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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 3, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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a development for a missing man. the coast guard found a boat which may belong to a missing bay area fisherman, but still no sign of him. we'll have more coming up shortly. meanwhile, we want to turn now to a different top story. bowing to public pressure, the susan komen foundation has
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reversed a policy. earlier this week the charity said it would eliminate grants for planned parenthood, but this morning they changed their mind. how all this happened and bay area reaction. good afternoon, tara. >>reporter: they just got off a teleconference call to talk about this latest turn of events, and this about face comes three days after a mountain of criticism that resounded across social media. now, tuesday the komen foundation announced a change in its grant policy, excluding plant parenthood because it was under a government investigation. it turns out that probe was tied to anti-abortion groups. they said they would change the criteria to make sure if it disqualifies the investigation must prove criminal and
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conclusive. >> the incredible passion and dedication the community has to women's health has reenergized me. i think the positive is that we're going to be concentrate on our mission to get breast cancer services to low income women, and political issues are not going to be distracting us in the future. >>reporter: now, they've not made a decision on the policy and had rebelled actually against the idea to cut funding which totaled several hundred thousand dollars last year. they said today's decision was a victory to all women. there could be major fallout from everything that has happened this week, and coming up at 5:00, we're going to find out if it's a little too late. >> the senator issued a statement that reads, it's a great day when our deeply held
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beliefs that breast cancer can only be wiped out if we work together. congressman nancy pelosi also weighed in. >> i commend them for seeing the light on this, but i more specially solute the women who spoke out on behalf of women's health. they showed their power and made a difference. women will be healthier. >> and senator dianne feinstein said the komen foundation's change of heart was the right decision. she called the reversal a victory for women's health. a family court judge will hold a hearing on visitation
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rights. he filed for visitation, and if the judge grants it, he can be come in next wednesday for orientation. >> the parties meet separately with a mediator, and then after that the parties see if they can reach an agreement on visitation and then the judge will consider the agreement and either accept it or modify it. >> a criminal court judge has refused to remove the stay away order for his wife. we're just getting word that the chairman steve appleton of micron technology has died in a plane crash. he died when the small plane he was piloting crashed in boise, idaho this morning. he was the only one onboard. trading in micron stocks has
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been halted on wall street. he was 51. a hiring surge in january pushed the unemployment rate back to its lowest level in three years. according to the labor department, employers added 243,000 jobs last month. that dropped the unemployment rate down to 8.3%, and that's the lowest it's been since february of 2009. it was also the fifth straight month that the rate has fallen, and this is the first time that has happened since late 1994. the unemployment rate is just a little above what it was when obama took office in 2008. even with the gains the job market faces a long way back to full health. this morning the president said there are still far too many americans who need a job or need a job that pays better than the one they have now. >> the economy is growing
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stronger. recovery is speeding up. we've got to do everything in our power to keep it going. >> there's still 12.8 million people out of work, the fewest since the recession ended almost three years ago. more good economic news. according to the institute for supply management, service companies in the i, including retailers, hotels and restaurants expanded at the fastest pace in nearly a year in january. the agency's index of nonmanufacturing activity jump had to 56.8 percent last month, up from 53 prior. all this is translating to a good day on wall street. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is up 152, the nasdaq up 46, s&p up 18. right now many bay area homeowners are getting free
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help to avoid foreclosure or buy an affordable home. >>reporter: we showed you those long lines earlier. let's go ahead and show you what it looks like inside. we're on the floor of the cow palace. you can see the line of folks getting ready to meet with the folks here at this homeowner expo and take a look up here just above. you can see those are the people who are still waiting to be seen. hundreds of homeowners are here meeting right now with lenders, credit counselors, all of them trying to lower their monthly payments. they're waiting to adjust their loans. are you ben perez was first in line. he's been here in the past and knows how popular they are. he arrived at 9:30 last night
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to make sure he could meet with his bank representative face-to- face. >> i need help. they need to help me. >>reporter: two hours before the doors open, hundreds waited in line, including dawn rose who said she's upside down on her san jose home and hoping to save $500 on her monthly payment. >> hoping just to modify my loan because i'm upside down on it, lower my interest payment. >>reporter: inside the cow palace they had a chance to work on their paperwork and meet with counselors and bank representatives. the aim is to get people with legitimate financial hardships or victims of predatory lending back on track.
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>> we have to prove that the mortgage unaffordable. that's what's key. >>reporter: new this year, they're not only helping homeowners with existing loans. representatives are also helping buyers line up the right kind of loan to buy a house. the event runs today through monday. documents filed this week show that the california high- speed rail authority paid $160,000 to a public relations firm to lobby state lawmakers to approve funding for the controversial project. the problem is, these are the same lawmakers who appointed the rail authority members in the first place. critics call it a wasteful use of taxpayer funds am say it amounts to the state spending money to lobby itself. as we mentioned, the coast guard has found a boat which may belong to a missing bay area fisherman. the they located it about two
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hours ago off the coast south of half moon bay. this is new video that we just got in. the coast guard has been searching the area since around midnight. the boat matches the description of the one belonging to the fisherman. he was reported missing yesterday. he was last seen leaving a harbor near half moon bay near wednesday. the overturned boat is in an area just a few miles south of half moon bay. a rash of gun violence in a bay area city and a gun battle caught on tape. you'll see more just ahead. and when you're not watching football this weekend, you may want to head to the beach. unusually warm february temperatures we'll tell you about. a bay area company really busy with the super bowl ii days away. [ male announcer ] southwest makes the call. man: please swipe credit card.
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two people were sent to a hospital after a terrible collision early this morning on the bay bridge that happened just before 4 a.m. that's when a white car hit a disabled suv on the in klein section of the upper deck.
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the force of the collision flipped the suv onto its side. also overnight a woman was able to walk away after rolling her car in hayward. the crash happened around two this morning on d street near third. police say alcohol was not a factor in the crash. the driver of the car told us she was tired and may have dozed off. no one was hurt. gun violence erupt in the nearly a half dozen locations in oakland over a 26 hour period yesterday and today. police are investigating at least five shootings since just after three yesterday morning. two of them fatal. the latest happened at 5:15 this morning at 60th avenue. the victim was in his car and witnesses said he was conscious when paramedics took him to the hospital. neighbors said they heard at least six shots. >> he was just yelling help. somebody help me. somebody call 911. >> you guys didn't call 911?
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>> yeah, my mom called right away. >> you didn't go over there. >> no, i didn't want to go over there. sometimes people come back. >> at 1:30 yesterday morning there was a sixth shooting. here's surveillance video of a gun battle. two men who police say tried to rob a store. he was wounded, police say one of the robbers was hurt as well. both are expected to survive. police have arrested three men suspected of being the robbers. san jose firefighters responded to a two alarm fire at a restaurant this morning. the kitchen fire was reported at about eight 10:00 a.m. chopper 2 rushed to the scene and brought us these pictures. a dispatcher said firefighters controlled the flames and no injuries reported. in pittsburgh a man rescued from his burning home is in
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critical condition this morning. crews were called to a home on fairborn drive around 6:15 last night. they found the victim unconscious in the kitchen. a pet cat was also rescued. it appears the fire started in a back bedroom. the cause is under investigation. the city of antioch is considering a partial tax to help pay for more police officers based on the value of residents' homes and would race enough money to bring the force to full staffing levels. the department is allowed to employ 126 officers but can only afford 94. in order to move forward, it must be approved by the city council or sponsored by a community group. the sheriff of napa county announced he plans to retire. he was first elected sheriff in
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2006 and reelected in 2011. he joined the sheriff's department at 19. his retirement is effective april 14. the supervisors are expected to appointment the under sheriff to fill out the term which runs to 2014. the former commander of a drug squad will be allowed to travel to los angeles to appear on the doctor phil show. a judge gave him permission to travel with his attorney next week. during the talk show taping he will encourage law enforcement officers to seek help if they're under stress. his attorney said he was under stress because of health issues at the time of the crimes. the streets of san francisco are about to get a much anticipated face-lift. the mayor, along with other city leaders, kicked off a 248 million-dollar road improvement
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project, including repaving roads to get rid of pot holes as well as repairs to sidewalks and bike lanes. >> people are beginning to understand more and more that we have to invest in our infrastructure and our roads and sidewalks are a key part of that. >> the three year project will be funded by a bond passed by voters last november. the mayor's office say it will create 1600 jobs. the work is set to begin this summer. it could be the final attempt to save the marina in martinez. leaders plan to spend $1 million to clear away layers of mud clogging the entrance. they've spent the past six years trying to transform the marina into a first class boating destination but have little to show for it. boats are still sitting in mud at low tide, despite previous
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dredging efforts. a hotel with new owners promising a fresh start. last year the red lion closed its doors without notice and left guests stranded without rooms and workers without jobs. it has been purchased for an estimated $5 million. they hope to reopen in three or four months after some major improvement. we have a pleasant weekend in store. temperatures are going to be running anywhere from 5-10 degrees above normal for this time of year. giving you a live look outside our doors, we've got mostly sunny. >> speaker 3: just a little bit of a haze there. air quality good to moderate. we saw a little bit of fog this morning that has since cleared. conditions are calm. we do have an offshore breeze right around fairfield blowing to about 14 miles per hour.
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temperatures now rebounding, sitting in the 50s. the winds will remain light for today. it's just going to be another mild one as we progress into your weekend. satellite radar here showing us a lot. so we do have just a few high clouds. take a look at this storm treck. this system as it approaches the coast forced to move north, all the way north into canada. that's the track we're looking at. for the weekend, high clouds in the forecast. temperatures will remain on the mild side, even warm in some cases, and this will be all the way through sunday, so expect temperatures back into the 60s
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for today, saturday as well as sunday if you're heading to the coast, maybe to wine testing. very chilly in the overnight hours, down to about 12 degrees, which is good news that can actually make some snow. the extended forecast there, again just a good-looking weekend. then once we get past that, hopefully rain monday into tuesday. >> that will be good. thanks. the new england patriots will take on the giants on sunday. kitchens across the country are busy with a big task, mashing up avocados to make guacamole. customer demand soars this
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week. >> it's the largest sell, and we produce our biggest amount. >> in just the three hours of the super bowl the united states will consume 8 million pounds of guacamole. there's a special super bowl tab on the right side of the front page. click on that and you'll find out what's going on in indianapolis right now. another check on the stock markets ahead. reaction to a plan to use power to make money. some say it's not a good idea. @
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right now the dow is up 141 at 12,846 and nasdaq up 44 at 2904 and s&p up 17. a group that opposings plans to rent out san francisco's tower will present signatures on monday hoping to get a measure on the june ballot. the city is considering renting out the top level of a landmark for private events, but some people who live near there on telegraph hill are fighting
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that plan due to traffic and noise concerns and want to limit commercial activities and private events and the group wants more of the money from admission to be spent on maintaining it. weather in another part of the country is causing big problems for bay area air travelers. all three airports are reporting flight delays and/or translations due to extreme weather in denver. some flights out of there are being delayed at least two hours. we're continuing to follow the search for the bay area fisherman missing since wednesday. we'll have a live report as the coast guard looks for the man after his boat was found overturned. we're waiting word as we
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search. we'll see you next time the news breaks. we're always here on thanks for watching. have a great weekend.
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