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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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occupy cal where protestors are back. we'll tell you what police say they are going to do about it and proprotest -- protestors are asking for. city of oakland wants to shut down two hotels where prostitution and drug dealing is a consistent problem. we talked to a man that knows
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about the prostitution issue firsthand. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's friday, february 10th i'm pam cook. >> we're ready. it is friday. good morning i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much. a very happy friday everybody. yesterday 70s will be replaced with 50s and 60s today. this is a very weak system. it's increasing low clouds. 50s and low to mid 60s. there will be morning sun to the south. here is sal. good morning. right now we are looking at this video we got from overnight. the chp investigating whether alcohol played a role in this crash in richmond. they say a man was driving on
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richmond parkway around 11:30 when he over corrected his car and went off the roadway. now before this chp tells us drivers had called to report this very same vehicle swerving and driving erratically. the driver was the only person in the car. there is no word on his condition but chp says his injuries are not life threatening. also they have not told us if they plan to cite the driver after he recovers. let's go to life pictures. westbound 92 the san mateo bridge that traffic looks pretty good heading out to the high-rise. let's go back to the desk. firefighters are cleaning upright now after a fire at a san rafael lumberyard. that fire started just before 3:00 this morning at a building at rafel lumber. they did get that fire under control within an hour thanks in part to the buildings sprinkler system. our time is 6:02. three months after a
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controversial police raid an occupy encampment is back at uc berkeley. ktvu tara moriarty is there right now to tell us about a show of support the protestors are getting. tara. >> reporter: that is right. there are about 20uc berkeley students here. but there are other protestors that are here from occupy oakland and they have come out to show their support. they are not sure how long they will stay here. but they have been here since about 1:00 yesterday afternoon. they pitched a handful of tents and police did ask them to leave. they said they're not occupying the tents. the police backed off. and demonstrators thought it was important to remind people that they and their message hasn't gone anywhere. >> this is the three month anniversary. we occupy anthropology library.
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>> reporter: now again this comings about three -- comes about three month office a police raid on occupy cal. when police clashed with students. students say they are against violence and would like to start a dialogue with campus administrators to get tuition lowered. one other event they are planning in the future they will be marching from here to sacramento starting march 1st through the 5th. we will be following that for you and let you know about any documents this morning with regards to uc berkeley police. live at uc berkeley i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. a renewed fight against prostitution gets under way. claudine wong is outside one of the two troubled hotels where city attorneys office is going after. you talked to one man that knows about prostitution firsthand. >> that is right. he was very candid with us about the issue of
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prostitution. we stopped him near the national lodge. we have seen activity in and around -- he knows there are prostitutes because there are prostitutes he has used in the past. the national lodge is well known for prostitution in the area and that it is still being used for that purpose. that is despite signs up at the hotel saying prostitution will not be allowed. there are signs in the check in window. there is a parking spot for oakland police. the person on duty not want to talk to us this morning. >> that's everywhere. >> reporter: you don't think they should shut down the hotels? >> no, that is their livelihood. >> reporter: you don't think it's bad for the women or girls or community? >> i guess, it is in a way. but you know, i don't think they can stop everybody.
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basically like i say i know that if they catch them they call the cops. i have seen the cops in there before. at least on several occasions. >> reporter: you said the girls still use the hotel. >> yeah. sometimes when i drive by i see them come out of there. >> reporter: you recognize them. you know who they are. >> they are the ones that work here all the time. >> reporter: the other hotel being targeted by the city's attorney office is the economy inn on 12th street. the manager there said they are handing out flyers. however, the city says this problem of prostitution and drug dealing not getting better but getting worse. today they will go to court. if they win the hotels could be shut down for at least a year. live in oakland claudine wong. time is 6:06. a woman is accused of causing an explosion at a san francisco house while trying to make
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drugs could possibly lose custody of her son. 33-year-old angelic was arrested wednesday. one day earlier she used a butane tank to make drugs at a home on capitol avenue and ocean avenue. that is when the tank blew up. injuring angelic and her 12- year-old son. the son is still in the hospital. the examiner is reporting that child protective services will take custody of the child after he is released. a deadly stabbing in the city became the fourth homicide of the year. they dropped the victim off at kaiser medical center. by the time the police got there to investigate the man had died. they are only saying they are looking for a black vehicle. your time now 6:07. the republican race for president rick santorum moving up in the polls after his three- state sweep in the primary this week. all of the republican
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candidates with the exception of ron paul is scheduled to speak today at the political conservative action conference in washington. coming up at 6:15 why the candidates were so eager to speak before this group. also california democrats they will be gathering this weekend in san diego for their annual state party convention. you're looking at video from last years convention in sacramento. california democrats say among their priorities this election year reelecting president obama and senator dianne feinstein and pushing to regain control of the house of representatives. 6:08 is the time right now. sal is keeping an eye on traffic as usual. how is this friday commute? >> it looks pretty good despite a couple early morning problems. let's take a look at some of the pictures. this is actually a map i made of 780. there is an injury accident there. it sounds like minor injuries. also watch for slow traffic on 80 westbound as you drive past
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there. the morning commute also looks good at the bay bridge toll splay. no problems getting into san francisco. if you are driving this morning on any of the other bridges it's fine. some people use 237. so right now is a good time to go. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. very happy friday morning. i cannot take that thursday weather and carry it into today. we have a pattern change here. sonoma reporting very light rain. i doubt much of this is reaching the ground. if it is it's very light. back over to 101 and back over the russian river area. but it is a sign of a pattern change here today. we will carry that into the weekend. the 72 in santa rosa yesterday. 62 today. san francisco will drop from 66 to 59. livermore 68 to 64. and san jose was a beautiful 71
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yesterday 64 today. 40s on almost all the temps expect for san francisco. lows in the city anywhere from 45-53. that 45 is outer sunset. 55 at noon. 55 for a high today. their impact will be cooler, breezy and an increase in low clouds and drizzle. first system coming in will give us a drop of 5-10 degrees. also more clouds to the north. there will be sun to the south and east here. temperatures coming down. instead of the 70s or upper 60s, it's really 50s low to mid 50s. much cooler over the weekend. your best day was yesterday no doubt about it. the extended outlook does have a cooler pattern. mostly cloudy cool and breezy monday and tuesday. a very tense situation in southern california. celebrity stalker has escaped
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from a mental institution. also coming up a discovery involving a missing skull or a skull that has been discovered. we'll bring you the details. plus it's the big san francisco party that rakes in a lot of money. another reason why the city loves the outside lands festival.
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welcome back.
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a scary discovery at the former prosecute of a convicted serial killer. a skull was found. investigators are going back there today. police found the skull in a rural area yesterday. now a sketch by death row inmate wesley shermantime lead them there. investigators say this skull does not belong to makayla garrett that was kidnapped in hayward in 1988. they think it's probably cindy vanderhden. today the shorts will search that property for more possible victims. four inmates are being treated for stab wounds after a riot at san quintin. it started in the exercise yard and involved about 200 inmates. the guards fired warning shots and used pepper spray to break up that riot. the republican presidential candidates are trying to rally
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support at a big conference of conservatives in washington, d.c.. ktvu alison burns reports mitt romney is defending his conservative record. alison. >> reporter: it will be very interesting to see what kind of reception mitt romney gets this morning. he started his day speaking to tech industry leaders in northern virginia then he heads to the conservative political action conference. more than 10,000 republicans who still have yet to coelect around one candidate. rick santorum and newt gingrich are also speaking there today. both have said they are the strongest conservatives in the race and they are trying to draw a contrast with mitt romney. >> he's not interested in talking about the issues. he's interested in trying to pander. >> this is a look at the c-pac conference yesterday. it was a packed house. ron paul will not be speaking to the crowd today. rick santorum will be the first candidate up this morning. for now we are live in
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washington, d.c.. there is still one more contest this week in the republican race. voters in maine have been caucusing since last weekend. they will wrap up tomorrow and the win her be announced on sunday. the latest poll shows mitt romney and ron paul in the lead. the house financial services committee chairman is under investigation for possible violations of insider trading. now the office of congressional ethics is investigating some of the transactions on republican congressman spencer's financial disclosure. it just came as they try to tighten rules of congress. using inform. >> our time is 6:16. this morning a search continues for a convicted celebrity stalker who has escaped. 54-year-old robert this gentleman here escaped from a mental hospital one week ago and there is still no sign of
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him. he was sent to the mental hospital after he was convicted of stalking and threatening madonna. police say he's also threatened actress hal lee berry and many other celebrities. the mead mob man that is accused of shooting a federal custom agent will go back to court later this morning. the arraignment began yesterday. the 61-year-old bagwell is charged with shooting robert outside of his home on tuesday. now we have learned that bagwell taught his wife at the bay area optical school. and there is a police report suggesting that he became obsessed with the wife and wanted an intimate relationship. a ukiah couple hopes this weekends episode of america's most wanted will help find their son's killer. the show will focus on fugitive jared hernandez. he's the suspect in the murder that took place at the couples home 12 years ago. investigators have released age
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progression photos. of what hernandez might look like today. he's suspected of skilling michael williamson and setting fire to the parents home. you can see america's most wanted right here on ktvu channel 2 tomorrow night. the annual outside lands festival in san francisco is turning out to be a very profitable event for the city. a new report reveals that the festival brought in more than $60 million last year alone. 180,000 people attended last year. 70% of those came from out of town. the report comes from ahead of a meeting next week of the traffic and noise impacts of festivals in golden gate park. tourism is turning out to be a bright spot for sonoma county. they grew 15% bringing in more than $1 billion. this year is expected to be another good year. an event such as the tour of california could boost the county's economy by another 57%. 6:18. friday morning. people ready for the weekend.
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hey, sal, i don't know. you think friday light today? >> friday, i thought it was monday. all right. yeah. we're ready. we're ready. we're looking at crowded conditions now on some of the freeways though. let me start here at the bay bridge. you can see the toll plaza traffic is getting more crowded. now there are no problems on the bridge. as you drive into san francisco. no problems on the lower deck from san francisco to oakland. i want to remind you the bay bridge will be closed next weekend. but a week from this weekend you won't be able to drive san francisco i'm sorry from oakland to san francisco. let me say that again. from oakland to san francisco the bridge will be closed on the president's day weekend. we'll be hearing a lot more about that in the week to come. let's move along and take a look at the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic looks good from hayward to the peninsula. there is a problem in vallejo.
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780 east there is an accident there. 6:19 let's go to steve. thank you. happy friday. thursday's weather was sunny and mild to warm. we are already seeing a leading edge of a decent cool down in the north bay. clouds continue to increase from this really little system. it has a pretty good impact here by increasing the low cloud deck. mainly drizzle and very light rain. but generally it's light rain. you can see stretching from lake county down into sonoma county and napa county. also petaluma. 101 corridor getting a little bit of light rain. santa rosa says light rain there. hayward in there as well. so is fairfield and san jose. everybody is close. one little system right there doesn't do much. it will give us a cool down. partly sunny and mostly cloudy to the north. another system comes in saturday. that is a weak system and
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sunday another one. main effect this will really cool our temperatures down and give us a cool pattern next three to five days. maybe a couple of ten-day outlooks a very bullish for rain. looks like the pattern is finally showing patterns of changing. it's a mostly cloudy cooler day with 50s and 60s. morning drizzle on saturday. mostly cloudy cooler and breeze monday and tuesday. all right thank you. a new report indicates american workers are bringing home more money. the report by -- finds the household income went from $49,000 to $51,000. but the house hole income in december was still down a few thousand dollars. video game sales are down. that is because there were not very many new games released in
6:22 am
january. >> those games are addictive. >> the quality is amazing. 6:21. would they really ban you from playing football on southern california beaches? maybe not. why los angeles county officials say they want to set the record straight. >> i've been wondering about that one. some muni riders could expect a big change. the reason why one rail line could be out of service for several weekends. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] now there's a mileage card that offers special perks on united, like a free checked bag,
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good morning. right now traffic is looking pretty good at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a little bit of a delay coming up here. once you make on the bridge it will look a little better into the city. san francisco muni riders you will have to make other plans on upcoming weekends if you use the n-judah. beginning february 24th muni's most used line will be shut down for six consecutive weeks. construction crews will be working on rail replacement projects. and then riders will have to walk from the church station on market street to continue down and to cal train. 6:25. three bay area land investors agreed to plead guilty to real estate fraud. the charges are stemming from
6:26 am
public foreclosure auctions in contra costa county over the past couple of years. the three men conspired to pick a winning bidder during the auctions. a judge will announce his sentencing at a later court hearing. three city employee unions in san jose filed an ethic complaint against san jose mayor chuck reid. in their complaint they say mayor reid and the others knowingly misled the public for city contributions to retirement plans. the city estimate of $650 million is not accurate. round two of the at & t pro am golf tournament begins. but all eyes are on tiger woods who is playing at pebble beach for the first time since 2002. golf's biggest star looks incredibly solid during his opening round. he had six birdies to finish four urn par. he's five shots behind the
6:27 am
leaders. 6:26. yesterday we told you about a ban on playing football on beaches in los angeles county. now look it looks like that is not the case. now it turns out los angeles county already had an ordnance that banned footballs and frizz bees from beaches but it was never enforced. the vote this week revised the law to allow year round ball play on all beaches with permission pam of the life guard. >> you and i were talking about that. i thought it was going to be tough to enforce. coming up. a peninsula teacher accused of physically abusing special needs students. now several other school employees are on the focus of the investigation. enough is enough. the reason two hotels could be forced to shut down. in an early morning fire sent flames sweeping 30-40 feet
6:28 am
in the air. i will tell you what helped firefighters knock it down very quickly. >> the opening bell is about to ring. we are looking live at the new york stock exchange.
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juicy, poppable, premium chicken breast with homestyle seasoning. but they're only here for a limited time. the simple joy of really big fun. ♪ welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are ringing the opening bell. there it is. live on the new york and the nasdaq stock exchange. midwest grocer ringing the opening bell. celebrating an ipo there. company going public. so big gerber again in the midwest. right now looks like a pretty good opening. some worries over greece. we've been talking about that for quite some time. we will get you all the business news in a moment. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on county v channel 2 morning news. it's friday, february 10th i'm
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dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. >> in the news for you right now. investigators want to figure out what caused an overnight fire. it started just before 3:00 this morning. ktvu paul chambers is there now at the rafel lumber and building supply. how were they able to put this out so quick? >> reporter: i tell you it was a sprinkler system inside that helped them get rid of the flames quickly. the trucks have cleared from the scene but firefighters say flames were leaping 30-40 feet in the air when they arrived. >> they encountered a lot of flame and fire moving very quickly. when they arrived on scene. they made an aggressive attack to the rear of the building. >> reporter: investigators say the bulk of the fire started in the rear of the service center which is built on to the main billing. now the center is used for contractors to pick up items like doors and lumber.
6:32 am
quick work by firefighters and the sprinkler system allowed the fire to be contained to the service center. although there is water and smoke damage to the building. right now they are cleaning up the inside of the building that will be closed today. >> i think we'll probably have to do cleanup here this morning. we'll be back in business tomorrow. >> reporter: fire investigators are expected to come out later this morning. there wasn't anyone inside the billing and no firefighters were injured. live in san rafael i'm paul chambers. preventing prostitution. that's the goal of the oakland city attorneys office as it heads to court to shut down two problem hotels. claudine wong joins us from oakland. claudine is talking about criminal activity. claudine. >> reporter: we're standing in front of one of the hotels being targeted by the city attorneys office. this is the national lodge. this area right here is known as the track. and prostitution and drug
6:33 am
dealing common practice here according to the city. and according to the people we have talked to. are you an owner here? >> reporter: the person working at the front desk of the national lodge here didn't want to talk. she turned around and closed the door. we did see signs warning against prostitution and fliers as well as security cameras and a parking space for oakland police on that property. that is similar to what we found at the other hotel being targeted by the city the economy inn. >> has the problem gotten better? did you know there was a problem? >> i think it's working. >> reporter: you think this is working? that desk manager told us they only had three customers in their hotel. for the last five or six months they have been handing out fliers. we also talked to a man this morning who is pretty candid about using prostitutes and says he recognizes some of the girls he used to see the the
6:34 am
national lodge. >> they tole me a lot of them have been kicked out of there because i guess the guy can't monitor everybody in there. you know. >> reporter: but this is a pretty common hotel. are there ones you know on the stripey can go to? >> this is a common hotel. this one here. >> reporter: but authorities focused on just two imparticular today. they go to trial against the national lodge friday. they take on the economy inn. the goal to see a one-year closure. both of these hotels they say have quote long records of allowing from a criminal industry where horrific abuse of women and girls is routine. live in oakland claudine wong. 6:34. new this morning eight redwood city school district employees are on administrative leave while the district investigates how they handled abuse
6:35 am
allegations from a special education teacher. the teacher is accused of slapping, kicking, and withholding food and drink from four-year-old children in her preschool class. the alleged abuse happened between december and january but the school district says they only found out about the allegations last week. she is due in court next month. an arraignment is scheduled today for the san pablo man that is accused of shooting at people in front of an elementary school. christopher trim fired shots at cars and several people on tuesday. no one was hurt. that incident prompted a lock down. police say they had trouble capturing trim because he was wearing body armor. now he's facing three counts of attempted murder. accused serial killer joseph naso is due back in a marin county courtroom. he is scheduled to formerly enter a plea that he killed
6:36 am
four women. naso could also learn his trial date today. the 78-year-old man from reno is acting as his own lawyer. a judge recently ruled there is enough evidence to try him for the death of those four women. he may also be responsible for two other killings. one man says nine sheriffs deputies viciously beat him at the san francisco county jail. derrell hunter says he now has the tape to prove it. the judge ordered the release of this surveillance video. it shows what looks like a scuffle while deputies were booking hunter on charges of making threats. hunter says the deputies punched and kicked him in -- >> going to the doors. checking the doors. he look packed a him and botch out of nowhere. >> the threat charges against hunter were later dismissed. he is suing the city of san
6:37 am
francisco for excessive force. he has filed several complaints against law enforcement officers in the past. we also learned about his time behind bars. we were there in 2008 when hunter was relesioned from prison after serving seven years for a murder conviction that was then overturned. 6:36. the danville police department has a new tool this morning. coming up how newly installed cameras are giving police the upper hand. also in san francisco transit officials want to add more cameras to muni buses to help speed up the service. right now 30 buss have cameras that record license plates. of those cars that are parked illegally in transit only lanes. the san francisco knew necessary fall transportation office hopes to out fit the
6:38 am
entire fleet. more come -- which could keep the muni lanes clear and the buses could be more on time. all right. speaking of ontime. sal is always on time to give us the traffic report. >> yes, i am. >> she was testing you. >> i apologize. we just got of breaking news here. we have a report a car has gone into the water at ocean beach. it's somewhat near the beach shall lay. news chopper 2 is on the way. a car ran into the water. there was a female victim. the fire department surf rescue just got that woman out of the car but the car itself is in the water. stay with ktvu and ocean beach area you'll see a lot of activity. let's take a look at the east shore freeway westbound 80 that traffic is moving along pretty well. heading out to the mccarthur maze. bay bridge toll plaza not too
6:39 am
bad. traffic is backed up for a ten minute wait. if you are driving in the east bay this accident has been cleared. 680 -- let's two to steve. thank. yes sunshine warm weather. also west of santa rosa. live stop tracker two picking up a few. this is very, very light. maybe the pattern is changing. this is very light. if you are getting any rain you can tweet me. sp weather. yesterday 72. not tea. the city 66 we will drop you to 59. livermore 68 drop you to 64. and san jose was 71. not today 64.
6:40 am
40s for temps. temperatures in the city ranging about 45-53 degrees. much cooler today. fog, sun, breezy. cooler and breezy. high of 59-degrees. first system coming in won't do much. it will give us a good cool down. many systems come in. they are bumping the high out of here. we had the peak on the temps yesterday. today 5-10 degrees cooler. there will be some sun here for awhile. overall partly cloudy to mostly sunny. today looks really nice. not as nice as yesterday. it will be noticeably cooler over the weekend. partly sunny. partly cloudy into the weekend. and mostly cloudy cooler and breezy. a school bus catches fire. several students were on board. how that bus driver jumped into action just before the bus burst into flames. we're live at uc berkeley
6:41 am
where occupy protestors are back. we'll tell you what police and the dean of students is asking them to do. good morning,. right now 280 traffic looks good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. [ male announcer ] technology accelerates at a relentless pace.
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welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you right now. investigators want to know how a building at a san rafael lumberyard caught fire hours ago. started shortly before 3:00 a.m.. the flames moved fast but they contained it within an hour. today the oakland city attorneys office. the office of barbara parker will ask a court to shut down the national lodge on international boulevard. a case against the economy inn on east 12th street will be heard next week. authorities say those two businesses are hubs for prostitution. reportedly president obama today will announce a plan to -- religious institutions that have been furious about a new government rule to cover birth control for their employees. a north carolina bus driver is being credited from saving
6:45 am
several kids from this fire. it happened wednesday as she was taking six kids home from school. the bus driver smelled something burning. she quickly ushered the kids off the bus just moments before it burst into flames. no one was injured in that fire. the driver said she was doing what any bus driver would do. the georgia second grader that fought off an attempted kidnapper inside a walmart is sharing her story. >> grabbed many. i was screaming. and he just dropped me and ran off. >> stay with us here at ktvu. coming up at 7:19 hear more from that seven-year-old brittany baxter and who is now calling her a hero. 6:45. this morning we are keeping an eye on uc berkeley. those tents are back up at berkeley plaza. ktvu tara moriarty is out there as well. students and protestors set up another encampment just three months after that police raid
6:46 am
out there. tara. >> reporter: yeah. this is basically three months to the bay after the november 9th protest. we have about 20 students that pitched half a dozen tents. some occupy oakland people also came over to show their support. now the tents went up around 1:00 in the afternoon yesterday. uc police officers asked demonstrators to remove them. protestors said they were not in violation of campus policy. around 8:00 last night the dean of students told protestors they were not authorized to camp on campus property. >> i've been to a lot of marchs and you know seen a lot of police over reaction. that makes me sad. i want to see people working together. i don't think that really solves anything. it's important that people stand up for what they believe in. i'm willing to do that. >> reporter: as you recall there was a police raid on occupy cal november 17th when
6:47 am
officers clashed with students. students here are hoping this protest turns out differently. they want to continue to is a dialogue with university administrators about lowering tuition and the feeling this campus is much different than it is at over some of the other occupy sites we have seen. we have seen bubble blowing. people with big hearts. and they have said they basically want the strategy they came up with so that if indeed police were to come in it looked like they were breaking up a five-year-old birthday party. they are also planning a march on march 5th. live from berkeley i'm tara moriarty. time now 6:47. occupy oakland protestors using a new approach. they are calling attention to what they argue is a continuing
6:48 am
overuse of force by the police department. the tribune reports the protestors held a forum on police force last night. about 200 people were there. including members of oakland citizens police review board. occupy oakland also invited oakland police to come. but no one was there. also in oakland police have arrested an occupy supporter for violating his stay away order. a judge issued the order for joseph after the january 28th occupy protest. police say briones returned to frank ogawa plaza earlier this week and that is when oakland police took him into custody. the danville police department has a new tool to fight crime around town. police say the cameras are primarily used during traffic stops but officers say they can reduce liability and be used as a training tool for officers.
6:49 am
once officers return to the station video is automatically up loaded wirelessly to the departments server. sal is following -- what is happening now? >> happy to say that the situation at ocean beach is being resolved. i did get one person safely out of the car. it's not effecting traffic there on ocean beach and things are returning to normal. you will see fire units in the parking lot if you happen to take your walk down to ocean beach. but for the most part things are now back -- getting back to some sort of order and the traffic is not effected there on the little portion of the highway getting up to near the cliff house. let's go out and take a look at the golden gate bridge. southbound 101 that looks breath good. no major problems. also the morning commute on westbound bay bridge that is a 5-10 minute wait. no major problems. this mornings drive in the south bay still slowing on highway 17 but the rest of the commute looks good.
6:50 am
northbound 280 near highway 17 there is a couple minor crashes there already on the shoulder. now let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very happy friday morning. oh my gosh a big change here compared to yesterday when it was sunny and warm. you can see the low clouds come in. i would not be surprised if we get drizzle here. i know this rope doesn't look like much but it is picking up in intensity. live storm tracker two picking up a few returns here from point rays. mainly into sonoma county and marin county and lake county even though ukiah has had some light rain. nothing too heavy. this is our computer rain forecast. not a lot of rain with this. i still think we will get drizzle late tonight into tomorrow morning. so if you're going out it will not be as warm as it was last night. that is saturday morning. i think we will see a low cloud deck come in here and give us
6:51 am
further cooler pattern as we go into sunday and next week. the pattern seems to be changing. 40s for many or low 50s in san francisco. one little system comes in. temperatures drop about 5-10 degrees today. clouds, drizzle. partly sunny. 60s for temps today. not the 70s. and even 50s along the coast. night and morning fog low clouds and drizzle. partly sunny overall. but cooler and cooler on monday and tuesday. it's the king of the internet search. now google is working on a major new project. the wall street journal reports they are ready to take on netflix. google is working on its home entertainment system that streams content into your home. if you are a pizza lover and plans to pop the question this valentines day.
6:52 am
pizza hut has something for you. ten couples will be able to purchase a proposal package. package costs $10,000. it also includes pizza of course. hundred people have already -- 800 people have signed up for that. >> they want to get to the upper crust. i'm sorry. [ laughter ] it's starting to look like a new home. just minutes ago jerry sandusky arrived in pennsylvania court. the important issue about his trial that will be resolved in court today.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. greece really weighing heavily on the stock marks around the world. dow jones down more than 100. nasdaq and s & p also slipping. time now 6:55. former penn state football coach jerry sandusky will appear in court today. this is new video from couple minutes ago. there is sandusky right there getting out of a car arriving at court. just a couple minutes ago. several issues are expected to be addressed in the court
6:56 am
hearing including whether people should be allowed -- they are also asking the court if he can have contact with his grandchildren. if he is convicted on all accounts he faces a max numb of 460 years in prison. the 49ers finally getting ready to move into their new home. the niners released several drawings of the billion dollar 68,000 seat stadium. the city of santa clara has started switching sewer lines and leveling the ground. they are hoping to have the new stadium open in time for the 2014 season. san ramon star spangled spectacular has become a huge hit on the fourth of july. but that growing success may have doomed the popular fire works show. it may no long very the money to cover the growing cost of security, parking, and traffic controls. the fire works show has drawn
6:57 am
huge crowds in recent years partly due to cancellations in nearby cities. san francisco chinese new year parade is almost here. we have been given -- take a look at that. this is the year of the dragon. this is supposed to be a very special year. the parades master float builder says her crews are ahead of schedule. all that is left to do now is add sound to the floats and give them a final safety check. don't forget the chinese new years parade is tomorrow night and you can watch it right here on ktvu channel 2. time now 6:57. sal is out here with a lot. you got that look on your face. something has gone on. >> you know i have a lot of inputs here. i always watch it right before i go on the air i get the latest information. i turn to the camera and give it. let's take a look at what we
6:58 am
have here. northbound 280 traffic looks good. westbound bay bridge traffic is light. and then it's moderate. then in san francisco nobody 101 traffic is light. clouds today cooler. picking up light rain in the north bay. we'll have more of that coming up and also the cooler temps. all right coming up next here on mornings on 2. hotels in hot water. why one bay area city is taking them to court. plus an overnight fire look at this a lumberyard goes up in flames. stay right here with us. @ñh@
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