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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 29, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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. clean-up begin today's in down oakland after last night's violent clashes between occupy protesters and police. the last meal, the reason that st. anthonys in san francisco is closing and the impact on those needing a hot meal. >> complete barack news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. good evening everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. >> oakland police say they are prepared after a night of chaos
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and violence ended with hundreds of arrests. >> it was builds an occupy protest, but what began as a peaceful protest ended way night of clashes between police and protesters. now this evening there are accusations of heavy-handed conduct from both sides. at least three officers and one protester were hurt and in all 400 people were arrested. >> it's a pretty good picture of them using a crow bar to get in and a pretty good picture of the people who broke in. >> today oakland mayor jean quan led a tour through oakland city hall showing where and how protesters broke in last night and the damage that they left behind. >> what justifies vandalizing an historic, beloved building thatt is a symbol of oakland's history nothing does and i
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think people are getting really angry. >> reporter: oakland police say they arrested 400 protesters in all last night. in addition, to city hall they target the downtown ymca and vandalized frank ogawa plaza. today crews cleaned up the plaza just a few yards away from where protesters began congregating. the protests are say they want the generpublic to focus on their core message of economic inequality. >> the message is being formed with them, in mind. thune they should come down and have their voices heard. >> reporter: members of occupy movement say they will hold a series of general assembles. police today say they are ready if protesters decide to march and occupy illegally. >> we do have additional officers today. mutual agencies have been notified and we're prepared for additional problems, if they
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should present themselves today. >> reporter: and that was our christien kafton reporting on the latest situation in oakland as the city deals with the arch math of last night's violent protests. >> at least 406 protesters were arrested last night. ktvu's lorraine blanco was outside the jail as protesters were being released. >> reporter: loud cheers for dozens of occupy protesters released from oakland's detention facility saturday. oakland police arrested hundreds the night before when protests became chaotic and at times violent towards officers. charges ranged from failure to disperse to assault. >> i don't necessarily condone criminal behavior, but i understand the reasoning behind it. >> reporter: many of those arrested, like deanna johnson say the
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protesters were exercising their right to free speech and trying to take ohio over a vacant convention center. the 19-year-old tells us spending all night in jail only reignited her frustration with theoretical. >> they woke us up every few hours and harassed us. >> reporter: outside the jail an organizer tried to keep an account of those coming out, providing medical supplies, cell phones and food. >> oh, my god, i didn't eat for 15 hours. >> reporter: some walking by the facility today showed their disapproval. >> what they are doing doesn't make sense. go home. >> but martin mc carllee showed us his booking bracelet as a badge of courage. >> the charges are nonsense. >> reporter: in oakland, lorraine
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blanco ktvu channel 2 news. >> the effort to save a homeowner from foreclosure. a small group ofdemmors demonstrators are asking bank officials to reflect the loan of gloria tackla, a homeowner they say is victim of predatory lending. >> demonstrators are calling for more people to join their effort and help them make a difference. other cities across the country were also dealing with occupy protests last night. dozens of demonstrators took to the streets in atlanta. news cameras caught one activist spray-painting a building and the officer
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chasing after them. many of the protesters covered their faces there's marched through downtown. in washington, d.c., senator joe lieberman was among those hit with so-called glitter bomb as they arrived for the annual alfalfa club dinner. the occupy oakland movement has launched two recall efforts against mayor jean quan. coming up, an organizer had some syruping surprising words for the embattled mayor. and we have continuing coverage of the occupy demonstrations on you will find unedited video from the oakland protest as well as street news chopper 2. >> police in san leandroo are looking for a 19-year-old man suspected of fatally stabbing a 15-year-old girl. authorities say henry leon of oakland killed the girl inside a home friday night in san leandroo. they say he is the father of the girl's 9-month-old baby. leon is believed to be drive a
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dark-blue, 2004 cadillac escalade with black rims. anyone with information is asked to call police. oakland police are investigating two overnight shootings that left two people dead. the most violent shooting happened just about 2:00 this outside a house marty near east 18th street. officers say four people were shot. one died at the scene. one is in critical condition and two others are in stable condition. that shooting came just after another shooting in west oakland that killed a woman. police do not believe the shootings are related. so far no arrests have been made. this week will mark the end of an era, when st. anthony ade dining room in san francisco closing its doors. ken pritchett explains why the dining hall is demolished. >> reporter: it's a temporary closure and santa anthony's dining room opened in 1950 they were surprised to see 400 people that day.
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now it's in the thousands and st. anthony's says the current dining room can't handle it. almost everyday for 62 years the hungry have stood many line to enter what is known as the miracle on genes street. st. anthony's dining room will serve its last meal in this building on wednesday. >> it's a huge moment for st. anthony's and san francisco. >> reporter: this is what will replace it, this multi-billion dollar building. >> i think it's important what we do here is visible to san francisco and the issues of poverty is not something that we should sweep under the carpet. >> reporter: st. anthony's says the current dining room is maxed out, 3,000 meals are served here everyday. the building is not retrofitted and never meant to be a dining room at all. when you enter here, you walk down a ramp not designed for
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people, but cars when st. anthony's opened in 1950 it operates the space of a defunct auto repair shot. guests will eat in a nearby temporary dining hall for two years until the new dining hall opens. it will be better in every way, but that doesn't mean this old place won't be missed. >> i have been come here for 14 years, and it's almost like home. >> reporter: major donors have already raised $18 million of the $23 million pricetag for this project. st. anthony's is reaching out to the public for the rest. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu . more details on st. anthony's dining room. the organization manages to feed 230 people for every $100 donated. last year the organization served 2 million pounds of
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food. san francisco mayor ed lee along with representative s from the san francisco giants will be on hand wednesday when st. anthony's serves its last meal in that building. a proposed ban on smoking in parts of san francisco is reportedly expanding of the ban initially covered jane warner plaza and harvey milk plaza and now the restrictions could be expanded to cover parklets, the former parking spaces that have been converted into mini parks. supporters say the ban is needed to provide smoke-free areas for the public to enjoy, but opponents argue it unfairly targets homeless people. and i'm willing to bet there were lots of people enjoying the parklets today. let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo to find out about today's weather and rest of the week. >> that is right, plenty of sunshine out. there you may have noticed high clouds moving into the bay area by late-afternoon. in fact, you can see right now
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on live stormtracker 2 rain showers moving into northern california. heir is a wider perspective and you can see the bay area still dry, but as we zoom in, the overnight hours up in the north bay, primarily areas north of sonoma county, we could be tracking some spotty drizzle to start out your monday morning. the look at the satellite and radar, you can see the weak system moving into the northern parts of the state. i should say it's fairly strong along the california-oregon border. for us, spotty drizzle and chance of sprinkles. overnight low back down to the upper 30s to 40s. coming up we'll look at the updated forecast model and be talking about another warming trend and break down the timing of that in the five-day
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forecast. oakland a's fans were at the oakland arena to see their favorite players up-close at the annual fanfest. some of the team's biggest names signed t-shirts and answered questions in a panel interview. tim owner lew wolf was there, pushing to move the team to san josi. some a fans don't like that idea a say that type of talk is a distraction. >> the a's have a great team and great stadium here in oakland. every seat has a great view and people are talking about, that not the a's winning. >> we spoke one-on-one with some of the newest names on the a's roster and coming up in sports, hear what they have to stay cey about the team's future. oakland is getting ready to double the amount of medical marijuana dispensaries. for more permits will be issued next month. right now four pot clubs operate in oakland and officials estimate that they bring in $1 million a year in
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fees and taxes. council member de la fuente tells the chronicle that the crash-strapped city needs the additional revenue. oakland is getting ready to layoff more than 100 city employees due to the loss of state's redevelopment funds. mendocino county sheriff's deputies is about to lose funding. the county brzvoteed to end the program last week. after federal authorities warned that the county's law was at odds with federal law. the sheriff's department will now lose more than half a million dollars of funding meant to help deputies conduct inspections at marijuana collectives. a series of deadly crashes claimed the lives of ten people today in florida. the two factors that authorities believe led to the fatal accidents. also donald trump now speaking out about the g.o.p. race for the white house. the harsh words he has to say about the current campaign and what he might do if things don't improve. a proposed plan to make homes more green in fremont is under
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fire. why opponents say the plan will hurt more than it will help. um, michael, you know, big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give em' what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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. traffic was backed up for miles on a florida freeway today ever after a series of crashes left ten people dead and more than a dozen injured. collisions on interstate 75 north of orlando. most of them happened late last night and into the morning. authorities saw roo duesed visibility was a factor in the accidents. authorities in sacramento are trying to figure out why the driver of an sahara ignored warnings on a train tracks. he was going around crossing arms and driving into the path of a light-rail train. that driver and two passengers died including a 21-month-old boy. a fourth person in the suv is being treated for serious injuries. six people on the train suffered minor injuries.
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police in concord are investigating a shooting last night at an elk's lodge that left one person injured authorities say gunfire broke out as a party ended at the elk's lodge last night. a 19-year-old antioch resident was hit by the gunfire in the leg of the police say the victim was likely not the intended target. he was taken to john muir medical center. police say there were two shooters and so far they haven't made any arrests. four men are in the hospital tonight in critical condition after investigators say they were stabbed as they left a wedding reception in half moon bay. the stabbing happened around 11:20. san mateo county sheriff's deputies say the men were stabbed after they exchanged heated words with two other men. no arrests have been made. the santa clara county coroner identified a man found dead. a construction worker found the body of raymond vieira.
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officials say vieiras into known address. police say vieira was apparently dead for some time and the case remains under investigation. stanford university police are warning students to lock their doors, their wines lower their blinds after a series of peeping tom incidents. the latest incident happened monday when a woman told police that a man put his hand under the shower door and tried to take a picture of her. officer say the man ran off when the woman said something to him. an elementary school in santa rosa could soon be forced to shut its doors. the school board wants to close the school. the school has struggled with poor academic performance and low enrollment. 90% of the students are economically disadvantaged and would be transfer to nearby schools. a town hall meeting on the closure is set for tomorrow night. sonoma state university has
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been honored for its campus. the website, the best rated the school 34 out of 50 most beautiful campuses nationwide. it was based on an alumni poll in which participants praised the green buildings and natural setting with miles of trials. opponents dropped off spections in hopes to stop a project of the they want to get an initiative to repeal funding federal court project the sonoma marin area rail transit or smart would and in 2008 voters approved the quarter sent sales tax. bur overnights say the voters were misled because they aopposed the sales tax for the longer route. af if approved by the city council the residential energy
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conservation ordinance could require energy upgrades in new homes bottle within city limits. ard aaccording to the oakland tribune, opponents are criticizing the plan saying it will hinder an already shaking market. the city council is expected to consider the plan in march. presidential hopefuls were in florida stomping for votes ahead of tuesday's primary. romney spoke to supporters in naples, florida and told the crowd it was time to get the government out of the foreclosure crisis and get back to "free market principles." in another part of florida, newt gingrich campaigned in front of a church. gingrich attacked romney calling him "a pro- abortion/progun control moderate from massachusetts." rick santorums a eldest daughter stood in for him at an event in sarasota. bella has trisomy 18.
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a santorum spokesperson says the little girl's condition is improve, but still unstable. a new poll shows mitt romney with a substantial lead over newt gingrich in florida. according to the nbc-marist college poll, onlyney leads gingrich by 15 points, 48% to 27% in florida. rick santorum is in third place with 16%, followed by ron paul with 11%. 4% of the voters say they are undecided. the poll comes as the romney campaign painted the former speaker as an erratic, unreliable washington insider. donald trump, who staged short run for the presidency is unhappy with the current tone of the republican race. >> i have never seen anything like this. it's republican against republican and yet, the level of hate red, i hatred is unbelievable and the question is are they hurting themselvess? are they hurting the party? are they hurt their chances of
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winning an election against barack obama? >> trump says he still might jump into the race as an independent, but his reality show "the apprentice" is keeping him busy. coming up in about ten minutes how gingrich supporters are using their musical talents to drum up support. tomorrow the senate takes the step towards a possible ban by insider trading by members of congress. the stock act stands for stop trading on congressional knowledge and would not only stop lawmakers from enriching themselves, but ensure plebs can't tip off others with insider information. the bill has strong support from president obama. >> the house and senate should limit any elected official from owning stock in industry thats that they impact. >> tomorrow's vote would
5:23 pm
provide a procedural matter. meanwhile the house is preparing an expanded version of the bill that would ban special deals beyond stocks. coming up the opposite that was face in faehn. crews off the coast of tuscany hit a snag and why italian officials say it could take months to clean up the costa concordia. those popular ugg boots banned at a school in pennsylvania and wait until you hear why.
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a twin-engine plane in palm beach, florida says a the plane's pilot made a controlled emergency landing yesterday afternoon after experiencing engine problems. no one was injured. officials say the plane will have to be dismantled to remove it from the beach. these are the latest pictures of divers scoring the interior of the ship looking for the remains of least 16 people still mission. the company that owns the cruise ship is taking bids to remove the wreck, but it remains to be seen if it will be towed away, hauled or cut into pieces. that process is expected to take as long as ten month. in iran, united nations nuclear inspectors arrived for talks and inspections.
5:27 pm
high-ranking delegation was kept well away from a small group of demonstrators inside the airport in tehran. protesters say iran has right to carry on a nuclear program and accused the u.s., israel and great britain of the car bombing death of an iranian atomic expert earlier this month. in other news of the world tonight, in canada a jury found an afghan man, his wife and their son guilty of drowning three teenaged sisters and another wife. the judge called it a twisted sense of honor." prosecutors claimed that the defendants killed the three teenaged sister because they defied the families values on dress and socializing. the suspects face as long as 25 years in prison without the possibility of parole. in sierraa, aerobeleague observers gathered in damascus awaiting word to leave the country. 60 people died in clashes between government troops and
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rebels. some of the fighting took place less than three miles from the capital suggesting that president bashar al-assad is concerned anti-government forces could be coming into the area. ed pandas are getting special cakes with nutrients that they may not get from their regular diet of bamboo. keepers at the pat panda center feed them by dangling the cakes above them to give the pandas a little bit of a workout. pennsylvania school has decided to ban a certain type of popular footwear among girls. starting tomorrow uggs and other boots will be prohibited. school officials say students have been caught stuff stashing cell phones, which are not allowed in class inside the roomy boots. boots that lace up or tighter fitting will still be allowed. >> pirate enthusiasts came
5:29 pm
together in florida for a long- running tradition. the 2012 gasparilla pirate festival was held yesterday. people at the event say it's a great way too bring the community together. >> just having this beautiful weather and all of the people, the floats and music, the beach. it's amazing. it's amazing. it's a lost excitement. >> the gasparilla pirate festival has been a yearly celebration since 1904. it's named after josi gaspar a pirate who operated in west florida in the late 1700's. newt gingrich supporters apparently have a new theme song from their campaign war- chest. >> hoot hoot, hey, everybody vote for newt. >> the rap song "hoot for newt" was presented to the presidential hopeful during a florida campaign stop. it was reportedly written and recorded by three 1-year-old gingrich fans from florida. one of the raper's mother is a
5:30 pm
local county cochair of gingrich's campaign. a woman behind the efforts to recall mayor jean quan actually says the mayor did a good job handling the latest occupy protests in oakland, but is it too little, too late? we'll tell you where the recall efforts stand now. a new study shows that tankers are flocking to twitter. the reason behind the social networking switch. a preview of the popular and philanthropic white elephant sale.
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that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and chase what matters. ♪ we just keep on keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on . a wet winter has had deadly
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results in utah an avalanche killed a snowboarder yesterday as he descended into a canyon near salt lake city. two companions watched him fall about 400 feet down the mount. skiers say the snow pack was weak and more snow piled on during a huge storm last week. this is the ninth avalanche death in the u.s. this season. we have been getting reaction to the mayor's handle of the latest occupy protests in oakland. there are two recall efforts underway and as ktvu's claudine wong reports one of the mayor's biggest critics is calling her tough stance too little, too late. >> reporter: much of the criticism surrounding oakland mayor jean quan has courtroom from her handle of occupy protests, but when it comes to last night's response one of her harshest critics had this to say today. >> my first reaction was it's about time. >> reporter: oakland mayor jean quan took a hard stance against the violent that
5:34 pm
reresulted. she says more could have been done. >> we have glass broken and graffiti. what is wrong with this city? who is going to clean it up? she is laying off people. is the mayor going to go out and clean it up themselves r. hours before, mayor's husband says people understand that occupy protests are not just oakland's issues. >> i think now in retrospect everybody can see that every community in the country has to deal with it. it's a very difficult one and just to remind you this that this mayor supports the general cause cold front occupy wallet. >> reporter: sle says with two recalls under way work is about to get started and she admits some will need to be convinced. >> you are going to have the people going she has only been there a year and a couple of weeks or a couple of days and it's going to be a year and we have to give her time. but does rome burn while we give time? >> reporter: she says the recall effort
5:35 pm
moves forward with a big kickoff plannedtor here next month. in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> hercules has agreed to sell a piece of property to receiveway. safeway is also considering a gas station on that side. the company will pay more than $9 million for the parcel or $16 a square foot, but the cost of underground utilities and clearing that site will cost the city about $4 million. the city of hayward is considering loosening its rules on alcohol sales in bars. currently hayward restricts bars and restaurants from promotions that discount drinks, such as happy hour. while some city officials support loosening the restrictions the mayor says he isn't sold yet. the city council is set to take up the matter in the next couple of months.
5:36 pm
>> police say the fights began at the parking garage in walnut creek. another fight broke out next door at crisco demayo rest and an hour later a third fight broke out at the hubcap diner. three officers had minor injuries. the fights are just the latest in a rash of after-hour brawls in walnut creek in recent months. it appears more young people are starting to tweet. a survey says more than 16% ever kids aged 12-17 are now on twitter. that is more than double the amount from two years ago. researchers say the increase is partsly due to the rising number of a cults on other social-networking sites, such as facebook. they say more privacy feature as well as the ability to remain anonymous could be factors. a new study out of brazil finds that children born by caesarean section are no more likely to become obese than other children. past research found a link lead
5:37 pm
something scientists to suggest that not being exposed to bacteria from the birth canal could make babies fat are. in the new studies researchers found out picturing in income, birth weight and mother's height and weight and age and smoking habits whether a child born by c-section didn't make a difference in their obesity risk. >> a san josi skatepark received a reprieve and will now stay open through the year, thanks to some recent donations. lake cunningham regional skatepark was in danger of closing because of the city's budget problems and so volunteers decided to hold fundraises that raised $30,000. volunteers are now trying to find sponsors to keep the park open next year and beyond. johnson & johnson is recalling a baby lotion for possible contamination. the brand is aveeno baby calming comfort lotion. the food and drug administration found excessive levels of bacteria in a sample. but the company says potential harm is remote. now the recall covers about 2000 tubes of lotion sold in kansas and in eight southern
5:38 pm
states. it was not sold here in california. the oakland museum is putting on the ultimate garage sale and today shoppers got a little bit awe preview. the warehouse at 333 lancaster is stuffed with lots of items for the annual white elephant event. 100% of the proceeds go to the museum. advance sales were brisk this morning and one shopper says she found the perfect gift. >>a new royal cup and saucer, just the right thing for someone that i know and love. >> an ancient typewriter is one of the unusual items available. the official sale happens march 3rd and 4th and if you would like to donate, be sure to see the details on news links at when ktvu chance at 5:00 returns, changes could be coming to yosemite half-dome and why the number of those
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allowed to hike the dome would be cut. >> and meteorologist mark tamayo is up next with when the bay area can expect some light rain. um, michael, you know, big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give em' what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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one more thing.... those pj's you like, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. . a plan to drastically reduce the number of hikers allowed to scale half-dome in yosemite is now open for public comment. park officials are recommending cutting back from 1200 people a day to 300. rangers say crowds make the climb unsafe because hikers can't quickly descend that slick granite a storm arises. the public comment period on this plan is open until march 15th. pretty nice weekend around the bay area, lots of suburb. >> it certainly was and let's check in to see what the rest of your week is going to be like. checking in with mark tamayo. >> although we do have afew
5:42 pm
changes developing that will impact your monday forecast, unit now as you can see on live stormtracker 2, rain showers up to our north around crescent city, approaching yreka and they have heavy rain in their forecast for tonight. we'll pick up high clouds as the moisture streams in and the possibility of a few sprinkles. looking out across the bay, you can see a few high clouds moving into the region, but still just beautiful out there with some mild conditions. although most neighborhoods cooled off a few degrees from yesterday's really warm readings. 60s showing newspaper santa rosa , and then partly cloudy skies in the afternoon hours. we'll continue with the theme of increasing high clouds and tomorrow, party to mostly cloudy skies and the extended features a warming trend on the
5:43 pm
long-range forecast here can you pick out the satellite homer has been keeping us dry, but here is a change developing out in the pacific. this cold front moving in already we showed you the rain developing to our north. main impacts for your monday, cloud cover and drizzle and the slight chance of sprinkles favoring say areas right around sonoma county to napa county. this will probably translate to drizzle around the embankment a sun cloud mix moves in for the afternoon showers and the cooling trend begins monday into tuesday with mid to upper 60s expected. we do take this into the overnight hours and early monday morning, will you notice a few shops approaching ukiah and then tomorrow, not a lot of rainfall to show you here and, in fact, nothing. but we could be tracking drizzle first thing tomorrow morning and possibly still we had road ways for the morning commute. then into the afternoon hours
5:44 pm
the clouds begin to break apart a little bit. we'll call it partly cloudy for your monday afternoon. with the temperatures, as you can see everybody cools off a few degrees from today, low to mid-60s out towards san josi and morgan hill. gilroy around 65 and los gatos, 63. a look at your extended forecast and pretty quiet over the next few days, wednesday a few clouds could push back into the region, but look at what happens for thursday into friday? warmest locations on track to reach the mid to upper 60s. with your weekend always in view, still partly cloudy skies. latest weather models trying to bring a few showerses into the bay area. it looks like maybe february 9th, february 10th things could be changing with things push back south. still going to hold steady over the next few days. >> we could use it. >> thank you, mark. well, this year's sag
5:45 pm
awarneds is now underway, but the final movie of the pop lure harry potter series was a winner before the show even began. >> you are not going to try that one again, are you? >> harry potter and the deathy hallows part 2 earned a screen actors guild award for best big- screen ensemble. the win was announced hours ago as celebrities made their way across the reside carpet. hbo's "game of owns this" was announced a winner for best ensemble. >> we have highlight of the australian open final. >> also the oakland a's open their doors to fans and we'll hear from the new-look a's. sportswrap is next
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. if you went to bed late last night and woke up relatively early this morning you could catch the australian men's open final. this match was 5 hours and 53 minutes hour instant classic djokovic with the perfect touch or a winner. he dropped the first set, but won two straight. then back came nadal. djokovic change president black to white and nadal and they are even. djokovic switches back to a black shirt for the fifth and final set and nadal hits into
5:49 pm
the net here. they were 6-6 in the final set and you had to win by two. djokovic took the set 7-5 and his mastery over nadal the third australian win for djokovic who has now won five grand slam titles. this match the longest in grand slam finals history rafa, you are one of the best players ever and one of the most respected guys on the tour. we made history tonight and unfortunately they can't be two winners tonight [ applause ] >> i hope we'll have many more matches like this. >> contrary to what the oakland a's have been doing personnel-wise they are planning to play at the coliseum this spring. the coliseum arena the site for the fanfest, a tradition that has been revived this year. there were panel discussions, autographs and if you had a program, you might have been
5:50 pm
able to figure out who some of the guys were. the a's acquired johnny gomes who isn't discouraged of the team's expulsion of pitching talent, but maybe problems with a regulation hat. >> i tell them if you want to be part of it now, you have to hit and win now. that is where the situation is. you rebuild in the office and not on the field. i'm not rebuilding. i'm ready to win. >> our job is to go go out there and play baseball the best we can and give 100% and put the time, work and ethic in to be the best we can be and if all guys on roster do that, nobody is going to be upset with the results. >> the nhl all-star game never a defensive exhibition and today's game in ottawa, no exception. logan courture the lone sharks representative ,
5:51 pm
. move ahead to the 3rd with team alfredsson trailing to team chara. it's 8-8 and team chara reeled off four goals. marian hossa threading through the legs of erick carlsson. it was team chara 12 and team alfredsson 9 and sharks back in it wednesday against columbus. tiger woods will be at pebble beach in a weak and a half. today he held a share of the round heading into the final round at the abu dhabi tournament. he ended up with an even par round of 72. that opened the door for others. one of them graeme mcdowell, on
5:52 pm
the par-3, 12 hole. he has line on this shot. a bounce below the green and roll and mcdowell has a hole in one. rory mcilroy finished a round of 69. he finished one stroke back of the other three-day coleader robert rock. rock finished with a 70 and wrapped up the biggest win of his career. rock gets the hardware and tiger feels like he is getting close. he will get a chance to prove that in the at&t. >> um, i was right there with a chance to win and didn't do it. i felt i was a touch off and i was telling steve a couple of the balls were going further than they normally would. i'm pleased with the progress i have made so far, basically since australia my strokes have been doing pretty good. so i just need to keep building and getting more consistent. >> at the farmers tournament
5:53 pm
in san diego, kyle stanley at one point with a 7-stroke lead in pursuit his first pga win. then the wheels fall off. this is brandt snedeker finishing his round with thera prov to 18. that leads to a birdie to finish at 6. at that snedeker within tree strokes of the lead, but stanley with his approach at 18 into the water and needed that putt for a double bogey and make it a triple. they head to a playoff. snedeker put the par and pressure on stanley, denied his first career win. snedeker comes from 7 down on final day it pick up his third. still to come on this early sunday night sportswrap, we'll wrap up some nba business and a big weekend of figure skating in san josi. we'll be right back.
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? >> men's singles the last
5:56 pm
order of business today in san josi in the u.s. figure skating championships. & rippon with the lead with one skater left to go, his training partner jeremy abbott. obbot put together the highest score at the u.s. championships since the scoring system was updated in 2006. you come to san josi, there is a good chance you will be skating in front of people who have been there, done that. abbott's score puts him in striking distance of world champion patrick chan. this year's world chance championships are in france in late march. the warriors 1-3 in a six- game homestand and they continue tuesday night when the kings bus over from sacramento. two of the league's elite in miami. you have probably heard of dwyane wade lobbing to dwayne wade? that is a formula that worked all throughout the game.
5:57 pm
same pair teaming up on this hoop. derrick rose missed two chances in the final 22 seconds and miami hangs on for the 97-93 win. >> that will do it for this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. we'll see you again tonight at 10:00. >> i guess the super bowl hype starts now. >> are they playing that this year? [ laughter ] of the a little different feel this sunday than last sunday, huh? >> you would have been the pleasure of being in indianapolis in early february. [ laughter ] >> i don't know where it is next year and hopefully it's a warm-weather place and it will be good to be there next year. >> thank you, joe. tonight on the 10:00 news we have seen plenty of images of the violence that was erupting during occupy oakland protests, but there is another side to oakland. we'll taking you beyond the riots that have put the city in the national headlines. >> thank you for trusting ktvu
5:58 pm
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