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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 20, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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this is a look at the commute. it also looks good on 101 and if you are driving on the peninsula. it's busier than usual. now, let's bring in steve. we still have some rain, santa cruz mountains. there's still some bans going through. temperatures on the cooler side. clearing tonight and mostly sunny warmer weather comes back friday and saturday and probably sunday as well. >> thank you, steve. that's our report for this morning. wee tough for -- we thank you for choosing channel 2 news. >> be sure to join us for the noon news with more on that bethel island fire we've been following all morning. we're always here on twitter. thank you for joining us. have a great day. if you like shrimp, then you're going to love
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hi, every, i am beth troutman and it is time for great videos "right this minute." high winds create highway danger as a trailer starts to sway. >> it is not the trailer that's
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in big trouble. >> how a strong gust blows a semi right off the road. some hikers high on a mountain are stunned to come across this 1-year-old puppy. >> see the amazing rescue from the middle of nowhere. a snow blower clears one side of the highway only to -- >> blow it back to the other side. >> a look at how they roll in the ukraine and we're looking for april fools day videos. we called in mr. april fools himself. hear the expert advice that could land your video on our show. >> a piece of poop in it. everybody loves it. dash cam video, this time from the united states, believe it or not. we're on interstate 80 just outside of laramie, wyoming, and weather reports predicted high, gusty winds in the stretch. keep an eye on the tow behind
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trailer ahead. lots of wide open space and not a lot of trees to protect from gusty winds. see the trailer get out of shape, flopping around, but it is not the trailer in big trouble. it is the truck we're riding in. >> oh! >> 65 miles per hour winds took that semi tractor trailer and flipped it right over on the side. you see the camera crash, dirt coming into the lens. thankfully there were in injuries in this incident. you saw the car in front wobble back and forth and you can't slow downast enough. be making through fine. it is just really luck of the draw, luck of where you are when. two hikers went climbing in
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calgary. when they went down they decided let's execute a rescue. what did they rescue? this 1-year-old puppy. >> they just happened upon a puppy in the middle of the hike? >> they looked around. no people up there. it was getting cold. they thought we're going to rescue this fella. >> looks so cold. >> like a rock, all curled up like a rock. >> how did he wind up on a mountain top. >> i am thinking he may have gotten lost. doesn't look like he is starving. >> when you find a dog and it doesn't have a name, you called him rocco. they put him down and he is like, wait a minute, i like being in your arms and he gets along with the program. you can see they have quite a distance to go to get to the bottom of the mountain. at one point they get to an area where there is no way the dog can get his way down without help. look how cute he is.
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they must have really good hearts to rescue the dog if you go through all of this. it is not easy to do. they're willing and able and dedicated to doing it. they took him to a vet in calgary and for the most part he was okay but had a problem with his eye and had to put sutures in it. today if they took the sutures out if he is okay there is a family waiting to adopt him and the name is now rome. >> no. they have to go back to the trail head and post a picture of this guy at the trail head. somebody lost this dog. doesn't just wind up there. >> they tried to find the owner. they couldn't. he didn't have a collar on and they scanned him for a chip and he didn't have one. this is a good example why you should chip your dog. you don't know where they could end up. usually it is police responding to incidents of road rage. this youtube uploader believes it is the police causing the road rage. this was in charleston, south
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carolina, the guy filming from his vehicle. you can tell the officer, it looks like at first he is blocking this guy, like not speeding up, not letting this guy get around, staying parallel with the other vehicle in the right lane. at first it isn't that big of deal. this is maybe the speed limit. then keep watching this video because it gets a little crazier. the guy with the camera gets in the right lane and eventually passes up the cop. >> acting like a really jack. >> from north carolina and you can see this on the car as he passes. watch what happens after he passes. >> chase me down. look at this! look at this. >> oh, my goodness. >> you see the cop speed up in the right lane, pass the guy up, right in front of him and puts the brakes on. then kind of looks like there is
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a collision there and the officer just speeds up and drives away. >> look at this! [ bleep ]. >> what the officer doesn't know is that this whole thing was caught on camera including his car number. >> which is why we reached out to the sheriff's department in north carolina and they told us they are aware of the incident and do not have a comment for us. >> what in the world is the officer's car doing close to charleston, south carolina, anyway? he is several hours away from his area. >> of course we don't know what happened before this video. maybe he cut the cop off. you have to say it is not really an excuse to brake check the guy like we saw him do in the video. >> i have a couple of videos from two parts of the globe. they're going to make you say what on earth? first video is footage from abc news in australia. what you are seeing is a truck dumping two tons of toxic waste not far from a preschool.
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and in this two tons of toxic waste is asbestos. he did this at 4:00 in the afternoon right when the young kids were being let out of school. >> wait, wait, was this on purpose or was there malfunction on the truck? >> officials believe it was on purpose. some officials say that this truck was kind of casing the area with the license plate covered and then came through about three months ago and dumped this load. they're hoping someone may recognize markings on the truck because he could face a $1 million fine and up to seven years in jail for this. cost taxpayers $13,000 to clean the mess up. from the truly awful to the oddly bizarre, this dash cam footage is how they clear snow in ukraine. if you notice this car with the dash cam is driving down one side of the highway. on the other side of the highway is a snow clearer. not doing a whole lot of good clearing the snow.
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all he is doing is clearing from one side and blowing it on the other side of the street. >> and then come back on the other side ask blow it back. >> you see the driver go through this snow blowing apparatus. >> looks like a storm he is driving through. >> so weird. >> what on earth? a police officer pops the trunk and gets a big surprise. >> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> what's in there? >> oh, my. >> the funny story behind the deer debacle. >> like let me out of here. and b.a.s.e. jumpers perform a crazy stunt off a hot air balloon. >> the first guy lowering down like whoa. >> see what happens when the stunt really gets started. >>
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officer miller was on the beat in kalamazoo, michigan, and notice the car near a hotel and the guy in the car looked suspicious and then he noticed the trunk area and the guy in the car said why don't you see what i got in there. >> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> what? >> deer? >> oh, my. >> that would be a live deer like the scene in tommy boy. are you flipping kidding me? >> what? >> the guy told the officer, listen, i thought it was dead. >> he hit it. he thought it was incapacitated and take it home and use it to feed the family. as you can see, it didn't make it home. >> the deer was like let me out of here. >> might come jumping out of the thing butt first and stumble and how the heck did i end up here and he scurries off and probably hundreds of miles from his family now. >> looking for the trunk release thing in there.
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teeth couldn't get it. >> it was a surprise to the man with the deer in the trunk and the police. guys, we want all of our awesome viewers to have a chance to be featured on our april fools edition of "right this minute". we're teaming up with the e-bomb world to get videos. what kind of videos are we looking for? prank videos, like this one, you may remember it featured on the show, the brother that scared the sister by waiting in her apartment. >> oh, yeah. >> terrifying prank. maybe you remember this prank, remember vitale going around the beach pretending to be a bug exterminator or remember this from easter last year? they decorated this girl's apartment with animals. >> yeah. they turned it into a whole big easter scene. >> oh, my gosh. >> that was a cool prank, a nice
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prank. >> we like everything from nice pranks to scary pranks to funny pranks. >> and we're looking for original user created content. we're not looking for just links to be sent. we want real stuff. >> we want the viewers, someone the viewers know, those people to send us their prank videos and who better to tell us what makes a great prank video than mr. april fools himself, matt dradle. in your expert opinion what makes a great prank video. >> not a lawsuit, not you winding up in jail, but a video that's going to be hilarious and we're all going to get a kick out of and also real. i want to see you fake the pranks and no preset up reaction. >> we can tell the difference. if you made a fake prank video we will know and won't show it. >> one thing we don't want to do is get anybody hurt with the pranks. be careful. think about them. think them through. the one thing about april fools is nobody can prank me.
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just so you know that. don't even try it. >> i think you're getting pranked right now, my friend. point-blank. >> nice. >> wow. >> if you want to be featured on the april fools day special, remember, we're teaming up with e-bomb's world to find the best videos possible. we want to you upload one at "right this minute".com using the my channel feature. you can not star of our show. ♪ the cool bomb squad are about to do something super cool. they're on a hot air balloon.
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one of them drops down on the line. and once he is in place. >> ready when you are. >> the other three get on top of the edge of this basket. >> you do back flip, i do front flip. >> then they go. >> 3-2-1 go. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. the guy dangling below got the good shot of them whizzing by. >> yep. >> that must be an incredible feeling hanging from the rope beneath the basket. there is no engine sound, no plane, no helicopter, none of that. >> then he lets go and he joins them. ♪ looks like the parachutes deployed like they were supposed to and made it down. >> just when you think they can't figure out any new ways to do these kinds of stunts, here you go.
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video of the trap seagull rescue. >> flapping its wings trying to get away. >> why aren't my wings working? >> see how this happens next "right this minute." still to come, two guys leave it all behind to take the trip of a lifetime. >> 5,500 miles through brazil. they didn't like take the quickest route. >> see what this adventure is extraordinary and dad is pulling one nasty a the family. >> oh, man. >> find out what's got everyone grossed out.
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hi. >> i am aaron. >> two buddies in the middle of an adventure of a lifetime, garrett jones and eric servemac, one from britain and one from the states and they have been buddies for a while and kbit their jobs in 2010 and decided to travel 9,000 kilometers, 5,500 miles through brazil from the northern most point to the southern most point and doing it in a unique way. they're making the entire trek human powered. no cars, no buses, nothing. hiking, biking, paddling the entire way. they left in november. currently they're in st. torem and covered 1,457 miles and they
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expect the whole journey will take them 15 months to complete. >> not exactly in a hurry. it is not like they have to get back to work. they quit their jobs so they can take this trip in a leisurely manner. >> what's cool, they didn't take the quickest route like you said. they didn't just go straight down. this is a round about way they chose. they're seeing pretty awesome stuff. check the scenes out from the latest video installment. >> i am dressed from head to toe like a mummy because the fumes are horrible. >> they're dealing with flies and elements and the sun and solitude. they were out there for weeks on end without seeing a single person. then look what happened. >> just to re-establish, we were paddling down the river, haven't seen anyone for a long time. a plane landed and gave us a cold coke. >> that must have tasted like heaven. >> the middle of the rain forest, out of nowhere comes
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this little respite. that's the adventure they're having. they'll put it together in a documentary. you can follow along the journey at to see the regular video updates and stuff. pretty incredible trip. we have a best gag alert. got a trash can nearby? >> yes. >> excellent. i am going to show you oh, my gosh tv and look at this prank he pulls on his kids. warning, if you don't like boogering and think they're disgusting, this ain't for you. i just sneezed this out right here. pretty gross. >> oh, man. >> you can see his phlegm he extracted from himself and he will torture his family with it. >> look. >> ain't a fan.
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>> this is definitely the achilles heel. >> making me cry. >> boogers and snot. >> what is that made of? how is it not falling off the finger? >> is it really a booger, really snot or like slime from a ghost buster set? he claims that it is his snot. >> i don't like boogers. >> this isn't a booger. >> what is it? >> it is fishing line. >> oh! >> give that a minute. >> no! >> this is the worst yet. >> it fell off eventually. >> they don't exactly know where it went. they slow motioned it so you could try to figure out where it went. i don't know why any dad would do that to his family. >> my family does that to me. my nephew's boogers, they chase me. threw up at the park. >> moral victory. >> peppermint gum from my mouth. that helps.
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>> marco! >> a server gets quite a surprise on his work shift. >> see the waiter looking through the checkbook and you kind of see, looks like he had a lot of cash in there, too, right? did they stiff him on the bill? you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. this is one of those videos you think you're seeing something and you're really seeing something else and you figure it out and you're not seeing what you think you're
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seeing. >> i have no idea what i am about to see. >> girls and dressed half black and half white and then they start dancing this choreography to folk rock polka group and you can see why this video is going really super viral. >> that messes with your brain what they're doing with the legs. >> when they do the crossover, really confused whose legs are whose. >> the thing that's weird about it, one of the legs is black and one is white. that makes it look weird and they're just doing leg over leg over leg over leg. >> that combination and the colors is what makes it really crazy and you are looking at it and it is almost like your brain isn't catching up with your eyes fast enough. ♪ >> when they do the legs the same colors and start swinging them you almost think there is another human being there. >> yes. >> monkeys personal pig snowmobile. >> come here.
9:29 am
come. come. come here. jump. up. yay. >> look, look, look, like what is going on? >> he is freaking, dude. he is freaking. >> youtube prank ter andrew hailz and his buddy left a little prize for a waiter from a place they had just visited. >> what? >> look. >> what was the surprise? >> see the waiter looking through the checkbook and you kind of see looked like he had a lot of cash in there, too. did they stiff him on the bill, though? >> he doesn't look very happy. >> the waiter is like the guys here and came and left and paid and what happened is andrew and his friend tipped this guy $500. >> yay, guys, that's awesome. >> for real? they


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