at 6:00. good evening, happy new year's eve. i'm eric rasmussen. and i'm heather holmes. we begin in san francisco where
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two men suspected of robbery and kidnapping are in custody tonight, following a wild police chase. police say the pursuit began about 2:20 this afternoon, officers say along the way's the running suspects hit a pedestrian who suffered minor injuries as well as the car. the chase ended with the suspect's car hit, and then another parked car, police say the two men tried to run but quickly were arrested. >> they went to grab somebody else and held them hostage, yeah, it was scary, i was glad there were so many police here so fast. >> investigators say the men may have been trying to steal a laptop. authorities in texas have detained a man who tried to go through security checkpoints with explosives in his carry-on bag. the fbi says a man was taken into custody at mid-land international airport this afternoon, after a tsa officer spotted a suspicious item in the x-ray machine. investigators wouldn't say how
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many explosives were inside, but described them with military grade wrapping. had a to dallas ft. worth airport. and the family of a boy in mourning after he was fatally shot in front of his father. the city leaders there in oakland paused to remember the young boy, along with others this year lost as well. patty? >> reporter: well, just about an hour ago, 100 people in church removed the crosses in the yard. each one represented the life lost in oakland. the mayor and police chief attended the ceremony, which was to honor the five-year-old boy killed in east oakland last night. the life of gabriel martinez, jr. was honored today, along with the lives of every person killed in oakland this year. across the street, the family gathered from where the boy was
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shot in front of members of his family. he was shot in the stomach, a seemingly random target, so far no arrests and no clear motive. >> well i had called my dad, he said they shot my brother. >> reporter: gabriel's family is devastated, but so is the community where gabriel's family operates at least one restaurant and a taco stand. >> all the killing, they have the stop, the children are innocent. >> reporter: martinez is the third child shot in oakland this year. and today, the mayor and police chief, howard jordan, promised that with the community's help they could help to make oakland a safer place. >> it is a sad day in oakland when you have three toddlers that were killed in one year, most recent one being last night. >> reporter: the chief, howard jordan, told me tonight that the department would bring gabriel's killer to justice and that it may release a suspect description later tonight.
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reporting live in oakland, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 action news. and oakland police ask that anybody with information call their tip line, 510-773-2805 is the number. and gun violence on the minds of some volunteers who want to recall oakland mayor kwan. the supporters gathered signatures outside an oakland grocery store. there are actually two petition drives going on. the city attorney said that the first group gathered 20,000 signatures, gathering their measure on the november ballot. the recall also brought out some of mayor kwan's supporters. >> i have been -- believe is -- that the mayor should be recalled. >> i think it is wrong to pick on one person. i think he is trying to do a job. >> our calls to mayor kwan's office were not returned earlier today. but in an interview earlier this month, kwan told us she thinks she can beat the recall. and in san francisco, the search continues for whoever
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stole a school monkey from the san francisco zoo. a $5000 reward is offered for the safe return of banana sam. the zoo increased security after a thief or thieves cut through the exhibit and grabbed the monkey sometime earlier. right now the monkeys are kept inside. the spokesperson said that the thieves may not know it, but the monkeys have sharp teeth and could hurt them. and back in 2000, two teens were arrested for stealing two bears in the enclosure. they gave the bears to their girlfriends, the authorities stepped up security there. and sagal sadiq was briefly hospitalized for injuries from last night's attack, but this afternoon, police arrested her as a suspect in the killing.
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the incident happened last night on johnston avenue. when police responded they found the unidentified victim dead. at that point, they say that sagal sadiq said the attacker was somebody else escaping on foot. it is the 39th homicide of the year. and updated figures on the drunk driving arrests this year, contra costa reports 109 arrests, san francisco arresting 90 people on suspicion of dwi, there were 130 arrests in santa clara, and sonoma county, 146, the holiday enforcement period runs through new year's day. and starting january first, repeat dwi offenders could lose their license for a long time. the san mateo assemblyman looked at the case of one man with nine drunk driving
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convictions, only losings license for a year. others can have their license suspended for up to 10 years. and several transit agencies expanding service, offering free rides, they will all be free, bart, ac transit, offering extended service, some local cabs also will provide free rides, and triple a gives you a free lift if you call to say i need a tipsy tow. and tonight, the time to celebrate the new year for many. thousands greeted the arrival of 2012 with fireworks in bangkok, thailand. they are recovering from months of devastating flooding that killed more than hundred people ♪ ♪ ♪ the pope celebrating the new year's eve mass today at st. peter's in vatican city. the pontiff offered prayers as
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2011 comes to a close, saying the new year waits with hope for a better future. there will be a new year's day mass tomorrow. and in london, fireworks exploding over the river. an estimated quarter of a million people filled the streets to ring in the big band of the new year. they're looking at the summer olympics and celebrating queen elizabeth's 60th year on the throne. and in the bay area, celebrating new year's eve. at the science center in oakland. the center hosting three balloon drops today as different time zones around the world marked the arrival of 2012. organizers say it is a fun way for children to experience in years, without staying up past their bed times. and the new moon popping was also a sign. >> this activity teaches kids were on a different time zone. >> this was the center's 12th annual new year's eve balloon drop.
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and you can ring in the new year with ktvu channel 2 action news and fox's american country, new year's eve live. performers are tomb of toby keith, the show here is tonight after the 10:00 news. and with two days left now, the campaign before the iowa caucus, republican presidential candidate hopefuls are representing themselves as the candidate to beat president obama. >> i think that president obama in relation to jobs, is what putting the egg s in the freezer to getting a hard boiled egg, all the models are wrong. >> and newt gingrich pointed to ads he thought were dishonest. and mitt romney campaigning as well. meanwhile, a gay activist threw
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glitter at rick santorum. he brushed it off and moved on. he's he is vocally anti-gay, and visited all the counties in the hawkeye state. and president obama wishing americans a happy new year. >> as we head into the new year, i hope we have what it takes to face the change, come out stronger even, to grow the economy, create more jobs and strengthen the middle class. >> the president said the last minute deal to extend the payroll tax cut gives him confidence going forward in 2012. he credited the complaints to congress by way of twitter, for turning around house republicans, and president obama seeing a wide ranging defense bill, including several controversial provisions, regarding the terrorists. mr. obama raised strong objections to some of the provisions that could allow
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terrorism suspects that could allow citizens to be detained indefinitely without a trial. and a busy night as the suspected arsonist strikes again. the amount of money now being offered to try to catch the fire bug. and they have not been to the playoffs in 10 years. 49ers fever, alive in the city by the bay. if you don't believe us, just look up. and the race course revealed. what the america cup race will take when it comes to san francisco. and mild temperatures, in 2011. coming up, the forecast for this evening. and if we track the rain chances on the long range weather map
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. more than a dozen new fires were set early this morning in
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the los angeles area, just a day after more than two dozen arsons were set in the same neighborhood. police say the arsonist is targeting parked cars and trucks, but some homes have burned, including the house that once belonged to jim morrison. so far nobody has been injured. a $60,000 reward has been offered now for information in the case. and a 49-foot long deal, we talked to the man behind the new art work celebrating the team's events. >> reporter: san francisco's mission district, for those who create visual art. >> any kind of art is fun. >> reporter: this is one spot in the city. >> no special thought, it looks good. >> reporter: where colorful stories are told through murals. >> well it is something different, pretty good. >> reporter: billy morgan is looking up at this, a new mural at 23rd and mission, to honor the city's 49ers and their push to the playoffs. >> we need something to lift up the city, you know, times are
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hard and people need something to help. 49ers! >> reporter: who has it better than us? that is the question posed in the mural. as for the man behind the brush, the inspiration is this. >> everybody in the city loves the niners, no matter what, if they win or lose, so it is a great year to put it up. >> reporter: tim hahn and his friend worked on this, but then it glue with the question, who -- grew with the question, who has it better than us? >> no nobody. >> reporter: a reference to head coach jim harbaugh's locker room speech speech. >> nobody. >> reporter: the phrase also inspired this new music video by the artist. for the first time in 10 years, the niners are playoff bound. and for the first time in a while, the niner faithful are starting to believe. >> i think in the community, i knew that vernon was an artist. i thought he may be able to come out. >> reporter: and tim hahn says
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that vernon davis is. >> pretty cool to see, well, the artist says he worked with the organization to see the mural example in san francisco. to find the location for the 49ers mural located above the walgreens, hahn says he had no complaints from the business. and the leader of the museums has died. he led for five years, during a time of record attending levels. he is remembered tonight as a dynamic and creative leader with great energy and humor. museum officials say that buchanan died after a long battle with cancer at 58. and at the harbor lights fremont church, he was the mayor for several years, survived by his wife of 53 years, linda their two children. wasserman was 67 years old. and proposed nuclear talks
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coming in the middle of war games. iranians say that the television released images of the firing of long range, short range missile. today there were talks to shut down the strait, the key route for oil exports from the middle east. and the negotiations are called for, for nuclear talks. this comes as allies proposes sanctions for the iranian nuclear activity. and algeria, seeing a series of attacks including a bloody string of church bombings on christmas day, killing 42 people. dozens are recovering from their injuries, officials say the attacks were carried out by a radical sect, nigeria's section is working together to combat the violence. and a mile stone, after launching in september, the
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first of two probes slipped into orbit around the moon today. grail a, circling the moon, and grail b will go tomorrow, each will investigate the core from the opposite sides, antennas in the mohave and madrid are tracking its moves. and tomorrow, another winter spare the air day. the alert means woodburning is banned on new year's day, both inside and outside, unless of course it is your only source of heat. tomorrow will be the 11th spare the air day. and in sierra, squaw valley, not much snow there, there are only a few lifts operating. at you can see here, there is not a lot of ski to ski on or snowboard on. this was the dryest december on record for parts of the sierra. and finishing up 2011 on a
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note. let's talk to our meteorologist. >> well, typically, we have big rain clouds or dense fog, looks like we're basically in the clear, with the exception of a few high clouds. in fact, the last sunset of 2011, in the right edge of the screen, still you can see high clouds moving into the bay area, a neat scene towards the tower over the past hour or so. with that, we do have dropping temperatures. in fact, you can see some of the current numbers back down to the mid-40s already. in an joe, 54, and santa rosa, 5 54, and in 2011, temperatures dropping off. in fact by midnight, the coolest locations backing down, probably down in the upper 30s, at least by the low 40s, the temperatures, high clouds moving into the region. overnight lows tomorrow, there will be patchy fog forming in the inland valleys, especially out towards the delta.
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the cooler locations back down in the lower 30s. so right around freezing, in santa rosa, napa, livermore, 34, and san francisco, 44 degrees, speaking of the dry december as you can't see in the bay area, we only had four measurable days of rainfall coming up. as you can see here, the 11th, 12th, 15th, spotty showers, and december of 1989, records here, no measurable record for rainfall, san francisco to oakland, 4-hundredth of an inch, the totallings, as you can see, not impressive for the entire month, only a .16. that makes this december, either the second or third dryest, depends on the location. you get an idea in the record books. not much in the way of rainfall. the storm track pushed to the north. the dry weather pattern remains in place, a slight chance of a sprinkle for monday, the main impact for the monday deal will be just a few extra clouds. for new year's day, patchy fog,
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partly to mostly sunny skies, and temperatures on the mild side, mid-to-upper 60s, warmer locations, inching up to 70 degrees, as we start out january one, here is the updated forecast, i'm seeing this for the first time really picking up, with the fog, in the central valley, and a few high clouds approaching the area from the southwest, into the afternoon hours. all a part of the forecast for tomorrow, as you can see here, temperatures mainly in the 60s for afternoon highs. santa rosa at 64, brentwood, 62, san jose, topping out 66. santa cruz, almost 70, we'll go with 69 degrees by about 3:00 tomorrow. and here is a look ahead, the extended forecast with your weekend always in view, the 2012 in view, a few extra clouds, a slight chance of sprinkles. then, partly cloudy skies, tuesday, wednesday, a few more clouds by thursday, still no rain drops, the fog should be
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okay for at least right around the bay, and stay warm at least the next few hours. thank you. and the course for the america cup in san francisco, released. organizers say it will make for a very challenging race. there will be four course options, the longest estimated at a one-hour race, the shortest, about 30 minutes. it will be action-packed, pushing the sailing crew to their limits. that race is set for 2013. and right now times square with folks waiting for the midnight ball drop. some arriving as early as 7:00 this morning, to grab a spot and look at the festival, as many as a million people expected to jam mid-town manhattan for tonight's party. >> that is the place to be. and a busy day for college sports. certainly is, the excitement now is in the bay area. we catch up with fans at the fast bowl
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. at&t park today was packed today for the hunger bowl game, between the bruins. this was the second year, they say it is the only bowl game that focuses on raising money
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and awareness about the issue of hunger in the united states. company officials say three meals were generated for the food banks for each of the 3000 tickets sold. >> that is quite an accomplishment. for more on the highlights? >> yeah, college fans in their hey day, and the game well upon us, in our own back yard. today, the hunger bowl as you heard, ucla and illinois, tearing up the diamond over at at&t. that it the grounds keeper's nightmare. and jerry rice was there, his son as you may know plays for ucla. scoreless early. throwing to embree, hauls it in, a 7-0 lead, terry hawthorne picking up a pass, takes it back, 37 yards, touchdown, taking a 10-7 lead, 13-7, ucla
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trails. and they are done, as aj jenkins attacks it from nathan schillhouse, illinois wins, 20- 14, winning back-to-back bowl games for the first time in their school history, and cal and stanford, ending the year, and starting the pac-12 year in fine style, doing it again. cal takes it to the bruins as coach mike montgomery has them going for it early. 33-30 lead, justin cobb for gutierrez. fast break, lays it in. cal taking the early 35-30 lead, dominating again. and nails the three, crab finished with 20, and cal on the beat, ucla, 85-69.
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a complete sweep. stanford finds a way to get it done, up six and a half, josh owen, hey, you get it to go. it works, he had 12, bruins pulled within four late. but a three-team high. 16 for him. and breaking it, three-game losing streak against usc, plenty more coming up tonight at 10:00. but that is the sporting life for right now. back to you guys. >> thanks, great to see you. yeah, and coming up, thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 action news. we'll see you on tonight's 10:00 news here on ktvu channel 2 action news, we're always here for you on line as well as at be sure to stick with us. we'll have all the highlighe fi francisco and embarcadero
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