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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  February 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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thundershowers later on today. showers, breezy. morning rain. most of it will be gone in the next 45 minutes. cools temps. low 50s and mid 50s to a few upper 50s. watch out for standing water out there, sal. steve, we do have a problem that happened last night. chp says an overnight roll played a cause in the crash. the crash happened around 11:30 last night. investigators say a speeding driver was racing down the freeway during the overnight storm when he slammed into another car. that set off a chain reaction crash. it's not clear if anyone was cited. let's take a look at live traffic cameras now. westbound 92 that traffic looks good heading out to the high- rise. again it's wet and raining and a lot of standing water. just look at the chp list. a lot of standing water.
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we're looking at a live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a wind advisory in place. claudine wong will have a live report coming up. 4:30 let's go back to the desk. before we continue our weather coverage this morning. we want to take you to a large fire that gutted a home just outside of napa. paul chambers is at the house to explain the biggest loss. >> reporter: we just talked to the fire chief a minute ago. you can see there is still trucks out here. they are trying to cover potential hot spots. we can two to video right here. the call came in just after 9:30 last night. you can see flames coming from the second story of the home. we are tole the fire started up in the attic. the owner of the home says she was alerted of the fire by alarms inside the house. she was able to make it out safely however a lots of rare
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antiques and 6,000 book library remained inside and destroyed. antique fell out of the second story window. the woman runs a napa valley antique store up here. firefighters said it was close dealing with -- said it was tough dealing with wind and had to run a half a mile of hose because you are going up a private driveway. once again they are still working on it. maintaining the fire to decide what caused the fire. the pio just arrived on scene. we'll be talking to him also and bringing you the latest coming up. live near napa i'm paul chambers. back to our storm coverage. big winter storm has arrived in the bay area. it could make it difficult for the morning commute. claudine wong is at bay bridge toll plaza. i guess not just wet roads but we have windy conditions as well. >> reporter: that is right. it's wet, cold, and windy.
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it's hard to stand here at the toll plaza. on the span behind me you can see we have the signs it will up. that's from the chp telling folks when you get on the span it will be worse. high winds on this bridge and other bay mare bridges this morning. i can tell you from my commute into work hit a couple spots where water was sitting on the roadway that certainly made you have to grip the steering wheel a little tighter. you add wind to that it could make far rough commute. i will show you the tarps on the other side of the toll plaza. it shows you what people are dealing with this morning. as we know the commute once it gets crowded if there are any problems, it can cause issues. so just keep that in mind if you're heading out here. wet, cold, windy.
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take extra time this morning. live here on the bay bridge toll plaza claudine wong. >> good advice. you know the heavy rain here means the snow is falling in the sierra. right now chain restrictions are in place. ski resorts say the fresh snow is a welcome edition to their man-made base. coming up in ten minutes we'll have a live look at the conditions now and how the snow pack is measuring up compared to last year. three people are under arrest after a high speed pursuit. the suspects are accused of robbing a shell gasoline in martinez. off duty officer spotted them and followed their car to highway 24 before giving way to the chp. our roof camera tracked the chase that is eventually stretched to highway 880 in oakland. thieves reached well over 100 miles an hour. the suspects were caught near the dumbarton bridge. two men and a woman were taken into custody. police hope surveillance
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video will lead to the arrest of a suspected arsonist. take a look. police describe the man as white, 20-40 years old wearing a cap, dark jacket, and jeans. he went behind a reference counter sunday afternoon and set policeman nets on fire -- pamphlets on fire before running away. the fire and water did damage some books and library equipment. pg&e wants customers to pay the majority of the cost for improving the gas pipeline network. the upgrades are in the wake of the san bruno pipeline disaster. they estimate the project could cost up to $5 billion and say shareholders will pay for work required under preexisting standards but they want customers to pay for newly adopted rules. pg&e failed to maintain its system and shareholders should step up for the whole cost
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state regular lay there is have the final -- diglators will -- regulators will have the final say. romney barely edged out rick santorum in the michigan primary. he won with 41%. ron paul came in with a 12%. and newt gingrich with 7%. in arizona romney won by a wide margin. with 82% of the volts counted. romney has 47%, santorum 27%. now a loss for romney in michigan would have been an embarrassing defeat. it's the state where he grew up and where his father was governor. >> we came into the backyard of one of my opponents. in a race that everyone said just ignore. you have really no chance here. and the people of michigan looked #-z into the -- looked
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into the hearts of the candidates and all i have to say is i love you back. >> newt gingrich and ron paul didn't put much focus on the arizona and michigan primaries. they have been campaigning in the ten states that will hold contests on tuesday. the city of stockton is moving along with a plan to enter remediation. in a 6-1 vote last night the city council approved a mediation plan. if a deal can't be reached, the city will be allowed to file for bankruptcy. if that happens stockton would become the largest city in the country to file. time now is 4:37. people in walnut creek will start to see more police patrolling the streets. the police department is shuffling its resources due to budget constraints. there will be more officers covering the downtown area. but the police union worries that the restructuring will reduce the number of officers
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on traffic enforcement and school outreach. they hope to add new officers in the city budget. the city of antioch is looking to regulate business access. a council approved a 45 day moratorium. sometimes customers can win money in sweep stakes games if they buy more computer time. proposed regulations include mandatory surveillance cameras, security guards, and prohibiting teenagers from entering the premisses from school hours. this is some of the 911 tapes that have been released from that shooting in ohio. the police were helped during that ohio shooting. city leaders in santa clara
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have approved the new construction for the 49ers stadium. they gave the green light to a lease for july. time now is 4:38. want to go back to sal. i have to tell people, hopefully slow down. i hit really big patches on water on the freeway. >> coming off of jackson street right there, there is a big one there. it's like you are under water for a second. >> yeah, it was scary. >> dave is clapping over here. yeah they went through that too. good morning, everybody. be careful out there. be careful. it's no joking matter. this is a look at 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze. the traffic is moving along relatively well. this morning you need extra time. i would say an extra 10-15 minutes then you can slow it down. people get into trouble when they get on the road and it's
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raining like this and they think they can drive like normal. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. claudine was saying it was gusty and windy there. and this mornings commute is looking pretty good. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. >> it's a big puddle by jackson. >> it is. >> it's a little spooky. good morning, everyone. the good news is we are getting rain. the bad news we are one and done. this is a decent system. there is no wind advisory by the national weather service. it will be a chilly day. we'll have rain turning to showers. the front is already going through. santa rosa picked up a half inch of rain. there was reports over an inch. shame sure people can tweet me their information. the front is moving through now. for about another hour we will get to rain. then it turns showery in nature. a possibility of thundershowers
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today. this is a vigorous system. it will funnel in cold air. 40s, 50s on the temps right now. i expect santa rosa to start to drop here. you can see the system continues to work its way. now the bulk is up to the north. this is a real power house. we get the good part of the front. behind that you'll see clearing. coming down out of the northwest cool unstable air. showers a possibility of thundershowers. rain and wind. gusts to 40 miles an hour. heaviest rain is moving through right now. it will turn showery in nature. partly sunny. very cool. rainfall quarter of an inch to a few locations around an inch. temperatures will stay on the 50-degree range. so another cool day. showers and breezy. temperatures in the 50s. low mid. maybe a few upper. it will be going to be very similar to what we had. still showers lingering into
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thursday. mastly warmer conditions by the weekend. we are getting our first look at the damage from a suspected tornado that tore through kansas last night. this is video from harveyville which is 20 miles southwest of topeka. the storm flattened homes and scattered debris. there are dozens of other injuries including people that are trapped in their homes. time now is 4:42. chilling 911 calls released. >> chardon high school we have shots fired. multiple gunshots. >> the police were helped during that shooting. and a shocking crime the items from hundreds of tombstones. if you are driving on bay area roads lots of puddles out there. hydroplaning is possible. remember give yourself extra time.
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good morning. cold front moving through rapidly. front has already gone through parts of the north bay. very heavy rain for another hour or so. then it will turn cool and breezy with off and on sure showers. no fall in the sierra. i want to take you live to interstate 880. for the first time if a long time the ground is covered with snow and more has been falling overnight.
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right now chains are required for both interstate 80 and highway 50 unless you have snow tires. the same restrictions were in place last night causing backups and delays for some drivers. but it is definitely good news for the resorts. so far this season resorts have had to rely on snow making machines to bring in the customers. >> we've made record amounts of snow this year. we've made double in what we have ever made before. >> despite the recent snowfall we are still in the middle of the third driest winter since 1945. yesterday a measure of the snow pack shows we are at 16% of normal. suspected serial killer joseph naso is due back in the courtroom. he is expected to enter a plea. he is charged with killing four northern california women in
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crimes dating back to the mid 1970s. earlier this month a judge ruled he is mentally competent. that ruling cleared the way for naso to act as his own attorney in the case. lawyers in sheriff ross mirkarimi will head back to the courtroom. the attorney for mirkarimi's wife tells ktvu she will ask the judge to toss out the entire case. paula canny her lawyer claims the district attorney to release pictures with lopez with a bruise on her arm violated her clients right to privacy. jury selection is set to begin on monday. we're now hearing the 911 calls made during that deadly school shooting in ohio. >> we are in lock down. we need assistance right now. there is a student with a gun. >> okay. >> police say on monday morning
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17-year-old tj lane opened fire in the cafeteria of chardon high school. three students have died. two others still injured. one of the injured an 18-year- old girl has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home. yesterday the accused shooter appeared in court. >> most likely be three counts of aggravated murder and other counts we anticipate going forward. it would provide to the juvenile court judge finds that there is probable cause. >> cnn reports that in december lane posted remarks on online that read quote feel death, not just mocking you. not just talking you, but inside of you. he ended the post with die all of you. time now is 4:48. contra costa county leaders approved a new day-time curfew on students that skipped school. the school district is one of the unincorporated areas
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covered by the curfew. according to the tunety officers on an average day 50% of averages are unexcused. under the new rules students caught skipping class, could face fines up to $500. >> i think it's actually a pretty good way to keep kids in school. but at the same time it's harsh if the fine is too much. kids don't have jobs. >> los angeles city leaders reduced fines for day-time curfew violations. the day-time curfew in unincorporated contra costa county will take effect in 30 days. a lesbian couple is speaking out after being asked to leave. they were celebrating their second anniversary at the restaurant in a downtown chariton-- sheraton. they shared a hug and kiss.
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and the restaurant manager said we were making a couple men feeling uncomfortable. now the sheraton is apologizing saying it embraces diversity and supporter of the lesbian, gay, community. support for same sex marriage here in california is at an all-time high. 59% of voters say they support same sex marriage and having regular marriage laws apply to same sex marriage couples. today the first penalties go into effect for financial institutions that do business with irans banks. a new law requires president obama to impose penalties on any privately owned foreign
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financial institutions that do business with iran's central bank for anything other than the purchase of petroleum. dover air force base in delaware is dealing with another embarrassment. a new pentagon report reveals the mortuary yes -- it's not clear how many victims were involved. the mortuary had been under fire for losing the body parts of two service members in 2009. a search is under way for the person who stole hundreds of bronze vases from a cemetery in colma. more than 520 vases disappeared from the cemetery sometime this month. all together they are worth about $85,000. people who came to visit their loved ones graves say they were shocked when they made the discovery. >> this is where we come for peace and just to see her. it's terrible someone would do something like this.
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>> police are asking bay area metal recycling centers to keep an eye out for anyone trying to sell the stolen metal. it is increasing security in the wake of the thefts and will replace all of those stolen vases. three people are under arrest in san francisco accused of stealing metal and power tools from the hunters point shipyard. the suspects were spotted in a boat early sunday morning. investigators say that boat may have been used in three other thefts at the shipyard as well. officers arrested two men and a woman all from san francisco. they are suspected of breaking into a building and stealing the tools, equipment, and construction materials. the charges include burglar and resisting arrest. the coast guard is searching right now for three people missing after a deadly helicopter crash in alabama. that helicopter went down during a coast guard training mission. one person was killed.
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they are searching for these three coast guard missing members. the crash is still under investigation. 4:52. pacific gas electric is getting a lot of heat to cut down thousands of trees in marin and sonoma county. pg&e says the trees are a safety risk. the utility claims if there was a fire the trees could spread the flames and any power outage caused by a fire. a group called save our sonoma trees is protesting. >> if pg&e is going to accept responsibility for removing those trees, they also need to bear the burden of mitigating the erosion. >> we will still be leaving grasses and shrubs behind that will hold the soil in place. >> tree supporters say the smaller plants aren't enough to stabilize the soil. they hope to have the trees cleared out before the start of
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the fire season. 4:43 is the time. back to sal to check in the wettest part of the commute? >> i would say the east bay. just driving through myself and from the reports. but steve says the storm is moving through quick. just got a tweet from someone. i think they are in san francisco. saying that it's raining pretty hard there. it's raining pretty hard. steve will tell us that the rain is going to move through it. i don't think it will be an issue for driving this afternoon. for this morning you will face wet roads as we look at highway 101. you see traffic is busy. there is going to be a lot of standing water. a lot of us experienced that driving here. it's hard to see all of a sudden there it is. drive slowly. here's a look at 880. windy and rainy and gusty winds here. cameras on top of a tall building. and usually doesn't move at all.
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this morning it's moving a little bit from the wind. the morning commute on the san mateo bridge the same thing goes 37 the camera -- the camera is mounted on that toll plaza building. the traffic is mod rot but it will -- moderate but it will be an adventure. let's go to steve. thank you. our observer michael in the city reporting very, very heavy rain. brief heavy rain here and local street fighting. it's coming down. the gutters haven't been cleaned out. there is a lot of leaves around. we get something like of this nature that is going through that could cause problems. some of the off ramps be careful. the system though is just roaring right through. it's not going to be here that much longer. another hour or so and we should be on the backside of it. as indicated in the north bay. there is a line right there. and then stretching back over toward parts of the east bay. lesser amounts to the north. a quarter of an inch to over an inch. rain and wind in the morning here. and turning showery.
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partly sunny and cloudy. showers breezy and cool. there are no wind advisories but there are gusts to 40 miles an hour. system will move through rapidly in the morning. it will give us rain and very chilly conditions later on. 40s and 50s on the temps. the rainfall much needed. if you are heading out slow down for a little bit. coming down out of the northwest we'll see cool unstable air getting into us about thursday pen at possibility of showers. the front is right now. that will start to move through. rain and wind gusts to 40. i think by 7:00 we will be seeing most of this out of the way. partly sunny showers. possible thundershowers. rain turns to showers. breezy to windy. cool temps. possible thundershowers. 50s on your temps. unfortunately it looks like one and done expect for scattered showers taking us into
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thursday. all systems say sunny and warmer. a san jose native is now an american idol finalist. 17-year-old deandre is one of the 24 contestants still standing on the show. last year he made it to the top 40 before being eliminated. last night our cameras here at high five where friends and family came to watch their idol perform. >> it's about three or four of them when he start the abc at the end he would be like zzz. we knew there was a voice there. >> i think that was when he was very little. the 12 female finalists were perform tomorrow. and then the five men and women. each judge will also get a pick which means 13 people will be heading through to the next
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round. you can watch all of the american idol action right here on ktvu channel 2 beginning tonight at #-- at 8:00. developing news out of san jose. crews on the scene of an early morning house fire. which streets are effected by the continuing fire fighting effort. plus passing a $5 billion bill to customers. the controversial plan pg&e is proposing to make their pipeline safer.
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