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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  March 19, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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mop. please leave the mop in the house. go to and send me your photos of laziness. see you next time. it was 10 years ago today that the u.s. unleashed shock and awe with the start of the iraq war. good evening everyone, i'm frank knowledge somerville. >> today marks the 10 year anniversary of the iraq war. some are calling it a waste. we're live in lafayette with a reminder of the human cost. >> reporter: one and a 500,000
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served in the iraq war. 10 years later this hill side is a stark reminder of the loss. the crosses on this hill side represent the service members that did not make it home. >> how can you not look at that and not remember. >> reporter: in san francisco names of service members and those fallen are on the block. a group of veterans and human rights organizers reflected on the toll of the war. scott olsen who was critically injured spoke to the crowd today about his experience in iraq. >> 8 of the marines in my batallion did not make it home. i did not see a liberty rock. i saw an occupation. >> the legacy is a broken
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generation. >> reporter: graham is a skilled organizer. they launccampaign, right to heal. >> we're pushing the government to totally over hall the system and provide more case officers and help. >> reporter: more than 30,000 americans were wounded in iraq. back in lafayette, those who did not lose a loved one is still wondering about the cost. >> too many lives were lost and nothing was accomplished as of today. >> reporter: coming up at 6 we'll have more on what veterans think are the important issues they're still facing. more details now on the cost of the war. researchers say it will cost $2.2 trillion. that includes care over
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the next 40 years for those in the war. more than 1 # 0000 people have died including troops, civilians and contractors. it's being said that bush violated laws by starting the war. the lawsuit was filed last week, an iraq refugee. they said they violated laws created after world war ii which defined when and how a country can go to war. >> the bush administration used 9 / 11 as an excuse. they conflating and scared and misled the public. they were able to scare people into supporting a war that had no basis. >> if successful it sets a
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legal precedence by saying the president and the others were liable. >> inside iraq today they marked the anniversary. more than 200 were injured in 20 attacks today. mostly car bombs in neighborhoods. no one has claimed responsibility for the bombings although the prime suspect is al qaeda. an investigation is underway in nevada after 7 marines were killed last night. 7 other marines were injured. hospital officials say one has been discharged, one in fair condition and five in serious conditions. the marines are based at camp la june in north carolina.
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they stopped the use of all mortar rounds. some terrifying moments this afternoon for a mother and her 3-year-old daughter. it happened shortly after 12:30 this afternoon. it went off the road not far from the spring valley golf course. the woman and her daughter were trapped. calvaries road was shut down as crews worked to free the woman and her daughter from the car. the two were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. they're not sure why the car went off the road. a raiders training facility had a karon fire in the parking lot.
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someone pulling up for work called the fire department. firefighters say the building was not in danger. a restaurant has postponed their opening because of a fire. crews put up scaffolding this morning. we reported fire broke out on march march 8th. the general manager said damages are more extensive. they hope to open april 15 but it could take another 3 months. a huge crowd today at the vatican for the installment of pope francis. there was something noticeably missing. >> reporter: gone was the bullet proof glass of the pope mobile. he arrived in an open air vehicle. in front of crowds
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estimated near 200,000 he spoke of serving the poorest and weakest among us. >> we are all protectors of creation of the plan of god written in nature. protectors of one another. >> reporter: vice president joe biden and nancy physical exam lowe policies was there. they watched as the pope received 2 symbolic emblems, wool vest. and fishermen fishermen's ring. >> the ring that he chose is a ring that was designed by an artist who did the work here in st. mary's cathedral. our community is very excited about this connection. >> reporter: near by at sainting nachos. >> he's very familiar with
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people. he walks among them. he recognizes the issues and he seems to be happy in his job. >> reporter: this was a day about feeling connected with a pope who prides himself on being connected. there is new information about the police shooting about shoot in the bay area. he also has exclusive information on what lead up to the deadly confrontation. >> reporter: people are realing over the officer involved shooting. now we know it's tied to a homicide in san jose. he was driving this white honda that was toed toed from the scene. we reported last night the sheriff department said police officers tried to
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stop men in the white honda. it crashed into several parked cars when they tried to escape. a neighbor said this is what he saw. >> several undercover police chasing him on foot running along behind the car yelling at him to stop. then all of a sudden i heard about three shots, three or four shots and then the car veered to the right and hit another suv. >> reporter: we learned the officers did not just happen to see the stolen vehicle but had the driver under surveillance because he's in connection with a homicide in san jose. that case is the reason investigators have not released the name of the man shot
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last night. a woman who said she is a sister of that guy only wanted to comment on the family's sadness and anger. >> the cops didn't have to kill him. they didn't have to shoot him and kill him >> reporter: any idea why the police were wants to talk to him in the first place? >> i don't know. they didn't have to kill him. >> reporter: the sheriff's department has not released the name. metro officeer bruce bartholamew is the officer ininvolved. live in santa clara county. senator feinstein received news today about her gun bill. harry read said it will not include this information. he said there was not
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enough information to get it passed. >> diane has worked so hard on this. she understands going back to the day she found the mayor dead in his office how strong she feels about that. i understand that. right now, her amendment, using the optimistic numbers has less than 40 votes. >> they need 60 votes. the national gun debate also gripped the town where an school shooting took place. police in newtown say gun permits have jumped since the shooting there. the records manager says many have expressed concern that their gun rights will be taken away. an 18-year-old convicted
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killer lashed out at the family. during the hearing the 18- year-old smirked while wearing a t-shirt with killer written on it. when he was asked to address the victim's statements he made a profane statement and gesture. federal prosecutors pressed charges against a man who stole is a box from a museum. it's valued at more than $800,000. andre howard was arrested for stealing an object of cultural heritage. if convicted he could have to pay a quarter of a million dollars fine. taxi drivers showed up at city hall today to complain about an unlevel
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playing field. katy just broke away from that meeting and is live with the long list of issues being disusessed. >> reporter: the san francisco municipal transportation agency was to take a vote on locating all cabs so customers can hail the cabs using a smartphone app. dozens of cab drivers showed up. drivers say they're concerned about the potential of the city allowing hundreds of more cabs in addition to the 1700 on the streets now. >> there were enough drivers to cover shifts. there aren't anymore. if i have a broken leg i have to show up.
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>> why should we follow the rules if we can use the app. >> get out of your seats and do something. that hurt very badly. >> reporter: cab drivers took their protest outside today circleing city hall during 3 hours of public comments. several said they're making 150% less than a year or two ago. it is still a packed house where the focus has turned to the electronic taxi access system. public comment is going on that now. some are wary of the city tracking them electronically. they are providing customers with this info to help the taxi drivers to compete. it's something that just came out of left field.
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i had no clue. it's a disease that may not be at the top of your list but is occurring at an alarming rate. right now, storm tracker 2 picking up showers. some wet for the afternoon commute. i'll show you the areas picking up the most and will pick up the most. back here in 10 minutes. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! don't stress. we can figure this out. [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month
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for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ tuberculocis may not be on your radar but it's something we need to be aware of. it killed nearly a million and a half people worldwide at one time including children. tb can strike without warning and she has perfect case in point. >> reporter: getting screened is a part of preventing tb. it's on the rice in san francisco for the second year in a row. >> i had night sweats and fevers and stuff but i
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didn't think it was tuberculocis. it came out of left field. i had no clue i was exposed. >> reporter: state public officials shared alarming statistics. >> every other day we have a death with tuberculocis. every week a baby under the age of five is diagnosed with tb. many of these children have tragic outcomes. >> reporter: california reports the highest occurences in the u.s.. next 2 are texas and new york. the medical director says the county services are overwhelmed. they only have one appointment available for every 10 calls they get for help. >> when you have to wait on hold for 90 minutes and you have to do it for the next day and next day, you may not be seen and diagnosed and
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mean time you're transmitting tb. >> reporter: they're hoping the federal government will provide for money to combat the disease. new research may make some doctors reconsider vitamin d for pregnant women. they tested bone density of the women and children after 12 years. their findings appear in the medical journal lancet. >> false positive mammogram results -- the study found 6 months later that women with false positives have similar changes to their psychological states.
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they still had symptoms of anxiety. they may need additional support. riverside is the latest county facing lawsuit over the conditions of the jails. they're trying to negotiate a settlement to a lawsuit. in 2011 governor brown ordered lower level offenders be sent to jails. over crowding and poor medical care are now being reported at the county level. the department says they submitted a completed investigation to the alameda county da's office. a former teacher at the school taped a toddler's
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wrist and ankle after refusing to take a nap. california state university will have extra money to spend. the trustees meet tomorrow to make plans for $125 million in extra state funding expected for the 2013-2014 academic year. other possibilities include boosting salaries and paying for increased energy and health cost. university of california is gearing up to maybe allow students to take online testing. it would allow students who cannot get into crowded classes to take it online. it has to be approved by anion person state board. grave concerns were expressed to the state senate and uc faculty members plan to
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talk about this on wednesday. ebay is rolling out a plan to compete with amazon. they seal offer 50 free listings a month and charge a 10% fee if it sells. high volume sellers are charged on flat fee. sellers are frustrated with fee increases. on wall street today the markets reacted to a plan. the do bounced back from early losses. the nasdaq and s&p500 closed lower. it's been less that 2 weeks that we've reported rain. scattered showers showing up.
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showers pick up and rain comes in to the wednesday morning commute. it has not been that wet so the roadings are going to be slick out there. it's been dry dry and then you get wet on there. we're right in the afternoon commute. let's take looks around. not a lot of wind out there but if you look towards @er ton you see a heavier cell. it comes closeer out word the try valley area. significant rain coming down on 68 0e right there. it's widely scattered showers in the forecast tonight. east foot hills we're seeing showers and toward mission peak. go to the east pal lowe alto area, this is a
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majorat. lots of showers peaking around out there. that's just sort of the beginning. i.'s priming the pump as the moist flow gets going. an indication of how wet it could be, it looks like it won't be a major rain produceer because this will get out with the lowe pressure. i have the latest computer model. rain showers for tomorrow morning. is it heavy rain, on the scale of 1-10 this is about a 5 and a half. it goes through tonight and tomorrow morning and then it's out. we need it. we may get a half inch to an inch. tonight's forecast, rain
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starts to move in aggressively by 8:00. when i come back we'll time this thing out for you. thank you bill. a make over and an honor for a big addition to the national mall. i.'s already cost millions of dollars. plus, a police dashcam investigated a suspicious vehicle and when they opened the trunk out popped a deer. why the owner said he put the deer in there in the first place. hello?
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a county judge is postponing the hearing of a hell's angels member. the prosecutor said he fired boo a crowd of people at the nugget hotel in 2011. he was charged with second degree murder. he said he fired to protect himself. the trial is expected to start in july. he's expected to spend four months in jail. plans for a national memorial honor honoring dwight d. eisenhower is up in the air.
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without an extension from congress this year, plans by architect frank gary could be scrapped. it includes 80-foot columns and metal tap pest tries. family says it should be about his humility. >> the design attempts to do too much. >> millions of dollars have been spent on the planning. congressional leaders say their priority is to get a memorial built soon. supreme court herd arguments whether or not companies can be sued over generic brands. they want the high court to dismiss a judgment to karen bart let. she sued after 60% of her
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skin burned after she took a generic version of country morale. they said it should be dismissed because the compositions matched. court is expected to rule later this year. what started this morning about a suspicious vehicle incal mafusz saint louis michigan, take a look. they open the car and out jumps a deer. the animal stumbles and dashes away. it was a patrol car dashcam that caught this. he planned to take it home for food. will unmanned civilian chrons be flying the skies of california. this opened business was damaged with graffiti but
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nothing to compare to what happened to the businesses across the street.
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we've seen unmanned drones used by the military but soon we could celocal glove compartments and companies using them over california. this tells about the fight to bring jobs to our state. >> reporter: if you've driverren along i-80 you may have seen those cropdusters flying over the field. that could be done by unmanned drones. who will make the unmanned drones? it's a business california is fighting for.
5:34 pm
they've been used for spying and attack but they're in our future. >> agriculture, law enforcement, coast guard, border patrol. utilities and communication as well. >> reporter: jeff gay marriage relative la introduced two bills to give tax incentives to manufacturers to stay in california. it would be $94 million over the next couple of years. >> primarily in the commercial nonmilitary operation. >> reporter: there was a hearing today about the law requiring the faa to select six areas in the country where they can be tested. >> the whole idea behind the legislation is to figure outweighs to safely integrate into the air space. >> reporter: two places in
5:35 pm
california are fighting to be the home base. it could mean many jobs. >> i think over the next few years you'll see more use of unmanned air craft in all different kinds of aspects of life. >> reporter: the faa will select the areas of the country that can test the drones. one purpose of the hearing was to get government leaders more involved in fighting for this contract. california high speed rail authority have given up on building their own tracks. they voted to use the bullet tracks. they voted on spending money to improve the tracks. the the --
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police in free month say a thief managed to steal copper. they say the thief first stole a forklift, drove it through a fence then loaded it with copper flat bed wire. it's valued at about $25,000. senator rand paul supports a pathway for citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants. >> first part of my plan must be certified by border patrol. >> he spoke before the us hispanic chamber of commerce. he said illegal immigrants here would be able to apply for citizenship. unlike current regulations they would not be required to return
5:37 pm
home. they could stay here and if they want to work they could get a work viva. >> it would be a result in syria where they're -- chemical victim attack in envelope posterior. the government claims 31 people killed and dozening wounded. white house officials say at this point there is no evidence that a chemical weapons attack happened. a man convicted in september of a multi scam was sentenced today. jay shaw was ordered to serve 20 years in state prison and pay a fine of more than $14 million.
5:38 pm
they took out loans against properties, drained equity and lawn derred money. new at five tonight, business owners are calling for help. live at oakland with all the damage, john? >> reporter: you can see what vandals have done. graffiti all over. it's done in acid so it's permanent. 17 street between franklin and oakland buses with shoppers during the day. sometimes at night different visitors come with a different purpose. >> the glue was sprayed into the locks. >> reporter: someone filled door locks and pad locks with glue. >> this is like something that someone would've had to
5:39 pm
have brought something with them, pre planning it. >> reporter: there has been plenty of vandalism. >> we some on the walls and awning. >> reporter: police said they received no reports after the glue attack. >> there is a lot of security walking around in the day time and they care and do what they can but we need someone at night. >> reporter: this lady owning a store needs more step. >> we need hell's angels, black panthers or whoever can help us keep from closing our doors. >> we've tolerated too much negative behavior. we talk about it and complain about it. we need to support our law enforcement >> reporter: council member guy
5:40 pm
row said the angels are coming this weekend to help with clean-up. the free wifi network in martinez is expanding. they're putting new wireless rare yo transmitters in the parks. the work is expected to be done in the next couple of months. city hall, train station and aquatic center. the demolition that had people thinking they just experienced an earthquake. they're living on. the deal today that will put twinkies back on store shelves.
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this week has been bad for old bridges in texas. demolition experts made quick things happen in fort worth last night. many called 911. outside austin this morning, wow, bridge over the lake took 6 seconds to fall. those people couldn't call 911 because it damaged phone services. a smart watch battle may be on the horizon between
5:44 pm
apple and samsung. they told bloomberg news they've been working on a wrist like watch for a while now. there are reports apple is also developing one but they have not said so. a new york pain are you positive simulate torr judge has cleared the way for twinkies to return to stores. a $400 million deal was approved. this is the largest of five deals concerning the now divideed up host tess company. they were more than a billion dollars in debt when they shut down in november. tonight we're getting a preview of some of the arguments that will be made before the high court. there are light showers falling throughout the bay
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tonight. we're showing you where the rain is offshore. i.'s going to get wet around here. i'll show you more back here in 10 minutes. well, well, well.
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the debate over same sex marriage is taking center stage in washington d.c. the supreme court will hear arguments on proposition 8 one week from today. >> reporter: on tuesday austin will be part of the legal team arguing in front of
5:48 pm
the supreme court. >> i think the strongest part of the case that we have is the fact that marriage is the cornerstone of western civilization. >> reporter: he says it's defined as the union on one man and one woman. >> you don't just throw that out. i hope the supreme court will take pause before acting upon the argument to radically redefine marriage. >> reporter: on tuesday this area will be full of people on both sides of the debates. this decision should be made by americans and not the government. >> we need to keep talking about what marriage really is. >> reporter: marriage provides a child with a mother and father. some visiting from east
5:49 pm
bay say same sex couples should have the same right. >> love is love. we want to be able to have the same rights and privileges as any other couple. >> reporter: the lawyers say they will not talk on camera because they're busy. in washington, ktvuchannel 2 news. audio files and transcripts will be posted on the u.s. supreme court website after the proceedings. they'll hear arguments on tuesday and wednesday. cameras are not allowed in the supreme court but in some cases the court will provide same day audio. in a copy right ruling the supreme court sided with a thai student regarding
5:50 pm
books. people have the right to resale students who want their books. the judge went against the student book seller. they said the copy right holder expires after the first sale. lawmakers said they're worried a merger between airlines will lead to higher prices. >> what we know is putting the two together is we need the plain and the people. >> industry analyst expect the federal government will approve the merger. nasa released photos of the obedience and flow craft. i want to show you animation. if you look carefully you'll see shadows appear
5:51 pm
and disappear. the shadows is from dust kicked up by the collisions. it spent a year flying around the moon to collect data before crashing into the moon. one county is considering banning ecigarettes. the ordinance was introduced this morning and if passed esmokeers would be blocked from lighting up anywhere traditional smoking is prohibited. >> we're tracking rain. >> it's going to linger. there is a lot of moisture streaming off the pacific right now. we're getting light showers here. live camera behind me here, you can see the
5:52 pm
showers here. what we're seeing here the rain drops are dropping down and we're getting showers. this is what's comeing. look at the area of yellow. that's significant rain fall. showers and light showers right now up by mountain view. over towards hey ward. this is light stuff. now we see stuff up in the hills. i've had reports all over the bay area but so far mainly light showers. when this gets in here in the next 20 minutes minutes, 20-30 minutes it's going to start to rain significantly. here is the computer model tonight at 8:00. you see showers. tonight at 9:00 more showers.
5:53 pm
tonight at 10:00 showers on the north bay. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, moistening up, roads are wet and bang, 7 or 8:00, light showers and then the main thing around noon with a little wind. it may be the heaviest rain of the event. then it moves out on wednesday. never do you go oh boy it's perfectly organized. it starts now and ends tomorrow afternoon. hopefully we get up to an inch of rain. in most hours probably a quarter of an inch foe a half inch. forecast highs tomorrow, lots of lowe 60s. that tells you what a warm system this is. five day forecast, looks like we'll get showers into
5:54 pm
wednesday, thursday, then clears up and dries up and thorns into spring again. another budget cut casualty, another white house event. the drive to bring super bowl to the bay area said to take another step forward. what the leaders need to decide tonight. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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the annual easter egg roll at the white house is expected to go on as planned. we have video here to share of last year's event. there was a warning it could be cancelled but the white house said the e-mail went out before they voted to avoid the government shut down. a city council is holding a meeting tonight to vote on several resolutions in support for the 49ers bid to hold the super bowl in 2015. they agreed to the financial request. >> sometimes a larger price to pay along the run can make it even better down the road. >> the nfl's request included them waiving the 9% tax on
5:58 pm
hotels. super bowl tickets would be exempt from two surcharges. they want the super bowl committee to pay back some of the cost. >> we should be able to have the super bowl here. >> they're expected to announce in may if santa claire or miami will host the super bowl. we will have a crew inside tonight's meet egg and we'll have full coverage tonight on the 10:00 news. the fascination with princess diana lives on. some had the opportunity to buy dresses.
5:59 pm
some sold at auction in the itemed kingdom. the center, the midnight bluegown she wore when he danced with john travolta. it sold for $260,000. carnival needs extra time to fix upgrade systems on the ship so they're canceling more cruises. carnival said the triumph will be ready in june. coming up in two minutes, a 35-year-old tradition is jeopardy. why the carnival celebration is in trouble. the latest trend that's causing a housing turn around.


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