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tv   KTVU News Special  FOX  May 19, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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>> joe: it's a saturday night in philadelphia. we've had a ton of action. 23 hits, three errors, 11 runs. boston has seven of those runs but philadelphia has two on, one out. and rich hill, who has worked his way back from surgery to the big league club, is into his tenth game. he will deal with juan pierre. second and third, one out here in the eighth. >> tim: tommy john surgery only ten months ago and he's back at them. remarkable recovery by rich
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hill. >> joe: pierre takes a strike over the outsidecorner. juan pierre, a guy who wasn't signed until january 27th, so he came to the team late. but he's been one of the more consistent philly hitters so far this season. good on-base percentage, and he can still run. in at the corners on the infield, as pierre grounds one to ortiz. out at first for out number two. he will get the big second out with jimmy rollins coming up. so pierre can't get the job done. the phillies have had two hits in each of the last two innings, including this one, and they do not have any runs. and bobby valentine is going to go to the right-hander with
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rollins coming up. >> tim: rich hill had held left-handed batters throughout his career to a .203 average, and he comes in and gets a big one in juan pierre. >> joe: so he does his job, and now aceves, the closer, is coming out of the bullpen. aceves for boston is coming in. a three-run game. second and third. rollins coming up here in the eighth in philadelphia. ♪ baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and chevrolet ♪ ♪ baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and... ♪ ♪ baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and chevrolet ♪ i haand then i have eleven my grandkids. right when you see them, they're yours, it's like, ah, it's part of me. it's me again.
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7:06 pm it's alfredo aceves, the fourth pitcher of the night for the red sox. the phillies are 1 for 10 with runners in scoring position tonight, this inning and maybe this game, for that matter, comes down to jimmy rollins, who made that sparkling defensive play in the top of this inning. second and third, two out. rollins has driven in only six all year. strike one from aceves. >> tim: aves has been called upon once again to get a four-out save. his first one was on thursday night in tampa bay. >> joe: he is 6 for his last 6 in save chances with an e.r.a. of 1.29. ball one down and in. andrew bailey got a good report on the reconstructed ligament in his thumb and he's going to
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start throwing next week and they hope to get him back around the all-star break. he's the closer the red sox got from the a's during the offseason. but it's been aceves' job since the beginning of the year, and alfredo steps off. jose contreras on the left just in case something big breaks out. papelbon on the right. strike 2 on jimmy rollins with a swing and a miss. >> tim: that's the thing about aceves. he is so unpredictable. there are a lot of ways that aceves can get hitters out. that's why he's a stopper for the red sox. >> joe: you can see the turnaround this season for alfredo already. rollins just spoiled it. 95 mile-an-hour pitch, and jimmy just got a piece.
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now aceves steps off. rollins was the 2007nl mvp. three-time all-star. three time gold glove award winner, trying to get a big hit for philadelphia here in the eighth. the count even. 2-2. the red sox trying to win a game jon lester started. the next to rollins is just up and away. a full count. on deck is mayberry, who has three hits tonight. >> tim: no surety jimmy rollins will get a fastball to hit here. the thing about aceves, once again, he will throw any pitch on any count.
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rollins out in front of it. a 3-2 breaking ball from aceves. it's still full. runner at third is wigginton. he led off with an infield hit and then luna bounce add base hit up the middle. first and second, nobody out. now second and third, two out. 3-2 pitch. broken bat, ground ball. tough play as aceves has to circle it. safe! >> tim: it's not hit hard enough and there's no play at third. middlebrooks went after the ball. otherwise there would have been a play at third base. but aviles has to go the long
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way to try to get a faster runner and rollins couldn't come up with it. >> joe: and a good call by paul, the first base umpire. he was safe. now the tieing run is at first, and john mayberry digs in with a three-hit night. he's been on base four times tonight. he's hit one home run this season, and he represents the go-ahead run. way high from aceves. ball 1. now it's luna at third and jimmy rollins at first. ball 2. alex is positioning the outfield and trying to get the attention
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of sweeney in center. and nava in left. >> tim: trying to move them back on a nature where the ball is carrying so well. the one thing about luna going to third base, that opens up second base for a possible steal by jimmy rollins. >> joe: he represents the tieing run at first. two out. >> tim: rollins has stolen 8 of 9 on the year. >> joe: there he goes. pitch in the dirt. stolen base for rollins and now a base hit could tie it. >> tim: and another fine play by saltalamacchia, who has been all over the place behind the plate tonight and at the plate, i might add. a breaking ball saves at least one run. >> joe: the count is 3-0 with victorino on deck.
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luna at third. rollins the tieing run at second. that will load them up! and it's up to victorino with the bases loaded, two out in the eighth. he's had a nice night. he could have a huge night with something here in the eighth. aceves called on early. remember, hill was taken out. that switched rollins to the other side of the batter's box. batting left-handed he got the infield hit to score a run. now victorino. pops it up.
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left side. middlebrooks out. the shortstop has it. the inning is over. first pitch swinging. victorino pops up. and throughout all that, the phillies get just one. 7-5, after eight in philadelphia. look, i don't play 'bout my facial hair. but if i grow this out a little bit, i look too much like an english country gent... naaah. a little this way and i feel like i'm from outer space. this and i feel like a viking...
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ford truly redefines how far a vehicle can go... so you can go further. ford. gogo further. [ background sound of seagulls and ocean waves crashing ] ten. thirteen. beer. fosters. australian for beer. >> joe: phillies have scored five. they have had 13 hits but they have stranded 10. they are now 2 for 12 with runners in scoring position in this game, and jose contreras takes over, as we go to the ninth inning. top of the lineup for boston. mike aviles, the shortstop, will lead it off.
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then pedroia and ortiz against contreras. 7-5 game. contreras watches one go down into the corner foul. strike 1. >> tim: contreras with elbow surgery this past offseason. he was not activated until april 16th. a look at the phillies' bullpen, which has done tonight probably the best job that they have done in a long time. >> joe: part of our game summary in the ninth for saltalamacchia, who has three hits, including a solo home run. mayberry a good night on the other side. there's another foul. aviles in the hole. 0-2. now the hard throwing left-hander, jake deikma in is getting loose with the left-handed bats back-to-back with ortiz and gonzalez,
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potentially hitting here in the ninth. there's the strikeout to start the ninth for contreras. it's time for tonight's burger king smooth plays of the game. new-look outfield with adrian gonzalez. a sliding catch down the right-field line and then ryan sweeney saved at least two. with a diving catch he made to robberies in -- to rob ruiz in e seventh. the batter is pedroia. that one rides up and in. the phillies are lack for another right-hander potentially in their bullpen. these are two teams that are on the list of clubs potentially interested in the services of roy oswalt, who is following the lead of roger clemens of years gone by and even andy pettitte this year with the yankees, as pedroia grounds out, saying i'll
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just come see you around june and pick my spot and see who is playing well or who needs me. ken rosenthal is with us. where do you see roy oswalt ending up as we get into before june this season? >> tim: tough to say, joe, because i don't know the entire field. we know that he has thrown for the red sox, for the phillies, for the texas rangers. he is scheduled to throw for one more team next week. there may be others involved. the yankees are not in at this point. the tigers are not in. his preference has been either texas or st. louis, but those opportunities might not be available. >> tim: i would think that texas would have the least need for a guy like oswalt. the way their starting staff has pitched thus far this year. >> joe: and darvish has been as good as they could have ever hoped for. first pitch is a ball to david ortiz. he's homered tonight. now ball 2 up and away.
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ortiz has singled, hit a two-run home run. he's 2 for 4. now the left side of the infield is virtually wide open for ortiz, who takes a strike from contreras. he's looking to rip one out of this park and add to a two-run lead. >> tim: that's a major league shift right there. >> joe: he could bunt for a double. >> tim: he could. push it toward third and run all day. >> joe: here's the 2-1 pitch. shoots one foul left side. 2-2. the phillies in the bottom of this ninth inning in what is now a two-run game. we will have hunter pence, who has had a frustrated night at the plate. ruiz has as well.
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and wigginton. the 2-2. reaching for it and that play is made by luna to end the top of the ninth. the perfect frame put together by jose contreras. the late donna summer, boston dome, takes us to break as we go to the bottom of the ninth. ♪ does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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american airlines. >> joe: bobby valentine adds to the defense as we go to the bottom of the ninth inning. aceves back to work. you see in the background adrian gonzalez, one of the best in the business, now from right to first. marlon byrd off the bench. into center, and ryan sweeney from center to right. >> tim: that makes so much sense, particularly in lieu of the fact that david ortiz made the last out in the ninth inning. >> joe: that will be byrd's spot in the lineup, as we get back around to it. but right now it's up to aceves to save it for jon lester. hunter pence is first up.
7:23 pm
saltalamacchia pops up from behind home plate and slows it down. >> tim: hunter pence has been known to lay down a bunt in this situation with the phillies trailing by two. >> joe: and he shows it, pushes it, right side, and aceves can't make the play! you called it, and aceves could not get to it. the leadoff man is on. >> tim: had too much to do to get the speedy hunter pence. and the base hit. a bunt base hit brings up the potential tieing run for the phillies. >> joe: we've got the team's leading home run hitter, hunter pence, who can run, and he showed it there. bunting to start the inning. it hasn't been a problem for philly to get runners on. it's been a problem for them to bring them home. here is ruiz, who is hitless on the night.
7:24 pm
bottom of the ninth. 7-5 game. they inherited a runner to score last inning. strike 1. came at him with a 93 mile-an-hour fastball. ruiz with seven home runs. represents the tieing run at the plate. and this will not be an easy one tonight for aceves. they rarely are. hard-hit. line drive. and that will be a double play! two outs, nobody on, and that makes this ninth inning look a lot different as pence was on the move and he's doubled off the bag. >> tim: if you are hunter pence, you don't know whether aviles is going to make the short-hop catch to where you have to get to second base, but he caught it in the air to double off pence. two pitches, two outs here in the ninth inning.
7:25 pm
and two huge outs for the red sox. you can see the second base umpire, scott barry, calling that a catch. pence was dead at first. >> joe: now wigginton with two out, nobody on, takes a breaking ball for a strike and aceves is one out away. 6 for his last 6 in save chances. trying to get four outs tonight. he misses up and in. 1-1. wigginton had an infield hit last inning in the eighth. red sox trying to set up the rubber game tomorrow with josh beckett and cliff lee. this game lives on. a base hit into center off the bat of wigginton. and again the tieing run will come to the plate at hecter luna
7:26 pm
will walk from the on-deck circle. he is 3 for 4 with three straight singles, an rbi and a run scored. >> tim: will middlebrooks is on the line at third base to prevent a double if luna pulls it. >> joe: the play behind wigginton at first. luna takes a ball in the dirt. luna's only home run with the phillies was the grand slam he hit this week at wrigley. on deck is the switch-hitting rookie, freddy galvis. two more hits in the inning and the phillies have outhit the
7:27 pm
red sox 15-11. they trail by 2. here is the 1-0. a breaking ball has luna flinching at the plate. strike 1. >> tim: almost a knuckle-curve that aceves throws. >> joe: alfredo look for save number 9, trying to end a six game winning streak for the phillies. a flare down the right line is foul. now the phillies are down to their final strike. and that's the advantage after guy like aceves, who seemingly can take the ball in any role, any day on a major league staff. a valuable guy to have. the red sox have him. he's their closer. the 1-2 pitch.
7:28 pm
struck him out and the red sox win it, 7-5! lester gets the win. he's 3-3. blanton suffers the loss. he's 4-4. save number 9 for aceves. the guys in the mlb network studios will be along on the other side of the break. for tim and ken, i'm joe. 7-5, boston wins it here in philadelphia. good night. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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