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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> reporter: it wasn't gunfire but more likey a small -- likely a small melt object thrown at the van. he calls 911 and trails the truck driver. >> we don't want them to get into any more incidents, that is when we flagged me down. >> reporter: they arrested the truck's driver. he was taken to county jail and being charged with a felony. >> road rage effect a lot of people. fortunately nobody was hurt. no weapons were found. happy it turned out well. >> reporter: he is now scared to drive the bay bridge. he says his safe driving habits provoked the attacks. the chp is lead investigator on
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the attack. coming up at 6:00, what we learned about the suspect's previous arrests. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a fire in an underground vault forced the closure of several streets in the san francisco financial district. they reopened, though. a fuse failed in the vault sending smoke through the man hole cover. no one was injured and pg&e says none of its customers lost power. a crew is there now fixing it and that could mean brief outaged. a crawl -- outages. a brawl at san quentin. leaders say the fight broke out around 11:30 outside. the prison did not go into lock down. inmates were sent back to their cells while it is being
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investigated. >> at this point, there is no movement till we can assess the situation and find out what happened and what is going on. >> none of the inmate's injuries are considered life threativing. such crews working from a contradicted serial killer's map found a human skull today on a property. they found the skull and other remains 10:30 a.m. on property that belonged to the parents of convicted killer wesley shermantine. wesley shermantine produced a map showing the location of four bodies after his partner in crime committed suicides last months. one of the victims is mikhaila garrett. investigators will have to wait for the resultotches dna to confirm it is her. we are learning about two human
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cases of a rare disorder. ktvu's john fowler is live with new information and a worrisome explanation. john? >> reporter: within the last hour i got this statement from the health office confirming two cases of cjd, and it is possible one may be related to mad cow disease. >> reporter: the first case is a woman. she fell ill last year, cognitive problems, she died three weeks ago from cjd. >> i was confused and looking for more information. >> reporter: her ex-husband confirmed they lived in england, raised a family during the years when the mad cow scare boomed. >> we were aware but kept ourselves away from the areas
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that were posted as infected. >> reporter: it is from a bizarre protein in brians of infected animals. symptoms develop within 10 years but new reports suggest it could be longer, perhaps 20 years. >> i feel comfortable right now for myself. some people worry they could be an aoutbreak here. >> -- out break here. >> anything we should eat should be consumed with where it is processed. >> reporter: they just ruled out cjd in her death, it was the natural form. it is unlikely to be the variant variety. no risk of public health
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threat. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. good news for homeowners. the white house unveiled a new settlement with the nation's largest mortgage lenders. >> no compensation, no amount of money, no measure of justice is enough to make it right for a family who had their piece of the american dream taken from them. >> america's biggest banks, bank of america and citibank agreed to paid $25 billion for mortgage relief. it will reduce loan payments for those who owe more than their homes are worth. others will also get a small piece of the pie. california is getting a large slice. $18billion in mortgage relief. >> it will continue, criminal
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investigation, investigations into the fraudulent practices around lending. >> 11 million are under water on their loans and thisope lane helping 11% of them. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live with the story of homeowners who may get some help from this. >> reporter: indeed. as protesters continue to gather here that chase bank. 12billion of the 18 california gets will go to principal relief, cutting the money homeowners owe, from those 5 banks. >> reporter: she is in bankruptcy court trying to save her home. she said she had to do that because trying to deem-deal with bank of america has been what she calls a two year long horror. >> i submitted 550 documents for this process and we are in
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the review with the investor phase. >> reporter: despite no manner how much matter bank of america demanded. >> all bank of america could say is we donned have enough information. >> reporter: 450,000 clefs will get some relief from principal reduction to quicker short sales. 9 counties share $3.1 billion. >> it is not a comprehensive fix but it is an important step in the right direction. borrowers who lost their homes will receive $2,000 in restitution. folks we met today are wary. >> i feel it is way too late. i have too many friends that lost their homes. >> it is an election year. >> i don't have much confidence in getting anywhere with the politicians or banks. >> that is a fear of mine that
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they will get out of this too. >> there is more work to do. this is just a drop in the bucket. >> reporter: coming up, why most are not included and how much relief each county will get. bank of america sent me a statement on her case, saying it was her filing the bankruptcy that stoped the foreclosure that stops the negotiations. tomconsumer editor tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. more details on the mortgage settlement. alameda will get the largest amount, 757 million. contra costa, santa clara 588, solano 334 million. sonoma, 267 million. san mutarot, 214. san francisco, 147. napa 79. and last is marine county, $50
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million. occupy los angeles protesters staged a noisy demonstration calling it a sell out. >> the protesters crowded around the entry of the state building in los angeles, that is where kamala harris was speaking about the agreement. in san francisco, janeters marked downtown as they approached the start of contract negotiations. teamsters and hotel workers marched with janeters from the union, local 87. it represents 3500 janeters in the city and their contract is due to expire in july. they want to get into negotiations early in hopes of getting a fair contract. wageswages and health insurance are the major concerns. >> for our members, our health insurance is more important than our rages.
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we want to make sure our healthcare remains the same. >> they are preparing preparing for a strike innegotiations break down. if it -- demonstrators showed up at a apple store today to protest horrific working conditions for people who make apple products. >> thank you for bringing this up. >> the demonstrators gave the manager a stack of petitions. part of a movement demanding apple make more ethical devices. the protesters sited poor working conditions. >> workers in one of the biggest factories, are standing so long their legs are swelling up, doing so many repetitive motions with their hands.
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>> officials did not comment on the allegations. the demonstration was part of a global protest world wide and there is new information about steve jobs from a fbi back ground check, coming up we will have that story. new jobless numbers show unemployment claims nationally at their lowest in 4 years. 358,000 people fired for first time benefits last week and that is gown 15,000 from the week before and the second lowest level since 2008. it is a positive sign. highering could continue in the coming months. stocks were unchanged today mostly. that came despite the good news on the new unemployment claims and the word of a deal
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involving the debt crisis in greece. the dow is up 6.51 points to 12,890. the nasdaq was up 11 to 2,927. the warning is coming out, what commuters plan on doing when the bay bridge shuts down. wow! what a day today. temperatures, upper 60s. clouds coming in. take a look. sprinkles in the forecast, i will let you know when they get here.
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. okay. see that man on the roof? he is a car thief who is the focus of a five hour stand off with los angeles police in westwood a block from ucla. he jumped from one roof to another during the stand off. finally the s.w.a.t. team shot him with a bean bag and that is where he was arrested by police.
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the bay bridge closure has people thinking ahead about how they will get around when the top deck going into san francisco is closed. you have a couple of options here. east bay, starting here in oakland. you want to head north, take the richmond bridge, through muren, down 101. or head south, jump on 880 south, take 92, gets you to the peninsula and jump up to san francisco that way. or take mass transit, bay area rapid transit is helping out, these 14 are going to be open overnight. they offer limited service and trains leave just once an hour. it is overnight service. let's bring in rob roth who is live where people know about this closure and expecting major impact.
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right? >> reporter: signs such as this one are beginning to sprout up. >> reporter: cars were cruising today over the bridge but next weekend will be a different story. >> the westbound bay bridge into san francisco will be closed. >> reporter: beginning at 8:00, friday night and isn't scheduled to reopen till february 21 at 5:00 a.m. it will stay open for cars heading out of san francisco. it is part of the construction project that will move the westbound lanes to the south. >> by moving the traffic over, we are able to put a team in between the new bridge and the existing bridge and remove a portion that is in the way. >> reporter: drivers are taking the news in stride. >> take bart. trains will be running 24 hours a day but stopping only at
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select stations overnight. >> i will go around the golden gate. richmond bridge, doesn't matter. >> reporter: the golden gate and other bridges will see more traffic. many of their customers come from the east bay. >> essentially shuts us down from oakland traffic, one of the biggest weekends of the quarter. >> reporter: they are spending half a million dollars to get the word out. if rain enters the picture the project could be delayed. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. man who got into a deadly accident because of a seizure is expected to enter a plea. a grand jury indicted john
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harris yesterday for an accident last november that killed two women. he said the seizure caused him to run the red light. prosecutors argue he was aware that he could have a seizure at any time and for that reason they say he should be held accountable. right now he is free on bail. some members of the miles an hour held proceeding to honor joe paterno today. they spoke about him today. they made no mention of the scandal and talked about his contributions to the community, university students and the academic success of his players. >> dedication to greatness, joe paterno stands as a model for all of us. with the passing of joe paterno we mourn his loss.
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thank you joe paterno. >> last year some leaders recommended joe paterno for the white house medal of freedom in honor of his career but they with drew after jerry sandusky was arrested on child molestation charges. there appear to be tense moment today in san jose as the warriors tour was announce ited at a press conference. three big names were there. he pretends to be the son of arizona governor jan brewer who supports tough measures against illegal immigrants. >> coming here is not the u.s.a. tour, this is the sb1070 tour. >> we got a peak at what happened in the ring as tempers seemed to flair during the
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press conference. they will battle in the ring on march 30. astronomers are excited about a image one of their own captured last week. showing a star cluster cluster and a comment in the same spot. visible with telescope just above the big dipper. we want you to know he used a 5- inch refractor telescope with a sl-r and 10 minute exposure. i have that temperature thing in the car, 68 degrees at 3:00. as we go to our chief meteorologist who would have thought? >> we are the entry of the country. today low 60s. it will cool off tomorrow. clouds come in and a chance for
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a sprinkle. this is not a big deal. mentioned it last night. it will cool the numbers down quite a bit. instead of 70s, we are looking at temperatures tomorrow, most likely in the low 60s. i think some places upper 50s. drizzle along the coast. highs today, look, 72 in santa rosa. 70 in napa. 68 concord. 68 in livermore. 71 in san jose. 75 in morgan hill. it is february. this is nice weather. i am not a huge gardener, i grew up with plants, and i am seeing buds and sprouts, some of the stuff is coming out of the ground three months early. lot of plants are getting field here by the weather. warm weather fools the plants. you may be noticing that. clouds increase, that is the
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system right there, live picture, satellite or video, represents these clouds coming in. main system is still to the north. here is what i note, see where we are? the tail end of this down here, is going to drag through tomorrow in the morning, around the morning commute. light glaze on the roadway. main impact is overnight lows, more fog tonight. fog this morning merchandise 40 in santa rosa. tomorrow morning, we will see wet early in the morning, light drizzle. sprinkles. in the morning commute. it is not a storm. when i come back, we will look that five-day forecast with your weekend in view. new rules for women in the milliary and a new glimpse into the life of steve jobs, the
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secret documents the fbi released today and what they say about him. an amazing recovery story, how the sanitation department knew how to get a neckless back to isrightful owner. -- to its rightful owner.
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one of gang green's top aids wounded along side her during the shoot out is running for her seat in congress. ron barber was shot during the
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rampage. he said he wants to serve the rest of gang green's term. gabrielle giffords resigned last month. she and her husband say they support his candidacy. the fbi released documents that point two different pictures of one man, steve jobs. agents collected the information while vetting jobs for a government appointment. george h.w. bush named him to the president export counsel. they interviewed friends. some described a man driving by power. one person said he was not totally forth right and honest and distorts reality to achieve his goals and he would twist the truth to achieve his goals.
5:27 pm
others say he has good character. one person said he ald make an excellent representative. another said jobs was not an individual who can be intimidated however he can talk with anyone. an extraordinary person with a good reputation. several people noted he had a daughter out of wed lock but said he never tried to hide that. some said the fbi's findings don't surprise them. >> everybody's thought he was a god or something. he is human. >> no one is perfect. you know, even the presidents have done things in their past. >> who thinks steve jobs is an angel. >> he has done a lot for america.
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with his technology, ipads, ipods, why focus on the negative. >> they have confirmed steve jobs did serve on the president's counsel. the military is easing the restrictions on women in combat zones. the rules open up 14,000 jobs previously closed to women. however, willen will till be prohibited from serving in infantry, armor and special operations forces. >> imp l.s lessons where women were proving capable. >> many women serve along the front lines as medics or police officers. the mayor of san jose will talk about his reform plan, why unions are calling it unethical. one day after police shot someone, officers reveal what
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led to the shooting of the former berkeley resident. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right.
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i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. complete bay area news coverage continues, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. accusing the mayor of misleading the public on how much employee pensions are draining the budget. a battle measure that would give employees more control is at the center of a big fight between unions and the mayor. ktvu's robert handa is here with more. >> reporter: we are at the civic auditorium where the mayor will deliver his address
5:32 pm
soon. pension reform is part of his peach and a citizen complaint filed against him today. >> reporter: the san jose firefighter's union delivered the complaint this afternoon, signed by 800, that accused the mayor and other officials of ethics violations. they said the mayor has been promoting his ballot measure by saying city retirement contributions would hit $625 million. unions say e-mails and interviews show officials knew $650 million was speculation not based on fact and the mayor was warned not to use that figure publicly but did. members took pay cuts and resigned out of fear generated by the comments. >> morale is at an all time low. the mayor has been beating us up side the het with the
5:33 pm
numbers -- the head with the numbers. >> they are prohibited from lying, misleading, or deceiving member of the city counsel or public. >> reporter: the mayor denied being warned, saying it has always been used as a worst case scenario. >> the figure sarisinal ballpark figure -- is a ballpark figure. >> not on any pension reform measure. >> reporter: regardless, the unions are demanding an investigation. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> san jose mayor will deliver a state of the city address tonight with the focus on budget problems and solutions. a year of hope, and recovery, the mayor plans to
5:34 pm
outline his goals for recovery, pension reform and statagies to attract more businesses and maintain the job growth tend and talk about gag problems and a tribute to those helping solve the homeless problem. police explained why one officer shot a man who he trailed. a story we brought you last night at 5:00. ktvu's john sasaki joins us now with the reaction from the suspect's family. >> reporter: an hour ago police explained what led to the shooting one day ago. >> reporter: all that remains is ash from traffic flairs. a very different look from yesterday when steven more was shot as his car pinned an officer against another car. another officer was in the
5:35 pm
undercover car. got out and fired his service pistol at him. >> reporter: what prompted officers to follow more in the first place. >> we want to focus on last night and what mr. more was engaged in, which was selling drugs. >> reporter: his brother, is outraged. >> what were the police doing? maybe he didn't see the police there. or whatever the situation may be. i don't know what it was. nose reason to shoot him. >> reporter: they are nuatoria because they lived in this house for decades. the city and residents battled with them over drug dealing, violence and shootings. the city final won and the family left. >> they are trying to make a name of us from the past and they knew. you know what i am saying? we are not doing nothing. we are trying to live clean
5:36 pm
lives now. >> they found half a pound of cocaine in a resident, a couple blocks from where the encounter and the shooting happened. more, who is on federal patrol, is in critical but stable condition. the officer was treated and released. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. three juveniles face burglary charges. they tried to break into a home tuesday afternoon. officers say a woman called them after they knocked on her do and when they didn't answer, they went into her backyard. they took two 13 years and a 12- year-old into custody. mitt romney looked ahead to the next primary. >> john mccain lost 19 states on his way to getting the
5:37 pm
nomination. you don't win them all. i will lose a number of states before i get the delegates i need. >> mitt romney said he will double his efforts. nancy pelosi released a new video. a spoof within a spoof that chases is steven coal bear for accepting special interest money. . >> using his super attack to attack my friend newt gingrich. i hear he doesn't even like kittens. >> nancy pelosi used the same style he perfected. nancy pelosi made the video to push for new came pain financing disclosure bill. what workers found while
5:38 pm
cleaning a pipeline and a college, the warning it is sending out, and look at this. a close call for a driver all caught on camera. ññ0ñ@ñ
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so you get the same coverage, often for less. wow! that is huge! ♪ and this is to remind you that you could save hundreds! [laughing] man: yeah. that will certainly stick with me. we'll take it. go, big money! i mean, go. it's your break, honey. same coverage, more savings. now, that's progressive. call or click today. the college of marin has been given a warning it is at
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riv of losing their accreddition. they recommended that the school make several improvements now those improvements haven't been made. upgrading student and library services and distance learning. the college is required to issue a follow up report by october 15. new regulation are out for what could be called ingredient labels for health insurance. they are requiring summaries of coverage, including examples of treatment costs and because it will all use the same format it will be easy to compare plans. the new summaries are among the most popular aspects of the president's healthcare law. kodak is going to stop making cameras. they announced today it will stop making cameras.
5:42 pm
it intends to focus on photo printing and desk stop inkjet printers. today's move is expected to save the company $100 million annually. the commission announced a recall of the t disks used in coffee makers. they are plastic disks filled with coffee to brew a cup. they can become clogged and spray hot water burning people nearby. they are told under maxwell house. exercise is important tagood health and more and more doctors are saying get out and exercise. according to a study by the centers for disease control 33% of adults who saw a doctor in 2010 said they were told to exercise. that is up from 22% in 2000. and there was a greater increase in the number of older adult whose received orders to
5:43 pm
exercise. 30% of patients 85 and older were told to exercise. that is double the amount from 10 years earlier. hurl necklace went down the toilet and now sanitation workers found it for her. she flushed her necklace down her toilet last october. it was a gift from her husband. her friend decided to leave a message for the sanitation department just in case they found it. and last month workers found it, so they cleaned it up and returned it to her. in this neighborhood, across the street from a school, what is this doing here? neighbors angry at cell towers. back here in 10 minutes i got the latest computer model, the sprinkles that are in your forecast as we head towards
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friday. meningococcal meningitis, a rare but serious disease.
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people in one city may be getting better cell phone service but residents are angry cell towers are in their front yards. ktvu's john fowler has this report. >> reporter: the valley of dropped calls. >> somebody on a cell phone, we pull up and drop them. i have to go on the lanline. >> reporter: splints led to a
5:47 pm
sforest of new cell towers -- complaints led to a forest of new cell towers. children have been hurt, hitting their heads on equipment. parents worry about rf. there is a school across the street. i am 100 feet from that cell phone tower and another 100 from this one. i am in front of the school. and this radio frequency detector is showing radiation. it is high as the maximum allowable. >> why not, you know, air on the conservative. >> reporter: microwaves are not harmful, still six locations trouble people here. >> things have gotten out of hand. >> reporter: he overseize cell
5:48 pm
tower issues. law forbids restrictions based on safety for esthetic reasons. >> it benefits the city as a whole. >> reporter: they just imposed a moratorium on cell phone towers. they forbid any antenna replacement. a cities are circumventing city law bowing to health fears. he has this. >> how many of them have these in front of their houses? >> reporter: at&t will work with the city to improve this installation but people have to choose, is it faster wireless or antenna free neighborhoods. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the president of motion picture arts committed a stir when he showed up at the airport with an oscar.
5:49 pm
look at that. one of the oscars traveled on a flight called oscar 1 today. travelers were so thrilled. a lot of people wanted to pose with the oscar. the president is escorting 42 of the trophies back to headquarters. >> i want as many people to feel it and touch it so they could know what that feels like. >> the ockers say sunday, feb26. a driver had a close call. a video was filmed, there you go, from the bottom right of the screen. see it? a deer jumped in front of the car. this was posted on the internet. the deer jumps out of nowhere. luckily the driver missed the
5:50 pm
deer. raising the dam at shasta lake and increasing the reservoir is worth the $1 billion price tag is the result of a study that sums adding 18 pout 5 feet would help. the extra height would increase the capacity by 14% and that would help alleviate water shortages. at the same time, buildings, businesses and resorts would need to be relocated. . we are getting greedy here. it is february. mid-70s in the warm spots. it is february. we need rain. we will get a little sprinkle activity tomorrow. there is the rain. that is where the energy drives to the north. that is where the rain will be. for us, sprinkle for the
5:51 pm
morning commute. tomorrow, more clouds and sprinkles. temperatures go this way, they drop off. instead of 74, 61, 62. the weekend, more sprinkles in the forecast. not enough to drive into the reservoirs. today was the warmest day of the week. i hope you enjoyed it. hope you got out. the cool weather pattern gets closer. temperatures friday and saturday drop off. not freezing but not 70 degrees. cooler next couple of days. i think it will be close, i know it will be close. friday 8:00 a.m., right? is that a big deal? no. there is the front. you havesprinkles. 9:00, 10:00, more sprinkles. look that clouds. there is the cooler. sun as well. here is what we need, we need something to blow in and drop
5:52 pm
rain. that is a front but it won't drop an inch of rain. if we get trace amounts we will be doing good, especially in the south land. five-day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view coming up, the chinese new year's parade, the weather looks great. temperatures in the 50s. five-day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view, sprinkles in there. you want rain, rain. you know, heavy showers and we will see light sprinkles. >> okay. thank you. a celebrity face-off in pebble beach. how they faired today against the top golf talent and where tiger woods ended up and what prince harry learned at a military base here in california. @ñh@
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prince harry has been on military duty in california, flying helicopters over the desert. the mission prepared him for combat in afghanistan. prince harry will be deployed for the second time. prince harry is third in line to the thrown behind his father
5:56 pm
and his brother prince william. tiger woods plays in the at&t golf tournament today for the first time in a decade. he wasn't the only celebrity who tead up. -- teed up. >> more energy, excitement. >> i am supposed to be warming up. >> the celebrities included jim harbaugh with at exsmith. they may be amateurs at golf but they have to be pretty good to get invited to the at&t. matt cain says they are in it to win it. >> this is competition. anybody that has thrill with competition this is great. >> after all the celebrity watching and the jokes, all eyes on tiger woods and he had a good start in his hunt for a trophy. he was stied for 15th. coming up at 6:00, more of the results. an optician faces charges
5:57 pm
for the shooting of a agent. coming up, the sign of support he received today from a loved one. plus surfers face-off with federal agents. the confrontation on the water.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
bad behavior on the bay bridge. only on 2. the road anal that led to a dangerous face-off. the bay area is getting the slice of the pie, the restitution heading our way. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> i am julie haener. >> i am frank somerville. road rage got out of hand today on the bay bridge when things got tense. only on 2, ktvu's david stevenson is live with the bad behavior that led to a chp officer stepping in. david? >> reporter: the chp is calling this a case of road rage. this broken window was caused by a


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