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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 16, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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a fatal accident in san jose could cause serious issues for the san jose mint. we'll tell you what the delays are. a shooting involving a bay area police officer and a woman. we've just received video from the scene. >> reporter: we're live outside of stockton where sheriff's deputies have come under fire where the -- for the way
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they've handled up a seer yu killer's burial ground. >> reporter: and president obama heads to the prayer today. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, february 16th. let's go right to sal. there's a crash. >> this crash was reported on 880, in alameda. at first, there was a -- it sounded like a noninjury crash with some people standing outside of their vehicle. and then it turned into a fatal crash. so it could have been that someone was hit by a car, but we really don't know what happened to the person who was killed. however, we do know for sure that two left lanes are
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blocked. and the chp has told us this closure is going to be there for a while. we're trying to sort out the details but there's a backup from 101 heading to the airport. if you want to go to the san jose airport, you should use 101 and 87 instead of 880 at this time. we'll have a complete traffic update in minutes. now at 7:01, back to the desk. we have coning coverage for the search for human remain. now the search enters a new phase in stockton. tara moriarty is live in lyndon, and we understand that search teams are facing criticism. >> reporter: a little pit. you know, 1,000 bone fragments have been pulled from the site. many of them slivers, no bigger than my pinky. theres say when they used a backhoe they may have destroyed a lot of evidence.
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the sheriff has depepped that saying -- defended that saying they had to use that because of going into a well so deep. investigators came here based on clues by the serial killer, wesley shermantine. >> i got a phone call from a family member telling me about this case up in lyndon about how they are finding missing body parts and artifacts and purses and jewelry and stuff like that. >> reporter: alisa was just 8 months old when her 34-year-old mother sylvia stanley went missing in downtown modesto in 1986. shermantine and his accomplice are believed to have killed more than 20 people. crews will continue searching at this well, and then they will move to another well about
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a quarter mile away to check for more remains. outside of stockton, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. investigators have set up a hot line. you can call them at 209-468- 5087. we've posted that phone number on our home page, at 7:03. construction work was temporarily shut down at a san carlos site after crews found a skull and other bones. they were digging along prospect street yesterday when they unearthed the remains. you are looking at video from the site. we actually shot this this morning. the san mateo sheriff's office says a forensic anthropologist is now working to identify the remain. there is the possibility the remains could be part of a native-american purr rial site. 7:04. in fairfield, police shot and injured a woman who they say was wanted in connection with a
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felony vandalism case. this happened last night just before 8:00 on hillborn road. police are telling the reporter there was a confrontation before they tried to arrest the woman. she was shot in the hand and is expected to be okay. two police officers have reportedly been place 0 -- placed on routine leave while that incident is investigated. just about six hours from now, president obama will arrive in san francisco to attend a series of fund- raisers. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong is in san francisco with a rundown of where the president is scheduled to make appearances today. claudine? >> reporter: well, good morning, tori. yes. we're at the masonic schedule, one three stops he's expected to make today. you can see the parry kadz in place for the crowds expected here. both crowds an protesters expected here this evening and there are barricades on the corner of the street as well. the president is scheduled to
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land at 12:50. some events come with a pretty big per-plate price tag. his first stop will be at 2:00 p.m. at the mark hopkin's, which is actually a block awar from where we're standing right now. two dozen people are expected to go to that reception and then he will go to pacific sites with robert anderson. he will have dinner, make remarks. about 70 people are expected to attend that dinner. the price tag for the smaller events $38,500 and the large event and arguably the most affordable and hip, the masonic at 8:00. the president is scheduled to speak 9:00. singer/songwriter from the sound garden, chris, is going to perform. we're back out here live. you can see the preps set up already in place. there are scheduled protests for 5:00 p.m. that will be a quick visit.
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he flies in at 12:50. he will fly out at 9:00 a.m. he's coming from fund raising in southern california. after he's done here, he will head up to washington state. 7:06. late last night, congressional door eighters announced a final atreatment on the payroll tax extension. >> we're here together to announce that we have do an agreement and we're moving forward. >> reporter: mup at 7:15, the one part of the legislation that could be a hardship for some californians. 7:07. there is a new report that tells us how much trash is dumped into san francisco bay every year. the mercury news calls the first comprehensive -- calls it the first comprehensive study about how much trash goes in the bay. this is a breakdown of what's being thrown in. half of the material is made
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out of plastic terms like candy wrappers and chip bags. 21% paper. cans, bottles and other depre. meantime, environmentists are worried that new cutbacks will endanger the lives for the people who go to the peach. the epa announced it's cutting $10 million from water testing. california gets about $500,000 a year. the state uses the federal funds to help paying for peach water along the coast. now, swimming in polluted water can cause all kinds of illnesses, rashes and staph infectionsle we'll keep you -- infections. we'll keep you posted. b.a.r.t. held a news conference this morning trying to get the word out p the closures coming up. >> we're here to tell the public about the way to get back and forth between the west
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bay and the east bay it by b.a.r.t. it will be faster, more reliable than what the alternatives are. >> good information. b.a.r.t. will be offering 24-hour service over the weekend. how far, in the overnight hours, trains will only stop at 14 of the 44 b.a.r.t. stations. the upper deck of the partly sunny is scheduled to be shut down beginning at 8:00 tomorrow night. we want a check in with -- we want to check in with sal. a fatal crash. >> that's right, tori. southbound 880, right at the alameda. two left lanes are closed because of this crash that happened p an hour ago. the traffic could -- getting to the airport is now slow in both directions. recommend using 87 or 10 instead to go to the airport if you have a flight or use your favorite side road, some of the major streets there. you can get to the airport
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without using 880. it will be a pig delay or plan to be in traffic for a bit as you drive through the area. this morning, we have backed up up traffic hat the bay bridge. it's backed up for about a ten to fifteen-minute wait. we want to remind you, the bay bridge will close tomorrow nine at:00 p.m. and will not reopen until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday in the westbound treks only. if you live in san francisco or you are in san francisco and you want to fet to oakland, the lower deck will still be open but the westbound bridge will be closed all presidents day weekend. at 7:10, let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. a very good morning. mostly sunny. a few high clouds in there. the breeze will start to tail off. pretty good gusts in the higher el vales. it's -- values. 30s, 40s, 50s. san francisco, 34 to 54.
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west portals, 44. the china basin, 54. some are a little cool. others are on the mild sild. our satellite shows a few clouds coming in from the very weak system off from the north. our satellite shows there's a very -- [ laughter ] i can do another dance, if you would like. there we go! thank you! that's -- now, again, just thin clouds. still, mostly sunny. as that system moves into arizona, then you will see the winds taper off. by noon, 48 to 58. mostly sunny i think by this afternoon it will be sunny. 58 to 66. a little component will certainly help. the lows are pity consistent --
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pretty dash consistent -- pretty consistent. montclair, 48. st. helena, this is p an hour ago, was 49. china basin in the city, 54 degrees and fairfield was about 53. uh-huh. the wind tails off. the napa airport two years ago is 52. now they are 41. mountain view is 41. no breeze verses a breeze. it just depends this morning is northerly. >> here is our system, it won't do much. a few high clouds. overall, we're okay ta. but still a little pit whammer yesterday and -- the weekend makes me nervous. it will be drizzle saturday.
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highs, low to mid, maybe a few upper 60s. everybody will be close here. mostly sunny tomorrow, and then increasing clouds on saturday. cloudy to mostly cloudy on sunday. cool and breezy on monday. tori and dave? >> all right, thank you, steve. as promised rick santorum released his tax return. what it does about his income once he left the u.s. senate. . apple is making significant changes. what the company is doing about growing complaints about privacy. and why a decision from an appeals court could cost contra costa county millions of dollars.
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stay with ktvu, another update on the traffic, straight ahead. in honduras, recovery crews continue to bring in the scorched bodies of inmates. 340 people are confirmed dead. it's the worst prison fire in a century. many had not been convicted, while others were still waiting to be charged. an inmate started the blaze by setting his mattress on fire. he phoned the state governor, warning he would burn the place down. three iranians were arrested. police in thailand todd said they were concern the targets were specific and personal. explosives stored in the suspect's house premature
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detonated. one of the suspects had his leg blew off -- blown off. it's sentencing day for the so-called underwear bomber. umer farouk is facing a mandatory life sentence. he plead guilty trying to blow up a plane on christmas day. authorities say he had a bomb hidden in his underwear. after months of fighting about it, congress appears to be read yay to pass -- ready to pass an extension of the payroll cut. here's another from allison burn. >> reporter: this renews the tax cut for another year and prevents a sharp 27% cut in reimbursement rates to doctors who see medicare patients. the teal is a political victory
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for president obama who travels today to san francisco. this tax cut means the typical american family will see an extra $40 in every paycheck this year. that's do that help speed up the recovery. >> this is just after midnight, eastern file. both times had to make concessions. republicans got -- the republicans got democrats to agree to reduce long-term unimemployment benefits in any state, including california, from 91 weeks to 77 states. they also want drug tests to be performed on those who are in recovery but lost their jobs. this tax cut runs out this month. it is 7:18, this morning, mitt romney and rick santorum are both appearing at events in
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michigan f romney grew up in mish twin. his father was governor there. he's not backing down on his opposition to the government bail out, cauing it crony capitalism in the detroit news. some polls show rommy is set behind. if last -- last saturday, mitt romney was announced the winner in portland, maine. the state's republican chairman said the errors were .and would not have raised the taxes. the pennsylvania poll --
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mitt romney 'income was -- mitt romney's income was -- . 7:19. a ruling by an appeals court could cause contra costa county millions of dollars in property tax revenue from oil refineries. the ruling could force the county to give back 104 million to chevron. that's after the court turned down a state role. the county could join a state appeal of that court decision -- decision. apple says it will change its apps plly -- policy. it will start to require iphone
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and ipad apps apple says separate user prompts will be needed for an am ma tab dash for an amp to get company approval. two russian cosmonauts are walking in place doing some work on the international space station. this looks like a scene from maybe one of the -- one of the places on earth where they are monitoring the situation. now their list of things to do includes installing five new debris shields as well as moving one of the hand-operated cranes outside of the station to a new station. the spacewalk is scheduled to wrap up shortly after noon. our -- walking in space -- >> we did peek out at them
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earlier. it was hard to find them. but we know they are working. this is tori campbell weather. >> uh-huh. >> it's chilly. as we look out the window you will definitely want to wear a jacket.
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. 7:-- 7:24. a disturbing trend among teenagers who drive. according to the doctor's highway safety association, deaths of 16-year-old and 17- year-old drivers have gone up 11% from the first half of 2010 to the first half of 2011. this report says ha number could rise even further since the second half of the year
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includes summer and holiday driving. this is the first increase among that particular age group after several years of the numbers going down. 7:24. sadly, sal has been reporting on a fatal crash this morning in the south bay. he joins us now with more information. sal sp. >> that's right. this crash happened about an hour and 15 minutes ago. 880 southbound at pass comavenue. we have the caltrans crews on the scene with the hard closure here. southbound 8 0. this is the crash. -- southbound 880. this is the crash. apparently the body has not been picked up. they are moving one of the cars. this began as a fender-bender and then developed into a fatal accident. only one lane is getting by. they are still doing an investigation. southbound 880 at the alameda this is right near the airport. rask is slow in both direction -- traffic is slow in both directions.
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there is a crash northbound 880 at the brick wall, northbound 880 here. the right lane is closed. it looks like there is a comment truck in the right lane. either it was a crash or a stalled vehicle. but you can see how terrible 880 is here. it's very slow. we recommend using 580 if you can. and the morning commute backed up for a 10, 15 minute wait. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. there's still about 20 to mother to 40-mile-per-hour gusts near mt. diablo. mostly sunny. a lot of that breeze means temperatures held up. the wind kicked out, 42. bev out in danville says 47 is the breeze here. 50, oakland. they were down to 42. 50 in the city.
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37 san rafael. also santa rosa. there's 30s not far away. a lot going on. i think that will play in our -- into our weekend weather. it will be breezy. i think the wind decreases a little bit.
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[please stand by] [please stand by]
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. san francisco police released a sketch of a man suspected of trying to kidnap an 8-year-old girl earlier this week. take a look at this picture. he's described as an african- american man in his 30s with short, dread lock style braids. she was walking to school when the man grabbed her from behind and he put his hand in front of her mouth. she ran away to get help smoo
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we're finding out more -- to get help get -- to get -- we're finding out more about the death of whitney houston. and governor chris christie is defending his decision to have flags flown at half-staff this saturday when houston's funeral is held at her childhood church in newark. >> i don't anybody can argue that whitney houston made a significant cultural impact on the people of our state and the people of our country. and i believe she deserves to be honored. >> some residents of new jersey say they october to her being honor -- on the to her being -- object to her being honored because of her substance abuse.
7:37 am
the mess ang on the billboard will -- the message on this pill board will say "domestic violence is never a private matter. and that's a direct reference to mira rimmy -- and that's a direct reference to mirkarimi. 52-year-old ray p itch ro died after crashing a cessna in fresno -- piro died after crashing a cessna in fresno. he survived a crash in 1988. he did not currently have a pilot's license. all right. tori, let's talk traffic. sal, you've been very busy. a major, major crash this
7:38 am
morning. >> that's right. it's a fatal crash, 880 southbound at the alameda. we're just finding out from chp what they are investigating. it was initially reported as a two-car crash. chp officers tell us, it appears that someone involved in the crash got out of their vehicle and a third vehicle came along and killed one of the people already outside. so it wasn't the initial crash that killed the person. the chp thinks it was the secondary collision here on 880. that's what we just found out from chp. that's what they are investigating. the chp officer went to warn people if you are in this situation to stay in your car. this is a look at 880 northbound as you come up to the brick wall. there was some sort of debris. look at 8 0. it's just horrible right now. i wouldn't use it. i would use 508 instead or somehow get on the freeway after 23 if you can do it.
7:39 am
been backed up for a 15 to 30 minute delay. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. the breeze is not nearly as bad as it was yesterday, unless you are above the caldecott, still 30 towards 50 out towards the caldecott. there's still a little bit of a breeze left. that breeze really keeps our temperatures from getting that cold. this system right there will give us a few high clouds. not a big deal. forecast headlines, mostly sunny. chilly, breezy, fair, chilly, sunny, warmer. temperatures coming up a little bit. yesterday was cold. chilly. lows anywhere from 42 to 52 in the north bay. east bay, peninsula, south bay. a little more consistent on their temperatures. i've seen anywhere from 30s to
7:40 am
50s. woodside, los gatos, these temperatures can change when the breeze kicks in. china basin, a -- 53. the airport was 52. they had a breeze. now they are 41. concord was 37. now, 45 it just depends here. 50 for san francisco and also the oakland airport. that's at moffet, that's cold for them. north wind to the north and then more of a westerly or southerly breeze to the south. it looks like it's going to decrease a little bit. our system right there doesn't do much. the system coming in pea hind that looks like it's going to start a cooldown tomorrow -- behind that looks like it's going to start a cooldown tomorrow. breezy, sunny. tomorrow, i think we'll see an increase into some low clouds. as we head into saturday. partly sunny, partly cloudy. possible rain as we go into
7:41 am
sunday. 63 vallejo, benicia, pinole, 63 fremont, antioch, san rafael at 64. san jose at 65. mostly sunny. partly cloudy on friday, then here comes a little bit of a cloudy to partly sunny forecast on saturday. sunday is really the day that looks the most interesting. cold system moves into the north of us. a sacramento couple was found alive but suffering from frostbite after getting lost on sunday. they were driving in a remote area in lake tahoe when their car got stuck in the snow. the man walked out and got cell phone coverage to get help. it was about 60 miles from where they were eventually found. they got lost between georgetown and hell hole reservoir, west of lake tahoe.
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there's no going back.
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. we're still following a fatal crash, southbound 880 at alameda. we have found out in the last few moments what the chp thinks may have caused this collision. the two left lanes are blocked. we'll tell you more about what they believe may have caused the crash and how bad the
7:45 am
backup is -- straight ahead. thank you, sal. stocks edging higher on wall street this morning. on several encouraging reports about the u.s. economy, including a drop in claims for unemployment benefits. more on that in a minute. and consumer confidence increased for a fourth straight week. however, continuing uncertainly about greece's debt problems have kept the gains in check. the dow is up 66. the nasdaq is up 12. s&p is up 5. there's a new sign the job market is improferming. ,000 people -- improving, 348,000 filed new benefits. it's also the fourth time in five weeks. the numbers have flipped. the decline indicates companies are laying off fewer workers and hire something likely to pick up. when initial claims drop below 375,000, it usually signals
7:46 am
hiring is strong enough to lower the jobless rate. discount airlines southwest is raising fares by $10 on nearly all of its round-trip tickets. jetblue matched the price increase and other airlines are expected to follow by this weekend. southwest says this fare hike is necessary to cover increasing fuel costs. 7:45. the final days of whitney houston's life. some of the guests at the beverly hill ton hoe -- hilton are not painting a pretty picture. here's more. >> well, guests are talking about what they saw in the days leading up to whitney houston's death. this is a picture of the singer at a pregrammy party where witnesses say she was drinking heavily. we're also hearing that she was seen ordering several drinks wednesday and thursday morning before 10:00 a.m. and that she was jumping in and out of the pool and doing somersaults in the hotel area. hotel guests say they overheard
7:47 am
her complaining loudly that her drinks were too watered down. now, whitney houston died just a couple of days later, on saturday, but the cause of her death is still under investigation. her funeral is on saturday. it's by invitation only. fans, you will be happy to know that you will be able to watch the funeral online. it will be streamed life and you can watch whitney houston's funeral. you can find out how to watch it by going to our website, we have a long on our home page on the -- of the website. well, kodak is breaking its naming rights contract. the judge said they could end the sponsor deal. kodak says it could no longer afford to pay the $4 million a year to keep its name on that bill build -- on that building. it is 7:47. fear of pirates may have led to
7:48 am
a deadly mistake in the waters off southern india. an italian cargo ship fired at an indian fishing boat, killing two fishermen. it's believed the ship's crew thought the fishermen were pirates trying to hijack their vessel. survivors aboard the fishing boat say the attack was unprocorrected and unwarranted. -- unprovoked an unwarranted. people in libya are celebrating a major milestone. it was exactly one year ago when the revolution began to topping the moammar gadhafi regime. there was a ceremony in which a torch is passed to each family who lost a member in the war. 7:48. well, a human rights group is urging the international olympic committee to take a hard stand against saudi arabia. accord everything "the new york times" the human rights watch group wants saab kept out of this summer -- saab kept out of
7:49 am
this summer's games. they have yet to send a female and they say that's discrimination and should no the be supported by the olympic committee. seven people were arrested from tcu. these students are accused of selling drugs to undercover officers the past few months. the arrests follow a six-month investigation and it was prompted by complaints of students, parents and others. we have obtained surveillance video of an accident that badly injured a pedestrian in san francisco. but we want to warn you this video is tough to watch. it shows a man in a crosswalk on tuesday e was pinned underneath that pass for 0 minutes before he was freed. the victim suffered several broken bones. any also call it an accident
7:50 am
and don't plan to charge the driver. 7:49. a possible career change for the bounty hunter in the so- called speed freak case. the reason he wants to become the next mayor of sacramento. and jeremy lin's high school coach and teammates get the vip treatment from a famous new york knicks' fan. ♪
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels
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so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. . we still have the cleanup around 880 southbound at the alameda. northbound lanes on the right there are open. but people are slowing down. there is a rather large backup coming down into san jose. you may want to consider using a different way into the valley. let's go back to the desk. our time is 7:52. this morning, the grim search for human bones enters a new phase. investigators will lower a camera down into an abandoned well east of stockton. that's where 1,000 bone
7:53 am
pregnants have already been found. tara moriarty is out there. she will also tell us that -- that search teams are being criticized. she will bring us an update in just a few minutes. a bounty hunter connected to this case is running to be the next mayor of sacramento. leonard padillo paid $3500 to wesley shermantine after the serial kill he agreed to reveal the locations where he and his partner, herzog, buried the victims. padilla has ran for mayor in the past. now he's challenging incumbent kevin johnson because he says he doesn't want the city to pay for a new arena for the kings' basketball team. well, a crimestoppers group wants to make sure a washington state father is not buried near the sons he killed. two weeks ago josh powell attacked his two sons with a hatchet before killing him and himself in this explosion and fire at their home.
7:54 am
a local crimestoppers group has purchased all of the plots around the graves of those two little boys. the valentine's day pillow fight in san francisco turned out toen costly. hundreds of people hit each other with pillows in justin herman plaza for hours. the city ended up shelling out $5,000 to clean up the scattered feathers. the palo alto high school star jeremy lin, his coach and some of his former teammates will call him play at madison square marden. they -- madison square garden. nike is coming out with a lin shoe. the international star says it's tough but he's staying grounded. >> playing in new york is a big
7:55 am
big stage. that's a temptation and danger. >> the mercury news reports there is even a rumor president obama may attend sunday's game. lin has been couch surfing basically because he didn't have a contract until this week. he was staying with his brothers and he finally got his own apartment at trump towers in white plains. we shift from that to sal. you have major stuff to tell us about. southbound, 880 was a fatal accident that happened right here the -- right near the alameda there. two left lanes closed. they've been closed. coming up on two hours. 880 southbound, a lot of cars going the other way. they are going on 237. they are going on 680 to 101,
7:56 am
they are using other san jose freeways. the best way is to use 87 and 101 and not 880. moving along and taking a look at 880 northbound, we had an earlier debris spill right near the brick wall. they cleaned it up. and on 508 we had a crash at 238 that's been cleared. but 580 is slow in lirl. it gets better in dublin, slows again in castro valley. let's go to steve. mostly cloudy toward the north bay. peninsula south bay east bay. these higher clouds drift over. the breeze has been picking -- has been kicking up. there's still some pretty decent gusts above the oakland berkeley hills out into the east bay. there's other -- there is our little system. we'll have mostly sunny skies. 30s, 40s and 50s. just depends upon the -- it just depend on the breeze or no breeze. one system moves through. there is a lot going on out
7:57 am
there. i think that will play into our forecast. i will finetune that tomorrow. breezy and cool. right now a lot of that is going through the north bay. that's also holding up some of the temps. it's if gonna -- it's gonna be colder. it will be a little warmer today. we will go low to mid-60s for many today. the extended outlook has probably the warmest day of the week. cassie tweeted me and said why is it always thursday on my.? so that's -- on my friday? so that's -- because life's not fair, cassie. sunday looks like the rain for possible rain. cooler and breezier on monday, and tuesday an there are -- and there are signs that next week could be very warm, 70s by wednesday of next week. >> really? >> yeah. sal's been telling us about it for the last 90 minutes, a
7:58 am
fatal accident near the san jose airport. it's causing big traffic problems. >> reporter: we're live outside of stockton. some families are wonder if their loved one's remains are in the fill. we're live at the masonic center, just one of the places where the president will be heading as he -- when he arrives here today. we'll tell you what residents are saying. that's when "mornings on 2" comes back.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning welcome back to morning's on two. i'm tori campbell. >> and good morning i've dave clark. >> we're following a crash near the san jose airport. let's go right to sal for the information. >> police are still clearing the scene during their investigation near the alameda san jose. the traffic is going to be narrowed down to one lane as chp directing the traffic go by. chp officers tell us that the crash may have happened when someone got into a fender
8:01 am
bender, got out of their vehicle. then a third car came along and was involved in a second accident that killed one person who was apparently standing outside of their car. chp officers did speak with ktvu and we'll let you know exactly what they said coming up. i want to bring up a map if you can bring up a map in the control room for me of this area. you can see that 880 is now backed up to 237 heading down to the scene. northbound 17 backed up to campbell. the best way for you to get to the airport if you're trying to get to the airport is to use 87. you might want to think about 101 but 101 really is crowded. 87 or city streets, 280 is a little slow, 880 as a result again. at 8:01 let's go back to the desk. investigators believe two men known as the speed freak killers stashed as many as two dozen bodies down an abandoned
8:02 am
well outside of stockton. however because of the way the evidence are gathered some are now saying the victim's names may stay a mystery forever. sarah moriarty joining us now. >> reporter: investigators say >> reporter: investigator when they were digging they broke the concrete. sheriff deputys are defending their actions. they said they had no choice but to use heavy equipment because of the size of the grave and because of the dangers of going into a well. now investigators carved a 50- foot deep pip around the abandoned well on old ranch
8:03 am
land. they were led there by maps drawn by wesley shermantine. paying attention to this dig is alisa baca who was just 8 years old when her mother disappeared. >> we have all, it has touched us in very many ways. i would like some closure, you know. so we're no longer wondering. >> reporter: shermantine and his accomplice lauren herzog believed to have killed 20 to 30 people. herzog committed suicide after he learned that shermantine was selling his story. they may move a quarter of a mile away to look for more
8:04 am
possible remains. tara moriarty. sheriff's department is putting up a hot line in case you think your loved one may have been gone missing due to the group of men. the shooting happened last night just before 8:00 on hillborne road. we just talked to police, they tell us the woman tried to escape in a car as officers tried to arrest her. police opened fire, they say she was hit in the hand. she's been treated at a hospital and will be later booked into jail. police say the woman faces charges of attempted murder and burglary. in about 90 minutes a key witness returns to the stand in the death of a san francisco gang member. ramos is accused of killing bolognia and two of his sons in
8:05 am
2008. prosecutors say ramos mistook the family for rival gang members and shot them this retaliation for a shooting earlier that same day. the man wounded in that earlier shooting marvin medina is now testifying about his many years as a member of a violent san francisco street gang. our time is now 8:04, president obama is coming to san francisco today. he will be raising money for his election campaign. claudine wong is in san francisco now to tell us where the president is going to be making appearances, claudine. >> reporter: they were at one of the places he will be stopping. this is the masonic. you can see the barricades are already up out front. barricades line the building and along the street in anticipation of crowds and protesters. the president has three events today. it's the first two events that are the most expensive because they are the more intimate gatherings. his first stop will be at the mark hotel. two dozen people expected to go to a small reception at that
8:06 am
hotel. then he'll head to pacific heights to the home of marvin anderson. he will have dinner, make remarks there. about 70 people expected to attend that dinner. the price tag $38,500. always gets a lot of attention. >> i think those are private house, right. >> yes, so what do you think about those events. >> those are things i don't know about. >> i think that sounds like an awful lot. but there are less high profile events or you can go to something like this. >> reporter: something like this refers to his biggest event at the masoni. people paid from $100 to 7,500 bucks to get into the masonic.
8:07 am
back out here live in san francisco, the president is going to be here until this evening but he does have a full schedule today. in less than two hours he's going to be at a private event at the corona house. he is going to depart from l.a.x. set to land at sfo around 12:50, then he's going to of course head to all his rounds of events here. he will spend the night in san francisco and head to washington state tomorrow morning. live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. not everyone is going to be applauding the president. medical marijuana supporters will protest at all of his san francisco fundraisers. they are protesting the marijuana crack downs. it is 8:07, congressional negotiators announced an agreement on a payroll
8:08 am
extension. the legislation is good news for employeed california but not so good for the unemployed. an audit of a tract homes facing foreclosure found bad news. 84% had at least one violation of california's foreclosure laws. part of the problems were missing documents or documents with discrepancies. california is second with foreclosure notices going out to one out of every 265 hoes holds. arizona, georgia, michigan and florida round out the top six.
8:09 am
our time is now 8:06. we've had a very busy morning in the commute. >> one of the latest details is that the person who was in this crash who was a victim of this crash, chp was telling us that the accident started as a minor injury crash. and then someone tkpwaot -- got out of the car. a car came by not paying attention and killed one of the persons out of the car. if you are ever in doubt, and you're in an accident. the best thing to do is stay in your car with your seat belt on. a sad story, somebody didn't do that and was killed. the back up is stretching now all the way back into milpitas. traffic is slow coming out of
8:10 am
the camel area on 17. i would say 87 might be your best call. let's go to interstate 880 right now. the traffic here is going to be very busy. we had an earlier wreck on 80. bay bridge continues to be busy as you drive up to the toll plaza. that is backed up for a 15 minute delay. 8:09 let's go to steve. >> thank you very much sal. we'll have sunshine later on today. it was the breeze and the lows that were really all over the map. 30s, 40s and 50s. you can see that little band there. mostly cloudy to the north. fore fore-- forecast has a few clouds. i think we'll be good to go by this afternoon. sunny. looks like we're out of those 30s. usually you go on the other
8:11 am
side of the 101 and it's colder. livermore is 49. san jose north-northwest 10. winds are still whipping up pretty good. other wise it's not as strong in the other hills. there's the other system, not too much to it. the other system there start to work closer toward us. i will show you that here in just a second. breezy, cool here in the morning. mostly sunny today after those higher clouds go through. it will be a little warmer. weekend is just really tricky because forecast models have not handled the last two little rain events that we had. monday and last night. they missed them completely. so i still think possible rain. this is our forecast model. there's the time line through today. not a problem. watch what happened by tomorrow morning. that's close coming in, so we'll see a westerly breeze and a little cool down. that might be a little overdone. as it comes in friday evening
8:12 am
to the north. the end result is by saturday morning we could see a little bit of a drizzle. i think this system is overdone a little bit but it's the one behind that that comes in late on sunday. saturday night into sunday will be okay. it's sunday night that's concerning me. sunny and breezy after the clouds go by in the morning. temperatures will be in the 60s today. a little warmer than yesterday. we can hold on to that little north wind. tomorrow will be a little cooler. partly cloudy, mostly sunny. then mostly sunny, partly cloudy again saturday. and cool and breezy on monday. >> thank you, steve. it is 8:12. it's information every parent should know. researchers checking baby formula have made a disturbing discovery. also bike thieves are getting bolder in san francisco. look at this. how the police has developed a new way to fight back. also, it's called the heart attack grill, sadly it's now lived up to that name.
8:13 am
[ male announcer ] what happened when ford owners compared their trucks to a chevy silverado? i can see myself driving in this for hours and hours. i like it. man: i would definitely consider a silverado trade-up from the pick-up truck that i've got right now. [ male announcer ] we dare you to compare your truck to a chevy silverado, the most dependable, longest lasting full-size pick-ups on the road. celebrate president's day. get 0% financing for 60 months on all 2012 silverados. if you trade in an eligible vehicle, get an additional $1,000 trade-in allowance. offer ends february 29th.
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8:15 am
breezy and cold this morning but 30s, 40s and 50s. temperatures will warm up today some low to mid-60s. time is now 8:15. parents are worried this morning about formulas that feed their babies. arsenic is sometimes found in rice. one of the formulas had arsenic
8:16 am
level six times the legal limit. last month congress established standards for arsenic and leads in fruit juices. it is 8:15, months after fighting about it, congress has drafted a tax deal. allyson apparently it looks like we will get to keep extra money in our paychecks. >> reporter: that's right, this is all about keeping that extra $40 in your paycheck. this deal will renew the 2% payroll tax cut for another year. it also extends long term unemployment benefits and prevents a sharp 27% cut in medicare reimbursement rates to doctors. now these are the lead negotiators announcing the agreement just after midnight. both side had to make big concessions. republicans accepted that the tax cut would add $100 billion to the deficit. while democrats agreed to raise
8:17 am
pension contributions for new federal workers and gradually reduce long term unemployment benefits in many states. nancy pelosi said she doesn't like all of it but she wants a vote as soon as possible. >> i think it would be important to bring it up tomorrow because i don't think the american people can wait another day. we can't have it be in doubt. >> pelosi says she does not see a scenario where democrats would be voting against it. a republican leaders have expressed their support, the tax cut expires at the end of this month. reporting live from washington, d.c., allyson, burns, ktvu channel 2 news. if you need a job in just a couple of hours a job fair will kick off in san jose. starts at 11:00 a.m. at the double tree hotel on gateway place. the company is expected to be there includes sleep train and apple retail. a career expert will also be there to provide a free resume
8:18 am
review. and if you go, dress professionally and bring several copies of your resume. san francisco police are busy trying to find a new way to crack down on bicycle thievings. the bicycle thefts are particularly common in the mission district. last month 31 bikes were reported stolen an estimated valley of $40,000. so far this month 15 bikes have been reported stolen. now police are posting videos online of thieves like this one. caught in the act, conducting sting operations and also they are checking craigslist ads. in the meantime you bicyclists are being more careful. >> i've sealed the wheels on with special bolts that you need keys to unlock. >> reporter: police are also posting pictures of these of stolen bikes on the police department's websites in an effort to generate some leads. they say that's helped them to recover some of the stolen bikes. it is 8:18, a las vegas
8:19 am
restaurant called the heart attack grill is tragically living up to that name. a man suffered a heart attack at the restaurant. the waiters who are referred to as nurses and doctors say they feel bad for the man because people in the restaurant treated the situation like it was a joke. >> i feel terrible for the gentleman because people were taking photos of him as if it were some sort of a stunt. >> reporter: the burger the heart attack victim was eating at the time had three meat patties, 15 pieces of bacon and 6,000-calories. the restaurant also serves so called butter fat shakes.
8:20 am
a grandmother is outraged after the child's packed lunch had been taken away. the child says her lunch was taken away because it was not nutritious enough because it did not have milk. it was replaced with what the school had for lunch, chicken nuggets. >> if we observe that a child who's brought their lunch is missing one of the key components of a healthy meal, we simply say if it's milk, here's the milk, you may have it or not. >> the school district is investigating the claims. a man is finally being reunited with a camera he lost at the super bowl thanks to one woman's persistence. take a look at the video from the you tube page that mary ellen mcfall set up. while she was at the super bowl
8:21 am
she had been asked by tom. he didn't want to give us his last name to give the picture to him after the game. but during all the excitement they became separated. since then she's contacted various media outlets like ktvu until tom's son saw the story. she had even reached out to palo alto online after seeing photos of the camera on silican valley. they're together again. >> that's good news. it is 8:20, a day long crime spree with victims in four cities that involved a stolen police car, and a high speed chase. also the weather, it's been one of the chilliest mornings of the year. steve is coming back to tell you if things will warm up for you this afternoon. good morning, the traffic back up to this accident is growing on 880 because of an accident that's been there going on two hours.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
ktvu channel 2 it is 8:23, the suspect in a carjacking and home invasion is in jail after allegedly stealing a richmond police car and leading officers on a chase. police were tipped off on tuesday that 32-year-old edgar james was in richmond. after surrounding a home they say james ran out, stole a police car and took off. police chased him for 10 minutes before ramming the stolen police car and arrested him. police say james is suspected in an all day crime spree that
8:25 am
started with a home invasion in el cerrito. the homeowner tells us he cooked down her door. >> then he said go upstairs. and i was like, i'm not going upstairs, i just said please take the money and go. just go. >> she says he put her on a choke hold but she was not seriously hurt. james is also suspected of carjackings and home invasions. in kenningston, martinez and vacaville all in the same day. tori. now 8:24, let's check back with sal. >> this accident we've been covering at alameda. still they're getting the full- time car up to a flat bed truck. we've had a traffic jam up for miles. 880 from milpitas. los gatos going up to the scene. it doesn't look bad here because we're really close to it. but in the back up trust me
8:26 am
it's really slow trying to get to this area. chp is going to let us know as soon as they open. looks like they may be preparing to open those lanes. let's move around and take a look at the mute now. the traffic there is pretty slow because of an earlier issue. there was a debris spilled, and this morning we have slow traffic on the peninsula. 101 to palo alto pretty slow there. i also want to look at 80 westbound. pinol to richmond, stop and go traffic there. let's go to steve. >> expect for a few high clouds, temperatures today will warm up a little bit. mostly sunny. partly cloudy to the north bay right now. there's a band of higher clouds coming in right now. they'll mainly be here for the morning and out of the picture. 30s, 40s and 50s for the low. sunny, breezy mostly sunny. a little bit warmer today. temperatures instead of those upper 50s, low to mid-60s. looks like though this could be
8:27 am
the warmest day of the week as we start a little cool down tomorrow. it'll still be okay. we'll start to see clouds, cooler conditions on saturday. mostly cloudy on sunday. cool and breezy monday, dave. >> your time now 8:26. sal has been telling us about the big traffic problemsright near san jose airport. we're out there for you and tell you what's happening now two hours, these live pictures. two hours after that tragic crash. also a shut down involving hundreds of students, two bay area campuses closing their doors. ktvu's alex savidge just talked to one of the students. and a surprising new discovery, the new video from that scene.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning we're looking at the closure here on 880 as you head down to the closure at the alameda. the traffic is going to be moving along relatively well. if you are driving right past the scene. but getting to it that's another story. you see 8880 888 -- 880 on the top there, it's good. but you don't see the back up getting to the accident. they're picking up the cones. looks like they're still doing a little bit of investigation. 250 bay area students have suddenly been displaced after the institute of medical education closed its doors. alex savidge is at the campus and just talked to one of the students, good morning alex. >> good morning to you dave,
8:31 am
yes. a lot of these students very frustrated. this is one of those students who showed up to class earlier. she told us she felt like she was kept in the dark. the department of consumer affairs accuses this college of making false accreditation claims about their courses. and now 150 students trying to become medical assistants are in a real bind with their school shutting down. the institute of medical education is promising to fight this decision. we did try several times this morning to reach the school but we haven't heard back. we do know the oakland campus and san jose campus were both closed down yesterday. this college had been charging students thousands of dollars for degrees in fields like dental hygiene but the government says they were not accredited. this student says she knew the
8:32 am
school was having issues but was shocked when she found out the college was closed. >> i got here because you get in, you get out and you get a job. but i guess now you get in, and you just get your money taken. >> reporter: and the state is now telling all of the students here at the institute who were paying tuition to not pay anymore more to the school. we also do understand state regulators will be showing up here at the oakland campus and the campus down in san jose sometime later on this morning to answer the question these students have and they arrive and try to figure out what's next because they are all in the middle of the degree programs and their school has suddenly shut down on them. alex savidge, ktvu news. it is 8:32, construction work was temporarily shut down after crews discovered a skull and other bones. they were digging at prospect
8:33 am
street when they uncovered bones. a forensic anthropologist is now working to identify the bones. there is a possibility the remains could be part of a native american burial site. alameda police have released the names of the victim and shooter in a murder suicide. on monday night, 36-year-old carlos garcia gunned down his ex-girlfriend 30-year-old sarah cunningham outside a home on alameda avenue. investigators are still looking for a motive. our time now is 8:32, berkeley city council has done an about face. they've agreed to help out uc berkeley police when they request aid. in november the council voted to stop helping campus police. they claimed that officers used unnecessary force during last fall's occupy cal protest. but this week the city council decided to resume sending in city police officers in the event of an emergency on the
8:34 am
cal campus. berkeley's police chief were among those who were pressured to reverse that earlier degrees sis. so far the cal campus is not seeing opposition from university or city police. since they moved to the steps of dole memorial library things have been quiet. occupiers say the most police interaction comes at nighttime. that's when two officers stop by and read the dispersal order. police are definitely monitoring the situation, they are hoping the occupiers will leave on their own. time is coming up on 8:34, a ruling by an appeals court could cost contra costa county millions of the dollars in property tax revenue from oil refineries. the ruling could force the county to give back $104 million to chevron. that's after the course tossed out a state rule determining how property tax values are set for refineries. the county could join a state appeal of the court decision.
8:35 am
apple says it will change its apps policy after complaints about privacy. the cupertino company says it will begin to require iphone and i pad apps to ask for approval before accessing information in users address book. separate user prompts will be needed for an app to get company approval. the move comes after reports some of the most popular software applications in apple's app store have been able to get private address book data without user consent. your time is 8:34, well the st. joseph health system has notified 6,000 patients about data breach. private information was made public through an outside search engine. three hospitals were affected by this. the breech revealed their name,
8:36 am
body mass indexes, lab results but we're told not addresses or social security numbers. 125 inmates at&t san mateo have been isolated because of a possible pumps outbreak. so far all the inmate with the outbreak were on the third floor. at least seven court cases have also been rescheduled because the inmates are not allowed any public contact. and it's 8:36, oakland is looking to the past to bring new life to its downtown. the idea is to bring back streetcars similar to the ones the city had in the first half of the 20th century. oakland has a $300,000 grant to study the possibility of putting streetcars back on broadway. there have been two similar studies in the past. the city wants to make it easier to go from jack london
8:37 am
square to uptown and the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station. sal is coming back, very busy morning. you're watching all of the commute but especially one in particular. >> that's right, well 880 has the big crash on 880 that we had this morning for the entire morning commute. still doing an investigation here as police are taking measurements as they do when something like this happens. 880 at the alameda, the two left lanes are blocked as you can see. on the other side of the freeway the lanes are open but slow going at 18. slow going at milpitas as they finish up their investigation. this morning on the bay bridge approach, still kind of normal backed up for about a 10 to 15 minute wait. now let's go to steve. >> all righty, sal. thank you very much. a few high clouds out there, not as breezy but still some of
8:38 am
the higher elevations kind of bouncing around. 25 to 50 at mount diablo. now looks like things are calming down a little bit at the surface. a little band right there going by. just a few high clouds and it'll scaddadle out of here pretty fast. a little breeze still helps. that breeze, i know it's come in the morning but in the afternoon it will help a little bit. it'll clear out fast, this afternoon lots of sunshine. system tomorrow looks like will give us a bit of a cooldown. there's a disagreement in our models, what's new. tomorrow will be a day to fine tune that forecast. today sunny, a few high clouds. breezy not as bad as yesterday. low to mid-50s, yesterday there were a lot of upper 50s, we'll
8:39 am
be a little warmer today. mostly cloudy tomorrow, saturday maybe some rain. >> time now 8:38, happening right now just for tori campbell. a space walk right over their shoulder. two russian cosmanots performing a space walk. it just started happening, we're right there. they will be out for six hours. they're installing shields to pregnant the space station from space debris. they're also going to remove a crane from one module to another. the work represents the work of 15 countries but more than anything we have a close up look at what they're doing and how they're doing this right outside the international space station. >> i would say they have to hold to that equipment very closely because if they don't
8:40 am
it'll just day care off. >> forever. >> who knows where it'll end up. >> great pictures. time is now 8:39. we know california is prone to earthquakes but did not you to state has several active volcanos. scientists are monitoring the volcanos. remember the cannon ball mishap by the myth busters. tonight two of the stars of the show will be at dublin high school. they'll be part of a panel hosted by the school's engineering academy and will answer questions from students about science. last december, an experiment for their show sent a cannon ball flying through a dublin neighborhood. two houses and a car were damaged but no one was hurt. all right our time is 8:30, as you know the funeral service
8:41 am
for whitney houston is set for saturday in new jersey. now we can tell you more about who will not be attending that funeral. a highway hazard involving high tech gadgets. the government's proposal to make new cars safer. and preparations are underway for the president's visit to san francisco. today how much this visit is expected to raise and why some residents aren't happy about that. we'll have the reaction when mornings on 2 continues. closed captioning for mornings on 2 brought to you by --
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8:44 am
stocks are higher this morning after encouraging news. and consumer confidence increased in the last four weeks. taking a live look at the big board, the dow up 84, the nasdaq is up 16, s & p is up seven. let's bring you up to date on some of the other stories we're following for you right now. the chp is investigating this. a fatal crash on interstate 880 in san jose. this happened two hours ago near the san jose airport. and it is causing a major traffic jam in the area. sal is coming back in just a few minutes with the very
8:45 am
latest on that. >> police in fairfield shot and wounded a female burglary suspect last night. police say she tried to drive off as officers tried to arrest her. police opened fire and wounded her in the hand. and president obama arrives in san francisco in just about four hours from now. he's coming here to raise money for his reelection campaign. claudine wong is in san francisco now outside one of the places the president will visit today. morning claudine. >> reporter: good morning dave, yes every san francisco event is already sold out but we're at the masonic which is arguably the most popular. maybe because it's the most affordable. we can see it's barricades out here. there's also cones and some crews showing up to work. protesters expected to also be here tonight. the other two events are smaller and more expensive. the first stop for the president will be at two 2:00 this afternoon at the mark hopkins hotel. the president will head to
8:46 am
pacific heights to the house of arthur robert maland anderson. about 70 people expected to attend that dinner. the price tag for those events, $38,500. some people we talked to really don't like the best money they say it's the worse part ofpolitics. >> it's ridiculous, but it's reality. so what can you do. >> i wouldn't mind spending a few minutes with him but i would much rather spend it on the golf course than on the rubber chicken circuit. >> the largest event as we said and the most affordable will be at the masonic set to start at 8:00. people paid any write from $500 to $800 to come here. singer song writer chris cornell also going to perform tonight. so the president flies in at 12:50 this afternoon. he will fly out at 9:00 tomorrow morning headed to washington state.
8:47 am
today's visit alone expected by some estimates to raise $3 million for his campaign. live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 8:46 now. tomorrow the vice president of china flies to los angeles. xi jinping is in a week visit. it included a visit yesterday in a home in iowa. where he stayed in 1985 where he stayed to study agriculture. 8:47, who will and who will not be at whitney houston's funeral will getting a lot of attention this morning. pam cook is joining us on what is being said about bobby brown. >> reporter: whitney houston's ex-husband bobby brown will not attend her funeral. there's talk that her family
8:48 am
made it very clear that he's not welcomed at the funeral. they were married for 15 years. they have an 18-year-old daughter bobbi kristina that was rushed to the hospital shortly after her mom was found dead. brown did leave his tour with his group new edition to be back by his daughter but is now back under contract to perform. he is expected to perform in the connecticut area on saturday the same day as houston's funeral in new jersey. meanwhile we are also hearing what guests at the beverly hilton the day houston was found dead. she was seen ordering several drinks wednesday and thursday morning and complaining that they were too watered down. hotel guests also describe her demeanor as i -- erratic and her appearance as disheveled. cause of her death is still
8:49 am
being investigated. houston's funeral is this saturday, it is by invitation only, but it will be web streamed. time now 8:48. in honduras this morning, investigators are looking into a fire. 358 people were confirmed dead. this was the worse prison fire in a century. one internal government report says the prisoners were locked in an overcrowded penitentiary. a lot of them had not been convicted while many of them were still waiting to be charged. one of the prisoners started the fire by setting his mattress on fire. he had called the government and warned that he would set the jail on fire. the underwear bomber is now
8:50 am
on trial. federal agents say the young nigerian man had a bomb hidden inside of his underwear. 8:49, new this morning a government proposal to reign in car dashboard technology. high end automobiles have been loaded with features such as internet browsing, gps and phone dialing. electronic warning systems that alert motorists of potential collisions or lane changes are exempt. the guidelines are aimed at passenger cars and suvs but not trucks. a disturbing trend is rising among teenagers who get behind the wheel. according to the governor's high safety association deaths of 16 and 17-year-old drivers have increased 11% from the
8:51 am
first half of 2010 to the first half of 2011. and it says this morning could raise even further since the second half of the year includes summer and holiday driving. this is the first increase among this age group after several years of declines. this weekend b.a.r.t. is offering expanded service to help people get into san francisco while the upper deck of the bay bridge is shut town this weekend. - - s hutdown this weekend. b.a.r.t. issues the statement to continue to get the word out. >> we're here to tell the public that the way to get back and forth this weekend will be b.a.r.t. it'll be faster and more reliability than what the alternatives are. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. will offer 24 hour service over the weekend, but in the overnight hours trains will only stop at 14 of b.a.r.t.'s 44 stations. the upper deck of the bay bridge is scheduled to be shut down starting at 8:00 tomorrow
8:52 am
night through 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. the sonoma marin rail way rejected an initiative that would have brought the commuter train issue back before voters. the issue says opponents of the smart train failed to collect the required number of signatures. the initiative was aimed at repealing a sales tax to fund the planned train route from san jose to santa rosa. and the smart train project is moving forward. the agency recently purchased a drawbridge in texas to use over the petaluma river. time now is 8:51, what one by area county is doing trying to improve working conditions for immigrant grocery store employees. and what bar owners are threatening to sue the city.
8:53 am
when i grow up, i'll be a chef
8:54 am
'cause chefs get to cook yummy cheeseburgers, pizza, and chocolate everything i'll write a cookbook that's just for kids and there'd be a rule ... no vegetables if your child is sick over and over again, it could be pi a defect in the immune system that affects millions early detection can
8:55 am
give children a chance to dream unless there were those things that look like carrots but are really jellybeans walnut creek bar and restaurant owners have a strong message to the city. the owners say they will sue if forced to change hours in which they serve alcohol. this after the city changed the hours of closure for lift lounge. it says problem business should be dealt with on a case by case basis. we've been asking you our viewers on facebook if you
8:56 am
think problem bars should be ordered to close one hour early to stop violence. we want to know what you think, just follow the ktvu channel 2 morning team on facebook. immigrant grocery store workers in santa clara county will be able to start a new training program. the goal is to make supermarkets safe for workers who speak little or no english. workers will be trained on their rights and what to do if those rights are violated. they will also get health and safety training. the program is free and open to any worker who works in santa clara county. we're following developing news coming in from new jersey a school bus crashed into a dump truck. at least one child has been killed. look at these pictures here. this happened around 8:30 this morning. this is chesterfield new jersey at a four way intersection. now several other children were
8:57 am
hurt, they've been taken to the hospital. police say the child who was killed is the daughter of a new jersey state trooper. we're going to bring you more details of this story later today. also in the past half hour a new development in the case of that washington state man who killed his sons in that house fire. josh powell murdered his two children earlier this month. then set their home on fire and he committed suicide. now his parents wanted to bury him near his children. however a lawyer in this case says, powell will not be buried in the same cemetery as his children. powell by the way was also a suspect in the disappearance of his wife in 2009. 8:57, we want to quickly check in with sal one more time. still a big problem on 880 and the south bay. >> sal we're not hearing you. don't know if you're mic is on. >> we have time for only one
8:58 am
thing that will be a look at 880. this closure is going to be there for a while. another 45 minutes is what we just heard from chp because of fatal accident. so southbound traffic is backed up to fremont. mostly sunny today, a few high clouds coming by. they'll clear up a little. temperatures low to mid-60s. a little cool down friday. then partly cloudy saturday. still going with some rain i think on sunday. tough tough call right now. >> you called it steve. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu this morning. we will see you the next time news breaks. >> make sure to stay with and ktvu mobile for any breaking news about the president's visit to the bay area. we thank you for joining us.
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