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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 22, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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we're live in san jose where a portion of 280 is closed after a body is found on
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the freeway. a violent attack on a packed muni bus in san francisco. what we have learned about what happened and the man police are searching for. developing news from virginia. three people are today following an overnight shooting sat a marine base. the new information just released in its investigation. it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, everybody it is friday, sounds very good to say that. march 22nd i'm brian flores. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. you will not believe who is here for us on the weather this morning. >> yeah i wanted to come in and meet brian. >> and you don't need any sleep any way. >> couple hours. >> nice to be here. the weekend is shaping up. we're right there basically. we are heading for daytime highs. we are going to warm upright through the bay area week. see that pink or purple area?
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that is a gail warning off the coast. it will be breezy today. when i come back, i'll have the forecast for your winds and also the day-time high forecast for your neighborhood on friday. good morning, to you. traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area. there are a couple exceptions. for the most part we have a good looking commute in the area. this is highway 24 westbound. the traffic is moving along very nicely with no major problems. if you are driving on interstate 880 the traffic here also looks good. but we have a big problem in the south bay. ktvu janine de la vega is at the corner of highway 280 of a fatal accident. >> reporter: that is right i'm in the southbound lanes of highway 280 where there is only one lane open the fast lane because of the california highway patrol is conducting their investigation. 911 calls started coming in about 3:15 this morning after
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people spotted a body in the roadway. now to get more information exactly about how this all happened we go to chp officer tony tam. can you tell me what appears to have happened here. >> just after 3:15 this morning we received a call of a pedestrian in the roadway. units arrived on scene. there were several vehicles that stopped to protect the body from getting run over again. we had no information at this time. we don't have any suspect vehicle information. if anyone was until the area that saw anything or hear anything please give us a call. >> reporter: do we know if it's a male or female? what age? >> i don't have age. it appears to be female at this point. we're waiting for the coroner to arrive on scene. >> reporter: you mentioned this will be a challenge. other law enforcement agencies helping you out to try to find where this vehicle might be that is responsible? >> we broadcasted to other agencies in the area to be on
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the look out for vehicles with fresh is traffic damage. >> reporter: we're told body is in the number three lane. only one lane is open. can you give me an estimate when you think all the rest of the lanes will open? >> coroner should be here approximately 4:45. we're wrapping up our measurements so around 5:15 or as soon as possible. >> reporter: thank you for information. we'll continue to be out here monitoring this situation. again, waiting for the coroner to arrive and only the fast lane opened here on 280. reporting live in san jose janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are looking for a man they say attacked a teenage girl and her mother. that happened when she tried to board a muni bus. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong is in the district with a description of
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the suspect and what may have provoked the attack. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this is where it all happened. we're add the intersection where this attacker apparently got on a bus and ended up pushing and strangling and robbing a woman. the search for him still around way. according to the examiner this all happened last weekend at about 7:30 at night. the mother and 15-year-old daughter were standing at the back of the bus when two people got on the bus. one man was a large man who tried to push his way on to the packed bus. he told the examiner he kept pushing and pushing. that is when he apparently punched the girl anded strangling her. when the mother tried to stop it, she was punched too. while this was going on the second man stole the mother's purse. the man attacked the pair is
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described as a large man. bald in his 30s. he was wearing a black suite shirt and red and black headphones. the victim did not get a good look at the second suspect but police are hoping surveillance video will help track the two people down. back out here live in the exsell yarr district. you can see muni buses are running. we are hoping to talk to suspects. the commander has just wrapped up a conference when he said a male marine killed two service members one man and one woman before committing suicide. it happened at marine base quant koa. the commander died an earlier
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report that the gunman barricaded himself in the barics. >> two other victims a male and female both active duty marines were pronounced dead at the scene. >> reporter: the base was put under immediate lock down which has since been lifted. investigators call the incident an isolated shooting. vallejo police are looking for a man that assaulted a woman in hans park. he grabbed the woman about 3:30 monday afternoon. he tried to choke her and move her to a creek bed. the suspect drove off. the car is described as an older model silver or gray
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accra integra. city auditor courtney listed more than a dozen violations. the audit accuses them of using their power to the bidding process. both brooks and reed deny any wrong doing. ktvu news also learned reed is the target of a second investigation. we've obtained a report for a private investigator look working for a business at the army base. that report includes an speer view with a man who claims his business partner claimed to get information from city hall. >> what was that money for? >> just so he can get whatever he wants from the city. >> how do you think he was doing that? >> because he had connections. he had a connection.
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>> it's just really mind boggling to me someone can say they end a relationship with someone else that they pay me $50,000 because i wanted to retire. well, i'm still here. i just got reelected. i have never taken a dime. >> councilman reid tells us he is hiring a lawyer and is confident a full investigation will clear his name. happening now president obama is wrapping up his three- day visit before heading to jordan. we want to show you new video of president obama visiting a holocaust museum in jerusalem. from there president obama heads to jordan the last stop on his mideast trip. time is 4:36. today we will find out if any bay area air traffic control towers will be closed.
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five air traffic control towers here in the bay area are on a possible closures list. they include concord, livermore, santa rosa, and napa. the faa has decided to shut down as many as 238 air traffic control towers across the country because of sequestration budget cuts. there are more impacts on the way. the house of representatives passed a stopgap spending bill yesterday to keep the government running for the next six months. the bill now goes to president obama for his signature. the legislation leaves in place $85 billion in spending cuts to the pentagon and domestic programs. as a result hundreds of thousands of government workers can expect temporary furloughs over the next six months. time now 4:38. that spending bill requires a clause a saturday mail delivery to continue. despite that plans to cut saturday service should
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continue. they say they have to make the cuts to keep the postal service in business. the golden gate bridge is completing the conversion to an electronic toll taking system. the board is voting to change the speed limit of the toll plaza from 15 miles an hour up to 25 miles an hour. then sometime between early tuesday morning and wednesday evening the last toll taker will leave the bridge. drivers will have to use a fast track or set up an account linked to a credit card and license plate number. >> it will be a big change. >> big change. yeah. 4:38. speaking of traffic. sal what does it look like? >> it looks pretty good so far brian and pam. we are off to a decent start. there is one exception. unfortunately we are working a fatal crash in san jose. it's a body on the freeway. janine de la vega is out there right now talking to chp trying to get more information.
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but we have three lanes blocked. southbound 280 in the area of mclaughlin. you can see a heavy police presence here. southbound 280 still getting through. the body is there. the coroner has not arrived on the scene. this will cause delays if it stays out there for any length of time. now as you can see the traffic so far is down to one lane but it's very light. we're not seeing any major delays. again ktvu janine de la vega is on the scene and she'll have more on this incident coming up. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that is light there. no major problems as you might imagine getting into san francisco. unlike a few days ago the weather much better. it's clear. it's not wet out there. you should have a pretty decent drive as you drive through most freeways in the south bay. at 4:39 filling in for steve bill martin. how are you doing? >> i'm well. how about you?
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>> i'm doing good. >> steve is still under the weather. yesterday he was coughing a little bit. i'm here and happy to be here. your friday is here. the weekend is here. temperatures on the increase. we started off with warming up yesterday a few degrees. today we come up a few more degrees. all the weather systems two to the forth. as it does it's creating winds offshore. i know most of us won't notice it unless you live out on the coast. the winds will be howling. we have small craft advisories out on the water. the winds will be blowing 34 miles an hour. it's a lot of breeze. and that wind very reminiscent of spring. we will feel very spring like here. as we move on these numbers will get in triple digits. temperatures outside currently. that is frost free. i think some areas around napa
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you may see a little frost. it's a little milder this morning. there is no fog out there at all. getting around is easy. your friday noontime temperatures, temperatures by lunchtime will be in the low to mid 60s. when i get back specific numbers for your area. we'll do the five-day forecast as well. new information about a san jose high school student hit and run by a train. and in texas a car chase a shootout then a crash. the connection it could have to a high profile killing in colorado.
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welcome back time is 4:44. we are learning more about the death of a san jose teenager that was killed by a train. he was walking home when he was killed. investigators have now determined that he was wearing headphones and listening to
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music as the train approached. he was a junior at lincoln high school and loved playing guitar. his friends and family came to share memories of him during an emotional vigil. >> i just want donae back. >> cal train already had plans to install fences in the area where donae was killed. his mother is also asking other parents to warn their kids about walking along the tracks. lei la was riding her bike to school back in november when she was hit by an suv. investigators have now determined that the girl was add fault for the crash because she should have yielded to the suv. her family rejected the police findings and launching its own investigation. a parolee wanted on felony weapons charges is still missing after he evaded police
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in a san jose neighborhood. officers tracked him down yesterday afternoon. police say he ran off. disguarded a loaded gun and jumped fences to escape. officers set up a perimeter, went yard to yard searching for him but they did not find him. law enforcement agencies are trying to figure out if a shootout with deputies in texas could be linked to the killing of a colorado state prison chief. it started yesterday afternoon ending with the death of a colorado prison inmate who was out on parole. the man's car had colorado license plates and matched the description. >> he did his job quietly and intently. he cared deeply about his staff and his family and the community. >> one officer was injured in the shootout. authorities say a runner outside of clements home at the
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time of the shooting may be a key witness in the case. we are learning more about the man that killed a chp officer. 36-year-old christopher lacy shot officer young symptom. we know lacy was diagnosissed with bipolar disorder. police say he was a loaner that expressed antigovernment views but we may never get an exact motive for last years shooting. the fight over reward money could heat up. $1.2million is up for grabs but there are several people who say they're the ones that helped police find him. dorner is suspected of killing two police officers and two civilians before getting in a gun battle with police in big bear that ultimately led to his death. agencies hope to hand the money out by mid april. they plan to listen to tapes and reports before making the final decision on who gets that money. u.s. supreme court takes up
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proposition 8. a berkeley couple are aplunge the plaintiffs in the historic case. they say prop 8 is constitutional. >> this sends a message to kids and families that equality is important. and that is huge. because that lives long after we're gone. >> same sex couples say they should receive the same benefits afforded to hetero couples. prop 8 supporters say hetero sexual marriage is an institution of society. stay with us. david stevenson will be at the supreme court for tuesday's oral arguments. and we'll have a special at 6:30 on tuesday night. we'll break down the arguments and gauge reaction from washington, d.c. to the bay area. tickets going fast for
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tomorrow's ncaa tournament game at hp pavilion. cal will take on syracuse university after the golden bears upset unlv. san jose has hosted the tournament three times in seven years. each time bringing in an estimated $20 million to the local economy. we were hoping that cal would advance but unfortunately lost to memphis. >> yeah last 30 seconds of that st. mary's game was heartbreaking but exciting at the same time. >> yes. time is 4:49. you will be watching? >> i'm telling you man, cal tried to give that game back by missing free throws. are you kidding me? there was a little bit of yelling at my house. >> i would have them stand there and make 20 for every one they missed. >> you were reading twitter. that's what they said. we do have some traffic trouble out there in some areas.
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80 westbound looks pretty good. eastbound 80 i see a couple flashing lights. i do want to mention that in social security lee toe southbound 101 just before the waldo tunnel a large bolder rolled down the hill and hit an suv. southbound 101 there is a boulder out there. if you know the area it came off that hill there. we'll let you know more about that. let's take a look at the bay bridge it's light at this time in the morning with no major problems. we're also looking at 280 northbound. 280 northbound and southbound are okay. southbound 280 at mclaughlin three lanes are closed for an investigation of a fatal crash. janine de la vega will have more on this coming up. let's go to bill martin. good morning, sal. temperatures outside are mostly in the upper 30s and low 40s. it's kind of mild outside. steve is sick today.
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that's how i ended up here. steve will be back on monday obviously. we've got wind out there right now. right along the coast are the strongest. i'm seeing wind gusts 20-25 miles an hour. that will increase this afternoon. are you traveling across the country. there will be weather. so some flight delays possible as you move toward the eastern sea boards. if not if you are staying close to home, clear skies. more sunshine today than we saw yesterday. warmer daytime highs than we saw yesterday by about five degrees. another bit of a warmup. we look at current temperatures. 51 in fairfield. 42 in concord. those are some of the coolest spots. there is no rain heading our way. the next shot of rain shows up as we get into next week. offshore with the stronger winds the swells are picking up. how does that impact you? if you are going to the coast, it will be fog free. be careful.
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70 today in fairfield. 70 in brentwood. 67 in berkeley. 69 in oakland. these are the forecast highs for your afternoon today. not bad. a little warmer as we head into saturday. a little warmer as we head into sunday. next time you see me i'll have a five-day forecast. >> thank you. 4:52 is the time right now. raising money for the america's cup. why the plans are raising concerns among those who live along the san francisco waterfront. and an explosion in golden gate park. strange discovery that prompted a bomb squad to take action.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news san francisco police blew up world war ii era hand grenade. a man using a metal detector found the device right near mall lard lake. he said it looked real when he dug it up so he called police. investigators are trying to find out how that grenade ended up there but they doubt there are anymore buried in the park. people who live near the san francisco waterfront don't want their neighborhood to pay the price for a series of concerts at pier 29. the concerts are designed to help pay the cost of yacht races. organizers hope to book up to 30 concerts in an amphitheatre
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with the first scheduled for may 31st. >> just the people it will draw. you know. and the crowds. the access and the types of people that will make it not too safe. >> we'll have neighborhood security that is being paid for by live nation. we'll have neighborhood police. >> concert organizers say the music will end by 11 on weeknights and 11:30 on weekend nights. the organizers add they want to work with the neighbors to work out other details. today blackberry launches the new z-10 touch screen in the u.s.. the head at blackberry is taking a swing at apple. the lack of innovation has left the interface out of date. iphone users have to go in and out of apps. that doesn't allow for multitasking the way the z-10 does. it will be interesting to see how they do. time is 4:56. sal, you are smart.
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how are we looking at traffic? >> we're looking at problems in san jose. southbound 280 at mclaughlin. there are three lanes blocked for an investigation of a body on the freeway. we'll have more on this coming up at the top of the hour. the second problem is in marin county on southbound 101. chp running a traffic break and leading cars down the waldo grade because of a boulder that is blocking at least one lane and hit one car. we'll also run that down for you coming up. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light. let's go to bill martin. thank you. good morning. happy friday to you. it's looking good today. numbers will roll up. instead of mid and low 60s temperatures will be in the mid to high 60s. temperatures will begin to increase. we'll see very warm conditions out there. right into sunday offshore you see it's clear as we go into friday. today it will be a little


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