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tv   KTVU News at 730pm  FOX  October 6, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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bitancurt, with the extra point and it's good. 1:18 to play in the fourth quarter, west virginia taking a 10-point lead. >> charles: just look at how the front is handled. i'm talking about all the way through for west virginia. 88 in the back field is clay. goes right through and gives buie all the space he needs and more to put west virginia firmly in control of this contest. and we have seen career performances from a number of players tonight. andrew buie headlines it, i think, for west virginia. >> gus: andrew buie. 31 carries, 207 yards rushing, two touchdowns, now averaging 6.7 yards per carry. nobody happier than that man. geno smith. >> charles: how about the way they closed it out, going down field.
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running the football. they got a couple big throws from smith. especially the second and 11 throw, otherwise, buie the offensive line full back took control in the last tree minutes of the game. >> gus: west virginia out scoring texas 14-0 here in the fourth quarter. after the missed feel goal. by texas. west virginia going on an eight-play 76 yard drive, eating up 4:07 and this one shifts forward. fielded at the 26 by roberson. roberson, with running room and he will get inside mountaineer territory, with 1:12 to go, texas with two time-outs. >> charles: that was after the last
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touchdown geno smith ended up in front of the west virginia crowd section and celebrating with them, now skipping back to the bench. in case you had questions about west virginia and the big 12 before, i think they are being answered in a big way this evening. >> gus: ash, near side, mike davis steps out of bounds. >> charles: west virginia will take that, anything in front. that's all they care about now, when you look at the secondary. they will play extra deep. keeping it all in front, coming up, make the tackles is their mantra right now. >> gus: mike davis again. >> charles: being smart, working the sideline, trying to keep the two time-outs in their pocket. they will need it if they score and are successful with an on side kick. >> gus: first down at the 38.
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david ash. in trouble. here is hill. and hill goes down at the 27. >> charles: first down so they get a little stoppage in play to move the chains. >> gus: longhorns to the line quickly. ash. flips it off to hill again, he is trying get outside and does at the 20. >> charles: last two plays by ash. almost takes us back to when the wish bone was king here at texas, except he is flipping it forward, instead of laterally or behind down the line. >> gus: second down and three. david ash. goes up top and in the corner. he had it.
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but he could not hold on. >> charles: like pat miller out on the corner again, made the fourth down stop a couple series ago. now he plays it here. gets just enough of the football and also got the arm of ship will ly, so he could not get his hands on it as it bobbled and bounced. >> gus: ash, scrambling, looking. inside the ten. and texas continuing to fight as the longhorns call a time-out. one time-out remaining for matt brown. don't forget, coming up after the game,
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stay tuned for the at&t fox saturday college post game show. they will cover all of today's action. including the blow. the irish continuing to play well. battle between nebraska and ohio state. >> gus: first down and goal for texas. now the west virginia eight. david ash. in trouble. stays on his feet. looking and end zone. touchdown texas! goodwin! and this one is not
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over. 15 seconds to go. incredible agility by david ash to keep it alive. >> charles: we saw the payoff on the play, what you described was how david ash took the hit and spun away from it, out of trouble, out of the pocket, to keep the play alive. >> gus: anthony fera. trying to make it a three-point ball game. 15 seconds to play in the fourth. and you know what is coming here? >> charles: it has to be on the side kick, remember, things have changed now, they are giving more protection to the receiving team. so, now, if you are a receiving team, you can signal for a fair catch if the ball bounces once off the turf, remember with
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all the high hopper that you wanted. doesn't matter if it's kicked off the tee or however, once it has the one hop in, the receiving team can signal fair catch. and just cover the football. they will try to get it along the ground to if i understand a way to get to the football -- to find a way to get to the football. if they signal fair catch, you cannot hit them. >> gus: that was my next question. 48-45, 15 seconds remaining. mac brown. looking for that signature win, texas loft 17 straight games. dating back two years. including an 0-4 mark last season. kansas and oklahoma state. and just last week, didn't it feel like a signature win? >> charles: turned out they were not raenked the top 25, so it did not go on the record, but now they have to find a way to get the
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on side kick. >> gus: west virginia on the other hand has won the last three games against ranked teams and its 11-6 since 2005, the fifth best record. >> charles: look at the team from west virginia, bailey, and woods. >> gus: two kickers line up, nick jordan 28, and nick rose 23. this one and recovered by the mountaineers. so a two-big 12 games, they defeated baylor, 70-63 at home and with 14 seconds remaining, they are in front of texas, 48-45. >> charles: and
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really, what a bounce back for west virginia's defense, getting torched by baylor last week. this isn't pretty, but down the stretch, they made the plays necessary to win the football game. including a couple of fourth down stops. >> gus: the west virginia mountaineers, first year in the big 12 in their first road game in conference play. and knocking off the 11th ranked longhorns. 48-45. let's go down stairs where we have geno smith. >> geno,
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congratulations on your win. one second. geno, congratulations on your win, what went right? >> a number of things went right, main thing was we stuck together, it was not pretty, but we came to a tough venue, against a tough team, and closed it out. >> you did not let up once. what kept you going? >> i have a great team and great coaches and they keep me up throughout the game. i fumbled twice and had that not happened we would have won it by more points. but, you know, they kept me up throughout the game and helped me out. >> thank you so much, congratulations. >> thank you. >> all right, julie, so, west virginia remaining undefeated as texas suffers their first loss of the year, 48-45 the final. mountaineers now let's go the erin an drups in our fox -- andrews in our fox studios. >> lots of big games around college football, we will get
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nearly a million people flocked to san francisco for a busy day in the streets, sky and the sea. the big events underway all weekend. >> and we're live from detroit where the oakland a's play their first playoff game with a lot of hometown support. and a tragedy in a church parking lot after a 6-year-old is struck and killed. what witnesses are telling us about the accident.
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good evening. welcome to this special postgame edition. a san francisco was a busy place today. it continues tonight with hundreds of thousands of people expected to visit the city for a number of big events including fleet week and the giants playoff game. ktvu's christian captain joins us live from at&t park to tell us how we will likely see a repeat tomorrow. >> reporter: by now, at&t park is jam packed with fans watching tonight's game. it is just the latest major event in a city that is jampacked with weekend activities. >> ♪[ music ] >> if you are singing the blues in san francisco, it is and because there was nothing to do. the bluegrass festival kicked off to a crowd of thousands.
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the city marina district have the wild blue yonder that brought up the crowd. fans say that the four our air show was great but the highlight came at the end. >> the blue angels. we like at all. they are all impressive but the blue angels are phenomenal. >> just a few hundred yards away was the deep blue sea that drew the crowd. america's cup fans lined the shoreline watching the sailboats. >> we have fleet week and the ac45 and the blue angels. and look at this location. we have the golden gate bridge. we have beautiful people. >> giants fans hope that they don't have the boys in black and orange singing the blues. this is the first playoff appearance for the giants says the world series win in 2010. dams went from one side of that town to the other to be here. >> we saw the blue angels. it was awesome. it was a great day.
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a giant victory. >> as it all of today's action was not enough, tomorrow, the giants play game two of the series. the 49ers take on the buffalo bills. the italian heritage parade gets underway. and there is more bluegrass and more airshow and lots to do in san francisco. live in san francisco, ktvu. >> more details now on the traffic situation with so many events taking place in the city. this is a look heading into san francisco where traffic looks like it is moving along. the transit is urging people to take public transportation. they all added special services this weekend to accommodate the crowds. has more information on this busy weekend in the city along with other bay area events. click on the weekend extra tab.
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the weather is cooperating with all of the events taking place. here is a live look at the at&t park. a very active and fun scene right now. mostly clear skies. san francisco is about 60 degrees. forecast for sunday, here is what is shaping up as we look at the forecast. you can see at golden gate park here. temperatures will be coming up a little bit. currently, upper-50s to lower-60s starting up today. from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow, toward golden gate park, 62 degrees. right around the marina, fleet week, partly sunny skies. temperatures on either side are at 60 degrees. blue angels flying at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. and for game two of the series, the giants and the rats, fair skies and temperatures in the upper-50s. and the 49ers coming back home
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to play the buffalo bills. temperatures approaching the mid-60s. coming up, we will take a look at the forecast and temperatures in your neighborhood. i will also let you know when showers can come to the local forecast. >> thank you. a lot going on. a 6-year-old girl is dead tonight after she and two other people were struck by a minivan. this all happened at a church parking lot on southgate avenue in daly city. this was as mass began at 9:00 a.m. police say the girl and two adults or walking through the parking lot when they were hits. we talked to one couple who was there when the accident happened. >> reporter: it was very scary. i feel sorry for the family. >> the other two people injured in this accident are in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the woman driver we are told was not injured. and she is cooperating with police. police are investigating a homicide of a 55-year-old woman
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found in her hercules home. tonight, her husband said that he does not believe the crime was random. ktvu's patty lee tells us why and the one thing police are looking for that may lead to her killer. >> reporter: he top -- heat but back tears as he talked about his wife and mother of his children. >> she was a wonderful person. >> he says he knew something was wrong last night when susie failed to pick him up at the airport and did not answer her phone. he asked a neighbor to check on her. that is when susie -- when her body was discovered in the doorway. >> it is hard to believe that someone random came by. it is hard to believe. >> he says his wife of 34 years had no enemies but believes she may have been targeted. >> i always worry because i was always away from home working in idaho. >> police tell us that the 55-year-old suffered traumatic injuries. and that her car


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