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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 3, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. a san francisco restaurant abruptly closes just before new year's day, we will tell you what will happen if you are planning special events for new year's day. and ktvu channel 2 news continues. well, good morning to you, it is tuesday january 3rd, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, steve
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paulsen is covering the weather, how is it looking out there? it is very foggy and temperatures, 50s upper for some, low-to-mid 60s for others. here is sal. >> good morning, the fog on the golden gate bridge will get your is tension in marin and it will be tough for you so if you are driving in the area give yourself a few extra minutes. the speed is lifting but again this may not be the best so you may want to leave early, let's go back to the desk. a major water-main break in berkeley has kept crews repairing them all night. let's go to fulton for the very latest with tara moriarty, tara? >> reporter: there is a stream gushing down the sidewalk and
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it looks like the broken water- main has been fixed but there are remnants as you can see from the buckling sidewalk. now a torrent of water gushed down bancroft just before 5:00 last night. water was shut off to 10 commercial businesses and business owners grabbed sandbags to try to protect their stores and they are worried about threats to the structural integrity of the 1926 buildings. >> our basement bays go all the way to this curb line so the sidewalk buckling right here creates a structural integrity problem for us. also when they come to replace or repair this we don't want them to cause damage to the foundation of our building. >> reporter: one local merchant tells us he lost $5,000 of
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sports memorabilia which was directly below that bursted pipe. we will find out what is the cause behind the break and exactly how many gallons have spilled and what the total damage will have been caused. i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. they are investigating an overnight hit-and-run that injured a pedestrian. now the victim right there was treated for injuries and this was the corner of 75th and international. she was taken to the hospital and we don't know her condition right now. the car that hit her was a white honda accord. so far there is no description of the driver. today she went back to one san francisco school and instead the vacation will be one day longer. here is more after the cleanup crew from the fire. >> reporter: i am going to show
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you this building here, it was one of three that caught fire late last month and you n are b up. you can see where the fire directly damaged that building but next door is the charter school and during the course of fighting the five-alarm fire, firefighters had sprayed water in this direction. the school says water and smoke damage has caused it to push back the start of the school over one day. they want to get everybody together to absorb the loss. these videos are a reminder of what devastation it caused. what you may not have herd or seen is how they created damage to the charter school next door. 6 of 14 classrooms according to the school including an art studio, community room and library are now unusable.
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>> i think we should feel physically talent pause nobody was hurt. >> reporter: you may notice a lot of the windows are boarded up or taped close and that's because the scald was under renovation. it is not clear if they lost the rooms because of water and smoke damage or if they were under renovations and we will have a chance to speak with them later, we will update you as it becomes available kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. a man is accused of stabbing his mother. now reportedly a roommate intervened in the attack and the mother was able to escape to a nearby neighbor's home. when police arrived, he was still inside the house but police were not able to find him. the mother is said to be recovering from the attack.
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edwin ramos is facing three counts of murder for the killing of a father and two of his sons. prosecutors say he killed a father and two sons back in 2008 thinking they were rival gang members. the family was returning from a picnic at that time. they are doing a vigil for a five-year-old boy who was shot and killed right next to his father's taco truck. they called for an end to the violence. gabriel martinez junior was shot shortly before 9:00 friday night. they say he was a man who bought food from a taco truck run by gabriel martinez's father. people are fathering foyer their children's -- people are fearing for their children's
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safety. >> gunfire killed two other children in oakland, three-year- old 3-year-old carlos nava was killed in august, 23-month-old hiram lawrence, jr. died less than a month ago. they are offering a $25,000 reward leading to an arrest in the gabriel martinez case. investigators say the suspect is this woman. a 40-year-old purse who is accused of killing 65-year-old yvonne kirk in the home of the willow glenn area. it is still not clear what led up to the attack but they shared a home with the murder suspect and reportedly they were involved in a romantic relationship. if you see damage there around its rear wheels, the car itself was more banged up. it happened on the intersection
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of seminary avenue and international. the bus driver was the only person on board the bus who was hurt. paramedics treated the car's driver for minor injuries at the scene. >> after months of campaigning, they have their first race. we will have a live report coming up from our washington d.c. newsroom from where the candidates stand going into the iowa caucuses. the bay area is dealing with fog this morning and sal will help you get through everything, sal in. >> that's right. incase you are just waking up, this is a live picture firefighter national airport. we do have a mass camera up and you can see traffic is moving well and you can see the fog.
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that usually plays out but it's too early for that to be definite so what happens is flights are delayed coming in and those very same flights go back out delayed and that's what happens so we'll see. this morning's commute, that traffic is moving along well, certainly more people than they were yesterday. west pound, there was 0 stop- and-go traffic as you head out to richmond. let's go to steve. some of the fog is reducing visibility and some areas are getting a low cloud deck and some areas go down to the ground. some higher clouds they will clear out much sooner than yesterday. yesterday was the front and today is just the fog. coast, inland, it doesn't
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matter 8th of a quarter of a mile visibility. some dense fog out there and otherwise we will have morally -- mostly fair skies and hazy sunshine. also the fog down below combination makes for a foggy day. san francisco 42 and 44 san rafael. overcast 46 and it is a good system up by seattle and vancouver. as we head towards thursday and friday everything calms down and it looks like a warm pattern. fog sun and haziness, sun through the fog deck then we get to mid-60s towards san
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jose. maybe sun up towards los gatos and san jose, winds are cooler thursday as the strong system moves to the north of us and with your weekend always in view, we will have warmer weather. it happened inside the academy of san francisco sciences. the moss room closed and people new year's day were forced to go elsewhere. he also runs the slanted door restaurant and academy cafe on the main floor. the executive she have says he will honor all reservations. >> we will make sure everybody comes out happy especially for a bride and groom... >> a message posted on the academy of sciences website said the moss room will be
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closed until they make some changes. firebomb attacks in a new york neighborhood, investigators know more about what was used to launch the attack. but first, middle east peace talks, why there is little hope of a breakthrough.
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. in iowa this morning,
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republican candidates are scrambling for support. allison burns is live in our washington d.c. newsroom with more on how the race seems to be getting tighter. >> reporter: mitt romney, rick santorum seems to be in the lead but this morning, newt gingrich called mitt romney a liar and said done count him out. >> it is now becoming -- don't count him out. >> with 47% undecided i think it is likely nobody knows who will win tonight. >> pack back has a full campaign schedule. she was on television and indicated she is staying in the race no matter what happens tonight. >> five weeks from now the numbers will be different than what we see on the screen. there is a long way to go. i have a lot of staying power.
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>> reporter: a big turnout is expected and the top finishers will have a lot of momentum heading into new hampshire. we will have more on the campaign during my next update in about an hour. allison burns ktvu channel 2 news. because of the nature of the undecided race, california's primary may actually count. it is a clear earned run averager put this year it may not happen. it has been a rollercoaster with candidates rising and falling in the poles. >> this true is out and there is such a treasure drove of delegates so this is the ultimate. >> and look for the candidates to start making a lot of campaign appearances here in
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california which is known as atm. candidates are only coming here to raise money. president barack obama plans to make an appearance by way of tell conference to his supporters in iowa tonight. his family just came back to washington d.c. this morning here they are waving to us as well. they spent the holidays in hawaii which is the president's birth place. a man is suspected of firebombing five new york buildings. the attack began sunday night when a man threw a poll testify cocktail at a deli. he then hit a building and two mosques used for hundred due worship. >> we have to help each other and we will all american people. >> all of the fire bombs were
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made from starbucks bottles. earlier they tried to steal one and i know nobody was injured in the attacks. police are hoping for one of the surveillance videos to lead to an arrest. it is tied to the transfer of power, three north koreans were reportedly killed as they tried to across the boredder into china. almost 2 5,000 koreans have fled repression or hunger but it is very rare for north korean guards to shoot people as they are trying to cross the border. just a couple of hours ago there was a dahmer -- dramatic scene gathering for a massive rally swearing their allegiance
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to a new leader. in the meantime south carolina's issued a statement to use transition in leadership to pursue a new era of peace. they will resume peace talks for the first time in a year but there is little hope for a breakthrough. palestinians leaders say it is impossible until they stop is theelment in east jerusalem. i expect you to be busier today than you were yesterday. >> i am still typing in something here. we are on live tell vision. -- television. >> we are live here, you are not buying tickets here. >> i am not.
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the thing is we just found out there is a one hour ground delay program and we he is expected this to happen. it is going to happen and it is happening unfortunately and that means flights will be delayed and that's because when they come in they only use one rain way at a time am they are parallelled and close together and plans can't come in one at a time, they can come in at two at a time. let's look at the east shore freeway, i want to move the maps down to union city and fremont. foggy on the san mateo dumbarton bridges a well. there is a little bit of a backup unlike yesterday now metering lights are on.
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at 6:20 with more on the fog, hello steve. we have a lot of areas of fog as sal touched on and we have a little more san jose says mostly cloudy and everyone else says fog. visibility is getting worse over the next hour or two. we had a front going back yesterday and that didn't leave until later in the afternoon. you can see we have higher clouds over us and we are on the back edge of this and that keeps some of that tough in place. there are a lot of 40s here and i don't think temperatures will cool off. it is not going anywhere so high temperatures in the morning, dry pattern, seven to
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ten day outlook is extremely dry and the 15 day forecast is promising. we will leave it at that. if you can get to that fog, not too bad. yesterday we had a lot of mid- to-upper 50s and in los gatos it is all contingent a lost coast. he can tend ited outlook, then we rebounded warmer temperatures into the weekend. marin lost more jobs during the recession but now they are creating more of the all inly sector jobs. men gained jobs between december 20-10 and they are surprised the retail sector is adding twice as many menace women and they say it is hard
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to get any job. well the families want to turn a mom and pop business into a national chain. they plan to use their restaurant experience to start up 200 standard iced shops in the country over the next five years. they want to become the mcdonald's for the next dry cleaning. time now 622, the man who is suspected of that, why the sheriff's department is only paying him a dollar a year. san francisco with the highest minimum wage, it is just a latest example of the city putting burdens on business. >> and this morning, steve and i are the fog brothers, we will be right back, brother.
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. it is a little foggy out there incase you are just waking up, it is causing some airport delays and we are all
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over it. san francisco minimum wage has many people happy but the new year brought a cost of living wage to $10.24 per hour. some of those we spoke to said it should increase moral. one east bay restaurant worker said she wishes she could get a raise too. >> that would help me out a lot more. >> now business owners we spoke to said they will try not to pass the extra expense on to customers. they already have a 9 day mandated paid sick leave and 1% payroll tax. teachers at creative arts charter school are due back but how long before students are due back. neighbors are fighting
6:28 am
foreclosure, what do people plan to do to stop an eviction. and we will start with a rally, we will take you there live and we will have all the early numbers.
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. there it is right on time, the opening bell, the nasdaq, it looks like about 200 points on the up side we'll see. check the lower part of your screen and we will have all the business news in just a minute. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 news, it is tuesday january 3rd, i am dave clark. >> good morning i am pam cook,
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time now 6:30. we are following this, a man in oakland disabled is following eviction from his home. just a couple of minutes ago, allie rasmus spoke to the homeowner and he says he is standing his ground. what is going on allie? >> reporter: friends and family and supporters will gather here. wilson has lived here for the last 26 years and this morning he is facing eviction. so friends and supporters will do what they can to stop his eviction. as you mentioned he is disabled and he refinanced his home to get a new roof and now he is in foreclosure but he believes he is the victim of fraud and predatory lending. he is filing a complaint against opportunity fund and while his case is still in court he should not be forced out of his home. sheriff's deputies are supposed
6:32 am
to evict him out of his home this morning. >> i am not nervous, i am mad. this is the first dog fight i have been in, in my life and i feel this is injustice. all of these mortgage companies know this mortgage is filled with fraud. >> reporter: now one of the supporters here in the home with him, tonya dennis, i turn viewed her after she said was an illegal for close of her home in berkeley. she fought her eviction and broke the locks on her front door and moved back in and wells fargo eventually agreed to alone modification. she and wilson's supporters are hoping if they can bring attention to this case he will have a similar outcome. this is back to workday but
6:33 am
it is a wet mass in downtown berkeley. crews have been working to cap the water-main break. tara moriarty is near bancroft way not far from uc campuses. >> reporter: there is an art house, book binder store, a publishing shop as well as restoration shop here and you can see here where it is all roped off where it says east bay mud, that is where the broken water-main has been fixed although there are remnants near the buck willing sidewalk. a torrent of water gushed when the six inch water-main broke. power was shut to 10 area businesses while they worked to
6:34 am
fix it. businessmen grabbed sandbags and one businessman told us he lost $5,000 worth of memorabilia stored below the busted pipe. >> look at the big seem back there, water was just pouring in here. wet and destroyed. >> reporter: now merchants say they are worried about repairs to the sidewalk and the structural integrity of the building since they were built in 1926. we will find out how much damage it has caused. live in berkeley tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. burkhardt was taken into custody early yesterday morning. he was pulled over while driving a van similar to the one linked to the fires and he was also spotted in a surveillance video near the scene of one of the fires.
6:35 am
over the course of four days 50 fires were set mostly in parked cars but then spread to car ports an apartment buildings. >> with the information from the public from what they were observing over the four days and tips they called in was critical for us to be able to respond quickly and to resolve them quickly without further loss of property and life. >> there are reports that the motive behind the arsons may have been anger over his mother's deportation. he apparently caused quite a scene at her hearing calling out anti-american statements. it turns out he is what is called a reserve deputy. he makes $1.00 a year working for the sheriff's department and was out on patrol when hundreds of officers were searching for the suspect. he spotted the van long after
6:36 am
his eight-hour shift was supposed to end. he is still on the loose after a bold escape. thomas kelly escaped in a fire truck. it happened at the san diego county jail. guards say he responded to the firefighting detail and was considered a model prisoner. they spotted the vehicle he used for his escape and it was found miles from the jail but there was no sign of kelly. it happened about 30 -- 7:30 last night. so far the coroner's office has not released the victim's name. her family has not been notified yet and they say it may have been a suicide. the suspected gunman is over at mount rainier national
6:37 am
park. the suspect is benjamin colton barnes who is suspected of shooting margaret anderson. coming up, why police say a separate shooting in seattle could have led benjamin colton barnes to the park. iowa caucuses could serve up some surprises. chris joins us to talk about where the candidates stand going into the 2012 presidential race. >> reporter: that's right, pam, this is really it, this is what it all comes down to. these candidates have been here for several months hoping to be the one to go up against president barack obama in november. now iowa caucuses, the presidential candidates will go to their areas and we will find out who gets the momentum who exceeded expectations who fell below expectations and at this
6:38 am
point mitt romney is still on top. he has been on top for a long time now. not far behind is rand paul who is coming up from behind in the last month but number 3 is who a lot of people are looking at more closely and that's rick santorum. he holds 15% coming out of the des moines registered polls and he is the one people are looking for to see if he will get the momentum. because he has gotten some momentum. he has picked up some steam. a lot of people have had their surge, their bump and a lot of people say it could be coming at just the right time. >> you and i talked about it earlier but it is interesting, iowa voters are bomb boarded -- bombarded with negative ads, sometimes it turns people off to the whole party, what are people saying about the ads?
6:39 am
>> reporter: that is right, i spoke to somebody who said i like rick santorum because i have not seen any negative ads and i guess it's going both ways because santorum has only gone up with a couple lately but overall, he has not had a lot of money to put up any. she didn't like the voters i spoke to and she didn't like negative campaigning it turned her off. she was saying essentially mitt romney with the ads he is doing, attacking newt gingrich she said he will not win her vote and she was also talking about newt gingrich who said i am going to wage a positive campaign. i will pledge to you the people of iowa to stay positive and for the most part he has. people have been seeing ads for a long time now and they are ready to be done with that. >> well, they will be done
6:40 am
chris, i know you told us earlier, we will have the winner in just about an hour after the iowa caucuses. sal, what are you saying this morning? well the fog is now causing delays at san francisco international airport, a ground delay will be in effect and that's because planes can't go in and out at the same rate. the airplanes use the runways and usually parallel runways, they will come in two at a time and on a day like today they will come in one at a time. it is like a mini traffic jam for airplanes caused by the fog. let's look at the westbound bay bridge. we had a stalled truck on the bridge for a while. i was in the left lane and they moved that truck and the traffic is backed up over
6:41 am
crossing the 88 over crossing kind of a normal day here so it is a 15 minute delay. in san jose, santa clara valley, at 580 and 101, so far looking good. let's go to steve. we do have fog around and a lot is poking around and you can see here the mother ship. we do have areas of fog which is dancing all over the place. there are some higher clouds and lower clouds above and it is cold out there. even this old sweep. 30s out there for some, 40s for others and yesterday we had that front go by. that kept us 5 to 10 degrees cooler and there is a lot of fog underneath. that is the big story. coast inland, 8th of a mile,
6:42 am
but almost every observation here from santa rosa so san jose. there are some 30s and the storm track unfortunately because we need rain, stays way to the north and there are all signs it will stay north over the next five to seven days but the 15 day outlook was promising. if anything it will get warmer. some of the higher clouds will be over us, 13 in livermore, right about 50s in san francisco and higher clouds are part of the system going way north. fog, then sun their skies, hazy after somebody's morning clouds, the fog has realize reduced visibility. get stuck in the fog with upper 50s. we will rebound from
6:43 am
yesterday's numbers. we will be warmer today and again the fog will be around and the extended outlook is dry. with your weekend always in view it will be warmer and warmer except for the night and morning fog we will be near 70s. and we hear from the star quarterback from his final college game and the heartbreaking loss last night. this building is preventing this school from opening today. good morning, 280 northbound, there is moving along okay, but there are some repercussions from the foggy weather. we will have more coming up. stay tuned.
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6:46 am
. a water-main break bursted which caused a small river of the water that cascaded down the streets. a lot of the business owners are giving out sandbags to protect their buildings and dozens were at this vigil remembering five-year-old gabriel martinez who was shot to death on the sidewalk in
6:47 am
oakland. oakland police are offering a $25,000 reward leading to an arrest in the case. they are scheduled to return to work this morning but instead they are helping to clean up the classrooms after a nearby fire. kraig debro is outside the creative art charter school this morning, kraig? >> reporter: we had reports that the school was damaged because of the fire here at the corner and if you look at the school i believe half the school was damaged bywater and fire. even if -- by water and fire. even if firefighters were off, i don't think there was a way to cause damage. take a look at the video, if you remember the story, you remember the huge flames coming from the top of the building and residents of three buildings are now riffing -- living elsewhere because of
6:48 am
what happened and i just spoke to a construction supervisor and he tells me the reason this building is damaged has to do with what happened on the 22nd. the main building caught fire and spring letters went off inside the building inside that building which is how the building was damaged from water because of sprinklers inside. they lost an art studio, a lunchroom and also a community room is unavailable. >> i think we all feel very fortunate that our school is still intact, we were not in session and nobody was her. >> reporter: so the principal says essentially they are making everybody -- they are closing school today not because they are not ready but so that everybody could a absorb what happened.
6:49 am
he told me it was a $9 million project and they are asking how much more money it will cost. he didn't tell me but he did say it will cost a lot more. kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. mount rainier national park is still closed after they found the gunman accused of killing a park ranger. the body of benjamin colton barnes was found yesterday morning and investigators believe he killed margaret anderson during a routine traffic stop. >> before ring jersey were -- ranger -- the ranger was able to exit the car, he shot her so i don't believe shed much of a chance. >> he is suspected of shooting four other people critically injuring two of them during the party. his body was found submerged in a creek and he appears to have
6:50 am
died as a result of the clothes weather. it can happen any time in the next three months. organizers are looking for huge ocean swells. they report they will meet thursday to discuss spectator safety, if you remember almost two years ago, a rogue wave injured several people. well the luck ran out for stamford quarterback andrew luck. a disappointment for the players. he said the overtime loss should not be blamed on just one player. >> you know at the end of the day we lost and i am as much to blame as the next guy. >> jordan williams missed a field goal at the end of the 4th quarter that would have
6:51 am
sealed the win. williamson kicked wide on his next field goal attempt and that gave oklahoma the victory. we will go to sal for a look at traffic. >> people were so angry on twitter and stamford people were really upset. they wanted and drew luck to -- andrew luck to have the ball and drive it into the end zone. fog is an issue and this morning we had a stalled truck on the bridge but it is gone. traffic is backed out all the way to the maze. there is a little bit of slowing on 101 by the airport but that's it for now. at the san francisco airport one hour ground delays are reported here and that means planes are having a hard time to coming in because of the fog
6:52 am
and this could mean major delays for flights coming in and out of fso. let's go to steve. we have fog advisories and for good reason. visibility is terrible for some. we do have higher clouds up above and it's really low right document on the ground. it is cold for some and it's pretty chilly and foggy out there. they cannot see across the street and it is zero visibility, so there you go with the fog, what do you expect for july. 54 to 55. it all depends on getting through the fog and it will be a tall order. the higher clouds will thin out and they will get out faster than yesterday.
6:53 am
he left really cool cloud formations inland fog is even a quarter of amole first. the system for these clouds is way up here, they just broke off. 30s for some. 49 in sap fran, mid-40 -- 49 in san france, mid-40s for some. it looks really quiet on the 7 to so day outlook, no rain in site. maybe the -- in sight, maybe the 15 day. and we have a tall order to get above 52. a little bit on the peninsular as well and the extended outlook looks good except for your morning fog it will be warmer. well the holiday is not over for u.s. p.s. and they say this is the day people return christmas gifts
6:54 am
they don't like and many people are trying to avoid the crowds during the holidays and start returning gifts that are not holiday related. last year the sierra snow back was well above normal. what will the researchers say this morning? nts online. i can explain... jumping a ramp in a shopping cart. so 2005. wait, what? and only 3 likes? honey, it's embarrassing. carol's son got over 12 million views on that dancing squirrel video. don't you want that? i...i suppose. now go make your dad and me proud. try something funny. [ male announcer ] now everyone's up to speed. get high speed internet for $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one year term. at&t.
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with a one year term.
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. time now 6:56, the department of water resources will start measuring in tahoe at 11:00 this morning and this is the first snow survey of the winter. the current readings are 24% below normal. >> it is dry, dry, dry up there. coming up on 7:00, let's have a look at traffic with sal. let's go out to the toll plaza and the golden gate bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic is busy through the fog. but it is busy at the bay bridge toll plaza because of an area stalled truck that is gone. traffic is getting busier but we are seeing some slowing on 85 getting up to cupertino. let's go to steve. and what you just saw, they will clear out, so fair but
6:58 am
hazy skies, temperatures get to the 50s and 60s and the fog will be thick over the next few hours. this back to workday is a mess in downtown berkeley. we will have a live report coming up on the bick water- main break -- big water-main break. a disabled man is facing eviction from his long time home and we just spoke with him a short time ago. stay with us.
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