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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 25, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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problem, america always invests in big and bold. >> reporter: a tribute to those who helped build the bridge luling russell. >> a conductor, leading the orchestra, that orchestra was made of very brave, heard working people. >> reporter: people like bus. we didn't think of it as something great, big because nobody ever talks about it. >> reporter: he remembers earning a car an hour. a dollar an hour. >> we only knew the guy would pay us and that was during the height of the depression. >> reporter: the governor said that is why the state shouldn't shy away from building the high speed rail system. >> when we couldn't afford it
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we built great monuments, great expressions of courage, that's what this brim represents. >> reporter: and the party continue was a festival along the field and a fireworks show, lighting up the golden gate bridge. >> we have been collecting photographs and have -- this is the golden gate before the bridge was built. here is a shot of the cable being strung as the new gate was starting to take shape. we have a slide show with more of these photographs, they are cool. click on the gate at 75, special section for complete anniversary coverage. >> the celebration isn't the only thing that could make get around the bay area tricky this weekend. caltrans is closing the dunbarton bridge for the entire
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holiday weekend. the span will shut down at ten tonight and it's ankled to reopen at five on tuesday. in less than an hour muni and judi will shut down for nine days for rail repairs. the work will also force the jay church line to shorten its route. the lines are scheduled to reopen on june 4th. at 8:00 tonight first street in san francisco will close between mission and howard street. crews will set up temporary bridges to allow traffic to move through the area during the construction. temporary bridges will be set up to move traffic through the area. the street is set to reopen at five on tuesday. be sure to stay with ktvu and help get around the detours. >> we saw it all today. sun, rain, snow up in the sierra and noelle where she experienced the unusual mix of this weather during the travels around the bay. >> i was in it all day with my
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photographer shaun. we are ending the day with a little bit of sun and blue skies here but take a look over my shoulder. there are lingering clouds still around there. we have had really weird, rainy and snowy weather today. yes i said snow, memorial day weekend is the unofficial start of summer but the calendar really means nothing. the cold front brought snow to the sierra down to the five thousand foot level. remember we had skiing on the 4th of july last year so maybe we are aheaded there again this year. across the north and east bay the pop up rain source caught people off guard. passing showers aren't so common which is probably why a car wash in val johan had a little business today. >> if you wash a car you know it'll rain. >> that's -- hopefully it starts to clear up. the weather system is weather and cold and windy.
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gusty winds fueled a brush fire pushing flames close to homes. the wind kicked up a sand storm of sorts on the great highway in san francisco. highway one is closed to traffic because of sand drift that went about a quarter of a mile inland, that wind also makes for a tough beach front. >> going is a bear. you are pushing against the wind. you are your stride is shorter but coming back you are flying. it pushes you. your fred is longer. it's actually a breeze. >> reporter: the wind was my excuse not to run today. unless you are looking for a sand facial don't go toward the great highway. it's closed to drivers and people are being told to stay away because the conditions really aren't all that safe. reporting live if oakland. ktvu channel 2news. >> there are the widey scat lettered showers, the computer model did a nice job.
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they rolled through the bay area. live storm tracker two shows you the widely scattered nature of the showers, they are just all effort place. you got under one you may have been lucky. we had some move through the east bay and -- right now let's stop the image here. by san rafael these are lighthouse, over east of santa rosa, this is not a big deal. there are slight -- a slight chance for more showers through the next 24 hours, we will look in to the weekend and give you the forecast high for the city. i will see you back. >> we have new information tonight about that body that was found in a trash can in pleasanton. during a news conference police revealed the remains are a female but the autopsy didn't provide a positive identification. the coroner said the body is an adult woman with dark-colored hair. they say she was bottoms, an old navy t-shirt
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and had blue fingernail polish. they contalked about the sierra lamar case but don't think the body is that of the missing girl. >> our detectives were present during the autopsy this morning and they believe based on some physical things that this is not sierra. >> police are now checking other agencies about other missing people. >> there will be no holiday weekend off in the search for sierra. her father said that volunteers plan to do another search tomorrow. the family had planned to give them the weekend off to spend time with their families but steve said they would rather look for the missing teen. >> some of the great volunteers we have had that still want to come out and do a search and help us, you know that's -- we are so grateful for that it. >> the santa clara sheriff department said its ending the scan of the reservoir today. they plan to use new sonar
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equipment next week. >> a prayer vigil set for this sunday night to mark a year since a nursing student named michelle lei disappeared. the 26-year-old died when she was attacked on may 27th of last year at a parking garage in haywood. her former school mate is scheduled to go on trial on murder charges in september. a judge today sentenced a teen from richmond to 50 years to life for killing another teen last year. the 17-year-old was convicted of first degree murder earlier this month in the shooting death of a 16-year-old right in front of the boy's home. he was a promising football player. moments before his sentencing the teen apologized to the victim's family saying he wished it never happened. >> oakland police say the technology is helping them get guns off the street. they showed off their upgraded
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shot spotter system. the new system helps them pinpoint the location of a gun shot in seconds of it being fired. they say the technology has helped them recover guns like these. >> we are hope that the public sees there is another way for them to get involved that there is confidence in the fact that we are taking the gun shot calls seriously. >> the police have used a shot spotter since 2005. they say the shot spotter system costs about $54,000 a year. >> a former danville police officer is facing new charges in the so-called dirty dui scandal. steven pleaded not guilty in federal court today to four counts including wire fraud. he is already facing charges of fraud, conspiracy and extortion. prosecutorrers say he worked with a private detective hired by women allegedly seek to have their husbanded set up. a man found guilty of
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attacking a singer during a toe 01 concert. he was found guilty of assault and felony use of tear gas in connection with that attack. prosecutors say he attacked the singer to protest vietnam's government. is he scheduled to be accept tensed on june 22nd. >> pg&e is working hard to make the pipeline safer. they say they have made progress in putting in recommendations outlined by the national transportation safety board. after the 2010 pipeline explosion. improvements include pressure testing and automating dozens of valves. they also note they have upgraded their emergency procedure. a airman killed during a security exercise involving an atomic bomb was laid to rest today in san francisco. rob roth talked to his daughter about the cold war tragedy.
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>> reporter: here in the national cemetery the staff sergeant was buried with full honors finally. he died when his plane crashed while in a secret mission during the cold war 62 years ago but his funeral was today. his daughter was only two at the time. today is a celebration. >> to be able to honor my father in this way and to have so many other people coming together to honor him. it's just -- a great gift. >> reporter: he was last seen on valentine's day in 1950 parachuting out of a bomber like this one over british could lue why. he was just 28. the military said he and his crew were in a secret training exercise practicing in ais of war. the plane was carrying a mark 4atomic bomb but the air first said it didn't have the core for a nuclear blast. this so think -- to this day
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some question that. it took years before remained could be determined they were him. >> started crying. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: betty showed us this scrap book she started. >> i know he taught me to swim. lot of people think that is crazy that i say that and i'm positive that he did. >> reporter: she wanted him buried over memorial day weekend. >> i have been astounded by how many people have come forward and have acknowledged that he is a hero. >> reporter: in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu. >> cal ocea has cited three veteran as fairs facilities for unsafe and unhealthy working conditions. the va facilities in martinez, oakland and fairfield were all flagged. the va hospital in may their was also cited.
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some included blocked doors and routes, electrical hazards and exposure to contaminated needles. >> it brought new life to three young people. the rare medical feat to transplant three hearts in three days. >> and protecting your privacy. another step in making sure employers cannot ask for your facebook password.
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. greek theater has been declared safe after six months of retrofit work. before the work it was rated very poor for safety. the greek theater is right next to the haywood fault. the fit project cost $9 million. >> a sailing regada got
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underway on the bay. the first allowed since the deadly boat crash. we caught the start of the cup today. it is sponsored by the satisfy yacht club. just yesterday the coast guard lifted a ban on racing. the restriction was put in place after five people died last month. >> apple ceo tim cook is giving up millions of dollars in earnings from company stock. he has filed a request with the securities and exchange commission to not get dividend from his restricted stock. he has share that he didn't redeem until 2016 and 2021. apple said by forefighting dividends he is giving up about $75 million. he is still one of the highest paid ceo's in the country. >> a bill to bar employ ers asking for your facebook password cleared a hurdle today. the senate approved it and it now goes to the assembly.
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it make s it illegal to request a password saying they have private, personal data. >> a central valley lawmaker pushing aphelian to cap the number of out of state students going to uc school. michael rubio wants to limit the number of out of state students to 10% avenue each campus. right now there is a 10% cap for the entire says temperature. he said more needs to be done to give california students a fair shot. >> if we don't we will find that the brightest in california are going to leave and it'll create a terrible brain drain. >> the new rule would mean changing the state constitution and that requiressa approval from two thirds of the legislature and california voters have to approve it. three young people have a new lease on life because the bold efforts at a children's hospital to give them all new
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hearts. one right after the other. new, rita williams live in palo alto where she spoke to the teens. >> reporter: it turns out they didn't make medical history. it's happened here once before but it was still pretty special. >> we have three young people who are going to live. >> reporter: these are the three before their life saving surgery and now. >> i feel good. i'm blessed. >> very happy. very thankful. [inaudible]. >> reporter: what they wouldn't be here without are donor hearts, now beating new life inside their chests. in a rare medical feat doctors here transplanted one heart a day for three days. >> luck of having three organ donors available with in such a short period of time. >> reporter: 20-year-old amanda was first. she lost 45-pounds and was in
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4th dorm at the college sleeping she got the call that someone who died or their mourning family donated a heart and a liver. >> really shocking. i thought i was in the middle of a dream. >> reporter: the next day william a graduating senior at gun high who is headed for san diego to study aro space neckerring went into surgery. >> i was -- completely out of it. >> reporter: the next day another heart, this one for james. a freshman at santa rosa junior college who loves all things giants. >> go giants. >> reporter: now all three are giving thanks from the bottom of their hearts, their new hearts. >> they lost someone important. they gainey a second chance. >> reporter: now doctors -- [inaudible] >> sorry we lost feed.
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>> let's go turn back to bill martin. i know when it rained here just outside we ran to the window. >> it's good news. for pollen sufferers. it was nice to see. a midwest thing because we don't get a lot of sun and then rain. today was different. today's weather will continue to be a little different as we see scattered showers north toward the napa area. we will back out a bit and you can see this area. that's most powerful area of weather we are seeing. as it winds down we will start to clear out and it'll be cool tonight. you see it spinning around. came from the north. rotating, heading south. snow, comes back around as rain for us. it'll rotate showers around tomorrow afternoon that could impact us into tomorrow afternoon. which will get to that with the model. these are the highs from today. cooler than all week. a warm week.
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mid70's. low to upper 70's. windy. today's temperatures cooler. good five to eight degrees cooler. the weekend looks nice. saturday fine. tomorrow it'll bet transition day between this unsettled weather and what will happen on sunday and monday when the weather gets warmer and more what you would expect for this time of year. tonight the showers try to move out, it'll be cool and there will be periods of breezy conditions, high pressure sets up. patchy coastal fog in the system. we will start to clear out on saturday. in the mountains so lake tahoe. they may drop that obviously at six but -- they did drop it but they may add it again through the night because of more activity north, 11:00 tonight scattered source south. a little activity here. come around the back side of that low. we showed you wrapping around. they will be tracking that for you. the forecast highs, not bad.
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just not as warm. forecast highs as you head into good air quality in the 70s. little bit of patchy fog but it -- the best days will be sunday and monday. >> looks like next week will be a good one. >> coming up on the news at seven --. >> the busiest muni rail line and tonight shuts down. what they will have to do to get around. >> also we have hopeful news tonight for a dog we first told you about yesterday that was a convict. we hope you join us for this and more at seven. >> the faa now investigating a frightening situation during a skydiving attempt. take a look. did this 80-year-old woman's harness break during the jump? look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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. the faa investigating a skydiving accident where a 80- year-old nearly fell out of her harness, just baring hanging on after slipping out of the harness. had happened a year ago in
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lodi. the investigators were just told about it this week and they plan to do interviews and look at records next week. as you can see here the video does shoe they landed safely. >> that that is remarkable. it's friday night and the yankees in town playing the a's and fred is live right now. hope there will be a big crowd. i imagine there will be. >> reporter: you know this is a incredible formula they have filmly figured out. bring in the new york yankees, and have fire fireworks and you may get your second sell out of the season. both team was injury injuries into the three game series. the yankees in 4th place in the american league east. they love playing against the a's. they are 27-7 against oakland. since 2008 and they swept the only three games they played here last year. the second place a's they can get back to 500 tonight and know playing the yankees is
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still a big deal. >> the fans come out and support us and -- whether they are here for us or the yankees we appreciate them and pumped us many when we see the stands full. >> you appreciate the pin stripes and you know you appreciate the guys over will and how professional and the success they had year in and year out. you counter don't want to jump on board. it doesn't count for two or three or three wins -- it's still a nine inning game and have you to stay with the approach >> reporter: the giants are in miami trying to take their second game against the marlins and started out well. they were leading two 2-1 in the 5th and cabrera hammers out this solo home run to make it 3- 1. that was off josh johnson. that was in the 5th. we are live runs.
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now it's miami. leading in this ball game. we saw reggie jackson. we hope to see you here tonight. we will see everybody live. >> reggie jackson back. the bridge shuts down at ten tonight and we will be there live and will bring you the update onto work being done and the other traffic problems around the bay area this long memorial day weekend. >> that's tonight. thank you for trusting us.
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