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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  March 26, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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82-78 and they play the u.s. game in tulsa. we are following breaking news and we will have a live update in alameda on the fire that is still burning now. mal] the one for all. mcdonald's dollar menu, home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love... ♪ ...and other amazing tastes, for just a dollar each. ♪ like the bold hot n spicy mcchicken, and the new grilled onion cheddar burger topped with caramelized onions and melted white cheddar. everyday, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu.
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. it happened early this morning, what we have learned about a deadly accident in san jose. i guess i am on for a tees, i did not know that but we will talk about the few light showers that fell in the old pipeline here. people camped out in the snow and they want to witness history and hear arguments on california ban on same-sex marriage, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us march 26th, i am pam cook. >> do you think we can go over to steve right now? >> that was my twin, hopefully
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he got the forecast right. most of the sprinkles have moved east and we have an on shore push with the wind and 50s and 60s sun and clouds, here is sal. good morning, as you drive through no major problems and traffic looks good if you are driving on 680 south and this is a look at walnut creek and oakland, at 5:00, we are off to a good start, let's go to the desk. sal legs savage is -- alex savage is live in alameda where firefighters are battling an early morning flame. >> reporter: yes the fire broke out in some of the apartments on the upper floors in this apartment building and you can
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see firefighters are trying to gain control of this fire which is a very stubborn fire and we have not seen any flames for some time. what we have seen is portions of the building actually falling down to the ground and firefighters have talked about the danger of a possible collapse here and so far we have not heard of any reports there. latter trucks have been brought in as you can see to try and get water from up above and let me show you what it looks like. this is a building at park street in alameda and it started on the upper level. it started on a dark a closing area and a short time ago we spoke to a man who lives in the building, he woke up found out
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there was a fire and got out with his two children. >> i have lived there for five years and for me it was hard to believe but i went downstairs and we are all safe now. >> reporter: and that's the good news, again nobody got hurt in this fire but firefighters at this point tell me -- they are certainly taking a defense sufficient poe suspects. the roof of the pulling has been burning for some time since this morning. crews have been brought in to look as well and i asked the captain about a possible cause and he said it's too early to find out about the cause, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. in a few hours we will hear arguments on california's ban on same-sex marriage. live where people have been camped out for days, they are waiting for this historic moment, kyla? >> reporter: some people stayed and waited in tents all weekend long and there is a lot of people who want to get inside and witness his triand there are hundreds wrapping from around the block as well. these people are hoping to hear these a arguments firsthand since the ban of same sex are marriage and this man got here in the middle of the night to hear the arguments. >> california went back and
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forth, people have rights, they don't have rights, and i think it is incredibly important that the courts put an end to that. >> reporter: now the doors to the courts to the supreme court building open in about 30 minutes and there is about 250 to 230 seats available and oral arguments will get underway in front of the supreme court justices and i met an attorney who will be returning. live in washington kyle dyer eyewitness news. >> they will hold rallies today and last night they marched from the california district to city hall. many in the crowd say they have been waiting years for this
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moment, some traveled miles to be at the march including a lesbian couple of 39 years who drove in from davis. >> take a look at us, we deserve marriage as much as anybody else. >> reporter: they ended at city hall and organizers are starting a celebration in june when they were expected to lee lease -- release it. they are flying rainbow flags, san francisco, alameda, they are all flying the rainbow flag this week and people have been lined up outside the u.s. supreme court building for days just for a chance to get inside and they are dealing with all kinds of weather. coming up, david stevenson is out there as well and david has been out there talking to people as well this morning in
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the crowd. we are following breaking news in san jose. a fatal accident happened on monterey road and that's in south san jose and some lanes had to be shut down. ktvu channel 2 morning news janine de la vega is monitoring the police investigation and the traffic situation at this point, janeane? >> reporter: pam, this is a horrific accident and you can see behind me this is completely crushed and the red ford focus is completely crushed and it somehow went out of control and landed in the bushes. this is near the plant shopping center. it took out a light pole and you can see how the pole is completely down on its side. now the traffic team is here and they are here on monterey highway and they are investigating and they have blocked it off between curt her
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and stover. they found the vehicle with major damage and he was suffering from life-threatening injuries and there was nothing paramedics could do and the man died at the scene. he was driving at a high rate of speed when again he lost control of the car and the car ended up hitting two trees before landing in the bushes and people heard the crash but at this point, they can't fine anybody who witnessed it only people who heard it and it is too early to tell if alcohol played a factor but the body is still there and coroner has not arrived on the scene am investigators will be out here for two hours and we will bring
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you an update as the morning goes on, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> janeane, thank you. sal, it is relatively quiet. >> other than that horrible crash we just heard of we don't have a lot going on, as we look at the roads 880 westbound looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze and when you get to the toll plaza it's still light but of course things will change but right now it's a good start. 280 traffic looks good getting up to highway 17, let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. our system is already into northwestern nevada and the tail end gave us some high clouds and low clouds and most of it is -- most of it is moved out and it will keep some
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clouds in. 30s and 40s and 50s, mainly 40 degrees and the breeze is no doubt about it, napa west at 7, and i guess you get the picture. predominantly it is a westerly breeze, 41 eureka, they were 21 yesterday at this time and that has brought temperatures up and it's just a cold, cold system, flurries town to atlanta, teens in oklahoma and it is just an unbelievably locked in pattern and we get these systems and that's exactly what has been going on. we have mix of sun and clouds, partly cloudy and then another system will come in friday and where it sets up we will play into our weather but a little bit of a shower and 50s and
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60s on the temperatures and we are real close to are with we should be this time of year except slightly below near the coast. we cloud it up on friday with a south wind and cloudy on saturday and we have a possibility of some rain and some clouds on sunday. nra is making families in newtown connecticut... here more -- hear more on that. ♪
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. welcome back, we have new details about a stabbing that happened. sheriff's deputies are looking for somebody who stabbed a boy and his attackers said they just got out of prison. they asked him if he belonged to a gang and if he wanted to fight. the teen is now recovering from his stab wounds. they are defending their decision to make row bow calls to families in newtown connecticut. >> reporter: your state senate tore will play a key role in determining whether the
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assembly will pass legislation restricting your gun rights. >> reporter: they are passing tougher gun laws in the state including an a salt weapons ban. they sent a letter to the nra asking them to remove newtown connecticut from its call list and nra said they have a right to campaign against gun control measures. president barack obama says a national control register triis not needed. he does support background checks but it can be carried out without a national registry. kentucky senator rand paul will filibuster anybody who plays restrictions on guns. there was a filibuster which went on almost 13 hours which
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opposed drones on american soil and in texas they are also promising to filibuster gun control legislation. we are here at the u.s. supreme court and david stevenson is there right out the supreme court building where he has been talking with people who have been waiting in line for days. good morning, david. >> hey, good morning, pam. take a look behind me, you can see this behind me with -- hundreds lining up and you can see some of the signs they have out here advocating for the right to marry. doses have been camped out with temperatures in the 30s and if you look out at the base of the supreme court, you can see some of the people tried to get in
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and they are allowing some people to get in within the next hour so a lot of the lawyers will be attending the hearing as well too. a little further off to the right you can see the media crews and hundreds of other people who have come here to lineup in hopes of getting a seat to hear the hearings. we ran into a number of people including the city attorney, who was instrument tall in cash to instrument tall -- instrumental in bringing it. >> we knew one way or another we would be tanning here dealing with this issue and we are develop looking forward to today's argument and we are confident in our position. >> i have been looking forward to this since day one and i have read every brief and i have friends who i met through
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the tracker site and we really wanted to be here for so long. >> reporter: within another half hour or so people will be led into court to hear the argument and the arguments will go for about an hour and i will be here live and inside the court as well and we will bring up a report in the afternoon today on ktvu channel 2 news and reporting live david stevenson ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> david stevenson has a seat inside the courtroom for today's arguments and he will have live reports throughout the day. a gay nfl player may come out in the next couple of months. reportedly he feel is the time is right to speak out about his second qualitity but he worries football fans may try to hurt
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him and that's stopping him from coming out. he may be the first to come out while playing for a major u.s. sports team. well they are fighting to keep the sacramento kings in sacramento. qualcomm has become the 4th investor to put up money in the arena and they are giving him some momentum for the new arena plan which would be built in downtown town sacramento if it is approved. >> we have been mentioning there are more cars and they are on the roads lady as we have noticed it. >> part of the reason is to get much better gas mileage when you are stuck in traffic. >> less stressed out and let's take a look at the commute it is moving along well, getting
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into san francisco, people have taken up casual carpooling and looking at the commute it does look got a at the bay bridge toll plaza. that traffic looks nice heading out to the high-rise, when you see that, the double slide ton -- devil slide tons unless are open and you don't have to drive on that, you have a nice new tunnel to use. we did get a couple of showers out of the system and on shore push, westerly breeze is keeping some low clouds in place. you can see the return on radar and a lot of it evaporated before it hit the ground so we have some sprinkles. it looks like a few showers moving towards the pass and
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still there could be a few light ones. 40s and 50. it is close at fso and santa rosa, 46 fairfield and it has a westerly breeze right out to the delta. oakland west, so lows are here and we had a lot more 20s and 30s in the mountains and now it is more 40s and 50s down in southern california. still snow continues from the great lakes down to atlanta. flurries in atlanta and all the way back to oklahoma temperatures are in the teens try and tell them it is spring and they say what are you talking about, for them it's still winter. partly cloudy and partly sunny,
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50s and 60s and there is not much left with this system but the on shore breeze in place it will keep some clouds going. another system will clip us south winds will warm us up, and maybe some rain on sunday. major european markets are up in light trading so far today, some up, some down at this hour. markets overnight in the far east mixed as well. china's shanghai and many investors are still concerned about the implications about the bailout in cyprus. south korea and cyprus remained closed to avoid a run on deposit and right now futures do indicate a higher opening across the board. the securities and exchange
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commission approved a $62 million plan to repay brokerage houses in the initial offering and nasdaq was overwhelmed by high volume and the deal does not stop further action and the swiss bank said they plan to take the case to arbitration. billionaire bill gates has a new project and this one has nothing to do with computers and it involves sex and is a $100,000 challenge. o?oowq
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. time now 5:55, there are too many men in parts of the world that don't use condemns. they are putting up $100,000 to create a condemn men will want to use to stop the spread of hiv and other diseases. they are now in discussions to create a streaming video service and according to that, they are looking to stream both television service an original material and it would put them in direct competition with amazon. >> sal, everybody behaving on
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280? >> well, like behaving? >> somebody could be listening to thrashing rock is that behaving? northbound is good getting to highway 280 but if you are listening to metallic can you be behaving. the possibility of showers and right now roads are drove, hello steve. >> is it too early for megaslayer? >> never too early. a lot of cloud cover, a little system went by and it has left the door open to partly cloudy skies and more on our possible weekend rain coming up in about 10 minutes. thank you, steve.
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a dangerous stretch of highway is reborn and we will look at the tunnels at devils slide just as they open to traffic. plus that baby that disappeared is safely back home with her mother and the manhunt continues almost 24 hours after that amber alert. firefighters appear to obtaining control and we will tell you how people were able to savely evacuate.
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. good morning, it is march 26th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. steve, are you talking rain over the weekend? there is a holiday coming up, you know. where people like to be outside. >> no pressure pam. >> they have kind of a cool air mass still some partly to mostly cloudy skies so 50s and 60s, here is sal. good morning, golden gate bridge looks good coming down to the toll plaza no major problems and it looks good if you are driving to the area and we have some breaking news, there is a police investigation going into this badly mangled car involving a fatal crash
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near kitner avenue. it happened in front of a fast- food restaurant and several lanes may be blocked for several hours. firefighters appear to be gaining control of a fire that has badly damaged an alameda apartment building. alex savage has been there all morning and he is joining us now to tell us whether the building will be in danger of collapsing. >> reporter: as far as a large collapse it appears firefighters the woods as far as that goes. i just spoke with the firefighters who said they have the upper hand on this fire and it is no longer actively burning but as we look at the upper floors at this three story building from time to
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time we still see them pouring water on the hot spots. crews have been fighting this for three hours. it started at 2:30, this place is on park street near san jose i have a. the good news, nobody was hurt and everybody was evacuated up above and down pillow. they immediately took defensive position and it was burning above the store front and one of those stores is a clothing store. the owner said she was watching the store burn and she was worried about the damage she would fine. >> smoke and water damage will be the worst of it and we will have to see what is salvageable. i'm not sure how much water has come in and the computer systems and stuff like that, so it is going to be a little bit
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of an inventory a day today. >> reporter: the woman said she has only owned the store for eight months and the good news is she does have insurance. at this point, the cause of the fire remains unclear and it did start in one of those upper apartment units and we bring you back here for more, firefighters still need to be sure this firefighter is out and they are still checking for any hot spots and after speaking with the firefighters we are expected to get an update on the fire and we will bring it to you shortly later on in the news. in alameda, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. the doors of the united states supreme court are scheduled to open right about now to begin allowing people inside to hear arguments on proposition 8 california's ban
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on same-sex marriage. you can see police standing outside of the supreme court and you can see the camera zooms in and zooms out and people have been lined up for days and looking for a chance to get in and renee tell us more about what is at stake today, renee? >> reporter: good morning, dave as you know proposition 8 has been a back and forth battle here in california and today it lands in the u.s. supreme court and here is what it is leading up to the oral arguments and lots of people are lined up outside and that line is growing more this morning and that video is from a few days ago and this will all come down to same sent couples and that
5:38 am
was passed in 2008 and it bans same section marriage and it violates their rights, dave. well tickets to see the supreme court argument are technically free but some people paid as much as $6,000 for somebody to stand in line for hours or even days to get them. those are especially cover vetted because they are not allowing them to be broadcast on television and it will air after it begins. justice roberts has been a hit on you tube. >> you and i know family goes deeper than blood. i was lucky enough to be adopted periods. >> stay tuned, you will hear
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his message coming up at 5:45. a fire forced 20 people from their home and it happened on landis avenue and firefighters were able to put the fire out quickly and nobody was hurt but somebody was i can end to the hospital as a precaution. >> as they determined it was safe to go in, they will be put up in hotels by the way, chris. >> reporter: firefighters say it appears to be -- >> firefighters see it a shall da. >> -- firefighters say it appears to be accidental. a little baby little gabriella is back home with her mother and that arrest came after her abduction which prompted an amber alert. last night her mother expressed
5:40 am
her relief, her joy and her gratitude. >> my baby is okay, thanks god and i am happy to have her with me and i want to say everybody, thank you, thank you, thank you. now police are busy checking the stolen jeep searching for clues as they look for the baby's kidnapper and they are looking for a white or latino woman who took the jeep. law enforcement agencies have patrol cars equipped with special cameras they can scan license plates on the highway. bus using them has led to a lawsuit. the twin up unless are now open to the general tunnel late
5:41 am
last night and they are 4200 feet long with jet proof fans and fire proof shelters. the congressman helped to secure the $49 million to help build those tunnels and these areas have been prone to rock slides. >> a lot of people are happy about that and sal, you are watching bridges and roads as well? >> yes, and we'll see a much improved highway 1 and this is highway 4, you can see traffic coming through and there is not a major commute there but it is slow in antioch and by that, i should say, i should clarify myself, it's not a slow commute, it is always a high commute on highway 4 and this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is one of the major looks and traffic is moving along well getting into
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the city. this morning's commute on 101 and 280 are good northbound and southbound up and down the peninsular. 439, let's go to steve. tomorrow morning, 229 and it is 8:00 a.m. and we have some miserable amounts and we have weak systems and we have one yesterday and there will be another one coming in late tonight and tomorrow. the question is will it sit on shore and they are called cut off lows because of the main circulation of the jetstream and they have a mind of their own and it looks like it is on track to give us a lot of clouds. today after the cloud deck we will have partly cloudy skies and partly sunny skies.
5:43 am
42 in oakland and southwest travis, i have seen gusts up to 20 and so it is an on shore push for most locations. 41 up in ukiah -- ukiah and eureka and there is a whopper of a system and still snow in the great lakes all the way into the deep south and single digits from kansas to oklahoma, 12 to 13 degrees which is incredible for this type of year. our system fell apart so a mix of sun and clouds and the pattern is so locked in and that entire pattern has to change. once you get to april, we are in a dry pattern and they give us a stronger system but i am
5:44 am
not too excited by it. average high this time of year is 62 to 68 and that's where we are by the coast. mix of sun and clouds and that system drops in and gives us a south wind and we have clouded up sunday and maybe some rain on sunday. firefighters prepare to testify at the state capital, the dangerous items inside homes he says are killing firefighters. the legal decision which has amanda knox facing murder charges in italy. good morning, it looks good but just getting record of a new uranium crash we will tell you more straight ahead.
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. welcome back, good morning to you, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following at 544 this morning they hear oral arguments on proposition 8 and a ruling is not expected until june. also here at home firefighters are gaining control of a fire at an apartment building in alameda. it has been burning since 2:30 a.m. on park street and everybody made it out okay. they have shut down roads in south san jose and they are investigating a horrible crash where a man was killed and he apparently hit two trees and a
5:48 am
light pole. the car as you can see was totaled and that road may be shut down for a couple of more hours. an italian court has overturned her acquittal. amanda knox returned to the united states and is a student at the university of washington. she said the news of this is painful. amanda knox is not expected to attend the retrial. and also new, they are claiming a suicide attack in afghanistan that killed five police officers an injured four others. the bombing outside police headquarters? jalalabad, john kerry visits and was not in the city at the time of the tack. a retired san francisco firefighter is due to testify
5:49 am
about the dangers of flame resistance chemicals. he died because of became exposed to this and more than 100 san francisco firefighters have died from cancer in the past tense years and many more are dying in retirement. >> i was urinating blood and within a week i knew i had kidney cancer. >> they are requiring the use of natural resistance chemicals and if the recommendation is adopted it will take affect this fall. we are hearing from a child of two gay fathers to send a message to justice roberts. >> i recently heard you adopted two children, a boy and a girl,
5:50 am
kind of like me and my sister. >> he resided his message to prop 8 protesters and he wants them to know being adopted by brian and his father was the best thing what happened to him and his sister. >> it is wonderful being part of a family after finding out i was unadoptable. >> it is viewed more than 200,000 times in a week and the fathers posted a blog about their family. they got a $7 million investment to samsung electronics and it was announced by mayor chuck read and governor brown last august. they offered asimilar one in hopes of getting the samsung company to deal with the facilities there.
5:51 am
you only have one more day to make that electronic switch. they will no longer make that stop and that means you only have a few more hours to make the fast track and eliminating toll takers is expected to save nearly $16 million. sal, how is it looking? >> we have a new crash which is in a non commute direction and as you drive at auto mall, there is a new crash which is blocking at least one of the lanes and the fire department and chp are arriving on the scene and so far it is not a major delay, we will keep watching it for you. as you drive fear the coliseum, it is good and we are fitting a
5:52 am
little bit of a mac up in some of those cash lanes. in mendocino and lake county it was .01 and still very light and still westerly breeze is in place, 40s and 50s on the temperatures and a west wind establishing itself it is going to be a cooler day and that's the direction the wind is and coming from an "f" s o towards -- fso towards fairfield, delta breeze is in place and lots of 40s to the north and 50s and 60s to the south and we find this big old system turning into the atlantic and snow continues in atlanta with flurries and 32 degrees with temperatures in the teens throughout much of the kansas and oklahoma. our system didn't do much and it is on its way out of here,
5:53 am
partly sunny skies, a few showers and breezy on the temperatures and it will stay right here, maybe stronger when a stronger wind comes in and it looks like rain on easter and i will see what i can do, pam. boeing said its latest view of the test flight went according to plan. it meets regular are to are you safety standards and that's the key step to getting the dream liners back in the skies. and the 4th largest wireless providers are looking for away and instead of offering a discount by a new phone by requiring a new contract, it will charge full price but it will let them pay the phones off in a new contract from their service
5:54 am
fees. some will pay less overall that way. and there could be some changes in the near future, the online video service has been around and so far no formal offers and disney is also discussing having one of them buy out the other. do bay area school kids have to be irish to learn important lessons from ireland. there is more information on what they can teach school kids. we have information on a deadly shooting rampage, stay tuned.
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. the spring snow form on the east coast is causing tons of problems and it is mostly in the new york city area but that storm is expected to clear up today. it is a reward retraction in the christopher doerner case. they offered $100,000 for information leading to the l.a.
5:58 am
police officer leading to a few murders. doerner later killed himself. since doerner was not captured there are more than 2 dozen groups and now that they are pledging that money they are having second thoughts. alameda sheriff's office has identified himself as barry and we learned barry died of his wounds after threatening to shoot it out with the deputies on 7 hills road. deputies said he appeared to have an assault weapon but it turned out to be a vague. they have given us this rifle which was pointed at the deputies but they later found out it was a homemade device which was not able to fire a
5:59 am
shot. and enrollment has dropped to a 20 year low and budget cuts, staff reductions and fewer options are to blame but the report says between 2008 and 2012, even though the college age population grew, after taking more than one semesters off they teach students how to code. he met students who are being taught coding and he wants to prepare students here for high tech careers and he hopes twitter can help. well, there is a crash on 680 at auto mall parkway. it is an injury h


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