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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 2, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> reporter: you can see the
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hoses going up into the house. the hoses are at the ready right now just in case something happens. >> in the past few minutes we've seen why the crews have had to stay here all not. take a look at this video. up on the second and third floor there, you can see smoke, what looks to be a tree. >> reporter: last night, firefighters got a call to come here to masonic and waller. we don't know where the fire started just yet. they are gonna be working on here. they saw the flames coming from two of the homes. they immediately got to a third alarm. a third alarm came here.
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they got the fire under control in about a half an hour. but in the meantime, several people had to be evacuated. one of the people we talked to said he took for granted, there could be a fire here. >> any time we have a larger fire, we call out our investigators, so they calls come and veat -- vet -- investigate the scene. >> reporter: the flames could jump from one home to the next very, very qlick. we have several people displaced by the fire. in talking with the firefighters, and -- the person working with the construction companies, he said some of the families staying across the street while they see what they can do to recover some of their
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belongings. we have calls into fire officials at the fire department to see if we can't get more details on everything involved. reporting live from, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:02. new this morning, overnight in los angeles, there were at least 12 more suspicious fires. the latest in a rash of suspected arsons in several neighborhoods. police say they've detained a man they consider a person of interest. but they won't say if it's the same man -- they've asked the public to help them identify and find, this video shows him waking out of the parking structure saturday where one of the car fires have occurred. there have been about 55 fires that may be connected in. last ten days. coming up at 7:15, we'll go live to los angeles to get more details. 7:03. a san francisco man is in the hospital after being hit by a car on interstate 80. officers say the man was
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shirtless on the highway in san francisco near 4th street. shortly before 11:00 last night. he was hit by a car a few minutes earlier. police say the driver stopped and cooperated. the pedestrian was knocked unconscious but appeared to be breathing when they arrived. a strangening scene in perkily -- a strange scene in -- a strange scene in berkeley. a car slammed into a bank. >> reporter: you can see where the truck has crashed. there's a lot of grass and debris on the sidewalk and the road waw. you waw -- and the roadway. we're here off university and san pablo avenue where it happened at 1:00 in the morning. police say two cars collided in the middle of the intersection. now according to neighbors, that driver was a man who
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immediately jumped out of the car and appeared intoxicated. the other driver was taken to highland hospital, we don't know the extent of the injuries but according to the witness, the victim was a female. >> it was like 1:00 this morning all of a sudden we heard boom! the whole building shook. when we came out i'd -- outside -- it's crazy. people need to stop drinking and driving. >> reporter: officers came out to take measurements. one of the neighbors that we just spoke to said that the man that was running around the scene afrt accident, that he had -- after the accident that he had to be restrained. we'll let you know if anything develops in this investigation. a $25,000 reward is being offered to find the gunman who shot and killed a 5-year-old
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boy in oakland. gabriel martinez,downier was outside of his -- junior, was outside of his family's taco truck on night when a man who just ordered food from the truck started shooting. the gunman got into a silver -- pontiac. oakland police are also investigating shootings that left three people injured. police were called to 13th and franklin street early yesterday morning and found a woman with a gunshot wound to her hand. as they investigated the car drove up with another woman who had been shot in the leg. police say the shootings are unrelated. there's also a shooting on linden street -- street that sent one to the hospital. inspectors are predicting a low total for the snow total.
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the unusual dry december that steve's been talking about means to expect a smaller snowmelt that usual. >> that's not good news for skiers. i have friends up there. let's check in with sal. still a little quiet, still a holiday. >> tori, you get on the slopes -- >> it's been a long time. >> i had to ask. >> right. >> there's no traffic. i'm trying to fill some time here. not a lot of traffic here. if you are going to work, you can rest easy, traffic around the bay, i would not advise you to speed because police officers don't take the day off. you can still see traffic is moving well here on 80 at the -- 880 at the bay bridge toll plaza. take it easy. no major prob -- problems on
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the bridge. across the bay, on the peninsula, 101 looks good to the airport in case you are trying to catch a flight. 7:07. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we do have cloudy skies, some fog, some haze. a week system going by. no record on this. and if you were in southern california, it was warm to very, very warm with 80s, low, mid to hup upper. our -- low, mid- to upper it was dry here and really bad up in the sierra nevada. reno, nevada, nothing. no rain, no snow. in fact, you can also throw a mammoth mountain in there, a bunch up in the sierra. carson city, it goes on and on and on. very dry conditions.
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and with dry conditions, sometimes you get record highs. 67 degrees. san gabriel was 9. ucla -- was 9 1. this system today won't do much. could be a few very light showers to the north but it looks like it's already falling apart. a lot of cloud cover today. you can see on live stormtracker2, it's already reaching across. 40s or 50s on the temperatures. had some 30s but then the cloud cover comes in along with a little bit of a south breeze. this is just falling apart. as this moves across, it gives us cloudy skies. some fog out there. 50s an 60s instead of the upper 60s to low 70s that we had. all signs on the extended forecast which always has your weekend in view. a little cooler tuesday. high pressure says i'm back and that means warm weather by the
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weekend. >> all right. thank you, steve 7:09. more dangerous test fires today. why iran's latest missile blast could be tied to oil spills. and how occupy protesters are making sure their presence is felt in iowa before the general caucus.
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well, we have a lot of clouds over us. some fog out there. also watch out for some of the bridges. the carquinez had some fog and then it will be mostly sunny skies, 50s and 660s. iran's navy said they successfully test-fired two missiles today. that's after iranian reported a
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surface-to-air missile during a drill in international waters. the iranian law says the maneuvers are just a practice for close the strait if the west tries to block the oil sales. south korea's president said the dividedded korean peninsula is at a turning death after the death of kim jong-il. in a nationally televised speech, south korea's president said there's now an opportunity to improve relations between the two countries but he also vowed to hit back hard against any provocation from north korea under its -- under its new leader. north korea said there will be no policy changes. the north korea establishment issued a new year's message, saying it would defend kim jung ununtil death. the country's state-run television aired she photos of the young leader during what
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appears first field inspection of north korean military units. well, with the iowa caucuses just a day away the republican presidential candidates are making a final push for votes. the latest poll shows mitt romney barely ahead of ron paul with rick santorum coming in third. newt gingrich is fighting back from a bauerage of initial -- barrage of negative ads. rick pervy going to -- rick pervy going to head straight to something something following the iowa caucuses.
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that's a change in plans for -- to something something. something-- to south carolina. that's the change in plans. perry is doing better and -- in new hampshire. and michele bachmann is now using the gender card in her campaign. bachmann won the ands straw poll in iowa back in august. dash she's calling herself an iron lady.
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police arrested ten occupy the caucus protesters outside of michele bachmann's campaign headquarters on saturday. later, the protesters that remained marched to the offices of other candidates and there were more arrests. the protesters say they will continue their actions today but said they would not interfere with the actual voting tomorrow. 7:15. well, president obama's reelection team has big plans for iowa. take a look at this nondescript office in des moines. it's one of many his office is setting up in iowa. meantime, the first family took some time out from their vacation in hawaii for a family history less on. the obamas visited an exhibit at honolulu setter that -- honolulu's center that featured
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the work of president obama's mother. the exhibit includes photographs taken during her many years of field research as well as some of her personal artifacts. the obamas also visited his dwreand father's grave -- grandfather's grave site at a nearby cemetery. police are now questioning a person of interest in connection with a string of arson fires. police say a man was detained this morning after a dozen new fires broke out. we're live from west hollywood where two of the late -- of the fires happened. >> reporter: good morning. that person you mentioned is in police custody. a lot of folks in this neighborhood of west hollywood are hoping he's the man responsible for all of the fires in our area because they've -- they've really been terrorized over the past couple of days with every night multiple fires being set.
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the man that they have in custody was seen on a surveillance video. a very grainy surveillance video. but witnesses tell us the man they saw shaking into an l.a. sheriff's down -- down this morning is a -- morning is a dead ringer and so they hope they have the man. the fires started on cars and carports but they burned down many apartment buildings and many of the houses attached to the car ports. it's been a really dangerous situation. 55 fires, that would be a lot set by one person. but folks are hoping he is the only person responsible for
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this. that's the latest from west hollywood. back to you. >> okay. thank you, lauren. the weather of 2012, starting off kind of cloudy and hazy for us. here is a live picture out our window. steve is coming back. he will tell us what you can expect in the first week of the new year. a possible run for the super bowl when tickets go on sale for the first 49er playoff game in a decade. right now traffic on interstate 880 looks pretty good here near the oakland coliseum. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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see it's nice and light out there. it's not too foggy on the golden gate bridge. it looks line things are doing well. i think we'll have a little bit of a cushion for the holidays for this next week. 7:22. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. the system moving through. there's not much left of it. it's falling apart. if anything is reaching the ground it deserves and award because we haven't had much. i don't thenk we'll see much in the way of rain in the next seven, ten days. 40, 50s on the temperatures. they've come up. the system will really cool us down about 4 to 8 degrees. after that goes through, high
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pressure builds back in, no sign of any rain, secloudy, fog. coast and also some cooler conditions. maybe breezier. fog, is up, haze on tuesday. about the same on wednesday. a little cooler on thursday. a system moves into the north and the high-pressure system moves back in for the weekend. the 49ers now gearing up for a possible super bowl run. they are gonna take part in their first playoff game in a decade. players, a well-deserved day off. they around the bye beating the st. louis rams, 34-27. the most memorable play was this one, kicker david akers did his best joe montana or alex smith impersonation to a
7:24 am
touchdown pass to a wide open michael crabtree. 49ers don't know who their next opponent will be. ktvu will carry the game saturday, january 13th at 1:00 in the afternoon. there is a limit of eight tickets per order. across the bay while this is a lot of second guessing. the season ended in a whimper for the oakland raiders. all they needed to make the playoffs was to beat the san diego chargers yesterday because the broncos lost but in front of a soldout coliseum, 38- 26. the defeat included giving up a 105-yard kickoff return. the raiders have not play the -- made the playoffs in a
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decade. jim harbaugh can watch andrew luc -- andrew luck. the game starts at 5:30 this evening. luck has already said this will be his last collegiate game before turning pro. 7:24. shifting a gears a horrible site to see over the holidays. how it is tied to a new year's celebration.
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the 123rd annual tournament of roses parade is just about to begin in pasadena. the clouds are lined up and they want to see the floats. bob decastro is live there this morning. bob, everything starts in about 30 minutes from right now. the crowds are starting to get bigger out here. say happy new year to the bay
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area! >> happy new year! >> reporter: these these are all of the crowds. some 700,000 people expected to line colorado boulevard here in pasadena, to watch the 123rd annual of tournament roses parade. i was talking to you -- was i talking to you or you? you guys were smart. you came out here -- >> they told us at 11:00, we could go on the street. >> reporter: who is this group? >> this is part of the -- >> reporter: she put out all of the seats and all they had to
7:30 am
do was -- one thing to note, the occupy folks were not permitted to be here in this parade. they are actually going to be at the end of the parade. there is a motorcade and typically from year to year there are protests here and the l.a. county sheriff's department does allow them to protest at the end of the parade. we haven't seen any sort of protest. it is starting to get warm. the crowds are excited. we're getting started here in less than half an hour.
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this is their own protest. they will have to follow police cars -- crews are still putting out hot spots from the haight- ashbury district. it started last night masonic and waller. kraig debro joins us live from the fire scene. any word on how the fire started? >> not yet, we've been expecting arson investigators -- the owner of the home, he just came to see what, if anything, he could sal van. he went in a second ago and brought out some tennis shoes.
7:32 am
he got very emotional. about a half-hour earlier, firefighters were on the second story that were damaged by smoke and water. it looked from our vantage point that they might have -- last night firefighters got the call around 8:00 p.m. when they responded to the -- when they responded. the battalion chief told us there were heavy flames coming from the two homes. people who live in the structures say they had a hard time believing this was even happening. >> it's an odd thing. this neighborhood -- i've been here for about 20 years and we
7:33 am
haven't had a fire before. for some reason, i thought we never would but i was wrong. >> any time we have a larger fire, we have greater-alarm fires, we call out our investigators. so they calls come and investigate the scene. >> reporter: several people evacuated from homes. we're not sure of the exact number. we've been trying to reach the fire department. we know one person was injured. some of the evacuees, some people had to leave their homes are either staying with neighbor, friends, relatives. perhaps the red cross has then -- has helped them. we understand that from walking -- that from talking to people on the scene people are saying on the street with friends. there are three homes here but there are actually four units. the blue house you might see somebody at the top floor. that roof, that ceiling. right now i'm gonna go see if i
7:34 am
can talk to them and see what if he lost and what he can salvage. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 7:33. a san jose family needs a new home after a fire destroyed their home. elizabeth suaraz was asleep with her two children a friend inside a victorian home when the smoke detector went off less than an hour after the start of the new year. the cell phone video shows the flames engulfing the home. this is on north fifth street. everyone got out safely. the cause of that fire is still being investigated. its 50732 -- it's 7:32. police say several stabbings occurred on glen ridge way a man wounded a juvenile. a fight broke out among
7:35 am
teenagers after that and six went to the hospital with stab wounds. >> we were watching here and we heard the gunshots. >> three more incidents happened in the early-morning hours. police called the violence unfortunate but not unusual for new year's eve. coming up at 7:45, a look at the way some people are making due without the convenience of plastic. 7:35. heavily-armed search teams are scouring mount ra near national park. they are looking for a gunman who killed a park ranger. benjamin barns opened fire after being pulled over for not stopping at a snow chains
7:36 am
checkpoint. that ranger died. deputies are stunned what they thownd found in the car -- what they found in the car. >> this is somebody that's probably experienced with the outdoors. >> now, a woman who says she's the mother of barnes' child says he suffered from post- traumatic stress disorder after coming back from deployment in iraq. barnes is also suspected of wounding four people at a new year's eve party in a suburb in seattle. police were able to evacuate about 100 people overnight under the cover of darkness. the new year is starting out as a tragedy for one family. divers were not able to se two 10-year-old brothers jumped in to try to rescue him. but only one brother was able
7:37 am
to get out and search. the search was especially hard on the divers. >> w can to help all of these people. when you go into these, knowing you are not gonna survive -- knowing they are not gonna survive, you put yourself in that situation and think about your family. new in morning -- new this morning, scheduled elections have been moved up for parliament. this is after strong protests in the streets. the vote something now set to start late r this month -- start later this month. the goal is to have the winners seated by february 28th. you are looking at video of the elections for the lower house of parliament. that was completed in december. it is 7:37.
7:38 am
authorities in southern china are trying to calm fears after a man died of bird flu. health ministry officials say a 39-year-old bus driver who tested positive for h 5 n 1 died of organ -- of organ failure. those infected usually have contact with diseased poultry. hundreds of dead black birds turned up in the town of arkansas again. someone intentionally went into the roost on new year's and set off fireworks. that caused the birds to scatter. 7:38. let's check in with sal. hey, sal, does it still feel
7:39 am
like we were the only ones driving on roads this morning. >> it's pretty light, dave and tori, out there, as you can see. we'll show you the pictures and show you that even 237, which normally has a bunch of traffic on it is light today as you cross 80. and 880 in oakland is looking good. no problems getting to the hegenberger. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, just a reminder in san francisco, parking meters will not be enforced except those along the port of san francisco. so check to -- it. hazy skies, fog, a weak system going through. not looking real promising. let's hope things change. but we ended a dry december. not only here but the third driest san francisco. going back to 1989. but sierra, nevada also had
7:40 am
records. no snow, no rain. reno, nevada. not good. there were record highs yesterday. in tahoe. oakland 67. if you are down in southern california, it was downright warm to hot. san gabriel hit 89. la was 81. the dry pattern continues. weak system breaks through the ridge of high pressure but that's gonna fire right back up. for today, a lot of fog, haze. mostly cloudy hearing. and the dry pattern continues. the 15-day yob, you get out there and -- outlook, you get out there and -- it will try to drop something. but the seven to ten-day is absolutely dry. live stormtracker2 does show returns here.
7:41 am
52 san francisco, the warmest, had some 30s for a while -- a lot of mid-60s for some. a lot of upper 50s and low 60s. some temperatures will be uniform. the extended outlook shows a dry pattern. fog, nights an morning. the system clips us. we start to see high pressure build back in on friday. back -- >> back up to 70 degrees. thank you, steve. no definitive word yet. zoo officials say banana sam at
7:42 am
the zoo was scared and hungry. it will be several days before he's allowed back in the cage with his 17 squirrel monkeys. stamping out smoking -- smoking. why it will be hard to find a place to smoke in one bay area city. and why this is such an important time of year for health clubs. so, this is delicious
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7:44. french and german markets are starting the new year with gains of more than 1% in trading so far. that's in sharp condition draft to taiwan -- that's in sharp contrast to taiwan. south korea was nearly flat
7:45 am
finishing up less than 1/10th of a%. all other major asian markets along -- with britain are closed. bloomberg news reports automakers have set a goal to increase sales by 6% in 2012. last year, hyundai and kia sold and estimated 6.6 million units. they hope that number will be 7 million this year. the company reportedly plans to boost investments in research and development by 11%. 7:45. france will become greener this year. the french post office has already started using electric delivery man -- deliveries --
7:46 am
>> you have no -- we want to have a smart car. >> those cars top out at about 62 miles an hour. someone tried to steal it but the theft was stopped immediately as each car's location is monitored. it is 7:45. a strict new law designed to protect people from second-hand smoke in the city of alameda takes effect today. the ordinance bans smoking in public placing around atms, bus stops and commercial area sidewalks. smoking is also banned in new multiunit housing including on balconies. violaters face feigns -- face fines of between 100 and 5$00. today is the second day for a sweeping new plastic bag ban in the bay area alargest city.
7:47 am
maureen naylor is live with initial reaction from the shoppers. >> reporter: as of yesterday, single used plastic bags are banned at thousands of retailers including grocery stores. if you ask for a paper bag that will cost you 10 pent cents -- 10 cents. yesterday, shoppers were -- were skipping that suggestion and carrying the groceries out out -- out to their cars. >> i was pretty much try to avoid the bag whenever i can. >> other shoppers are doing what lawmakers hoped. the only exemptions are for packaging meats and produce along with restaurants and nonprofits don't have to
7:48 am
comply. some stores in safeway are giving away a reasonable supply of bags in hopes of helping with the transition. maureen naylor, back to the desk. 7:47. shedding a few pounds and getting in shape are always popular new year's resolutions. but researchers say you should give careful consideration before signing up at a health club. research firm market data said americans spent $62 million trying to lose weight last year. that money went to club memberships, waste loss program, exercise tapes, an even -- and even diet soda. new memberships typically double at many clubs during january. but trainers say people often lose interest and stop going after a few months. 20% of gym members are typically inactive. we've been asking viewers about their new resolutions. monica wrote she hopes to take
7:49 am
a few vacations, graduate from college and get my medical certificate and be the best mom i can to my children. if you would like to let us know about your any year's resolution, post them and we'll read them on the air during the 8:00 hour. the text message craze, may be coming to an end.
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7:51 am
this small plane landed in a reservoir shortly after takeoff. the pilot was the only person on board and was not hurt. and there was some concern about potential fuel spills but authorities say nothing leaked. same-sex civil unions are now
7:52 am
legal. in delaware. yesterday, two attorneys were the first same-sex couples to make it official. they helped draft -- they helped draft the legislation, about 400 same-sex couples lined up for their civil union ceremony. >> we now pronounce that you are legally joined as partners in life. and four same-sex couples exchanged vows in the opening moments -- in 2012 in hawaii. a law was signed and now five states recognize same-sex civil unions. six other states and washington, d.c. also allow same-sex marriage. the family of bryan stow has issued a new statement to mark the new year. family members are thanking the many people who sent christmas
7:53 am
presents and cards to the injured giants' fan. they are now praying their emotional pain will ease in 2012. therapists are working with stow on a daily basis at a rehabilitation center in san jose. they are teaching him how to speak and move again. 7:52. let's check back with sa. in san francisco you won't have to pay for parking at certain meters, more than that -- more on that in a minute. getting up to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's very nice. and again, all of the meters are not being enforced except the ones along the port of san francisco.
7:54 am
you will know. just check the signs. if it says the port of san francisco you will have to pay. we need rain after a very, very dry december. this won't do much. it will just cool us down a few degrees. not much that tongue about, but a little bit going through here but i doubt any of it hits the ground. 40s for some. we did have 30s for a while and then the cloud cover came in. like we had yesterday, we had record heat not only here. 54 for a record high in tahoe. the low is accelerating automaticle way -- all the way into vancouver. that takes the system and splits it apart. we will cool down today.
7:55 am
kind of a hazy, cloudy day. the higher clouds gives us a hazy day. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. more mostly cloudy to cloudy. we'll be on the edge of the system. but cloudy for the morning. and then we'll see clearing out. dry, tuesday/wednesday. it looks to be warmer again. texts is still popular in the u.s. but it's apparently on the decline in other parts of the world. analysts -- analysts looked at texts.
7:56 am
8.5million. basketball star lebron james found a special way to ring in the knew year. he -- new year, he got enganged to his long-time girlfriend. he proposed to his high school sweetheart at -- in miami. 7:55. a little baby in san lorenzo has the title of the first bay area baby of 2012. she arrived at eden medical center in castro valley. the 7 pound, 5-ounce baby girl was not expected to be born until tomorrow but her mother went into labor new year's eve. she sid -- she said whenever her daughter arrived, it would be the right time. her twin sister lea was delivered just a minute later
7:57 am
past midnight. >> the doctors said the c- section wasn't to earn that spes disstingttion. they are just happy their babies are healthy. we're live in berkeley where a witness describes a driver's bizarre behavior after he crashes into a bank. it's the perfect time to find great deals
7:58 am
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welcome back. i'm tori campbell. good morning. i'm dave clark. it's monday january 2nd. new for you this morning, overnight in los angeles, there were at least 12 more of those suspicious fires down there. the late nest a rash of suspected arsons in several neighborhoods across la. police say they've detained a man they consider a person of interest. there he is right now. but they won't say if it's the same man they've asked the public to help them find. make sure you stay right here with ktvu "mornings on 2." coming up for you at 8:15,
8:00 am
we'll go live to leaks and get more details on this story. 7:59. a san francisco man is in the hospital after being hit by a car on interstate 880. officers say the man was shirtless on the highway shirtless. he was hit by a car just a few minutes later. police say the -- say the driver stopped and did cooperate of the pedestrian was knocked unconscious but appeared to be breathing when they arrived. a two-car collision sent one car slamming into a berkeley blank overnight. tara moriarty is live at the scene with what witnesses told i -- told you about the driver's behavior after the crash. those neighbors say -- they felt the whole building shake next door. they told me the two cars crashed in the middle of the intersection. you can see where the car took
8:01 am
a chunk of the concrete out and also hit a nearby pole. it happened at 1:00 off san pablo and university eave. witnesses said the man driving the car smashing into the bank appeared intoxicated. >> you can tell he was drunk. he was really drunk. >> he jump out car? -- he jumped out of the car -- he was screaming help! help! >> reporter: the man who appeared drunk had to be restrained. police will not confirm if he's in custody. police officers are at highland hospital they are trying to interview the person who was hurt. hope he will be receiving an update on the investigation -- we hope to be receiving an update on the investigation and we'll bring that to you.
8:02 am
a $25,000 reward is being offered to find a gunman who shot and killed a 5-year-old boy in oakland. gabriel martinez junior was outside his family's taco truck on 54th avenue and international boulevard on friday night when a man who had just ordered food from the truck started shooting. the gunman got into a silver pontiac with a woman and drove off. martinez is the third young child to dry from gunfire in oakland since august. police are investigating shooting that left two three people injured on new year's. police are called -- were called to 13th and franklin early yesterday morning and found a woman with a gunshot wound to her hand. as they were investigating that, a car drove up with another woman inside. police say the shootings are unrelated. there was also a shooting on linden street street that sent one person to the hospital. the first winter snow survey will be conducted tomorrow morning. but inspectors already pro--
8:03 am
predict it will be a low total. the survey will plake -- will take place at highway 50. the unusually dry december means that snowpack will probably be pretty small. back here at home, fire rues -- fire crews are still putting out hot spots from a big fire in the haight-ashbury district. it started last night on masonic avenue near waller. kraig debro has been out there all morning and he's back now. >> reporter: the owner of the house came back this morning to come back to see what he could salvage. he was very disappointed about what happened and was concerned about how he's gonna survive
8:04 am
the fire with his family. he came back about 15 minutes ago just to see what he could take out of the home. you remember that picture we showed you -- the yellow house and the green house there. the fire went to a three alarm. they had the whole thing under control in about a half an hour. but the damage had been done. at least six people displaced by the fire, possibly more. at least six units -- six people displaced. we talked to people who live on this block and they said they could hardly believe a what they were seeing -- what they were seeing. >> family dinner, gathering for the families. >> memories going back to -- >> we can replace the memories. it's just thank god she okay.
8:05 am
>> reporter: all night long firefighters have been keeping watch on the homes. they make sure there are no flareups, what's called a fire watch. we saw some smoke. firefighters appeared to be looking down all in the same direction. we saw them pick up a tree, which might have been a christmas tree, which is not and indication that the fire started there. that's still under investigation. we are told by firefighters on the scene however that if you look at the live picture now. what you are looking at looks far better on the back seed of these homes. pretty much nothing left in the back there. we'll try to see if we can get a peak of that as well as speak to fire officials about what we plan to do today. kraig debro, kut -- kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. iran's navy says it successfully test-fired two
8:06 am
long-ranged missiles today. this is after a drill yesterday in international waters near the strait. 40% of the world's oil travels through that waterway. an iranian official says this serves as a hack priss for -- practice for closing the strait if iran tries to block the oil spills. in a nationwide tv speech, south korea's president said there's now an opportunity to improve relations between the two koreas. but he also vowed hit back hard against any provocations with north korea under the new leader, kim jung un. the north korean military establishment issued a new year's message saying it would defend the new leader, kim jong- un until death. the state-run tv aired the
8:07 am
pictures of the young leader doing what appears to be his first field inspection. we want to check in with sal keeping aon on the -- keeping an eye on the commute. but there's not really much of a commute right now. most -- i'm doing nothing. basically sitting around here. steve paulson knows who that is. we'll talk to him in just a moment. today -- today is most people's holiday. i found that out. even the parking meters in san francisco are not being enforced. if you park near the port, you should check the meter and be very care f.m. you don't want -- you don't want a ticket today. let's take a look at the westbound bay bridge toll plaza. if you are driving into san francisco, it looks very nice. we're looking at the peninsula in case you want to catch a flight here. we've had minor accidents but
8:08 am
they've been pulled off to the side with not a lot of slowdowns. here's steve. i know of him, sal. >> yeah. >> never had to call him. >> me neither. >> we do have overcast, hazy, weak witness. the 15-day outlooks are trying to show it. but when you get out that far, it's like okay -- the system going through did break true the -- through the ridge of high pressure. but it has zero support. december is going down as one of the driest if not the driest ever. san francisco had their third driest. many locations had their first locations here. in the sierra, driest ever. only a trace fell and then in reno, nothing. you can also throw mammoth into the mix as well. with dry comes warm weather. that's what they had yesterday.
8:09 am
gilroy, a record high. if you were in southern california. a couple of people have tweeted me. u. cla hit -- ucla hit 5 yesterday -- hit 785 yesterday -- hit 85 yesterday. after the cloud cover we'll have night and morning fog. there's really no sign of a pattern change. the system that's going by is literally falling apart. i will tell you, anything there is very, very light. two dry in the atmosphere. 40s for low to mid or low 50s due to the -- due to some of the cloud cover. and then the clouds came in and then that sent the temperatures coming back up. by this afternoon we will be on -- we'll be on the back side of some sun, more 50s and low 60s faud. some of that fog is not going
8:10 am
anywhere. it will be back tonight and tomorrow along with the hazy skies. 60s for some but a lot of upper 50s and low 60s. >> night and morning fog, dry. a little cooler system moves into the north on thursday and then we kick it out of here and then high pressure comes back in for warmer weather for the weekend. the stage is set for the first major test of the 2012 presidential race. the candidates are te -- the candidates they are not the evenly ones getting ready for the caucuses in iowa.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
we have cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, high fog, very hazy temperatures. we'll end up with upper 50s, low 60s. maybe some sun later today but very hazy. new this morning, new york police are investigating several firebombings. last night in queens, molotov cocktails were thrown at an islamic center and at two homes. luckily no one was hurt. however, 08 worshipers were inside that islamic center when it was attacked. police are investigating the firebombings as possible hate crimes of the governor of new york as well as the council on american islamic relations are
8:14 am
condemning those attacks. in los angeles, police are now questioning a person of interest in connection with that string of arson fires there. police say a man was detained earlier this morning after a dozen new fires broke out during the night. our reporter, lauren savant is in west hollywood where two of the newest fires occurred. >> reporter: good morning to you. yeah, 12 fires overnight. that brings the total up to 55 fires in all. that's just over the last couple of days here. so the folks in these neighborhoods have been absolutely terrified and scared because once the cars get set on fire, their apartment buildings and their homes are also being set ablaze as well. now, the -- the man that you mentioned, he is a man that was possibly seen on surveillance
8:15 am
video. police tell us -- police tell us they think he's the man they are looking for. because he's a dead ringer for that surveillance video. we saw him being take wayne -- taken away earlier in morning. we're here at the hollywood sheriff's station as to more information about the man they have in custody. millions and millions of dollars worth. damage has been done here. police will not say whether this person of interest is responsible for all of these fires in the last few days. but they are questioning him now and i can tell you this, folks in these neighborhoods, hope he's responsible and that this reign of flames will come to an end. back too you -- back to you. it is 8:15. with the iowa caucuses just one day away, the republican
8:16 am
presidential candidates are making a final push for votes. the latest poll shows mitt romney barely ahead of ron paul with rick santorum in third place. newt gingrich, who led polls a month ago, is fighting back against a bauerage of twv adds -- ads that support romney. >> to spend that number of dollars on ads for one candidate is pretty amazing. this morning -- m thrn -- well, this morning, rick perry denied a report if so u.n -- if one of his advisers think his campaign is badly damaged. >> as we've worked across iowa, we've had great crowdses, the
8:17 am
-- crowds. but -- i don't know where politico gets their information but the bo time line is they don't have any sources and i find of put that off into the wasted time category. over the weekend, rick perry's -- rick perry's campaign said -- rick perry will head straight to south carolina. he says he will take part in two debates in new hampshire this weekend. michele bachmann is now use the gender card in her campaign. she won the ames straw poll in iowa back in august but since then, she's dropped to sixth place in most of the polls. now she's voting -- urging voters to embrace the idea of a strong woman in the white house. she's a calling herself
8:18 am
american's iron lady. occupy protest remembers making their voices heard in iowa as well. [chanting] police arrested ten occupy the -- the caucus -- the caucus protesters outside of michele bachmann's headquarters on saturday. protesters said they will not interfere with the actual voting tomorrow. 8:18. president obama does not have to worry about how he fares in the iowa caucuses but his reelection campaign is already laying the ground work to retake iowa. they are opening up an office in des moines to prepare. in 2008, president obama carried the state in the general election, with 54% of
8:19 am
the vote. earlier that year, he won the democratic caucus. and the first family dropped by a honolulu museum yesterday too learn more about president obama's mother. they visited an commit at the east west center that featured a delays of the anthropology work in indonesia. the exhibit includes photographs taken during her personal research. 8:18. did you get enough football yesterday? >> yes. >> the regular he see -- the regular season is over. but the 49ers now start the next phase of their incredible season. it was a very dry december. we'll see what's ahead for the first week of 2012 for the weather. !
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:22. let's check back with traffic. sal is watching everything. even though there's not a whole -- we're trying not to work you so hard. >> dave and tori, i'm here just in case, right? >> just in case. >> sometimes things will be going really well and something will happen. so far that's not happened which is good. let's take a look at the commute on the -- on the bay bridge bridges. it's light.
8:23 am
a lot of people have the day off. if you are driving somewhere, make sure you don't start going a little too fast because you don't want to see those red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror. that's terrible. that's awful. let's go to steve. the system will be with us this morning -- in the moving and then this will fall out. i don't think they rain will fall from this system or any time soon. it's a dry pattern. very, very light. anything that falls, sprinkles or even that is probably pushing it. 40s to 50s on the temperatures. fog, nights and mornings. about 4 to 8 degrees cooler than yesterday. a little breeze up in the higher elevation. but 50s and 60s for your
8:24 am
temperatures. if anything does fall, it won't last long. we need some rain. if anything, night and morning fog, dry. a little cooler on tuesday. high pressure is back in on friday. we go back to warm weather. it may be warm again as we head towards the weekend. tori, dave? >> thank you, steve. we have some breaking news just moments ago, we learned the st. louis rams fired their head coach steve spagola and the general manager. not much of a surprise since they were 2-15 and lost to the 49ers this weekend. they nearly came back. 34-26. the most memorable play was when the 49ers dug into their bag of tricks by taking -- faking a field goal attempt and throwing a touchdown to a wide- open michael crabtree.
8:25 am
49ers don't know who their opponent will be yet. but ktvu channel 2 will carry the game from candlestick park on saturday, january 14th at 1:30 in the afternoon. tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at ticketmaster. season ticketholders had the first crack to snatch up the hottest ticket in the bay area. there's a limit of eight tickets per order. 8:25. it's a tough morning in raider nation. the season ended when the chargers beat them, 3-26. all the raiders needed to make the playoffs was to beat san diego. in front of a soldout crowd, the raiders lost to one of their main rivals and -- and that was for a touchdown. the raiders haven't made the playoffs in a deb aid. jim harbaugh may take a break
8:26 am
to watch his protege, andrew luck, of stanford play tonight. the game starts at 5:30 this evening. an -- this evening. andrew luck has said this will be his last college game before he turns pro. 8:25. a horrible site to see over the holidays. the date of hundreds of blackbirds. how it's all tied to a new year's celebration.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
an investigation continues now into a huge fire in san francisco's haight-ashbury district this. one started last night on masonic avenue. ktvu's kraig debro has been out there all morning long. he's back again to tell us there's a critical question that still needs to be answered. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning. one of those questions was just answered. the chief said the origin of the fire is somewhere three quarters of the way down the backyard. and people say it's much worse in the back than the front. the fire investigators just arrived on the scene. you are getting people who live in he's buildings starting to come back and are basically devastated by what any are seeing. this fire started last night on
8:30 am
ma consoick -- masonic near waller -- masonic near waller. acore -- according to firefighters, they said the fire was under control in about a half an hour. but the damage is already done. a lost these homes are gutted. we saw somebody came here and came back. he wanted to see what his aunt's house looked like. we also spoke to a woman whose daughter owns a home next door to bun of the -- near one of the buildings damaged. >> i was in the shower. i was -- and my daughter came running into the bathroom and said mom, mom! you have to get out of the shower and turn the water off now. the house next door is on fire! i'm throwing my cloes on on a wet body, i said my god, what do we take? i grabbed my purse. she grabbed her purse and we
8:31 am
went running down the stairs. the cause has not been determined. the investigators are just getting here. one of the assistant chiefs is going to talk to the press. if he says anything we need to get back to you with before the end of the show, we'll do that. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. :8 -- 8:31. a san jose family needs a new place to live after a fire left them homeless. the woman was with her children and a friend inside the victorian home when the smoke detector went off short after the start of the new year. everyone escaped you safely. the home, which is in the hensley historic district, was badly damaged. >> the walls kind of run from the basement to the attic.
8:32 am
if you get a fire in one part of the house it can quickly spread either up or down. >> firefighters say the fire was difficult to fight because the historic homes often lack firebreaks. damage is estimated to be at least $500,000. the cause of the fire is under investigation. 8:341. a violent start to the new year in -- 8:31. a violent start to the new year kept police very busy. one man was stabbed walk along the guadalupe river. and then on ridgewood drive, injuries. >> we heard the gunshot with my son and then -- i say, somebody shooting. >> three more incidents occurred in the early-morning
8:33 am
hours. police say the violence, of course, is unfortunate but it was not unusual for new year's eve. 832, the new year means a new plastic bag ban in the bay area's largest city. maureen naylor is live in the newsroom with the initial reaction from south bay shoppers. >> today marks the second day of san jose'sman ban on single use of -- san jose's ban on single use. about 500 retailers are afemtded by the new law in san jose and unincorporated santa clara county. restaurants and nonprofits are exempt and stores can still use plastic bags for practicing meats and produce. but yesterday, ktvu saw people skipping the bags all torkt and just carrying their on items
8:34 am
themselves and putting them in the car. >> why would you not -- it's not something riley you need to chang. >> you just have to be prepared. ' thaul it -- that's all it is. >> opponents say the ordinance will hurt consumers and businesses. shoppers in san jose need to keep one more thing in mind. while right now the schaurnl is 10 cents for a bag. that's said to -- charge is 10 cents for a bag, that is said to increase in the next couple years. heavily-armed search teams in washington state with hoping the daylight will yield clues to the whereabouts of a man who gunned down a park ranger. law enforcement officers rushed
8:35 am
to mount ray rainier national park. they alarmed and what they saw inside the suspect's car. >> this is something that's probably experienced with the outdoors. >> authorities released a photo of the oick war veast showing off automatic weapons -- investigating -- of the iraq war investigating the weapons.
8:36 am
we're trained to respond quickly and to do all we can to try to help people. when you go into these knowing that you're not gonna find somebody alive, you know, you put yourself in that position and you think about your family. >> rescue crew say the boys didn't know how to swill. it's very hard to climb out of the irrigation canals. we want to check in again with sal keeping a close eye on things on the road. it's fairly quiet here for now. maybe tomorrow morning it will be a lot busier. see how i straightened my tie on the air. it takes a professional. [ laughter ] >> there's a lot not og -- not
8:37 am
going on and that's good. you might be tempted to put the -- put your foot on the accelerator. don't do it. the police, chp and local police don't take the day off and they don't line it when you are driving too fast. just slow it down and drive carefully. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza on today which is a lot of people's holiday. people just keep driving by. we've had a minor crash off the san mateo bridge. we have a minor accident on highway 1, north of half moon bay. again, not a lot of slow traffic out there. take it easy. things are doing pretty well here. :37. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. cloudy skies. fog, high clouds, mid-level clouds but we could sure use some rain. due see some -- do see some
8:38 am
cloud cover. reno, nothing. no rain, no snow. that's their driest december since 1 3. you can throw mammoth in the mix around and -- high pressure is going to settle right back in after this system and just keep everything way to the north. so fog and lays kind of a cloudy, cooler day compared to yesterday. it was really warm down in southern california with 80s near 90. drive pattern -- dry pattern couldn't continue for the next -- continues for the next five days. 40s and 50s on your temperatures. 52 in the city. upper 30s for a while but now
8:39 am
it's 40sened a low -- 40s and low 50s. hazy sun. cloudy, cool. a lot of upper 50s. a lot of 60s have some postal -- coastal fog inland fog. after today, quiet except for night and morning fog. tuesday, wednesday. there's your cooldown. friday high pressure comes back and says sunshine and warmer weather is on the menu. >> thank you, steve. :39. new this morning -- 8:39. new this morning, the council in egypt has ruled up the date of scheduled lightnings for the upper -- elections -- scheduled elections for the government. the sloating is scheduled to start later this month. the goal is to have winners
8:40 am
seated by february 28th. this is video of the elections for the lower house of parliament which were completed in december. also, new this morning, strong aftershocks are showing know what -- are showing no sign of let un-- of after shocks in new zealand. the city is still recovering from the 6.3 quake that killed 182 people last friday -- last february. >> i will have to have a long talk with father presents. it's the reality we are. we know this will pass. >> power has been restored and no major damage is being reported. 8:40. in southern chirn na there are fears about bird flu after a man died. health officials say a 39-year- old bus driver who testedded
8:41 am
testifieds -- who tested falsely and scientists are closely watching for any signs that the virus will spread to other humans. another sad story. hundreds of dead blackbirds were found in the town the. they scattered -- they scattered and crashed into oop other. -- and crashed into each other. banana sam is back at the zoo. but the beloved skirm monkey is -- squirrel monkey is keeping a
8:42 am
low profile. a sure sign of the new year -- the tournament of roses parade is happening in pasadena. >> reporter: a car smashes into a bank. we'll tell you what neighbors think alcohol may be behind it. subway. eat fresh.
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8:45 am
for the first time the top u.s. exports is petroleum-based fuel. the country known more for being a gas-guzzler shipped more gasoline, diesel and jet fuel than any other product category in 2011 based on prices. it's the first time in 60 years america has sent more fuel yore seas than it has imported. for the last five years, the top u.s. export has been aircraft. well, gas prices are inching back up. the national average for a gallon of regular is now $3.28 a gallon. that's up a nickel from last week. here in the bay area, south bay drivers are paying the lowest average price it's 3.66. in oakland it's two cents more. the average price is 3.68. those are all more than 25 cents a gallon higher than this time last year.
8:46 am
a woman is taking honda to court for misrepresenting the gas mileage. it's a class-action lawsuit. and car owners would get about $200 in the class-action settlement. while lawyers would take in about .5 million. if peters is success full in court she do get about $10,000. investigators are still looking for the cause of a big fire in san francisco's haight- ashbury district. it started last night on masonic avenue near waller. one person was september to the hospital. one firefighter was slightly injured. at least ten people are homeless. authorities in los angeles questioning a person of interest now in connection with that string of suspicious fires in l.a.
8:47 am
12 more fires were set during the night. there have been a total of 55 fires so far. iran says it successfully test- fired two more long-range missiles today. that follows the test firing of another missile yesterday in the international waters near the persian gulf. a car slammed into a berkeley bank missing atms by feet. ktvu's tara moriarty is live at the scene with what witnesses believe led to the crash. >> reporter: good morning. a witness says the driver who smashed into the side of this wells fargo building then hit a pole as well. she says it looked like he -- looked like he was intoxicate. he was jumping around and screaming. he just collided with the ar-- with a car in this intersection. we are on san pablo avenue where the accident happened at 1:00 in the morning. police say two cars slammed
8:48 am
into each other. one drivesser -- one driver was taken to highland hospital. the other driver was a man whose car crashed near the atm. it was like 1:00 in the morning. boom! the whole building shook. when we come out, the car was wrapped around the poll. the other girl she was hurt and the police -- she wassicken to the hospital. people need to quit drinking and driving. >> police did not confirm if chool is a factor yet. we were told no one will be able to comment on this -- comment on this investigation until tomorrow. ♪ we just had to show you this. right now the 123rd annual tournament of roses parade is happening right now -- i'm
8:49 am
waving at you back -- this is in pasadena. this is a prand-new video of the parade. a lot of floats, beautiful people, demands, thousands of people lining the streets early this morning to see these dirk sports and listen to the mr offing band. we want you to stay with us but you can actually watch the rose parade now on 6. occupy protesters plan to follow the rose parade even though they are not part of the parade. group has been practicing their own float right there of the u.s. constitution. pasadena's police chief is kf -- is pretesters will stay behind the police cars that will mark the end the pose parade. into the oakland laiders --
8:50 am
raiders say a fan who fell from the bleachers to field level after yesterday's fame will be fined. 17-year-old juan salsada was trying to get the attention of the players' going in the locker room. he slipped and fell less than 15 feet. his fall was broken by a tarp covering the walkway and he hit ut ground where it's soft dirt. 8:49. well, the family of injured giants' fan bryan stow issued a new statement marking the new year. family members, they are thinkingsh -- they are thanking everyone who sent christmas cards to bryan see -- bryan stow. therapists are working with brian stow on a daily basis at a rehab center in san jose. the meam -- the family members admit any -- heny ever -- never recover from the cavellage
8:51 am
beating. banana sam was taken out of his enclosure either late thursday night or earlypry morning. the -- friday morning. police say he found the animal and zoo officials say he was cared and n bri. it may be several days before he's back allowed in the cage where the -- where the gung rareian -- allowed back in the -- allowed back in -- with the others. who ordered the cereal
8:52 am
that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours?
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texting is still popular in the u.s. but it's apparently on the decline in other parts of the world. anlists -- analysts looked at the number of messages sent in finland, .5 million were sent. texts were down on christmas day in hong tong and tril. an-- australia. same-sex civil unions are legal in delaware. yesterday, two attorneys, were
8:55 am
the very first same-sex couple to make it official there. about 400 same-sex couples in the state reportedly lined up at the courthouses on new year's day for civil union ceremonies. 8:54. basketball star lebron james found a special way to ring -- to ring in the new year. he got engamed to his long-time girlfriend. he proposed to his high school sweetheart at a new year's eve party in miami. the couple of have two children together. and american idol i lum james dure lin is -- durbin is starting 2012 as a married girlfriend. he married long-time girlfriend heidi lowe on saturday. they tied the not at a chapel in the santa cruz mountains. their 2-year-old son was the ring bearer. so he fee yaw -- sophia, right there, was born at eden
8:56 am
medical center. the 7 pound, 5 pounce little girl was not due until tomorrow but her mother went into lane saturday evening. now, these twins don't have the same birthday or even the same birth p year -- birth year. one was born just minutes after midnight. doctors say the c-section was not planned. and the parents are just happy the babies are heappy. shedding a few pounds and getting into shape are always popular new year's resolutions. research firm market data says spent $62 billion trying to lose weight. the money went to club memberships, weight loss programs,ers size tapes and
8:57 am
even diet soda -- programs, exercise tapes and even diet soda. we've been asking viewers on facebook this morning about their new year's resolution. maferry wrote getting closer to the uncomplicated way of life. living with only what i need and volunteering -- marry wrote getting closer to up to the uncomplicated way of life. living with only what i need and vol -- and volunteering. it's busy at 880 the at airport. at the teen it's light and also -- toll plaza it's light and also in san francisco. let's go to steve. cloudy, cooler here today, fog, haze, we could use some rain but that's not happening. clears out, night, morning fog. the weekend is looking sunny
8:58 am
and warmer, unfortunately. i don't mind sunny and warmer -- >> we need the rain. >> yes. >> and the ski resorts also. all right. well, that will do it for us. thanks for watching. >> we thank you for trusting us, ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join the ktvu news at noon for the smoking ban in one bay area city. take care.
8:59 am
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