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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 21, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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92. a little bit of slowing over to the peninsula. now, let's go to steve. >> thank you. still patchy low clouds around. sunny today and breezy highs. it will be warmer, friday, saturday most of sunday. but dry for five or six days. >> all right. feel better. >> i wish. >> that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. see you the next time news breaks. >> watch ktvu channel 2 news at noon. we'll have more to president obama's trip to the east, criticism of israel and also how he handled that heckler when he was talking to university students. we're always here for you at thanks for joining us. have a great day. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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hi, everybody, i am beth troutman. it is time for videos "right this minute." update on the deputy involved in what --
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>> looks like a road rage incident. >> a sheriff's deputy from north carolina. >> meet the driver that called 911 and had the goods to back it up. >> you don't have to listen to what he says. i got it all on video. >> panic at a store after a baby stops breathing. >> the mother is rushing to the counters looking for help. >> what happens when a complete stranger takes control? >> i like skinny jeans. sometimes they're not skinny enough. >> it is a new campaign for the ultimate in skinny jeans. >> they are in fact spray painted on. >> is the new product all it is cracked up to be? you will see. what happened when police aren't in tune with a fool for the music? >> he is completely naked with nothing but black shoes on. >> oh, you bet. we have all kinds of updates on a story i brought you guys yesterday. do you remember this from charleston, south carolina, a
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driver caught a sheriff's deputy north carolina on video in what looks like a road rage incident. he was blocking the lanes and the driver got in the right lane and the officer pulled up in front of the guy, got in front of the driver with the camera and brake checked him and in fact they did run into one another. we have that confirmed. get this. the sheriff deputy craig culpepper resigned shortly after this incident was addressed by the oslo county sheriff's office. we reached out to the oslo county sheriff's department five times and they have yet to give us a comment on this. we911 call from the driver taking the video. his name is chad walton, and you can hear in the call just how scared he was. >> 911. do you have an emergency. >> i am on the interstate being chased by a sheriff's deputy from north carolina.
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i am scared for my life. >> we have chad walton, the driver who filmed this incident, joining us via skype. walk us through this incident on the highway. >> the officer is doing 50 miles an hour. he was under the speed limit in the left-hand lane. i let him get ahead, gave him an opportunity to get over and i flashed the highlights at him and he did an initial brake check and i turned the camera on. >> after you hit him, did you pull over or exchange information? did you talk to this deputy? >> no, no. got into the right lanes as i went by and he got behind me, followed me and i was on with 911 discussing what happened and i was going to go to a safe location and i ended up going to one of the local malls in the area. >> did he end up following you to the mall? did he go into the parking lot with you? >> he followed and stopped right behind me when we stopped. the other cops went and spoke with him first and told me to wait by my truck and i pulled one of the officers to the side and i said you don't have to listen to what he says, i got it
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all on video and as soon as i said that the entire mood changed with the officers there and they kind of just stood around and started calling people and trying to figure out what to do. >> what do you think would have happened had you not recorded this video? >> if i hadn't recorded they would have been taking me to jail and believed everything the cop said. >> we did get in touch with craig culpepper, the deputy. he told us he would like the story to just die, go away. we asked him what he was thinking and he said he wasn't thinking at the time and if he was, he wouldn't have done what he did. >> i thought i was dealing with a full out dead child, just dead child. she was not moving, totally limp. >> security cameras caught a terrifying moment. we got this from 7 news in australia. this is a supermarket in perth. pay attention to the woman carrying the 2-year-old child. you can tell she is panicked. according to reports this child had a seizure and in this moment the mother is rushing to the
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counter looking for help. immediately you see two shoppers try to assist the child. at first they think the chields is choking. we see the child's father running in in a complete panic. a complete stranger to the mother and the father, he springs into action. he began performing mouth to mouth and cpr on the 2-year-old and does this for nearly a full minute. miraculously she began breathing again. then the father goes in for an emotional hug with this perfect stranger that saved his daughter's life. >> had the child had seizures before? >> the child was later taken to the hospital. turns out the child suffered the seizure due to a high fever. she was kept over night. she is doing okay now and is back home with her parents. >> i thought that she was going to die on me, yes. i appreciate what he did and i am lucky that he was there. >> it is just the situation that could have gone either way.
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security bars at this train station were very good. >> very? >> that was intentional. it was the accent because this bear is charging against the bars at this window at this train station and he is very determined to get through. look at him. he backs up, gets momentum and boom. this is the train station that apparently isn't used very often. >> i see why. >> caution, bear attacks possible. >> there are photos that were published on the siberian times that show that maybe some of the travelers were coaxing the bear with treats and that is why the bear started charging at the window which would make sense and it is also mean if they were taunting the poor bear. >> they were probably thinking they were doing something nice by feeding the bear but never
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feed wild animals. >> i know it is siberia but those look like krispy kremes. wouldn't those lure any wildlife out of the woods. >> it would lure me out of the woods. >> i love the first picture like give me that doughnut. >> eventually it looks like maybe the bear does end up walking away. >> that's a hairy commute. youuys remember the song the rhythms goingo get eventua >> it did get this guy. this is at the ultra music festival in miami last weekend. see the little blob right there just beyond the fence? like a pig or something. >> it does look like a pig laying in the grass. >> you may think so. wait until police approach this man. let's say this man is out. >> completely naked with nothing but blas shoes on. >> he is feeling the rhythm. he hops up, grabs his booty and
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dancing around. police around giving him too much of a problem yet. maybe they are calling for backup. >> he just keeps going. >> one officer throws down maybe the pants or shorts and bends town to pick them up showing the other officer the vertical smile. >> in front of her face. >> it is not the grand finale. >> are you kidding ? >> the one woman throws a cuff around the left hand and with the right hand he becomes a real jerk. off they take him to the cop car. >> this guy is no clothes, black shoes, dancing in front of the cop and then begins to touch himself in front of everyone. >> this festival tends to inspire the naked art. you may remember this video that went viral last year of a woman getting jiggy with a tree. she got wood could you say? at the same ultra music festival. >> what are they feeding the people that go to this festival?
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rescue video of a seagull that is stuck in a tree. >> it is flapping its wings trying to get away. it can't. >> see what got this bird all tied up and how they set it free. >> that's not easy. >> plus a guy drives down the street, pulls over. >> watch what's going on as the car gets closer. >> what? >> the story behind the windshield whacker.
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this video has a seagull in a pretty awful predicament. you can see it is flapping its wings trying to get away but it can't. it is stuck in this tree but not because its wing got stuck on a branch. there is a kite string wrapped on its wing and that's why it can't fly away from this tree, so the guys over at smart
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rescue, a team inside the l.a. animal services came to the rescue. >> that's not easy. >> especially because you know they can bite really hard. well, ramone, we're seeing go up the ladder is able to get to the seagull and grabs it and you can see the seagull biting at him, probably hasn't figured out he is trying to help. >> we see ramone cut the string. he grabs the seagull and carry it is back down. the whole thing caused quite a commotion. you see there are quite a few spectators. >> there were dogs to greet him on the ground. as if getting stuck in the tree wasn't scary enough now there is dog that is want to chase birds. >> the impressive probably very uncommon rescue. >> ended up taking him to the international bird rescue center in california and it didn't have any injuries and is free to steal sandwiches and people's food from the beaches once again. more russian dash cam video. although they may look similar,
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very different. look what happens here, a bus goes speeding up the bus lane and the car cuts the bus off. somehow the bus goes around, doesn't seem to hit anything and the car that caused this near catastrophic wreck, the dude is like thanks,man. >> they didn't notice this just happened? >> they did notice. the driver gets out and like i got a little -- that's it. see that? the bus driver comes out and tries to fight the guy, right? >> he doesn't. he looks like he has a couple of choice words for him. i don't know if that is the bus driver or not. give him a nudge like you jerk, what were you thinking? talk about insane. let's move over to this. this guy is pulling through the neighborhood, pulls over to let another car come down the street. it is a narrow street. watch what's going on as the car gets closer. >> is someone on the hood? >> oh, yeah, and the guy is kicking in the windshield of this car. >> what? >> some reports say that is a jealous husband trying to take
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out vengeance on his wife driving the car. >> if you're driving down the road and there is someone on the hood of the car kicking in the windshield, what do you do, slam on the brakes so they fly off? >> that's exactly what you do. the love the driver's lack of reaction. >> he just pulled away. what do ouo sh? american eagle, the latest product, the skinny skinny. listen to this. >> skinny jeans, sometimes they're not skinny enough. >> what? painted on? >> they are in fact spray painted on. >> it comes in a can? >> in a can? >> what do you do with the jiggly parts in the front? >> you wear a man thong to keep it together and spray over there or wear a long shirt. >> if you go to a website and try to add it to your bag for 49.95. >> 50 bucks for a spray can? >> jeans are expensive.
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>> expensive for a can of paint. >> it will say sorry, it is temporarily sold out. lots of people online are talking about this saying could this be an early april fool's prank? it looks legit. customers are calling american eagle stores. the stores are saying, yeah, this is real. they're not commenting saying they're just not out yet. >> if people start walking around in spray painted pants i will have to live in my home. >> good time to remind the viewers we're teaming up with the e-bomb world asking the viewers to send in your prank videos and there is a chance you can be on the show. upload it and use the my channel feet and we'll pick the best of the best to make it on the show. it is a little girl's video wish. >> she just wants a real live unicorn. i felt the same way at that age. >> see the video wish next "right this minute" and still to come, a racing champ takes a new
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super car to the slopes. >> he is not exactly taking it easy. he is on the pedal. >> why it is the quickest lift on the mountain. for these guys getting a girl's number has never been easier because -- >> they're not saying anything. >> do you want my number? >> miss mind blowi [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile.
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>> quickly and sloppily. >> on the smartphone and the ipad and tablet. this new invention called the minimum will help you type quickly and sloppily on a small keyboard and everything that comes out on the device is correct. >> so you're talking like if i am a sloppy texter, whatever i am typing will come out exactly the way i intended it to. >> without the keyboard covering half the screen. >> we designed it from the ground up to allow delightfully fast sloppy typing on as small a keyboard as you want. you can type accurately reclaiming the space. >> you type the same way you normally type and be as sloppy as you want and the text will come out accurate. you can turn anything into a keyboard, your watch, a piece of paper, a ring. >> when will i i take two piece and a wire and paper and draw it and that's not how i am going to text somebody. >> it is showing how this could be used. >> i like the fact have you way
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more screen space. times when the keyboard comes up you lose so much you are trying to read and respond to and people with large thumb woos benefit for this. >> greek for the fat fingers. >> it is a go go praj and less than 30 days left and they already surpassed the goal. >> call your friends and we appreciate any support you give us. randy loves his lettuce. ♪ lucky enough to get your hands on a brand new super car, a snowy mountain pass will probably not last place you would want to drive it. this is the brand new mcclairen mp-412 spider, one of the latest super cars on the market and runs around $229,000 base price.
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once you add in options it gets up to around $346,000. yeah, why not go drive it around a snowy mountain pass. reece at the wheel of the car is a champion race car driver and record hlder and see, he is nott easy up love land pass in colorado. it is a spider. you want to really experience what it feels like to drive the beautiful car. it is to announce the debut of the car. mcclairen put the video out to show even though it has a ton of power and looks great, all the mechanical and computer wizardry keeps this on the road, all the traction control and, you know, technical bobbles help drive this car. instead of just going off the road, it can actually drive this thing. >> people are lining up outside the dealership to take one of
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these up? >> i would believe so. usually the cars are sold before they get to the dealership. hitting the cliffs of hawaii for extreme cliff jumping. >> what? did he need a parachute for that? >> i mçó4+y?i
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they tell you don't feed the animals. irpt to see in this case don't tease them. it is mean. got the girls in the car and
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they have french fries and you have birds at the window come d ing to get them. you notice the window? >> it is closed. >> and the poor birds can't get at the french fries. >> it is a good way to get the window broken. a bird could easily come flying in and shatter the window. >> it is more than just one bird. there is a whole group of them. we know what these birds are doing. they're hanging out waiting for the krispy kreme guy to drop the doughnuts. this is like an appetizer. >> and you wiped the fry all over the window and you wasted one that nobody will eat. >> and it hits the window and flies away. >> bird enthusiasts will not be happy about this nor french fries. >> the guys from the whatever youtube channel keep coming up with just creative weird ways to get girls' numbers, strangers. we saw them once before do the
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trick where they're saying can i use your phone for a second, i need to call my mom and put the number in the phone and hit send and their phone rings and you trick them that way and this time they're not saying anything. ♪ >> hi. do you want my number? >> oh, my gosh. >> what is happening here? over and over again these dudes just go up to girls and -- >> this is mind blowing. >> they put the number in the phone. all the time that we spent worrying about i don't know what to say to her, i don't know. >> don't say anything. girls in by keikinis, working o on the beach. >> if someone came up and handed me their hone.
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>> are you sure it isn't set up? >> it has to be. >> this disappoints me so many females are willing to give their number away to a stranger. >> they do try this on dudes. >> what is this? >> the guy had ht reaction i would have like what is this? >> less is more i guess in this scenario. >> i wonder how many of those were 8675309. >> yeah. >> if you want to see this head to best of rtm. one thing is clear, extreme sports and activities seem cooler if one super tramp is involved and this video couldn't be any more true. >> whoa. where are they? >> these guys are in hawaii and they're cliff jumping. of course cinematically captured by devan graham. >> did he need a parachute for that? >> i feel like he did. >> that seemed like a really high jump and may have been just the perspective and they are jumping off really high cliffs and


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