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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 13, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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dense fog advisories have been -- have been extended until 10:00 this morning. but clearing in the afternoon. today the warmest day of the week, still nice by the weekend with partly sunny skies and no rain clouds in the five-day forecast. maybe a few changes some rain clouds in about a week from now. >> yeah. all right, mark. happy surfing. >> yeah. [laughter] that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch the news at noon. we'll have a live report from vatican city. you can see a lot of umbrellas out as they are still waiting for the world's cardinal to pick a new pope. we're always here for you on facebook and twitter. thank you for joining us and have a great day.
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hi everybody, i'm beth troutman, it's time to look at some great videos "right this minute." bad day at the dmv, as a guy nails a security guard. >> supplexing him wwe style down on the ground. >> see what drove the crowd wild, to the in a good way.
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>> it's one of the hottest cars on the road. but this driver -- >> he roasted it. >> feels the pain of losing a lamborghini. >> a couple is out enjoying the scenery. >> then -- >> how they suddenly got a change of scenery. plus a nascar champ pulls an elaborate prank at north carolina's troutman motors. and -- >> to tell us about this shoot we have, my dad, wayne troutman. >> who has the story of jeff gordon inckocincognito. >> the dmv can be an annoying place, long lines, the picture never looks good. but that never gives you an excuse to look like that. [ bleep ] jason scales at a dmv in milwaukee, wisconsin. he's in a tussle with a mall security guard, this because
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jason was playing his music from his cell phone loudly and was asked to turn it down. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] >> of course this was all caught on camera by somebody who happened to be in the dmv. as they turn the corner here, the person with the camera follows. the security guard starts trying to push jason out the door. that's jason grabbing the security guard, and supplexes him wwe style down on the ground to the cheers of the onlookers. >> that's not funny at all. >> you can see the officer had to draw his gun an get this guy out of the dmv. the owner of the property told a news station that this behavior is relatively mild compared to other incidents that have happened in this dmv. >> this poor guy is hired to do a job and protect the people at the dmv. it seems everyone in the dmv
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turned against the security guard. >> that's because there's a general disrespect for authority across the board. >> of course we don't see what jason was doing that led up to this incident, but reports are that his music was playing loudly. he was asked to turn it off. he assaulted the officer first. now jason scales has been charged with disorderly conduct stemming from this incident. lamborghinis are hot cars, super fast. you can smoke people pretty much any time you want. that's what this lamborghini was trying to do in china, but instead is got a little too hot. it went up, turning this lime green lamborghini into a blaze orange lamborghini. this can't be a race this is a public street, right? not a closed track or anything. >> oh, steven. you think people don't race their lamborghinis on public streets? come on, any time that light turns red, you wait for it to
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turn green. we drag race, you know how it goes. >> who are you going to lose to? >> who knows who he was racing, but he roasted it. >> how much do these lamborghinis cost? ballpark figure. >> ballpark, somewhere between 2 280,000 and 330,000. >> if it's 280,000 and 330,000, shouldn't it catch on fire if you race at high speeds? >> not a fan of the green color. >> a shame to see the doors hanging open like that. the scissor doors up in the air. fire pouring out of the top. >> it's nice he turned on his hazard lights. people would not have seen the flames. >> i think that happens automatically in this car. >> before i show thank you video, i have to warn you, it could be incredibly difficult to
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watch. >> boy. >> according to reports this is a father "training" his 1-year-old son to be sent off to the monastery. >> famous in china for its association with kung fu. in this video you see him flinging this young boy around by the arms, by one arm at a time, by the legs. >> whoa. >> many people feel this is child cruelty, child abuse. >> at one point it looks like he's spinning the kid around like he would wind up a towel. i don't know how the kid's arms are not popping out of their sockets. >> some reports say this father has been doing with his young son since he was eight months old. at this point he's a year old. >> i'm hoping it looks worse than it is. i'm not agreeing with what this guy is doing, i just hope it's not as bad for the kid as it appears in the video. >> we have seen videos difficult to watch like this, like in rush
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sharks baby yoga is something that has been encouraged to do with their babies, saying it will cause them to grow bett, strengthen joints and bones. >> reports on this stuff say it's not good, correct? >> reports have come out disputing claims that treatment like this is positive for the chil child. >> i hope you guys are ready to see some cool geology. >> there you go. >> the geology nerd at work. >> the first one is in the uk. this camera caught this event by chance. these people were on a fishing trip, then they started hearing noise coming from the mountains up ahead. then rocks started crumbling off. and then -- >> holy moly. >> a landslide.
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apparently this was caused by the amounts of rain in this area. >> erosion, kids. >> how often do you see that? >> not often. it's great that they were in the right place at the right time. >> and on a tripod. that's a great shot. >> is a great shot. very clear. >> the second video is of a volcano in indonesia. the first video is of the kol vein no volcano in stable states. >> the whole mountain looks like it's smoking. is the whole mountain smoking? >> the whole mountain is actually releasing gases coming from inside the volcano. because of this activity it is causing low-level earthquakes which is causing some of the rockfall that you see on the sides. but also the gases that escape from the cracks and holes around
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this. >> if you stick around when you're filming this, you see this thing, it looks like it will explode any second. you keep filming? i'm glad he did for our sake, but i think i might have high-tailed it out of there. >> this is no simple, ordinary ski run. >> that's a pretty decent-sized hi hill, it looks like. >> see why this one is the very first time next. >> these guys have a for sure way to get a girl's number what do the ladies think? >> once they walk away, get a ♪ i'm your venus [ female announcer ] what does beauty feel like? find out with venus embrace. every five-bladed stroke
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. a jail beating in albany county, new york was caught on camera. but you will never believe who was behind it. this man is a jail inmate. that is walter cleveland. he's 21. accused of raping an 8-year-old boy.
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who jail inmates said they didn't like this guy. apparently one of the corrections officers wasn't a fan of this guy either. he allegedly ord ni lly organiz beatdown of the inmate. he told the inmate if you are pinned up against the wall, the camera angles won't see it. this is a blind spot. as you can see any way, the beating was caught on camera. the corrections officer claims that walter hit him. according to the sheriff, cleveland never raised a hand at these guys. >> this guy is an accused child molester, if he did what he's accused of, it's awful. sure, fights happen within prisons. the difference here, it's not inmates ganging up on inmates. it's one of the guys supposed to be in charge of the prisoner's safe ift safety. >> the officer was a corrections officer for 15 years, he nothing on his record but is now on unpaid leave and out on bail.
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but he could soon be behind bars if they charge this guy. >> he's a crooked cop. he's a corrections officer who is criminal. >> they are all facing felony charges in relation to this inciden incident. >> steven, i have an inspirational ski video for you. in this video, you're watching him. him is covered with this yellow tarp. he actually has cerebral palsy. and is skiing on her spring break with her husband, eric on a biski. her husband is behind her guiding the biski. this is her first experience going down the slopes. >> that's awesome. that's a pretty decent-sized hill. they are weaving back and forth. >> it looks like she's having a blast. her husband is doing an amazing job guiding this biski down the slopes. we see one angle, the go pteet d
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her husband, but we also have her daughter's perspective, another camera skiing behind her mom and dad. look at how amazing this looks. look at the beautiful scenery and how much fun this must have been. >> totally awesome she's out there getting to experience that a lot of people get to do. >> a good day. single dudes of the world, have no fear, there's now a fool-proof way to get any girl's number out listen to the street. you can even do it wearing sweat pants. this is put together by the guys from the whatever youtube channel. >> can i use your phone real quick? i have to call my mom. so call you later? >> sounds good. >> you could say you need to borrow a phone. you get the phone, put your number in, you hit send. your own phone rings say thanks for the number.
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don't like it starting off with deception. however, watch a couple more of these girls. it looks like they are enjoying this experience. >> i had to call myself so i could get your number. >> wow. okay. >> i'll call you later. >> i think this is weird. i think the girls are laughing because they don't know what to make of the situation. it's nervous laughter, not that i think this is cute laughter. >> thanks. >> mm-hmm. >> once they walk away and have a chance to think about it, they'll call you later. >> i called myself to get your number. i'll call you later. >> i also don't like they don't introduce themselves. >> if you liked the guy, would be like, call me, maybe? >> to see this video in its entirety, head to our website,, click on best of rtm. >> that's wild. it's the dating app finding
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someone close by. >> then it turns into a hot or not. >> see how it works on the next "right this minute." still to come, a special engagement where you'll -- >> discover one man's quest for the perfect moment. >> all right. >> find out what his biggest critics said plus -- >> how in the world did you convince the movie theater to let you do this? >> and what do you do with vodka and bacon grease? see if the spiked grease goes down next. >> he's mçó4+y?i
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in a city run by chaos, discover one man's quest for the perfect moment. >> all right. >> we got this video from a youtube channel, that is mark. mark hiller. mark hiller's perfect moment he was searching for was the moment he was going to propose to his incredibly gorgeous girlfriend gabby. >> this is on the big screen at the theater. >> this is on the big screen at the theater. this is actually a proposal video made to look like a movie traile trailer. >> that's mark. i know it's mark. >> this is a full-on story. >> we get to see all of gabby's family. >> there is smoke coming out of my head this is blowing my mind. >> everything gets into the real time.
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she is sitting there in the theater saying where is he? in walks mark with the ring in his hand and pops the question. of course everyone in the theater is like this is the best movie i've seen. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> to tell us more about this amazing moment, we have mark and gabby via skype right this minute from baltimore, maryland. welcome to the show. >> hi. >> how in the world did you convince the movie theater to let you do this? >> i called all the movie theaters in the area, everyone said no. finally he found this independent movie theater. the general manager was awesome and said show it to me first. if i like it, you can do it. thankfully he liked it. >> were people irritated that you got in the way of their movie? >> thankfully we started a couple minutes early so we wouldn't bother them too bad. everyone seemed excited. >> did you ow he would >> i had it all planned out in my mind. it would be a saturday night, my
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friends would be there. it would be in our apartment and we would celebrate after. he ended up doing it at the movies, which i never would have expected. >> was a moment where you get heartfelt. >> you are amazing, beautiful, everything i ever wanted. somehow you stayed with me when i looked like this and this. >> how did you feel sitting there in a theater full of people listening to him say these things about you. >> i think that's the most romantic he's been. it was absolutely amazing. in the back of my moond i was thinking what is the audience thinking about this. >> can we see a close-up of the ring on your hand? >> gorgeous. >> thank you. >> thank you. all right, guys. it's time to get really grossed out. with six bacon grease shots. >> you have your bacon grease. six of them. everyone watched the other video
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yesterday knows that this is real bacon grease. we have -- that should do it. some vodka. >> he already sounds drunk. >> i know. >> it's going to be gross. >> i'm not going to be able to drink it, obviously, i'll have to suck them out. on your marks, get set -- >> there really is vodka in them. they're freezing. >> he's chewing on it. >> it's like vaseline. >> oh, man. >> and even he's grossed out. he's only on number two. >> guess who else is grossed out? >> i hate you so much. >> that has a bacon worm in it. >> he's almost done, beth. >> seriously, it's like he's shoving crisco or vaseline in his mouth.
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>> awful. >> my [ bleep ] will be smelling like the hoover dam. >> he will be locked in his house for good reason. >> he did it. >> so what? >> who cares. >> another brilliant night. the guy in that car is world famous, and this is a big-time prank he's pulling. guess who knows the whole story behind the video. >> we have my dad, wayne troutman, from concord, north
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you guys know i like supercross motorcycle racing, because i think these guys are the best athletes around. take a look. here's why you may agree. this is from the helmet of ryan villapoto, one of the stars of the series. you can see how much work goes into racing in the main event in daytona, just this past weekend. ryan has to work hard. here he is in first place. you see a clear track ahead. of course you have to be on point in every corner. here he goofs up just a bit. >> oh. >> he spins out a bit, loses a couple places. two guys quickly pass him. that put him from first into third place. now he has to play catch up. not only does it take ryan a few minutes to get back that second place, he gets them here in the
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left-hander. ryan eventually goes on to win this race, managing to pass the man in front of him. >> you're right, nick. these guys are pretty impressive athlete athletes. >> you are liable for any damages to the vehicle. stop the car or at least slow down. >> at "right this minute" we love prank videos. now nascar champ jeff gordon is getting into the pranking game. >> i thinking more age on me, wrinkles. a little dorky, maybe some facial hair. somebody that i can pull off a fun branprank with. >> we have jeff gordon behind a chevy camaro with a salesman. >> it's got some power. it. okay. all right. ease off a little. stop! god, almighty!
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stop the car! stop the [ bleep ] car right now! >> jeff gordon is going to kill this guy. >> oh, my god. >> this entire prank is a commercial for pepsi max. pepsi max is so good you don't know it's zero calories. like you don't know this driver is jeff gordon. >> but i've got a fun story behind this video. that, my friends, is troutman motors in concord, north carolina. "right this minute" via skype to tell us about this shoot, we have, my dad, wayne troutman from concord, north carolina. so, how did you end up having pepsi come to shoot a prank video with jeff gordon at troutman motors? >> we had a guy come by one day. he was looking for a site to do this prank video. he decided we had the best location to do all these tricks and stunts they wanted jeff to do. i got to tell you the funny part about this. my dad who is 87, was in the dffice that day.


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