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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  January 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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always out and about with hills tools and stuff. it's just very tragic to hear that they have to go through this. >> the building director said the contractor was ordered three days earlier to stop work until the trench was stabilized. he said the on site supervisorrer claimed because of a language barrier nobody under stood the order. >> if we find violations there will be citations, penalties, they can go up to $70,000 for penalty per violation for those that are willful. >> reporter: the contracting company ceo didn't return our calls and the reality office where he does business said it had no contact with him. the family and friends say they want justice. >> i don't understand why they would let him continue working knowing it was unsafe.
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i think you can't take people's life for granted. >> reporter: the family said a memorial is being planned. ocea said it could take months before they will be ready to make recommendations on possible criminal charges. >> midnight deadline looming as steal workers threaten to walk off the job. ken -- 40% of the work force could go on strike. >> we were outside the golden eagle refiney. members of the united steelworks union. as you said they make up about 40% of the workers at this refinery and nationwide a strike could impact about a third of our nation's refinery capacity. >> reporter: analysts say the news is already giving gas and diesel prices a slight bump. thehe impact on refineries would be significant,
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potentially affects chevron and more. refineries nationwide with the capacity exceeding six million bare yells a day. negotiations are center add round safety procedures, the union wouldn't comment on the state of negotiations but indicated the negotiations to avoid a strike weren't going well. if the employees operate the machines at the plant and that plans are in place to continue operations in case of a strike. at the pump should a strike happen they say current low demand should off set big spikes in prices, but still, prices could go up. >> you know whether it be a strike or any other cause it's just the normal. it's not one reason it's another. >> the union said on a national basis if the strike happens it may not be a blanket strike. they may select individual refineries but a strike is far from certain at this point. shell which represents the refineries said that its
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expressed confidence that a strike could be averted and in the past the union has extended these deadlines. >> thousands of kaiser work everybodies hit the picket lines in a one day strike. 4,000 are now on strike across california. the walk out affects 160 locations statewide. the union said after more than a year of negotiations, contract talks are stalled. the 24 hour strike started at seven this morning in oakland and other locations. kaiser said its being forced to make changes. >> the reimbursement levels changing, there is a lot of pressure on overall revenues. we aren't cutting benefits back so they aren't available. we just want to make reasonable changes to the salary and benefit packages. >> some nurses and building engineers joined the strike in
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support but kaiser said two out of three reported for work. they hired replacements and said care is not affected. >> a judge today blocked a state cut in payments to doctors who treat low income patients. the ruling by the judge in los angeles said the state can't reduce medical reimbursements. the 10% caught was included in last year's budget to savor the state $623 million. >> programs we can do but it should be done in a partnership and shouldn't be where you take an axe and cut the system and say we will figure it out later. >> a coalition of professional options including the california medical association have filed suit to stop the cuts. >> a woman injuried in an apartment fire in concord is in critical condition tonight. a fire official gave us that update on that 35-year-old victim. nobody else was hurt.
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the fire started yesterday afternoon in the two story complex on clayton road. damage is at $300,000. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire. and richmond police say an 81-year-old woman found beaten in a tire store parking lot on saturday also is in critical condition. today authorities confirmed she had been sexually assaulted. investigators also say she lived near where she was found and often took walks in a quiet area. >> san francisco police say they have made an arrest in a 29 year old cold case killing. killing. william payne was arrested yesterday in connection with the murder. investigators say his dna in a database matched dna found at the crime scene. a 41-year-old of texas was found strangled in 1983. his parents have passed away
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but his cousin said he couldn't believe an arrest had been made. >> new details about a 15-year- old who reportedly conphelpsed to killing his parent shall -- confessed to killing his parents. >> reporter: we are outside the home where the killings happened. people have been leaving notes, messages and flowers, we learned what authorities say may have learned to the violence. moses was formerly charged in court this morning with murdering his parents, susan and robert. the da said the teen confessed to the killing. >> both parents were strangled. both parents were then put in the car, hidden in the car. there is evidence that he made efforts to burn the car. >> reporter: moses had got then to trouble at his high school last thursday the day of the
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homicides. >> he was having a confrontation with his mother, it wasn't a violent one but a confrontation that he had with her around whatever happened at school. he killed them. >> reporter: a robert was a clinical doctor at the san francisco county jail. they had adopted moses out of foster care when he was five. >> from all appearances they gave him a stable, safe, productive nurturing home. that was their goal as we have learned from other people to help him and rescue him. >> reporter: he is being charged as an adult. the crime she said to horrible to charge him as a juvenile. >> way in which he murdered them and all of the surrounding circumstances, are certainly not the acts of a child. >> if convicted of murdering them he could face 25 years to
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life in prison. he has not entered a plea yet. is he due back tomorrow. >> a 21-year-old student from san jose state accused of touching young women was arraigned in court today. michael escobar pleaded not guilty. investigators say he went into unlocked rooms and then groped five different women. university official its say he is a junior and that he doesn't live on campus. a second vote today on a bill so amend the three strikes law has passed the assembly. it would ask vote terse decide whether to require a third strike be a serious or violent felony to qualify for sentence of mandatory life. right now a lower level felony qualifies. >> we are being smart on crime by appropriately adjusting a
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flaw in three strike that has cost us millions of dollars. >> i had a dream about it the first time i have dreamed and relieved in the dream the tragedies that you are condoning by watering down, by compromising three strikes. >> the state senate must approve the bill and then it can go before voter its. >> a new add campaign around the bay area is aimed to help teens in a abusive relationships. they say one in three teens have experienced dating violence and it can be hard for victims to admit the problem. >> i think teens know what it looks like when it's not in their own relationship because we tend to see ourselves and say it's not. i think teens aware that cheating is abuse but it's not others easy to see in your own relationship. >> state and federal agencies partnering anti violence groups
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to pay for it. the adds will include ways to get help and will appear on buses, bart trains and ac transit buses starting in february. >> we have updated numbers just in from the republican primary in florida where romney has scored a solid win tonight. with 80% of the precincts reporting the former massachusetts governor is winning with 47% of the vote. romney slammed his main rival with a tidal wave of negative adds, the former house speaker has 32% of the vote, santorum and ron paul came in third and 4th. >> and just about 30 minutes ago romney thanked his supporters and republican rivals, then took aim directly another the president. >> and they like to comfort themselves with the thought that a competitive campaign will leave us divided weak. i have news for them. a competitive primary doesn't divide us, it prepares us and
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we will win. >> romney told a cheering crowd at his head quarters in tampa, he said his leadership will end the obama era and start a new era of prosperity. and the website has live results. you will find the latest numbers the primary on our home page. >> a well then food company must pay nearly $700,000 following the release of fumes at its facility. the epa announced the penalty today against columbus manufacturing. back in 2009 a leak at its south san francisco plant made more than three dozen people sick. they have also upgraded its systems. >> a major project getting the nod at the final meeting of a redevelopment agency this afternoon. the commissioners approved the design and basic concept for new head quarter quarters for sales they plan to build a 14-acre
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campus with eight brightly colored buildings in the mission bay neighborhood. all neighborhood. >> consumers lost optimism about the economy. the conference board said its confidence index dropped to 61.1 in january. it spent the last two months surging 20 points. 90 points wait a healthy economy. experts say fears about income is fueling the problem. wall street wrapped up trading with its best january since 1997 but that wreak consumer confidence figure contributed to a mixed end for the trading. the dow was off 20 points, the nasdaq up two. the s and p lost about a half point but posted a good january. >> apple stock hit a new high today. the tech giant gained another three points during trading hours, increasing its lead over
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exxon as the most valuable company in the nation. apple stock topped $456 a share today. it's due in part to the posting of its most profitable quarter ever last week. >> tonight on eyewitness said how she saw a park ranger use a taser on a man after he was stopped for not keeping his dogs on a leash. new, eric live in san francisco with the answers dog owners demanding. >> reporter: officials here at park headquarters saided this are still putting together all the details of what happened but one woman who saw it said she think this is park ranger went to far. >> all we could hear was like a gun shot, like a pop and then he just fell like right on his back. >> reporter: michelle couldn't believe it. somewhere along the trails she said she watched a park ranger shoot a man in the back a taser
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after he was cited. >> it's not clear if he started walk away. >> reporter: minutes earlier she said he had leashed the dogs and wanted to leave but the ranger wouldn't let him. >> she took out the taser and she was pointing it at him and he said -- he said i have a bad heart. you know if you taze me you -- it could by life threatening. >> it seems over the top. >> reporter: one of his neighbors showed us an angry e- mail she wrote to the area which took over management of the open space. the response from a chief ranger claiminged the man tried to run away and lied to the ranger about his name. while he wasn't around to talk to his. >> i -- very lucky i wasn't involved. . >> reporter: many others are questioning whether the punishment fit the crime. >> unbelievable and for what? i mean, two small harmless dogs not being on the leash.
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it didn't seem right. >> reporter: he was arrested and then released. we just got this statement from the park service in the last 30 minutes saying they share the concern about what happened and they hope to review and -- review in to the incident in two weeks. we are live in san francisco. >> california attorney general is backing a minnesota lawsuit over fair huesing lows they -- in a friend of the court brief she writes minority homeowners and renters in california who have been impacted by the housing and mortgage crisis deserve access to housing without facing discrimination. the united states court will hear arguments next movement. >> oakland police and the mayor are stepping up their efforts to keep some occupy protesters out of the city. the da asked the judge to issue stay away orders for 12 protesters who face charges following the violent protests
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last weekend. there are three stay away orders already in effect. one man who has an order plans to fight it. i wasn't arrested at the plaza and don't have a violent history. i don't have a violent record of hurting anybody or harming anybody or destroying anything at the plaza. >> more than it 70 protesters were told to go home minutes before scheduled court hearing today on their charges stemming from saturday's demonstration. >> twitter ceo said the website is not monitoring tweets in foreign countries. the website said it would start restricting tweets in certain countries leading some to raise questions about free speech restrictions. the c, o said that the policy is meant to be open with users about government requests to remove some content. said when a government requests something be removed a notice will be posted in its place. >> california controller
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warned that cal school bleeding cash. in a letter he said california needs to find $3.3 billion in borrowing or delay payments by march. that's because california has collected $2.6 billion less than it projected in state tax revenues. if nothing is done the controller said california will be $730 million in the red by march 8th. the budget committee passed a bill to let the state borrow more than $850 million from other state accounts. the state treasure hopes to delay about $2.4 billion in payments to universities and california counties. >> companies focusing on social and environmental good would move to the head of the line under legislation introduced ins. the board of soup soups president said it would give benefit corporations pref presence. they are defined as having a positive impact on society and the environment and taking nonfinancial interests in to
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act in corporate decisions. companies started filing for that status in california january 3rd. >> a former east bay hummer dealership may be getting a new lease on life. the concord commission will consider a new tenant for thei. service master clean said it wants it's 65 employees to move this to the former dealership which has been empty since 2010. it's scheduled to vote on that tomorrow. >> and a bit of fog this morning when you woke up. fog and low clouds, that fog cleared off and then the sun came out. we go out to live storm tracker 2. a little bit of wind out on the bay right now. winds are west at about five miles an hour on the bay. those will come for southerly tonight and as we do get ready for sprinkles in the morning hours, light sprinkles in the bay area forecast for wednesday morning. the main impact from those, the wipers won't be going that
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hard. the roads will be wet, highway 101 along the great highway, down toward half moon bay, little bit of drizzle, bit of sprinkle activity early morning. thursday we warm up. the bay area weekend looks really nice. the system i'm tracking, the main dynamic further to the north and that's why you see it sort of -- -- light up there. we are on the southerly edge so we will get a lift and increased moisture and that's enough to squeeze out moisture. highs today cooler than yesterday. thursday and friday big warm up in to the 60s. overnight lows in the 40s tonight. may be a patchy fog but the adviseddible should be okay, should be up high like this morning, central centrally valley. most of the fog up where you could see it. tomorrow morning then as you go through time. 5:00 a.m. here comes the system. what you can see here, you see fog here in the central valley, fog here and in the system in
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to the morning around 8:00 p.m. point reyes a few sprinklels here and around 10:00 p.m., it's a nonevent. the model is having trouble coming one anything to show you but i suspect with this much moisture in place in this weak system we will see drizzle along the peninsula and i think drizzle in redwood, in san bruno, pacifica, in san rafael. not a lot. not a lot at all. the winds turn off shore in the afternoon and you see the clouds clear out. that paves the way for the weekend which will be warmer. as we go through time look for temperatures warmer than they were today but not a lot warmer. highs will be in the upper 50s and low 60e. sun tomorrow afternoon. the five-day forecast with the bay area weekend in view shapes up as a dry one. tomorrow morning, is -- not -- in anywhere near what we need and won't be snow in the mountains, wet on the roadway and then the weekend will feel like spring.
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>> looking great. >> and just tomorrow that quick nuisance drizzle. >> yes in the morning and then the sun is out by lunchtime and after that. >> all right. thank you. >> coming up on bay area news at seven on tv36 google using bus for traffic congestion but reaction is making them rework its plans. and new findings suggest tomatoes may be key in helping slow one of the worst forms of cancer. join us for this and more on tv36. the super bowl hype begins. why today is normally one of the busiest days leading up to this big game. ññg
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. heavy equipment took a bite out of the old pier27 as work begins for a new state-of-the- art terminalt. will replace the current one at pir35. it'll employ 600 workers. it'll first be used for people watching the america's cup races in 2013. it'll then open for business in
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november 2014. >> mark is here with sports. i guess from now on it will be all super bowl hype. >> the today the big media day and a new twist on that. by the hundreds -- the players, also got to go in and limited numbers of course. both teams, able to do interviews, all kinds of characters showing up and the teams, the patriots have a real story going on. that's the look at their tight end. who is one of tom brady targets. he has a high ankle sprain. >> that's what -- you when you are hurt you want to improve every day. just trying to get stronger every day. list tone the training staff, what they have to say, healing up, getting stronger and making sure i'm more fluid. >> [inaudible] can you imagine not play
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playing? >> yeah but i'm not worrying. >> we will see. he looks like -- a football player and tough one. warriors going at it hosting the kings. at the end of the bench a very familiar sight. that's keith smart. now the sacramento king's head coach and he talked today about landing on his feet after he was fired by the warriors, telling joe what it takes. >> still want to continue to coach in the nba, think you have to just bite your tongue and move on and show that you are a professional all the way through and then are you more than prepared for it. my situation here of being a coach here as the head coach, really prepared me for everything i'm doing moving forward. i don't have any bad feelings -- i would have loved to have continued and built on when he had done but that didn't happen. >> like when he said there. have you to bite your tongue.
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not say what you really mean and he is a coach. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and right now on the website get a sneak peek at what some call the best part of super bowl sunday, the commercials. >> and several ada have been leaked and we have them on the home page and as always thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2news.
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