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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 22, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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breezy. small craft advisory offshore. warming up as we go into your friday and bay area weekend. five-day forecast shapes up like this. not bad. what do we need? we need rain. it looks like as we get into tuesday night into wednesday we may have a shot of showers. when i come back we'll have more forecasts for you. >> thank you, bill. coming up on our 5:00 hour a dog stolen after its owner fell asleep on bart. the reason the small dog plays a big role in the owners life. breaking news from san jose. what we have learned about the death of a pedestrian. [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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a grim fatal accident on the freeway has a portion of 280 in san jose closed. a deadly overnight shooting at a u.s. marine base. what we have learned about the gunman. a service dog is stolen off after of a bart train. we'll tell you why this is no ordinary dog. also the countdowndown for compute -- countdown for computers as the golden gate
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goes electric. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning. it's march 22nd i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather an traffic. steve is under the weather but we have bill martin here. >> steve is hurting yesterday. i snuck in here. because it's friday i can get away with this. [ laughter ] here's the deal the weekend looks good. temperatures will warm up. we're looking at daytime highs in the mid to upper 60s. a warmer day for your friday. there is no fog out there. the weather feature you will be noticing is the breezy conditions. kind of windy out there. when i come back i'll have the specifics for the forecast in your neighborhood. southbound 101 we still have flashing lights near the waldo tunnel. a large boulder came down and
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hit an suv. it looks like it's confined to the shoulder an traffic is moving through. we are following breaking news out of the south bay. a woman was hit and killed on southbound 280. that is where we find janine de la vega. >> reporter: the coroner just arrived here in the last 15 minutes. it's pretty grim out here because a body is laying in the number three lane. this is the 280 southbound lanes where the traffic is only open in the fast lane so the chp can investigate. here's what we know at around 3:15 this morning someone driving on 280 called 911 after spotting the body of a woman lying crumpled on the freeway. the chp arrived and could not find any vehicle with damage that hit the william. investigators believe she was a pedestrian. somehow. was walking on the freeway and got hit by a freeway that then sped off. >> we have i believe two vehicles stopped three vehicles
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that stopped. we are going to get information from them. as far as difficulty we have no information so it's very difficult. >> reporter: there was this man on the scene that chp is calling a witness. he was crying and the chp was comforting him. it's unknown if he actually knows the deceased or not or was just traumatize by the scene. chp has asked everyone to be on the lookout for any vehicle that has fresh damage. back out hire live again multiple chp cars that you see here in the southbound lanes of 280. cars are slowing down because they have the flairs up there. but right now the time estimate that we have is maybe in a half hour all the lanes will open and they will clear. they just don't know. we'll continue to be here to update the situation.
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reporting live from san jose janine de la vega. time now 5:03. developing news from northern virginia. three people are dead in a shooting on the quantico marine base. a male marine is suspected of shooting two fellow marines. a man and woman and killing himself. coming up at 5:15 and all the details from the very emotional news conference from the base commander earlier this morning. back here at home police in vallejo are searching for the man who assaulted a young woman in hans park. a man resembling this police sketch grabbed the woman on the trail about 3:30 sunday afternoon. then he tried to choke her and take her to a creek bed but she got away. now the suspect escaped. the car described as an older model silver or gray accra integra two door with gray primer on the rear bumper and
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fenders. a woman is desperately trying to find her dog who was taken from her while she was sleeping on bart. tara moriarty joins us with more. >> reporter: kara survived a plane crash as a child and this dog helped her cope with the anxiety she has suffered ever since. she has put up these fliers of archy. he is a stolen service dog. specially trained. disappeared on a bart train. she has put up these fliers. archy is a one-year-old pom rain january that was in a carrier next to her. she fell asleep and when she woke up, archy was gone. she was heading home from a san francisco spca fundraising event. she has been looking for archy around the clock. going to shelters. filing various reports.
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if you have any information you are asked to contact bart police. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. san mateo police will be back at ayr gone high school after receiving a threat from the school. police say they will be there again and through the weekend as a precaution. the house of representatives passed it yesterday. it keeps the government funded for the next six months. now the spending bill leaves in place $85 billion in sequestration budget cuts to the pentagon and to domestic programs. and as a result, hundreds of thousands of government workers can expect temporary furloughs over the next six months.
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one thing the new spending bill requires is for mail delivery to continue six days a week. the postal service wanted to eliminate first class delivery on saturdays to save money. the government accountability office is already said the postal service cannot just decide to end saturday service. but some lawmakers agree with the postmaster general that cut is necessary just to keep the post office in business. today we will find out if any bay area air traffic control towers will close. five air traffic control towers here in the bay area are on a possible closures list. they are concord, livermore, san carlos, santa rosa and napa. the faa has decided to shut down as many as 238 air traffic control towers across the country because of the sequestration budget cuts. the airports would still operate from what we understand but without the control towers. we have a few days away from big changes at the golden
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gate bridge. the board of directors would vote on increasing the speed limit from 15 miles an hour up to 25. then from earl -- drivers will have to use fast track or set up an account with their credit card or license plate. let's check in with sal. you and your team are already busy and i know you're watching the east shore. >> that is right. we are looking at that east shore. as you drive out to the mccarthur maze you will see traffic is moving well. we also spoke of the golden gate bridge. if you are drying southbound you -- driving southbound you can watch for the right lane. let's go out and take a look at the east shore. from vallejo to berkeley it looks pretty good. there are no major problems if you are driving westbound. a lot ever o people consider it southbound. it's technically westbound 80.
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and no problems a couple days early this week i know bill would agree we had one that wasn't optimal for commuting but this morning i can't see a reason why it wouldn't be a pretty good one for you. good visibility. no wet roads. and we even have good look at all the bridges. they are doing very well traffic wise. this is a look at 280 northbound that looked good. we still have police activity blocking the right lanes. and now chief meteorologist bill martin. >> yeah. look at me up early. >> that's right i love it. >> that's all right. i'll get a lot done today. as you go outside you will notice it's not that chilly. it's chilly but it's not cold like it has been the last few weeks. numbers in the low 40s for most of us. as sal points out there is no fog. so what's today about? today about being friday. it will be great. and it's about mostly sunny and springtime. what you will notice a lot besides the winds i don't know
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if you noticed this but i get allergies so pollen. the tree pollen is starting to trend high. you probably seen the pollen on the cars out there. today and in the next few days you will notice the sniffling and freezing. there is no rain in the forecast. 50 degrees today in oakland. or right now in oakland. 39 in napa. that is chilly. but it will warm up today. daytime highs will warm up nicely. there is wind out there. it's not blowing that hard yet. half-moon bay airport is coming in at calm. this afternoon it will feel like a springtime day. what do i mean by that? wind gusts 15-20 miles an hour around the bay. that is pretty typical too. forecast highs and 70 today. this is your friday highs. your saturday highs are coming up. south bay temperatures check them out. you can have plenty of warmth. it will be a really nice day. it's friday. what else can you ask for?
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when i come back i have a five- day forecast. there is a chance for rain out there. we'll see you back here. >> thank you, bill. 5:10 is the time right now. a passenger arrested for impersonating a pilot. find out how he slipped into the cockpit of a plane bound for florida. the city of sacramento tries to beat the buzzard. good morning. southbound 101 you can see marin county coming down to the golden gate bridge. we have the problem with the boulder blocking one of the lanes and making for traffic trouble. we also have a look at the commute on the golden gate bridge. which is looking pretty good. we'll tell you more about what this is doing to traffic.
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welcome back. time now 5:13. this is a wild story. a man from france was arrested in philadelphia accused of impersonating a pilot last night. 61-year-old philippe went to a u.s. airways counter at the philadelphia airport. he got angry when he was denied a seat in business class. passengers said he started screaming about hating america but still got on board the plane with a ticket. investigators say he was wearing a white air frans shirt and black leather jacket with tassels on the shoulder and he got into the cockpit. >> it's concerning because we don't know what his designs were. it could be just wanting to look at the cockpit to some
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other criminal designs. >> he was later arrested after not producing the proper credentials. no passengers were hurt. he is being held on $1 million bail. the u.s. government expanding a cyber security program. that program scans internet traffic heading in and out of defense contractors but now the program is being expanded to include more private civilian run enterprises if. that means private sector employees at banks and utilities and transportation companies will have their e- mails and internet surfing scanned as a precaution against cyber attacks. this follows a report earlier this month indicating cyber attacks are more of a threat to the u.s. than terrorism. time is 5:14. the marines dealing with another tragedy. a marine opened fire last night killing two other marines and himself. kyla camp sell belle is in --
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campbell is in our washington, d.c. area. >> reporter: he killed a man and woman before taking his own life. the first 911 call came in around 7:30 pacific last night. authorities say an active duty marine shot and killed two others before he shot himself. all three marines were permanent personnel assigned to officer candidate school. since the murder-suicide all the other marines on base and family members have been accounted for. the commander choked up at times during the press conference last hour. he talked about his priority to take care of the marines and families on the quantico base who are dealing with this tragedy. >> i also ask for the support of our neighbors, the community, and their thoughts and prayers as well. for our marines who have lost their comrades in arms.
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thank you. >> reporter: he says he doesn't expect to release the names of the three marines killed for at least another 24 hours or at least until the primary next of kin is notified. we'll talk about possible motive when i see you next hour. an investigation has cleared two vallejo police officers of a deadly shooting last may. the time hearld reports that the solano county district sheriffs office concluded the shooting was justified. they opened fire on a heavily intoxicated man flashing a fake gun. now vallejo police have also identified the man accused of a four hour standoff on wednesday. investigators say 42-year-old william heinz barricaded himself inside a home. police say they opened fire when he broke a window and pointed a rifle at home. heinz was wanted on burglary and drug warrants. officers eventually entered the
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home and found his body. they are trying to see if he was dead from a police gunshot or self-inflicted gun wound. police in florida say capriati approached her former boyfriend at a gym yelled at him and punched him in the chest. they charged her with stalking and battery. she is scheduled to appear before a judge on april 17th. her former boyfriend says they broke up last year and she's been stocking him ever sense. new lead investigator to save san francisco pro basketball. a software tycoon will lead the bid to build a new building for the kings in downtown sacramento. sacramento has to make its pitch to a panel of nba owners in less than two weeks.
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5:18 is the time. back over to sal. unfortunately uncovering a couple of big issues this friday. >> yes. the first one we will talk about is southbound 101 is the commute direction in marin county there is a large boulder that came down and hit an suv. after it came down the hill another car ran into it because it didn't see the boulder there. we have a little bit of an issue here on southbound 101. the fire department is on the scene there. along with the chp. now i see one of the emergency vehicles is leaving the area. we'll see what happens here. hopefully it won't be around long enough to effect the morning commute. but it does look like the fire department may be leaving the area. also the morning commute at the toll plaza is looking pretty good. no major problems. i do want to mention that as we move the maps down to the south bay, i think i put the map in the wrong place here.
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southbound 280 at mclaughlin you can see where the red indicator is. we still have lanes blocked for the investigation of a fatal accident. it's in the noncommute direction. it's 5:19 let's go to bill martin. >> good morning, sal. do they still bring coffee here in the morning? >> we have coffee but i can't guarantee how good. >> there is no coffee or food. [ laughter ] your friday is coming up. it's here now and obviously it will be a nice looking dead. yesterday was warmer than the day before. today will be warmer than yesterday by a few degrees and that the general trend. so friday it will be beautiful. plenty of sunshine. a little breezy out there. 38 in walnut creek as you send the kids off to school. i wouldn't give them a jacket. i think they will be fine.
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when they come home they won't forget their jacket at school. the winds out there right now are not that bad. as you go into this afternoon you will notice the winds picking up. in sort of a typical spring like fashion. as we two into the big picture i'm just pointing this out because it's friday and a lot of folks traveling. out in the southern ohio valley you have weather. so that impacts flights. perhaps chicago might have delays. so just check that. but no big weather back there. it wouldn't be really bad for you. there is our wind advisory offshore. freeze concern up near humboldt county. when i goat back we will look at the forecast highs for your day today and the five-day forecast. thank you, bill. most european markets all down this morning as investors wait to see if cypress can stay out of bankruptcy. over night much of the same. japan took the biggest hit.
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finishing the day with a loss of more than 2%. european union has given cypress until monday to raise the money needed. fit doesn't it could be forced out of the euro zone. checking out wall street. dow down 90 points. nasdaq and s & p also down. this morning looks like a slightly higher opening. we'll see as we get closer to that opening bell. take a look at blackberry. oracle was the biggest drag. stocks fell nearly 10%. that is the largest percentage drop since december of 2011. changes are coming for yosemite national park. the services on the chopping block that will have you taking more equipment with you on your next trip. plus prince is coming to the bay area.
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welcome back. time now 5:24. i'm just paying attention to the fact that prince is coming back here to the bay area. prince is announced the upcoming tour on a website
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called you ready? doctor funken berry. the prince will perform two shows each night at san francisco dma lounge. april 23rd and april 24th with his new all female backing band called third eye girl. all the ticket information still waiting to be announced. it's a battle of preservation verses public access for yosemite national park. people packed into the meeting to hear five proposals on how to change the park visitors area. all five proposals include eliminating commercial bike, horse and raft rentals. it would get rid of the aquantify poll and the art activity center. >> we looked at trying to find activities we could tone down in terms of the commercial aspect. >> the park service says people
5:29 am
will still be able to bring their own recreation equipment. the five proposals also include changes to the lodging, the park staff plans to make a decision by the fall. time now 5:26. let's bring sal back. area commute stuff to talk about. particularly on south 280. >> that is right. southbound 280 we still have an investigation of a fatal accident. right near 101 and the 280 freeway northbound which is what we see here in this live picture. it's not effected so far. northbound 280 at 880 and pretty much all the way from 101 is a nice drive. if they do clear this crash on southbound 280 it should not have a major impact on the morning commute. alsos morning commute on southbound 280 that traffic looks good passing mission boulevard. it is 5:26. let's go to bill martin. >> steve is not feeling good today so i'm here. we're looking at temperatures outside today that will be pretty nice. 68 in napa.
5:30 am
70 in fairfield. warmer than yesterday by a couple of degrees. i got a little wind to talk about. we have a weekend coming up that will be pretty nice. we'll talk about that. and also checking on rain. there is rain in the five-day forecast. we'll see you back here in a little bit. time now 5:27. the audit. this is really shaking up oakland city hall. one council member is the target of a second investigation. this morning police are searching for a man behind a violent attack on a muni bus. we'll tell you what police believe set him off.
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good morning, to you welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news it's friday, march 22nd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now 5:30. thank you for joining us. bill martin also joining us. are you up early? or are you still up late from the night before? >> dave just told me this. friday looks good. your bay area weekend is basically here. weekend looks good. warmer as we go in today. i'll talk about that. i'll talk a little bit of wind out there. that is the bay bridge. you give it a couple minutes here when the sun comes up it will be beautiful out there. one of the nicer days we have seen. we're talking about showers in the five-day forecast. sal, what do you think of that? >> you know what it could
5:34 am
effect traffic a little bit. we'll keep an eye on that. one boulder actually hit an suv and damaged that car. another was run into by a car that didn't see it. we have police there blocking one of the right lanes. fortunately the traffic is light here approaching the bridge. we'll keep an eye on this for you. i'm not sure if they think more boulders will come down. we're not exactly sure what will happen. let's go to the -- 5:31. i want to mention there is another major problem. that is where chp is investigating a fatal crash on southbound 280 in san jose. janine de la vega is live with more on what happened. janine. >> reporter: sal, just one lane of traffic is open here in the southbound lanes of 280 near mclaughlin. traffic is building out here as people start their commute.
5:35 am
the chp is directing traffic while they conduct their investigation out here. we know the coroner is on scene. they are collecting the body. it is a gruesome scene. there is some degree and fluid in the roadway. that is why cal tran had to i vat wait. this happened at 3:15 this morning. someone driving on 280 called 911 after seeing a body on the freeway. the chp is calling this is a hit and run. drivers stopped to help but the chp says no others were damaged that were on the scene. they think somehow this woman was walking on the freeway. someone hit aerohen sped off. >> we have no information right now. if anyone saw anything, please call highway patrol. >> some of the drivers who
5:36 am
stopped to help had to be comforted by the chp because they were traumatized by the scene. they have little to go on. no leads. no one seemed to have witnessed this. they would really like any information. they are calling people to call 1-800-tell chp. it's too early to tell who this person is. we were wondering if it was somebody homeless. but again too early to tell. as far as an estimated time when they would open the lane they thought it would be open now. but since they have to call cal tran it could be a little bit longer. reporting live from san jose janine de la vega. we are learning more about the death of a san jose teenager who was hit and killed by a train this week. he was walking home from school along the tracks near virginia street when he was killed. investigators have now determined that he was wearing
5:37 am
head phones and listening to music as that train approached. donae was a junior at lincoln high school. your time is 5:34. reports of an attack on a crowded muni bus in san francisco. police say it happened at mission street. ktvu claudine wong is right there with more on the man that police say punched a teenage girl and her mother. claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. this is mission where there are two muni bus stops. this morning this is where the focus is. this is apparently where the attacker got on the bus pushed and strangled and robbed a woman and her teenage daughter. the search for that suspect still under way. now according to the examiner this all happened last weekend on the 14 mission bus and about 7:30 at night. the mother and 15-year-old daughter were apparently standing in the back of the very crowded bus near the doors when two people got on the bus. one of the men was apparently a large man who was trying to
5:38 am
push his way on to make room. police tell the examiner he kept pushing and pushing until the teen reacted by turning around, slapping him, and saying there is no more room. that is when he punched the girl. started strangling her and then the mother jumped in to try to stop it and she was punched too. while all this was going on, apparently the second man stole the mother's purse. both victims were treated. they will be okay. the search continues for the two men this morning. we only have the description of one man. the man who attacked the pair. he's described as a large man. possibly samoan. at the time of the attack he was wearing a black suite shirt and red and black headphones. the victims did not get a good look at the second suspect. the san francisco police on the search hoping anyone who was there who has any information would give them a call. they are looking at surveillance video. hoping to give them an
5:39 am
indication who these two men are. time now 5:36. this morning president obama wrapping up his three-day visit with israelis and palestinians before he flies to jordan. the president visited a holocaust museum. he toured the hall of names. that is where every known holocaust victim is documented. >> our sons and daughters are not born to hate. they are taught to hate. let us fill their young hearts with the same understanding and compassion that we hope others have for them. >> president obama also visited the grave of former israeli prime minister rabee. he was assassinated in 1995. audit of two oakland city council member is in the hand of the district attorneys office and the fbi.
5:40 am
among other things the audit accuses them of using their power to influence the bidding process for the $2 million cleanup at the former oakland army base. both brooks and reid deny any claim. councilman reid is the target of a second investigation. this is a story you will see only on two where we obtained a report from a private investigator working for a business that was concerned about corruption at the former oakland army base. that includes an interview with a man who claims his business partner paid money to get special treatment from city hall and specifically councilman reid. >> what was that money for? >> just so that he can get whatever he wants from the city. >> reporter: how do you think he was doing that? >> because he had connections. >> it's just really mind boggling to me that someone can
5:41 am
say that because they are in a relationship with someone else that they paid me $50,000 because i wanted to retire. well i'm still here. i just got reelected. i have never taken a dime. >> councilman reid tells us he's hiring a lawyer and he is confident a full investigation will clear his name in the second case. time now 5:38. let's do to sal. there is a new problem in marin county. what is going on? >> it's the boulder problem. you heard 34e talking about it. southbound 101 coming down from the waldo grade. there is a boulder that came down in one of the lanes. at first they had the fire department there. now chp is there with cal tran. it looks like they are searching this area here just to make sure there are no more boulders on the road. what happened another car came by and hit the boulder because they didn't see it. fort fatly the traffic is light on -- fortunately the traffic
5:42 am
is light on southbound 101. but be aware it's there on southbound 101. at the bay bridge toll plaza it's light. we don't usually see a backup until 6:15 or so. and sometimes on fridays it's a little bit lighter than normal. we'll see what kind of friday we'll have in a few moments. of course we still have that crash we've been talking about since we went on the air at 4:30. southbound 280 at mclaughlin. chp is doing an investigate of a fatal accident there. ktvu janine de la vega is on the scene. we'll have continuing updates from that scene all morning long. 5:39 let's go to bill. i almost said steve. >> i'm getting e-mails left and right where is steve? we miss steve. come on. really? no, steve will be back. yesterday morning he was feeling bad. he will be back monday, i promise. in the meantime you are stuck
5:43 am
with me. what i have to talk about is friday weather. it's going o be a little warmer. there is no fog out there. it's there is a little bit of wind. today friday will be about a little warmer and a little more sunshine. what i'm doing here behind me computer model 6:00 i'm rolling through. we are looking for rain. what happens on sunday. sunday morning still clear. what happens on monday? still clear. what happens on tuesday? oh it didn't go to tuesday but tuesday the clouds increase and the rain it looks like it will get here tuesday night and wednesday. these are the forecast highs for today. 70 in brentwood. 70 in fairfield. 65 in san francisco. and of the in oak -- and 69 in oakland. we head to the santa clara valley. 67 in livermore. for the most part a little warmer today. i think the real warmup is on sunday. when i come back we'll have the
5:44 am
five-day forecast. in that forecast there is rain. we'll talk about that. see you back here in a little bit. >> thank you, bill. 5:41 is the time. a close call for a teenager near san diego. >> officers calling the girl a hero after she gets burglary suspects behind bars. bay area couple at the heart of the gay marriage debeat speaks out. we're not off to a bad start on most bay area freeways as you take a live look at 237. but there are problems out there. we'll have more traffic and weather straight ahead.
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5:46 am
next five-day forecast. the weekend is looking pretty
5:47 am
good. there is no rain there. as you go out past tuesday clouds increase. we'll bring rain in. that is the good news. thank you. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now. chp is investigating a deadly hit and run in san jose and two lanes on southbound 280 are closed right now. these are live pictures you can see exactly what we're talking about. it happened at 3:00 this morning. the chp says someone saw a body of a woman on the highway and called 911. in other news three marines are dead including the suspect. there was a shooting on a marine base in virginia. a man killed a woman and a man and then killed himself. investigators are not giving usnea di tails -- giving us any
5:48 am
details about a motive. a san bruno woman desperately trying to find her stolen dog. it was stolen when she was asleep on a bart train wednesday night. this woman survived a plane crash as a girl and the dog has helped her deal with the anxiety of it ever since. parolee is still missing after he evaded police in a san jose neighborhood. officers tracked him down yesterday afternoon. police say he ran off. disguarded a loaded gun and jumped fences to escape. officers set up a perimeter and went yard to yard searching for him but did not find him. a california teenager being credited with helping police nab burglary suspects near san diego. now that is a girl. she was home alone when the suspects broke in.
5:49 am
the girl decided to hide in a closet and call 911 for help. the dispatcher heard the suspect and told the girl to stop talking. >> it took about 30 minutes but police finally arrived and were able to arrest the suspects. items from other homes were found inside the car. your time 5:46. now details about a man who shot and killed a chp officer last year. 36-year-old christopher lacy shot officer youngstrom during a traffic symptom. lacy was diagnosissed with bipolar disorder in 1997. they say he was a loner who expressed antigovernment views and we may never get a clear idea for a motive of that shooting. law enforcement are trying to figure out if a shootout may be linked to the killing of a
5:50 am
california state prison chief. it started as a high speed chase yesterday afternoon. it ended with the death of a colorado prison inmate who was out on parole. the man's car had colorado license plates. it matched the description of a car last seen at the home of prison director tom clemens. gun owners you will be able to receive up to $200 cash depending on the type of gun that is turned in. no questions asked. this event will be held at the reid-hillview airport. a berkeley couple are among the plaintiffs in this historic case. they claim prop 8 california seize voter approved ban is unconstitutional. the couple has been together for 13 years and raised four boys. >> they are adults that are going to work every day that
5:51 am
are in the situation that sandy and i are in. they would have more support. their families could accept them more readily. >> the same sex couples say they should receive the same benefits afforded to heterosexual couples. such as health insurance, life care,. stay with us here for continuing coverage of the story. reporter david stevenson will have live reports in washington beginning on monday. he will be at the supreme court for tuesday's oral arguments. then join us for a special on tuesday night at 6:30. we will break down the arguments and gauge reaction from the washington, d.c. and the bay area. time now 5:49. let's get you out the door. sal what are you watching? >> we've been talking about it all morning.
5:52 am
southbound 101. a boulder came down and hit a car. an suv actually. and another car came by. didn't see it and hit that boulder. it seems as if chp has a better control on it. they have the right lane closed at least. the ktvu reporter brian flores is arriving on the scene. he'll have more on this coming up. also at the toll plaza we are getting a little bit of a backup here. westbound in some of the lanes. you can see traffic getting through okay on the fast track lanes. no problems by the way in most of the south bay. however, we do have that crash that fatal crash. southbound 280 near 101 with lanes closed. again it's pretty early. don't have a big backup there. we are watching it. janine de la vega has been keeping in touch with us and saying giving us updates on the crash scene. we'll have more on that coming up. let's go to bill. >> we've got a nice looking day shaping up for your friday.
5:53 am
steve is sick. outside numbers are in the upper 30s and low to mid 40s. the winds out there it is not really a story. it will be breezier than it has been. they will start blowing a little stronger out of the northwest. that is something you will notice if you're in san francisco. you will notice the winds. especially offshore. small craft advisory offshore. what you see here is satellite loop. there is nothing here. today will be warmer by a few degrees. 70 in fairfield. 69 in antioch. the forecast highs warmer than yesterday. not as warm as tomorrow. if you are heading for a general warming trend. as the kids head off to school today it's a little chilly. when they get home this afternoon it will be warm. it's pretty classic spring like today. i mentioned earlier the tree
5:54 am
pollen will be trending high. warmest day is on sunday. look what happens monday, tuesday, and wednesday? tuesday the clouds increase. if all works out we will get rain in here. i'll see you guys book here in a little bit. blackberry ceo says apple lacks innovation. he made that comment hours before the new launch of the touch screen blackberry. the new blackberry allows multiple apps open. a real estate investment trust that never built in san francisco is now the biggest office developer in the stay. this morning san francisco business times reports boston properties has lined up nearly $1.5 billion worth of new projects. if they are all completed they will add two million square
5:55 am
feet of office space. pepsi has a new shape for its 20-ounce bottle take a look. the bottom half is more contour and expected to be easier to hold. there is also a shorter label so consumers can see how much bottle they have left. could take a year before the new bottle is available everywhere. >> interesting looking bottle. it's not just basketball. it is money in the bank for the bay area. how the ncaa tournament is putting cash into the south bay. why many say it's a slam dunk. grounds for suing a ground hog? why the ground hog that predicted an early spring may be going to court.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist bill martin. i'm sitting in for steve. he wasn't feeling good yesterday. he is sick today. temperatures back into the low 70s. maybe rain on tuesday night into wednesday. keep our fingers crossed for that. see you back here in a little bit with forecast highs. punxsutawney phil may be going to court. accuses phil of misrepresentation of an early
5:59 am
spring. back in february phil predicted spring would come early. prosecutors say a lot of states are still seeing snow. this indictment is a tongue and cheek one. even phil's handlers are going along with this joke they claim phil is innocent. later today the sea otters go back to their two-story home at the month ray aquarium. otter exit has enchanted 50 million aquarium visitors. now oughtser fans can learn more about these mammals including how the aquarium rescues and rehabilitates otters which are on the brink of extinction. they will be able to try out the new otter spotter station. you can watch wild otters. tickets going fast for tomorrow's ncaa tournament game at hp pavilion. cal will take on syracuse after the bears upset unlv


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