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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 1, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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. november 15th, 1988. that was the day i was sworn in as an oakland police officer. the proudest day of my career so far. fast forward to today, february 1st -- >> just officially filled, two key positions in oakland leadership. that's our top story. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. oakland has two new chiefs. the announcements came late this morning. the city appointed a new police
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chief and fire chief. tara moriarty is live from city hall to tell us why one appointment is making history, while the other may be long overdue. tara? >> reporter: well, that's right. after being overlooked once in the past, howard jordan has finally clinched the title he's always wanted as oakland's police chief. city officials say they took their time making this decision and when we asked mayor quan why it took so long, she said she was "preoccupied." >> please welcome me today in welcoming chief jordan. [ applause ] >> reporter: quan appointed jordan, the top dog of the department one week ago. that was during a secret phone call. affectionately referred to as ho-joe. jordan served the department for nearly 20 years. for the past five years he's been the assistant and interim chief. the media tried to go to him with questions about the occupy
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movement. city officials really deflected that. jordan was passed over the job five years earlier. so when he got the call, he was very happy. >> some people will be surprised to know that i actually shed a tear. the last time i was interim chief, i dealt with the death of the fowfer officers. >> reporter: not to be overlooked, the new fire chief, teresa reed, is making history. she becomes female's -- oakland's first female fire chief. she's been working for san jose fire since 1986. but oakland, she says, has her heart. >> this is not just any department. this is my fire department. this is the department that serves the city that i call
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home. that makes it very special. having the opportunity to serve the community i live in is a huge honor for me. reed talked about how she would -- >> reporter: reed talked about how she would watch the rigs going through oakland and she talked about how she wanted to do that one day. same thing really as jordan, back to you. >> thank you. a private high school in san francisco is shut down for the day because of a flu outbreak. the principal at saint ignatius high school says at least 200 students are sick. a 24-hour closure was recommended to sanitize the building. that's what crews are doing today. more than 50 students called in sick yesterday. another 90 students went home after suddenly becoming ill. >> it's pretty nasty and then the crazy thing was actually after school, toward the
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evening, more and more people were getting sick. >> the school will reopen tomorrow but the principal is asking parents to keep kids home for at least 72 hours after vomiting has ceased or after a fever has gone down. official play -- layoff notices are go out today. by a vote of 6-1 and an extension, the city council voted to eliminate more than 100 positions, 81 of which are currently filled. union group, residents and occupy demonstrators packed city hall to protest the cuts. however, there were no major disruptions like last week. the city slashed $28 million from the budget to offset lawsuits and state redevelopment money. >> we don't have the luxury of being angry because there's so much at stake. so what we need to do is be extremely professional on both sides. >> the city had sent out thousands of layoff notices earlier this month. most will now be rescinded.
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layoff workers will receive two weeks' notice. here are some of the areas that will be cut. many jobs in economic development and public works, several departments will merge, including parks and recreation and human services. the city will also sell a former fire station for extra cash. there will not be any cuts to popular programs such as fairlyland, the zoo and the 211 information call center. the economic outlook appears much better in contra costa county. for the first time in five years, the county does not plan any general budget cuts. the contra costa times reports there may even be money left over to rehire laid off deputies and prosecutors. the extra funds come from recent labor deals with county workers. they agree to millions of dollars in cuts and salaries and benefits. the state controller has a message, in a letter, john
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chiang, says the state will run out of cash by early march if the state does not borrow more money and delay some payments. the legislature must come up with 3.3 billion. otherwise the state may have to issue ious or possibly delay tax refunds. it was a great january for stocks. the best wall street has seen in 15 years. this month is also off to a good start. u.s. stocks are up today after solid manufacturing data came in from china and europe first and then new reports showed u.s. factories raised their output in january at the fastest pace in seven months. >> the report bolsters other data. the dew is currently up 17shsh the dow is currently up 127. the nasdaq is up 37. the s&p is up 15.
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checking the numbers right now, apple is up 4 cents, that coupled with a recent drop in exxon stock has made apple the most valuable u.s. corporation. apple and exxon have been jockeying for that title for nearly six months now. will investors like facebook? that's the $10 billion question today. kristin -- kristin kafton is live -- christien kafton. any word? >> reporter: still no word yet. we are live at menlo's headquarters. for a company that fosters communication, all they are saying at this hour is no comment. employees are not talking company about where the company
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will file paperwork to file for an initial public offering. financial experts say even if facebook goes public, it will be major investors with millions to spend and with preexisting relationships with facebook will get first crack at the stock. when it does filter down to the average investor, some say they will buy. >> facebook looks like it's gonna last. i don't know -- i don't know as far as the amount of money i would put into it or how long i would stay but it looks like a strong investment. >> reporter: while others say, not so fast. >> i think i would probably wait to see because what happens after a lot of these huge ipos, it's high and then it drops. i think i would wait to see what happens. >> reporter: now, if the ipo is offered, experts estimate the
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stock price will fall somewhere in the $35 to $40 range and that could raise about $10 billion. if that paperwork is filed today, the earliest we would e- - we could see a stock offering is main or -- is april or may. we can actually show you a facebook employee in the parking lot. you can see the media out here. this story is generating a lot of interest. one group said they will be out here at 9 -- until 9:00 tonight. they started at 4:00. they will stay here. everyone is waiting to see if facebook will be filing their ipo today. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a former teacher appeared in court this morning in los angeles to face child molestation charges. 61-year-old mark burnt is accused of committing lewd acts with 23 children. the judge raised his bail from 2.3 million to $23 million.
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and she set an arraignment date for february 21st. prosecutors say he blindfolded children and put tape over some of their mouths and he also took lewd photographs of them. ross mirikarimi is not giving up on seeing his wife and son. there is an order that prevents him from seeing his wife and 2- year-old son. the judge impotessed the order on -- imposed the order on january 15th, the day he was arrested on domestic violence charges. it's currently in effect until the end of the trial, which begins in three weeks. a man who spent 18 years in prison for a double murder he did not commit is now suing the city of san francisco. 41-year-old conley was released from custody a year ago. that's after a judge learned that authorities paid a key prosecution witness thousands of dollars and ruled that he lied on the stand.
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conley's lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. a lot involving the same san francisco investigators resulted in a 2009 settlement of almost $8 million. former san francisco supervisor matt gonzalez is also under fire today. he's taking a month off as chief attorney in the public defender's office and is reportedly using that time to represent a firm that is suing the city for $16 million. according to "the chronicle" his boss, jeff adachi, made an exception to conflict of interest rules bau he thought gonzalez was only -- because he thought gonzalez was only providing legal advice. trial is next week and it appears that gonzalez is fully involved. president obama took a little jab at a republican rival in the process of offering up a refinance program. >> it's wrong for anyone to suggest that the only option
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for struggling homeowners is to sit and wait for the housing market to hit bottom. [ applause ] >> the president was making reference to a previous statement by nit, that the housing market should hit the bottom before it can recover. mr. bro outlined a -- a -- mr. obama outlined a program to refinance it their mortgage at a lower rate even if they owe more than their homes are worth. mitt romney is the man to beat. it was an inprets ink victory but as sandra endo reports, the race is not over yet. romney believes his decisive victory tuesday night in florida is evident, he's the candidate to best address the company's top -- their concern.
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>> people care about the economy. they understand that's been my background. they don't think people who have spent their entire life in washington can get our country going on. >> we have food stamps, we have housing vouchers, medicate. we -- medicaid. but we have programs to help the poor. but the middle americans, they are really signs of no dagging -- of no backing down. >> we're gonna have people, power, defeat money power in the next six months. >> reporter: ron paul and -- ron paul is planning to stay in. romney will be campaigning in
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machine sota later this afternoon and will finish up with a rally in las vegas, gingrich will also be stumping from nevada. reporting from i'm sandra endo. at this hour, occupy oakland leaders are announcing plan for their next demonstration. it's set for leaders to avoid a repeat of saturday's violent protest. there were more than 400 arrests and several injuries. the city wants to serve more protesters with stay away orders preventing them from being within 100 yards of city hall. judges have already issued that order to at least a dozen occupy protesters. occupy wall night creek plans to hold a rally at broadway plaza. just like last month, the group a plans to gather at the corner of main street and mt. diablo boulevard and hold signs.
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that location is in front of the bank of america branch. the gathering starts until 3:30 and goes in the dark. sad news for fans of "soul train." don cornelius died early this morning in an apparent suicide. investigators say he was found dead in his sherman oaks home. police believe he kyed from a self-inflicted gunshot -- died from a self-inflicted in 1970. soul train train until 2016. he was 75. water is back on for the people in the 300 block of oakland, macarthur boulevard. a rain broke last night that disrupted service to several customers. crews replaced a four-foot long
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section of pipe to stop the water. caltrans crews are scheduled to start pouring if cement. ork on the -- work on the devil side tunnel has been patchy fogging if on sense smm -- patchy nothing. turning to another big caltrans project. the agency is starting to focus on how it will get rid of the old eastern span of the been wants the new span opens. engineers say it will probably take at least three years to bring down the old bridge. that's because it would not be glad for the environment and take the easy way out and blow it up. workers will have to build a
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trussle in the way. next to the old icon. >> keen your eyes on the road. don't mind that hanging beam that's 100 feet offer to your right. >> the entire removal project is expected to cost $244 million. san francisco mayor ed lee co his efarts -- ef-- continues his efforts for two areas. this opening is a calffy. the city is offering payroll taxes that open locations. and create new jobs in the project. lee helps to make it safer for people who work or live there. a cleaning company do find out will it will get into a --
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in concord. service master clean wants to rent to a $50,000 square foot area on tie monday boulevard. the state was occupied by a if hyundai ship congress is expected to approve this man -- plan at the meeting tonight. >> as we leave this place -- >> reporter: somes at saint anthony 'are taking day -- have showing what they see you see. >> in the last summer. the smell of roast chicken goes through the kitchen.
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an that the -- the people who walked through these doors through the last 60 year are mol p -- 9 -- the last 60 years. >> gave me my life back. gave plea some teals showed me how to get a job. ain't an tonier is es about -- an tony is in a day if f.m. . >> economy ins and flows and the stories of how clients come to st. anthony is gradual. it you seem very could toable.
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>> in san francisco, noelle walker. well, a weak system. but give it credit. it hung in there for a long time. gave us a lot of mist drizzle. about 2 tru to 2 -- about .200 to .500. there's still some partly cloudy skies but it's clearing a little bit north to south. in fact, santa rosa under moort there's just a lot of -- underneath. there's just a lot moisture. so we'll. >> that tal. >> at least the follow is snowm -- at least the fog is lifting and the temperatures are dropping off. mostly cloudy, probably a lot of fog in the morning. a little warmer. but then the weekend looks okay -- looks okay to be died we are
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not looking -- we're not seeing any rainle it whest southwest wind, there's the -- west-southwest wind, there's the wind. the front has gone through and now that the breeze has crept in. you will start to see some clearing. this next system has p p -- has. until -- this next system right here. you get some 50s, 60s. santa rosa one of the few right at 60 degrees. our extended outlook which says your weekend in view. it does have cloudy to mostly cloudy skies today. tomorrow morning we'll have to deal with fog but it won't be anything like tomorrow morning as far as the drizzle goes and the weekend looks pretty good.
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>> okay. thank you, steve. >> okay. federal officials are talking about a residential leak that they reported today and they said a tiny amount may have leaked from the san onofre plant. that reactors was shut down. officials say it -- it will be shut down for at least a couple of of. >> ahead another look at the soaring stock markets and the plans for high speed rails. the word is swapportunity.
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can i have the definition? swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence? mmm. swapping a 300 calorie donut for this 110 calorie strawberry shortcake is a good swapportunity. that's not a real word. oh haha it's real.
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[ female announcer ] delicious, creamy, yoplait light. over 30 flavors each around 100 calories. do the swap today. stocks are up sharply. u.s. factories put out the most 234 seven months. the commerce department says spending rose. right now, the dow is up 111. nasdaq is up 38. s&p is up 16. well, despite soaring costs and increasing doubts about california's high-speed rail system, san francisco officials still wanted to become a reality. yesterday, the san francisco transportation authority discussed the plan to bring the high-speed service to the city. the plan could have service in place before the date predicted by -- prediget -- predicted. they say it would be cheaper
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and generate more ridership. it's the season of love for skunks. hunk dreads of -- hundreds of skunks are migrating in the sacramento area to migrate. female skunks constantly spray when they've mated to keep other males away. off times, males will spray right back. people are being advised to bring in any outdoor pet food. there's new information coming into our newsroom about the flu and the school closed down, s.i. they will be closed tomorrow and friday. earlier we reported it would be open tomorrow. we will be at the press
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conference. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we're always here when news breaks. thanks for watching and have a great day.
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