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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 4, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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. marching for peace. the concerns these san francisco protesters have about iran. it's come down to the wire in nevada. will mitt romney score a major in the state's caucuses? a young skateboarder is memorialized in this park and what is missing from interest might frustrate his family. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right
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now. good evening everyone i'm hearn holmes. >> i'm ken wayne and hundreds of protesters hit the streets of san francisco with an anti- war message. ktvu's alex savidge is in the city told us the focus of this demonstration is a potential new conflict with iran. >> well, protesters believe that the u.s. is inching closer to a military strike on iran over that country's nuclear program and today a large crowd of people marched up market street with a message of peace. >> no more war! >> reporter: several hundred protesters made their way along market street today. >> it seems that the drums of war are increasing everyday. >> simin royanian was born in iran and has family members who live this and says a u.s. attack on her home country would be devastating. >> maybe we can build a movement so no bomb will be dropped not only on iran, but other countries as well.
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>> reporter: today's march and rally was organize id by the group world can't wait and called on anti- war absent visit. activist. >> it's up to made obama to make him get back to the promises he made that he got a nobel peace prize. >> i'm starting to feel like we live anyway rogue state. i'm starting to feel like we're the terrorists in the world. >> no more war! >> reporter: demonstrators want the public to start paying attention to the escalating conflict. 80-year-old ying lee is here. >> let's ask all-americans to try something he is, because war doesn't work. >> reporter: lee says she lived through too many wars in her lifetime and doesn't want to see another
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one. organizers tell me it's march and rally is part of a coordinated demonstrateations that took place in cities around the world. live in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. meanwhile the situation for anti-government protesters in syria is growing more dangerous. coming up, how the u.s. responded with harsh language following a vote at the united nations. >> oakland police say extra officers are being called in ahead of an occupy protest set to begin just about an hour from now. we want to give you a live look frank ogawa plaza. as you can see from the live pictures not a lot of absent right now, but this is expected to take place in about an hour. the group accuses officers of harassment and abuse during last week's demonstration. according to the organizations weekend peaceful protesters "may not want to attend this march." >> more than 400 people were
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arrested last saturday when the march ended with dozens of protesters trying to enter the daglock and police say a number broke into city hall and caused service damage. a dozen arrested have been ordered to stay a hundred yards away from frank ogawa plaza. police chief jordan says his officers are ready to take action if the demonstrations get violent. >> we're going to give them every fortunate to exercise their 1st amendment right and freedom of speech. however, we're go knot going to tolerate any acts of sandallism, any acts of violence, any acts of violence towards the community or our police department. >> chief jordan adds "the occupy protests are not only costing the city, but also other agencies that have been called in to help." >> oakland mayor jean quan told us that she feels the weekly marches are the work of a splinter group that doesn't
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reflect the occupy movement as a whole. >> the occupy message is supposed to be about equal distribution of wealth, fairness, the banks and foreclosures. occupy nationally is a nonviolent movement. >> the mayor said she has heard from many oakland residents who say they support the occupy ideals, but have had another of the saturday anti- police demonstrations. in washington, d.c. overnight police began to clear occupy tempts from the park a few blocks from the white house. the move came after a federal judge ruled that camping is not a protected form of free speech. police said this were increasing reports of violent and a rat infestation at the camp. officials say seven people were taken into custody, and an officer was hit in the face with a brick. for the latest news on tonight's planned protest in oakland, including images and video from oakland, can you visit our weekend,
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in election news tonight all political eyes are on nevada where rotors could solidify mitt romney's front- runner status. ken pritchett is live in reno to tell us about the last noit paining leading to the first caucus in the west. >> reporter: just within of the past minutes we got more early results in and as expect based on the polling mitt romney has an early lead in these early leads at about 3%. this is about 5% of the precincts reporting. so you can't read much into it yet. these ruts are coming in from rural counties, not the urban centers around las vegas and reno. it was a unique experience with ballots filled out by hands and votes counted right on the spot. more than a thousand people came to this south reno high school, which today was a caucus site. >> any romney supporters? >> reporter: and greeting caucus--goerses
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with a tom scott of rocklin scott is romney's northern california chairperson. at the door he was handing out stickers to id romney supporters. >> i have a sticker poll and i think we're running at 48%. >> reporter: the real vote took place inside, the gym hold voters from four precincts, but before the vote surrogates for the candidates spoke. >> i think mitt romney has the experience of building businesses and bringing people together. >> reporter: the goal swayed that last- minute vote. >> newt is the most concise advocate when speaking and debating. i they we all know that. >> i think it's very interesting and it gives a chance to meet your neighbors refrigerate most thought that the whole process would take hours. >> reporter: but the votes were counted. stacked into four piles for each candidate with mitt romney's stack at this precinct towering over the other and it was over within the hour. >> we already had our mind
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made up and we give them our ballot and we're off to lunch. >> reporter: mitt romney is expected to win easily here in nevada. but the other candidates have something to fight for, but this is not a winner-take-all state and the better those other candidates do, the larger share of the 28 delegates they can take to the convention. again as we said at the top, we do have some early results coming, in 5%, mostly rural counties. we're still waiting on the major urban centers around reno and vegas, so we should have a good take on how the candidates performed shortly. more details now on what is ahead for the republican candidates. maine's weeklong caucus' began today. ron paul has campaigned heavily there for a share of that state's delegates. colorado and minnesota also hold caucuses on tuesday. in fact, mitt romney campaigned today in colorado of the is he flying back to las vegas for an
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expected victory party. missouri holds its primary tuesday, all the though the results are not binding. arizona and michigan hold primaries on february 28th. >> the wife of a u.s. marine was killed after a propane gas explosion in mono county. blast happened around 9:00 at a housing unit in colville. the military says a navy corpsman and his wife were also injured in the explosion. they were both flown to burn center. one to a reno hospital and the other to uc davis medical center in sacramento. they both suffered third-degree burns. tonight police remain on the scene of a fatal shooting in east oakland. officers responded to 105 near 9th street this afternoon. police found a man with gunshot wounds. the unidentified victim was pronounced dead at the scene. police say the motive is not yet known. meanwhile oakland police
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are investigating a salado shooting that sent four people to the hospital. witnesses reported hearing gunshots and officers say when they arrived they found four people shot. all of them were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. so far no word on a suspect and no arrests have been made. police in redwood city arrested a teacher today acause of physically affusion two developmentally disabled boys. alexi bogdis is a teacher of developmentally disabled student. police released fur details, but said the alleged incident occurred on school property. a young skateboarder was remembered today in berkeley. ktvu's john sasaki tells us his friend and family say there is an important lesson to be learned from the young man's death. >> reporter: ken, this is the skatepark where tyler de martini spent much of his time and they are
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paying tribute to him, but also expressing frustration. the young people practice their sport inside the skatepark today, but this sunny day was darkened by the fong that 18- year-old tyler de martini will not skate here again. >> he is really good-spirited and positive. it was pretty sad what happened. >> reporter: this is tyler on his skateboard of the last monday night he was heading to the skatepark when he was hit by a car. two days later he was removed from life support. >> he just loved so fiercely. my son, who is 4.5, just absolutely idolizes him. he was my son's hero. >> reporter: so today family and friends held a memorial bar-b-q at the park. it was uplifting for his loved ones to see such an outpouring of support. >> everybody coming out here is awesome. >> reporter: young an any is now skating
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too, and wearing all the necessary safety equipment. his family wishes every young skater who do the same. >> all of these kids think that they are infallible, nothing is going to happen to them. it can happen any second. >> reporter: with that sobering thought his cousin made an empassioned plea. >> you always wish for one more time, when you know it's maybe the last. so i think if anything comes from, this it's just love for today. love today. tell the people that you love them, because you just never, never, never know. i never thought it would end like this. >> tyler's funeral is set for tuesday morning at 11:30 at sunset cemetery in el cerrito, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. the clean-up underway and so is the investigation to figure out why a water main flooded this fremont neighborhood. also celebrations are nur way for the lunier new year and how students got into the
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. the coast guard has called off its search for a missing crab fisherman whose boat was found capsized along the san mateo coast search crews found the boat belonging to 64-year- old shau tsu wong near ano nuevo state park. yesterday the coast guard and san moderate sheriff teams searched 3800 square knotibbal miles of ocean, about twice the size of rhode island without any sign of the man. we look at the damage in
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fremont and tells us questions remain about the cost. >> reporter: rushing water turned walkways into waterfalls flooding this residential street. >> it's like a river. it's like deep. >> reporter: a water main that runs in between the neighborhood and interstate 680 started to leak before midnight. fremont firefighter were called in to help. >> you knock on the door and they told us that we have to evacuate because the house is flooding. >> reporter: four families spent the night in nearby hotels and some returned this morning to assess the damage to their garages. >> it's full of mud. wet boxes on the floor are all over the place, dog food is all over the place of it's terrible. >> reporter: this morning, the clean-up began. the crews out here this morning are with the california department of water resources. they are the agency in charge of the clean-up because it was their water main that flood neighborhood. according to the department's spokesperson the main had been
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dry for the last three weeks for reparish and maintenance work. the problem happened when they turned the water back on. >> we introduced the water to it. it leaked through a manhole cover and flooded about 15 backyards some, garages. >> reporter: the force of the flood eroded part of the hillside around the main. the department of water resources isn't sure yet whether the cover itself was broken or a maintenance work are forgot to sci screw it back on tightly. either way they are aselling the damage and will pay for the clean-up. in fremont, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. we know now the identity of a man struck and killed in daly county this morning. overalls say 27-year-old david hanna of san francisco was driving his toyota camry southbound when he hit a cement wall around 4:30 this morning. highway patrol says hanna got out of his car and was struck by several vehicles. one of those vehicles may be a
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newer dark-blue toyota prius. more than 200 people are reported dead in some of the bloodiest assaults of the yearly yearlong uprising in syria. residents in sierraase a third largest city says forces of president assad launched nonstart mortar and rocket fire of the today russia and china vetoed a united nations security council resolution aimed at ending the bloodshed. ambad dor to the un susan rice says, "the u.s. is disgusted by the vote." >> the most powerful winter storm of the season is now heading east after dumping several feet of snow on the plains and rocky mountain. at least a foot of snow fell in nebraska where vehicles navigated through at times blizzard-like conditions. the storm
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caused hundreds of cancellations at denver's airport. we checked with airports here in the bay area and none of them right now are affected by this winter storm. in fact, if you look outside today. >> beautiful. >> nothing like what is going on out there. >> absolutely the let's check in with our chief meteorologist mark tamayo to get your forecast. >> i put in a few 70s across parts of the bay area of the it felt strange for early february, but that will be the case tomorrow. the high clouds will move into the region tomorrow, but nothing threatening yet. that will be change ore the next few days. as far as temperatures from today, a look at the warm readings all the way into the upper 60s for san josi and morgan hill, san francisco 64 and santa rosa, 66 degrees. this was the scene looking out across the bay. can you see the nice sunset just after 5:30 with a few high
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clouds sneaking into the picture, but still very nice. with the clear skies, relatively clear skies overnight, temperatures will be chilly first thing tomorrow morning. so subfreezing in santa rosa at 31. oakland right around 40 and san josi starting out the day in the upper 30s, right around 39 degrees. so for tomorrow, dry weather pattern continues and, in fact, most neighborhoods about the same as today or could be a touch warmer for our sunday. as we take this into monday we're tracking this weather system that will be approach are our coastline. rain clouds could be sweeping back into the bay area as we head into late monday night and into tuesday. expectations with rainfall could be on the order about bt 25" to about 1" in the north bay coastal hills and the bulk of the action could be first thing tuesday morning so we'll be watching that timing over the next few days. at least with our cloud and
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rainfall forecast, we'll be completely dry tomorrow. high clouds tomorrow afternoon. taking this into monday, increasing mid to upper level clouds. look at what happens tuesday morning for the commute. we'll have wet roadways out there at 7:00 and still lingering rain showers into tuesday afternoon. and gradually backing off as we head into late in the afternoon hours. here we go with forecast highs for tomorrow, advertised 70s showing up in santa rosa. san francisco, 65, oakland in the upper 60s, richard around 6 and san josi in the upper 60s. a couple of 70s to report here, expecting that in sant cruz and morgan hill. with your extended forecast, with the weekend always in view. one rain cloud as we head into tuesday. there is a slight chance of lingering showers into early wednesday morning and once again it will be nice for thursday. after that one rain cloud, it's not going to be a stormy sequence of the days. just that one day and it looks like more dry weather to talk about. heather and ken, this is the time of year i could be talking
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about low snow levels and heavy 70 degrees for tomorrow. >> casey. >> thank you, mark. across the bay, lunar new year's celebrations got underway at oakland's asian cultural center. music students played chinese music on traditional instruments and the young inch ones learned with ands on art and crafts projects. the celebration included workshops about traditionall asian art music and dance. the big event is san francisco's big parade and it's just one week away. we'll of course carry it live here on ktvu channel 2 next saturday at 6:00. >> it's a lot of fun. >> the nfl announces its newest members to its hall of fame. sports is next with who made the cut. plus, spring training hasn't even started yet, but as you can see there was lots of orange and black and tan at at&t park. they say that with great power comes great responsibility.
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. there they are, thousands of diehard san francisco giant's pants at&t park today for the 19th annual fanfest.
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the team's entire roster of players, there is bolster posey with coaches and executives took part. fans were able to talk with players. the event was for fans of all ages and even featured a special kid zone and this time of year we're all kids thinking about baseball. >> that is right. we're going to take a little football and a familiar name making news. >> jim harbaugh and if he did not receive this an acard, an organization would have been in order. the 49ers jim harbaugh was named at associated press nfl's coach of the year. we all know the story, 13-3 regular season and nfc west championship after the 49ers went 6-10 in 2010. here is how lopsided voting was. there are 50 media members who vote on the panel. harbaugh got 45 of the 50 votes. the voting was so 49- friendly when it came to the pro-football hall of fame class of 2012.
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debartolo joran did not make the final cut neither did charles healey or tim brown. one inductee does have local ties. chris doellman spent the majority of his 15-year career with the minnesota vikings. after falling out of first place on thursday, the cal bears needed a win today to stay close to washington. the pac-12 leader bears hosting arizona state at haas. allen crabbe the guy setting the pace in this one. kamp to crabbe for two of his 19 points and the bears kept it cropping in the second half. it's crabbe with the 3 this time. cal at 68-47 winner. the bears are half a game back
6:28 pm
of washington, which plays tonight. stanford trying to slow arizona down this afternoon at maples. >> josiah turn we are the ball and passes ahead to nick johnson. arizona wins 56-43. the wildcats make it a bay area sweep and improve 207-4 in the conference. sharks and warriors both at it tonight and we'll have it for you tonight on sportswrap. >> looking forward to it. >> thank you, joe. >> see you then. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. coming up on the 10:00 news we're monitoring frank ogawa plaza with a march is planned. ktvu's eric rasmussen says the crowd is already gathering there tonight. we'll see you when news breaks. our coverage continues on the 10:00 news and remember we're always here fosh for you on- line at and on mobile ktvu. we'll see you then
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