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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we live in san francisco where there is still no sign of a burglar suspect hiding in a cliff along telegraph hill. we'll have the latest from police. getting ready for the wrecking ball. the old county jail that will be torn down today. >> overnight and early morning developments from iowa. the eight volt difference separating the two front runners in that state caucuses. just ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us it's wednesday, january 4th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> we do have some patchy fog. there is some on the coast.
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inland will burn off much sooner today. after we see the temperatures start to rebound, they will end up under mostly sunny skies. here is sal. good morning, traffic on 80 westbound is looking pretty good coming out to the mccarthur maze we are off to a pretty decent start as you head out to the mccarthur maze. no problems there. also the morning commute in san francisco looks pretty good approaching the 80 split. now let's go back to the desk. in san francisco police are staking out a cliff on telegraph hill. that is where they say a burglar suspect is hiding. ktvu tara moriarty joins us now with an update from the scene. tara. >> reporter: we just spoke to police. they say this particular suspect has been changing up his hiding spot here along the cliff you see behind me. for more than 12 hours now. police say he broke into an apartment at the top of the hill. slid down the cliff and keeps trying to sneak back up. that is why there are officers stationed at the top and
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bottom. they have been searching for the suspect. they are also staked out at the bottom near chestnut street. a woman living in an apartment off of run bar told police a suspect stole her ring and escaped over the balcony and down the cliff where fire crews are shining a suspect of where they believe he is hiding. >> it's pretty cliffy. brush is pretty thick. 10-20 feet gh. apparently burglarized an apartment on the hill. when he was confronted by the building manager, he ran into the hillside and came down. basically almost to the bottom of the hill. >> reporter: every now and then they will see the bushes moving and the suspect will yell out. they haven't heard from him once we've been here. now they did find some clothes and water bottles in the brush near the house. police are not sure if those items belong to the suspect. so that means he's been here for some time and would be very
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familiar with the area. we are live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty. time now 6:02. overnight we learned it came down to eight votes. mitt romney narrowing beat rick santorum. statistically they are tied at 25%. ron paul came in third with 21%. newt gingrich came in fourth place with 13%. rick perry 10% and michele bachmann 5%. >> thank you for your help. on to new hampshire. let's get that job den. >> now most of the candidates are heading to new hampshire and they are campaigning ahead of the primary there. the announcement from michele bachmann that may put into question the future of her
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campaign. demolition day has finally arrived for an old san francisco jail. ktvu claudine wong is outside the jail to tell us why today is the end of an era if a lot of ways. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. let's give you a look at san francisco county jail number three. it's there in the background. we are standing in front of it here. a new jail system behind it. built in 1934 the conditions first caught sheriff michael eye when he was a young attorney. his campaign promise back in 1979 was to close it. and here we are in 2012 finally seeing that campaign promise fulfilled. >> it has been a more than 15 yearlong journey to get to this point. >> reporter: add five more years to that statement. that was sheriff back in 2006 when he took me and other reporters on a tour of the jail. right before the last inmate
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moved out. the story of that jail includes a lot of failed bond members and class action lawsuit with the court declaring conditions so bad they violated the constitutional rights of inmates. now in 2006 the inmates moved out of that old jail and into the new jail. that's what you are looking at now. they moved into a state of the art facility. the old jail has sat there. until today. we will come back out here live. still dark out here. you can see a crane already in place. at 10:30 this morning the wrecking ball is scheduled to take the first swipe at the old building. one day before he leaves office, 32 years after he made that promise we'll finally see that promise fulfilled. live here in san bruno claudine wong. we want to take you back to san jose for the this mornings developing news. police are still on the scene
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of a standoff at an apartment complex. major new development just moments ago. kraig debro told us this person was taken into custody. what else have you been able to learn? >> reporter: i learned that this all started around 1:00 in the morning with santa clara county sheriffs deputies pulled over a car that is just right there. the black car. it's a coop. don't know what make it is. basically after they pulled over this car the driver started to run. here to fill us in with what happened is sergeant jose. when did you apprehend the suspect and where? >> the suspect was apprehended 20-30 minutes ago in this area where the original car stop took place. >> he was hiding out here in three hour. >> yeah. the occupies remained in the vehicle. as we are look for the suspect and talking to the occupants.
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between that time we had help from local agencies that brought a canine unit over here. he was hiding near shed. took him into custody. no problems. he has been transported to the jail. >> reporter: what are the pending charges? >> at this time charges are going to be possession of stolen property. there was items inside the vehicle that are stolen at the time. >> reporter: you found out already the items are stole someone >> correct. >> reporter: again, sheriffs deputies around here for three hours. possibly 3.5 house. couple other people are in that car. they were not taken into custody. they are being questioned by sheriffs deputies. kraig debro ktvu channel 2 morning news. chuck reid is working on a plan to end the growing battle over the new pot club law.
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the he tells the media that he's allowing more pot clubs in the future. now critics have collected almost 50,000 signatures aimed at repealing that law. they argue it would lead to marijuana super stores that federal drug agents would eventually shut down. also finances would be on the mind of state senators and family members. lawmakers will have to figure out how to solve the $12 billion budget deficit. governor brown has until january 10th to sub hit his budget to them. other hotly contested items whether to raise the state minimum wage to $8.50. a bill that allows health insurance rates. and how to companies muse on two bills that would legal
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arizona. >> everybody behaving themselves? >> i think so, dave. northbound 101 coming into san francisco looks pretty good. getting up to the downtown area. if you are -- if you are driving anywhere i think you will like it. you can see a little bit of slow traffic here. we start seeing slow traffic after they turn the metering lights on in the 6:00 hour. on a normal commute day in 2011. we'll see what happens in 2012. they may turn them on soon. this mornings commute on northbound 280 that looks good getting up to highway 17. at 6:09 let's go back to steve. >> thank you very much. just came across on twitter yosemite pass still open. the latest ever. usually it closes in november. that's not something we say in
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december or january. this is a very dry pattern for everybody now. things don't look good here. looking seven to ten days out. maybe things will change. colder lows this morning. we have coastal fog. some patchy fog. oakland airport and napa airport say fog. yesterday everybody said fog. it will be mostly sunny today. 30s showing up here. 34 for fairfield. also for santa rosa. you can see the blue right there. heading back into marin county. low 40s to upper 30s along the peninsula as well. couple systems spinning in higher clouds. high pressure over us. a little low coming up from southern california. you can seat pattern. this is just grim. ugly for us. this is going way up and over. and really going to intensify very cold system dropping down over the next couple about 5-10 days for the great lakes. all the way down to the deep south. for us that means high pressure. there is more fog on the coast
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today. inland mostly sunny. few high clouds coming by. but still not stopping us for getting into the mid 60s to a few upper 60s. extended outlook shows a really quiet pattern. it will be cooler thursday into friday. one of the republican presidential candidates skipped the iowa caucuses all together. where former utah governor john huntsman is focusing his attention yet. a murder mystery in britain. a body found in one of queen elizabeth estates.
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time now 6:13. new video of an emergency landing. this one happened near houston texas. there is the plane. the pilot was forced to land suddenly after losing engine power six mile from the airport. it landed right in the street. this is downtown con row, texas. hit a power pole as well. luckily no one was hurt. the 22-year-old pilot has less than 100 hours of flying time. believe it or not, she just got her pilot lions three months ago. the iowa caucuses have ended with the closest results ever. ktvu alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with how mitt romney eked out a win, rick santorum surprised a bunch. >> reporter: we just learned that michele bachmann has canceled her campaign trip to south carolina this morning and she is going to be holding a
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news conference to talk about it. it was the middle of the night in iowa when the vote counters declared mitt romney the winner by eight votes. it was the closest march gin of victory in caucus history. they each got about 25% of the vote. ron paul finished third. now it's on to new hampshire where fourth placed finner newt gingrich angry about the attacks against him says he will be more aggressive. romney went on tv and said he's ready for it. >> i understand this will be a lot of attacks coming our way. this is the nature of this process. if you can't handle the attacks at this stage, just wait until the white house and the dnc really launch their attacks. >> reporter: texas governor recapper #reu spent more -- rick perry spent more money than anyone in iowa. now he's heading back to texas
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to reassess his campaign. for now we are live in washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:15. later today senator john mccain flies to new hampshire to endorse mitt romney. this is just the opposite of what happened four years ago. in the 2008 campaign both mccain and romney were both vying for the republican nomination when mccain won the new hampshire. john huntsman skipped the iowa caucuses entirely. he's been focusing his campaign on new hampshire. at a town hall meeting in new hampshire yesterday someone in the audience asked huntsman if he had a message to the winner of the iowa caucuses. >> a message to the winner of the iowa caucus. it would be welcome to new hampshire, nobody cares. [ laughter ]
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>> huntsman says because new hampshire has a primary not is a caucus it carries a lot more weight in deciding the nominees. president obama supporters in ohio are eagerly waiting the hear what he has to say when they visit today. hundreds braved the bitter cold to get tickets to the free event. he won the swing state? 2008. 6:17. military members and their families you will be able to get through airport security check points a lot faster. president obama signed a bill. it will speed up the check point process for service members in uniform and traveling on orders. the law suggests putting service members into trusted traveler programs. those lines are faster and people are prescreened. british police are investigating a murder after the discovery of a body at one
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of queen elizabeth estates. the body of a woman was found on new years day. investigators say the body had been there for at least a month. it's not clear whether the woman was killed at the scene or taken there after her death. >> there are forensic experts working on the scene. looking at ant throw possible. >> parts of the estate are open to the public. the queen and her husband were attending a church service in the estate when the discovery was made. 6:1. a surfer in australia is in the hospital. very lucky to be alive after being attacked by a shark. the 28-year-old man was surfing at a beach yesterday when a shark bit his arm. he felt his arm go underneath the surf board and started paddling back to shore. three teenagers helped him. back here at home a court ruling is expected some time this week that accuses honda of
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making false gas mileage claims. 36-year-old heather peter there is presented her case in small claims court yesterday. she claims her honda civic hybrid never came close to getting the 50 miles a gallon. if she wins her case the payout could be a lot bigger. her strategy for litigation could become a new trend. 6:18 is the time. back to sal to check on traffic. >> yeah. we are looking at the teleplay -- toll plaza. remember this is the time it gets busy. it hasn't gotten busy yet. in 2011 we would already be full but today it's not quite as bad. perhaps we will have a lighter day. lighter when i say lighter i mean relatively lighter. it's not going to be a walk in the park. let's go out and take a look at 880 north and southbound. a lot of cars here. the fog is not a big issue as
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it was yesterday for most drivers any way. you might see some on the coast. steve will expand on that. let's move and talk about the south bay. traffic on 280 looks pretty good. 6:19 let's go to steve. thank you, sir. just looking a lot of 30s out there. los gatos at 39. a lot of 30s up at the santa cruz mountains. walnut creek downtown upper 30s. trying to find some. i found a few around mill valley and the north bay there is plenty. it's colder this morning. and some of the higher clouds just spinning in don't mean much. the fog son coast. it will be out there. 30s for many. fairfield 34. the northeast wind their windchill is at 30 degrees. buchanon with a little bit of a breeze. it's cold out there. 30s and 40s. a few high clouds. combination of the high. the low spinning in high clouds. overall storm track jet stream
6:21 am
whatever you want to say statues north. there is no sign of any rain. if anything it will be a really cold system president great lakes and deep south. northeastly sunny. after patchy fog. there is still a little bit out there. mainly it's colder inland. with that fog hanging out closer to the coast. 50s and 60s to mid and upper 60s. temperatures will cool off a little bit thursday and friday. weekend expect for night and morning fog looks sunny and mild to warm. prices of california starbucks won't be going up but they will in many states. it's raising the price of the tall drinks by ten cents. star bucks says increased competition and higher cost for sugar and other ingredients are forcing the change. the price of grande drinks will not be going up. sears holding company spun off which started in san jose 80 years ago as a farmers cooperative. sears bought off in 1996 but a planned merger did not happen
6:22 am
as profits dropped. orchard supply is 87 stores and plans to across the state. possibly into pacific northwest. 6:21. don't know if you noticed we have big waves along the california coast. while the surfers love it, there is still a lot of warnings for everybody to watch out for wipeouts. see the veteran of policing bay area streets for more than two decades. now she is in charge of her own department. san rafael new police chief tells us how times have changed for female officers. good morning, richmond, san rafael bridge traffic looking good.
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good morning. right now traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza getting a little busier. it's not quite full strength. we are getting a slow down before you get on to the bridge. now let's go back to the desk. time now 6:25. florida farmers scrambling trying to save their crops after bitter cold snap. now the freeze came on the heals of summer like weather down there. even minor damage to the crops could add up to major financial losses all over florida. but the cold is not expected to last too long and many of the
6:26 am
growers say they are optimistic their crops can be saved. a high surf advisory is in effect throughout california. that means larger than average waves and pretty dangerous rip currents over the last couple of days. as we have been telling you the organizers of the maverick surf contest they opened a three month window because of the big waves. life guards all over the state are telling you amateur surfers and average beach goers be careful. thanks to a new state grant south bay kids will be safer riding their bikes. about 2500 students in the franklin mckinny school district will get new bicycle helmets. a $35,000 grant from the department of transportation is paying for those. the helmets are needed because some of the kids in the district ride dangerous routes to get to school. it's official. san rafael has its first female police chief. [ cheering and applause ]
6:27 am
standing room only crowd at city council chambers last night warmly welcomed diana bishop to her new post. she started her career 23 years ago as a patrol officer in santa clara. bishop called her new job the right fit at the right place at the right time. after the ceremony she told us here that some officers gave her a hard time when she started out. but times are better now for female officers. >> looking back you know couple of us were trail blazers where we smoothed the waters so the women that come in now don't have to worry about stuff like that. >> female police chief from hayward and sausalito were on hand to welcome her. chief bishop takes charge on monday. 6:27. well, the results of the iowa caucuses are in now. the two candidates that may now be dropping out of the race. we are live in san francisco where police are staking out a hill fight as they search for a burglar
6:28 am
suspect. we will tell you how close they are to catching him. [ male announcer ] get ready for some deli-style delic-ious-ity:
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. there it is live in new york. the opening bell. looks like actually a pretty quiet opening. couple of pretty big hats over there on the nasdaq. that is the professional bull riders chief operating officer. silly me. i didn't know that was a pubically traded company. they are celebrating sixth annual invitational at madison square garden. pbr is their symbol. professional bull riders. lower part of your screen dow jones down a little bit. we'll have all the biggest news. yahoo named a new ceo. we'll talk about that coming up. we'll smile and say good
6:31 am
morning, to you. thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news. middle of the week wednesday, january 4th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. >> we do have developing news we are following. this is from san francisco. police are out there trying to capture a burglar suspect hiding on telegraph hill. ktvu tara moriarty has been out there all morning. she is back now. so any sign of this suspect yet? >> reporter: you know for the longest time we have not been seeing any movement. but a couple seconds ago i don't know if you can see on the side here. there is an officer shining the flashlight up the cliff here. there is one running off in this direction. i think they may have a location where they believe he may be. there is a van also parked here from sfpd. there is also more officers at the top of the cliff where they believe he was hiding. the suspect has two backpacks on him. police are not sure if he is
6:32 am
armed. the cliff is so steep they are not risking any officers lives to try to draw him out. just before 5:30 last night a woman living off an apartment called 911 saying a man stole her ring. he jumped over the back balcony and down the cliff. >> if you look at the hillside it's pretty treacherous. you don't know that the brush is pretty thick there. and it's sheer cliff coming down on several sides of that hill. we will not risk someone's life going after a burglar suspect right now. we'll wait until daylight. >> reporter: now police have been searching with flashlight in the brush because the suspect has tried to climb up a few times and escape up at the top. but right where the fire department is shining the light off of its truck. more toward the bottom of the hill that is where police last saw movement. it's possible he could have moved again. police did find clothes and a water bottle.
6:33 am
it's also possible that the suspects is familiar with this area that will make police officers job a little tougher. but we will stay out here. we will continue to monitor the situation scene like i said a couple minutes ago it seemed like they believe they may have some sort of an area where he may have moved to. that may be different from the area where that light is shining. we'll stay on top of it and let you know. live in san francisco i'm tara moriarty. overnight police search in san jose came to an end. sheriffs deputies say a robbery suspect that was hiding out at an apartment complex surrounderred without a fight. now that ended a search that began shortly after 1:00 a.m.. investigators say the suspect ran away after getting pulled over. he was wanted in connection for a robbery. he now faces additional charges for resisting arrest. the suspect is now in the santa clara county jail. and no one was hurt in that incident. time now 6:33.
6:34 am
politics it all came down to eight votes. mitt romney narrowly beat rick santorum in the iowa caucuses. romney picked up 30,015. santorum 30,007 votes. statistically they are tied at 25%. ron paul came in third place with 21%. newt gingrich came in fourth place with 15%. rick perry 10% and michele bachmann 5%. coming up for you in six minutes we'll bring you a live report from des moines, iowa to tell you what is next for the winners and the losers including an announcement just a short while ago for michele bachmann's campaign that may give us some indication that she is thinking of dropping out. investigation is under way in what caused several trucks to catch fire at a fedex facility in petaluma. firefighters spent 15 minutes putting that fire out. one time though flames
6:35 am
threatened a large diesel truck loaded with 5,000 gallons of fuel. firefighters were able to put it out before it became a problem. no injuries and no packages were burned in that fire. also overnight a christmas tree fire. that was after it was left at the curb for pick up. our news crew captured video of the tree on fire just before midnight. that was at bay and mason streets in strength. see a man walking by kicked the burning tree away from a scooter which did suffer some damage there. firefighters arrived and put out the flame. time 16:-- time is 6:35. police are pleaing for someone to come forward who killed a five-year-old boy. funeral services for gabriel martinez junior is scheduled for this friday. he was shot outside his father's taco truck. his father says the gunman ordered food and then pulled out a gun and shot his child. police say the gunman drove off
6:36 am
in a silver colored american made car. there was a female passenger inside. if you have any information contact oakland police. new this morning just a few minutes ago yahoo confirmed its new ceo comes from another silicon valley company. the sunnyvale based company has hired scott thompson. thompson will step down as papal president and move to -- paypal president. it has been without a permanent ceo since early september when yahoo fired carol barts. there is a new plan to block facebook expansion plans. the city of east palo alto may file a giant lawsuit against the social networking giant. they are worried that facebook's new home in nearby menlo park will lead to huge traffic jams & other problems. last month facebook completed
6:37 am
its move and now it wantons crease both the space and the number of workers at its new headquarters there in menlo park. sal, is it getting busy at the toll plaza? >> they are. we do have a crowd at the toll plaza. you can see traffic is getting a little slower. for some reason it hasn't reached full strength. we are not complaining. we are not hoping for more delays. it's about a ten minute wait right now. this morning in san francisco we have crowded conditions on 101 north and southbound approaching the 80 split. no major problems. we are hear of -- we are hear of a major problem in tracy. just west of highway 5. not one but two trucks involved in an accident. there is a report that both of them are overturned. one is carrying a large load and it's blocking all the lanes. hearing the second big rig is a furniture truck that needs off loading prior to riding. this sounds like a minor injury
6:38 am
accident. all lanes of highway 205 in tracy are blocked. a lot of people make that commute. it's unrealist to think that people come all the way from tracy coming into the bay area. if you are hearing about this and watching us from there, you might want to take 580 instead. thiamines 580 will be more crowded. not one but two trucks. both of them reportedly now overturned. all lanes blocked on 205. let's go to steve. thank you. very quiet pattern over us. we have fog on the coast. patchy fog inland. nothing like yesterday. a few high clouds and they will give way to sunshine. it's colder this morning. nevada is 37. walnut creek downtown chill there 37. mountain view, los altos at 39. it's colder this morning than
6:39 am
yesterday. even concord at 37. 34 napa airport. i did see 33 closer to town. and 39 redwood city. san jose at 41. few high clouds spinning here pap little low off the coast. won't amount to anything. give us a few high clouds. high pressure looks like it's here for awhile. everything is going well to the north. jet stream stays to the north. we do have coaler lows. that is not going anywhere. mostly sunny today. mostly sunny skies will carry us through most of the day. tomorrow we start another cool down. 62-67 on the inland temps. a little cooler by the coast because there is fog hanging out there. mitt romney beats rick santorum by only eight votes in the iowa caucuses. the closest race ever in iowa.
6:40 am
paul stine joins us from des moines. the biggest deal is michele bachmann canceling her trip to south carolina. what is the talk there? is she going to drop out? >> reporter: it seems like it. last night she was fiesy in her speech. talking about taking on president barack obama but let's be real she only got 5% of the vote in iowa. she was born here in iowa. her campaign really low on cash. it's tough to continue on. we don't know for sure. it's a pretty safe bet she will announce she may be ending her bid for the gop nomination. also keeping our eyes on texas governor rick perry. we heard him say he was going to go back to austin texas and reevaluate. perry spent a lot of money and time in iowa. there was a disappointing finish for him. >> we have eight votes separating romney and santorum.
6:41 am
mitt romney is expected to be the big favorite in new hampshire. >> he sure is. mitt romney has been on top of the polls in new hampshire for two or three years now. why? he was neighbor of governorring massachusetts. he owns a summer home in new hampshire. he is very, very well known in new hampshire. but i got to say, rick santorum's very, very strong second place finish is starting to turn heads. cnn put out a pollened skating santorum's support. still far behind romney. it has doubled. it will be interesting week leading up to the primaries in new hampshire. >> all right paul there live in des moines, iowa. a lot of people think caucuses are boring. forget that. time 6:41. kim kardashian in a spotlight she doesn't like. why the reality tv star is the
6:42 am
target of this new campaign about taxes. and demolishing a jail. we'll tell you why and why this is a big historical event actually. good morning, san mateo bridge traffic looks pretty good. we are waiting on a big problem in the tracy area that you should know about. we'll let you know all about that straight ahead.
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6:44 am
6:45 am
good morning, to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now at 6:44. san francisco police waiting out a burglar suspect happen he's hiding somewhere out there. police say the suspect broke into a nearby apartment building and stole jewelry last night. overnight police search in san jose ended an hour ago. sheriffs deputies say a robbery suspect that was hiding out near an apartment complex on moorpark avenue surrounderred without a fight. luckily no one was hurt. in politics mitt romney beat rick santorum by eight votes last night in the iowa caucuses. most of the candidates are taking their campaigns to new hampshire ahead of next tuesday's primary there. there are signs that rick perry and michele bachmann may be thinking about dropping out of
6:46 am
the race after poor showings in iowa. the demolition of an old san francisco jail is set to begin in less than four hours. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong is outside the jail with why the wrecking ball means that the sheriff's career has come full circle. >> reporter: a long time in the making. let's give you a look at the old san francisco jail known as jail number three. if you take a look behind me, you can see the lights on in the new jail. the dark building behind it that is the old one. it was built in 1934 and it has been the subject of a lot of controversy over the years. the conditions so bad inside they were deemed to be cruel and unusual punishment for inmates by the courts. our cameras were inside that jail back in 2006. that is when the last inmates were moved out. the sheriff made a promise to close that jail back in 1979 in his first campaign for sheriff. story for that jail includes a lot of red tape, two failed bond members and a class action
6:47 am
lawsuit. >> you will see there are windows broken out with plastic stuffed over them. we've used enough duct tape to go from here to the moon. >> reporter: you are looking at video where the inmates were moved. that was the inside of the new jail. while business continues at the new facility, the old one sat there empty. that will change today. coming back out here live, if we go in very close you can see a crane that is in place. wrecking ball will be attach the to that crane. at 10:30 the wrecking ball is expected to take a smack at knocking that building down. he retires tomorrow and steps down and makes room for the new sheriff. but jail number three when it comes down you will see a campaign promised fulfilled. live in san bruno claudine wong
6:48 am
ktvu channel 2 news. 6:47. supporters of a plan to raise taxes on california millionaires they are taking aim at the reality tv star kim kardashian in a new ad. >> being on tv has changed my life because i get lots of free stuff. >> the courage campaign launched this oenline video. it's calling for kim to pay her fair share of taxes. according to the ad kardashian earned $10 million in 2010 but only paid 10% in taxes. the average american earned $40,000 and paid a 9% tax rate. former secretary of state condoleezza rice says the california ballot is too hard to understand. rice that teaches at stanford university is a member of the think long committee. they proposed a ballot initiative to raise california sales tax. she told the sacramento bee she has concerns about the
6:49 am
referendum process and says sometimes she has to read a measure several times just to make sense of it. san francisco police suspect something is fishy about the return of a stolen monkey. they just opened up an investigation into the return of banana sam. the skepticism surrounding how the monkey was found and what is now happening to the $5,000 reward. 6:48. sal, what is happening on the roads right now? we have a pretty good commute or what? >> we to have a big commute. we are watching all kinds of things. first of all we will talk about the commute in tracy. westbound 205 after two overturned big rigs. they were managed to get traffic through. the traffic is very slow on 205 and highway 5 5. lits have a major -- it will have a major effect there. highway 4 is busy. now we go to the bay bridge toll plaza where that is backed
6:50 am
up for a ten minute wait. let's go to steve. thank you. it's colder out there. yesterday we couldn't see a thing because of the fog. i tell you i'm getting tweets. what is the deal with rain? there is nothing. so probably until the middle of the month we are not looking for anything. tioga pass is still open. rs there is restaurants in lake tahoe opening up their decks because it has been so warm. earliest ever. with that in mind it will be sunny and warmer today. we do have colder lows because of the fog. there is patchy fog but it's noticeably colder. north bay colder. it will billion mostly sunny. temperatures coming up a little bit. the wind in the east bay hills i noticed from mount diablo about 25-30. nevada is 37.
6:51 am
walnut creek downtown 37. palo alto around 38. los gatos, mountain view around 39. there is colder readings. also readings in the santa cruz mountains. fairfield 34. they have a little bit of ha northeast wind. their windchill is 30 degrees. what we see here is what we get. if anything it will be warmer. today mild to warm. some of that coastal fog keeps 50s or low 60s closer to the coast. forecasted highs are starting to come up. especially toward mountain view. mid 60s there. redwood sty 65. napa 65. so warmer today. cooler thursday and friday. warmup again expect for fog. industry analysts say
6:52 am
overall sales increased 8%. that is despite smaller year end discounts. kia and hyundai will announce sales jumped 30%. and chrysler jumped likely 34%. let's check in on wall street right now. live look at the big board. dow jones down 30 points. so we want to throw in one of those tidbits the stats that people look at in an election year if january is good. than it indicates a good year for the whole s & p 500. that has been kept since 1945. >> i didn't know that. >> if we have a good january, we'll have a good year. >> okay. 6:52. steve jobs and toys. why the legendary cofounder will have an impact on toy stores worldwide. raiders respond to reports of staffing changes for the silver and black. good morning, traffic on southbound 101 marin county getting a little busier now
6:53 am
through central san rafael.
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news it's 6:55. there is a new action figure for the man that made computing fun. chinese made a action figure.
6:56 am
they are selling the action figure on its website for about $100. it says the toy comes with different pairs of glasses, props, and hand gestures. steve jobs died in october and some bloggers are calling the toy a bit creepy. getting into the new york marathon will cost you more because of the higher police cost. depending upon your association with the new york road runners club, participants will have to pay between 24-40% more to run in this years marathon. the most nonclub members will pay $255 up -- that is up from $60 from last year. well this morning the oakland raiders are denying reports that they are firing several members of the coaching staff. a bay area spokes radio station is reporting that the team has
6:57 am
fired defensive coordinator chuck. it also said three assistant coaches have been let go. head coach hue jackson only said he will talk to his staff quote soon. time now 6:56. let's check in with sal. see what is happening in your commute. >> traffic is still pretty busy around the bay area. we are looking at all the bay area commutes. 237 stop and go traffic. it looks like it's full strength here get into the valley. also the morning commute will be slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a 10-15 minute wait. northbound 101 that commute looks good. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. fog on the coast. inland there is only patchy fog. it's colder this morning. after things get going it will be mostly sunny. it will be warmer with low to mid upper 60s. coming up next on mornings on two. it was a tense morning on telegraph hill. the police search that continues at this hour in san francisco. plus mitt romney wins the
6:58 am
iowa caucus by eight votes last night. two of his republican rivals may be out esterases very soon. stay right here with us.
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