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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 13, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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i loved your voices. >> thank you. >> and, janelle, you've been my favorite time after time after time. you're just a star to me. >> [mouths words] >> you, all four, are really special. and kezban, of course, you know, you're a crazy psycho, and i love that. [laughter] >> you can identify with that, perhaps. >> absolutely. >> let's judge quickly. >> yeah. >> one, two, three... >> yes! >> you're all going through. >> to the next round. yeah. >> congratulations! best group of the day! >> thank you, girls. yes! >> thank you so much. >> thank you, misfits. you were the perfect fit. >> what just happened? >> what just happ--right. >> good way to end the day. >> yes. >> i was not expecting that. >> no. >> that is it. we move on to the most important part of the week--time for the girls' solo performances tomorrow night.
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on this stage... it's the final shot for the ladies. >> girls, if this is gonna be your year, today must be the day. >> who will rise to the top? >> that rocked. >> smash-hit wonder. >> you girls are the best of the best. >> and who will fall apart? >> it's the end of the road for you guys. >> [crying] >> plus, one singer stuns the judges with a breakout performance. >> [vocalizing] ♪ >> wow. wow! >> your top 20 girls and top 20 guys will be revealed. >> boys! >> you are our top 20 season 12! [cheers and applause] we might have a show.
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a teenager is stabbed to death right outside san jose high. police are looking to see if cameras may have captured images of the killer. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. we have information about a teenage boy who was fatally stabbed during a fight outside san jose high school. a charter school, and alternative school. >> reporter: we have new details to pass on. in just the last hour, we learned more about the victim, including his name. some identified the teenager as anthony santa cruz, a junior here who played football.
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the coach says santa cruz was 16, or 17 years old, a father with a 2-year-old son, who toll him, he was trying to leave his gang ties behind. crime scene investigators are working into the night, after a teenager was stabbed and killed. police got a call around 3:15 this afternoon, and responded to north 21st street, where they found the boy. >> the victim was pronounced deceased at the scene. currently, we don't have any motive. we don't have any suspects in custody. >> reporter: news chopper 2 was overhead. grief-stricken family members broke down. this man ran through the police tape, saying he was the brother of the victim. >> it's pretty sad that young kids are dying over a color, you know? for no cause. foolishness. >> reporter: tonight, we were inside this liquor store as police reviewed this surveillance video. while outside, worried families
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coming in to pick up children from daycare had to be rerouted around the crime scene. >> i just wanted to pick up my daughter, i can't get to her. they're sending me back and forth. i need to get her, she's scared. she doesn't know what's going on. >> reporter: you can still see a police car down the street at this hour. the crime scene tape from this intersection was lifted about an hour ago. this marks the five of the homicide for san jose in 2013. a family in oakland is also grieving tonight after losing four loved ones, all killed in a car crash earlier this week. amber lee is in east oakland, where friends and relatives of the four victims told her they were good, loving kids. >> reporter: tonight, we sponge with the family here -- spoke with the family here at this home. in keeping with tradition,
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relatives are preparing food to welcome guests, as they come to pay their last respects to the four teens. a 17-year-old, and three 19- year-olds all college students. >> four of them at once. the hardest thing for us to swallow. with all the pain, and everything going on. all the love that everyone's showing, it helps to ease the pain. >> reporter: the four were killed monday in this single vehicle accident wheel driving home from a rugby tournament in las vegas. friends tell us, they suspect the driver, george may have fallen asleep. another friend said she had originally planned to go on the trip. >> that could have been us in the car, or maybe we could have prevented it, that's what makes me feel bad. >> reporter: the youngest victim was captain of the basketball team. teammates told us, it was with heavy hearts they played today.
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>> she always knew what to do to make us smile. she always had our back. she was there for us. >> reporter: her teammates wore these black hair bands, created in memory of her. >> she wanted to play in college. >> reporter: at the end of the game, teammates carried out a board with messages written to malia, they planned to give to her family. >> she was everything to us. >> reporter: the four teens were born and raised here in east oakland. a family member told us, the sole surviver has been airlifted back to the hospital this evening. reporting live in east oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. one person died in a small plane crash late this afternoon in northern solano county. the plane went down in a field alongside interstate 405 south
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of winters. it happened about 4:15 this afternoon. the one person onboard died instantly. witnesses reported seeing a wing fall off the plane, and landing in the center divide of the highway, before the plane spiraled out of control. new information tonight on a two-alarm fire that we first told you about last night. the fire chief said the blaze started when rags soaked with wood stain ignited. the fire damaged two rental companies that share a building on grove street. the loss is estimated at a half million dollars. an update on the story we first brought you last year on the high rate of cancer among firefighters in san francisco. a dozen firefighters gave blood for the first of its kind analysis. ktvu learned today, the results indicate, the firefighters had extremely high levels of chemicals that result from burning plastics. those chemicals are linked to cancer. female firefighters in san francisco are ten times more
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likely to get breast cancer, than other women. studies also show, all firefighters are at an elevated risk for other cancers. the sheriff in san bernandino county responded to criticism late today, saying his deputies did not intentionally set fire to the cabin where fugitive excop- christopher dorner was thought to be holed up. it appears dorner never made it far from where authorities were searching. >> reporter: working hard to confirm that the body found in a cabin is christopher dorner. the l.a. police chief officer who never came out of that burning cabin, following a shootout with authorities tuesday afternoon. >> his behavior, based on our deputies interaction with him was consistent with mr. dorner's activity prior to. >> reporter: he allegedly killed four people, and stole two vehicles before he
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barricaded himself inside the cabin. >> he has a gun aimed at me, and he said, i don't want to hurt you, just get out, go up the road, and take your dog. >> reporter: police believe he was staying in another cabin near a ski resort, right across the street from a law enforcement command post. it's a short hike, but the theory is he made his way through these woods and here. in unit 203. news crews were staying within feet of this cabin. also, within view of daily press briefings. >> reporter: the lapd says they will continue to have extra security on some of those people named in the manifesto, until christopher dorner's remains are positively identified. in big bear, california, adam housely, ktvu, channel 2 news. a couple of hours ago, a couple came forward to say they were the ones tied up by
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christopher dorner in that cabin at big bear, and not their cleaning people as previously reported. >> don't have a problem with you, i just want to clear my name. >> they said dorner tied them up. after struggling, karen reynolds managed to get free and call for help. more details on the san bernandino deputy who was killed yesterday. he has been identified as jeremiah mccay. he was 35 years old, and had been with the department for 15 years. he leaves behind a wife, a 7- year-old daughter, and 4-month- old son. he was also just interviewed three days ago, and said he hoped that all of this would end without any more casualties. in riverside, a funeral service was held today for police officer michael crane. he was shot and killed last thursday. authorities say it was anambush. they say dorner drove up right next to his patrol car, and
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opened fire. the man accused of killing a 13-year-old girl in fairfield appeared in court today for the first time. 32-year-old anthony jones did not enter a plea. charged with the kidnapping, and rape. his wife had requested a restraining order, saying she feared he would kill her. attorneys for home run king, barry bonds, appealed his obstruction of justice call today. >> the united states of america vs. barry lamar bonds. >> at issue is whether bonds was evasive when he gave a rambling answer to a grand jury investigating baseball's steroids scandal. bonds was asked if he had been given anything with a syringe
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to inject himself. >> he did three times your honor. no, no, no. >> if you give them false evidence, you're still not giving them truthful evidence, yes, of course it was obstructive. >> it could take weeks or possibly months before the court announces its decision. the boards approved the deal which will create the nation's largest airline. official word is expected tomorrow. we've learned the new company will be called american airlines, and will be run by the ceo of u.s. airways. the dow lost 36, mostly due to the decline of mcdonald's, and other american companies.
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pg and e says an outage began about 6:35 tonight, and 31 commercial customers were without electricity. some streetlights also went out. pg and e traced the problem to an underground equipment failure. customers should have thr power back on by about midnight. an explosion in a bay area neighborhood, detonated by the bomb squad. the home where they found the explosivives, and the threat by a state senator that led them there. >> another blow to a community rocked by a pipeline explosion. >> it is february, and we have 70 degrees in the forecast. i'm show you the conditions you can expect for valentine's day.
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new at 10:00, an emotional meeting in san bruno, where a community is at risk of losing its neighborhood school. crest more elementary is located just a half mile from the site of that massive pg and e pipe explosion in 2010. heather holmes is live in that community where the meeting is still underway. >> reporter: they just made a decision they would extend their meeting so they could further discuss this issue. as you know, a decision to close any school is a very emotional one. things got very emotional tonight. the board had to take a five minute recess to give people time to cool off. for more than 50 years, children have been learning and
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playing at crestmore elementary. tonight, parents gave it one last shot at keeping the school open. >> tonight, i'm asking for something for the first time, and i'd like you to consider it. >> reporter: if it is closed, parents tonight pleaded with the board to consider moving the students and staff to the nearest campus. the small san bruno park school district says it needs to close one school at the end of this year, due to declining enrollment, and inadequate state funding. >> within the last five years, the scoot district has lost the equivalent of a fuel sized school. >> reporter: they have put together a task force of patients and community members to look at which school to close. hut says crestmore was chosen because of its small school population. >> there are only 65 students that live in that area that attend crestmore. >> reporter: a parent says it would be a major disruption to the families in his
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neighborhood. which have already endured so much. >> kids are still having nightmares. i still remember that night. >> reporter: the school is just half a mile from the sight of the pg and e natural gas explosion and fire in 2010. the thought of more upbelieval is still unsettling. >> it's' emotional, and it's very sad. >> reporter: as we mentioned, discussions are still underway at this hour at the fate of crestmore. if there is a diagnose during this newscast, we'll bring it to you. heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. this evening, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife hosted a fundraiser for new jersey governor chris christie. protesters gathered near the entrance of the home. they say during christy's first term as governor, he defunded planned parenthood. the maximum donation for tonight's private event was $3,800. political observers say, it's not surprising that zuckerberg
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is hosting tonight's event. >> when you start thinking about the fact that christy is not exactly far right. he's not and paul, that would be really strange. obama, despite how people want to portray him is not exactly far out on the left either. >> zuckerberg hosted a town hall meeting at facebook headquarters for president obama. randy runs a newsletter called dot complicated. which will be the title of one of her books. harper collins, says the second book will be a children's story. the long time head of the hanna boy's center has resigned after an allegation of sexual misconduct from back in the early '70s, surfaced. father john crews has led the
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center since 1983. recently, an allegation by a single person, who is now dead. since the 1940s, the hanna's center has served trouble boys. people at hanna's have expressed their shock and support for father crews. a huge stockpile of guns and marijuana on the property of a suspected drug dealer. deputies say the weapons were hidden in a cave. the search turned up more than 100 weapons. at least 20 of those guns were loaded. deputies also said they found 117 pounds of marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine at floyd's house. bomb squads will resume in search tomorrow morning at the santa clara home of a man charged with possessing explosives, and threating leeland ye. >> reporter: state, and santa
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clara bomb squad members planned to detonate more material today. >> on faith here. i had no idea this guy had chemicals in there. that can be explosive. >> reporter: the mysterious substance was destroyed on the lawn of the house. the search followed the arrest of everett basham. he was arrested at a family member's home in sunny value, and booked on numerous charges, including carrying a concealed, and loaded firearm. possession of manufacturerred explosives, possession of chemicals, and threatening a dignitary and official. the california highway patrol is leading the investigation, because a state official is involved. the house was filled with unknown chemicals and
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destructive devices, which is why the search is so painstaking. >> you're not going to go and open drawers if you have something potentially dangerous on the desk, for example. >> reporter: investigators say they found what they called destructive devices inside, and planned to blow them up, then changed their mind to keep from chemical resident from getting in the wind. basham remains in jail without bail. it looks like more than $5 million in taxpayer money will be used to pay for a celebration allowing 10s of thousands of people to walk across the new bay bridge during its grand opening. that breaks down to about $37 per walker. today, the bay area toll authority gave tentative approval to use toll money for that labor day celebration. the money would pay for shuttles to get all the people to the bridge, along with security, and sanitation. the metropolitan transportation commission still has to give
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final approval to the contract. ♪ [ music ] we had highs today in the mid- and upper 60s, you can kind of ski the offshore flow again today in the clouds off the coast. at this hour, you can't see it here, but the fog is pushed back into the coast. the offshore flow is relaxed a little about bit. it's real dense along the highway. the fog should go away tomorrow as the winds ramp up more offshore. that's going to warm temperatures up. these are the numbers from today. highs tomorrow are going to be a good 4, and is in some places, 4 and 5 degrees lower. we see upper 60s, and maybe a lower 60 tomorrow. there's some rain out there past the five day, we'll talk about that as well. members of code pink gathered to prepare for
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tomorrow's dance across the golden gate bridge. they plan to make their way across the bridge at 10:00 a.m. to mark 1 billion global action day. code pink says there will also be a flash mob tomorrow night at san francisco's city hall. he came to visit san francisco, then appears to have disappeared. a mother's plea for information about her son. >> sugary drinks and a growing obesity problem. the exclusive new ktvu field poll, linking the two, and why people say they'd support a new tax on sugary drinks. >> a reminder, you can get ktvu news to go. click the live icon, and watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation.
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the next rx. the f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪
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things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. a group of public health officials and advocates say people eating too much sugar is a public health hazard.
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and calling on the fda to take immediate action. they say sweetened beverages are the biggest source of sugars in the american diet. the group is also calling on the fda to start an educational campaign to help americans consume less sugar. an exclusive field poll shows a large majority of californians link obesity to the consumption of soft drinks. what the poll findings suggest about the possibility of a tax on soda. >> reporter: sugary drinks have been getting some of the blame for america's obesity epidemic. now an exclusive ktvu field poll shows 75% of californians see a strong link between regularly drinking sodas, and obesity. >> i think there is a link, just because, when you're drinking things, it means people have other bad habits. >> i don't drink soda,
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personally, because of the content, and i want to stay healthy. >> reporter: regular soda drinkers are taking in more calories than they need. >> soda are are the one thing that have beenimplicated. >> reporter: believing there is a link between obesity, and regularly drinking energy drinks. just 26% say the same thing about sports drinks. last november, voters shot down a soda tax in richmond. only 40% of people favor taxing sugary drinks. >> i live in richmond, and i supported the measure. >> i kind of think the tax is bad. it's not going to stop people from drinking soda. people who like soda, really like they're soda. >> reporter: the support increases dramatically if the money go to school nutrition programs.
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a mother from san diego is making a tearful plea for help after her son vanished last week, during a visit to san francisco. 20-year-old christian hughes flew to the bay area from san diego nine days ago, he was supposed to fly home last thursday, but never made it. his mother says he hasn't been heard from since thursday morning and his cell phone has been turned off. >> i know he count have disappeared like this without -- he couldn't have disappeared like this without a trace. no one knows where he is. i seriously do not know what happened. >> hughes is described as 5'8", weighing about 130 pounds. he has brown eyes, and brown hair. he also has the words west coast tattooed on his forearm. freeway sensors that cost millions, but don't work. >> we have a follow up to an investigation we first brought you last summer. find out what we've uncovered through these documents. >> plus, stranded at sea, the progress on getting thousands
10:29 pm
of cruise ship passengers to shore, and how one northern california man describes his wife's ordeal on board.
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palo alto police are concerned about the recent uptick in students bringing weapons to school. two students have been caught with serious weapons in the past week. in one case, a student tried to use a taser on another student last friday during an off campus marijuana deal. in the second case, a student was arrested on monday with a homemade carbon dioxide powered cork gun. both students face misdemeanor charges, of possessing a weapon
10:32 pm
on campus. some residents in brentwood say thieves are targeting law enforcement homes looking for guns. items taken include jewelry, weapons, and firearms. police say three of the cases involve homes occupied by a law enforcement officer. investigators say they don't think it's a trend. >> i can tell you, to date, we do in the very any specific or solid evidence that indicates law enforcement members in our community are being specifically targeted. >> reporter: officers are now sifting through home surveillance video, following up on some leads. investigators say the residents were not at home during any of the break-ins. santa clara county announced a new gun buy back program, that officials hope will get hundreds of weapons off the street. the county will pay $100 for hands guns, rifles, -- handguns, rifles, and shotguns. passengers on that carnival cruise ship triumph have one more night to go on the
10:33 pm
disabled ship. it's expected to arrive tomorrow in mobile, alabama. a lot of passengers onboard have complained the toilets aren't working, and there's a lack of food, even though more food was delivered today. steve perry from sacramento says his wife was on that cruise for her college reunion. >> monday night was the last time i got any information for her. it was a text saying, get me off this ship, it's getting bad and scary. >> passengers also have limited cell phone service, because of the power failure, due to the engine fire on sunday. new developments in an investigation we first brought you last summer. that's when we discovered most tracking sensors under many bay area freeways don't work. in tonight's ktvu special report, amber lee has more on the millions of dollars being spent to fix the problem. >> reporter: the welding, the digging, and the pulling, all part of a caltrans project to
10:34 pm
repair faulty sensors under bay area freeways. we first told you last summer, most of these devices don't work, which means those times you see on the electronic message boards are not reliable. >> i would like it to be fixed. i always trusted that service. >> reporter: caltrans depends on these sensors to collect vital information in order to get billions of dollars in federal grants for freeway construction projects. we traveled along interstate 680 here, and found none of those electronic message boards working on this day. we've obtained the documents revealing that caltrains is spending millions of dollars repairing tracking sensors that feed information to those signs. >> this is something that we take very seriously. we want to have as many of them up and running as possible. >> reporter: caltrans confirms, it is spending $21 million to fix the faulty sensors.
10:35 pm
that's on top of the 60, to $80 million it has already spent installing them. she commutes where she spends much of her time driving to emergency calls. >> it's definitely important to our response times, knowing ahead of time to respond to a call. whether or not there's traffic on the way to a call. >> reporter: as a commuter, she questions why taxpayers are footing the bill again and again. >> i don't know that that commute times would be worth millions of dollars to fix. >> reporter: according the state documents, the repair time started last month. it's expected to take up to 8 more months to complete. caltrains blames the faulty sensors on a number of problems, including vandalism, wear and tear, and theft. just this week, caltrans replaced copper wire stolen. >> copper wire theft is not
10:36 pm
going away. we can guarantee, soon after we repair some of the damage, it will be struck by thieves again. >> reporter: caltrains maintains that faulty sensors do not mean faulty estimates of travel time. saying it also relies on historical data to provide real drive time traffic. but in the high-tech bay area -- >> everything is realtime. it should be current. it should be up to date. i want them to fix it. >> reporter: the commuters expect accuracy. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. if you have an idea for a ktvu special report, just email us. send your tip to i a study measured problems experienced in the past year by owners of 2010 model year vehicles. lexus, porsche, lincoln, and toyota owners reported the
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fewest problems. jeep, mitsubishi, dodge, and land rover owners reported the most problems. overall levels fell to their lowest levels since 1989. if you love italian sports cars, you'll be happy to learn alpha romero is putting its 4c concept car into production. it will be sold here in the united states. it was a big hit when it debuted at a car show two years ago. there was a long day before it could be built. it is expected to sell for about $60,000. the big difference one small number can make. the mistake on a subscription mailer that left some people feeling flustered. >> tracking temperatures that are going to hit 70. back with the complete bay area forecast at 10:45. >> and it feels like we just won the world series, but spring training is here for the giants. who we spotted today out on the field.
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the city of concord says it is increasing patrols. thieves stripped copper wire during the stretch, leaving it pitch black at night. the city also plans to install temporary solar lights until part replaces with the
10:41 pm
permanent lighting. a california organic farmer is recalling packages of baby spinach because of possible e. coli contamination. it was sold in 36 states, including california. the brand names include simple truth organic, central market organics, and full circle. at this point, there have been no reports of illness associated with this recall. the san francisco city attorney says it's getting ready to divvy up the single largest payment it has ever collected from a lawsuit. the owners of dick lee pastery paid $525,000 to settle the suit. seven employees worked six days a week, with shifts lasting 11 to 14 hours per day, yet they were only paid less than $4 an hour. spring training is here for the san francisco giants.
10:42 pm
pitchers and catchers are now in scottsdale, arizona, and the rest of the team is to report there by friday. workouts start saturday. today tim lincecum warmed up by throwing pitches to buster posey. some sacramento area residents found themselves calling a sex line today when they intended to call the offices of the sacramento bee. the newspaper sent out mailers, advertising subscriptions. unfortunately, there was a typo in the telephone number for the subscription line. that one single number, boy did it make a difference. it was for an x-rated chat line. >> i've got a teenage son. >> how many times did you call it before you figured it out? >> i had to call it probably about five times. >> the sacramento bee calls it a case of human error.
10:43 pm
they have destroyed the remaining incorrect mailers. in news of the world, at the vatican, pope benedict xvi presided over ash wednesday services. this is expected to be his final public mass before he retires at the end of the month. he was given a standing ovation. the pope asked for their prayers. on the south pacific island of guam, a 21-year-old man went on a rampage killing three people and injurying 11 others. police say he crashinged a car into a building at a resort. then he got out, and began stabbing people. most of the victims were japanese tourists. in the netherlands, this is one of the biggest time of the year for the floral auction. buyers are making bids on a variety of flowers. the auction sells 100 million roses, 100 million tulips, and more than 100 million different types of flowers just in time for valentine's day. valentine's day is tomorrow. we'll explain why it's not just
10:44 pm
sweethearts who will be getting the sweets. >> the dance craze turning a bay area man and his grandmother into internet sensations. >> high temperatures, i'll show you when rain will return in your complete bay area forecast. there is no mass-produced human.
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so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies.
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our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our innovative limited edition bed. people around the bay area are working tonight to make valentine's day wishes come true. >> reporter: we spoke with analysts just this evening who told me this year, sweethearts aren't the only ones who will be getting the sweet treats. the day before valentine's, fedex shipping hub in oakland is buzzing. >> it's very tight, because the flower shippers want to have
10:47 pm
the latest possible pickup to get the stuff here. fulfilling orders up to the last minute as well. >> reporter: paul says shipping volume for today is up 10% over a regular day. tomorrow, up 25%. the trend follows an increase in online ordering, that have to get to the destination the next day. >> flowers, any type of edibles. cookies, candies, gift baskets. >> reporter: spending is up. the average person will spend about $130 on valentine's day this year. more friends, even four legged friends will be on the receiving end. >> so people are spending a little bit more on their parents and kids, and pets, and so on. a little less on their sweethearts this year. >> reporter: even if the trend is to spend more on friends, honeymooners, dan and marie say there is plenty of love to go around.
10:48 pm
>> go to lunch and have a very romantic day. >> reporter: according to our consumer psychology, when it comes to valentine's day, men are the big spenders, generally spending about twice as much as women. we're live in san francisco, christian captain, ktvu, channel 2 news. if you give or receive metallic balloons tomorrow, pg and e wants to make sure you're careful with them. if they hit overhead lines they could cause power outages. you should keep metallic balloons indoors when possible, and make sure they're tied it to a heavyweight. chevron knew about potential problems ten years before the fire in august. the report says chevron inspectors and metal engineers warned company leaders that the
10:49 pm
pipe was corroded. chevron says it is correcting oversight problems. those opposed to plans to sell pete's harbor in redwood city are dropping their lawsuit against the property owner. a spokeswoman for the group save pete's harbor says they no longer want to pursue legal action, because they believe it will be settled in their favor. they're considering using it for private development in april. you've got to check it out. gangnam style has met its match. 2013's new dance craze has arrived, and it's called the harlem shake. ♪ [ music ] >> in just three days, this video posted by a san rafael man has been viewed more than 1 million times. the video is called harlem shake, grandma edition. the video craze is catching on.
10:50 pm
12,000 harlem shake videos have been posted this month on youtube. still dry around here, and warm as well. i'll just pencil in the jet stream. look where it is. it's big, and it's wide, right? in this area, what, 3,000 miles? coming up on 3,000 miles of clear air. that makes it tough for weather systems to get in here. as we get into tuesday of next week, some clouds increase, and a chance of showers. that ridge is going to slowly break down over the next few days. what that means to you and me? warmer. temperatures are going to come up into the mid-60s, even low 70s. outside, the mild, kind of cool, chilly again tomorrow morning. frost in the inland bay valleys. tomorrow starts off like today, you've got fog right along the
10:51 pm
coast. it's there now. so there's going to be plenty of coastal fog tomorrow morning. i think that will shoot up into san rafael, into the san mateo area, and toward the richmond area as well. that's coastal fog now. then it should burn off. after that, it's a warm day. the high pressure is building in. that's how we know the fog is going to be dense. it's going to make it tough to see on the great highway. then right away, i think it's going to compress, and go offshore. looking at the pressure gradients, a difference in pressure, all directing offshore. that should ensure that the fog goes away. the high pressure stays in charge really for the next couple of days. high pressure will develop temperatures that will peak on thursday, and friday. tomorrow, and friday. with temperatures upper 60s, low 70s, so really nice. i guess the upshot is we kind of enjoy this, because we're looking at a chance for the rain coming in here on tuesday.
10:52 pm
these yellows, those are 70s. i haven't seen these in a while. tomorrow forecast highs, low 70s. lots of 60s, as well, mid-60s, upper 60s, a really nice day. it looks like this ridge is going to break down. by next week, we'll get some rain in here. that's a more favorable, or certainly more optimistic than it looked earlier in the week. five-day forecast, you see the clouds on monday, that's the beginning of that big fat ridge breaking down, and the beginning of wet weather around here. >> let's keep our fingers crossed and hope we do. >> yeah, it's been a while. the ozone hole over antarctica is the smallest it's been in a decade. it prevents hazardous ultraviolet light from reaching the earth's surface. despite the promising news, scientists say the ozone layer isn't expected to recover to 1960 levels until around 2050.
10:53 pm
a rare bundle of joy. catch a glimpse of the san francisco zoo's newest member. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪
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take a look, the san francisco zoo announced the birth of a sumatran cub today.
10:56 pm
the furry was one born sunday. veterinarians won't know for a couple of weeks whether it's male or female. they're a critically endangered species with fewer than 400 in the wild. let's talk a little sports now. baseball is back, and a lot of optimism this season. >> there should be. the two bay area teams, i think it's legitimate. pitchers and catchers well into their process, down into arizona for both the giants here and the a's. great memories from last season due to linger. one of the best for the giants. game 7 against the cardinals in the nlcs. san francisco blows the deciding 7th game open early. a bases clearing double off the bat of hunter pence. he actually stroked it three times. manager bruce bochy joking today, that his right fielder might add that ability to his
10:57 pm
regular batting repertoire. >> he's going to work on it this spring to see if he can be a little more consistent with it, instead of a one time deal. see if we can do it a few more times this year. hit the ball three times. it's quite an art. it takes a lot of work. that's why we're here in spring training. to see if we can get that down. >> bruce seems like he's in a pretty good mood these days. it's very early in the process. one of the stepping stones to deciding what horses will compete in the kentucky derby, come the first saturday in may. right here in our own backyard. the el camino real derby. for years it seems horses bred in california have been taken a little lightly. they say they don't compare to the kentuckians, so to speak. that notion is now a thing of the past, say the experts that joe fonzi spoke with today at the track. >> i don't see that bias anymore. if you your horse shows his stuff, he's going to be liked
10:58 pm
by the public. if he has proper numbers, things are going his way, they're going to take a look at him no matter where they're from. >> they pick them apart pretty good, especially in the media. california horses, quite a few of them have won back east. some actors will go to great lengths to prepare for a role. it appears will farrell is in that category. apparently the comic will play a security guard at sporting events. this is will farrell at last night's phoenix suns, lakers game. he sigh a a guy by the name of shaquille o'neal does not have the proper pass to be sitting court court side, and he escorts him off the field. as usual, not breaking character, straight face, and of course, shaq plays along, like the good sport he is.
10:59 pm
will farrell, and the security guard. much like the anchorman, i'm sure. a film to be released in the not too distant future. that's the sporting night for your wednesday night. >> he's so funny, he does it with such a straight face. >> he can make anything funny. >> a little off the wall. just looking at him is a crack up. >> what do you think about the giants? i know spring training hasn't even begun yet. do you think the giants and a's, are both going to be good this year? >> the giants, obviously, their main team will be the dodgers who are just loaded with talent, and the a's, have a tough chore to get over on the anaheim angels who have just loaded up. it's going to be tough for them to repeat as western division champs, but both are in for it. it's going to be a fun ride though. >> baseball is back. thanks mark. >> thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time


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