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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 28, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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we have one problem in san rafael, there is a crash still clearing up. the breeze is still low, it is so light, it is adequate for this time of the morning and just be careful if you are driving there soon. also the commute looks good if you are driving early, no major problems here, if you are driving to the toll plaza, it is off to a good start, 4:30 let's go back to the desk. we begin with the news from vallejo, a reported shooting and christian captain joins us
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from vallejo with what he has learned from this incident, christain? >> this is still a very active investigation and if you take a look around, you can see there is a great deal of evidence markers. and as we pull out, as you said pam, there are other police agencies off to the side, there is a san mateo, forensics van as we said there are numerous evidence markers in that apartment complex. >> no word on how that officer was injured.
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we have reports of either a dog by the but this may have been an officer involved shooting and we are still trying to gather information on that. we spoke with a witness who told us he was out here around midnight and dozens of police vehicles, as well as fire engines. you can see it is dark out here and wilson court this entire street is still shut down at this hour. it is still shut down at this hour, obviously a lot of information to go throughout the morning and we will follow this as best we can. in vallejo live for now christian captain. it happened around 10:00 and investigators say a driver struck and killed a 62-year-old man while he was crossing the street. it appears alcohol was not a factor in that accident.
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to oakland police officers, they suffered minor injuries is a suspected driving drunk crash. it happened on dr. martin luther king, jr., and a drunk driver slammed right into the officer's patrol car. they arrested a suspect who had driven away who was found about a block away from the crash scene. he will face dui charges once he is released from the hospital. firework lit up in celebration of the golden gate bridge. >> i didn't get to stay up for those, check them out, thousands are huddled in jackets and blankets, all of them snapping pictures and they were thrilled with the 20 minute show honoring the bridge and the music. and there was a golden gate festival, as well as the marina
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green, there was music food and games with a smaller than expected crowd and visitors were encouraged to use public transit. it was closed to drivers but some welcomed the breathing room. >> i am thinking that a few more people are going to be here but it is kind of nice. >> three days of celebrations with a beautiful backdrop for those photos. the history was on display along with those old news clippings and it is one of the first cars to cross the bridge back in 1937. here is some footage when the iconic span was built. they needed to construct a masterpiece, they needed groundbreaking and it was in february 1933. 10 different prime contractors
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and subcontractors are working on it. there was a raw video of last night's photographs, click on the golden gate bridge tab. and cal trans we will update the huge construction project taking place on the dumbarton bridge which is closed this memorial day to do some retrofit working. so far the project is right on schedule and the bridge is set to reopen at 5:00 a.m. most commuters got the word the dumbarton is out of business and the holiday weekend ends today. >> we will have to head to san mateo. >> more crews have had to deal with some strong winds, fortunately there has been some rain and they looked at when they would reopen during the 8:00 a.m.
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news conference. there are changes all around that drivers should expect today. bart is running on sunday's schedule which means service will not begin until 8:00 a.m. and parking lots will not be enforced. diamondbacks game will be running and game time is at 2:05. the muni line remains shut down for rail repair. they have shortened the line to church and market streets. it is shut down and a new temporary bridge is being shut down and that is set to come down tomorrow. the accident happened at 7:00
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on san jaun drive. four people were in the collar when she heard a loud screech and the entire house shook. seven people were taken to the hospital. so far no word on their condition. they paid tribute to nursing student michelle lei. they spoke about the positive impact michelle had on their lives. she was studying to become a nurse and many said she was an inspiration to her classmates. >> there was no doubt in our minds she would have been an extraordinary nurse because she had this compassion. >> her former friend has been charged with her murder.
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they attended yesterday's prayer vigil and they showed up to help search for sierra lemar. >> we are clinging to hope she will come back alive so we are sticking with that. >> a suspect has been charged with her murder. >> there will be a lot of heavy listing on board the international space station and the six astronauts on board will be delivered by the dragon caps supplement. the hatch is between the two spacecrafts and were open on saturday. they are moving everything out of a fullly packed pickup truck and they will get the food, clothes and other is your supplies on -- supplies on to the space station. they all had to be pulled from the water when the boat was split in half. coming up, what caused the sinking and we will hear from witnesses who stepped up to save lives. a city in newport beach is
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sending a bill to president barack obama's reelection campaign for $35,000. that is how much newport beach spent for police officers and over time pay to cover fundraising back in february. the president's fundraiser was having road closures with extra security in the neighborhood. let's get another check on your traffic with sal. >> good morning to you, heather, it is pretty light as heather said and however if you are driving to san rafael, i want to show you on 101 there is still a lane closed here because of an earlier crash. we are doing a cleanup and it does look like we may have the road closed and they will defor you with the streets on -- detour you on city streets and they will reopen any time now.
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the crash has been cleared but the oil slick is still there. the morning commute still looks good and traffic is moving well into san francisco. no major problems and of course the dumbarton bridge is closed so you have to use the san mateo bridges a alternates and right now traffic is light. let's go to steve. this is nothing compared to what we had saturday and sunday morning, it is a little shallower and that tells us it will burn off super, breezy and we have that westerly breeze and more pronounced on wednesday and thursday as we get a slight northerly wind. still no 80s to be found some 60s and 70s and holding on where that fog is slow to burn
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off. west southwest 13 at fairfield, nothing outrageous and upper 40s for some, redwood city san rafael, high pressure is builting in and those systems are being deflected to the north and another system moves in to the pacific northwest. and the 7 to 10 day outlooks are warm. a little warmer with an afternoon breeze temperatures will be holding into the 60s and 70s there heather. >> well coming up. we have a lot more news for you, including a family is recovering in idaho and how they recovered on the mountain, we will have more on how they survived until rescuers were able to reach them. and we will have more on all the latest information. east shore traffic looks good heading out to the
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. it is 4:44, a sacramento county family is recovering after their plane smashed into a mountain side in idaho. they went down and they iced a
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cell phone to call for help. they went after the 67-foot snow drifts and they were able to pluck the family for safety. they arrived in syria saying he is horrified by the weekend massacre that killed 100 people. among the dead in the city, they attack on the city with several women and children. they visited and they are denouncing the government for the attack but the syrian government denies his government had any role. >> there is not the slightest doubt there was deliberate government shelling against a civilian neighborhood. >> i would like here to condemn also on behalf of my government
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the tsunami of lies. >> just six weeks ago they negotiated a cease-fire and he arrived, on quote, every individual with a gun should lay down arms and stop the killing. on this morning, president barack obama will honor u.s. troops at two different events. he will place a wreathe at the arlington national cemetery and then in washington d.c. he will help mark the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. and the fatal shooting of a teenage boy appears to be the violent street gangs. it happened on 680 and highway 101. a 16-year-old died at the scene. a 23-year-old was wounded but
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is expected to survive. homicide detectives are looking for the shooters who are expected to be gang members. police are investigating a shooting in west oakland that left one man dead. the unidentified victim was drive was wounded on market street and was taken to the hospital where he later died. they have not named any suspects. nine people are recovering after a row boat crashed into a motorized boat and split in half. it happened in marina delray. he slammed right into it. the nine people were thrown into the water and had to be rescued. >> i thought the rogue shell and the people in the water, i gave them my life jacket and the seat cushion, i helped get them out of the water until
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help arrived. >> one person was taken to the hospital and later released. the other people had minor injuries and the other driver was cited for not following rules. they kickoff in san francisco, that event is called the sea to shining sea ride. many war veterans are taking part in the 3700-mile ride. later cyclists are scheduled to reach virginia beach on july 28th. there are several memorial day ceremonies and one of the largest will be in san francisco. the national parade in san francisco begins at 10:30 this morning and the formal program starts at 11:00 a.m. they will start a special memorial day service aboard the
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ship in alameda and at 7:00 there will be a vigil at the crosses where they will honor the men and women who lost their lives while serving in iraq. and for a complete list of the day's events go to our website and click on the hot topics. the price for a regular gallon of gas is $3.66 but it is a dollar higher here in the bay area. it is usually 40-cents higher this time of year. san strand has it $4.37 with as much as a dime cheaper in other cities and it. >> you know you are not supposed to be north of canal street... >> relax punk. >> that is will smith and tommy
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lee jones they were able to do what no others could. they are in the top spot for the hollywood kick it sales at $55 million at least so far. the avenge jersey dropped -- avengers dropped and it is the 4th movie ever to reach the half billion dollar mark. battle ships dropped and numbers for the full holiday weekend will be released tomorrow. tomorrow marks the start of fire season for some bay area counties included in today's decorations and we will hear what homeowners are expected to do. tropical storm is expected to make landfall and we will hear about the damage it is expected to leave in its wake. stay tuned.
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. he was driving with his wife and mother law on a residential street and he had to be removed from the crushed vehicle. he was pronounced dead at the hospital and his mother remains in critical condition. two men are dead after a motorcycle accident in petaluma. the chp said both victims were on the motorcycle when he lost control and crashed into a guardrail. the 31-year-old passenger died from his injuries on the way to the hospital. both men were wearing helmets and speed was a factor in that crash. a new report in the bay bridge construction could impact seismic safety. they discovered improper testing of two supporting piles
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for the tower of the eastern span. they had not fully hardened before it was tested and the worker did not report it. and another inspection diary showed missing test results. however cal trans says they can withstand any anticipated earthquake. the santa clara unit of cal fire is declaring fire season in alameda county. that means burn permits will be suspended and firefighters are also encouraging homeowners to clear brush from their homes. time to get another check on the traffic, how is it looking out there, sal? it looks good in northbound 101, central san rafael over crossing had to be cleaned up and cars are being taken off into town and they have to get back on the freeway using city
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streets. also the morning commute looks good on 880 westbound and it is not much of a drive and you will see traffic moving well and beware of chp looking for speeders so take it easy. dumbarton bridge is shut down and san mateo is a good alternative and also you can use highway 237. let's go to steve. jumps back from miami and it is much better than we had over the past couple of days and we will still be on the cool side, 62 degrees and i still think it will be all right, i think you know it is a little windy there. but not too bad. our system gave us the cool down, and it also left behind a sea breeze but it looks like it is being cut in half. a few mid-50s, san jose hayward 54 and 55, high pressure is on its way and it looks like it will be around for another cool
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down for the upcoming weekend. nothing compared to what we just had. that breeze decided to show itself. a few mid-70s, brentwood antioch, still mid-70s and morgan hill 75, 68 redwood city and 68 half-moon bay. tuesday wednesday thursday sunny and another cool down looks to be coming in as another system comes to the north, temperatures go back down, heather? thank you, steve. the storm made landfall earlier this morning with near hurricane strength winds near 70 miles per hour. you can see the surf kicking up there and the storm surge and tide will cause significant flooding in george in florida as well as south carolina. >> with the increased risk of rip currents we are urging
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everyone to stay out of the water. >> they are getting up to 10 inches of rain and the storm should get weaker as it moves inland and becomes a tropical depression tonight. coming up at 5:00 more on that developing news, officers from several law enforcement agencies are still on the scene of a reported shooting. also honoring the nation's fallen shoulders and in honor marking this memorial day.
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. investigating an incident and bringing in police agencies from around the bay. . plus, one bay area bridge is still closed this morning, they are making progress in the seismic retrofit of the dumbarton bridge, it is all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2


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