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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 28, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, it is cloudy breezy and with your weekend in view it will be memorial day, monday may 28th, warmer and it looks like we top out thursday and we have i am here for pam cook. good morning, i am dave another cooling trends, clark, let's check weather and traffic and steve is right here, how are we looking for memorial day. >> there are still some low heather? a plane crashed into a clouds but they will burn off mountain in idaho. also we have home video with highs inching upwards. crashing into a plane in san 50s and 60s and low-to-mid 70s, here is an update. diego bay, witnesses are northbound 101, central san rafael is closed because of an praising the pilot. good morning. heading south and we will earlier crash, there was a tell you more about the morning bunch of oil on the roadway and drive on this memorial day. chp is there directing traffic on to city streets. it is a sig alert and we can't let them through at least for now. and bay bridge looks good westbound, let's go back to the desk. topping our news developing news in vallejo. law enforcement in several bay
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area cities are on the scene of a reported shooting. christian captain joins us live with what he has learned about this incident, christian? >> reporter: good morning, heather, this is still a very active investigation and as you can see there are agencies from around the bay and that forensics truck is from san mateo county and it is still an active investigation and there are a lot of evidence markers on the ground. behind this, there was a second scene and there was a door opened with a squad nearby. that appeared to be an officers with a bandage to his leg and we are hearing he may have been bitten by a dog and we hear this was an officer involved shooting. now we spoke with one man who drove by the scene shortly after midnight and he tells us
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there was a sizable police presence and a lot on the scene. >> the hill was covered with police cars and the latter truck was here and ambulance out here and there was police cars all the way from down here all the way up here to the corner... >> reporter: and coming back to our live scene, you can see the police evidence markers and the technician gathering at the scene and we have been trying contact vallejo police and so far have not heard back to get their official narrative of what handed out here. you can see this cold desk sack -- cold sack. we will try to get you as much information as possible and bring you live updates for now . good morning, plenty of low christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. clouds around burn off a little all right, christian, a
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sooner, temperatures 50s and suspected drunk driver slammed 60s just a little warmer and into a patrol car. low 70s. here is a quick look at it happened on dr. martin luther king, jr. after the some of the top stories, 5:45, crash two more police officers were at the scene and the a reported shooting in vallejo driver suched minor injuries. which happened on wilson court. there are still a lot of unanswered questions but we will bring you a live report a pedestrian was killed at a busy intersection. from vallejo coming up at 6:00. it happened around 10:00 and an and a suspected drunk driver slammed into a police car. unidentified man was killed as he was crossing the street. it happened at 1:00 a.m. the driver is cooperating with police. investigators so far say it in oakland. and president barack obama will lead the traditional does not appear -- investigators say so far memorial at arlington national alcohol does not appear to be a cemetery and that's where he will lay a wreathe at the tomb factor. the president will place a of the unknowns. wreathe at the tomb of the and later he will be at the unknown and later he will vietnam memorial in washington. in oakland police are attend a ceremony at vietnam investigating a fatal shooting
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memorial in washington d.c. in west oakland. an unidentified man was shot coming up, we will go live to while driving down market arlington national cemetery street. with all of the events he was taken to the hospital happening there. where he later died. and marked here in the bay area so far no word on a motive or we have one of the biggest events in san francisco. any suspects. this weekend's fatal it comes on the heels of a shooting of a teenage boy series of a big weekend event, appears to be part of the allie? >> reporter: well the focus is violent street gangs. it happened on 680 and highway on a men morial day from -- 101. memorial day tradition and it a 16-year-old boy died at the starts with a military scene. a 23-year-old was wounded but is expected to survive. procession that will start here homicide detectives are looking and go to sheridan. for the gunman who are expected the procession will go to the to be gang members. national cemetery up the hill this is the 6th fatal shooting and at 11:00 there will be a of the year. they are recovering and wreathe laying and cap none their plane crashed into a snow salute -- canon ball salute. covered mountain side in idaho. three people were on board when large crowds gathered to watch the plane went down just after the celebration of the golden midnight saturday. they used a cell phone but bad
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weather blocked a helicopter gate bridge. the day long party ended with a from rescuing them right away. they finally reached them after spectacular fireworks display. going through 6-foot snow the crowd was amazed directly drifts. the family built a fire until a below the golden gate bridge. military helicopter was able to take them to safety. >> oh, my g-d, oh, no... they played bridge themed music >> no he is going to touch the tunes like bridge over troubled water. >> look at that, home video waters. earlier they came for music and capturing a small plane lectures about the golden gate crashing into the san diego bridge and its history and that bay. they ended up rescuing the lasted for most of the day but it appears that the clean up after yesterday's celebration passenger before it sank on saturday. was very quick. the plane had been carrying a if you look back here live, the banner from the midway museum before it went down. only thing out here are those barricades that will be used witnesses say the pilot swerved for the parade and the military to avoid boaters. >> we thought, he can't be coming that low and obviously there is something wrong and obviously there was but the guy observance starts here. did a great job maneuvering allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 that plane. >> the faa said the pilot did morning news. a service will be held at report problems with his the island service in vallejo
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at 9:00 a.m. engine. 9 people are recovering this morning. after the row boat they were in at 10:00 the first memorial day crashed and split into two. commemoration ceremony begins the driver of the motorized in oakland. the vietnam veterans will stage an event at the all wars in boat said he didn't see the boat in front of him and slammed into him. the people on the row boat were danville at 10:30 and at 11:00 thrown into the water and had mayor ed lee will speak at the to be rescued. they were not seriously hurt. national cemetery. earlier tonight there will be a memorial in lafayette at the the driver of the motor boat display of crosses. he will honor the men and women was cited for not following who lost their lives while rules. cal fire declared fire serving in iraq. season in santa clara, contra they started placing white crosses on the hillside for coster and alameda counties which means fire staff will be each servicemen and women who increased and burning permits lost their lives. will be suspended for now. the final one was placed there firefighters tell everybody last summer. we have a complete list of all clear away the brush around bay area memorial day events on your homes. sal has been monitoring the traffic situation, not as many our website just commuters but sal, you are still seeing a little bit of a look at it where it says hot problem, is that right? that is right, central san
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topics. and a huge construction rafael is closed in the project is taking place on the northbound direction and we have new information saying dumbarton bridge. the bridge is closed and has this freeway closure will last been to allow crews to do some until is 7:00 a.m. as they wait for cal trans major retrofit working. so far that safety project is right on schedule. crews to clean up and until then, and until the bridge reopens, there are two northbound 101 in central san rafael, it is turning into a major alternate routes that drivers can head north to the much more serious thing as san mateo bridge or they can traffic is getting busier. make the trip south around the most or all of that traffic bay on highway 237. will have to use city streets. time now 5:07, i think we are taking it easy on you this again roads are pretty light on memorial day. >> all right, but there is one this memorial day especially thing that is a troubled spot this morning but just beware here. this is northbound 101 in chp is doing maximum central san rafael, that is closed in the northbound enforcement until midnight direction at central san rafael tonight. and traffic is off to a nice because of a heavy oil slick start but we want to remind you and they are waiting for a dumbarton bridge is closed and sweeper truck to come out with you can use 237 or san mateo as sand to absorb some of the oil alternates. and this is 101 after the let's go to steve. central san rafael and it is clouds are making a push
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shut down until further notice inland and it will burn off in the northbound direction and super and there are some breaks traffic is getting off through the central san rafael. but temperatures are starting if you are driving the road off 40s and 50s, 55 san rafael. parallels the freeway and you can go up back on the road they brought us our cool down heading northbound. the chp officers has to make and most of sunday is burning sure everyone sees the closure. off fast, high pressure is westbound traffic is light and we should not have much of a building in not very strong but commute in san francisco on the it will get stronger. 60s and 70s on the holiday. likewise, 280, south bay, that traffic looks good, let's go to temperatures. fog, supplement and nice still a sea breeze in place. steve. >> giants are hitting home, we look at 50s and 60s, today 2:05 taking on the especially as you head towards diamondbacks, upper 50s and wednesday and thursday. lower 60s and we should have we head for a cool down as we some sunshine and that fog bank come to the upcoming weekend, is still there but it is not thick as it has been. some light shower activity and heather and dave. up more than a dollar from it has moved off, sea breeze is friday, still down $15 from the first week of this month and still in place, 43 santa rosa,
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that has helped to lower gas and 55 in san jose. some locations are cool and prices -- gas prices across others are running on the most of the country except for milder side. high pressure is building in for at least a couple of days. here on worst coast. we are paying more than the morning fog, some of it is slow national average and as usual san francisco has the highest prices with regular costing to burn off. so slightly warmer, probably $4.37 per gallon. san jose is averaging $4.30. inland. 70s for some, 60s for others, these are low 70s and upper but drivers in oakland are paying a penniless. drivers in the north bay pay 60s, even fremont, los gatos at 72 and we have a decrease in that fog and tuesday and wednesday looks good and we $4.27 per gallon but it is still higher than in april. have another cool down on tap they are testing the for the weekend. back in syria this morning, sturdiness of the bay bridge and they have concrete proof we will hear how he reacted to the weekend massacre in syria that inspectors did not check where more than 100 civilians some things they were supposed to. and the indie 500, winning were killed. and gathering for the it for a friend, stay tuned. washington memorial day concert, we will have more on
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why the concert was cut short. the traffic looks good as you drive from antioch to concord, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. several people why injured during police protests, take a look at this video, officers in . welcome back 5:12, he has riot gear hit protesters with now arrived in syria and is batons in a political meeting horrified by the massacre of in cat man due. more than 100 people over the this is where political leaders weekend. look at these pictures, among were meeting before a deadline. the dead 49 children, 34 women they were attempting to resolve
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differences on whether it should be determined on the un monitors toured the attack scene and they denounced the base is of ethnicity. government of syria. they tried to push through a they accused western officials police line and instead were of a tsunami of lies. met with bat tons. nato is reporting an they are talking about the construction of the bay bridge. insurgent attack killed one service member. the sacramento bee said they did not give any details improper testing of two support about the attack or the piles for the tower of the nationalsty of those killed. eastern span, if it were true it could affect the safety of this bridges it to 170 just the bay bridge. a part of the concrete had not fully hardened before it was this year. just an hour from now, tested and the worker never president barack obama and the first lady are hosting a reported it. in another report, inspection breakfast for gold star families who lost loved ones in combat. and we have a rundown with all reports show abnormalities and missing test results. they say the bridge is safe. the events, renee? >> reporter: good morning, heather, behind me is the u.s. 96 annual 500...
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marine corp war memorial and it >> that would be scott, he took is dedicated to the fierce his third indie title and scott battle and it is right outside dixon finished second. he put on his white sunglasses arlington cemetery. let's look at the unknown and before downing the traditional milk. he put on the glasses to honor we are expected that at 11:00 this morning president barack obama will be there to lay a his friend dan welden who won wreathe at the tomb of the unknown and this weekend, last year's race but was killed hundreds of thousands of in 2011. the top seed of the golden motorcyclists rode to the bears, he played for the nation's capital in rememberance of prisoners of war and those missing in national title turnment and was action. this year's focus was the only blasted, the bears win 2-0 for known u.s. prisoner of war from the sweep and they win to face the war in afghanistan. on friday at arlington national lsu thursday. let's go to sal to check on cemetery, flags were placed at traffic. good morning everybody. let's go to san rafael, more than 260,000 headstones to northbound 101 freeway closed honor every service member laid to rest and again president barack obama is expected to lay northbound 101 in that direction because of an oil that wreathe here at arlington
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slick and cal trans is here national cemetery, back to you trying to clean up from the heather. north central san rafael but our time is 4:14 and the this exit will be closed concert on memorial hill was because of the sand they need cut short but not before a few to cleanup. let's look at 680 southbound, everything else looks good around the bay area with no major problems and if you are driving on 280 at the 880 studded performances. [ music... for the land of the free and interchanges that traffic is moving nicely, let's go back to the home of the brave. the desk. the overnight incident that .. end music ] >> you recognize her, that is triggered a massive response american idol winner jessica from several enforcement sanchez who opened the show agencies. and we are about to get new singing the national anthem. information from cal trans. they encouraged people to do can we get this to burn off what they can to help veterans a little super? we will have your forecasted adjust to home. highs coming right up. >> as we welcome home all them hallways we honor and treasure cool. you can video call on skype... send photos. them for what they have done for us. >> people were asked to find
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yeah, okay. shelter because thunderstorms yeah, let's do it. were kicking in and minutes later, the concert was canceled get $100 off any motorola 4g lte smartphone, all together. now sending a bill for like the droid 4 now just $99.99. verizon. president barack obama brock's reelection campaign for $35,000 and that's how much they spent for police officers and over time pay to cover a fundraising event back in february. it caused road closures as well as extra security in that neighborhood. back to sal, still that problem in san rafael, what is going on? that is right, northbound 101 it is closed in central san rafael because of an oil spill which was a four car crash and one of the vehicles apparently ended up spilling oil and gasoline onto the freeway. chp says it is unsafe to drive over that and it could cause another wreck so they are taking all the traffic off central san rafael and you have
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to use city streets and it's not that hard but fortunately this is very light, not a lot of cars. they are waiting for san to come in and get that out of the way. let's take a look at highway 4, this is not much of a commute at all. each through memorial days light and if you are driving on caster valley from san ramon of course it is doing well but we want to mention 237 is a good alternative and dumbarton bridge remains closed until tomorrow. it looks like it will burn off super than yesterday and morning fog mostly sunny breezy, it may be a slow process to get some of that fog to burn off and i think wednesday and thursday we'll see our warmest temperatures and another cool down,
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southwest, the sea breeze is not going anywhere. 43 chilly degrees up in santa rosa. a few upper 40s and there goes the system up into montana. high pressure is our fair weather friend but it is a slow process. temperatures are 60s and 70s and no 80s yet but it will start to show up in the interior tomorrow. afternoon breeze is still in place and that's not going anywhere. 70s and we are still trying to climb upper 70s across the board unless you are closer to the coast then it is upper 60s and 70s. partly sunny and breezy and better conditions than of the last couple of days. a cool down as we head towards the latter part of the upcoming
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weekend. thank you steve. they want them to keep the euro up in other countries. most asian markets closed with modest numbers and they were up about 1% hong kong finished up for the trading day. for the memorial day holiday all of them closed down. despite the losses the overall market saw a modest gain for the full week and that's the first time it they have seen that. jp is bumping up operations in china and they announced they would inject $34 million to spread its branch and recruit new workers. jp morgan has an investment banking venture with a chinese partner. for most people today is a holiday but not for the
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international space station. why it is cut out for them, it includes heavy walking. >> also, we will hear from this woman, she is away area woman sharing memories of walking across the golden gate bridge back on the day it first opened. and it looks good, a little bit of low fog, but not a real bad problem here.
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. good morning low clouds in place, 50s and of 60s -- and 60s and a few low 70s. check it out, a water fall shooting from towers on the barge and bay, and high powered colors and lights, just some of the highlights at the golden gate bridge and we have more video of the fireworks as well as our photo gallery from the 75 anniversary celebrations look for the golden gate bridge on also has exclusive access on the red and white fireworks crews. fireworks are available to check out on our home page. ktvu channel 2 morning news spoke with a woman who was on hand for the celebration
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marking the opening of the bridge 75 years ago. she was eight years old when she walked across the bridge back on opening day and today she is 83 years old. she snapped a picture 73 years ago one of them captured her on the bridge looking down at the water and she remembers being awe struck. >> very curious looking over, watching all the cars and it is just like a child going to a circus or carnival or something special or a special movie, i was real excited. >> very cool. she said she looks at the bridges a part of history. she also said her heart goes out to the 11 men who lost their lives building the golden gate bridge but they left behind a beautiful legacy. the u.s.s.
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is docked after sailing to the bay area for the golden gate bridge's 75th anniversary. it sailed around noontime, there it is and was escorted by a fire boat. almost 3,000 sailors were on board the ship. it is carrying more than 1,500 tons of weaponry and is due to leave on wednesday. they are packing all the new supplies of the international space station and the crews will spend the next two days moving a half ton of supplies from the dragon capsule into the space station. the unmanned dragon is the first vehicle to dock at the space station and when it is empty it will be packed with 1,400 pounds of scientist particular experiments that will have to be taken back to
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earth. and this was not the only party in town. oh, yeah, the colorful sights and sounds brought hundreds of people to the mission district and they led yesterday's grand parade and there was so much more to see. this by the way is the festival's 34th year. coming up loved ones celebrating the life of michelle lei and how her family has become a huge support for sierra lemar's family. a dui crackdown for this memorial day weekend and this morning clear evidence of the danger. we will tell you about the close call for some police officers when a suspected drunk driver comes barreling towards them. look at these live pictures, this is jeckyl island georgia, what the weather man expects from this storm. >> reporter: good morning northbound 280 traffic, we will tell you about the morning drive to working. stay tuned for more news
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this is the next chapter for lexus.
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. well, good morning to you welcome back, it is memorial day, i am dave clark. >> and it is 5:30 time to get a quikchek of your weather with steve paul -- quick check of your weather with steve paulson. a lot of low clouds, cool temperatures and it is not going to be very much warmer but once the fog burns off 60s
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coast and bay, here is sal. good morning, traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving around the bay area, right now northbound 101 central san rafael is closed for some cleanup of some oil from an earlier crash. the traffic is light coming in from san francisco as you might expect for this memorial day. starting with developing news coming in from vallejo, several bay area cities are here and this is the scene of a reported police shooting. these are live pictures and look at all the evidence markers on the ground there. at least one police officer was hurt in the incident we are talking about and the incident may have come from a police dog. so far somebody is on a stretcher and there is no word from vallejo police for exactly what happened.
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christian captain is out there and christian will bring us an update from vallejo at 6:00. chp is cracking down on the roads this memorial day holiday and i'm sure you have seen them out there. joining us live from berkeley, they will tell us what highway patrol is seeing on the roads so far. alex? >> reporter: of course the chp is outdoing their enforcement on bay area roadways, early numbers are out from the golden gate bridge division and they announce 72 dui arrests compared to 52 last year it seems to be alcohol-related and drunk driver slammed into a patrol car, two officers inside and they suffered minor injuries and they are facing dui charges once he is released from the hospital. despite that crash, we talked to a cab driver who tells us he has been busy this holiday
5:32 am
weekend picking up a lot of people who are choosing not to drink and drive. >> i didn't stop. >> it was crazy, a lot of people are taking cabs. >> and they spend money too. >> reporter: and the chp's maximum enforcement will be ending tonight at midnight. the agency expects to have final numbers on dui arrests the entire weekend probably coming out sometime tomorrow. live in berkeley alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. police in petaluma said speed was a factor where two men on a motorcycle crashed in petaluma. chp says both victims were on the motorcycle when the driver lost control and crashed into
5:33 am
the guardrail. 36-year-old driver was killed at the scene and the 31-year- old passenger died on the way to the hospital. both men were wearing helmets. look at this, a shocking moment, her house hit by that car and this happened just after 7:00 last night on san jaun drive. four people were in the house when the car hit. the owner says it came out of nowhere and the first concern was the other people inside. >> oh, my g-d, somebody just hit my house. i mean the noise was so lloyd and the screeching was loud and the impact was so long. >> she said pieces of the actual wall fell down and three people in the home were actually injured and still no word on their condition. it has been a very busy weekend and now crews are preparing for another big event
5:34 am
honoring u.s. soldiers. live at the arlington national memorial event, allie? >> reporter: the barricades are stacked up in preparation of today's events and it starts at 10:30 this morning. this is near lincoln and sheridan and this is where the procession will leave from and head up to the cemetery and at 11:00 they will have speakers and events happening there. but the observance for memorial day comes on the heels of another big celebration yesterday. yesterday san francisco celebrated the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge and the day long ended with a spectacular display of fireworks. the crowd was amazed -- [ technical difficulties, stand by ]
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>> reporter: the area was closed to traffic to accommodate spectators and they walked to the area for music. and the lectures were made there about the bridges' history and the memorial day observance has been going on for 144 years. today at 11:00 following that military procession, there will be a wreathe laying and a canon ball salute and coast guard fly over. again you are looking at the intersection and this is where the military procession will start from and it all ends as they head up to the national cemetery for events there. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> thank you, allie and later several other memorial day events will begin across the area. at 10:00 they will begin at the
5:36 am
venetia council and they will host their 91st memorial day event there in san jose. and at 1:00 there will be a memorial day service aboard the u.s.s. hornets in alameda. bart service will not begin until 8:00 a.m. and also parking permits and fee requirements in bart station parking lots will not be enforced. for today's giants game, the game will be running and it's at 2:05. the muni line is still shut down for repairs. potential of those should be back open on june 4th. and working on the trans bay center is closed between san francisco and mission and howard streets. a new temporary bridge is being
5:37 am
built along 1st street. the new street is due to be opened at 5:00 tomorrow morning. and the san francisco ethics commission, the crew is said to announce in the sheriff ross mirkarimi case and which will then go to the board of supervisors. sheriff ross mirkarimi faces misconduct charges stemming from the domestic violence case involving his wife. mayor ed lee suspended him without pay and he is trying to permanently remove him from office. almost 100 people gathered paying tribute to nursing student michelle lei who was later found dead. they talked about the positive impact michelle lei had on their lives and they wrote messages on those purple balloons.
5:38 am
her boyfriend described her as selfless and caring. >> there was nothing about her i was never proud of as a person. she motivated me she inspired me and she helped me to you know kind of open my eyes to different things. >> michelle lei's former friend has been charged with her murder. the father of missing teen sierra lemar, they were at the prayer vigil and her cousin has been a big support. >> christine came with the class kids foundation and she was been there every single day, every single search and i have personally become really good friends with her. >> they are still hoping sierra lemar will come home alive, however police believe sierra lemar has died and a suspect has been charged with her alleged murder. a search is being held 8:00
5:39 am
a.m. in morgan hill. they are drenching with storms northeast 70 miles per hour winds create dangerous winds and rip currents. it may cause significant coastal flooding. >> i know it is a holiday and i know this is time for celebration and also those who have paid ultimate sacrifice for those who have served our country but i also want to make sure it is about safety. >> they are expected to dump up to 4 to 8 inches of rain and it is expected to make for bad traffic as they head home. coming up what it means for homeowners and what you are being asked to do, we will explain. let's head-on over to sal for more traffic.
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we have been doing the same thing in every report and that's because there is a closure on san rafael northbound 101 and as you approach san rafael, it is closed because of an oil spill from an earlier accident and everyone is being forced to get off the freeway and use city streets in san rafael just for a little while and fortunately this is coming at a lightly traveled time and would be in a non commuting time. they are waiting for sweepers to come in before they can reopen in that direction. and southbound by the way is open. we are not expecting much of a commute today, westbound traffic looks good. it looks very nice in the south bay and remember the dumbarton bridge is closed down and
5:41 am
people are adjusting and 237 and san mateo has been handling most of that traffic well, let's go to steve. it looks like it will burn off a little sooner and high pressure is coming through and low clouds are slow to burn off and it is still breezy out of the west and southwest and i think you will notice it more tomorrow and into wednesday. santa rosa was down to 43 and a lot of upper 40s, san jose at 55 degrees and there is our system all the way from the montana high pressure builds in and it will start to give us warmer weather and as long as we have a southwesterly breeze, 50s and 60s and 70s, it is just a little bit warmer, it will be nice but that president will still be with us.
5:42 am
50s and 60s, low-to-mid 70s, pleasanton 61, los gatos 62, san mateo 66 giants home today against the diamondbacks, may be a little bit of sun but still partly sunny partly
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