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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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report it, a security guard. he wasn't hurt but wasn't allowed to speak to us. he represents the district. >> there is fencing, which you can see, that was set up to prevent boulders from rolling down but this was larger than this fence was meant to protect. >> reporter: residents say they pushed to have the association and the city shore up the cliff. we contacted the city who owns the cliff, they say they settled the lawsuit filed 10 years ago which gave them money to build a fence and stabilize the hill. they sent a letter reminding of the work still needs to be done. he explained plans to remedy the situation now.
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>> after we get a report, who will look that hill closer, they will give us an assessment and then we will decide. >> hopefully they can do something quickly. >> reporter: for protection, a rock barrier will be installed and only one ruin unit is safe to return to. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. a rock slide is also causing problems in yosemite national park. the rocks came down on big oak flat road last night. won of the main roads into the park. they say crews are assessing the damage and trying to reopen the road. but right now the road is closed indefinitely. yosemite national park is accessible using highway 40 and 41. in santa cruz two boats washed ashore. one wound up near the boardwalk and another on the state park
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beach. they are probably not salvageable. as for surfers, they loved the weather because it made for good waves but the conditions were not good for beginners. crews in the east bay are trying to repair a road that gave way over the weekend. oakwood drive remains closed after a section collapsed near wild current road on saturday. that caused a wait a minute wait a minute, caughting off -- that caused a wait aed a -- caused a watermain break. 2 feet of fresh snow fell since thursday at higher elevations and blue cannier there is a foot of snow. at 6:15, see how the storms are impacting california's water supply. an accident left two people dead. we were over the scene an hour ago at fremont at delaware.
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between highway 680 and 880. police are still on the scene investigating. the intercension will remain closed till 7:00 p.m. tonight. new allegations of abuse against san francisco's -- san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi, this time it saformer girlfriend. ktvu's david stevenson tell us the woman is comparing ross mirkarimi to a pitbull. >> reporter: the new allegations may be too old for charges but they could be used as evidence against the sheriff in his domestic violence case. >> reporter: an ex-girlfriend of san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi on sunday filed a police report, alleging he committed domestic violence after they began dating in 2007. it comes after ross mirkarimi pleaded not guilty to three counts of domestic violence against his wife ellana lopez.
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boycott deny the charnels. in the police report -- both deny the charges. in the police report, it says he shook her, grabbed her and bruised one of her arms and the relationship ended after he admitted he got a woman in wednesday wednesday pregnant -- in venezuela pregnant. ross mirkarimi learned he will nase trial on february 24. >> i ask that -- he will face trial on february 24. i ask that everyone presumes i am innocent. >> reporter: he plans to meet with the sheriff this week about the scandal. >> our responsibility is to serve the public. if there is a dick traction to that, the first order of business is whether he would consider taking a leave. >> reporter: his attorney declined to discuss the latest
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allegations. he said he needed to talk to the sheriff first. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. an inmate from napa stateship back in custody tonight after he escaped. he was found this morning at a super market in napa. earlier the hospital said he was still on hospital grounds when he escaped under a fence and missing for 13 hours. the hospital says an investigation is underway to figure out how he escaped. joseph naso has been ordered to go to trial in connection with the murders of four women. the judge issued the order today. the judge also ordered him to answer to enhancements that could make him eligible for the death penality. he is accused of killing four
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women in northern california. lawrence berkeley national laboratory sected the site of their new facility. ktvu's john fowler is live now in the winning city, richmond. john? >> reporter: this is the front game to the richmond field station, with today's announcement it could be the front door to thousands of sny jobs and much more. -- thousands of new jobs and much more. >> reporter: 120 acres between 580 and the bay. in four years it could be this. state of the art laboratories. boosters are thrilled. >> positive for jobs and positive for community and everybody in the country to see this happen. >> reporter: lawrence berkeley national laboratory officials said it took a year.
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>> the richmond site has the strongest combination. >> lawrence berkeley national laboratory recognized richmond for the jewel that it is. >> reporter: a half mile from the meanest streets, some call today's choice a transformational moment. >> next generation of scientific discovery. >> reporter: it all sounds good. before the laboratory can be built here there are a lot of problems. money. 300,000 square feet of labs a quarter billion dollars. existing hazardous conditions, plus problems, sea level rise. >> solve problem problems, making biofuel, curing cancer. >> reporter: a study is to begin immediately. it is to be called the lawrence berkeley national laboratory
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bay campus. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. prosecutors say a gang member shot and killed a father and his two suns in a mistaken identity gang shooting. opening arguments began today. prosecutors say he is responsible for a 2008 drive-by shooting in san francisco that left three dead. >> there is a lot of evidence that will be presented, hundred plus witnesses, testimony, pictures. >> his attorney told the jury he was the driver and that another man was the shooter. in san jose, police revealed new information about the kidnapping of a 11-year-old girl from san jose. that girl was sexual assaulted and the suspect's weapon was a fake. >> it is designed to look and function like a fire arm.
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it ejects casings. there is a muzzle flash. >> that suspect tri truong le was shot and killed by police. authorities say he had a restraining order from a previous relationship. the girl is traumatized by her ordeal. a burglary suspect injured has died. he was one of three men in a car that struck another car. this morning authorities announced he died last friday. the crash also killed a 69-year- old driver. the other two suspects were arrested and are being held on patrol violations while police investigate. ktvu was there when a stand off ended peacefully this morning. the man in the middle took his daughter hostage and barricaded himself. a s.w.a.t. team rescued the girl and the
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suspect gave up four hour laters. coming up, most everyone agrees making school lunches healthier is a good thing. but there is a bad side effect to the move for parents and students. first.
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two glaring mistakes that will live for 9ers fans. a rolling punt deflected, giving the ball back to the giants and then a fumble puts the giants in position for the game winning field goal. don't think the fans are taking the 9ers seriously, kyle williams is getting death threats. ktvu's alex savage is live.
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>> reporter: most fans have forgiven him. they understand how hard it is to hang on to the football in the nfl and we have all dropped the ball before, just haven't done on such a big stage. >> reporter: when kyle williams lost his grip on the football last night, some 49ers fans lost their minds. some of the messages on twitter were vicious and threatening. >> thank you. >> reporter: there was a different stone today as 9ers fans stuck up for the wide receiver who is no doubt devastated after the loss. >> he needs to brush it off. he knows who his fans are. we will always be here for him. >> everybody has a bad day. just his was on tv. >> reporter: today kyle williams said he is ignoring all the anger on the internet. >> didn't pay attention to twitter. the feed back i got was from
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the team and family and friends. >> reporter: he worked with many professional athletes and knows the pressure they face. he says kyle williams is in a dark place right now. >> weight of the world is on his shoulders. >> reporter: some fans lash out after a loss like this because they are projecting their own short comings. >> they are saying, this is about me and i am not realizing my full potential. >> reporter: he is hoping his son will learn a lesson from the game, what it means to make a mistake and bounce back. >> take what you learn from the loss and push forward. >> reporter: none of his teammates are pointing fingers today. they are all taking responsibility for the loss. willis tweeted, keep your head up. live, alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. and coming up in 10 minutes, it is not just those
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two plays the 9ers are talking about, we will hear from the coaches about that remarkable season. >> reporter: the president will deserve his state of the union address tomorrow. he will talk about the economy. he says he will lay out a blue print to how to create a better economy. mike is expected to be at the address tomorrow. he is from brazil and seeking a green card tostay in the united states. and you can -- to stay in the u.s. and you can watch the state of the union address right here tomorrow. campaigning in florida. >> i have been told by a variety of people that mitt romney has been saying unkind things. [ laughter ] >> newt gingrich took a swipe
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at mitt romney today. newt gingrich soared in the polls since winning south carolina. mitt romney took his own swings at newt gingrich. he demanded he give back money while working for freddy mac and in florida, protesters flew glitter on rick santorum and yeld stop the hate. law makers are trying to find ways to lower the cost of school lunches. requirements to make them healthier are making them more expensive and that is impacting students whose families are struggling. >> one consequence of the budget cuts. we are looking at how we can preserve some of those programs through the subcommittees. >> on average elementary students pay $1.93. high school students pay $2.20 for their lunch. california was headed for one of the driest winters on
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record till the recent storms. water levels were at 30% till the storms, they have now jumped to 60% of normal. >> we didn't get a lot of run off. but it started some. and now the snow is starting to build up again. >> water officials are also looking forward to a web february. typically the wettest month of the year and it might be above average this year. developing story out of san francisco. 3,000 people are without power. the lights went out in the market area after 5:00 p.m. tonight. 2900 customers are without power. no word on a cause. crews are trying to figure out the problem and get the power back on. temperatures out there today, 55 in vallejo. 55 in concord. it these are the national weather service forecast highs
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for today. 56 oakland. highs for tomorrow, warmer than these. fog tomorrow morning and then that clears and temperatures warm. jet stream to the north, seattle area, portland. we are on the south end, moons dry. we got rain. lot of rain, special in santa rosa. 58% of average in santa rosa and 33% in san jose. you get the picture, rainfall still has a long way to go before we reach where we need to be. average for san francisco this time of year would be 13 inches, and we are less than half of that. 49%. good, better than nothing. nice series of storms but now there is nothing lined up that willbri us anything in the next 3-4 days. the valley fog, the ground is wet, nights are long, wind is light and you will get fog.
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overnight lows 30s, all these areas are ripe for fog tomorrow morning. it will be the nasy fog. -- nasty fog. i don't know how widespread it will be. in the spots where it usually is, it will be there. the spots it usually is, the low lying, ravine venes -- ravines, black point, be repaired for it as you travel tomorrow morning and the next few mornings, because this dry pattern sticks with us and we stay in this fog cycle, each morning the fog expands each day as we head into the weekend. tomorrow fog is the story. dry weather pattern is the big story. high pressure all over the place. dry weather tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, light winds
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kanzussive to the fog. conducive. 58 pacifica, the swell, talked about it earlier, ocean waves, last few days, swell is way down. there is not the giant swells we had. five-day forecast forecast i wish there was rain here and break and more rain friday night. something like that to at. weekend enview. not -- that to add to that. weekend in view. fog is the weathers headline. good thing we got -- weather headline. good thing we got rain. >> wish there was rain right there. >> thank you. one of the most famous movies is being shown, citizen kane will be shown at hurts
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castle. the times says it will be shown on march 9 as part of a film festival. he tried to derail the movie that tells the storsy of rise and fall of a obsessive man. police told us how many people got arrested and how many got tossed out and starbucks will serve up more than coffee, what you might find, join us at bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. and the 9ers look back at the devastating loss and the whole season and talk about what is to come. also, the celebration for the year of the dragon begins with a bang.
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chinese new year celebrations got underway in oakland this morning. they rang in the year of the dragon. traditionally it marks two
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weeks of celebrations. mark joins us now, people are still talk about it. can't get over last night's loss. >> it will take a while. a little while. you have to say up there in heart break department with the 2002 san francisco giants and the loss 20 years ago. this is fresh so it hurts more for 49ers fans. especially the way it went down. they had all the momentum before kyle williams gets his knee in the way of the football and the fumble. to his credit, he had the class to face the music today. >> one of those feelings you don't ever want to feel. to give it up in a situation like that. it is painful. we are very passionate about what we do. you have to take full responsibility and i do. something i made a mistake.
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>> we love him, and i think he will be back to do bigger and greater things. >> all of us are reliving any missed about to. for me, there were a handful i would like to have back. >> put so much into it to come up short is bitter. >> reporter: what you thought, what you did, how you felt, is that just a california thing? >> back where i come from, nobody cares. [ laughter ] >> he will be around here and from california for quite a while. as will alex smith looks like. expect him to stay with the 49ers. too soon to say what a great season they had anyway because the loss did sting. baseball note, former giant, cody ross had a great run in 2010, going to sign with the
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red sox. no details as of yet but we will not be back in the bay area. there was talk he would come back. that is the sporting lifef right now -- life right now, just trying to change the suggest. >> amazing -- change the subject. >> amazing turn around and coming together -- >> exacthy. >> we didn't -- exactly. >> we didn't expect it but at the same time they got there. >> they will get there again. >> next year. thank you. you heard what kyle williams had to say about the loss last night, go to, you can see and hear everything he had to say today. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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